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next Heir at Law, and in Default of Lawful Heirs then to
Saint Ann's Church in Gardinerston.

I give and bequeath Twenty Pounds Sterling to be paid
annually for Ever in four Equal Quarterly Payments out of
the Rents and Incomes of my Cobbisecontee or Gardinerston
Estate aforesaid, to the Episcopal Minister for the Time be-
ing of Saint Ann's Church in the said Gardinerston, who
shall be duly presented and Inducted into the said Church,
And he shall be deemed rightly Inducted, and Instituted
who shall be presented to the same by my said Son William
Gardiner or his Pleirs, the perpetual Successive patrons of
the said Church always supposing that the Major part of the
Parishioners of the said Church duly qualified by Law to
Vote, Agree to the Nomination or Presentation, But if the
Major part of the Parishioners duly Qualified, shall oppose
the Person presented by the Patron for the Time being, he
shall then Present a second within One Year after such Re-
jection, and if he also be opposed in like manner, He shall
Present a third, who shall be Inducted, any Opposition Not-

And if the Patron for the Time being- upon a Vacancy of
a minister of the said Church by Death or removal shall


Neglect to present within Twelve Months, another Candidate
for the same, the Parishioners of the said Church, being-
Convened, by their Wardens, shall have power by Major
Vote to present one themselves for that time only, the Pat-
ron's right returning, again, upon the next Vacancy, and
the person so Chosen by the Parishioners, shall have a good
and legal Right Annually during his Ministry at the said
Church to the Twenty Pounds Sterling out of Rents and In-
comes of the said Estate, to be paid by the Patron for the
time being as tho he had Presented himself. And further the
said Twenty Pounds Sterling Annually or so much of it, as
shall become due. during any Vacancy in the Ministry of the
said Church shall be paid to the next Incumbent, and I
Order and Direct the said Church of St. Ann's to be decent-
ly finished, if not done before my Death, out of my personal
Estate, I give to the Church of St. Ann's in Gardinerston
forever Ten Acres of Land in Gardinerston to be laid out
by my Son William, and my two Executors hereafter men-
tioned, so as to include within the bounds of the said Church
and Parsonage House.

I give and bequeath my whole Library of Books, for a
Publick Library, by the Name of the Gardenian Library,
for the Use of the Settled Episcopal and Dissenting Clergy,
And the Physicians that shall live within Fifteen Miles East
and West of Kennebeck River, and Twenty Allies North and
South from the Church, on the said River, the Library to be
always kept at Gardinerston, and the Episcopal Minister
there, for the time being to be the Librarian, on his giving
sufficient Security to my Son William, his Heirs and Suc-
cessors in the Estate for Ever, which, if he refuses or
Neglects then some other Person to be the Librarian, who
shall give such Security, said Library to be always subject
to the Rules and Regulations hereunto annexed and Signed
wnth my own Hand.

I Give and Bequeath to my dearly beloved Wife Catharine
Gardiner the Interest of One Thousand Pounds Sterling,
which Sum I order and direct ray Executors hereafter named
to Place out on good and Sufficient Security at Lawful In-
terest, or to lay out the same in the Publick Funds, as my
said Wife shall direct. And the Interest, I also direct to be
paid to my said Wife every half Year, during her remaining
a Widow, but in Case my said Wife should marry again,
then in that Case, I direct and order my Executors to pay
my Widow the Interest of Five hundred Pounds wSterling
only during her Natural Life, and no discharge except a
Receipt under own hand in writing, signed by the Hand
of my said Widow, shall be sufficient to discharge my Ex-
ecutors from the payment thereof during her Life, and after


lier death the Principal shall descend to my Heirs to be
equally divided amon§: them as before directed.

I Give and Bequeath to my two Daughters Hannah Hol-
lowell and Abigail Whipple, the whole of Worrementogos
Track, Containing about Six Thousand Acres of Land,
bounded Westerly on the East Side of Kennebeck River, as
by the three Grants of the said Land from the Kennebeck
Company, to me, will more fully appear, to be equally di-
vided between them, the Northerly half, I devise to Mrs.
Hollowell, the Southerly half I devise to my Daughter
Whipple, Each of them Paying annually for Ever, Three
Pounds Sterling out of the Rents and Profits of the said Land,
to the Episcopal Minister for the Time being of St. Ann's
Church in Gardinerston, who shall be Elected and duly In-
ducted in the said Church.

I give and Devise to my Daughter Rebecca Dumaresque,
my Lott of Land called the Diamond Lott, Containing Six-
teen Hundred Acres, jis pr Grant from the Kennebeck Com-
pany, as Delineated and Laid down, on the Kennebeck Com-
pany's Plan, made by John North Esqr., to hold during her
Natural Life, and then to the Male Heirs of her Body law-
fully begotten, and in default of Male Heirs, to be equally
divided amons" her Daughters that may be living at the time
of my decease, She and her Heirs paying Annually, the sum
of Forty Shillings Sterling out of the Rents and Profits of
the said Land to the minister of St. Ann's Church in Gardi-
nerston, who shall be duly Elected and Inducted to the said

Also I Give and Devise to my Daughter Dumaresque the
Sum of Three hundred Pounds Sterling.

Also I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Ann Brown
the sum of Three Hundred Pounds Sterling, All the Rest
and Residue of my Estate, Real and Personal, I Order to be
sold by my Executors, who are Hereby fully Empowered to
make Deeds and Conveyances of the Real Estate, According
to their discretion and the Money arising from the Sales of
such Real Estates, to be divided into Six Equal Shares.
One Share, I Give my said Daughter Brown, One Share my
said Daughter Hollowell, One Share to my said Daughter
Whipple, One Share to the Children of John Gardiner Esqr.
Barrister at Law, late of the Island of St. Christophers, now
resident at Boston New England (as 'tis said) and to the
said John Gardiner himself, 1 give only the Sura of one
Guinea out of my Estate, and it's my Will and Order he
shall have no more. One equal Share I give to my said
Daughter Dumaresque, together with the aforesaid Sum of
Three Hundred Pounds Sterling as above Devised, to be
put out at Interest by my Executors hereafter named on good


Security, and the Interest or Income to be paid to her Half
Yearly during- her Life, or to such Person or Persons for such
uses as she by a writing- under her own Hand, shall direct or
Order, and no discharg-e except a Receipt in writing signed
by the Hand of my said Daughter Rebecca Dumaresque,
shall be sufficient to discharge my Executors from the Pay-
ment thereof during her Life and after her Death the same
Sum Principal and Interest due, shall be equally divided
among- her Daughters, that shall be then Living, and paid
them accordingly.

One Other Share I Give to my Son William Gardiner to
be put out at Interest on good Security for this Use, Viz. to
be applied the Interest thereof as it shall become due,
towards discharging a Bond, in which I was bound to a Per-
son in London, whose Name I have forgot, for his Debt un-
till the same shall be paid, but if that same Debt shall be
paid or Discharged in my Life time. Then it's my Meaning
and Will that the Interest of this same Sum given or in-
tended for the Use of my said Son William shall go and be
divided in Equal vShares among and between my daughter
Hollowell, my Daughter Dumaresque, mj'- Daughter Brown,
my Daughter Whipple, and the said John Gardiner's Chil-
dren, they to have One Sixth Part and the said Interest to
be Apply ed and paid accordingly, so long as that it shall
amount to the whole debt and Interest, for which I was
so Bound, and after my said Six Heirs shall have Received
and divided among them out of the said Interest so much as
the full amount of the said Debt and Interest, for which I
am so Bound, the same being paid by me in my Life time,
then the Interest of the said Sum so given or Designed for
the use of my said Son William, shall be the One half of it paid
Annually to him, and the other half of it laid out in the Im-
proving the Estate at Cobbisecontee, as may be agreed on
between the executors and the said William Gardiner.

And in Consideration of the faithful Services of my Ser-
vant Maid Bellaco, I give her all her Wearing apparel with
the Bed and Bedding she has usually used, together with Ten
Pounds vSterling, for the purchasing of Household Furniture.
I Also Give her the Sum of Sixteen Pounds Sterling pr An-
num, to be paid her Quarterly during her Natural Life by
my Executors, and for the faithful Payment thereof it's my
Will that my Real Estate stand Chargeable, and that my
Executors shall and may detain and keep in their own hands
and possession so much Money from the Share or Portion
from each of my Heirs before named, as shall be sufficient
to secure the Punctual Payment of the said Sixteen Pounds
Sterling pr Annum, during the Life of my said faithful Ser-
vant Bellaco.


And I do hereby Constitute and appoint my said Sons in
Law Robert Hollowell and Oliver Whipple Esquires Execu-
tors of this my last Will and Testament.

And Lastly I do hereby Revoke, Annull and make Void
all former Wills and Testaments by me at any time made.

In Witness whereof I the said Silvester Gardiner have to
this, my last Will and Testament, Containing Six Sheets of
paper, Set my hand and Seal to the Last Sheet thereof, my
Hand only to the blank Sheets.

Silv Gardiner (Seal.)

Signed Sealed Published and declared by the said Silvester
Gardiner Esqr. as his last Will and Testament, in the pres-
ence of us, this 25th day of April, in the Year of our Lord,
One thousand seven hundred and Eig-hty Six. Witness
John Bours, Thomas Robinson, Sarah Robinson.

Codicil 1

A Codicil to be be added to and be part of the Last Will
and Testament of Silvester Gardner late of Boston, in the
County of Suffolk, now residing at Newport in the County of
Newport, and State of Rhode Island, and so forth. Physician.

Whereas I have made and published a Will in Writing
bearing date the Twenty fifth Day of April, A. D. 1786,
Now I the said Silvester Gardner, do hereby ratify and con-
firm the same, with the following additions or alterations, to

I give and bequeath to my son John Gardner, one thou-
sand Pounds lawful Money, to be paid by my Executors in
my Will aforesaid named, in two Years after my decease,
out of Monies that shall arise from the Securities now lodged
in his hands to collect the payment of.

I do by this my Codicil revoke annul & make void the
Legacy in & by my said last Will & Testament bequeathed
my Servant Maid Bellaco.

It is my Mind & Will that the Powers of Attorney by me
given to my Son in Law Oliver Whipple, Esq; my Son, John
Gardner, and Edward H. Robins of Boston, and Doctor
Elijah Dix of Worcester, shall continue, be in force and
valid, until the arrival of my Son in Law, Robert Hollowell
Esq; in this Country, and that until that time, that my said
Attornies shall account for their Conduct to & with my other
Exeuor the said Oliver Whipple, Esq;

For and in consideration, the trouble my Exeuor Robert

Hollowell Esq; may have in the Settlement of my Estate, I

do hereby give him one hundred pounds Sterling Mony pr

Annum, and the liberty to live in any one of my houses,



particularly the new one at Cobbiseconte or Gardinerston
Estate, if he pleases, rent free, until a final Settlement of the

I give and devise all my part and right in Swan Island to
John Silvester John Gardner to hold to him, his heirs and
Assigns forever.

I give and devise to my beloved Wife Catharine Gardner,
in addition to what I have already given her in & by my said
last Will & Testament all my Plate & household Furniture
of every Sort and kind, that I may die possessed of, and also
the Sum of thirty pounds lawful mony yearly and every
year, during her life, to be paid her by my Executors out of
my Estate.

And I do also hereby declare, that my said wil] in writing,
and this Codicil which I will shall be added to & deemed part
thereof, do contain my last Will & Testament. In Witness
whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal, the twenty
fifth day of April, A. D. 1786.

Silv Gardiner.

Signed, Sealed and published by the said Silvester Gar-
dner, as and for a Codicil to be added to, and be part of, his
last Will & Testament, in the presence of us who subscribed
our names in his presence. John Bours, Thomas Robinson,
Sarah Robinson

Codicil 2

In addition to the aforegoing Will & Codicil, my Will and
Desire is, that my Wife Catharine Gardiner be provided .by
my Executors with a suitable & convenient Part of a House
for her to live in where She may chuse during her Residence
in America, the Rent of the same to be paid out of my Es-
tate ; But provided She chuses to return to England, then
in that Case, my Will is, that my Executors pay the Ex-
pences of her Passage, together with the Passage of a Ser-
vant to attend her

In witness to the above I have hereunto set my hand and
Seal this twenty sixth Day of April 1786.

Silvester Gardiner. (Seal.)

Signed sealed published & declared by the said Sylvester
Gardiner as a part or Codicil to his last Will & Testament in
presence of us. John Bours, James Robinson, Mary Rob-

Codicil 3

A Codicil to be added to, and be a Part of the last Will &
Testament of Sylvester Gardiner, late of Boston, in the
County of Suffolk, now residing at Newport in the County
of Newport, and State of Rhode Island &c. Physician.


I do hereby revoke and disannul that part of a Codicil to
my last Will & Testament made & executed the Twenty fifth
Day of April last whereby I have given to my Wife Catha-
rine Gardiner, the Sum of Thirty Pounds lawful Money,
Yearly, and every Year during her Life ; And also the whole
and every part of another Codicil made and executed in
favour of my said Wife Catharine Gardiner, the Twenty
sixth Day of April last ; And for and in Lieu thereof I do
hereby give & bequeath to my said Wife Catharine Gardiner,
the Sum of Five hundred pounds lawful Money to her sole
use & Disposal, to be paid to her by my Attorney Edward
Hutchinson Robbins, out of the Securities or Credits, which
I have put into his hands to collect & secure, Together with
an Annuity of Fifty pounds lawful Money, to be paid to my
said Wife Catharine Gardiner, half Yearly, during her
natural Life, by my said Attorney the said Edward, out of
the Residue of the Securities, or Credits in my said At-
torney's hands, which I hereby make Chargeable for that
Purpose. All which is to be considered in Lieu of my said
Wife Catharine Gardiner's Right of Dower or Claim of

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal
this First Day of May in the Year of our Lord One thou-
sand seven hundred and eighty six.

Silv Gardiner (Seal.)

Signed, sealed published, and declared by the said Sylves-
ter Gardiner as a part and Codicil to his last Will & Testa-
ment in the Presence of us. John Bours, Hannah Robinson,
Mary Robinson.

Codicil 4

In addition to my Will & Codicils thereto annexed & added,
all which I do hereby ratify and confirm I do now give and
bequeath to my son John Gardner, his heirs and Assigns,
my House & Lot of Land with the Appurtenances to the
same belonging in the Town of Boston, which belonged to
my late Father in Law Doctor John Gibbins. I do also
hereby give to my said Son John Gardner, his heirs & As-
signs, the one half part of my Pownalborough Farm in the
State of the Massachusetts and the other half part of said
Farm my Will and Desire is should be equallv divided be-
tween my Grand Son William Gardner and Grand Daughter
Ann Children of my said Son John Gardner said Pownal-
borough farm being on the Eastern river.

In Witness to the aforegoing Codicil, I do hereby set my
hand & Seal the Twelfth Day of May. in the Year of our
Lord one Thousand seven hundred «& eighty six.

Silv. Gardiner (Seal.)


Signed Sealed published and declared by Sylvester Gardi-
ner to be a Codicil and part & parcel of his last Will &
Testament in Presence of us. John Bours, Ann Holms,
Mary Eckstien.

William Gardiner died a year after his father, and as he
had never married, the property devised to him descended
to Robert Hallowell, as provided by the will. He was then
a minor, and did not assume the name of Gardiner until
1803, when he became of ag-e. The rest of the estate vested
in accordance with the terms of the will.

tyGardiner, Me., Historical Series, Number Two, will consist of
letters and papers relating to the early history of Gardinerston and
the period of the American Revolution.


Adams, Solomon, 23, 37
Ag-agodemagfus, 8
Apthorp, Charles, 9
Arundel, Earl of, 13
Bacon, William, 30
Bailey, David, 20
Nathaniel, 21
Barker, Carr, 17
John, 4

William, 30, 31, 32, 35,36
Bellaco, 48, 49
Bernard, John, 35
Berry, David, 32

Samuel, 37
Bickford, Henry, 38, 39

Moses, 39
Blish, Annie M., 30
Bours, John, 49-52
Bowdoin, James, 9, 19

William, 3, 9
Bowers, James, 35
Bowman, Jonathan, 12, 13

William, 16
Bradford, William, 7, 8, 14,
15, 20
Boyes, Antipas, 8, 15
Bradstreet, Abby J., 33

Joseph, 27, 28, 29,32,33
Peter G., 33
Simon, 32, 33
William, 33
William W., 7>1, 33
Brattle, Thomas, 8, 15

William, 9
Bridge, Nathan, 29
Brown, Ann, 47, 48
Buckingham, Marquis of, 13
Bumell, Jonathan, 22
Bums, James, 33

Burns, Joseph, 33

Burrill, Lydia, 31

Butman, Frederic A., 35

Byram, Ebenezer, 25, 26-28,


Byram, Harriet, 30

Cane, Walter, 22

Cazneau, Edward, 42

Clapp, Joel, 33

Codman, John, 32

Colburn, Jeremiah, 33
Reuben, 19

Cooke, Ellen R., 32

Cooper, Peter, 22

Cox, Hugh, 17
James, 32
Cunningham, John E., 32
Danforth, Charles, 31
Davenport, Benjamin, 30
Davis, Jacob, 30

L. S.,33
Deane, Ebenezer F,, 32
Dearbon, Henry, 25-28,30,32
DeMonts, Count of, 4
Denbow, Nathaniel. 39, 41
Denny, John, 31
Dix, Elijah, 49
Dumaresque, Rebecca, 47, 48
Eastman, Samuel, 22
Eckstien, Mary, 52
Ellis, Anna E., 32
Essemenosque, 8
Everson, William, 37
Farnham, Mary F., 10, 11
Fellows, James Pierpont, 16
Fitch, Benjamin, 35
Flagg, James, 19, 22, 23, 29
Flitner, Zacharias, 35
Fowle, Samuel, 20



Fox, Jonathan, 20
Gannett, Barzillai, 28
Gardiner, Ann, 51

Catharine, 46, 49-51

John, 32, 33, 42, 47, 48,
49, 51

John Silvester John, 50

Robert Hallowell, 10, 25,

Silvester, 9, 15-19, 21,24,
25, 29-42, 44-52

William, 25, 35, 40, 41,
42, 45,46,48,51,52
Gav, Riifus, 26, 27, 30, 31

Seth, 26, 28-30

William R., 30, 34
Gibbons, John, 51
Gilman, Allen, 30
Gilmore, Harriet E., 30, 31
Glidden, Joseph, 17, 19, 24,

W. H., 31
Goodwin, Samuel, 9, 22, 42
Gorges, Ferdinando, 13
Grant, Nancy, 31

Peter, 17

Samuel, 31

William B., 31
Haley, Martin, 23
Hallowell, Benjamin, 9

Hannah, 47, 48

Robert, 32, 42, 44, 45,49
Hamilton, Marquis of, 13
Hancock, Ebenezer, 12

John, 12

Thomas, 9, 12, 15, 16, 18,
Hanson, J. W., 23, 29, 37, 39
Harden, Harlow, 34
Haseltine, John, 30
Haskell, Samuel, 32
Hayes, A. R. & Co., 26
Hill, J., 42

Hobart, Dudley B., 26, 29
Holland, Lord, 22
Holmes, Ann, 52
Hopkins, Peter, 32
Hoskins, Henry B., 34
James I., 5, 6, 13
Jeffries, David, 16, 17

Jenkins, Denis, 35
Jewett, Stephen, 30
Kenney, Paul, 38, 40, 41

Stephen, 38, 40, 41
Kimball, Nathaniel, 28
King-sbury, vSanford, 31, 32
Lamson, Joseph. 29
Lancaster, Maria, 35
Lapham, Mary B., 33
Lawrence, Joseph, 41
Lenox, Duke of, 13
Lincoln, David, 35

Polly, 35
Lloyd, James, 21
Lord, Elizabeth, 31

Joshua, 27, 28, 31, 32
Lovejoy, Abiel, 33

Mary, 33
Low, William, 35
Lowell, Harrison G., 32
Marson, Abner, 21
McKay, John, 42
McKechnie, John, 17, 24, 36
Merriam, H. E., 32
Moore, George R., 34

John, 34

John T., 34

Reuben, 34

Seth G., 34
Mung-uin alias Matahameada,

Nason, Robert E., 32
Nelson, John, 21

Mehitable, 20

Paschal, 20
Norcross, vSamuel, 41
North, John, 16,

Joseph, 22, 25, 29
Oldham, Jonathan, 34
Parker, James, 17
Philbrook, David, 39, 40

Jonathan, 16

William, 37
Pierpont, Robert, 16
Pitts, James, 9
Plumer, Arthur. 35

Sedgwick L., 35
Potter, Nancy E., 35
Reed, Jonathan, 20



Richards, Henry, 30
Robbins, Edward H., 49, 51
Robinson, Hannah, 51

J. Walter. 29

James, 50

Mary, 50, 51

Sarah, 49, 50

Thomas, 49, 50
Rogers, George L., 35

George W., 35

Sophia W., 35
Sabine, Lorenzo, 23
Sever, Robert, 35
Shauney, John, 19
Shaw, Benjamin, 26, 31

Jane, 31
Sheldon, Parker, 31
Shirley, William, 11
Silvester, John, 35

Joseph, 35
Smith, F. S., 30

Henry, 24, 25, 35

John. 7

Joseph, 44
Springer, James, 16, 17

Moses, 17
vStackpole, James, 31, 32
Stilphen, Mrs. Arthur, 33
Swan, Edward, 29
Tarbox, Ann M., 34

Eleazer, 34, 36

James, 33, 34

John E., 34

Stephen W., 35

William, 36
Tassuck, 8

Temple, Mehitable, 20, 21

Robert, 9, 20, 21

Thomas, 20
Thompson, Robert, 33
Thorne, Fred S., 33
Tibbetts, Daniel, 37, 39, 41

Ebenezer, 38, 41

Solomon, 37, 38, 40
Tufts, William, 18
Tycross, Robert, 22
Tyng, Edward, 8, 9, 15
Vassall, Elizabeth, 22

Florentius, 9, 22

Richard, 22

William, 9, 19
Waitt, Hiram, 33
Wakefield, Jeremiah, 35
Warren, Joseph, 30
Warwick, Earl of, 13
Webster, Godfrey, 22

Henry, 22
Weld, Habijah, 20
Whipple, Abigail, 45, 47, 48,

Oliver, 25, 42, 44, 45, 49

Silvester, 45
White, Alice, 33
Whitmore, Nathaniel M., 26
Williams, Gardiner, 34
Williamson, Wm. D., 10
Wingate, Joshua, 28
Winslow, James, 19

John, 9, 15
Winthrop, Robert C, 21

Thomas L., 21
Wyman, Abram, 33

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