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soon as he got strength of his own, he was ready to
lend assistance to others. Many enterprises have
been carried forward to a successful result by his
kindly aid. Not only his relations but his friends
in the largest sense shared in his prosperity. His own
generous impulses he did not hesitate to follow, even
when indulgence was expensive. He was a large
hearted man, with social, kindly feelings. Few men
have been more respected or beloved. He was a
member and a liberal benefactor of St. John's Church.
He and his brother William endowed the Scovill
professorship in Trinity College. He made a home
for his mother and widowed sisters which was his
home when in town; and then, when one after another
had left, and he had to some extent given up active
business, he married."

Children born in Waterhury.

i. James Mitchel Lamson, born Sept. 3, 1850; died
July 9, 1862.

334. ii. Sarah Alathea, born Feb. 14, 1852; married Joseph

T. Whittlesey.

335. iii. Henry William, born Nov. 11, 1853; married Ellen

Whittaker Hyde.


190. Elizabeth^ Scovill {James\ James\ Wil-
liam^, John^, John}), born May 12, 1792, at Water-
bury; died there July 9, 1880; married Sept. 10,
1809, at Waterbury, John Buckingham, born Oct.
17, 1786, at Watertown; died there May 3, 1867;
son of David and Chloe (Merrill) Buckingham of
Milford and Waterbury.

John Buckingham was for many years one of the
leading men of the Watertown section of Waterbury.
He raised a company of men in Watertown and held
a captain's commission during the War of 1812. While
in the service he was stationed at New London and
at New Haven. At the close of the war he was com-
missioned colonel of the State militia, but soon resigned
the position. For a number of years in connection
with the brothers Scovill, he conducted a manufac-
turing business at Oakville, where he resided. He
was a resolute man, lithe, active, and afraid of nothing.
Entertaining stories are told of his fullness of life
and pranks when a young man and of his strength and
courage when between sixty and seventy years of
age. In 1821 he removed to Waterbury and identi-
fied himself with the business interests of the town.
For more than twenty-five years he was connected
with his brothers-in-law, J. M. L. and W. H. Scovill,
under the firm name of Scovills & Buckingham. When
the firm became the Scovill Manufacturing Company
he still retained his interest as a stockholder. He
represented both Watertown and Waterbury in the
General Assembly and in 1838 was State Senator for
the sixteenth district.

Though having only a common school education,
he found time for extensive reading and intercourse
with men and things. He had a taste for general
literature, and appreciated Shakespeare and authors
of eminence. He had a social disposition, and was


pleasant in his intercourse with his fellow men. He
was a lifelong member of the Episcopal Church, and
was buried with Masonic honors, to which order he
was much attached.

Children born at Water town.
i. Scovill Merrill, born Aug. 10, 1811; married May 18, 1835,
Charlotte A. Benedict, daughter of Aaron and Charlotte
(Porter) Benedict; Child: John A., born April 1, 1839,
who married Anna McLean, and had two children,
ii. Mary, born May 17, 1815; married July 25, 1835, Abram
Ives. Mrs. Mary Ives died Jan. 30, 1870; Abram Ives
died July 18, 1869. They had one child, Sarah C. Ives,
born March 16, 1840; died in Paris, France, Feb. 6, 1877.
She married, in 1862, James Neale Plumb, and had three
children: James Ives, born Oct. 12, 1863; Marie Jeanette,
born April 20, 1867; and Sarah Leneta, born Nov. 22,
1871. Marie J. Plumb married Ramsay Nares of South-
ampton, England, and had children: Llewelyn, born July
19, 1889; Ives, born Sept. 4, 1890; and Eric, born July 9,
1892. Sarah L. Plumb married M. Fairchild.

191. Sarah Hannah^ Scovill {James^, James\
William^ John'-, John"), born March 25, 1794, at
Waterbury; died there Oct. 29, 1872; married there
Dec. 30, 1821, Aaron Hitchcock, born July 8, 1773,
in New Milford; died Dec. 23, 1834, at Woodbury;
son of Aaron and Elizabeth (Trowbridge) Hitchcock
of New Milford.

Mrs. Hitchcock was an Episcopalian and be-
queathed to the Berkeley Divinity School at Middle-
town a liberal sum to be applied to the James Scovill
scholarship. She was Mr. Hitchcock's second wife.
No children. Aaron Hitchcock had two children, by
his first wife, Mary Minor of Woodbury.

192. William Henry« Scovill (James\ James*,
William^, John^ John^), born July 27, 1796, at Water-
bury; died March 27, 1854, at Charleston, South
CaroHna; married first July 2, 1827, at Black Lake,
near Ogdensburg, N. Y., Eunice Ruth Davies, born


maiiam l^tnx? ^cobill. 1796—1854

March 5, 1807, at Ogdensburg, N. Y.; died Nov. 25,
1839, at Waterbury; daughter of Thomas John and
Ruth (Foote) Davies; married second March 23, 1841,
at New Haven, Rebecca Hopkins Smith, born Dec.
24, 1804, at New Haven; died Aug. 4, 1854, at Water-
bury; daughter of the Hon. Nathan and Rebecca
(Hopkins) Smith of New Haven.

WilUam Henry Scovill was educated in the schools
of his native town and at the Cheshire Academy.
At the age of seventeen he became clerk for Mr. Peck
in New Haven, and three years later his employer
established him in Waterbury with a stock of goods.
After about two years this experiment was abandoned
and he became clerk for his uncle, William K. Lamson,
who about that time removed from Waterbury to
Berwick, Pa. Two years later he established business
for himself at Turner's Cross Roads, Halifax County,
N. C, where he remained a few years, doing a success-
ful business. In 1827, while on a visit home, he decided
to purchase a half interest in the firm of Leavenworth,
Hayden & Scovill. The firm then became J. M. L. &
W. H. Scovill, and so remained until 1850, when a
corporation was formed. The two brothers were so
intimately associated in the minds of the public that it is
hard to consider them apart. They were very different
in character, but one supplemented the other. While
William H. Scovill was a man of much energy and very
decided action, it was his intellectual power, his sagacity,
foresight, financial ability, and sound judgment that did
so much for the prosperity of the firm. He was the plan-
ner, the organizer, the man at home, while his brother
represented the business abroad. He possessed a quiet
dignity of manner which was sometimes mistaken for
coldness, but he was very generous, with a warm heart,
but much less impulsive than his brother. His public
and private charities were bountiful. To his foresight


and generosity the city of Waterbury owes its public
Green. Dr. Henry Bronson in his History of Waterbury,
says: "He was emphatically a public benefactor and
his loss was a public calamity." He was a member of
the Episcopal Church, and a warden of St. John's
parish for many years. Throughout Connecticut he
was known as a liberal patron of the Church and its
institutions. He and his brother endowed the Scovill
Professorship in Washington (now Trinity) College at
Hartford. In all the most sacred relations of life he
was faithful, affectionate, and true.

The first Mrs. Scovill was a woman of many virtues,
of uncommon intelligence, and great force of character.
Children born at Waterbury.

336. i. Alathea Ruth, born March 21, 1828; married

Frederick J. Kingsbury.

337. ii. Mary Ann, born May 30, 1831; married William E.

iii. Thomas John, born June 9, 1833 ; died May 22, 1839.
iv. Sarah Hannah, born July 13, 1835 ; died Nov. 8, 1839.

338. V. William Henry, born Jan. 7, 1842; married Elizabeth

vi. James Mitchel Lamson, born June 18, 1843; died

Feb. 8. 1846.
vii. Nathan Smith, born April 3, 1847 ; died May 22, 1849.

193. Edward*' Scovill (James\ James\ William^,
John\ John^), born Dec. 31, 1798, at Waterbury;
died there April 3, 1866; married Aug. 21, 1823, at
Waterbury, Harriet Clark, born Nov. 30, 1802, at
Waterbury; died there March 27, 1892; daughter
of Eli and Rebecca (Benedict) Clark of Waterbury.

Edward Scovill was educated in the schools of
the town, and when a young man purchased a farm
on Town Plot, which he cultivated for several years.
The greater part of his life was spent in the service of
his brothers, and of the Scovill Manufacturing Co.,
of which he was a stockholder. "He was an active


man in religious and benevolent work, a prominent
member in the First Congregational Church, holding
the office of deacon, a man of strong convictions,
positively held and fearlessly expressed."
Children born at Waterhury.

339. i. Stella Maria, born June 11, 1824; married Lemuel

Sanford Davies.

340. ii. James Clark, born Sept. 7, 1826; married Marcia


341. iii. Thomas Lamson, born April 26, 1830; married

Mary Elizabeth Ely.

342. iv. Julia Lyman, born Jan. 16, 1835; married Theodore

L. Snyder.

194. Caroline^ Scovill {James^, James^, William^,
John^, John^), born July 4, 1803, at Waterbury; died
(date and place not found); married Oct. 31, 1842, at
Waterbury as his second wife Rev. William Preston,
born Aug. 16, 1801, at Woodbury; died (date and
place not found); son of Nathan and Sarah (Perry)
Preston of Woodbury.

William Preston was an Episcopalian clergyman,
residing at Pittsburgh, Pa., at the time of his second
marriage; later in 1871 he was at Columbus, O.

Only child.
i. James Scovil, born July 8, 1849; died Oct. 27, 1852.

195. Alathea Maria^ Scovill (James\ James^,
William^ John^, John^), born Aug. 14, 1805, at Water-
bury; died March 19, 1878, at Cheshire; married
Oct. 9, 1825, at Waterbury, Joel Hinman, born
Jan. 27, 1802, at Southbury; died Feb. 21, 1870,
at Cheshire; son of Col. Joel and Sarah (Curtis)
Hinman of the Southbury parish of Woodbury.

Joel Hinman studied law and settled at Water-
bury in 1824. In 1830 he was appointed judge of
probate. He was twice elected to the State Senate
and several times to the lower House. In 1842 he


was elected a judge of the Superior Court and in 1861
he was elected chief justice of Connecticut, and held
that office until his death.

Judge Hinman resided in Waterbury until 1845,
when he removed to New Haven, and later to Cheshire.
He was a man of good natural ability, excellent com-
mon sense, and great firmness of mind. As a judge
all his stronger qualities came into play and he met
with marked success. An extended notice of Judge
Hinman was published in Vol. XXXV of Connecticut

Children horn at Waterbury.

i. Caroline Alathea, born July 9, 1827; married Henry

Wheaton Goodwin, a merchant of Hartford,
ii. William L., born March 12, 1833; died April 16, 1899,

iii. Eunice Scovil, born Sept. 27, 1836; married John C.

Abbott of Hartford.
iv. Mary Clark, born Aug. 29, 1839; died unmarried May

12, 1875.
V. Frederick, born ; a physician.

196. Mary Thankful^ Scovill (James^, James*,
William^ John^, John^), born July 23, 1808, at Water-
bury; died there May 2, 1842; married April 28,
1839, Jacob Lyman Clarke, born Sept. 19, 1807,
at Westhampton, Mass.; died Jan. 26, 1877, at Water-
bury; son of Jacob and Susannah (Bangs) Clarke.

Previous to his fifteenth year Jacob L. Clarke
worked upon a farm. In 1822 he went to Cambridge,
Mass., to study with his brother, the Rev. Orange
Clarke at that time a student at Harvard College.
After two years of this he taught schools at Ports-
mouth, N. H., and Beverly, Mass. In 1827 he entered
Trinity College at Hartford and graduated in 1831.
His father was a farmer of moderate means and his


sons were dependent on their own exertions for the
educational advantages they obtained. He seems
not to have had the ministry in view at first, as he
became a communicant of the church while at college,
and it has been said that until he was after twenty
years old he had never seen the inside of an Episcopal

He studied three years at the General Theological
Seminary in New York, and was ordained deacon by
Bishop Brownell at St. Mark's, New Canaan, June
29, 1835. He supplied that parish and Ridgefield
until he came to Waterbury, the second Sunday after
Easter, 1837. Here he labored with great success
for almost forty years until his death.

During this long period the history of his life is
substantially the history of the parish. His success
was so marked, his power of administration so evident,
and the contributions of the parish under his guidance
so liberal to the general work of the church that it
could not fail to attract attention, and few parishes
in the country were better known than St. John's,
Waterbury, and few clergymen better known or
more highly esteemed than its rector. His life had
few salient points for biographical purposes. He will
be remembered outside of his parish for his earnest
labor in missionary work and his single-hearted zeal
for all that was good. Although St. John's was only
one of eight or ten churches in the town, yet on the
afternoon of his funeral business was suspended and
the whole population poured forth to do honor to his
memory. It was a spontaneous tribute to a life of

For a fuller account of Rev. Jacob L. Clarke's life
and work, see History of St. John's Church, by Fred-
erick John Kingsbury. The sketch here given is
condensed from that account.


Child born at Waterbury,
Mary Thankful, born April 23, 1842; married Nov. 2, 1864,
Ambrose Ives Upson; residence Waterbury and London,
England. Children: Ambrose Ives, born Feb. 11, 1866;
Mary Scovill, born March 1, 1871; married Nov. 12, 1895,
at Waterbury, Vose Huntoon, born Nov. 10, 1870.

197. William^ Scovil (William^, James'^, William^,
John'', John^), born May 12, 1816, at St. John,
New Brunswick; died Feb. 27, 1886, at Brighton,
England; married, about 1837, Sophia Gilbert, born
about 1816; died Feb., 1895, at Brighton; daughter
of Henry and Eliza (Simonds) Gilbert of St. John.

William Scovil had a University education, re-
ceiving the degrees of M.A. and Ph.D., and then took
orders in the Church of England and was rector of
the church at Norton, N. B., from 1842 to 1815.
The church at Norton was erected in 1811, but not
consecrated until July 18, 1826. The centennial
of its erection was celebrated Nov. 29, 1911, by a
service of Holy Communion followed by historical
and other addresses by his Lordship the Bishop of
Frederic ton, by the Ven. Archdeacon Raymond, and

Mr. Scovil resigned the rectorship at Norton
and became Canon of Christ Church Cathedral,
Fredericton. Later he went to England, where he
died. He inherited a part of the library of the cele-
brated Rev. Cotton Mather of Boston, but this was
burned in the conflagration which swept St. John
in 1877.

Mrs. Scovil was a granddaughter of Col. Thomas
Gilbert, the celebrated loyalist of Freetown, Mass.,
and her mother was the daughter of James Simonds,
one of the original settlers of St. John.


Children born at Norton, N. B.

343. i. William Henry, born 1840; married Laura Boyd,
ii. Elizabeth Mary Cecil, born 1844; died 1847.

344. iii. Francis Simonds, born Aug. 1, 1851; married Mary

Alice Catt.

198. William Elias^ Scovil {EUas\ James^, Wil-
liam^, John^, John^), born March 6, 1810, at Kingston,
N. B.; died at St. John, N. B., June 6, 1876; married
Jan. 24, 1842, Frances Lee, born Jan. 24, 1822; died
May 13, 1913, at Rothesay, N. B.; daughter of Hon.
Thomas Carleton and Margaret Lester (Wet more)
Lee of Fredericton, N. B., Receiver General of the
Province of New Brunswick, 1836-1850.

In the Bishop of Nova Scotia's report to the Society
for the Propagation of the Gospel for 1834 appears
the name of William Elias Scovil, eldest son of the
Rev. Elias Scovil, and afterwards third rector of
Kingston. He says, "On Sunday, May 25th, I ad-
mitted Mr. W. Elias Scovil, A.B., of King's College,
Windsor (son of the Society's valuable missionary
at Kingston, New Brunswick), to the Order of Deacons.
At the earnest request of his father, who is in great
need of assistance, I have allowed Mr. Scovil to remain
for the present in Kingston, but have encouraged him
to expect no more than the Society's limited allowance
of £50 a year."

In his first report to the Bishop, William Elias
Scovil writes, "Rather more than half a year has
elapsed since I was admitted by your Lordship to the
holy order of deacons, and thereby separated to a
work which was the object of desire from my early
years. I trust that with purity of motive I sought
that service in which my fathers had so long labored
before me."

The salary being so small, Mr. Scovil was for
several years master of the grammar school at Kings-


ton and received boys from a distance as boarders
in his family.

On Sunday, August 2, 1835, Mr. Scovil was or-
dained priest in Trinity Church, Kingston, by the
Bishop of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick being included
in the diocese of Nova Scotia. There was a congre-
gation of 500 persons present at the ceremony. In his
speech to the vestry later the Bishop said the church
in Kingston was the root from whence all other churches
in the county had sprung.

In 1841 the Bishop records that during his visita-
tion he "was met at a certain point by the Rev. Wil-
liam Elias Scovil and was sorry to learn that his
valuable father, the missionary at Kingston, was
prevented from coming to us by a dangerous illness."
In a footnote the Society adds that it has received
news of the death of this valuable missionary.

In 1857 Bishop Medley of the new diocese of
Fredericton notes that he visited Kingston and con-
firmed 107 persons, being the largest number ever
presented to him at one place in the diocese.

A granite monument stands near the chancel
window of the Kingston Church inscribed : —

In Loving Memory of

Our Late Pastor

Rev. William E. Scovil

who died June 6, 1876

In the Sixty-seventh year of his age

And Forty-third of his ministry

Jesus Wept.

Children born at Kingston, N. B.

345. i. William Elias, born Jan. 3, 1843; married (1)

JaneWetmore; (2) Louise Johnson,
ii. Thomas Lee, born March 16, 1845; died Feb. 22,

346. iii. Elizabeth, born April 14, 1847; married William

A. Fayerweather.


347. iv. Charles Harrison, born Jan. 22, 1851; married (1)

Josephine Dunn; (2) Charlotte Dunn.

348. V. Ernest Albert, born Sept. 4, 1852; married Alice

vi. Margaret, born June, 1855; died Jan., 1856.

349. vii. Samuel, born Sept. 13, 1857; married Emily Hart-

viii. Frances Alice, born March 28, 1860; died Sept.
16, 1902; unmarried. She was trained as a nurse
at Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y.

199. Samuel James^ Scovil {Elias^, James\ Wil-
liam^, John^, John^), born Aug. 8, 1816, at Kingston,
N. B.; died May 3, 1883, at Cambridge, Queens
County, N. B.; married July 23, 1845, at Fredericton,
N. B., Mary Eliza Robinson, born April 8, 1824, at
Douglas, York County, N. B.; died Nov. 18, 1894, at
Cambridge, N. B.; daughter of Col. John and Eliza
Maria (Allaire) Robinson of Douglas, N. B.

Samuel J. Scovil was a barrister-at-law. He lived
in Cambridge, N. B., at a place formerly called Scovil's
Landing, but now Meadowlands. Later he removed
to St. John, where he was a banker. Later still he
was an insurance agent at Boston, Mass., and at
Fredericton, N. B.

i. Mary Eliza, born June 10, 1846; died April 14 or

30, 1849, at St. John, N. B.
ii. Elizabeth Robinson, born April 30, 1849; residence
Meadowlands, Gagetown, N. B. Miss Scovil grad-
uated from the Massachusetts General Hospital
Training School for Nurses in 1880. She was
associate editor of the Ladies* Home Journal for
twelve years; editor of the American Journal of
Nursing for many years; in charge of the infirmary,
St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., for ten years;
superintendent of the Newport Hospital, New-
port, R. I., from 1888 to 1892. She is author of
several books and of many papers in the line of
her profession.


iii. Sophia Allaire, born Jan. 26, 1850; died April 26, 1854.
iv. Samuel, born Feb. 16, 1852; died June 1, 1855.

350. V. Samuel John, born May 2, 1856; married Eliza

Adeline Barker.

351. vi. Morris, born June 19, 1860; married Harriet

Lavinia Du Vernet.

vii. Arthur, born April 14, 1862; died Jan. 14, 1863.

viii. Alice Mary, born Oct. 2, 1863; died March 19, 1868.
ix. Henry Barclay, born Oct. 22, 1864; died April 14,

X. Barclay Allaire, born March 21, 1867; unmarried
in 1913. In 1895 and 1896 he collected much
material for a genealogy of the Scovil family,
especially of the descendants of Rev. James Scovil
in New Brunswick, although other branches were
not neglected. This work he laid aside owing
to pressure of business, but his papers have been
of great assistance in compiling the present work.

200. Susannah Elizabeth^ Scovil {Elias^, James^,
William^ John\ John^), born Feb. 13, 1823, at Kings-
ton, N. B.; died July 20, 1857, at Carlton, N. B.;
married Sept. 25, 1848, Dr. Martin Hunter Peters,
son of Hon. Charles J. Peters.

They resided at Carlton, N. B. Dr. Peters's father
was the last attorney-general of New Brunswick
appointed by the Crown.

i. Laura Campbell, born 1850.
ii. Charles, born about 1852; was in Boston, Mass., in 1875;

in Colorado in 1883.
iii. A child that died young.

201. William Henry^ Scovil {Edward George
Nichols^^, James*, William^, John^, John}), born July
12, 1811, at Springfield, N. B.; died July 8, 1869,
at St. John, N. B.; married Aug. 16, 1841, Elizabetha
Anna Lee, born Feb. 15, 1820, died Oct. 2S, 1892;
daughter of Hon. Thomas Carle ton and Margaret
Lester (Wetmore) Lee of Fredericton, N. B., Receiver
General, 1836-1850.


William Henry Scovil was a merchant and manu-
facturer and lived at St. John.

Children born at St. John.

352. i. Edward George, born July 3, 1842; married Alice

Louisa Foster,
ii. Margaret Lee, born March 2, 1844; died March 9,

353. iii. Ann Isabel, born July 23, 1846; married James


354. iv. Mary Lucretia, born Jan. 2, 1848; married William

M. Jervis.

355. V. James, born Nov. 2, 1849; married Martha Doherty.

356. vi. Frances Lee, born April 17, 1853; married John

Morris Robinson.

202. Susannah^ Scovil (Edward George Nichols^,
James^, William^, John^, John^), born Nov. 3, 1816,
at Springfield, N. B.; died (date not found); married
(date not found) Edward L. Thorne.

Edward L. Thorne was a merchant at St. John,
N. B.


i. James Scovil, born ; lived in New York City.

ii. George Edward, born ; died .

iii. William Henry, born ; a merchant at St. John;


iv. Susan Louise, born ; married Leigh Richmond

Harrison of St. John; three children.

v. Daniel Scovil, born ; residence Manitoba; un-

vi. Arthur Townsend; born .

203. Frances Bates^ Scovil (Edward George
Nichols^, James^, William^, John^, John^), born March
20, 1820, at Springfield, N. B.; died (date not found);
married (date not found) Edward L. Simonds.

Edward L. Simonds was a farmer, residing at
Frederic ton, N. B.



i. Ann Charter, born ; unmarried.

ii. Frances, born ; unmarried.

iii. Elizabeth, born ; married Rev. William McNeales;

no children.

iv. Louise, born ; unmarried.

V. Edith, born ; married William Earle; no children.

vi. Helen, born : died .

204. Walter Bates® Scovil {Edward George Nich-
ols^, James"^, William^, John^, John^), born Nov. 2,
1823, at Springfield, N. B.; died May 30, 1903, at
Springfield, N. B.; married Feb. 1, 1854, Charlotte
Amelia Hewlett, born June 5, 1830, at Hempstead,
Queen's County, N. B.; died April 30, 1899, at Spring-
field, N. B.; daughter of Thomas Townsend and
Anne Horsfield (Sloane) Hewlett.

Walter Bates Scovil was educated at the grammar
school at Kingston, N. B. He was farmer by occupa-
tion. For several years prior to the Confederation
of the Provinces of the Dominion of Canada he was
one of the Representatives for King's County in the
New Brunswick Legislature. Later he was appointed
inspector of weights and measures for several of the
counties of the Province in the Department of Inland
Revenue of the Dominion of Canada, an office which
he filled acceptably for some fifteen years until, on
account of advancing years and failing health, he
was superannuated. Resided at Springfield, N. B.

357. i. Thomas Townsend Hewlett, born Jan. 11, 1855;

married Georgiana A. Marvin.

358. ii. Anne Horsfield Sloane, born Dec. 22, 1856; married

Herbert T. Nowlan.
iii. Edward George Nichols, born May 28, 1859; died

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