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JAGQUES.: — Henry Jacques, Newburg, a carpenter,
came 1640; married, 1648", Ann, perhaps daughter of
Richard Knight; had Henry, born 1649; Mary, 165 1
died young; Mary, again, 1653; Hannah; Richard, 1858
Stephen, 1 66 1 ; Sarah, 1664; Daniel, 1667; Eliz., 1669
Ruth, 1672, and Abigail, 1674. He was freeman, 1669
died 1687, and his widow died 1705.

References :— Whitehead's Perth Amboy, 365; Wy-
man's Charlestown, Mass., Gens., I, 548.

JAQUITH : — Abraham Jaquith, Charlestown, married
Ann, daughter of James Jordan of Dedham, whither it
is thought he soon removed; had Abraham, 1644; Mary,
1646 ; and 3 other children. He was freeman 1656. Writ-
ten Jackewish when the spelling was by sound.

References :— Cutter's Jaff rey, N. H., 377-80 ; Davis'
Gen., 79; Hayward's Hist. Gilsum, N. H, 344; Hay-
ward's Hist. Hancock, N. H., 679 ; Hazen's Hist. Billerica,
Mass., 77; Sewall's Hist. Woburn, Mass., 618; Steam's
Hist. Ashburnham, Mass., 763 ; Washington, N. H, Hist.,

JARRATT: — John Jarratt.Rawley, freeman 1640; died
1648. Names in his will wife Susanna, and daughter

Reference : — Powers' Sangamon Co., Ill Sett., 408.

JAR VIS: — John Jarvis, Boston, merchant, died 1656;
but probably he was" only a visitor.

John Jarvis, Boston, shipwright, married, 1661, Re-
becca, daughter of Elias Parkman; had Nicholas, bapt.,
1666; and Samuel, 1674; but prob. the elder died young.
In his will, 1689, he names wife Rebecca, and 3 children,
all minors — Samuel, Mary and Abigail.

Stephen Jarvis, perhaps of Huntington, L. I., mar-
ried a daughter of Jonathan, of the same, before 1670.

References: — Am. Ancestry, III, 166; VIII, 3; IX,
228; Eaton's Annals of Warren, Me., 559; Jarvis Gen.
(1879), 369 pp.; Whitmore's Copps Hill Epitaphs.

JAY : — Jonathan Jay, a soldier, 1676, under Capt. Will-
iam Turner.

William Jay, Boston, married, about 1653, Mary,
daughter of John Hunting of Dedham.

References: — Alden's Am. Epitaphs, V, 246-50; Am.
Ancestry, VI, 151 ; Baird's Hist, of Rye, N. Y., 479-85 ;
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Rec, VII, 1 10-6; X, 114.

Arms: —

JECOCKES, or JECOXE :— Francis Jecockes, Strat-
ford, 1646.

JEFFORD :— John Jefford, Lynn, 1675.

frey, Boston, merchant, married, 1686, Eliz., daughter of
John Usher; had Jane, born 1687; John, 1689; David,
1690 ; Eliz., 1692 ; Rebecca, 1693 ; Sarah, 1695 ; Francis,
1696, and Peter, 1697 ; all of these living when his wife
died, 1698, as Sewall tells, in Geneal Reg., VI, 77.


Digory Jeffrey, Kittery, was a constable in 1664.

Edward Jeffrey, came in the Truelove, 1635, aged
24, from London, but it is not known where he sat down.

Francis Jeffrey, Falmouth, about 1685. Willis, I,

George Jeffrey, Windsor, had then Mary, born 1669;
Hannah, 1671 ; Eliz., 1675; removed to Suffield; there
had James, 1681, who was of Westerly, R. I., 1709; also
he had Sarah, and perhaps other children, and died 1683.

George Jeffrey, Boston, 1676, a merchant from Scot-
land, may have been, 1684, at Portsmouth.

Gregory Jeffrey, Wells, was freeman 1653, constable
1658; had wife Mary, and son John, an infant. He died
1662; his widow married John Lux.

Robert Jeffrey, Charlestown, came in the Eliz. and
Ann, 1635, aged 30, bringing wife Mary, 27, and chil-
dren — Thomas, 7 ; Eliz., 6 ; and Mary, 3 ; two maid ser-
vants, Susan Brown, 21, and Hannah Day, 20; he re-
moved to R. I., 1638, where he was in high repute as
physician, and treasurer of Newport, 1640, and there was
living 1646.

Thomas Jeffrey, Dorchester, freeman 1634, removed
before 1634 to New Haven, prob. with Eaton in 1638,
had served with reput. in the Pequot war; was called a
serg. when he died, 1661, in good esteem; had a sister
Sarah, wife of George Betty, in Co. Somerset.

William Jeffrey, Weymouth, one of the earliest set-
tlers in Mass. Bay, before Gov. Winth. or even Capt. En-

dicott; prob. first at Cape Ann, and may have drifted
along shore to Manchester, early called Jeffry's Creek,
or as far as Salem; and Felt claims him for Ipswich,
but, of course, this would be some years later; he was
sworn freeman 1631 ; may have had Mary, born 1642,
and tradition gives him son John. He may be the brother
of Robert, who was in R. I., 1638, and certainly is seen
in list of freemen at Newport, 1655, where he died 1675,
aged 84. His will names wife Mary, eldest daughter
Mary, son Thomas, other daughters Sarah, Priscilla and

References : — Salter's Monmouth, N. J. ; Savage's
Gen. Diet., II, 539.

Arms : —

JEFTS, or JEFFS :— Henry Jefts, Woburn, 1640, mar-
ried, 1647, Ann Stowers, and next, 1649, Hannah Borth,
or Births, perhaps Booth; had John, born 165 1 ; Hannah,
who died 1653; Hannah, again, 1655; Joanna, 1656;
Henry, 1659, and possibly others before or after, but
all these, since the first, at Billerica, of which he was one
of the first settlers, and died 1700, aged 94. Strangely
is the name spelt Sciffs, in 2 Mass. Hist. Call., II, 162.

John Jefts, Boston, 1656, mariner, had Mary, born
1656, by wife Sarah, who took admin, upon his estate
1670, because "nigh twelve years since depart, and no
news of him."

William Jefts, Rhode Island, 1652.

References: — Hazen's Hist. Billerica, Mass., 78;
Hill's Hist. Mason, N. H., 203 ; Sewall's Hist. Woburn,
Mass., 618; Steam's Hist. Ashburnham, Mass., 763;
Washington, N. H, Hist., 492-4.

JEGGLES : — Daniel Jeggles, Salem, 1639.

Daniel Jeggles, Salem, perhaps son of Thomas, 01
possibly of the preceding, was master of a vessel taken
by the French, 1689. See Rev. in N. E., Justif., 43.



Thomas Jeggles, Salem, perhaps brother of the first
Daniel, married, 1647, Abigail, daughter of Elder Sam-
uel Sharp; had Abigail, born 1648; Thomas, 1650; Will-
iam, 1653, died in few days; Samuel, 1654; Eliz., 1656;
William, again, 1659 > Daniel, 1661 ; Mary, 1665 ; Nathan-
iel, 1666; all exc. the third, bapt. 1668; John, born 1669;
Ebenezer, 1672, and Benjamin, 1674.

William Jeggles, Salem, 1637, shipwright, prob.
brother of first Daniel, and perhaps of first Thomas, died
1659. He had wife Mary, and son John; but perhaps
a 2nd wife, Eliz., was admx. Another William, of Salem,
who came from Virginia, died 1674. Giggles, Gyggles,
and other forms are used.

Reference: — Savage's Gen. Diet., II, 541.

JELLETT :— John Jellett, Boston, died 1656, yet it
might seem that he was only trans., since we see no other
mention of him ; but the record of marriage contains that
of William Wardell with widow Eliz. J., and under Gil-
let may be read more of her.

JELLICOE : — Thomas Jellicoe, Middletown, had wife
Mary, but prob. no children ; died 1684.

son, Boston, had wife Sarah, 1647, an d son James, born
1651, who prob. died soon; and James, again, 1655; and
died 1662. - Perhaps he may have written the name

John Jempson, Amesbury, possibly son of the pre-
ceding, married, 1670, Esther, daughter of George Mar-
tin, of Salisbury; took oath of fidel. 1677.

Patrick Jempson, at Dover, adm. an inhab. in 1659,
and there was taxed several years. See Jameson.

JENKINS, or JENKIN :— Edward Jenkins, Scituate,
1643, prob. came with Nathaniel Tilden, for in his will,
1641, he is called his servant; was represent. 1657, died
1699, leaving Thomas. — Deane.

Henry Jenkins, New Hampshire, died about 1670.

Joel Jenkins, Braintree, had Lydia, born 1640, and
Theophilus, 1642; was freeman 1646; removed to Mai-
den ; has Theophilus, his son ; died there 1660.

John Jenkins, Plymouth, 1643, prob. removed to
Barnstable, there married, 1653, Mary Ewer; had Sarah,
born 1653; Mehitable, 1655; Samuel, 1657; John, 1659.
Mary, 1662; Thomas, 1666, and Joseph, 1669. He may
or may not be the passenger in the Defence, from London,
1635, called 26 years of age. A few weeks later, Eliz. J.,
aged 27, embarked in the Truelove at London, for N. E.
She may be the person who died at Sandwich, 1649.

Lemuel Jenkins, Maiden, 1671, married, 1670, Eliz.,
daughter of Thomas Oakes ; had Lemuel, born 1672, and
Eliz., who died 1698, unless she was a grandchild.

Obadiah Jenkins, Maiden, married, 1677, Mary Lew-
is; had Sarah, born 1685; Ann, 1687, and Obadiah, 1690;
was freeman 1690.

Reginald Jenkins, Dorchester, 1630, is prob. the man
who removed, says Winth. I, 89, to Cape Porpus, and
there was killed by the Indians, 1632.

Reginald Jenkins, Kittery, who submitted 1652, to
the jurisdict. of Mass., removed to Dover; there, by wife
Ann, had Philadelphia. He may have been son of the

Robert, of Dover, 1657, called Junkins, prob. the same
named Jenkins, at York, 1674, where he took the oath of
alleg., 1681, to the King.

Samuel Jenkins, Greenwich, 1672, may have been
he who married, 1670, Mary, widow of Eleazer Famer,
of Dorchester.

References: — Am. Ancestry, I, 42; IV, 174; VI, 171 ;
Deane's Hist. Scituate, Mass., 294-6; Freeman's Hist.
Cape Cod, Mass., II, 87; Hayward's Hist. Hancock, N.
H., 680; Hobart's Hist. Abington, Mass., 406-9; Mitch-
ell's Hist. Bridgewater, Mass., 203; Norton's Hist. Fitz-
william, 617; Spooner Gen., I, 471-83; Wyman's Charles-
town, Mass., Gens., I, 550.

JENKS : — Joseph Jenks, Lynn, 1645, blacksmith, em-
ployed at the iron works, came, a widower, is the tra-
dition of the family, from Hammersmith, or Hounslow,
Co. Middlesex, or Colebrook, in the edge of Bucks, near
London; had child Joseph, born in England, and per-
haps another son that may have gone south, and be pro-
genitor of the name in N. C. ; and by 2nd wife Eliz.,
who died 1679, had prob. Sarah; certainly Samuel, born
at Lynn 1654; Deborah, 1658; John, 1660; and Daniel,
1663 ; and died 1683. He was an ingenious workman ;
in 1652 was engaged to cut the dies for our coinage, say9
report; and Boston, 1654, gave power (we find by the
record) to its selectmen to contract with him for engines
to carry water in case of fire.

References : — Am. Ancestry, III, 141 ; Ammedown
Gen., 45 ; Corliss' No. Garmault Gen. ; Draper's Hist.
Spencer, Mass., 213; Driver Gen., 147; Essex Inst. Hist.
Call.; Savage's Gen. Diet., II, 542-4; Wyman's Hunt
Gen., 114.

JENNER, GINNER, or JENNERS :— David Jenner,
Boston, 1685, freeman 1691 ; prob. was of Charlestown
before and afterward ; and by wife Mabel Russell, mar-
ried 1688, had Mabel, 1690, and Rebecca, 1692. In B.
had Thomas, 1693 ; Eliz., 1696, and David, 1699 ; and
died 1709, aged 46.

John Jenner, Dorchester, perhaps soon went to Strat-
ford, where he might be 1650, or of Brookhaven in L. I.,
1655 ; had prob. married Alice, only child of Robert Pigg,
of New Haven.

Thomas Jenner, Roxbury, about 1634 or 5, removed
soon after to Weymouth; was minister there but a few
months or years; freeman 1636; represent. 1640, and
went to Saco; there preached not long, but went home,
and in 1651 was in Norf'k, so poor as to sell his library.
Another Genner was of Weymouth, at the same time
with this minister, and if his name of bapt. were Thomas,
might be that freeman of 1639.

Thomas Jenner, Charlestown, 1658, prob. the same
to whom Frothingham, 86, says liberty of residence was
given 1636; was not a freeman of the colony, but per-
haps Esther, who joined the church 1648, was his wife.

Thomas Jenner, Charlestown, perhaps son of the pre-
ceding, born in England ; married, 1655, Rebecca, daugh-
ter of Nicholas Trerice, who died 1722, aged 86; had Re-
becca, born 1656, and prob. other children; we know
Thomas and another child were bapt. 1660 ; David, 1663 ;
Sarah, 1667; Samuel, 1669; Eleanor, and Eliz., twins,
1671 ; and Eleanor, 1674; united with the church 1681,
yet was not made freeman, though it is less remarkable,
since in 1682, only two men of that town are found sworn,
and only three others in 1690, among several hundreds
from other towns who took that privilege, 1692. He
was of the artillery comp, 1673, a capt., and prob. that
master of the ship from London to Boston, 1685, with
whom came Honest John Dunton, who calls him a man
with "some smatterings of divinity in his head;" and
died about 1699.



References: — Caverly's Pittsford, Vt, 710; Cathren's
Hist. Woodbury, Ct., 602; Jenner Gen. (1865), 3 pp. re-
print; N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg. XIX, 246-9; Wyman's
Charlestown, Mass., Fams., 551-3.

JENNESS : — Francis Jenness, Hampton, baker, mar-
ried a daughter of Moses Coxe; had Thomas, born 1671,
died at 25 years ; Hannah, 1673 ; Hezekiah, 1675 ; John,
1678; Eliz., 1681; Mehitable; and Richard, 1686. De-
scendants are numerous. Sometimes name appears Jen-

References: — Bedford, N. H, Cent, 312; Coggs-
well's Hist. Nottingham, N. H., 41 1-9; Dow's Hist.
Hampton, N. H, 765-9.

JENNINGS: — John Jennings, Hartford, 1639, re-
moved about 1 64 1 to Southampton, where he was 1644.
Another John, of mean character at Hartford, was
whipped 1649.

Jonathan Jennings, Norwich, 1684, l eIt descendants.

Joshua Jennings, Fairfield, 1656, had, in 1648, lived
in same town on the river, prob. Hartford, where he mar-
ried, 1647, Mary Williams, but whose daughter she was
is unknown. He gave offense; died at F. 1676, leaving
family and good estate.

Nicholas Jennings, Hartford, came in. the Francis
from Ipswich 1634, aged 22 ; prob. a Suff 'k man, and per-
haps brother of John ; forfeited his grant of a lot by non-
residence, attracted, possibly, to Saybrook.

Richard Jennings, Ipswich, came in 1636 with Rev.
Nathaniel Rogers, being a Suff 'k man, born at Ipswich ;
went home in 1638 or 9; obtained the living at Combs,
whence, by the Act of Uniform., he was ejected 1662.
Calamy, 649.

Richard Jennings, Bridgewater, 1666, had probably
been apprenticed to Robert Bartlett, 1635 ; may have been
father of that Susanna who died at Plymouth 1654, and
lived afterward at Sandwich, whence he removed to B.,
and had there a family of children.

Richard Jennings, New London, 1675, came from
Barbados, 1678; married Eliz. Reynolds, who came from
the same island; had Samuel, born 1679; Richard, 1680,
and Elinor.

Samuel Jennings, Portsmouth, R. I., in the list of
freemen 1655.

Stephen Jennings, Hatfield, married, 1677, Hannah,
daughter of John Dickinson, the widow of Samuel Gil-
let, killed at the Falls fight the preceding year. At the
assault on Hatfield the Indians carried her to Canada,
where, several months later, was born the daughter called
after getting home the same year, Captivity. Other chil-
dren were Stephen, born 1680; Joseph, 1682; Sarah,
1684; Benjamin; and Jonathan, 1691. He was freeman
1690 ; removed to Brookfield.

Thomas Jennings, Portsmouth, R. I., in the list of
freemen 1655 ; perhaps brother of Samuel.

William Jennings, Charlestown, 1630.

505-9 ; Hall's Record Norwalk, Ct., 266, 294, 301 ; Hatch's
Hist. Industry, Me., 662; Jennings' Assoc. Report (1863),
34 p, (1866) 10 p.; Jennings Fam., by Albert Welles
(1881); Morse's Hist. Sherborn, Mass., 155; Savage's
Gen. Diet., II, 544-6; Shourd's Fenwick Colony, N. J.,
1 19-21 ; Temple's N. Brookfield, Mass., 649-50; Schenck's
Hist. Fairfield, Ct., 383-6; Montague Gen., 653-8.

JENNISON: — John Jennison, Amesbury, 1680; pos-
sibly son of William.

Robert Jennison, Watertown, 1636, by wife Eliz. (in
the record called Grace, probably by mistake), had Eliz.,
1637; first wife died 1638; and by second wife, Grace,
who died 1686, had a daughter, Michal, 1640; Samuel,
1642, died soon; and Samuel, again, 1645; was freeman
1645 ! died 1690.

William Jennison, Watertown, brother of Robert,
came prob. in the fleet, 1630, with Sir Richard Salton-
stall and Winth. ; freeman 1631; was ensign 1633, served
in the Pequot war 1636, ^s Underhill tells; lieut. and
capt. afterward; represent. 1635, and very often later;
artillery comp. 1638; went home 165 1.

References :— Aldrich's Walpole, 293-6; Benedict's
Iiist. Sutton, Mass., 668 ; Bond's Watertown, Mass., 306-
10, 800-14; Fiskes of Amherst, N. H., 147; Hemenway
Gen. Rec, 12; N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., VII, 71; Ward's
Hist. Shrewsbury, Mass., 337.

JENNY : — John Jenny, Plymouth, who was a brewer
of Norwich, went to Holland in his youth, lived at Rot-
terdam, came in the James, a little vessel of 44 tons, built
for the Pilgrims at Leyden; arrived 1623, with wife Sa-
rah (whom he married at Leyden 1614, by the name of
Carey), and children — Samuel, Abigail and Sarah — at
same time with the ship Ann, therefore with her passen-
gers reckoned "old comers ;" had born here John and
Susanna ; was an assistant 1637-39, an d represent. 1641 ;
he died 1644.

Reference: — Temple's Whately, Mass., 243.

JEPSON, or JEPHSON :— Christopher Jepson, Dor-
chester, 1646.

John Jepson, Boston, 1647, married, 1656, Emma,
daughter of John Coddington; had John, born 1657, who
died soon.

Roger Jepson, Saybrook, removed to Middletown,
died 1680, leaving Samuel, aged 8; Jonathan, 6; one
daughter, Martha, 5, and Roger, 18 mos. ; his widow
Martha married Thomas Allyn of M.

Thomas Jepson, Boston, by wife Hannah had Rich-
ard, born 1692; Hannah, 1693, and Emma, 1696.

Reference: — Sigourney Gen., 25.

JERMON : — Edward Jermon, Providence. See In-
man; for so Judge Staples reads the name.

JEWELL: — Thomas Jewell, a miller, aged 27, unless
custom house records mistake the name, came from Lon-
don 1635, in the Planter.

References :— Aldrich's Walpole, 293 ; Austin's R. I. JESS, JESSE, JOSE, or JOYCE :— David Jess, Bos-
Gen. Diet., 114; Barry's Framingham, Mass., 300-3; Bar- ton, goldsmith, married before 1698 Mary, daughter of
tow Gen. Appendix; Butler's Hist. Farmingham, Me., Phineas Wilson of Hartford; had David, born 1700;



Mary, 1701 ; Phineas, 1702; Eliz., 1704; and Susanna,
1706. He had good estate with his wife, and died 1708.
His widow Mary married, 1717, Joseph King.

William Jess, Windsor, where the name was Joyce,
removed to Springfield ; there had Abigail, 1645 ; and
was drowned at Enfield Falls, in the river, same year.

JESSAN : — Jacat Jessan, Boston, merchant, agent of
his brother Abraham, ironmonger of London, was of ar-
tillery comp., 1673.

JESSOP :> — Edward Jessop, Stamford, about 1650;
Newton, L. I., 1656; was of Westchester, 1664, and in
^53, or earlier, sold land in Fairfield, but took estate
there again in 1689.

John Jessop, an early sett, at Wethersfield, might
seem to have died at or near Hartford, 1637, as by order
of the Gen. Court, Feb., 1637, all creditors were to pro-
duce claims 3 mos. later, but that means credit, of John
Oldham, and Jessop may have been one prosecuting a suit
before death of O., who might well cause this mention
of him ; so prob. this is the construction. He united with
others in 1640 to go to settle Stamford; removed to
Greenwich; was represent. 1664 for that town, prob. with
Westchester or Rye, and made commissioner with au-
thority at Westchester; but in 1673 lived at Southamp-
ton, on L. I.

Philip Jessop, a soldier, 1676, in Phillip's war.

References : — Howell's Southampton, 332-5 ; Hunt-
ington's Stamford, Ct., Sett., 57; Jessup Gen. (1887), 463
pp. ; Prime's Sands Gen., 87-90 ; Savage's Gen. Diet.,
II, 547-

JEWELL: — George Jewell, Saco, mariner, may be
that unhappy man whose loss in 1637 is related by Winth.,
I, 244. See Folsom, 33, 125.

Joseph Jewell, Watertown, by wife Martha had Jo-
seph, born 1673, and Martha, 1675. Perhaps he was there
only as transient resident, driven away by fear of Indian

Samuel Jewell, Boston, 1655.

Thomas Jewell, Braintree, 1639, na d grant at the
meeting on Monday, Feb. 24, 1640, of 12 acres, which
was the common allowance for 3 heads — himself, wife
and prob. child Thomas ; by wife Grizell had Joseph, 1642 ;
Nathaniel, 1648; Grizell, 1652, and Mercy, 1653. His
widow married Humphrey Griggs, 1656.

References: — Am. Ancestry, I, 42; VII, 202; Duns-
ter Gen., 255 ; Hudson's Hist. Marlborough, Mass., 403 ;
Jewell Gen. (i860), 104 pp.; N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg.,
XXII, 436; Runnel's Hist. Sanbornton, N. H., II, 399;
Savage's Gen. Diet.., II, 547; Loomis Gen. Female
Branches, 626-33; Waterford, Me. Centen. (1879), 2 ^i-

JEWETT: — John Jewett, Ipswich, freeman 1676; of
descent unknown to Savage. By wife Eliz., daughter
of the first Isaac Cummings, who died 1679, he had Sa-
rah, born 1668; Abigail, who died 1672; Abigail, again,
1675, died at 2 mos. ; David, 1677, an ^ Mary, 1679. He
married Eliz., widow of Benjamin Chadwell, of Lynn;
had Daniel, 1681 ; Jonathan, 1685; Dorcas; and Rebecca,

freeman 1639; represent. 1651-4, and 60; died 1661. Be-
side 4 daughters by wife Mary, perhaps one of whom
was Patience, who married at Lynn, 1666, Shubael Walk-
er, he had Jonathan ; Nehemiah, 1643 > Joseph, 1656 ; last-
named child was by Ann, widow of Bozoan Allen, of Bos-
ton, married 1653.

Maximilian Jewett, Rawley, brother of the first Jo-
seph, came from Bradford in the W. Riding, of Yorksh.,
at the gathering of the church, 1639, chosen deacon;
freeman 1640; represent. 1641, and for 16 years later;
had 2nd wife, married 1671, widow Elinor Boynton; and
died about 1684, leaving, besides widow Sarah, the child
Ezekiel; Joseph; Ann; Eliz., wife of Robert Hazeltine;
Mary Hazeltine ; Faith Dowse, and Sarah, prob. wife of
Philip Nelson.

Nathaniel Jewett, Concord, freeman 1681.

Thomas Jewett, Hingham, married, 1672, Susanna,
prob. daughter of John Gilford; had Mary, bapt. 1674;
Thomas, 1676; Hannah, 1681, died at 2 years; and John,

References :— Am. Ancestry, III, 154; IV, 139; V,
130; VI, 14; Andrew's Hist. New Britain, Ct., 316;
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town, Mass., 903-5; Butler's Hist. Groton, Mass., 409,
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Gen., 69; North's Hist. Augusta, Me.; Savage's Gen.
Diet., II, 548 ; Stearns' Hist. Ashburnham, Mass., 763-5 ;
Temple's Hist. Whately, Mass., 240; Wood Gen., 154-66;
Worcester's Hist. Hollis, N. H., 378.


Arms : — Per pale, gu, and az., semee of cross crosslets,
or, a lion, rampant, arg.

AFTER JACKSON ref— p 123

Arms : — Gu, a fess, between three shovelers, tufted on
the head and breast, arg., each charged with a trefoil,
slipped, vert.

Crest : — A shoveler, as in the arms.

Motto : — Inndcentiae Securus.

AFTER JAFFREY reference— p 124

Arms: — Paly of six, arg. and sa., surmounted by a
fess, of the first, charged with 3 stars of the second.

Crest :— The sun shining through a cloud ; proper.
Motto: — Post nubila Phcebus.
AFTER JAY ref— p 132

Arms: — Az., a chevron, or. In chief, a demi-sun, in
its splendor, between 2 mullets, of the last; in base, on a
rock, two birds (or one single bird), all proper.
AFTER JEFFREY ref— p 135

Arms : — Sa., a lion rampant, or, between 3 scaling lad-
ders, of the last.

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