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N. J.; Grace, Jersey City, '61 -H. Jersey City, N. J.

(Rev.) * Edward Josiah Stearns. S.T.D.

Harv. '3^,, M.A., and St. John's, Md. '50. Prof Mod. Lang. St. John's. Ord.
'40; R. and Miss., Md., Mass., Ea. Chapl. Ch. Hosp., Baltimore, '70-1.
Exam. Chapl. '73 90. Author. (Theol., Eccles. Hist., Gen. Lit.) Md.
Hist. Soc. B. Mass., 1810, d. Easton, Md., July 6, '90.


(Rev.) Charles London Arnold. M.A. '97.

Son of James R. Louisville, Ky. (From Jubilee Coll., 111.) Law. Ord. '86;
R. and Miss., Iowa, N. C, Mich, valkd. © A X, * B K.

Detroit, Mich.

Frederick Dumont Barto. M.A. '78.

Son of Henry D. Trumanshurgh. Banker. Benef. Libr. A A *.

Puyallup, Wash.

Richard Torris Clarke.

Son of Joseph. Canandaigua. Law. philos. 2d Faculty Prize '73, ist
do. '74, ist Cobb Essay '74, ist White Essay '75. A l\ <I>. Columbus, O.

(Hon.) Charles Cleveland Coe. M.A. '78.

Son of Rev. James R., Hon. '63. Oakfield. Accountant; Teacher; Bank
Cashier; Audit. Clerk Norf. and'W. R. R. '82-91. Mayor of Kenova,
SALUT. 21*, * B K. Kenova, W. Va.


George Terwilliger Finch. M.A. '78.

Son of Martin J. Elmira. M.D. Bellevue Med. Coll. ©AX.

Thompson, Conn.

Howard Kdward Jones. M.A- '78.

Son of Nelson E. Circleville, O. M.D. Ohio Med. Coll. '76, Prof. Physiol,
same. Phys. and Surg. Author. (Nat. Hist.) 2d White Essay '75.
A A *. Circleville, O.

Charles Barnard Lapham. M.A. '78.

Sou of Hon. Elbridge G. Canatidaigtta. Law. Clerk of Trust. Can'a '78-9;
Clerk Senate U. S. '82-5. 2d Lat. '73. 2 *. Canandaigua, N. Y.

B. S.

Edward Harold Bancroft.

Son of Wm L. Port Huron, Mich. Ag't Chic, and Lake H. R. R. '75-7 ;
Treas. Ice Mach. Co. Ga. '80-1. Merchant. 2d Faculty Prize '74,
White Rhet. '75. A A *. Hot Springs, Ark.

Chilion Paul Conger.

Son of Omar D. Port Huron, Mich. Law. Clerk U. S. Senate Com.
Manuf '80. White Rhet. '74, istCobb Essay '75. A A <l>.

Washington, D. C.

* Jonas Turner Hulse.

Son of James R. Circleville, O. Farmer. A A <I>. B. Julys, 1855, d. Abilene,
Kan., Oct. 26, '81.


Byron Andrews.

Son of J. C. Evansville, IVis. Journalist. Lat. '73, 2d Cobb Essay '74.

Tribune Build., New York.

(Rev.) L,egh Wilson Applegate.

Son of Rev. Thomas. U'ethersfield Spr. Teacher and Princ. Acad. Mauch
Chunk, Pa , Fenton, Mich,, Faribault, Minn Ord. '74 ; R. and Miss.,
111., Wash. Dean of Convoc, Miss. Jur. Olympia, Wash.

Tacoma, Wash.

Charles Henry Benedict.

Son of Geo. B. Warsaw. (From Lehigh Univ.) Law. Dist. Att'y, Minn.
'89+. ist Faculty Prize '73. 2 *. St. Paul, Minn.

(Rev.) William Foster Bielby.

Son of Samuel. Rome. Berkl. Div. Sch. '78. Ord. '7S ; R. and Miss., Conn.
Alb. Greenbush, N. Y.

(Rev.) Milton Dana Buck.

Son of Rev. Daniel D. Geneva. Univ. Syr. '75, M. A. Teacher, Cal. 76-7.
Min. Meth. Ch., Cal. '77+. Sec. Gen. Conf. Sacramento, Cal.

(Rev.) William Bamford Burrows.

Son of Rev. Joshua L., Hon, '62. Sherburne. Stud. Gen. Theol. Sem. '80.
Ord. '79 ; R. and Miss., .irk.. Mo., Cal. Santa Ana, Cal,

Philander Chase Chamberlain.

Son of Rev. Jacob S. Robin's Nest, III. Manuf Prest. Smelting Co.,
Galena, 111. © A X. Topeka, Kan.

John W. B. Dwyer.

St. Louis, Mo.

James H. Foote.

Son of Rev. George L. M' Lean.


(Rev.) William Henderson Hampton.

Sou of A. W. Fiank/oit, Ky. Ord. '84; R. and Miss., Ky., O. A A *.

Irouton, O.

William Sill Hopkins.

Son of Wm. R., Hon. '40. Geneva. 300 Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

* George Brownell Walthart.

Son of John. Phelps. Stud. Theol. C. N. Y. Catech. and Miss. Onondaga
Indians. B. March 21, 1853, d. Phelps, Feb. 19, '75.


(Rev.) George Thomas Le Boutillier. M.A.

Princeton Theol. Sem. Miu. Presb. Ch. Ord. '73 ; R. and Miss., C. N. Y.,
Colo., W. N. Y. Rochester, N. Y.

(Rev. ) * William Henry Moore. S.T.D.

Gen. Theol. Sem. '40. Ord. '40 ; R. and Miss., R.I., N. H., L. I. ; R. Hemp-
stead, 1,. I. '49-91. Dean Convoc. Dioc. L. I., Trustee Gen. Theol. Sem.,
Eccles. Court, etc. B. Newport, R. I., i8io, d. Greenwich, Conn., July

(Rev.) * George Frederick Siegmund. M.A.

Univ. Halle. S.T.D. Union '77. Hobart
Ord. '74; Ass't Min. N Y. ; Found
Instr. Gen. Theol. Sem. B. Russia, li

Oliver Winthrop Starr. M.A.

Univ. Halle. S.T.D. Union '77. Hobart Prof. Lat. Lang, and Lit. '76-7.
Ord. '74; Ass't Min. N Y. ; Founder and Chapl. Ch. German See. ;
Instr. Gen. Theol. Sem. B. Russia, 1838, d. New York, Feb. 23, '84.


(Rev.) Herbert Morison Clarke. M.A. '79.

Son of Rev. Joseph M., '47. .Syiacuse. Harv. '78, M.A., Ph.D. '84. Teacher
Gen. Theol. Sem. '92. Ord. '92 ; R. and Mis.s., Colo., C. N. Y., Pitts.
VALED. Lat. '74. Greek '75, Prest.'s Prize '76. * B K. Indiana, Pa.

(Rev.) Charles Arthur Cummings. M.A. '79.

Red IVing, Minn. S.T.B. Seabury Div. Sch. '79. Teacher. Ord. '79 ; R.
and Miss., Minn., Wis., 111. philos. 2d Jun. Fac. Prize '75. ® A X.

Chicago, 111.

(Rev.) Charles Henry Hibbard. M.A. '79. S.T.D. '92.

Son of Thomas. Elmira. Gen. Theol. Sem. '79. Tutor Seabury Div. Sch.
Ord. '79 , R. and Miss., Pa. and N. J. 2d Eng. '73. A X, i B K.

Burlington, N. J.

George Forbes Kelly. M.A. '79.

Son of Rev. John. Washington, D. C. Instr. De Veaux Cell Law. ist
Soph. Fac. Prize '74.

Gerritt Smith. M.A. '79. Mus. D.'9o.

Son of Gerritt H. Geneva. Organist and Composer. Prof, of Music
Union Theol. Sem. N. Y. Prest. MS. Soc. N. Y. ist Jun. Fac. Prize
'75, 2d Cobb Essay '75, 2d White E.ssay '76. 2 *.

573 Madison Ave., New York.


Cyrus Clarke Van Deventer. M.A. '79.

Son of James. Buffalo. Com. Merchant. 2*. Kingman, Kan.

William Wilson, M.A. '79.

Sou of James. Ge?ieva. Nurseryman. Capt. N. G. N. V. salut. ist
Eng; '72, 2d Soph. Fac. '74, ist Cobb Essay '76. * B K

Geneva, N. Y.


Thomas Hillhouse Chew.

Bro. of P. P., Stud. '73. Geneva. Cashier ist Nat. Bank. 2 *.

Geneva, N. Y.

George Kerr Roberts.

Son of Eldred E. Litchfield, Cojin. M.D. Litchfield, Conn.

Charles John Rose. B.A. '78. M.A. '85.

Son of Charles A. Clyde. Royal Conserv. Music, Stuttgart, Germ. Adj.
Prof. Hist. '81-3, Prof. Mod. Lang. Hobart College, '84+. Memb.
Mod. Lang. Assoc. 2 *, >!> B K. Geneva, N. Y.

Charles Kelsey Scoon.

Son of William. Geneva. Fruit Grower. Geneva, N. Y.


(Rev.) Eugene Jeffrey Babcock.

Son of Ewell H. Grand Rapids, Mich. Union '76. Gen. Theol. Sem. '79,
S.T.B. '83. Ord. '79 ; R. and Miss., W. Mich., W. N. Y., Iowa.

Youngstown, N. Y,

Kdgar Racine Bristol.

Michigan City, Ind.

John Pope De Laney. B.S '80. Sc.D. '88.

Geneva. M.D. Bellevue Med. Coll. '85. Phys. and Surg. 2*.

Geneva, N. Y.

Allison Orchard Downs.

Atlanticville, L. I.

Spalding Evans.

Lockport. Law. Post-Master '93+. Trustee De Veaux. Coll. go-|-. © A X.

Lockport, N. Y.

(Rev.) Henry Hopkins Kelsey.

Son of Erastus E. Geneva. Amherst '75, M. A. Min. Cong. Ch.

Hartford, Conn.

Clarendon Rutherford.

Son of John T, Waddington. Union '76, M.A. M.D. Phys. and Surg.
Benef. Libr. Waddington, N. Y.

(Rev.) * Albert Jacobs Thompson.

Son of John C. Lewes, Del. (From Burlington Coll.) Union '76, M. A.
Gen. Theol. Sem. '79. Ord, '79; R. and Miss.,N. Y. and R. I.; R.
St. Clement's, New York. B. Rehoboth Beach, Del., Jan. 20, 1849, d.
Eustis, Fla., Feb. 9, '95,

Frank Ziah Wilcox.


l6o HOBART COLLEGE. 1 8 77


(Rev.) George Stuart Baker. M.A.

S.T.D. Grisw '91. Ord. '69; R. and Miss., W. N. Y.. N. Y.; Supt. aud Pastor
St. Luke's Hosp., New York, '88 + . N. Y. Soc. Sons of Rev. '92.
Cathedral Heights (113th St.), New York.

(Rt. Rev.) Charles Reuben Hale. S.T.D.

Univ. Pa. '58, M.A., LL.D. Grisw. '89. Ord. '60; R. and Miss., Pa., C. N Y.,
Md.; Chapl. U. S. N. '63-70; Dean of Davenport Cathed. 'S6-92; Bishop
of Cairo, 111. (Coadj. Springfield) '92 + . Sec. Ea. Ch. (Russo-Greek)
Com. '75. Loyal Legion U. S.; Soc. Sons of Rev.; Soc. Col. Wars.

Cairo, 111.

(Rev.) Eaton Whiting Maxcy. S.T.D.

Brown '53, M.A. Theol. Sem. Va. '56. Ord. '56; R. and Miss., Alb., Pa.,
Conn. Exam. Chapl. Alb. '93+. Troy, N. Y.

Edward Coppee Mitchell. LL.D.

Univ. Pa. '55, M.A. Prof. Law of Real Est. and Equ. Jurisp , Univ. Pa.
'73 83, Dean of Law Sch. '83. Philadelphia.

(Rev.) William Jones Seabury. S.T.D.

Columb. '.s6, M..A. Gen. Theol. Sem. '66, S.T.D. '84. Ludlow Prof. Eccles.
Pol. and Law. G.T.S. '73 + . Ord. '66; R., N. Y.

8 Chelsea Sq., New York.


* William Pitkin M' Knight. M.A. '80.

Son of Rev. Geo., Hon. '50. Elmira. val d. ist White Essay '76, White
Rhet. '76. A X, * B K. B. LeRoy, May 2, 1854, d. Elmira, Dec. 24, '82.


James Edward Perry Butts.

Son of James E. Geneva. Merchant ; Clerk ist Nat. Bank. 2 *.

Geneva, N. Y.

Reginald Cleveland Coxe. M.A. '88.

Bro. of Ernest C, '71. Buffalo. Artist. A A <t>. New York.

William Ray DeLano.

Son of Avery S Middleport. Law. Att'y Gen's Office. Albany. N. Y.

John Holland Johnson.

Son of Daniel. Canandaigna. 2d Soph. Fac. Prize '75. Law

Pean Yan, N. Y.

William Birch Rankine. M.A. '95.

Son of Rev. James, Prest. '69, Geneva. Union '77. Law. Sec Niagara
Falls Water Power Co. ist Soph. Fac. Prize '75, Lat. '75 A A *. * B K.

Niagara Falls, N. Y.

Samuel Fletcher Weyburn.

Son of Dr. Edwin. Geneva. Real Estate Loan Assoc, Rockford, 111.


Charles Taylor Wood.

Son of Rev. Robert. Ionia, Mich.


(Rev.) * Robert Graham Hinsdale. S.T.D.

Coll. N. J. '56, M.A. S.T.B. Nashotah Theol. Sem. '66. President, Prof.
Chr. Eth., Charles-Startin Prof. Evid. Chr. '76-83, Prof. Geol. '83. ''Prof.
Chem. Racine '66-76. Ord. '66; R., Biloxi, Miss.. '83-9. <1> B K. B.'New
York, Nov. 2, 1S33, d. Biloxi, Miss., Jan. 9, '89.

Henry Clark Johnson. M.A.

Cornell '73, LL.B. Hamilton '75. Teacher; Head-M. and Princ, Philad.,
Garden City, Paterson; Prof. Lat., and Lect. Rom. Law, Lehigh '81 + ;
Prof. Greek and Lat. Amh. Coll. Summer Sch. '84+- Editor (Classics).

Bethlehem, Pa.


(Rev.) Thomas Duck. M.A. '81.

Son of John. Ainota. Gen. Theol. Sem. '82. Ord. '81; R. and Miss.,
N. Y., Colo., W. N. Y. PHILOS. Eng. '74, Hammondsport,N. Y.

(Rt. Rev. ) Frederick Rogers Graves. M.A. '81.

Son of Sam. S. Geneva. Gen. Theol. Sem. '81. S.T.D. '93. Ord. '81 ; Miss,
in China ; Miss. Bishop of Shanghai. China, '93. Eng. '75, 2d Soph.
Fac. '76, 2d White Essay '78, 2d Cobb Essay '78. Shanghai, China.

lyouis At water Kedney. M.A. '81.

Son of Rev. J. S., Hon. '72. Faribault, Minn. Law. White Rhet. '77
A X. Fargo, N. Dak.

(Rev.) Frank Eugene Moulton. M.A. '81.

Oak field. Teacher, St. Luke's Sch. iv. hon. Bustleton, Pa.

Edward Munson. M.A. '81.

Geneva. M D. Columb. 'Si. Prest. Bd. Educ. Medina, saldt. Greek
'77, 1st Cobb Essay '78. <I> B K. Medina, N. Y.

James Cosslett Smith, Jun. M.A. '81.

Son of Hon. James C, stud. '35. Canandaigua. Law. valed. Eng. '75,
ist Soph. Fac. '76, White Rhet. '78. 2 *, * B K. Detroit, Mich.

B. S.

Harry S Tuthill.

Son of Edward D. Buffalo. M.D. Phys. and Surg. 6 A X. Penn Yan, N. Y.

Harrison Hancock Bowes.

Michigan City, Ind. Racine '78, M.A. Law. A A*.

Michigan City, Ind.


Eldridge Gerry Chapman.


Robert Nicholas Claggett.

Hagerstown , A hi.

Thomas Henry Fairfax.

Sou of Geo, H. Geneva. Law. Chief Clerk Municipal Court.

Duluth, Minn.

George Edward Flood.

Son of James. Geneva. M.D. Detroit Med. Col. '84. Phys. and Suig.

6300 Stony Isl. Ave., Chicago, 111.

James Sheldon, Jun.

Son of Jame.s. Buffalo. (r)AX. Big Tree, N. Y.

William Fitzhugh Smith.

Geneva. Merchant. 2*. Chicago, 111.

Enoch Clark White.

Lapeer, Midi.


Reginald Marvin Huse. M.A.
(Rev.) Robert Horwood. M.A.

Hobart Div. Sch. '54. Ord. '54; R. and Mi.ss., W. N. Y., '54-67. Vicar,
North Rode, Cotigletou, Eng. Benef. Libr.

Wandsworth, Surrey, Eng.

(.Rev.) * Charles Pierson Jennings. S.T.D.

M. D. elsewhere. Ord. '70; K. and Miss., Mo., C.N.V.,I>a , Ind. Dean of St.
And. Div. Sch., Syracuse, '75-Si. B. 1S22, d. Shelbyville, Ind.,Nov. 20,'94.

(Rev.) *John Cavarly Middleton. S.T.D.

Yale '58, M.A. and Trinity '68. Ord. '60; R. and Miss., L. I., Conn.
Trustee of Calhed. r.arden City, L. I.; Archdeacon. Elected Miss. Bp.
Wash. Terr. B. New London, Conn., 1833, d. Glen Cove, L. I., July 7, '88.

(Rev.) William Wallace Silvester. M.A.

S.T.D. Griswold '92. Prof. Belles Lettres, Griswold '79 82. Ord. '68; R.
and Miss., Conn., Mass., Iowa, Mo., Pa.; Canon of Davenport Cathed.
'79-82. Pa. Hist. Soc; Danvers Hist. Soc; Browning Club.

2120 N. i8th St.. Philadelphia.


(Rev.) George Henry Cornell. M.A. '82.

stud. Gen. Theol Sem. '82. Ord. 'Si ; R. and Miss., Wyom., Wash., Colo.,
Iowa ; Rural Dean '89+ ; Dep. Gen. Conv. Dioc. Towa 'gs.

Sioux City, Iowa.

Edward Gideon Herendeen. M.A. '82.

Sou of Edward W. Geneva. Law. Trustee ,Hupr. Court Libr. Prest.
Elniira .-frfrc/Z/.v*') Assoc, Direc. p;iniira -State Bank, Direc. Elmira
Rolling Mill, Prest. Herendeen Mfg. Co., Geneva, sai.ut. Eug '76,
ist. While Essay '79, 2d Cobb Essay '79, White Rhet. '79. K A, '1' B K.

Elmira, N. Y.




Josiah Millspaugh.

Ne7u York. Merchant. WAX.

Charles Watson Smith. M.A. '82.

Sou of Gt'orReX. (ieneTa. Karnjer.

Ceneva, N. Y.

(Rev.) Charles Francis Joseph Wrigley. M.A. '82.

Son of Josepli. Oakfirld. Oen, Tlieol. Sem. '82, S. T. B. '84. Ord. '82 ; R.
and Mis.s., W. N. Y. (St. Mary'.s, Buffalo, '84 |-.) Stand. Com.' '88 + .
VALED. ist Cobb Essay "79. K A, * B K. Buffalo, N. V.

B. S.

* William Philip Neele.

Sou of William p. Cencva. M.D. H. Geneva, Aug. 12, 1856, d. there, Aug.

8, '88.


Elmer H. Beyer.

Ccueva .

Daniel South wick Hubbell,

Scni'ca Falls. Law. ii '!>.

David James Love.

Son of James W. Geneva.

Clark Byram Rogers.

Gettcva. Standard Ojitical Co.

Louis Curtiss Rogers.

Trenton, Mich.

Henry Howard Ross.

Essex. Law. A A 'I'.

William Joseph Scott.

F.lklon, Md. Ord. k. C. Ch. :■ '!■.

Chicago, 111.

Geneva, N. Y.

Kssex, N. Y.
Queenstowu, Md.


Frederick Thompson . M.A.

Instr. Lang. Hungerf. Coll. lust., N. Adams, Mass., and Milit. Acad.
No. Granville, N. Y.


Alexander Duer Chew. M.A. '83.

Bro. of Beverly, '69. Geneva. Treas. Assoc. Alumni '84-5. Bank Cashier.
SALUT. 2 *, * B K. New York.

* Everard Willie Dascomb.

Son of Geo. L. IVilton, N. H. (From Oberlin Coll.) Stud. Theol. valkd.
K A, * B K. B. Wilton, N. 11. , May 19, 1S56, d. San Antonio, Tex.,
Oct. 5, '81.


(Rev.) * George Edward Gardner.

Son of Rev. Henry V., Hon. '61. Hammondsport. Berkeley Div. Sch, '83.
Ord. '83; R. and Miss., C. N. Y..M0.; Archd. Dioc. W. Mo. White
Rhet. '80. A X. B. Homer. Oct. 19, 1856, d. St. Joseph, Mo., Nov.
5. '91-

(Rev.) Jesse Covert Joralemon. M.A. '84.

Son of Walter. Newark, N.J. Gen. Theol. Sem. '84. Ord. '84; R. and
Miss., N. J.,Pa., Md. ©AX. Boonton, N. J.

(Rev.) Smith De Lancey To wnsend. M.A. '83.

Son of Rev. Juliu.s S., Stud. '47. Cairo, III. Ph.D. St. Stephen's Coll. '93.
Gen. Theol. Sem. '83. Ord. '83; R. and Miss., 111., Wis., N. Y. (R.
All Angels, N. Y. '97.) 2d Cobb Essay '80. * B K.

320 W. 82d St., New York.

Cortlandt Schuyler Van Rensselaer. M.A. '84.

Son of Gratz. Geneva. Law. Ass't Dist. Att'y U. S., N. Y. '84-8. Author.
N. Y. Soc. Sons of Rev. '89, St. Nicholas Soc, Soc. Col. Wars , Col.
Order. 2 <!>. 5S E. bisX St., New York.

Arthur Smith Wolcott.

Son of Clitus. Oakfield. Cashier Pacific Exp. Co. philos. Greek '79.
K .\. Omaha, Neb.

B. S.

Henry Warner Dusinberre.

Son of Geo. B. Geneva. Law. 2*. Rock Island, 111.

William Lemuel Herendeen.

Bro. of Edward G. '79. Geneva. Treas. Herendeen Manuf. Co. Treas.
and Gen. Manager Seneca Lake Steam Nav. Co. K .\.

Geneva, N. Y.


George Field Conger.

Geneva. Merchant. A A <!>. Cleveland, O.

Benjamin Copeland, Jun.

SonofBenj. Clarendon.

(Rev.) Edson Carr Dayton.

Bro. of Benj. B., Stud. '73. Geneva. Hamilton '81, M.A. Min. Presb. Ch.
Eng. '77. Minneapolis, Minn.

Henry M' Bride.

Sail Lake Cily, Utah.

Frank Monroe Sisson.

Geneva. Miller. Marcellus, N. Y.


* Augustus Muhlenberg Swift. M.A.

M.A. Trinity '77. B. 1851, d. Mar. 27, '84.

(Rev.) * Lloyd Windsor. S.T.D.

Columb. '34, M.A. Gen. Theol. Sem. '36. Ord. '36: R. and Miss., W. N. Y.,
O. (R. Hornellsville '59-S9.) Stand. Com W. N. Y. '72, Trustee De
Veaux Coll. '8i-9, Eccles. Court '84-9. Author (Ch. Pol. and Law),
Canonist. B. Sept. 1812, d. Hornellsville, June 30, '89.



Milton Adams Brown. M.A. '86.

Palmyra. (From St. Stephen's Coll.) Law. Challis, Idaho.

Edwin Knight Buttolph. M.A. '85.

Son of Levi. Cirvflaiid, O. Prof. Chem. '84-7, Prof Nat. Sci. St. John's
Coll. Shanghai, China, '81-2. Civil Engineer, valf-d. ist White
Essay '80. 2 *, 'P B K. Denver, Colo.

(Rev.) Pierre Gushing. M.A. '87.

Son of Rev. John T. Hammondsport. Gen. Theol. Sem. '84, S.T.B. '86.
Ord. '84; R. and Miss., W. N. Y. Lat. '79, Greek '80. © A X, * B K.

LeRoy, N. Y.

(Rev.) Simeon lyord Gilberson. M.A. '94.

Salt Lake City, Utah. Stud. Gen. Theol. Sem. '86. Ord. '88; R. and Miss.,
Pa., Utah. White Rhet. 'Si. Philadelphia.

(Rev.) Maximilian Lindsay Kellner. M.A. '84. S.T.D. '95.

Son of Rev. Charles F. Geneva. Harv.'Ss, M.A. , S.T.B. Epis. Theol. Sch.,
Cambr. 86. Ord. 'S3 ; Instr. Heb. Epis. Theol. Sch., Cambr. '86-9.
Ass't Prof Old Test. Lang. 'S9t-. Harv. Bibl. Club.; Soc. Bibl. Lit.
and Exeg.; Amer. Orient. Soc. K A, * B K. Cambridge, Mass.

(Rev.) John David Kennedy.

Son of James. Glens Falls. Gen. Theol. Sem. '84. Ord. 'S4; R. and Miss. ,
N. Y. and Pa. 85 Keep St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

(Rev.) Henry Macbeth. M.A. '84.

Brooklyn. Berkeley Div. Sch. '84. Ord. '84; R. and Miss., Alb., Pa., Conn.

Windham, Conn.

(Rev.) Alexander Mann.

Son of Rev. Duncan C. IVatkins. DeLancey Div. Sch. '84; Gen. Theol.
Sem. 85, S.T.B. '87. Ord. 85; Ass't Min. and Miss., W. N. Y.; Assoc.
R., Orange, N. J. ist White Essay '78, 1st Cobb Essay '81. A X,
<I> B K. Orange, N. J.

(Rev.) Laurens M' Lure. M.A. '84.

Butler, Pa. Gen. Theol. Sem. '84, S.T.B. '86. Ord. '84; R. and. Miss., Pitts.
SALUT. K A, * B K. Hulton, Pa.

(Rev.) Percy John Robottom. M.A, '85.

Jersey Cilv, N.J. (From St. Steph. Coll.) Stud. Gen. Theol. Sera. '87. Ord.
'85; R. and Miss , C. Pa. K A. Lancaster, Pa.

Brandreth S5^monds. M.A.

Son of Col. H. C. Sing Sing. M.D. Coll. Phys. and Surg. N. Y. '84. Phys.
and Suig. Fellow N. Y. Acad. Med.; Soc. Alum. Bellev. Hosp.; Loyal
Legion U. S. S *. 12S W. 59th St., New York.

(Rev.) James William Van Ingen. M.A. '85.

Son of Rev. John V., Hon. '47. Rochester. Gen. Theol. Sem. '84, S.T.B.
'87. Ord. '84; Chapl. S. Luke's Hosp. Chicago; R. and Miss., Mont.,
Conn. Chicago, 111.

B. S.

(Rev.) Francis Eugene Easterbrooks.

Son of Rev. Isaac. Bradford. DeLancey Div. Sch. '82. Ord. '82; Miss.
W. N. Y. Glenora, N. \'.



Willie Green Ainsworth.

Cape Vincent.

Milton Burr Davis.

Brooklyn. (From S. Steph. Coll.) M.D. Phys. and Surg. K A.

Brooklyn, N. Y.

Robert Rose Dorsey.

Son of Dr. Fred., Md. Hagei sto-vn, Md. M.D. Phys. and Surg.

Los Angeles, Cal.

Eugene Warner Hutchinson.

Chicago, III. Eng. '78.

* Edward Ward well.

Dresden. March., New York, Farmer. B. Penn Yan, Jan. 15, i860, d. Los
Angeles, Cal., Dec, '93.


(Hon.) Delano Cliipman Calvin. LL.D,

Judge, N. Y. New York.

William D. Kerr. M.A.

Princ. Pub. School, Binghamton.

(Rev.) Francis Lobdell. S.T.D. LL-D. '94.

Amherst '58. Curator '94. Ord. '65 ; R. and Miss., O., Conn., N. Y., \V. N.
Y. bep. Gen. Conv. W. N. Y. '92-5. Archd. Buflfalo '95 + .

Buffalo, N. Y.

(Rev.) Percy Clinton Webber. M.A.

B. Ph. Bost. Univ. '77, B. A. '79, S. T. B. '81. Chapl. and Head M. De Veaux
Coll. 'Si. Ord. '80 ; R. and Miss., Pa., Kan., Mil., Mass. Archd. Mil.
'92-3. Westdale, Mass.

Reynold Webb Wilcox. M.A.

Yale '78; M.D. Harv. '81 ; LL.D. Maryv., Teun. '92. Prof. Clin. Med.
Post-Grad. Sch. N. Y. N. Y. Soc. Sons of Rev. '89. New York.

Howell Charles Williams. M.A.

Princ. Williams Acad. Buffalo.


Ernest Fitzhugh Ayrault. M.A. '85.

Son of Rev. Walter, '40. Geneva. Law. Teacher, philos. 2 <t>, <I> B K.

115 Broadway, New York.

Walter Ayrault, Jun.

Bro. of E. F. above. Geneva. Broker and Stockrai.ser, Livingston, Mont.
2*. 95 26th St., Chicago, 111.

;Rev.) John Baptiste Blanchet. M.A. '85.

Son of John B. Kankakee, III. Gen. Theol. Seni. '85. Ord. '85 ; R. and
Miss., Alb., Spr., C. Pa., N. Y., W. N. Y. ist Cobb Essay '82.

Clifton Springs, N. Y.


John Porter Bowman. M.A. '85.

Son of W. R. Rochester. LL.B. Columb. '84. Law. 2d Soph. Decl. '80.
2 *. Rochester, N. Y.

* William Wood Collin.s.

Son of T. W. Lyons. M.D. Salut. * B K. D. Denver, Colo., Sept. 9, '92.

(Rev.) Alonzo Norton Henshaw. M.A. '91.

Batavia. Ph.D. Leips. Ord. '90 ; R. and Miss., Minn., N. Y. K .\.

45 E. 66th St., New York.

(Rev.) * Robert Lynn.

Pontiac, Mich. Ord. '82 ; R., W. Mich. B. 1850, d. Ionia, Mich., March 19,

Albert Lay Noble.

Son of Martin W. Bath. Law. 2*. Medicine Lodge, Kan.

Henry Axtell Prince. M.A. '85.

Son of Fred W. Geneva. Teacher ; Mast. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H.
'81-3, St. Mark's, Southboro, Mass., '83-7. Head M. Ravenscroft Sch.
Asheville, N. C. '87-8. Law. valed. Lat. '80, Eng. '80, Greek 'Si.
2*, 'tBK. 36 Wall St., New York.

Richard Francis Rankine.

Son of Rev. James, Prest. '69. Geneva. Manuf. ist Soph. Decl. '80,
White Rhet. '82. K \. Niagara Falls, N. Y.

William James Robinson. M.A. '86.

Son of Andrew. Sterling, 111. Canandaigua, N. Y.

John Van Rensselaer. M.A. '86.

Bro. of C. S., '80. Geneva. M.D. Columb. Univ. Wash., D. C, '89. Phys.
N, Y. Hosp. '85-91. 2 *. 2 Thomas Circle, Washington, D. C.

B. S.

Charles Danforth Bean.

Nephew of John E. '46. Geneva. Ph. B. Syrac. Univ. '85, M.A. Allegh.
'86. Law. Just. Sess. N. Y. '88-90, Mast. F. and A.M. '95. Prest.
Delphian Hist. Soc. Geneva '89. Geneva, N. Y.

William Francis Humphrey.

Son of R. J. Poultney, Vt. Printer and Publisher. Trust, of Village '95.

Geneva, N. Y.

Eugene Pierre Mallett.

Son of Peter. Brooklyn. M.D. Long Isl. Med. Coll. '89. Phys. Instr.
Surg. Post-Grad. Hosp. N.Y. Co. Med. Soc, Roosevelt and Charity
Hosp. Alumni ; Gynaecol., Vanderbilt and St. Barthol. Hosp. Clin.
2 *. 230 W. 59th St., New York.

Charles Henry Nichols.

Son of James H. Geneva. Bookkeeper, i. scient. Rochester, N. Y.

Clarence Coan Tuthill.

Son of Henry. Penn Van. ©AX. Penn Yan, N. Y.

William Gordon Ver Planck.

Son of S. H., '47. Getieva. Law. N. Y. Soc. .Sons of Rev. '85. 11. scient.
2*. 36 Wall St., New York.



Albert Isaac Allen.

Jl^estfoi d.

Ralph H. Brandreth.

Sing Sing. Sec. Porous Plaster Co. A A X.

William Montgomery Brown.

Cleveland, O.

Joseph Garden.

South Laii'it-nce, Mass.

Samuel Brown Dusinberre.

Geneva. Banker. Eng- '79 2 4'. Tacoma, Wash.

Henry Camp Hedden.

Newark, N. J.

*Staats Dunbar Jennings.

Syracuse. D. Syracuse, Feb. 18, '79.

John Wheeler Mellen.

Son of James p. Geneva. Banker. 2*. Geneva, N. Y,

Robert Almon Ottman.
(Rev.) Arthur Henry Proffitt.

Newark, N.J. Gen. Theol. Sem. 'S3. Ord. '83 ; R. and Min., Mass., N. Y.

S. Orange, N. J.

James Clark Sanford.

Palniyi a.


(Rev.) Albert William Ryan. M.A.

Univ. Mich. '78. S.T.B. Seabury Div. Sch. '82, Ph. D. West Univ. 111. '83,
Sc. D. Wooster Univ. '85, LL.B., Victoria Coll. Tor. '85, LL.D. do.,
D.C.L. Trin. Coll. Tor. Ord. '81 ; R, and Miss., Minn. Prest. Stand.
Com. Miss. Jur. Duluth ; Prest. St. Luke's Hosp.; Prest. Shaks. Soc.

Duluth, Minn.


Lewis Arthur Welles Alleman. M.A. '87.

Son of Macdougal. Faveite. M.D. Jeff. Med. Coll. Philad. '86. Phys. and
Surg. Amer. Acad. Med.; Amer. Ophthalm. Soc; Amer. Electro-
Therap. Asso.; N. Y. S. Med. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med.; Kings Co. Med.
Assoc; Brookl. Inst. Arts and Sci.; Ophthal. Surg. L. I. Coll. Hosp.
and Heb. Asyl.; Therap. Eye and Ear Hosp. 2d Soph. Decl. '81, ist
White Essay '82. K A. 64 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Frank FuUerton Brumback.

Son of Jefferson. Kansas City, Mo. Law. K A. Kansas City, Mo.


Herman Brumback.

Bro. of F. F. above. A'ansas City, Mo. Law. K A. Kansas City, Mo.

(Rev.) Franklin Tom Eastment.

Son of Rev. Wm. Glen Cove, N. Y. Stud. Gen. Theol. Sem. '86. Ord. '86;

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