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Laws so to do. The said Trustees shall deposit
or invest, at the end of each month, all monies in
their hands, in such Bank, Trust Company or Sav-
ings Institution, for such security as the Lodge may
direct, in the name of " A, B, and C, Trustees of
Hoosack Valley Lodge, No. 129, I.O. of O.F ;'' and
such funds shall not be drawn out, unless their draft
is signed by a majority of the Trustees, and the seal
of the Lodge affixed ; and no amount shall be
drawn, nor the securities changed, without the con-

BY-LAWS. r 31

sent of the Lodge, by a two-third vote at a regular

Section 2. The said Trustees, previous to en-
tering upon the duties of their office, shall give a
joint and several bond to the N. G. and V. G., with
two sureties, to be approved by the Lodge, for the
the faithful performance of their duties.

Section 3. Either of the said Trustees, for non-
performance of dut3S or for misconduct, rnav be re-
moved from his office, in the manner prescribed by
the 4th Section of Article IlL of these By-Laws.


Section 1. Every member who is not disquali- '
fied by the 2d Section of Article IX, of these By-
Laws, sliall, in case of being rendered incapable by
sickness or accident of following his usual occupa-
tion, be entitled to, and shall receive out of the
funds ot the Lodge, (provided he hath attained the
Scarlet degree,) four dollars ; the Royal Blue de-
gree, three dollars ; otherwise, two dollars per week,
during his sickness or disability ; commencing not
more than one week anterior to the date of his be-
ing reported to the Lodge. Provided such sickness
or disability does not proceed from immoral conduct
on his part.

Section 2. On the death of a member who is not
disquahlicMl by the second Section of Article IX.,
the sum of thirty dollars shall be allowed as a fune-
ral benefit, which shall be disposed of as provided
for by Clause 2d, Section 2d, Article IT., of the Con-
stitution. And the Secretary shall notify every
member of this Lodge of the death of a worthy
brother, in order that they may attend the funeral.

Section 3. On the demise of the wife of a mera-


ber, as qualified by the second Section of this At-
tide, he shall be entitled to fifteen dollars.

Section- 4. The members of this Lod2;e shall be
assessed by the Permanent Secret ry, fifty cents
each, on the death of a brother entitled to receive
benefits ; and twent^'-five cents each on the death of
the wife of a brother, as provided for in Section 2d
nnil 3d of this Article.

Section 5. Residence at a distance from the town
of South Adams, shall not discjualify a brother from
receiving benefits, provided he is notdis(pialified by
the 2d Section of Article iX. of these By-Laws.
It will be necessary for a brother so circumstanced,
to send to the N. G. a true statement of his case,
attested by the N. G., under the seal cjf the Lodg:e
nearest to the place where he may be; or, if no
Lodge be near, his case, complaint and circumstan-
ces shall be certified by a justice of the peace, or a
respectable physiciaji.

Section 6. If a member from a distant Lodge
apply to this Lodge for relief, on the presentation
of his card, his case shall be referred to a commit-
tee of three members, to investigate the circum-
stances and report to the Lodge, when, on motion,
a sum not exceeding the amount of one wcek'a
benefit may be voted for the relief of the brother:
unless the case be one of extreme necessity, when
an additional sum ma^' be voted.



The Contingent Fund shall be formed by contri-
butions for that purpose, the surplus of funeral as-
sessments, and ail fines collected ; and shall be held
separate from the funds of the Lodge, by the Treas-


urer, and pledged for tlie widows and orphans of
deceased members, under such regulations as are
provided for by Article VIII. of the^e By-Laws.


Section 1. A widow of a member of this Lodge,
so long as she maintains a good character, shall be
entitled to, and receive from the Widow and Or-
phan Fund, the sum of twenty-five dollars per an-
num, during her widowhood.

Section 2. In case there should be any orphans
or children of a member left in poverty, without a
protector or guardian, it shall be the duty of the
Trustees to endeavor to place them in situations
where they may be employed in gainii^* a liveli-
hood, and at the same time be preserved from vice
and infamy ; and from time to time make proper
inquiries into their situation, and report to the



Section 1. Any member of this Lodge who is
in arrears over thirteen weeks, shall not be privi-
leged to vote or speak on any question before the
Lodge, nor shall any brother on the first night of
his membership, have those privileges.

Section 2. Every member whose dues remain
unpaid for four weeks after the commencement of
the term, shall be immediately notified by the Sec-
retary, and if they remain unpaid for more than four
weeks thereafter, he shall not be eligible to receive
benefits from this Lodge until tv/o weeks after the
same shall have been paid ; or who, having been
suspended or expelled, has been reinstated within

34 BY-LAW?.

thirteen weeks, sliall be eligible to receive the ben-
efits of this Lodge.

Section 3. Every elected officer who shall be
absent from the Lodge fifteen minutes after the
time of meeting, shall be subject to the penalty of
fifty cents. Should the- Secretary fail to have hi.4
books in the Lodge at the specified time, he shall
be subjected to a fine of fifty cents. Any member
appointed to serve on a committee, and neglecting
to attend to its duties, shall be fined twenty -five
cents. Any brother failing to attend the funeral of
a deceased brother, shall be subject to a fine of fifty
cents ; and a brother duly notified to watch with
the sick who shall neglect or refuse to attend to his
duty, shail be fined one dollar. Sickness, or atten-
dance upon the sick, absence from town, or an at-
tendance upon duty as a juryman, or in the Grand
Lodge of the State, shall be a sufficient excuse to
remit these fines. Brothers failing to notify the
Secretary of a change of residence, within three
weeks of removal, shall be fined fifty cents.

Section 4. The Junior P. G. present of this
Lodge shall, for any neglect on his part to perform
the duties belonging to the office, be subject to a
penalty of fifty cents.

Section 5. Any member who shall, in the Lodge^
make use of any profane or indecorous expression,
or use disrespectful language to the officers or mem-
bers of the Lodge, shall be subject to a fine, for the
first ofTence, of one dollar.

Section 6. Any member who shall be guilty of
improper conduct, in or out of the Lodge, or shall
bring charges against a brother which he is unable
to prove, or shall knowingly propose unworthy
characters for membership, shall subject himself to


fine, suspension or expulsion, according to the enor-
mity of the offfiEce.

,'SecUon 7. Any member guilty of habitual
drunkenness, or of heinous offences against the laws
of the laud, or of feigning himself sick, with a view-
to abuse the benevolent intentions of the Order,
shall be expelled.

Section 8. No smoking, or refreshments other
than water, shall at any time be allowed in tlie
Lodge room, or any other apartment thereunto be-
longing. Any brother violating this rule shall be
fined not less than ten dollars, or expelled at the
pleasure of the Lodge.



Section 1. At all elections the Secretary shall
provide written ballots for each candidate. It shall
be the duty of the Warden to distribute a set of
ballots to each member entitled to vote, and he shall,
then receive their votes. It shall then be the duty
of the N. G. to appoint two tellers, who with the
Warden, shall canvass the votes given, and declare
the result to the N. G.j by whom it shall be an-
nounced to the Lodge. Any candidate, to be elec-
ted, must receive a majority of the votes given.

Section 2. Should there be no choice on the first

ballot, the candidate having the smallest number of

votes shall be set aside at the next ballot, and so of

every succeeding ballot until a choice shall be made.



Section 1. All applications for degrees shall be
made in open Lodge, and shall be balloted for with
ballots. If not more than two black balls appear


against the candidate, he shall be elected ; but if
three or more appear he shall be rejected for three
months. And when degrees shall have been voted
to a worthy brother, it shall be the duty of the Per-
manent Secretary to furnish him with a certificate
of the same, under seal of the Lodge, upon his pay-
ing the amount required.

Section 2. The cost of degrees conferred in this
Lodge shall be two dollars for each degree.

Section 3. No brother shall be allowed to vote
degrees to any brother, who has not himself received
the degrees about to be voted,



No part of these By-Laws shall be repealed, an-
nulled, suspended or amended, unless a proposal in
writing be presented to the Lodge,at least two reg-
ular meetings previous to the discussion ; when, if
two-thirds of the members present vote in favor of
the rngtion, it shall be adopted.



1. Opening the Lodge.

2. The proceedings of the last meeting read by
the Secretary, and if no objection be made to any
part thereof, they shall stand approved without vote.

3. Calling the roll of Officers, and delinquents

4. Reports of Investigating Committees.

5. Balloting for members.

6. Candidates admitted for membership.

7. Propositions for membership.

8. Reports of the Visiting, or Committee on the

9. Communications read and disposed of.

10. BiUs read and referred.

11. Reports of the Committee of Finance.

12. Reports of Special Committees by seniority.

13. Unfinished business by priority.

14. New Business.

The order of business, as herein arranged, may
at any time, for an occasion, be suspended, changed,
or dispensed with, by a special two-thirds vote of
the Lodge.



During the continuance of the meeting, the most
decorous silence must be observed ; the officers and
brothers retaining their respective seats, unless abso-
lutely necessary to leave them and no one leaving
the room without the permission of the N. G., nor
entering without the consent of the V . G.

Every elected officer and brother shall be desig-
nated, in debate or otherwise, by his proper office
or title, according to his standing in the order.


The N. G., while presiding, shall state every
question coming before the Lodge,'and immediately
before putting it to vote, shall ask, " Is the Lodge
ready for the question .-"' Should no brother rise
to speak, the N. G. shall proceed to state the ques-
tion, and after he has risen, no brother shall be per-
mitted to speak upon it. He shall announce the
decision of the Lodge on all subjects. He shall not
speak on any subject from the chair. When his
decision has been appealed from, the question shall
be put thus — " Will t]te Lodge sustain the Chair in
its decision?''


Every brother, when he speaks or offers a motion,
shall be standing, and shall respectfully address the
Chair, and when he has finished he shall resume
his seat. While speaking, he shall confine himself
to the question under debate, avoiding all personal-
ity and indecorous language, as well as any reflec-
tion upon the officers or brothers of the Lodge.

No brother shall be allowed to speak over fifteen
minutes at a time, and not over twice^^upon the


same subject, except by permission of the N. G.

If any brother, while speaking should be called
to order by the N. G., he shall cease speaking, and
take his seat until the question of order is deter-
mined, when? if permitted, he may again proceed.

Any brother feeling dissatisfied with the decision
of the N. G., can appeal to the brothers of the Lodge.

Should two or more brothers rise to speak at the
same time, the N. G. shall decide which shall be
entitled to the floor.

No brother shall disturb another in his speech,
unless to call him to order for words spoken.

All resolutions offered by brothers shall be redu-
ced to writing.

No brother shall be permitted to speak or vote
on any question before the Lodge, unless clothed in
the full regalia of his office.


When any conmiunication, petition, or memorial
is presented by a brother of this Lodge, before it is
read, or any vote taken ou it, a brief statement of its
contents shall be made by the introducer, or the N.
G., and after it has been read, a brief notice of the
purport shall be entered on the minutes.

No motion shall be subject to action until seconded
and stated by the Chair, and at the desire of any
^brother shall be reduced to writing.

AVlien a question is before the Lodge, no motion
shall be received, unless to close the Lodge ; the
previous question; to lay on the table; to post-
pone ; to refer ; or to amend. And these shall
have precedence in the orderherein arranged, which,
\vith the exception of the last, shall be decided ^\ith-
out debate.


After miy qiiestion has been decided, any two
brothers who voted in the majority, may, at the
same or next meeting, move for a reconsideration

The previous question can be called for by two
brothers, if seconded by a majority, and shall be
put in this form — "■Shall the mairi question he now
put .-"' If carried, all amendments not already adopt-
ed, shall be precluded, and the main question taken
without further debate.

When one fifth of the brothers rise in favor of
taking the question by Yeas and Nay, they shall be
60 recorded.

Extract from Proceedings of the Grand Ledge of TT.

S., upon the admission ct members. Adopted Oct. 6, 1840.

HesolveDj That no individual claiming to visit or de-
posit his card in a Lodge of these United States shall be
so admitted, unless he present a regular card, signed by
the N. G., and attested by the Secretary, under the seal of
the Lodge, and the ncme of fhe individual holding said
card, be endorsed thereon, in his own proper hand writing.

ExTUACT from Article IL of the By-Laws of the Grand

Lodge of the State of Massachusetts :

Section 9. Any member of the Order who shall have
painted upon his sign any of the emblems of the Order^
or otherwise exhibit them upon the same, or have them
printed or engraved upon his business card, or expose them
in any public place as a sign, t>hali (alter the Lodge of
which he is a member gives him immediate notice, and
if persisted in,) be suspended or expelled, agreeable to a
rote of the Lodge.


Introiiuciion, 3-12


Preamble, 13

Art. 1. Name of Lodge, 13

Art. 2. Admission to Membership, 14

Contributions and Benefits, 15

Penalties and Trials, 16

ART. 3. Elective and Appointed Officers, 17

Duties of Officers, 18

Elections, &c 18

Art. 4. Terms, 19

Returns, 19

Forfeiture of Charter, 20

Art. 5, Eligibility for Degrees, 20

Rates of Degrees, 20

Art. 6. Amendment, « . . .21

Of By-Laws, 21


Article 1. Meetings, 22

Art. 2. Membership 23

Art. 3, Officers and their Duties 24

Art. 4. Standing and Special Committees, 28

Art. 5. Trustees, 30

Art. 6. Benefits, 31

Art. 7. Contingent Fund, 32

Art. y. Widows and Orphans, 33

Art. 9. Fines and Penalties, 33

Art, 10. Mode of Elections, 35

Art. 11. Degrees, 35

Art. 12, Amendments, 36


Order of Business, 37

Of Decorum ; Of the Chair ; Of Debate, 38

Of Questions and Votes 39

Extracts from Proceedings, &c 40

B 000 002 384






V i *




1 i







m w

1 3

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