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[The Letters now first published or collected are marked N.]


1392. To Lady Ossory, Oct. 26. Thanks for the present of a purse Lord Ossory

going to Houghton, in Norfolk The Irish tax Miss Pelham Party at
Lady Holdernesse's 1

1393. To Lord Nuneham, Nov. 6. Tax on absenteeship Mrs. Olive and cards

Duchess Hervey forgotten Epitaph on his dog, Rosette. N. . . 3

1394. To the Earl of Strafford, Nov. 15. Best way of contending with the folly

and vice of the world Proposed tax on Irish absentees Lady Mary
Coke's mortifications Count Gage and Lady Mary Herbert ... 4

> 1395. To Lady Ossory, Nov. 18. Tax on absentees Fox and Mrs. Grieve Mrs.

Hartley, the actress 6

1396. To Mason, Nov. 19. Has seen 'Elfrida'at Covent Garden Garrick and

and George III. Preface to ' The Fair Quaker of Deal ' Death of
Hawkes worth Accident to Lady Holdernesse . . . . . 13

1397. To the same, Nov. 27. Has read the first part of Mason's 'Life of Gray'

Letters of Gray and West Thanks for some " most delightful lines "
Preface to the new Shakespeare 14

1398. To Lady Ossory, Nov. 28. Lady Bridget's match Peter Oliver's miracu-

lous picture Birth of Lord Vassall- Holland ,. .... 18

1399. To Mann, Nov. 28. Lord Holland dying Mr. Fox's debts Lady Mary

Coke and the Duchess of Gloucester . . . . . . 19

- 1400. To Mason, Dec. 1. 'Gray's Life' Gray's 'Elegy' Gray's 'Lines on

Lord Holland' 22

Jv 1401. To Lord Nuneham, Dec. 6. Lady Nuneham's poetry New volume of
Madame de Sevigne's ' Letters ' Marriages in high life His dear sisters.
in Loo Mrs. Clive and Cliveden Mr. Eaftor and 'The Rehearsal'
Miss Cecilia Davis, the singer . . . . . . . 23

1402. To Mason, Dec. 8. Sending unpublished letters from Gray Preface to

' The Fair Quaker of Deal ' Supposed Epitaph on Walpole by the
Sexton at Houghton 25

1403. To the Hon. Mrs. Grey, Dec. 9. Advice from Dr. Walpole to the Marchioness

of Blandford, suffering from the gout ....... 27

vi CONTENTS. [17734.


1404. To Sir David Dalrymple, Dec. 14. Thanks for his ' Kemarks on the His-

tory of Scotland ' 27

1405. To Lady Ossory, Dec." 14. London and the country The vacant garters

and bishopric Mr. Hanbury and his play Dinner at Beauclerk's
Kelly's ' School for Wives ' Garrick and Goldsmith . . . . 28

1406. To Mason, Dec. 14. ' Gray's Life' 'Gray's Letters' Believes his letters

are opened since his relation to Royalty 30

1407. To the Countess Temple, Dec. 20. Respecting the purchase of certain

miniatures Miss Stapleton. N 32

1408. To Mann, Dec. 21. Lord Holland Dying Mr. Fox's debts Lord Orford's

affairs Death of Andrew Stone . . . . . . . 33

1409. To Lady Ossory, Dec. 25. Madame de Sevigne and Madame de Grignan

Miss Leveson's legacies Mr. Crawfurd 34

1410. To the same, Dec. 27. Crawfurd and Winterslow 36

1411. To the same, Dec. 30. Lord Orford's recovery The play at Winterslow

Grattan's character of Lord Chatham The three Vernons . . . 36

1412. To Lady Mary Coke (no date). Lady Mary and her "phrenzy for royalty "

A laughing letter . 38

1413. To Mann, Dec. 30. Lady Mary Coke Her virtues and vices The King of

Prussia's conduct to her The Duke and Duchess of Cumberland The
Gazette on the Gunpowder-plot Recovery of Lord Orford Meeting of
Parliament The Opposition Russian affairs Revolt of Pugatscheff
Lady Mary Coke at Rome Miss Davis Milico's jealousy of her Badness
of burlettas and dancing The Macaronis 41

1414. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 5. Lord Orford's health Grattan's character of

Lord Chatham The play at Cashiobury Cradock's recitation Garrick's
'Christmas Tale' Sir Joshua to paint the " three Vernons " as the three
Graces Music the best amusement ....... 43

1415. To Mason, Jan. 14. Lord Orford's recovery Almon the bookseller His

relation to Royalty Duke of Gloucester and George IV. ' Postscript' to

the ' Heroic Epistle ' 45

1416. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 19. Fashions Winterslow House burnt down

Harris of Salisbury made Secretary to the Queen Insurrection in Russia

Duke of Richmond 48

1417. To Mason, Jan. 21. 'Postscript' to the 'Heroic Epistle' Macaronis

and Nabobs 49

1418. To the Duchess of Gloucester, Jan. 27. Letter of advice respecting her

position in the Royal Family, and the position of her husband, the Duke

of Gloucester, to his brother, King George III 52

1419. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 29. Dr. Dodd dismissed from his chaplaincy

Procession of Warwickshire colliers Lord Orford's health Confidential
references ... 55

1774.] CONTENTS. vii


1420. To Manii, Feb. 2. Walpole out of favour at Gloucester House Lady Mary

Coke Her quarrel with Lord Huntingdon American affairs Past,
present, and future times . . 56

1421. To Lady Ossory, Feb. 12. Lord Orford's affairs Lady Holland The

Grenville Act Fox and Mrs Grieve 58

1422. To Mason, Feb. 14. Lord Orford Lord Holdernesse Works of Chesterfield

and Lyttelton Charles Fox and Mrs. Grieve 59

1423. To Lady Ossory, Feb. 19. Sensible people What the author was in his

youth Selwyn's company Colman's comedy ' The Man of Business' . 62

1424. To Mann, Feb. 23. Lord Orford's estate Pleasure of returning to Straw-

berry Hill Libel on the Speaker of the House of Commons Examination
and acquittal of Parson Home A political satire The rebellion in Eussia
The King of Prussia Lady Mary Coke at Turin The Duchess of
Kingston Lady Orford Charles Fox turned out of place The Queen
delivered of a Prince Mrs. Anne Pitt . 63

1425. To Mason, March 19. Has been a fortnight at Houghton ... 66

1426. To the same, March 23. Houghton and lawyers Bryant's prse-existent

' History of the World ' Warton's 'History' Literary property . . 66

1427. To Mann, March 28. Lord Orford Lady Mary Coke's reception at Turin

America Feebleness of the Opposition Threats against the Bostonians
Successes in the East Indies Our tyrannies there Approaching
marriage of the Duke of Devonshire Scultore Capezzuoli ... 69

1428. To Lady Ossory, April 6. His own health Lord and Lady Strafford The

Meynells Warton's ' History of English Poetry ' Death of Goldsmith

Luxuries of our ancestors ......... 70

1429. To Mason, April 7. Warton's ' History 'Death of Goldsmith Lord

Chesterfield's ' Letters' Lord Holdernesse ' ghastly and going ' . . 72

1430. To the same, April 17. 'Gray's Life' Gray's removal from Peterhouse

Chesterfield's Letters 'Perfect respect' Not going to write 'Divine
Poems.' . 75

1431. To Mann, May ]. Parliamentary regulations for Boston Stagnation of

important events Lady Mary Coke Capezzuoli the sculptor Increase
of London Scotch and Irish emigration to London and America Popular
rage for pictures Anecdotes Popularity of Miss Davis, the singer
Racing 79

1432. To Cole, May 4. Reasons for his long silence Temptations to visit Straw- . t

berry Fate of Dicky Bateman's collection Conjectured fate of
Strawberry 81

1433. To Mann, May 15. Rumoured death of the French King Particulars of

his illness The Czarina and Pugatscheff the rebel The Duke and
Duchess of Cumberland Mrs. Anne Pitt Estrangement of Lord Orford
from Ms uncle Opening of the grave of King Edward I State of the
body Miseries attendant on royalty Death of the Duke of Cleveland
Lord Ilchester Lord and Lady Holland (May 17.) Death of the
French King confirmed . . . . , , . . . 83

viii CONTENTS. [1774.

1434. To Cole, May 28. Pennant's ' Tour to Scotland ' Ossian Fingal's Cave-

Brave way of being an antiquary Richard Gough Fenn's 'Original
Letters' Society of Antiquaries Old friends . ..... 85

1435. To Mann, June 8. Ignorance as to the intentions of Louis XVI. D'Aiguillon

La Vrilliere Maurepas The Due de Choiseul Troubles in America
Proceedings in the House of Commons Re-appearance of Lord Chatham,
and re-union with Lord Temple Approaching marriage of Lord Stanley
Masquerade at the Oaks, near Epsom Arrival of Lady M. Coke The
Duchess of Kingston Completion of the Chapel at Strawberry Mrs. Pitt
Elopement of Dr. Elliot's wife with Lord Valentia Montaigne's' Travels'
Montaigne's description of Bianca Capello Mrs. Anne Pitt's departure
from Florence Alterations in the French Ministry .... 87

1436. To Mason, June 12. Fitzpatrick's 'Town Eclogue' Fox's 'Amoret'

Gage's defeat Another ' Noble Author.' 90

1437. To Lady Ossory, June 14. His own course of life Arrival of Lady Mary

Coke Anstey's new poem Miss Aikin's marriage . . . . 91

1438. To Cole, June 21. Efficacy of James's powders Old friends in old age our

best amusement Flattery Queen Catherine's Cross at Ampthill . . 93

1439. To Conway, June 23. On Con way's tour of military observation Politics

Quebec Bill 94

1440. To Mann, July 10. Acknowledgment of the receipt of a letter Recovery

of the French Royal Family from the small-pox Recall of Choiseul
Beautiful compliment to Louis XVI. Death of Lord Holland and illness
of Lady Holland Increase of gaming Newmarket Horrible result of
an experiment The Duchess of Kingston Mr. Bruce Bon-mot of Lady
Townshend , 95

1441. To Mason, July 19. Sending Gray's Itinerary His ' press ' at a dead stand 97

1442. To Lady Ossory, July 30. Lady Holland's death Her bequests Legacy

to Charles Fox Lord Thomond's no-will The Fitzpatrickhood "Writing

the ' History of Twickenham ' French news ..... 99

1443. To Mann, Aug. 3. The Duchess of Kingston's departure in the night

Anecdote Death of Lord Thomond Ministerial alterations in France
French tyranny over the Corsicans Portrait of Sir H. Mann Plated
silver Sir H. Mann's nephew Gracious conduct of the King of Prussia
to General Conway .......... 101

1444. To Selwyn, Aug. 10. His visit to Matson, the seat of Selwyn . . . 103

1445. To Lady Ossory, Aug. 11. Mr. Cambridge, and Walpole's own blunder . 103

1446. To Cole, Aug. 15. Account of his antiquarian pursuits Journey into

Worcestershire Matson Gloucester Cathedral Monument of Ed ward II.
Bishop Hooper's house Prinknash Berkeley Castle Murder of
Edward II. Thornbury Castle The Vicar of Thornbury . . . 104

1447. To Conway, Aug. 18. On the General's introduction to the King of Prussia

Account of his own journey into Worcestershire .... 108

1448. To Mason, Aug. 23. Offer of the use of his 'Press' Dr. Johnson's style-

Mason's ' English Garden' Has been in Gloucestershire . . . . 109

1774.] CONTENTS.

1449. To Lady Ossory, Aug. 23. The Duchess of Leinster Marriage of Lord

Bellamont New French Ministry . . . . . 110

1450. To Mann, Sept. 2. Barrenness of the season Troubled aspect of America

Banishment of Terray and the French Chancellor Restoration of the
Old French Parliament Reflections on the state of French affairs Lord
Carlisle , . . . .111

1451. To Conway, Sept. 7. On the General's visit to the Mines of Cremnitz

Visit to Berkeley Castle Lord Mahon presented at court in coal-black

hair . . . . .. . . ...... 113

1452. To Lady Ossory, Sept. 14. Lady Louisa Fitzpatrick (Lady Shelburne)

Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick' s blue eyes The Strawberry Gazette very
barren of news A bunch of grapes and Lady Blandford His house-
keeper Margaret's love of animals . . . . . . .115

1453. To Mason, Sept. 16. Gray's satirical verses on Jemmy Twitcher (Lord

Sandwich) 117

1454. To Mason, no date. The new Elections Bob Macretb, formerly a waiter

at White's, returned for Castle Rising Sir John Dalrymple and
Macpherson . . . ... . . . . 119

1455. To John Crawfurd, Sept. 26. Lives with none but old women Dined on

Sunday as usual with Lady Browne at Lady Blandford's Adventure,
returning home, on the Thames, at Richmond. N. .... 121

1456. To Conway, Sept. 27. Rejoices at the General's flattering reception at

foreign courts Character of the Germans Italian women Reasons for
not taking a trip to Paris French dirt New Elections Mode of passing
his time . . . . . .123

1457. To the same, Sept. 28. Cautions for his conduct at Paris Entreaty to take

much notice of Madame du Deffand Her character Wishes to have back
his letters to her Mademoiselle de 1'Espinasse The Duchesse de Choiseul
Monsieur Buffon Comte de Broglie 125

1458. To Mann, Oct. 6. Dissolution of Parliament London in a ferment New

bill by the late Mr. Grenville Extraordinary popularity of Wilkes In-
surrections in America Elections Anecdote of Lord Orford Continued
and violent rains Daring highway robberies and murders The Middle-
sex election Anecdote Lord Cowper's marriage Triumph of Wilkes
Sir W. Duncan's marriage Bon-mot of George Selwyn . . 128

1459. To Cole, Oct. 11. Elections His nephew's mental alienation . . . 131

1460. To Lady Ossory, Oct. 15. Lady Ossory a Proteus in petticoats Saying of

the Tuscan Envoy on Cromwell's death Unlike Lord Holland, he does

not wish to die 131

1461. To Conway, Oct. 16. New Elections Wilkes's popularity Charles

Fox Character of M. de Maurepas Reasons for not meeting him at
Paris 133

1462. To Mann, Oct. 22. Death of the Pope Wilkes and the Middlesex election

Wilkes opposed by the Duchess of Northumberland Anecdote of a
Quaker The Duchess of Beaufort Sir Horace Mann, jun., in Parlia-
ment ............ 135

VOL. VI. b

x CONTENTS. [1774.


1463. To Lady Ossory, Oct. 27. The Duchess of Northumberland Lord Orford's
boroughs The Quaker at dinner with the Comtes de Provence and
d'Artois The Pope poisoned by the Jesuits ..... 137

1464. To Conway, Oct. 29 On the General's being deprived of a seat in the new-
Parliament Objects to be seen at Paris Church of the Celestines
Richelieu's tomb at the Sarbonne Hotel de Carnavalet Versailles The
Luxembourg Pictures at the Palais Royal Church of the Invalids
St. Roch The Carmelites The Val de Grace The Sainte Chapelle
Tomb of Conde ; and of Cardinal Fleury 138

1465. To the Countess of Ailesbury, Nov. 7. Domestic news Marriages Wilkes's

popularity Mr. Burke's success at Bristol "Wit and a gamut" Com-
forts of old age 141

1466. To Mann, Nov. 11. Departure of the gout Gaming Wilkes and Charles

Fox The King of Prussia Austria and Russia The Turkish war
France Lord Bristol The Duke of Kingston Bad news from America
Suicide of Bradshaw, Secretary of State Death of the Duke of Athol
Lord Berkeley Distressed state of the kingdom 143

1467. To the Earl of Strafford, Nov. 11. Concert at Isleworth Leoni The

Opera The Duchess of Kingston 144

1468. To Conway, Nov. 12. Thanks for his attentions to Madame du Deffand

American disturbances General Burgoyne's 'Maid of the Oaks' The
Ducdela Vallidre Chevalier deBoufflers Madame de Caraman Madame
de Mirepoix Abbe' Raynal Mademoiselle de Raucoux Le Kain Mole
Preville M. Boutin's English Garden .146

1469. To Lady Ossory, Nov. 14. He alludes with affected gravity to the state of

the times A counterfeit speech composed by George Selwyn Lord
Orford The author's employment Mrs. Abingdon's coiffure Lady
Mary Somerset 1 49

1470. To the same, Nov. 23. Death of his friend and Deputy, Mr. Tullie

Death of Lord Clive St. Palaye's 'History of the Troubadours'
Supposed cause of Lord Olive's death Lord Holland's illness . . 151

1471. To Mann, Nov. 24. The Duchess of Kingston Lady Orford Robert

Macreth Sudden death of Lord Clive Serious state of affairs in
America Restoration of the old French Parliament Voltaire Histoire
des Mceurs Degeneracy of England The New World. (Nov. 29.)
Decision against the Duchess of Kingston The new Lord Holland
Opening of Parliament The Rebellion at Massachusetts Deaths in high

life 152

3472. To Conway, Nov. 27. Deaths Disturbed state of America Duchess of
Kingston French despotism Madame du Deffand Opera The Bastar-
della Death of Lord Holland 154

1473. To the same, Dec. 15. Remonstrances from America Lord Chatham . . 158

1 474. To the same, Dec. 26. The Prince de Conti Proceedings of the French

Parliament Petitions from America Burke's speeches Duchesse de
Lauzun St. Lambert . . .159

1475. To the same, Dec. 31 . Bibliotheque du Roi Abbe Barthelemi Due de

Choiseul 'History of Furness Abbey' 162

1775.] CONTENTS. xi


1476. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 1. He compliments Lady Ossory on her letter to him

His vest, and how he would look in it 164

1477. To John Crawfurd, Jan. 2. Thanks for a kind letter. N. . . ,165

1478. To Cole, Jan. 9. Nell Gwynn's Letter Strutt's 'Manners and Customs'

Duke Humphrey's skull at St. Albau's . . . . . 166

1479. To Mann, Jan. 9. Fresh attack of the gout Excellence of the bootikins

James's powders Fishmongers Sir H. Mann's nepotism Critical state

of the country Approaching marriage of Lord Lincoln . . . 167

1480. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 12. He eulogises Miss Vernon's fables and verses

Mrs. Miller's bouquet of artificial flowers What is left to care for
Cumberland's comedies Garrick's epilogues . . . . . 168

1481. To Conway and Lady Ailesbury, Jan. 15. Party men : Lord George

Germaine, Mr. Burke, Lord Chatham, Marquis of Kockingham Opera-
tions of the Bostonians General Gage New Parnassus at Bath-Easton
Bout-rimes ' Lines on aButtered Mufiin' by the Duchess of Northumber-
land Lord Palmerston's ' Poem on Beauty ' Rulhiere's Kussian
Anecdotes 169

1482. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 15. Verses sent to him by Lady Ossory Kirgate,

his printer . . . . . . . . 174

1483. To the Duke of Gloucester, Jan. 17. Letter of advice respecting any

measure in Parliament for procuring a provision for the Duke's family . 175

1484. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 21. The Bath-Easton 'Miscellany' Lord Palmerston's

and the Duchess of Northumberland's contributions Notice of Dr.
Johnson's ' Tour to the Western Isles' The King's opinion of it Witty
answer of one of the ladies of the Queen of France And of M. de
Maurepas And of the Queen of England 178

1485. To Conway, Jan. 22. Debate in the House of Lords on Lord Chatham's

motion for withdrawing the troops from Boston Plan for cutting off all
traffic from America Illness of the Duke of Gloucester Committee of
oblivion Death of Dowdeswell Death of Tom Hervey . ... 180

1486. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 24. The Duke of Gloucester dying Lord Stanley's

maiden speech The Cophthi Death of Tom Hervey . . . .182

1487. To Mann, Jan 25. Serious illness of the Duke of Gloucester Dispatch of

troops to America Lord Chatham's motion in the House of Lords The
Jesuits Excuse for not sending more news. (Jan. 27.) Progress of the
Duke of Gloucester's illness The Luttrells Petition for war with
America from Birmingham . 182

1488. To Lady Ossory, no date, Saturday evening. He praises verses by Lord

Ossory Lord Chatham and Dr. Franklin War with America determined

on Mrs. Weesey's academy Mr. Tighe and Jephson's tragedy . . 184

1489. To the same, Feb. 1. No news The Ladies' Club The Duchess of

Devonshire's opinion of Jephson's tragedy The author to write an
epilogue Barry the painter Lord Chatham's bill for pacifying America
Objections to it by usual fears Lord Shelburne Lord Mansfield
America the sole topic 186

b 2

xil CONTENTS. [1775.

1490. To Mann, Feb. 15. The gout and the bootikins Popularity of the war

with America Hostile preparations in England and America Gordon of
Brussells The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester 188

1491. To Mason, Feb. 18. Jephson's 'Braganza' acted last night At its

rehearsal Mason's harpisco- violin 190

1492. To the same, Feb. 28. Gates of Janus's Temple open and shut every day

Purchase of the rest of the Digby miniatures . . . .191

1493. To the same, March 7. 'Gray's Life' Jephson's 'Braganza' . . . 193

1494. To Mann, March 20. State of America Profusion and extravagance of

people of fashion The new Pope The Duke of Gloucester and his family
The month of June Death of Lord Bristol The Duchess of
Kingston . . . . . . 194

1495. To Mason, April 3. Publication of Mason's ' Life of Gray' Gray's study

of physic Queries in ' Gray's Life ' Bon-mot of Foote . . . . 196

1496. To Cole, April 11. Warm approbation of Mason's 'Life of Gray' Verses

by Lord Rochford, Anne Bpleyn's brother ..... 198

1497. To Mason, April 14. 'Gray's Life' Twiss's Spain Tyrrwhit's Chaucer

' Nugse Antiquse 'The Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd Mr. Potinger, Colman,

and Lloyd 201

1498. To Mann, April 17. 'Politicians and Pleasurists' The American contest

Wilkes's remonstrance to the Throne The young men of fashion M.
de Guisnes Shocking death of Lady Gertrftde Hotham Anecdote of
Lord Chesterfield Occupations at Strawberry Sir H. Mann's nephew . 203

1499. To the same, April 22. Acknowledgment of the receipt of a letter

Exhibition of pictures Zofiani Sir Joshua Reynolds Loutherbourg
West Adam and Wyatt, the sculptors Splendour of private houses . 204

1500. To Cole, April 25. Mason's 'Life of Gray' Peep into the gardens at

Twickenham Whitaker's ' History of Manchester ' Bryant's ' Ancient
Mythology' ........... 205

1501. To Mann, May 7. Dullness of the political world The American contest

Dispatch of Troops Rumours of a war with Spain Deaths in high life
The Duchess of Northumberland The Jesuits Madame du Barri
M. de Guisnes Strawberry Hill 208

1502. To Mason, May 7. Criticisms on Mason's ' Memoirs of Gray ' Sir Joshua

Reynolds's portrait of the Primate of Ireland The Hotel d'Harcourt . 210

1503. To Mann, May 17. Sir H. Mann's nephew Tumults in France Quarrels

between the French King and Parliament Lord Temple The Duchess
of Northumberland The Pretender Masquerades Lord Dacre Beauty
of Strawberry Hill Reflections on Life The Pretender's happiness in not
being King. (May 22nd.) Death of the Qaeen of Denmark . . . 213

1504. To Mason, May 27. With Fox's verses on Mrs. Crewe Fitzpatrick a more

genuine poet than Fox Lord Lyttelton's printed speech Burke's second
printed speech Death of the husband of Mrs. Montagu of Shakespeare-
shire Selwyn and Bruce' s "Lyre" . . , . . . .216

1775.] CONTENTS, xiii


1505. To Mann, June 5. Sir H. Mann's nephew Defeat of the King's forces in

America General Gage Insurrection at New York The Spanish fleet
Anecdote of an American Colonel Regatta on the Thames Low spirits
out of fashion Crowning of the King of France Insurrections in France
Anecdote of Lord Peterborough 218

1506. To Cole, June 6. Genealogical inquiries Blomefield's ' Norfolk ' . .220

1507. To Lord Nuneham, June 14. Enclosing Mr. Fitzpatrick's 'Dbrinda; a

Town Eclogue.' N 222

1508. To Lady Ossory, June 23. Description of a Thames regatta Lord

Chatham ' .".7 > . 223

1509. To Mann, July 6. The American contest Quarrel of the Livery of London

with the King Expectation of riots Proposed journey to Paris The
Duke of Gloucester Comparison of former times with the present . . 223

1510. To Lady Ossory, July 7. His proposed movements The 'Correspondents'

Comments on its publication . .'..''.-'.'' . . 225

1511. To Conway, July 9. Projected trip to Paris American news Story of

Captain Ma whood, the tea-man's son . . .'""./ . . . 226

1512. To Mason, July 10. The war to be pursued Thinking of a tour to Paris

' The Correspondents ' Wood's ' Essay on Homer ' Third volume of

the ' Archaeologia ' Altar-piece for Westminster Abbey . . . 227

1513. To Lord Nuneham, July 18. Is going to Paris, but not incog., as Lord

Bute. N. . . . . . . 230

1514. To Lady Ossory, July 23. Confesses his indolence Mr. Bateman's auction

His purchases there Story of Lord North about Mr. Cambridge and
Bruce the traveller The author's indifference as to the preservation of
his letters . . , ' ' . -. V. ' : 231

1515. To the same, Aug. 3. 'The Correspondents' Lady Luxborough and Mr.

Dalton Lady Craven's verses Mrs. Daye's illness Mr. Crawfurd
Lines in the window of an inn at Huntingdon William Whitehead
Washington made generalissimo . 'I' - -'" : *- -.' ; - ; . 233

1516. To Mann, Aug. 3. Triumphs in America Dispatch of more men and

ammunition Washington The Spanish fleet Journey to Paris
Madame du Deftand Sir H. Mann's brother The Duchess of Beaufort
False news The Duchess of Kingston Foote's desire to ridicule her
Expectation of her trial . . . . ..-. . 235

1517. To Mason, Aug. 7. Charm of Madame deSevigne's letters The American

war Monsieur Watelet's French garden General Gage recalled . . 237

1518. To Conway, Aug. 9. Preparations for a journey to Paris War between

the Lord Chamberlain and Foote for refusing to license his play . . 239

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