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A system of geography; or, A new & accurate description of the earth in all its empires, kingdoms and states. Illustrated with history and topography, and maps of every country .. online

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Q R, A

New & Accurate




Iti all its Empires, Kingdoms and States.

lUuftrated with

And. MAP S of c/^igr Country,

Fairly Engraven on Cbpper, according to the lateft
Difcoveries and Corredions,


To which are added Alphabetical Index's of the Names_, Ancient
as well as Moderii, of all the Places mentioned in the Woi'k.

And a General Index of Remarkable: Things.


Printed for Timothy Childe at the White Hart at the Weft-end of St. Paxh
Church-yard. MDCCI.


. tl


E F A C E.

'^ ■ S/5 needkfs to fpeak of the Vfefulnefs of Geography , Jince every
I body that ReacCs^ even a Gazette, finds himjelf perpetually at a
JL. ' Lojs xc'ithout fome Knowledge in this Science. And therefore
there needs no Apology for puhlijhing a Work on that Subject ', at this time
efpecially, when the Anions abroad that are fo much the Subje^ of Convert
fation, make every Man dejire a Knowledge of the Countreys where thofe
great Affairs are TranfaHed.

And we may Venture to fay ^ a Body of Geography is vfry much wanting.

For notwithjianding the many Books upon this Subje^ , there is none that

can be calVd Com pleat : Some being Jo Jhort that they make no Impreffion on

. the Memory.^ others fo unaccurate that they are not to be Depended upon^

•sf^and others.^ tho" more Corre^, either not Copious enough, or Immethodical.

^ Dr. HeylinV at the time it was written^ w.ts undoubtedly the beji in our

^ Language. But Geography has received fo many and Great Improvements

-II Jince his Time, that we hope it will not be calTd Frefumption.^ to Offer at a

f- new Work on the fame SubjeH ; wherein , from the many CorreSiioiu and

'] Difcovcries made of late years by the Skill and Indujiry of Modern Afiro-

1 nomers and Travellers .^ the Deffetis of that may befupplyd. And herein

^ we muji obferve that

The former Works of this Nature have been very DefeSiive in the Matter

I, of Topography ; and yet that is the moji neceffary Part of Geography.For

^ as great Attions have always happen d at or near fome City or TowUy

^ We naturally dejire to know fomething more of it^ than meerly it's Name

and Situation. Again^ by knowing the Condition of the Cities we are able

to make a better Judgment of the Wealthy Indujiry^ and Fopuloufnefs of the

"^ Nation. And^ in jhort^ ^tis the better Part of what every Body dejires to

fv know in Geography. Wherefore in this Work we have been more ampUy and

^ fet down as particular an Account of every conjiderable Town as could be

procured out of Credible Authors ; and as is conjijient with the int'ended

Brevity of our Work^ which muft not be fweWd too Large left it lofe it^s

? Acceptance with the generality of Readers^ either thro* the Expence of Mo-

5 ney or Time.

■\ That this Topographical Part will be accept able .^ we have reafon to hope
•4 from the Conjideration of the kind Reception the Geographical DiBionaries

a have


have met with: for if thofe could Pleafe that jufi give an account of one
Town^ and then by reafon of the Alphabetical Order^mufl the iieztfle^Leap
per hap f to the other fide the Globe^much more methinks Jhould thk be agreeable^
wherein all the chief Towns in a Province are feen at one View , and yet by
means ftf the Alphaheticallndejp any fingle Place you want is as readily found

''Ti&in this Part at leafiy to fay nothing ofit^s Accuracy , that we ho^e
this W^^ will be avowed to exceed what has gone before it. ; > . . v

And forafmuch as Geography alone is Dry and Jejune^ and makes but
fmall Imprejfion on the Memory ; We have intermixt the Hiftory of Nations
with the Defcriptions of Countries ; or rather ajhort Summary of Hifiory^
. wherein the Revolutions that have happen d^ the Princes that have Rdgridy
and the confiderable Anions and Accidents that have occurr''d are briefly no-
ted^ for the Entertainment as well as Profit of our Reader, We flatter our
.felves that this Part will be very acceptable,^ becaufe it /hews by what means
'[, and degrees thefeveral Monarchys of Europe arofe or fell : how the Ro-
man Dominions were torn in pieces by many Nations of Northern Barbari-
ans : how France once under it's Charlemaign gave Laws to aU Europe :
how that Empire foon Crumbled into Petty Governments : how large ajhare
of it England was once Majier of; and how it again rofe to the height we
.now fee it. Hotp Spain, England, Sweden, Denmark, Poland,.MuC-
, iCOvy , ^c. from a number of fmall Principalities,^ became confiderable Mo-
., narchys. How Italy and Germany came to be divided into fuch a Number
,' of Principalities and States^ and how the feveral Families have fucceeded
"[ one anothdr,^ and efpecially how that of Auftria arrivd to it''s fowringgran-
Z deur. And lafily^ how every Country and City hath either J ujferd thro*
W^ars,^ Conflagrations,^ Earthquakes,^ Inundations,^ &c. or been favoured by
^^ Peace frrade,fWealth,^ Priviledges^ &c. To all which we have alfo added an
^yAccount of the Laws,^ Government ,^ Policy y and noted Cufioms of every
I'Nationy and a Chronological Lift of the Kings. And alfo been mindful of
j' Antiquity by fetting down the Roman Names of People and Places^ and
mentioning the Remains of Ancient Stru&ures. Nor have we omitted the
r' 'Natural Curiofities,y?/c^ as Baths^ Medicinal Waters^ Mines and Mine-
rals,^ CaveSy MountainSy LakeSy Catara&Sy RockSySLC.

But tho' Tocography and Hiftory do iUuflrate Geography ^ it will ftill be
found Lame and DefeBive without Tables and Maps, wherein may be feen
at a View the Diviflons of Kingdoms into Provinces,^ Cdunties and Govern^
mentSytogether with the Situation of the Cities and Towns in each DiviJ^on.
Wherefore in this Work we have by Analytical Tables at the Head of each
Defer iption Jhewn the DiviJionSy Subdiviflons and chief Towns of every
Rmpircy Kingdom or State : and have alfo added Ma^s fairly Engraven on
Copper by Mr. Herman y[Q\\ whofe Skill in Geography is known to jvoji

The P R E F A C E.

of the Mcijiers of the Science^ andwhofe Ingenuity in Graving k feen in
every thing he does. But let the Maps /peak for themfelves , tho" they be
fmall they are comprehen/ne^ and contain all the Provinces , and moji of the
Cities and great Towns in every Nation : and moreover^ are all laid down
according to the 5eji and lateji Difcoveries^ with more CorreHions of for-
mer Errors than we have room to mention here ; but will be readily feen in
comparing ''em with the old Maps.

And lafilyy to Render our Work oa Compleat and Vfeful as may be^ We
have added Alphabetical Tables of the Names ofPlaces^a General Index of
the Remarkable Things mentioned in the Book; and a Table of Anzitnt
'Names of Places for the Vfe of the Students of the ClaJJicks; whereby a
Paralela Geographica Antiquo-Moderna may very eafily be made. The
Table of Modern Names we have divided intotwoParts.^ viz. one of Ru-
rope, and the other of the other three Quarters.^ the former being plac\i at
the Beginning.^ and th^ latter at the End^ where alfo Jiand the Table of
Ancient Names and the General Index. The reafon of our dividing that
Table./^becaufe the numhir of Words under each Letter would be elfe jo large
that ^twould be tedious finding what we want : and few Perfons are igno-
rant.^ whether the Town they jeek for be in Europe orndt.

As to the Compofure of this Work, We have made ufe of all the Au-
thors that could be any ways ferviceable to the Compleat Furnijhing and A-
dorning it.^ fuch m the befi Hifiories of every Nation^ the moji efteem'd An-
cient Geographers.^ and the befl Modern ones ; and more efpecially the late ft
and mo^ approved Travellers , with Memoirs extant in the P hilofophical
Tranfa&ions.^ Obfervations by Meffieurs de TAcademie Royal at Paris,
and elftwhere.^ communicating many notable Corre&ions in Geography. And
tho^ We have not room always to quote out Authors^ We can truly ajfure the
Reader.^ that nothing h fet down here but upon good Authority , and what
may be found in the be§i Books on the Subject. But to be more particular.^
it muji be acknowledged that Cluverius, Sanfon, Luyts, and the Enalifh
Atlas have been our Patterns in the following Work.^ but that thefe have
been ordy Patterns is very vijible by the va§i Additions we have made.
Cluverius'i" Introduciicn to Geography is defervtdly acknowledgd the most
accurate Compendium extant.^ efpeciaUy m it has been improved by Buno,
Hekclius,a;2a^ Reiskius. Sanfon has adapted his Work more to the Modern
Times .^ and by the Analytical Tables he publijijd with his Maps^ has fet
Geography in a clearer Light. But if we venture to fay.^ That that Au^
thor {notwithflanding his Fame) was too much a French man , and accord-
ing to the Humour of his Country, too fuperficial , perhaps we Jhould not
flander him. ]oh. Luyts a Learned Profejfor in the Vniverfity of \X-
trecht, halting writ a Body of Modern Geography.^ wherein he has mads
ufe of ScLnfon Jo far as xpas necejfary .^ and hath moreover Confulted the



Travellers /iijce his Time^ and in the vohole^ Corre&ed ami Improzed that
Author^ we have rather Chofen to follow him , and not only had our Eye
upon him and Cluvevlus throughout all E,uvop€^ but bate TranJIated his
Defcription o/- Alia, Africa and America entire. And hcaufe the Concern
our Englijh Nation has in the Eaft and Weft-Indiao Trade makes m alll
more than ordinary Curiomof h<ing Inform''d of thofe Parts , vpe have acf-'i
ded to Mr. Luyts, a very particular, and (we hope accurate) Defcriptiojt
of the ^^i^L-lndi^ii and our Plantations in America^ extra&ed from the .
moft Approved Hijhries and Travels thither. The Englilh Atlas ha- \
ving the misfortune to fuff'er under an ill Chara&er (perhaps vporfe than it
deferves) we have been cautious of rdying on it without othr Authority.^ but
mujt acknotvLdge vce could not have made our Account (?/Gerj"nany and the
Netherlands (b perfe& without AJJiflance from thence. ,

And now nothing remains but to befpeak a favourable Reception of whaty
after great Pains and Expence^ we here prefent the World with : Dejirins^
the "judicious Readers to confider the T)ificulty of a Work of this Nature -
how impofjihle it is to be abfilutely free from Faults ; and yet how necejfary
Juch a Work is, and therefore fbme Indulgence ought to be given to the Vn-
der takers. Never thelefs we may without Inanity., take the Liberty to Affrnt.
of cur Work., I. That the Method of it w Eza^., Clear and Intelligible^
11. That by the Intermixture of Hiftory it is rendered Dtlightful and En^i
tertaing as well its Inflru&ive. lll.The Topographical Part makes it ex^^
ceeding ufeful. IV. The Maps are the Compleateji Sett extant that [hew
the Modern CorreFiions. And Lajily., the whole Work if, we doubt noty as
free from Errors as the Nature of it will admit. However it being impof- 1
(ible to avoid all Faults., we dhall he glad to be informed of thofe that have
efcafd our Care., and promife not only to Correli 'ew, but alfo very grate-
fully Acknowledge the Kindnefs of the Learned Gentlemen that will pleafe
to favour Vs with fuch Informations. \

The CON-

T ri' E



An Alphabetical Table of the Names of the Kingdoms^ Vrovinces^
Cities ^Rivers and Places 0/ EUROPE mention din this Worl\.


Containing, viz,.

Xhap. I-


F the World and its Parts. . 1

Ptolomy'% Syftem of the Univerfc. 1,2
CofeniciWs Syftem of the UniTcrfe. 3

The Revolution of the Planets.

Diftanceof the Planets from the Sun. 3

The magnitude of the Planets. 4

Chap. II. Of the S P H E R E and its Circles,c5rc . 5

Axis. Points Cardinal, Collateral and Vertical. 5

Circles. The JEjqmzor, Zodiack, EcIiptickjColures,

Meridian, Horiion. 5

Of the Right, Oblique, and Parallel Sphere. 5,6

The Tropicks, and Polar Circles. 6

Of Latitude and Longitude. 6

A Table of the breadth of Degrees of Longitude. 7.

Of the Zones. 7,8

Of the Climates and Parallels. 8

- A Table of the Climates. ,9

Of the different Sdadows. io

Of the different Situations. .10

Chap. III. Concerning the EARTH, its Figure, Dimen-

fions, (;5rf. alfo of Mealures- 10

The Globular Form of the Earth proved. 1 1

Its Circuit, Diameter, Surface and Solidity. ■ i i

The length of a Degree. n

- The Projeft of the Gentlemen of the Academy at

Paris for fixing a flandard for Meafures. 1 1

A Table of Meafures. Ancient Meafures. 12

Chap. IV. Of the Air, and Winds, or Points of the Com-

pafi. 12

Of the Atmofphere. 1 2

Of the Expanfion and Contraftion of the Air. 1 5

The Regions of the Air. 15

The Points of the Compafs. I3>i4




Chap. V. Of the Parts of Time. 14

Of the b^inning of the Day according to feveral

Rations. , 14

Of the Month, according to feveral Nations. 1 5

Of the Year differently accounted. i s

Chap. VI. Of the Terms of Geography ,and of the principal

Lakes, Rivers and Mountains in the Earth

Ocean. Gulph. Straight.

Depth and flowing of the Sea.

Of the Tides.

Of Lakes. The chief Lakes in the World. ,

Of Rivers. The chief Rivers in the World.

Iflands. The chief Iflands in the World.

Peninfnk. The chief Peninfufe in the World. 19

Iflhmus. Archipelago. Promontory and Cape. 19

Mountain. The chief Mountains in the World.io,:o

Mines. Thechief Mines in the Earth. '20

Foreft. The moii noted Forcfls. ;o

Defart, Kingdom. Province. Diocefs. Town ,

City, and Colony. 21

Chap.vn. Of the feveral Parts of the Earth, their Bounds

and Divifions. 21

Europe. Afia. jj

Africa. America. Countrys about the Poles, and

■unknown Countrys. 22

Chap.VJII. Containting the Dcfcription of die Celeftial an'd

Terreflfial Globes. 22

Poles. Brazen Meridian, Wooden Horizon, Horary

Circle. CJuadrant of Altitude. Mariner's Cora-

pafs- 23

The jEquator, Ecliptick, Two Tropicks. The Two

Polar Circles. ConftellaticnE- I'ia L..'^e.r,&:c. 24

Of the Method of making Globes and Maps. ' 24

GEOGRAPHY, or a Particular D E S C R I P T I O N ^/ f /;.•


AM A P of the W O R L b.
AMAPot£t/ftop £,with a General Account
of its Situation, Extent, ^c.

EURO P E'm Particular.

ENGLAND in General, a Map of it, its Situation,

•* Foon, Soil, Mountains, Iflands, Inhabitants, their Original,

Temper, Religion and Language. 1,2,2

Se(t. n. Of the ancient State of Britain, s^a

Seft. in. The Civil Government of Erit.iin, Ancient and
Modern. 5 '

The SuccefTion of cur Englifh Monarehs frorft Eg-
bert. 5"
The Courts of Judicature. 6
Seft. IV. The Ecekfiaftical Government and Divifion of
England. 6 7
Seft. V. The Divifion of EngUnJ^Aacterx and Modem. '7
h Particu]a.f


Parcioulor Defcription of the Counties ofEnglned.

Cornwall. 8

Devonfhire. p

Dorfetfliire. lo

Somerjetfliire. 'n

Will/hire, 12

l-Jamfhhe. ij

Barkflm. 14

Surrey. 1 j

Sujjex. I s

Kent. 16

Ghceflerjhire, 18

Oxfire//}ike. 19

Buckinghamflme. ' 20

Bedfordfhire, 20

Bertfordfliire. 21

Middlefex. 21

£/«. 2 3

5«jfo/^. 24

Norfolk; 24,25

Cambridgefli'ire. 25

Himtrngtonfliire. 26

Lekefterjhtre, 2j

Ruclandjhhe. 28

Lincoln fl>ire. 28

Nottinghamfhire. 29

Derby/f/ire. 29

Warvokkfl:iri- 30

Worcefler/hire. ^ go

Staffordjhhc. 31

Shroffliire. 31

Chejhire. 32

Herefordfliire. 33

Torkfh'ire. 33

Durham. 35

Lancafli'ire. 3 5

Welimoieland. 37

Cumberland. 37
Northumberland. 38,39

ff ^ i. £ 5, in Genera!. 40

In Particular, Radnor and Brec\nock:(l)ires. 40

Monmouth, GLwnrgw-fliires. 41

Caermdrthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan-p/ires. 42

Montgomery, Merioneth , and Caernarvon-fliires. 43

Jnglefey Ifle, Denbigh and Flintjliiree. 44

The Ij7e of Man. 4J

5 C rz. ^ N D in General, with a Map of it ; Extent,
Soil and Climate. Divifion of the Country Ancient and
Modern. Courtsof Judicature, Degrees of Men. Reli-
gion and Ecclefiaftical Government. 4547,48
A particular Defcription of the moft confiderable
Places in Alphabetical Order. 48,49
Ancient Places that are moft remarkable in i'co^-
toiA 50
Ancient Names and Iflands upon this Coaft. 51

/A£L^iVD in General. A Map of ic, it's Situation,

Extent, Soil, Produftions, Inhabitants, Religion, Ancient

and Modern Stacc, Goverment, Divifion, i^^c. 52

Particular Defcriptions of the moft confiderable

Places. 53

Ancient Places of chiefeft Note. 54

7 £ .1 i £ r and C ^ it iV 5 £ r.


f /i /« A? C £ in General. A Map of it, its Situation, Ex-
tent, Air, Soil, Produftions, Inhabitants, Religion, Lan-
guage, fyc. 57,58
Sbd. If. 0£ tlie ancient State of France. 59
Sea. III. Of the French Kings. 61
Seft. IV. Of rhe Government, Laws, Courts and Officers of
Juftice, i^'c. (52,63
Seft. V The Arfch-Biftiopricks, Eilhopricks, and Univerfities
o£ France. 64,155

Seft. VL Extents of the French Dominions, and the Acqui-

fitions of the prefent King. 65,6^

The Divifion of France. 6j

FRANCE in Particular.

Chap. IL Normandy ; the feveral Parts and chief Tovras de-

fcrib'd. 68

Chap. IIL Ficardy defcrib'd. 73

Chap. IV. Champagne. j6

Chap. V. The Ifle of ir.j«ce. 80

Chap. VI. Bretagne. 87

Chap-VIIL The Government of OWeanmw , containing the

Countries of Orleannoit, Blaifok , Beauce, Perche , Maine,

Vendomoif, An'pu, Poilfou, AunU, Argoumois, Touraine, Berry,

NivernoU, GajVmoU, &c. 9 1

Chap.VIH. Burgundy, Comprehending befides the Dutchy,

the County of Burgundy or Franche Comte, together with

Breffe, Bugey, Gex and Dombes. 98

Chap. IX. The Government of Lyonmif , coroprifing the

Countries of Lionnois , Foret?^, Beaujoloit, Bourbonnoif, Au-

vergne and Marche. 103

Chap. X. Ouienne and Gafcony, wherein are contained Gui-

ennefropcr, Ba:(adok, Agenoii, Quercy, Rovergue, Limoufm,

Perigort, Santoigne, Armagnac, Gafcoigne, Condomoit, Sandy-

Orounds, Territories of Labord, Lovicr Navarre, Viccunty

of Soul, Bearne, Bigorre, Comm nge, and Confer ans. 1 06

Chap. XI. Languedoc. 1 1 2

Chap XII. Fnwence. 117

Chap. XIII. Dauphine. 122

Chap. XIV. Lorraine. 124

The N E THE R L A N D S in General, Name, Situation,

Bounds, Extent, Inhabitants, ify-c. 125

Of the Ancient State •, how the Provinces became

United in the Houfe of Burgundy. 127,128

A Map of theSpanifti Netherlands. 125

The Govemmenc and prefent State. 129

The NETHERLANDS in Particular.

Chap. L The County of /»W«. 130

Chap. II. The Earldom of FAin</i?r/. 13 r

Chap. III. The Dutchy of BrrfiiW^ 135

Chap. IV. The Earldom of //ij/nW^ 14a

Chap. V. The County of Namur. 143

Chap. VI. The Country of Camlrefis. 142

Chap. VII. The Dukedom of Z-wwOTAec^, 142

Chap.Vin. The Dutchy of LotAhc^. 144

Chap. IX. The County of Liege. 144
Chap, X. A Map of the Vnited Netherlands; a fhcrt Hiffo-

ry of the Rife of that Commonwealth. 1 53

Chap. XI. The Province of Ho/Z.jna'. 157

Chap. XIL The Iflands of 2eeA:n</. 164

Chap. XIIL The Province oiVtrecht. 1 66

Chap. XIV. Guelderland mdZutphen. 167

Chap. XV. The Province oiOvoijfel. 170

Chap. XVI. The Province of Friefland. 1 72

Chap. VII. The Province of Groeningen. 173

'G ERM A NT in General. A Map of it,its Eounnds, Si-
tuatioHj Soil, Climate, and chief Rivers, 1 74

Of the Lihabitaiits of Germany. 175

Religion, Language, Ancient State, ({yc. 1 77

A Chronologic;! Table of the Empcrcurs. 178

Ot the Power of the Emperour. 180

Of the King of the Romans. The EJeftors and other

Pri ntc s of Germany. r 3o, 1 8 1

Of the Imperial and Hanfe Cities. 181

Of the Diets cf the Empire. 182

The Supream Courtsof Judicature. 182

The Arch-Bifhopricks, Bifliopricks and Univerfities

of Germany. v 182

The Divifion of Germany into its Ten Circles, with

the particular Countries that compofe them. 183

G E R MA NT in Partiular.
Chap. II. Of the Spijitual Eleftcrarer, w^. Co'ogn.
JYiers, 1 8 5. Msnt^.





Chap. HI. ffejje/', contsining HeJJen and IVeterarv. 188

Chap. IV. The Circle ofFianconia, containing the Bifhop-
ricks oi Wurt^burg, B.imberg, and Akhjlat, the Marquifates
oiCukmbuci] and Ohnfpach, the Counties of HiLicb, Caflel ,
&c. the Imperial Otia oi Frattcfurt,Nuremberg,&Cc. 191

Chap. V. The Palatinate of the Rhine. 193

Seft. 2. The Bilhopricks of Spire and Worms, the Dutchy of
Zveybruggen, with the other (mailer States chat make up
the reft of the Circle of the Lower Rhine. 194

Chap. vr. Alf^tia. 195

Chap. VII. 5'ctoaicn, containing the Dutchy of Wurtemburg,
the Marquilate of B.Z(/en, the Bilhopricksof ^«^/i«rg and
Conjlancey the Abbies of Kempten, Biich.tj» and Lindaw,the
Principalities of Furjiemberg and HohenxpUern , with the
Counties of Omn^, F<i;)?nA«/w,&c. 197

Chap. VIII. The Circle of B.iwfM, comprehending, bcfides
the Eftates of that Eleftor, the Archbilhoprick ot 5.;//^-
burg, the Eifhopricks oi R.iiisboue, }'.'jjarv, and Freifinghen,
and the Dutchy of Newburg, 200

Chap. IX. The Circle of Auftria, containing the Arch-
Dutchy of Aufiria, the Dukedoms of Styria, Corinthia and
Carnhk, the Wmiiifm.trck,, the Counties of Goriria and
7)ro/, the Bidioprick o[ Brixeii,Injpmchfind theBifhoprick
ofTrenf. 203

Chap. IX. The Kingdom of Bohemic, with the Dukedom of
Silefi.t, and Marquifate of Moravia. 209

Chap. X. The Marquafite and Eleflorate of Brandenburg,
with Magdeburg, Halberfladt, and Pomerania. 2 1 2

Chap. XI. 5'.aon>' in General. 216

Seft. II. The Upper S.ixcnv, containing the Dutchy and Ele-
iionrc oi SaxoN); the MarquiCitesof iWr/nu and ^//e//^;
the Landgraviate o( Tharingen, the Principality of Anhalt,
the Dutchics of Hail, Mersburg, Naumburg and Altemburg,
tic. 217

Seft. III. The Lower Saxony, comprehending the Dutchies
of Brunfrvici^ , Lunenburg , Hanover, Lawenburg, Bremen,
Mecklenburg and Hollhin, the Principality of Ferden , and
the B]iho^Tkk of HildeJJieim, and die Cities of Hamburgh
and Lubeck. 217

Chap. XII. The Circle of Wellphnlia, containing the Dutchy
of Weflphal'ia, the Eifhopricks of Munfler, Ofnabrug, and
Pitderborn, the Dukedoms of Cleve, Juliers and Berg, the
Counties of Eajl-Frirjand, Oldenburg, Bentham, Ma\, Diep-
holt, Schaumburg, Sic. 227

SW I TZ E R L AN D,or the Srfifs-Cahtons,iogether with

their Allies and Subjefts. 233

Chap. I. Sn;'ifferland in General. A Hiftory of that People.


A Table of the Parts of this Commonwealth. 235

Ch?p. If. The Srvifs-Cantons. 23 y

Chap. III. The Allies of the Smt:^ers,vi:!i.xhe Grt:(pnsJkc.2^o

Chap. IV. the Subjefts of the Switxers. 244

SAVOT. A M ap of Savoy and Piedmmt. 247

The ancient and prefent State of Savoy. Situation,

Soil,Governmenc and SuccelTion of its Dukes.248

The Provinces and chief Cities delcrib'd. 249.^0 251

IT ALT. A Map of it. 252

Chap. I. Oi Italy in General. Name, Situation, Climate,

Ancient Divifion of it, 25rc. 253

Ancient Inhabitants. Hiflory of the Roman Ccni-

monwealth. 254

A Table of the Emperors from /• C^&r to Auguflw.

Genius, Cuftoms and Language of the Modern Ita-
lians. 255
A Table of the feveral States ^ Subdivifions into
Provinces, and the chief Cities. 257
Chap. II. Of Piedmont. 258
Chap. III. The Coafts of Genoa. 262
Chap. IV. The Dutchy oi Montferrat. 263
Chap. V. The Dutchy oi Milan. 264
Chap. VI. The Dutchy oi Parma. 267
Chap VII. The Dutchy oiModma. 268
Chap. Vlil. The Dutchy of Mantim. 26)

Chap. IX. The Republick of Kcvmf. j^y

The City of t^enice. 273

The Venitian Dominions on the Coafis of Dalmatia.


The renitian Dominions in the Ionian and /¥gean

Seas. 2 79

Chap. X. The Republick of Lucca. 280

Chap.XI. The Dominions of the Great Duke ofTufcatty. 281

Chap. XII. The Ecclefiaflical State , or Dominions of the

Pope. 285

Of tlie Rife and Progrefs of the Papal Monarchy.285

Of the Cardinals. 287

TheCity of^^cime. 288

Chap. XIIL The Kingdom of Af/^PLfS. 29-;

A Hiftory of the Rifeand Revolutions of this K;ng-

dom. 207

The Provinces and chief Cities. 290,29 i,&c.

Chap. 14. Thelflands on the Coafts of Italy. 298

Sicify. 298

Sardmia. 300

Corfica. 3&t

SPAIN. A Map oC Spain and Portugal. 303

Roman Divifion of Spain. 303

Name, ancient State, Gothic^. Kigndom. 304

When and how the feveral Kingdoms became uni-
ted. 304
Genius of the Modern i'/iiinwri/i-. 305
The Climate, Soil and Commodities of Spain. 305
The Dominions of the King. 305,306

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