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Perkiomen Region,

Past and Present.





Philadelphia: j ;'''•>"; >'> '>''',,'

1605 North Thirteenth Street.



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Vol. III. No. 1.

91.00 a Tear.

XCbc Hbcrkiomcn IRcgion,

jpast an^ present

Perkiomen Publishing Co.,

1G05 N. Thirteenth Street,

Henry S. Dotterer,



David Shultze in J 752.

In our last issue, we left liiin as he
stepped asliore at Philadelphia on the
2Sth day of September, 17:>3, at the end
of the voyage across the Atlantic, a lad
of sixteen. He caiue in the van of the
main body of his Schwenkfelder ^lit-
glieder, who reached our shores a year
later. We meet him, now, after an in-
terval of more tlian eighteen years — a
man of thirty-four. Daring this period
he grew to mar hood, acquired the lan-
guage of his ndiipted country, married a
wife, became a farmer, and established
the business of surveying and convey-
ancing. He resides in Fpper Hanover
townsl'.ip, in New Goshenhoppen,, in the
PerkiDuieu Valley. He is a widower.
His wife, Anna Kosina Beyer, whom he
miirried in 174o, liad been murdered in
1750, by a man in his employ. This hor-
ril)k' crime occurred in tJie night of June
1;;, J7oO, when Mr. Sludtze was absent
from home. The murdeior wao executed
in Philadelphia, November 14, 1750.

The Almanac in those times was a book
of daily reference in eveiy home. 'Sir.
Shnltze not only kept a journal on the
blank j)ages specially inserted for the
pui-pose, but also matle notes in tlie small
spaces between the wf)rds on the printed
pages: very cold; fine — temperate; more
cold weather; etvvas wai-rmer; snow-like;
very cold again; rain gust; very stormy;
than Wetter; fine, but dry; trueb Wetter,
al)er kein Kegen; a great thunder gust;
very hot, storm, thunder and lightning;
much rain; moderate; little snow; very
cold morning; — such as these are the
notes made by liim in tlu' spaces oi the

twelve months of the year. The outsiae
margin of the pages he likewise utilized.
He was, it appears, a reader of the Peiui-
sylvania Gazette, the influential weekly
of that time, and opposite each Thureday
on tiie almanac he noted the number of
the issue of this newspaper — 1204, 1205,

The year 1752, we may remark in pass-
ing, had but 355 days. In this year we
changed from Old Style to New Style.
SeiJtember was the short month — it had
but nineteen days. The dates ran Sep-
tember 1, 2, 14, '15, and then regularly to
the oOth. Saur, the publisher of the
Almanac, took pains to explain that in
succeeding years the month would have
the usual number of days.

Xow let us see wiiat employments and
what concerns occupied the hands and
the thoughts of David Shultze in 1752.

January 2 to 17, lie bad his rye, oats,
and wheat threshed. On the 10th the
second hog Avas killed. The month being
mild, he was enabled to do surveying for
Henry Huber and Brauchler on the 15tli;
for .Jacob Lantes and Jolm Kindich, on
the Branch, on the 2()th and 21st; and
for Sebastian Zimmerman at Maxetawney
on the 27th. On tlie 2'.ith he went to
Falconer Swamp — on what business he
does not say. Quite a number of pei-sons
of his circle of acquaintances died this
month. He mentions: the aged Mrs.
Walbert on the 4th, the baker at Har-
lacher's, Thomas Potts, Senior; Chris-
topher Haymacher's wife, old Mr.
Schlicher's daughter, Wilhelmina, Leon-
hard Lutz's wife, and the old blind
woman upon the Manor land.


Fobniarv 2 he went to Madetsliy
cester) willi moiiev for Abr. B. —


ably Abraliaiu Beyer, his father-iii-law.
(Susanna Wiegner, a well-known maiden
lady of the Schwenkfelder community,
died in Townientsin on the lOtli, and he
attended her funeral on the 12th. 8he
was t)8 years old. On the 2()th Kobert
Ureenvvay was at Hiilegas's. This month
three conferences were lield about quit
rent: on the 4th, a brief one; and on the
17(li and 24th two longer ones were held
\i. Falconer Swamp.

March 2, he records: "We went to
PhilacV'. ;id, Pay'd the Quit Rent, oth,
retui-ned home. Paid £72 for 21]ol
acres for ol years." This explains the
object of the conferences at Falkner
Swamp. The quit rent on the Great
Tract, or German Tract, granted to the
Frankfort Company, had remained un-
paid all these many years. Doubtless
about this time the agents of the Proprie-
tai'ics made urgent demand for the back
rents. David Shnltze, as a man of ex-
perience in financial and real estate mat-
ters, was called in for advice. He went
twice to Falkner Swamp on this business
and there held conferences with Hemy
Antes, another trusted and competent
n)an, and others. Tlie result is given in
Shultze's journal as quoti'd. In the Gash
Book of the Froprielai'ies' agent in I'iiila-
delpliia, the consummation of this busi-
ness — most weighty to the owners of land
of the (ierman Tract — is concisely and
corroboratively stated, thus:

o Marcli, 17o2. Receiveil of Henry Autis
it CVimiy Quitrent on 2il;;2 Aci'es in
l'])per it Lower Hanover Towrshi]),
I'hiiadelphiaCountv, granted bv I'at.
2r)'i' Octob'- 1701 To 'tile (ierman' Gom-
])auy (51 years in full to th(> D* Inst:)
or Frankfort Gom]>' C')'.\ 17 9.

Or^ ;-5P4 Gurreucy, £71 17
Space will not permit a repetition day
by day of the events of the yeai-. Althougli
a fascinating work, their I'ecitnl in I he
verbatim transcript in anolher ])ai't of
this numlier must siiflice.

The Pennsylvania Society of Sons of
the Pevohition will visit I'aoli r.altle
Field, on Saturday, June 1(1, 11)00.

Recent Publications,

The Huguenot Element in Pennsylvania.
An Address Delivered before the Hu-
guenot Society of America, in Assem-
bly Hall, United Charities Building,
New York City, April :',{\ lS9n. Pam-
phlet; 8vo, 21 pp.

Exact invesrigators are finding out that
the "Palatines" who came to our Prov-
ince, whose descendants are popularly
designated "Pennsylvania - Germans,"
were in large part of nationalities otlier
than German. Huguenot blood, and
Swiss, and Dutch, coursed through the
veins of many of the innnigrants of the
Colonial period. Mr. Laux, scion of a
Pequea Valley stock, brings forward con-
spicuously the fact that n^.any lionored
Pemisylvania names come to us from the
France of the times before the pronudga-
tion and after the revocation of the Edict
of Nantes.

Centennial Historical Sketch of the Town
of Fayette, Seneca County, New York.
Prejwred bv Diediich A\'illers. (Geneva,
N. Y. Press of AV. F. Humphrey, 1000.
I'ampldet; -svo, 157 pp.

This work, replete with local historical
and genealogical inforn\ation, was pre-
pared by Hon. Diedrich AVillers, at the
reque,st of the trustees of the A\'aterloo
Library and Historical Society, for the
celebration of the Centennial of the Town
of Fayette, which occurred Marcli 14,
1000. t^'dte a lai'ge proportion of the
early settlers of Fayette were Pennsyl-
vanians, wln)se names the historian of
the town specifies. Bi<jgraphical sketches
of early and prominent I'esidents of (he
town, take up nearly tifty pages. They
are carefully ])repared, and add greatly
to the value of the historical sketch.

Thomas Lei])er, Lieulenant of Fight
lloise. Patriot aiul Financiei- in (he
Revolutitm; aiul Pioneei' in thi' Devel-
opment of Industries and Inland Com-
merce in Peinisylvania. By Samuel
Gordon Smvth. Kecdrder I'rint: ('on-
shohockeu,'l'a. 1000. I'ampldet ; Svo,
17 pp.

Thomas Leiper came from Scotland in
1710. 1I(> lii'st located in N'ii'ginia; a few
years i)rior to (he Kevolntion he came to
Philad(>lphia, and engaged in tlu> tobacco


bnsinosf^. "Thonuis Loiper," says his The Antes Memorial F«nd.
biographer, "wns a friend of Washing- The cash contributions to the Fund for
tun, tlie companion of Jeffereon, and tlie ^j^^ erection ot a gi-anite memorial to
champion of Jackson." The life work jjenry Antes, amount to §88.23, and the
of this interesting pereonality is charm- subscriptions for the same object to S60.
ingly described by Mr. Smyth, who com- .pj^^ jj^^ ^j donors follows. The Ameri-
presses into tlie seventeen pages of his ^^^^ descendants have not taken hold of
paper a great fund of information. II- j|^^ undertaking as generally a.s the Euro-
lustrations from photographs by William p^rj^ \ study of his noble character
IT. Richardson, are an attractive addition ^^^^^^ convince every descendant of every
to the work; their subjects are: Site of branch of the transcendent worth of the
Thomas Leiper's Railway, ISfK); Tlie Qjlonist.

Lock Tender's House,Leiperville; Thomas We shall not again publish the list in
Leiper Lock, 1828, at Carey's Brook. detail, but as new supporters come for-
The Alumni Register of the T^niversity ot' ward we shall announce tlieir names and
Pennsylvania, Marcli, April, May, 1900. line of connection.
This issue of the Register opens with a coxTRrBVTioxs.
biographical sketch of the distinguished ]vir<j. ^,l. Helen Heywood, Winder-
son of one of the pioneer families of the nere, representing lio|;*^elf, Mi-s.
Perkion,en region, Sanmel Whitaker J^>;^/^j;,;^^B:^<i^l"'|24 35
Pennypacker, LL. D., Piesident Judge ot ]\iii.„ Eleanora S. La Trobe, East-
the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas bourne, representing herself, her
\o 2 It is gratifying to us to see the brother, Charles Albert La Ti'obe,
' ■ ■ ■ , ■- 1 .1 1 1 ■ • 4- her sistei-s in Switzerland (Coun-
lngl> esteem m winch the learned jurist ;;^gVde Salis, Madam Godet, and
is held by the Aliiium of the ancient Miss Margaret Rose La Trobe, of
Liiiversity. Xo man has done more to Neuchatel), her cousin, Mrs.
bring to view the high worth of our Per- Peai-son, nee La Trobe and Mrs.

,11 c Frederic La Trobe, ot jiargate,

kiomen ancestry, and the glory of our JJ jy q ..!..... 9 01

history, than Judge Pennypacker. He pi^i^j-y v^ potterer, Piiiiacielphia . 10 00

loves our A'allev and our people lionor ;Mis? 'Eleanora S. Latrobe, from

, •,,, ■ Mrs. Maxwell, for the Bateman

'"'"■ __ ^ branch, £1 4 87

C. H. Latrobe, civil and consult-

The Lubold Family. ing engineer, Baltimore 10 00

I). (1. Lubold, Pottsville, Pa., desires to ^ol.^E. A. Irvin, of Curwensville, ^^ ^^

obtain inforn.ation about the Lubold 'p" p.;^^;,^ Banker, Curwens-

(Lnppoldt, LubboldUamily. - ^.^jj^^ p.^ lO 00

Johannes Lnppoldt and Hannes Lup- R„bert' Antes, Canandaigua, N. Y.,

poldt came in tlie ship IVggy, from Rot- per Frances A. Holden ■"> 00

lerdam, and qualilied at Philadelphia, in William G. Antes, Canandaigua,

OctolxM- K), 1754. X. Y., per Frances A. Holden . 5 00

In 1757, :\Iaria Agnes Lubbold and si-bscriptioxs.
Frederick Beeler, were married by Lev. t i tj .f „^ t- « tJmin
Henrv Melchior Muhlenberg. Hon. John Patton, ex-l . S Sena-
iiL,ni> -xi^.^ ,, 1 T-r 1 ^1 tor from Mic iigan, Grand Rap-
In 1703 John Lupoid and Elizabeth jtig Mich ... 10 00
Reifsneider were married. Hern'ian S. 'Mac:\Iinn, civil engi-

Ludwig and Rebecca Lubbold had a j^^.^>,. DuBois, Pa 10 00

daughter, Sarah Lubbold, born in Feb- j„],„ {^^^^.^ l-^ Trobe Snvder, So-

ruary, 1703; baptized, l)y the pastor of mis, Cal 5^

New' Hanover Lutlieran church, April 8, ],^iorence Snvder, Som is, Cal. . . 5 00

]7()4— sponsors, Jolin r.aldi and -V una M. "(Vmshohocken" 5 00

Schiiffer. ^Mrs. :Margaretta W. Perkins, Litch-

After 1700 appear in the records the field, Conn • • ■ • • 15 [^^

names John Lubbold, :\Iartin Lubliold, W. L. Youngman, XewAork, N.\. 10 00

Ludwig (or Lewis) Lubbold, and Anna

Alarin Lubbold. wife of :\lichael Moser. Total, ^^'^^ ^^


Captain Philip Reed's Company.

[The nameH given below are copied
from the original return. Captain Heed's
Company was attached to Colonel Daniel
Hiester's Battalion of Philadelphia Coun-
ty Militia. (See Perkiomen Region,
Volume One, page L'U), for the composi-
tion of this Battalion in 1782.) The com-
pany niusters were held, in 1780, on Oc-
tober 2, October 9, November 6, and
Nf)vember lo; and on Battalion Day, the
date of wliich is not given in tlie return.
The initials, "D. h.," at the end of the
list evidently stand for Daniel Hiester.
The arrangement of the names and the
orthography is an exact transcript of the
oi'iginal. (See notice of Philip Reed in
Perkiomen Uegion, \'olumc (hie, page

A True Return of all Persons capable
for Bearing [Arms] in my Company.

Phil'ip Reod, ('ap'.
NovendxM- th"-^ 2:]"' ]7S().

Martin Shelve, Trummer

Peter Conveir, lifer

Jacob Reed, major

Piiilip Reed, Captain

David Davy, Lieutenant

Jacob Sorver, Ensign

Thomas Morgan, Serjeant

Henry Over, Serjeant

George Thomas, Sei'jeant

Jacob Reess

Charles Sliellenberger

John Sliellenberger

Andrew Morgan

.John .fenckins

Zacliaria!- Clawson

Ih'iiry Shelve

Jacol) Reed

Henry Sliellenberger

Thomas Davy

Conrad Loidy

John Kline

I'liilli]) Sorvei'

William Sneer

John Lnckins

(IcMirge Metzger

Enoch Davis

Jacob Sneer

Isaiah Thomas

John Sorver

Jacob Sipble

Jacob Convear

Adam Sheive

Jacob Kline

Isaac iMorgai.

Michael Kunckle

*Soe Porkiomcn Region, Voluinc Two, page 119.

Christian Beam
Jacob Stonborner
Edward Hoxworth*
Jac(_)b Ruth
Henry Johnson
Peter King
Martin King
Yost Wile ■"
Jacob Swartz
John Rosenbury
Isaac Wisler
Samuel Wisler
Jolm Wisler
John Wyerman
Jacob Swart ly
Abraham flayer
John Miller
Enock :\Iiller
Jo'" Miller
Melcker Yeoder
William Luckin
Henry Rosenbury
Davi<l Ruth
David Rosenbury
Isaac Rosen bur}'
John Funck
Peter Prick
Abraham Allabach
John Roseiibui'v
Yellis Casle
•Jacob Oherholtzer
John Olieiiioltzer
Joseph ( )berholtzer
Isaac < )berhohzer
(ieoi-ge Stoulfer
.Tohn Johnson
Andrew Fatt
Henry Lewis
Israel Thomas
]\Iaitiii ^^'yel•man

A True Return of my Company with-
out fraud to the State or anv Individual.

I'hiliji Reeil, Captain.
Nov. 24"" 1780.

Compared Jan> 29, 1781. D. II.

Old-Time News.


New York Post-P.oy, I\Iarch 2, 17.->2:
Philadelphia, Feb. 2ri." Last Week Wil-
liam Kerr, (lately mention'd in this
Paper) was intlicted and convicted at the
Mayor's Court, of uttering Counterfi'it
^Nlill'd Pieces of Eight, knowing them to
be such, for which he received Sentence
as follows: To stand in the Pilloi'y one
Hour To-morrow, to have his Ear nail'd
to the same, and the Part nail'd cut off:
And on Saturday next to stand another
Hour in the Pillory, and to be whipt
Thirty-nine Lashes," at the Cart's Tail,
rouiui two Scjuares; and then to pay a
J'ine of Fifty Pounds.

A Letter Which Speaks for ItseE






.-cr -^^ - r^




Descendants of Anna Margaretha Antes.

Anna Margaretha Antes, the second child of Henry Antes and Chris-
tina EHzabeth DcWees, his wife, was born September 9, 1728, and bap-
tized Octolier 6, 1728. The sponsors at her l)aptism were Hans Wolff
Miller and Anna Margaretha, his wife. Rev. John Philip B(phm, pastor
of the congregations at Falkner 8wamp, Skippack and Whiteinarsh, made
this record of her baptism :

D. 6' 8"" 1728. Anna Margaretha die Taufs zengen waren Hans
Wolff Miller nnd Anna Margretha ehelen. Nentens Anna IMargretha. 1st
gebohren d. 9. 7'"- 1728.

Anna Margaretha Antes was partly educated at Bethlehem, Pa.,
and bcca.me a member of the Moravian commimity. At the beginning of
1748 she left her Frederick township home, never to return. On Januar}'
9, 174o, she was one of the passengers who sailed in the ship Jacob from
New York for London. Count Zinzendorf was in the samc^ company.
She was placed in a school of the Moravians in London to complete her •
education. She married, at Herrnhut, Germany, Rev. Benjamin La
Trobe, a minister of the United Brethren, or Moravians.

From her descendants at present living in Switzerland we have a rec-
ord of the descendants in Europe and America, of Anna Margaretha Antes
and Benjamin La Trobe:

Henry Antes, (von Blume. )

Born about 1()20. Of a noble family in the TalaUnate. His son,
Philip Frederick Antes^
Came to Pennsylvania.
Wife, Anna Katharina Antes.

Henry (Johann Heinrich) Antes", rPhiliit Fred(M-ick Antes\)

J>orn, in Freinslieini, July 1], 1701.

Died, in Frederick township, July 20, \7'h).

Wife, Christina Elizabeth DeWees.

Horn, in Pennsvlvanin, about 1702.
Died October 5,^17<S2.

Anna Margaretha Antes', (Henry Antes', Philip Frederick Antes')

IJorn Septeuiber !), 172S.
Died, in London, in 1704.

Husband, Rev. Benjamin La Trol)e.


Died, at Fuhu'c, Yorkshire, 17S7.
Chihh'ou; 1. Diristian l<;iiatius La Trobe.
2. ]5enjainin ilenry La Trobe.
;i. Anna Louisa Leonora La Troljc.

4. Mary Agnes Ln Trobe.

5. John Frederick La Trobe.

0. Justinia FJisabeth La Trobe, died in infancy.

Christian Ig))atius La Trobe', (Anna Margari-llia Antes', Ilenrv

Antes^ Philip Fr(>derick Antes'')

Lorn Februarv 12, 17r),S.
Died in ]S:5(). "


Wife, Anna Benigna Syms.

Children: 1. Charlotte Ijoufea La Trobe, bern 1793; died 187§.
2. Peter La Trobe.

;>. Anna Agnes La Trobe; died young.
4. John Antes La Trobe, {clergyman), died 1877.
o. Charles Joseph La Trobe. -t^sco-^-^ *^~
ix Frederick Benjamin La Trobe,

Benjamin Henry Latix)be*, (Anna INIai'garetlui Antes^^ Henry

Antes % PMlip Frederick Antes ^) ^j^_ .~^

Jkn-YL, in York-shii-e, May 1, i7()7. -i>-i,*jCo-uv -

Died, in Xew Orleans, September 3, 1821. / ,j^,,^ ^

\ *»; V 1.


AMfo, (first,) in England, Miss Lydia Selloii. ^' |'\ fl" a . ^^

ChiWren: 1, Lvdia Sellon Latrobe, born in 1793; -niran-red ^ ^^^'^ V^
"Eoosevelt. S^~ ki^T.-v.->-...._.-jj«:M-v-..„i. ^-^>-«^

2. Henry Latrobe, born about 178o; died, at New Orleans, (V>/\>J3.
September 3, 1-817. ' ^->o^

Wife, (second, ) in United States, Miss Mary Elizal>eth Hazleliurst,

Oiiidren; 3. Juliana Ilazleliui:«t Latrobe., born June 1, 1801; died ^ >u ^

August 7, 1801. f^

4. John Hazlehui-st Boneval Latrobe. ^

o. Julia Elizabetli Boneval Latwbe, born July 17, 1804, • "/^mJU

,i). Mary Agnes Latrobe, born at \ViJuHaigtun, N«ov, 5, 1805,

7. Benjamin lleni'y Latrobe. '^'^

•H. Latrobe, torn in 180a H

Anna Louisa LeonoraLa Trol^e*, (Anna Margaretha Antes', H<enry .

Antes% Pliilip Fred'Crick Antes^)

Born I7fil.

Plusband, .John Fc^ter^ Bishop of the United Brethren,

Cliiidren; 1. Dorothy Foster.

2. John Frederick Foster.

o. William Foster, married M. A. Bagshawe; deceased.

4. Louisa Foster, married Peter La Trobe, her cousin.

-">. Henry Isaac Foster, married; deceased.

"fi. Mai'v FJeonora Foster, died unman-ied.

3Iary Agnes Pa Trohe*, (Anna Margaretha Antes% Henry Antes%
Phihp Frederick Antes')
Born 1772.
Husband, Batenian,

Children: 1. Louisa Bateman, married Sproul.

2. Justiiia Bateman, died young.

.3. JoJ'm Frederick Bateman {takes tlie name of La TiK)be

Bateman. )
4. Henry Bateman, married and liad aSarge fanulj',
o. Edward La Trol:)e Batemaii.
('). Charles Bateman.

Jolm Frederick de La Trobe', (Anna MaTgaretha Antes% Homy
Anti-s^, Phihp Frederick Antes V)

Born 1778.

Died in Russia, 184(5.

Wife, Alvina, Baroness Stackelberg.

Born 1797.

They were married in 1820. Tliis i.s the Livonian bnmch of tlie family.


Cliildren: 1. Sophie de La Trobe.

2. ]\Iarv Agnes de La Trobe.
?,. Ed\vard de La Trobe.

4. Alvina de La Trobe.

5. Gustav Friedricli de La Trol:)e, born 1S30; died 1854.
0. Anna Louisa de La Trobe, ])(>rn 1833.

7. John Henry de La Tiobe.

Peter I^a Trol)e', (C-hristian Ignatius La Tro1)e*, Anna INIargaretha
Antes', Henry vVntes", Philip Frederick Antes')



Wife, (first,) Louisa Foster", (Anna Louisa La Trobe*, Anna Mar-
garetlia Antes'', Henry Antes", Philip Frederick Antes')



Children — twins: 1. Benjamin La Trobe, b<ifn IS!!;); died in infancy.
2. Louisa La Trobe, t)orn IK,",;); married liev. C. R.

Wife, (second,) Miss J". Brett.

Peter La Trohe was Secretary of Moravian Missions.

Charles Joseph La Trohe'', (Christian Ignatius La Trohe', Anna

Margaretha Antes ■', Henry Antes% Philip Frederick


Born, in England, Mmrh 20, ISOl.
Died December 4, isTo.

Wife, (first,) Sophie de Montmollin.



Children: 1. Agnes Louisa La Trobe.

2. Eleanora Sopliie La Trobe.

o. Mary Ceciha La Trobe, manied Prof. Geoi-ges (iodet.

4. Charles Albert La Trobe.

Wife, (second,) Rose de Montmollin, widow of L\ de ^Meuron.

5. Margaret Pose La Trobx'.

0. Isabella-C^astellane Helen La Trobe, boiii 1S.')S; dieil 1S74.

Charles Joseph La Trohe Avas the first Governor of \'ici(/ria, Australin.

Frederick Benjamin La Trohe', (Christian Ignatius La Trohe',
Anna Margaretha Antes'', Henry Antes", Phili]) Fred-
erick Antes' )

Wife, Miss Scott.

Children: 1. Katiiarine Syms La Trobe.
2. T'rederick Scott La Trobe.

Joliii Hazlehurst Houeval Latrohe"', (]]enjamin Hc^nry Lad-ohe',
Anna Margaretha Antes% Henry Antes% Phili]^ Fred-
erick Antes')

I'.orn, in TMiihidi'lphia, May 4, 1X1)3.
Died in Baltimore.

Wife, (first,) Steuart.

Children: 1. Henry Latrobe, born July 21, 182i».

2. (Jsmun Latrobe. x

3. Steuart Latrobe, twin with N'irginia; marricnl.

4. Virginia Latrobe, twin with Stewart; married

( 'ngsweil.


Wife, (second, ) Charlotte Claiborne.

CliiJdreu: o. Ferdinand Claiborne Latrobe, born October 14, ISoS;
married and has children.
111. Lilh' Latrobe, n^ari-ied Loring.

Eenjaiiii)! Henry Latrobe", (Benjamin Henry Latrobe*, Anna Mar-

garetha Antes'*, Henry Antes % Philip Frederick Antes ^)

Bc«rn December 19, 1806,
Died Octolxn- 19, 1S7S.

iXiie, Ellon

ChildivBii: 1. Charles Hazlehnret Lati-obe.

2. I^njamin Latrobe, married Laai-aasou-

'1. ^lary Latrobe.

4. Nora Latrobe.

•5. Kate Latrobe.

Dorothy Fo^tor^ (Anna Louisa .La Trolre\ Anna Margaretha

Antes% Henry Antes', Philip Frederick Antas^ )
Hiuslian^l, John Aniery.

Children: 1. Edmund Aniery.

2. Caroline Am<M-v.

8. Crertrude Aniery.

4. Mar}' Amery, married Fi^eer.

-y "Wiljjnni Amerv.

John Frederick Foster ', (Anna Louisa La Trobe', Anna Margar-
^-tha Antes', Henry Antes', Philip Frederick Antes ^)

^Mfe, Caroline BagshaAve.

Chiidi'en: 1, John Wiliiam Foster, died young.

2. Fred. Adolphus La Trobe Faster. (C^el•g^^naTl.)

3. Louisa Foster, married Loyd; liave children.

4. Mary Eleanor Foster, married — Harter; have four

sons and one daugliter.
-5, Thomas Bartram Foster, married Taylor; have

<). ]\L H;4on Foster, married .Arthur H. Hey wood.
7. \\'iliiaii) Foster, married Eatteri^on; liave children,

5. John Faster, died V'fiung.

La Trobe (Jdlrn Frederick) Batenian", (^lary Agnes La Trobe%
Anna Margaretha Ant<^.s\ Heiirv Antes^ Philip Fred-
erick Ante,«^' )

1t\'^ife, jNIiss Fairbaim,

Children: 1. Dora Bateman.

2. ^hii-garet Batoman, niarriod Maxwell.

3. WiJliam La Trolx' Bat-cman.

4. M. Agnes Batoman, niarri'^d Ilon^''" C^lere Parsons; tliey

have six sons.
-'). (iertrude Bateman, married Gurney Latham; they liave

twebx^ childn^n.
(). Frederick liateman, married; has two daughters.
7. Lee La Trol^e Bateman, married.

( To he Contmibed-. )



David Shultze^s Journal.

( Continued. )

[David Shultze's Journal for 1752 and the subsequent years is kept in Der
riocli-D'uitscli Americanische Calender, printed by Christoph Saur, of Gerniantown.
A leaf of writing paper is neatly inserted opposite each of the months. The side
facing the month, Mr. Shultze divided into two parts by a line drawn from the top
of the page to the bottom. In the following transcript are given the entries, in the

1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

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