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Mrs. Hurt is a member of the Baptist Church. They reside at
Creek, Hampton Co., Tex. Children:

i. Edward Lee", b. at Creek, Tex., June 4, 1900.
ii. Charles Wesley, b. at Creek, Tex., Aug. 22, 1901.


MAUD EMMA'' TODD (52) was born in Limestone Co.,
Tex., Sept. 6, 1880, and was educated at Kosse High School, at
Waco, and at Sherman, Tex. She married John McKomey Nov.
6, 1901. They reside at Gregory, San Patricio Co., Tex.

The Clark Family. gi


JAMES T.^ TODD (52) was born in Limestone Co., Tex.,
Jan. 4, 1882, and was educated at the Kosse High School and at
Houston, Tex., where he graduated in 1899. He is stenographer
for the W. H. Morris Lumber Company at Houston, Tex.


JOHN R.^ TODD (52) was born in Limestone Co., Tex., Aug.
12, 1883, and attended school at Houston, Tex., in 1903.


LELA E.^ TODD (52) was born in Limestone Co., Tex.,
May I, 1885. She joined the Presbyterian Church in July, 1901.


MINNIE PARKS^ HIGHTOWER (63) was born Dec. 18,
1869, at Rock Plains, Ga. She first entered school at Snapping
Shoals, Ga., and in her twelfth year she entered S. M, College
at Covington, Ga., and graduated with first honor in her i8th
year. She married Stanley S., son of Judge W. B. Bennet. Mr.
Bennet was born at his father's home, Quitman, Ga., Nov. 7,
1867; was graduated from Macon University, Macon, Ga., in
1888, and choosing the law as a profession, was admitted to the
bar in June, 1896. He was elected mayor of Quitman in 1892
and has succeeded himself in this office continuously to the present
time, 1902. He was elected county school commissioner for
Brooks Co., Ga., in 1892; served in that capacity from that time
until Nov., 1902, he being the choice of his county people for
this office. He is a hightoned, honorable, Christian gentleman, a
member of the Baptist Church and a lawyer of marked ability.
His wife is a cultured woman ; a congenial companion, a devoted
and loving mother and a consistent Christian, member of the
Baptist Church. Children:

i. Louise', b. Apr. 22, 1893.

ii. Marion Sims, b. Oct. 17, 1894; and d. Mar. 21, 1897.
iii. Stanley Spencer, b. Dec. 22, 1897.
iv. Paul Hansel, b. Jan. 29, 1900.

92 Genealogy of


ALMA CUSTIS^ HIGHTOWER (63) was born Apr. 27,
1871, at Snapping Shoals, Ga., and entered school at that place
in her sixth year. In her tenth year she entered S. M. Female
College at Covington, Ga., and finished her education. As a
child she possessed remarkable elocutionary talent, but it was
never developed beyond her college course. She married James
Denham Kilpatrick in Jackson, Ga., Feb. 16, 1892.

James Denham Kilpatrick was born in Putnam Co., Ga., Mar. 8,
1866; graduated from Mercer University, class of 1888. Choos-
ing the law as a profession, he was admitted to practice at Monti-
cello, Ga., in 1891. Devoted to his profession and of tmusual
ability, he soon acquired prominence in his profession, was elected
and served one term in the upper house of Ga. legislature as Sen-
ator from his district. He is a prominent member of the Atlanta
bar. Children :

i. Harold", b. Jan. 9, 1893; d. Dec. 10, 1902.
ii. Louis, b. July 18, 1894.
iii. Donald, b. Aug. 12, 1898.
iv. Margaret, b. Dec. 5, 1900; d. Nov. 15, 1902.
All born in MonticellOj Ga.


LILY FRANCES^ HIGHTOWER (63) was born Dec. 18,
1874, was educated at the S. M. Female College, Covington, Ga.
She always stood first in her classes, but was not graduated be-
cause her father moved from school facilities. She possesses a
voice of rare power and sweetness.


RUBY USHERS HIGHTOWER (63) was born at Snapping
Shoals, Ga., June 17, 1879. She first entered schools at S. M. Fe-
male College, Covington, Ga. After leaving Covington her edu-
cation was conducted in a desultory manner until she entered the
Freshman class in the High School at Jackson, Ga. She always
stood first in her classes, although there were young men in the
classes several years her senior. She was graduated with first
honor in her fifteenth year. She then entered the Senior class
at Shorters Female College, Rome, Ga. She was awarded the

Mrs. James D. Clark (No. 75).

The Clark Family. 93

honor of writing the class poem when she was graduated from
that institution. After having taught school two years she took
a post-graduate course at the University of Chicago. She has
since taught in Brownsville Female College, Brownsville, Tenn.,
occupying the chair of mathematics and Latin and is now, 1902,
at Central College, Ark., having chair of mathematics and science.


SUPHENA CLARK^ ROBINSON (65) was bom in Newton
Co., Ga., Feb. 20, 1872, and was married at the Baptist Church,
Carrollton, Ga., to Thomas H. Merrell, June 21, 1893. Mr. Mer-
rell was born at Carrollton Oct. 15, 1867. Children:

i. Sadie Cecil', 0. Oct. 22, 1894, at Carrollton.
ii. Laulye Sims, b. June 10, 1896, at Carrollton.


LORA BELLE^ ROBINSON (65) was born at Jonesboro,
Ga., Apr. 19, 1874, and married Edward T. Cheney at the resi-
dence of her parents at Carrollton, Ga., Jan. i, 1895. Mr. Cheney
was born in Stewart Co., Ga., Sept. 10, 1871. Children:

i. Mattie Belle', b. Dec. 22, 1895; d. Aug., 1897.
ii. Isaac Pelham, b. Dec. 21, 1897; d. July, 1899.
iii. John Guy, b. Sept. 17, 1899.


HOWARD McNAIR'^ PENN (67) was born Apr. 26, 1877,
at Monticello, Ga., was educated at Monticello and at the State
University Ga. He married Mrs. Mary Eckels at Atlanta, Ga.,
Nov. 8, 1901. Mrs. Eckels' maiden name was Lyle. They
reside at Eatonton, Ga., where Mr. Penn is owner and manager
of a telephone system. One child :

i. Martha Elizabeth', b. Jan. 8, 1902.
ii. Dorothy Maud, b. Oct. 16, 1903.


FITZHUGH LEE^ PENN (67) was born May 22, 1879; was
educated at Monticello, Ga., and married Leona Bullard, of Mon-
ticello, June 29, 1899. Miss Bullard was born Nov. 19, 1879, in
Jones Co., Ga. She died Jan. 4, 1900. No children.

94 Genealogy of


ATALPHUS CLARK* STEWART (68) was born in Mont-
gomery Co., Ala., July 17, 1872; was educated at Montgomery
and has been for ten years in the lumber business, connected with
various firms in the wholesale trade.


MARY ELLEN* STEWART (68) was born Jan. 23, 1874;
was educated at Montgomery; is a member of the Baptist
Church; a modest, refined and worthy young woman.


Montgomery May 20, 1877; received his preparatory education
in the public schools of Montgomery and finished his education
at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Ala. He took
a special course in preparation for inspecting meat and dairy
products and for some years has held a position as inspector of
meat products and later on of dairy products for the Montgomery

W. L. Stewart was united in marriage to Emilie Nicholson
Randolph at the Episcopal Church, The Holy Comforter, Dec.
3, 1903, the Rector, Rev. Stewart McQueen officiating. Miss
Randolph was born at Montgomery, Ala., 18 — ; and was edu-
cated at . She is a member of the Episcopal Church.


CLIFFORD WEST* STEWART (68) was born in Montgom-
ery Feb. 26, 1879; received his preparatory education in the pub-
lic schools of Montgomery and graduated from the Alabama
Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, Ala., Class of 18 — . He is a
member of the Baptist Church. He has a position with the Union
Savings and Trust Co. of Montgomery.


INEZ VIVIAN^ CLARK (69) was born Oct. 29, 1879, and
married John Calvin Monroe, of Atlanta, Ga., where they reside.

The Clark Family. 95

Mr. Monroe was born Feb. 19, 1879. He is in the service of
some of the railroads entering Atlanta. Children:

i. Gladys', b. Mar. 5, 1901.
ii. Cornelius Clark, b. Sept. 17, 1903.


FRANCES LOUISA^ CLARK (70) was born June 2, 1880,
in Montgomery, Ala., was educated at Troy, Ala,, and married
Edward C. Bennett Nov. 18, 1901. Mr. Bennett was born Nov.
15, 1877, in Lonaconing, Allegany Co., Md., and was educated at
Roanoke, Va. Mr. Bennett is an electrician. He and his wife
are members of the Methodist Church. One child :

Elizabeth Agnes*, b. June 30, 1902, at Savannah, Ga.

ARTHUR STEWART^ CLARK (70) was born Mar. 29,
1883, was educated in the common schools, concluding with a busi-
ness course at Draughon's Business College, Montgomery, Ala,
He was happily united in marriage to Annie Maye, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Standley, of Ocalla, Fla., July 6, 1904.


MAMIE' LAWRENCE (76) was born in Putnam Co., Ga.,
Jan. 12, 1868, and married John W. Henderson, of Jasper Co., Ga.,
at the residence of her parents in Oct., 1889. There was but one
child born of this marriage and it died a few days after birth.
Mrs. Henderson died Mar. 26, 1891.


HARVEY POPE= LAWRENCE (76) was born Nov. 21.
1869, in Putnam Co., Ga. ; was educated at Eudora High School
and at Lexington, Ky., and married Mattie Hearn Dec. 8, 1901.
Miss Hearn was born Mar. 19, 1880, in Jasper Co., Ga., and was
educated at Monticello High School. Mr. Lawrence has made
commerce his life business and is a partner in the wholesale busi-
ness of Abney Brothers & Co., Athens, Ga, He and his wife are
members of the First Baptist Church at Athens. They reside
at 312 Dougherty Street, Athens, Ga. One child:

Lorna' Douglass, b. Nov. 10, 1902.

96 Genealogy of


HENRY JAMES' LAWRENCE (76) was born in Putnam
Co,. Ga., Mar. 6, 1872, and was educated at Mercer University,
Macon, Ga. He married Mary Rix Bryan at Vienna, Dooly Co.,
Ga., Aug. 12, 1896. Miss Bryan was born in Houston Co., Ga.,
Jan. 20, 1873, and was educated at Wesley an Female College,
Macon, Ga. They reside at Talbotton, Talbot Co., Ga. Mr.
Lawrence is a member of the Baptist Church and his wife of the
Methodist Church. He is a lawyer. Children:

i. Mattie Elizabeth', b. May 13, 1898.
ii. John Averette, b. Nov. 13, 1900.
Both bom in Talbotton, Ga.


SUSAN ELIZABETH^ LAWRENCE (76) was born in Mor-
gan Co., Ga., Oct. 7, 1875, and married Thomas B. Claiborne at
the residence of her parents on June 8, 1898. They reside at
Shadydale, Jasper Co., Ga. Children:

i. Allen Thomas*, b. May 11, 1899, in Jasper Co., Ga.

ii. James Henry, b. July 7, 1900, in Jasper Co., Ga.

iii. Pope, b. July i8, 1901.

iv. William Roy, b. Sept. 19, 1902.

V. Harvey Hill, b. Dec. 21, 1903.


BESSIE SUE^ POPE {tj) was born Dec. 2, 1872, in Jasper
Co., Ga., was educated at Monticello High School and married
J. Rush Gracy Dec. 22, 1895. Mr. Gracy was born Dec. 7, 1858,
in Bond Co., 111., and was educated at Donnellson, 111. Mr. Gracy
is a farmer and stock raiser. He is a member of the Presbyterian
Church and his wife of the Baptist Church. They reside at Mo-
beetie, Wheeler Co., Tex. Children:

i. Harriet L.*, b. Oct. 26, 1896.
ii. James Clark, b. Aug. 15, 1898.
iii. Orville Roscoe, b. June 19, 1901.


WILLIE WYMAN^ POTTER (78) was born Jan. 3, 1872,
and married Isabella Hancock, of Fort Meade, Polk Co., Fla.,
Oct. 2, 1900. He is a locomotive engineer at Tiger Bay Mills,

William Harvey Clark (No. 70).

The Clark Family. 97

Tiger Bay, Fla. Mr. Potter is a member of the Methodist Church
and his wife of the Primitive Baptist Church. She was born at
Fort Meade, Fla., Nov. 6, 1877.


WALTER CLAY^ HILL (81) was born of H. C. and Lizzie
R. Hill, near Monticello, May 17, 1880. He was educated at the
High School of Monticello, the Mercer University and the State
L'niversity. He took a more than creditable stand, and won med-
als from the High School and at each of the Universities.

He has chosen the life insurance business for his profession
and is now the district superintendent of agencies of the Union
Central Life Insurance Company, with headquarters in Savan-


RUTH^ HILL (81) was born of H. C. and Lizzie R. Hill,
near Monticello, Mar. i, 1884. She received her education at the
Monticello Academy, taking a year's course after graduating.
Her fidelity and faithfulness in nursing and caring for her mother
during the recent years of her ill health has won for her the love
and admiration of all who know her.


JOHN WALTERS HIGGINS (in) was born Jan. 17, 1870,
at Milltown, Chambers Co., Ala., and went to Tex. with the fam-
ily. He was a noble young man ; was in the employ of the St.
Louis I. M. S. Railway, and died at Little Rock, Ark., Jan. i,


IDA CLARK^ HIGGINS (in) was born Dec. 24, 1872, in
Chambers Co., Ala., and married James William Ponder, a native
of Tallapoosa Co., Ala., Mar. 13, 1880. They reside in Morris
Co., Tex. Mr. Ponder is a good citizen, a man of good habits
and is a prosperous farmer. Children :

i. William Arthur*. >

ii. John Walter.

98 Genealogy of


EMMALOU^ HIGGINS (iii) was born May 15, 1877, in
Chambers Co., Ala., and married J. A. Terrell, a Texan, Sept.
20, 1892. They reside in Morris Co., Tex. Mr. Terrell is a man
of good habits, a good and esteemed citizen and prosperous
farmer. Children :

i. James Otis'.
ii. WiLUE Lou.
iii. Kate.
iv. John Walter.


MAGGIE' HIGGINS (iii) was born June 6, 1881, and mar-
ried W. H. Ragland, a Texan, May 6, 1900.


JUDITH IDA' GRIMMET (117) was born May 23, 1875,
and married Isaac N. McWilliams, a farmer, Sept. 5, 1893. Chil-

i. Myrtle', b. Sept. 18, 1895.
ii. Maud, b. Nov. 10, 1900.


ELLA MAY^ GRIMMET (117) was born Aug. 5, 1878, and
married James L. Allison, a farmer, Feb. 15, 1899. One child:

Gladys', b. Jan. 20, 1900.


WILLIAM R.=* GRIMMET (117) was born June 13, 1880,
and married Bettie Bridges Sept. 19, 1899. She died Mar. 9, 1890
and he married Ethel Johnson Mar. 28, 1901.


MATILDA' DURHAM (140) was born Aug. 3, 1876, at
Kosse, Collin Co., Tex.; was educated at her native place and
married Wiley J. Cathey Nov. 15, 1899. Mr. Cathey was born
and educated in Tenn. He is a saddler by trade. Children :

i. Ellen M.', b. Aug. 3, 1901.
ii. John W., b. Oct. 20, 1902.

The Clark Family. 99


LILLIE' DURHAM ( 140) was born June 22, 1879, at Kosse,
Collin Co., Tex. ; was educated at her native place and married
Clarence H. Harter, a farmer, Dec. i, 1901. Mr. Harter was
born in Mo., and educated at Dallas, Tex.


ERVIN FRANKLIN^ FLYNT (141) was born Oct. 16, 1867,
at Kosse, Collin Co., Tex., was educated at Kosse, and married
Cassie Ella Seal. They are Baptists. Mr. Flynt was a farmer.
He died Dec. 20, 1891. His widow is a devoted and loving


THOMAS B.s FLYNT (141) was born Dec. 11, 1873, at
Kosse, Collin Co., Tex. ; was educated at Groesbeck, Limestone
Co., Tex., and married Ella Bryan, at Battle, Tex., Apr. 25,
1897. ^^iss Bryan was born Aug. 3, 1875, at Waco, Tex., and
was educated at Waco. Mr. and Mrs. Flynt are members of the
Baptist Church. Mr. Flynt is clerk of the church of his member-
ship. Mrs. Flynt is a loving and devoted wife, a kind, affection-
ate mother and a good daughter. One child :

J. T. Flynt', born at Winter, Runnels Co., Tex., Mar. 15,


BRYANT^ FLYNT (141) was born in Kosse, Tex., Feb. 17,
1876, and died July 23, 1895. He was educated at Battle, Tex.,
and married Delia Gates at Battle, Jan. 13, 1895. He was a farmer
and member of the Baptist Church. One child :

Bryant, Jr.*, b. Mar. 11, 1896, at Battle, McLennan Co.,


JAMES P.5 FLYNT (141) was born in Kosse, Tex., Apr. 19,
1878, and married Carrie Patterson Ballinger, 1899. Mrs. Flynt
is a kind, loving wife and mother. Children :

i. Carrie P.*, b. Mar. 22, 1900.
ii. Franklin M., b. Sept. 22, 1901.

loo Genealogy of


LEWIS G.= NUNLEY (149) was born Nov. i, 1875, in
Bosque Co., Tex., and was educated at Morgan public schools
He is a farmer. He married Ura Daniel. Miss Daniel was born
Oct. 9, 1878, in Bosque Co., Tex. Children:

i. Alma*, b. Jan 15, 1899.
ii. Thelma, b. Jan. 23, 1900.
iii. I^ODELMA, b. Nov. 30, 1901.


AUGUSTUS B.^ NUNLEY (149) was born June 7, 1877,
and was educated at the Morgan public schools. He resided in
Bosque Co. where he was engaged in farming for some time and
then went to Sterling Co., Tex., and is employed on a stock ranch,


LEANNA E.^ NUNLEY (149) was born Dec. 7, 1879; was
educated at the Morgan public schools and married W. C. Driggs
Jan. 2^, 1878. Mr. Driggs was born May 4, 1870, in Hill Co.,
Tex., and was educated at Athens, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Driggs are
members of the Baptist Church. Children:

i. Nattie Florence", b. Jan. 14, igoo; d. Aug. 26, 1900.
ii. JoNNiE Gladys, b. Sept. 10, i^i.


ELMORE'^ McADOO (151) was born May 20, 1875, in
Bosque Co., Tex., was educated in the common schools and mar-
ried Aria Burton Oct. 25, 1897. Miss Burton was born in Bell
Co., Tex., May 5, 1881, and was educated in the country schools.
Their postoffice address is Gorman, Eastland Co., Tex.


ANNA^ McADOO (151) was born Feb. 29, 1880, and married
Jason Lewis Dec. 17, 1899. Mr. Lewis was born in Comanche
Co., Tex,, in 1879. Their postoffice address is Rucker, Comanche
Co., Tex. One child :

Edith, b. Nov. 3, 1900.

Benjamin Howard Clark (No. 70).

The Clark Family, loi



JENNIE LEUA« MEADORS (156) was born Oct. 2, 1874;
was educated in Chambers Co., Ala., and at Lagrange, Ga., and
married Thomas Lee Varner May 17, 1894. Mr. Varner was
born Oct. 26, i860, and was educated in Chambers Co., Ala.
Children :

i. Annie Laurie', b. Feb. 28, 1895.
ii. Thomas Lee, Jr., b. Oct. 7, 1896.
iii. Mary Kate, b. Feb. 14, 1899.
iv. James Monroe, b. Aug. 2, 1901.


MARY LIZZIE^ MEADORS (156) was born Jan. 30, 1876;
was educated in Chambers Co., Ala., and married John L. Floyd,
Mar. 28, 1893. Mr. Floyd was born Dec. 5, i860.




PRISCILLA DOYLE, was twice married. Her first hus-
band was Tucker. Children ; her second Thomas Clark

(see 1-2).

217. i. Starling', b. Jan. 17, 1768; m. Lavina Higgins.

218. ii. Fannie, b. ; m. John Sims.

219. iii. Martha, b. ; m. George Hull.

220. iv. Mary, b. ; m. Coulton Lindsey.



STARLING^ TUCKER (216) was born Jan. 17, 1768, and
married Lavinia Higgins. No children. He was an officer in
the South Carolina Militia war of 181 2, between United States
and Great Britain, as shown by the records of the War Depart-

Record and Pension Office,
War Department,
Washington, June 2, 1902.
Respectfully returned to
Mr. H. W. Clark,

It is shown by the records that one Starling Tucker served as lieutenant-
colonel-commandant of the 1st Class, 2d Brigade, ist Division, Militia of
South Carolina, war of 1812. His name appears on an account, not dated,
with remarks: "Com. of service, March i, 1814; Discharged April i, 1814;
I month 2 days pay, $64.00; From home to place of rendezvous, 40 miles,
pay $5.33 1-3; Distance from Camp Alston home, pay, 210 miles, $28." No
further information relative to his service has been found on record.
By authority of the Secretary of War.

F. L. Richmond,
Chief, Record and Pension Office.

He was called General Tucker and he was probably an officer
of State Militia after the war.

He was a member of the Congress of the United States for
fourteen years.

The Clark Family. 103

Tucker, Starling, was a native of Halifax County, N. C. ; moved to
Mountain Shoals, S. C. ; received a limited education ; held several local
offices; elected a Representative from South Carolina to the Fifteenth,
Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-
first Congresses ; died at Mountain Shoals, S. C, February 4, 1834. — From
Biographical Congressional Directory (igos), p. 849.


FANNIE^ TUCKER (216) married John Sims, of Spartan-
burg district, S. C. He died comparatively young. Children:

221. i. Starling^ m. Miss Draper.

222. ii. WiLUAM. twice m.

223. iii. Haney, m. Fowler.

224. iv. Elizabeth, m. Giddings.

225. V. Priscilla, m. Drayton Clark.

vi. Mary, m. and moved to Calhoun Co., Ala.


MARTHA- TUCKER (216) married George Hull. They
resided in N. C. for some years, and moved thence to Tenn., and
settled near Franklin. Children:

i. MARY^ b. ; m. Coffee, of N. C. They moved

to Coffee Co., Ga.

ii. Sarah, b. ; m. William Sims (see No. 222).

iii. Matilda.

iv. Robert.

V. Alfred, b. ; went to Tex.


MARY- TUCKER (216) married Coulton Lindsey. They
moved to Miss. They had a son:

SoL^ Lindsey, who was blind.



STARLING^ SIMS (218) married Miss Draper of Spartan^
burg district, S. C, lived there some years and moved to Cal-
houn Co., Ala. Both died there leaving children :

104 Genealogy of


WILLIAM SIMS, (218) married Sarah Hull, his cousin,
(see No. 219) lived in S. C, for twenty or more years and thence
moved to the State of Ga. and settled in Jasper Co., near the
home of John Clark. He resided in Jasper, Henry and
Newton Counties at dififerent times. His life business was
farming. He and his wife were members of the Baptist Church.
They were respected people, loved and esteemed by their neigh-
bors. His wife Sarah died and he married his half cousin, Eliza
Wallace. No children. He died about 1867.

Children of the first marriage:

226. i. Thomas Washington*, twice married.

227. ii. Mary A., b. in 1824, and m. John W. Bowden.


HANEY" Sims (118) married Fowler, of Spartan-
burg district, S. C, lived there eight or more years and moved
to Calhoun Co., Ala. He died about 1852, and she died fifteen
or more years later. They had some children, one of whom:

Benjamin Franklin* Fowler, was a physician and resided
in Talladega Co., Ala.


ELIZABETH^ SIMS (218) married a man named Giddings,
of Laurens district, S. C. She died and some years later he died,
leaving two children :

i. John, who went to Alabama.

ii. William, who was a surgeon dentist and resided at one
time near Sardis Church, Henry Co., Ga. He married
Miss Hinton. They had several children.


PRISCILLA^ SIMS (217) married Drayton Clark. They
resided in Laurens District, S. C, and were both dead prior to

The Clark Family. 105



THOMAS WASHINGTON* SIMS (222) was born in
Spartanburg district, S. C., Dec. 18, 1818, and was twice mar-
ried. His first wife was Nancy Dean, eldest child of Alfred
Dean (see No. 14, Part III, Brockman and Dean families). His
second wife was Nancy Amelia Clark. (See No. 14, Part I,
Clark family).

Born of first marriage one child.

228. Madora Ann", b. Dec. 31, 1837; m. Dr. Jno. A. McKown.
For children of second m., see No. 14, Part I.


MARY A.* SIMS (222) was born in S. C, in 1824, received a
common school education and married John W. Bowden, Dec.
6, 1843. Mr. Bowden was born in Oglethorpe Co., Ga., in
1816, and when grown moved to Jasper Co., Ga., and for some
years was manager of the farm of his uncle, John Waters, a
wealthy planter.

After their marriage ]\Ir. and Mrs. Bowden remained in
Jasper Co. five or more years and then settled in Henry Co., on
South river fourteen miles East of McDonough, where they died
Aug. 24, 1867: she of typhoid fever at 10 o'clock a. m. and he
of cramp cholic at 10 o'clock p. m., and were both buried in the
same coffin. Children :

229. i. John Thos.^ b. Dec. 29, 1844.

230. ii. Sarah Jane, b. Apr. 27, 1846; m. Wm. Stroud.

iii. William Henry, b. Dec. 28, 1848; d. Mar. 24, 1870.

231. iv. Charles Edward, b. Mar. 30, 1852 ; m. Martha Hinton.

232. V. Jefferson Davis, b. July 30, i860; m. R. Camiichael.

233. vi. Thomas Jackson, b. May 2, 1863; m. Exor Avery.



MADORA ANN= SIMS (226) only child of Dr. T. W. Sims by
his first wife, Nancy Dean, was born Dec. 31, 1837, in Spartan-

io6 Genealogy of

burg district, S. C, was reared and educated in the State of Ga.,
whither her father had moved, and married Dr. John A. Mc-
Kown, of Henry Co., Ga., Mar. 29, 1858.

Dr. McKown was born in Clayton Co., (formerly Henry), Ga.,
Nov. 3, 1837, and was educated at old Philadelphia Academy.
He read medicine in Jonesboro, Ga., in 1857 under Dr. Gillespie
and graduated from the Atlanta Medical College in 1859. He
commenced the practice of medicine at Snapping Shoals, New-
ton Co., Ga., and remained there until 1863, when he moved to
Jonesboro where he is still engaged in the practice. He is surgeon
of the Central Railroad of Ga. Children :

234. i. Willis Westmoreland", b. Dec. 28, 1858; m. Lizzie McGill.

235. ii. Thomas Dean, b. Dec. 10, i860; m. Sallie Irene Hender-


236. iii. Sarah Jane, b. 1863; m. Rev. J. E. Powell.

237. iv. John Sims, b. Oct. 5, 1867; m. Jessie Ward.

238. V. Nannie Pauline, b. July 17, 1870; m. J. H. WalHs.

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