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tion of the city the question whether the
city of Mount Pleasant shall provide, form
and maintain a free public librar}'\"

The question was submitted to the vot-
ers in March, 1901, and passed by a ma-
jority of four, which was probably taken
as an excuse by the council of letting the
matter drop, but expert legal authority
stated that this small majority was as
binding as a greater one would have been.
In July, 1 90 1, a formal offer of the ladies
library was made to the city council as
a nucleus for the free public library which
it was empowered to establish and main-
tain. Two conditions were attached to
the gifts — the first that the library should
be open to the public six days during each
week, and second that the Ladies Library
Association should be recognized by "the
appointment of three or more of its ac-
tive members on the board of trustees as
appointed by the mayor from time to
time." These conditions were accepted
bv the council and in Tanuar\% 1902, the
association turned over to the city council
''in trust for the use of said free public
librar}^ and for no other purpose" prop*
erty including six hundred and thirty-nine
dollars and fifty cents worth of furniture
and books valued at four thousand eight
hundred and thirty-five dollars, not includ-

ing a large number of valuable rare edi-
tions and unclassified books. This was
the real beginning of the free public li-
brary of Mount Pleasant. The mayor ap-
pointed the first board of trustees and from
time to time additions were made to the
stock of books and the improvement has
since been carried on in the library. Early
in 1903 Mr. Kopp opened up correspond-
ence with Andrew Carnegie, and ulti-
mately succeeded in securing a donation of
twelve thousand dollars for library pur-
poses which was used for the construction
of the building, while three thousand dol-
lars was raised by the Ladies Library As-
sociation among the citizens for the pur-
chase of the site. A lot was secured at the
corner of Main and Madison streets and
the work was carried steadily forward un-
til Mount Pleasant has one of the most at-
tractive library buildings of Iowa. Suit-
able dedicatory services were held in Feb-
uary, 1905, the library being open for the
reception of the public in the afternoon,
while services were held in the evening at
the Methodist church. Certainly the
credit of this institution, of which every
citizen of Mount Pleasant should justly
be proud, should be given to the members
of the Ladies Library Association.


Iowa Wesleyan University had its be-
Sfinninsr in the earlv forties of the of the
last century, probably in '41 or '42. The
young school was named Mt. Pleasant
Collegiate Institute, and was chartered by



an act of the legislature of the Territory
of Iowa, which act was approved by the
territorial governor, Lucas, March 15,
1844. The Iowa Conference was organ-
ized at Iowa City on. the 14th day of Au-
gust, 1844, and the trustees of the Insti-
tute sought to have the new Conference
accept, govern, control and direct their
material and educational interests. At the
session of the Conference in August,
1849, I- I- Stewart, Alcinus Young, Jo-
seph McDowell, Erastus Lathrop, and D.
N. Smith were appointed a committee to
negotiate with the trustees to the end
named. On the nth day of September,
1849, this committee, for and on behalf
of the Conference, accepted the Mt. Pleas-
ant Collegiate Institute, under the follow-
ing form of agreement: "That the Mt.
Pleasant Collegiate Institute shall be rec-
ognized as our Conference University,
and that we as a Conference will give the
above-named Institute our perpetual pat-
ronage, etc."

In 1855 by act of the legislature the
name was changed to Iowa \\^esleyan
University. The first president of the In-
stitute was Aristides J. Heustis. The first
president of the University was James

The material beginnings of the insti-
tute are interesting. At a meeting of the
board of trustees of the Mt. Pleasant Col-
legiate Institute, held at Mt. Pleasant,
Iowa, March 11, 1843, "for the purpose
of receiving propositions and pledges of
donations of land for a site for the build-
ings of the Mt. Pleasant Collegiate In-
stitute," the following donations of land
were pledged: First, John Jones, "four
acres from. the south end of his land in

such form as to connect the national road
and Main street;" second, J. C. Hall, "six
acres from the north end of his land con-
necting also the national road and Main
street; and in this gift he liquidates his
subscription;" third, Samuel Brazzleton,
"five acres on the east side of Main street
and directly east of the ten acres donated
by Messrs. Jones and Hall, and of the
same width on Main street;" fourth, Peter
Smith, "(in lieu of his subscription) five
acres west of the national road and di-
rectly west of the ten acres donated by
Messrs. Jones and Hall, and of the same
width on the national road. And in all
these proposals it is contemplated that a
street forty feet in width on the north and
south lines be included in the donations."

With this contract executed, three days
after the contract whereunder he entered
upon the duties of the president of the Mt.
Pleasant Collegiate Institute, President
Heustis as chief executive began the work
for which he had crossed the Mississippi.
He had come from the far East to found a
Methodist institution of learning. His
task was begim, and already his hopes
were seeing fruition. The association of
which he w^as president was in the pos-
session of twenty acres of raw prairie
land, pledged in good faith.

In the early months of his administra-
tion Iowa's pioneer college building was
begun. It was enclosed and occupied in-
1844, and is still in commission, having
done duty first as a school building and
president's residence; later as a recitation
building, and for many years past was a
Conservatory of Music. It has been in
service for one and sixtv vears, and
though plain and unpretentious, it is still



a substantial, reliable structure.

Space will forbid a befitting charac-
terization of the splendid line of men who
have served as presidents — Heustis, Mc-
Dowell, Nelson, Gray, McDonald, Har-
lan, Berry, Elliott, Jocelyn, Spaulding,
Holmes. Wheeler, McFarland, Stafford,
Blakeslee, Hancher.

Dr. Elliott's service as president of
Iowa Wesleyan covered two terms. The
first was November 26, 1857, to June 22,
1 86 1, and the second June 23, 1863, to
September 26, 1866. In the interim be-
tween these two presidencies, during the
trying days of the War of the Rebellion,
he was editor of the Central Christian
Advocate, St. Louis, to which position
the General Conference of i860, of which
he was a member, had elected him. He
was bold, daring, aggressive, and some-
times defiant in the Union cause. He
earned for himself the name of War Edi-
tor. Charles Elliott was great as a thinker
and writer. His executive ability was
good, and on pulpit and platform his was
an utterance sturdy, convincing, com-
manding, and long to be remembered. •

James Harlan was president from 1853
to 1855. In 1869 he again took the presi-
dency of Iowa Wesleyan, to serve for a
year, when he again tendered his resigna-
tion. On the 28th of June, 1898, full of
years and honors. Senator Harlan ac-
cepted the chancellorship of the university,
in which position he continued until his
death. Iowa Wesleyan owes more to this
good man than to any other. He gave
forty-six years of service to the board of
trustees. Many years he was a member
of the executive committee. Altogether
he was president three years, and chan-

cellor sixteen months. In all these ca-
pacities his counsels were valuable, his
service able, his purse generous, his sacri-
fice ready, and his love lavish for this old
college that filled such a large place in
his life. A late emphasis upon his love and
loyalty was shown in two subscriptions
aggregating $12,000, which he made but
a short while before his death, October
5, 1899.

It seems eminently fitting that this no-
ble and worthy man, whose sacrifice for
this institution through forty-five contin-
uous years testified a devotion unusual
and intense, should have had official con-
nection in the evening time of his life.
Sweet of spirit, genial of disposition, in-
terested to the last in the welfare of the
humblest student registered in any de-
partment of the college, this official
recognition gave him pleasure and \\^es-
leyan distinguished honor. Born in 1820,
graduated from Indiana Asbury in 1845,
president first in 1853, again in 1869, and
chacellor in 1898-99, James Harlan left
the impress of his vigorous young, man-
hood and the benediction of his ripened
and mellowed life at its maturity upon
Iowa Wesleyan University.

As the years rolled on the philosophic
and erudite Spaulding assumed the man-
ao-ement of the Universitv, and manv are
the students of those years who took with
them the impress of his fine and forceful
soul. He was succeeded by Dr. J. T.
McFarland, whom the Methodist world
now knows. Brainy and businesslike,
with heart and head mingling in his work
in the right proportions, he gave to Iowa
Wesleyan one of the best administrations
of its history. Then came Stafford, the



genial gentleman, builder of buildings
and builder of character. University
chapel, and Elizabeth Hershey Hall, and
many things not material stand as memo-
rials of his prowess and purpose. Then
Blakeslee from the east was at the helm
for a year, zealous and courageous.

On Alarch 13, 1901. Dr. John W.
Hancher, then pastor of the M. E. church
at Herkimer, Xew York, was elected
president. He entered upon his duties
early in May of that year.

President Hancher was formally inau-
gurated Wednesday, June 11, 1901.
Straightway he began organization look-
ing to freedom from debt. Two and one-
third years later $100,000 had been raised
with wdiich to free Iowa Wesleyan from
debt. Her debt is now less than $20,000
and the resources for meeting this are
ample and interest-earning.

President Hancher brought to Iowa
Wesleyan fourteen years' experience in
school work, six of them in the public
schools where he began his public career
as a teacher, and eight of them as college
president. He loves his w^ork and de-
votes himself to it with untiring zeal. For
the more than four years of his presi-
dency he has been constant in his serv-
ice at Wesle3'an. except the month of
May, 1904. in which he served his Con-
ference as one of their chosen delegates
to the General Conference at Los Angeles.
He regrets that the executive demands
prevent his more intimate relation with
the students, for he loves the students and
the classroom. But general repairs are
greatly needed and much larger endow-
ment is essential ; and to these ends he will
address his thought and effort as soon as
the emergency fund of $6,000 per year.

now being raised as a guarantee against
deficits in the current expenses, shall have
been completed. During his administra-
tion the student body has increased in
numbers, the range of subjects has wid-
ened, libraries and laboratories have been
classified and better equipped and the fac-
ulty enlarged and greatly strengthened.

It has been remarked by two of our
bishops, and by others, that Wesleyan's
campus is one of the most beautiful the
country over. Its natural beauty is mag-
nified by the splendid buildings that have
been added as the years have passed. The
tenth anniversary was signalized by the
erection of the main hall under President
Harlan. The German Main building was
built in 1873. The splendid chapel, con-
taining the finest college auditorium in
the state, was erected in 1893. Elizabeth
Hershey Hall, the home for young
women, the gem of the group, was opened
in 1897. And last, the German Chapel
was added in 1903. In all they make a
group of six, commodious and comfort-
able, adapted to the needs of the growing

Wesleyan's alumni list is not over large
as to numbers, but it is worthy. Indeed,
the presumption is that the old institu-
tion's progeny is large by reason of the
fact that their work and influence are out
of all proportion to their numbers. Wes-
leyan's students through the years have
gotten something at the old fountain that
has stayed with them, and steadied them
in their trials and triumphs.

Iowa Wesleyan, oldest of the colleges
of the trans-Mississippi country outside
of Missouri, has taken a new lease of life
and is in a position for better work and
larger achievements than she has ever
vet known.



Abraham, Capt. Lot 284

Abrahamson, John A o04

Abrahamson, Oscar V 306

Allen, Andrew 527

Allen, Dr. Joseph B 656

Allen, William J 658

Anderson, Charles C 168

Anderson, Mathias 283

Anderson, Peter 427

Andrews, Judge M. L 699

Andrews, Dr. Timothy L.. 177

Antrim, Prof. Lincoln 152

Archibald, William 215

Babb, Judge Washington L 36

Baker, William 514

Ball, Dr. Judson 263

Barr, David H 109

Baugh, Lewis G 154

Becker, Frank E 4o5

Beckwith, Capt. Warren... 11

Beery, Enoch 578

Beary. William H 438

Bell,' Frank S 532

Bird, George W 373

Bird, Hiram T 359

Bird, Dr. Wellington 17

Boal, Cyrus A 425

Boyd, Sanford 142

Boyd, William 697

Brink, August 403

Brooks, Capt. Allen T 81

Brown, D. W 515

Brown, Joseph 648

Brown, Roderick 622

Brown, Samuel 325

Burton, William S 674

Caldwell, Joseph 397

Cammack, Nathan 594

Campbell Family, History

of the 502

Campbell, Joel 496

Campbell, James S 243

Campbell, Hon. Thos. F... 95

Campbell, William 505

Card&n, James A 596

Garden, William 454

Case, Cornelius C 199

Case, Sidney S 422

Child, Isaac 587

Clawson, Harry W 614

Cobb, Lyman 327

Cobourn, James L 630

Cockayne, Artus B 42

Coddington, Rev. Eli H 216

Codner, John C 107

Coelln, Carl W. von 516

Colby, Frank H 670

Cole, William Ramey 206

Collins, George S 211

Conor, Henry 525

Conover, George H 462

Cook, Payton W 274

Cooper, J9sse D 565

Cooper, Thos. W 186

Cornick, Albert 447

Cornick, Jason 439

Cox, Robert B 292

Cozier, Benjamin L 269

Cozier, Hugh 136

Grain, John T 371

Crawford, J. M 56

Crawford, James M., Jr 669

Crew, William R 583

Culligan, James 471

Cunningham, William W.. 353

Danielson, Gustavus A 481

Davey, Frank C 254

Davidson, Roberts P 627

Davis, Asahel H 607

Davis, Evan 70

Davis, William 64

Deal, William H ^ 661

Detrick, Ira A 399

DeLashmutt, Albert 487

Deyarman, Jacob H 380

Dorhman, John D 385

Dyall, Charles H 703

Dyall, Rev. Thos 665

Eckey, William 402

Edwards, Prof. .L W 61

Eisele, William 543

Elgar, John 323

EUioitt, John E 298

Endersby, Arthur 279

Endersby, Edmund 281

Evans, Daniel W 99

Evans, Dr. James M 518

Evans, Henry 357

Evans, Thomas T 355

Everts, Palus E 110

Fairchikl, Mrs. Alice 484

Feldman. Fred 507

Ferree, William E 677

Fitzgerald, John J 466

Fitzpatrick, John 523

Fleagle, William 628

Folsom, Horace W 437

Forbes, James F 476

Francv, David 469

Francy, William J 662

Freeman, Azel 464

Freeman, Warren 300

Fridolph, Gust 593

Fye, Henry 511

Galer, Roger S 58

Gambell, Charles W 171

Gai'vin, Samuel W 635

Gerig, Rev. Sebastion 228

Gheen, Enos 91

Gheen, Fred B 387

Gibson, Isaac T 46

Gilbert, Miller 4.1

Gilfillan, Dr. Homer J 172

Gill, Edwin S 112

Gilson, Lemuel P 475

Glandon, William R 126

Gloeckler, Charles G 176

Goe, Charles B 304

Goe, Joseph L 44

Graves, Robert A 332

Green, Charles 694

Green, Joseph M 458

Green, Samuel 241

Hamilton, George 1 562

Hancher, Rev. John W 682

Hankins, Albert 406

Hankins, John A 405

Harlan, Cyrus 250

Harlan, Hon. James 703

Harrison, Joseph 169

Hatton, Hon. Frank 388

Hemmings, John F 201

Hennessee, Thomas 382

Herron, Edward C 407

Hiatt, Allen 664

Hills, Denison H 633

Hillyard, Paren 358

Hinkle, Edward C 652

Hobart, William K 192

Hobbie, Charles 239

Hobble, Richard W 377

Hobbs, John W 39

Hofmann, Phillip 671

Holoday, Elwood 271

Hookom, Charles A 411

Huddleston, Henry J 421

Hulquist, Charles A 566

Hultquist, John P. F 592

Hummell, Dennis 392

Hunt, Dr. John P 148

Hunt, William C 146

Hutton, William M 232

Ibbottson, Clark R 586

lies, George W 526

Ingrim. .Joseph T 341

Irwin, Isaiah T 277



Jackson, William H 197

Jacobs, Samuel E

Jaeger, Arthur C 375

Jericho, Gustav 191

Jerrel, Hezekiah 189

Jessup, Oliver 418

Jessup, William A 440

Johnson, Andrew 334

Johnson, Albert 381

Johnson, Chai'les T 561

Johnson, James A 528

Jones, Joel 559

Jordan, J. B 631

Judy, W. S 45

Kassel, Jacob 350

Reiser, Samuel 68

Keith, Dr. Marv C 237

Keith, Orville H 145

Kesinger, Gary S 185

Ketcham, Miss Hattie 73

King, Harry G 134

Kinkead, Albert W 700

Klen, Xels N 599

Kongable, George L 574

Kopp, W. F 60

Lang, Charles J 346

Langston, David C 163

Latta, Alcetus D 238

Lawrence, Robert 690

Leach, Elmer F 620

Lee, The Family 33

Lee, Rev. Jonathan 114

Lee, Thomas B 34

Lee, William W 522

Leech, Hon. John F 544

Leedham, Ira E 387

Lewis, Sampson 123

Library, Mt. Pleasant Pub-
lic 707

Lindell, John E 575

Linder, Isaac 200

Linkins, William C 265

Linquist, Andrew 571

Lucrode, Emma 420

Lucrode, Franz B 421

Luellen, R. M

Lund, Gust P 570

Lute, Charles W 431

Lute, John H 696

Magdefrau, Herman 167

Magers, Louis M 351

Mallams, John F 460

Martin, Myron B 539

Mason, Dr. George T 689

Mason, Martin 623

Mathews, Jesse 93

Mathew, Joseph S 479

Mauch, David 63

McClary, Frank E 166

McClary, William F 164

McClure, Dr. Andrew W 362

McCormick, Michael 132

McConnaughey, Dr. David.. 137

McCully, John 612

McFarland, Charles 598

McFarland, Robert G 597

McVey, Marion 581

Meeker, Albert M 626

Mendenhall, Manly 540

Metzger, John F 508

Miller, Charles A 296

Miller, Chris R 530

Miller, Nicholas 161

Mills, David S 455

Moehle, Carl 457

Monson, Nelse ; 569

Moore, John D 429

Morehouse, William F 588

Morgan, Swan P 344

Morony, Dennis 299

Morrow, William T 135

Moxley, William 554

Moyle, William 564

Mullen, Jerome 453

Mullen, Hon. Washington.. 294

Murray, Charles C 348

Musser, Abraham 534

Myers, Thomas J 180

Neff, David S 480

Neff, George W 187

Xewbold, Gov. Joshua G. . . 76

Nicholson, Nathan P 434

Nicholson, Thomas 227

Nixon, Samuel N 345

Oberman, Henry 384

Obermeier, William F 668

O'Laughlin, James J 128

Olson, Andrew 591

Orndorff, William C 230

Osgood, Otis S 247

Ostermeier, Fred 660

Packer, Thomas V 84

Palm, John W 685

Parkins, Levi 567

Payne, Elisha M 485

Penn, Edward L 117

Petersen, Nels 555

Peterson, Frank A 646

Peterson, John E 291

Pickle, William H 369

Pierce, J. E 510

Pixley, Webster M 641

Pope, Joseph B 679

Porter, Asbury B '. 332

Porter, Col. Asbury B 329

Porter, Frank P 634

Porter, Watson B 428

Powell, William L 149

Punton, Dr. Alfred L 499

Randolph, John H 245

Ransom, William 576

Reed, Elmer L 473

Reed, James H 289

Republican, Mt. Pleasant.. 707

Rich, Nicholas 101

Roberts, Rev. W 444

Rogers, Charles S 376

Rook, Thomas G 223

Ross, James R 302

Russell, Theodore 604

Ruth, Alexander 610

Ryun, Dr. William H 639

Sanderson, Cornelius L.... 608

Sargent, James F 261

Saunders, The Family 310

Saunders, Gunnell 314

Saunders, Presley 320

Saunders, William G 317

Scales, Charles 378

Schaffner, Clarence 432

Schlatter, Christian C 482

Schlatter, Jacob 627

Schlatter, John 308

Schreiner, John A 158

Schriver, John C 125

Schriver, Noah 124

Schwartz, Konrad H 615

Scott, Cornelius ." 354

Scott, Dudley A 524

Scott, Elmer E 601

Seeley, Eli 255

Seeley, George L 258

Seeley, William B 256

Shields, Joseph L 72

Shields, Victor H 676

Shively, Jacob 306

Shopbell, Henry 89

Short, Joseph 653

Singer, Andrew 87

Skipton, Douglas 400

Skipton, George E 509

Skipton. Mathew 31

Smith, Charles A 602

Smith, Dr. George E 655

Smith, Harry K 122

Smith, Sylvester 451

Snell, Austin H 616

Snyder, Henry M 336

Spaulding, Rev. W. J 18

Spearman, Maj. Cornelius F. 22

Spearman, Frank C 335

Spray, Nathan B 492

Stanley, Ansalem 572

Stephenson, Solomon P.... 276

Stevens, Charles A 618

Stevens, Frank T 431

Stuart, James 473

Sullivan, Andrew J 361

Swailes, Hon. George W. . . 414

Swanson, August 590

Swanson, Charles A 541

Swearingen, C. Hess 203

Taft, Edward E 267

Taylor, .John 645

Taylor, William H 650

Teter, Jacob 557

Thompson, Joseph W 119

Throop, James A 53

Tolender, Gust A...' 613

Totemeier, Anton 102

Totemeier, August 625

Trump, Jacob H. and Son. 417

Tull, William W 225

Twinting, Peter Theodore.. 50
Tyrson, August 647



University, Iowa Wesleyan. 709

Van Allen, Alfred M 204

Van Allen, George 14

Van Dyke, Horatio W 231

Vorhis, Daniel J 408

Walker, Hon. Hezekiah D. . 212

Walker, Harlan E 153

Walker, Thomas B 459

Wallar, Wilford D 675

Wallb£nk, John Hayhurst. 29

Warren, Henry 673

Waters, John N 370

Way, George E 340

Weeks, Nathan F 66

Wehrle, William J 605

Weibly, Mrs. Louisa 221

Wells, Lucius M 40

Westfall, Dr. Elmer E 413

White, Edward E 97

White, Heman A 222

Whiting, John H 24

Whitney, J. Louis 174

Wick, August F 490

Wick, John A 352

Wickersham, A. R 535

Wideman, James M 196

Wideman, Phillip 424

Wiley, William A 582

Wilkins, Charles 692

Withrow, Winfield S. . , . . . 395

Wood, Charles D 252

W>se, Simon B 144

Young, John R 489

Young, William P 321

Young, Nestor A. J 139

Zickefoose, John W 449 •




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