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[The Letters now first published or collected are marked N.]


205. To Mann. Jan 17. The rebels fortifying themselves in Scotland HawUy's

executions Anecdotes of Hawley French invasion laid aside ... 1

206. To the same. Jan. 28. Battle of Falkirk 8

207. To the same, Feb. 7. Flight of the rebels New regiments Confusion at

court - .... 4

208. To the same, Feb. 14. Insurrection in the Closet The Pelhams throw

up the Seals- - Reconcilation and return to office History of a long
Administration 6

20P. To the same, March 6. Re-union of the dispersed clans Lord Lovat . . 9

210. To the same, March 21. The rebels take Fort Augustus The Prince of

Wales's new Opposition 12

211. To the same, March 28. The rebels out of spirits Lady Walpole Peggy

Banks The Opera Shocking murder 13

212. To the same, April 15. The rebellion at its last gasp Supplies from

France taken Hanoverian troops Trial of Hawley Marriage of Lord
Kildare An odd discovery Strange event . . II'.. 14

213. To the same, April 25. Battle of Culloden Escape of the young Pretender

Fireworks and illuminations Death of Mr. Wilmington . . 18

214. To the same, May 16. End of the Rebellion Old Tullybardine Lords

Kilmarnock, Balmerino, and Ogilvie prisoners Antwerp taken . . 21

215. To Montagu, May 22. Visit to Langley The Sidney papers Sir Philip

Sidney's defence of the Earl of Leicester . ' , ' . . . 22

216. To the same, June 5. Character of the Prince of Hesse Fame of the

Violette * -../.. ..... 23

217. To Mann, June 6. Marriage of the Princess Mary to the Prince of Hesse . 26

218. To Montagu, June 12. Anecdotes of the Prince of Hesse Lady Caroline

Fitzroy Dick Edgecumbe . . . ... . . . 2?

212. To the same, June 17. Prospect of Peace Death of Augustus Townshend . 28
VOL. n. ft

CONTENTS. [1746-7.



220. To Mann, June 20. Battle of Placentia Old Tally bardine and Lord

Cromartie in the Tower Death of Jack Spenser . 29

221. To Montagu, June 24. Ministerial changes Arrival of rebel prisoners.

Jack Spenser's will Lady Townshend's bon-mots Anecdotes of Lords

Bath and Sandys, and of the Duke of Cumberland 31

222. To the same, July 3. Promotions and marriages .... .38

223. To Mann, July 7 Lord Lovat, and Murray the Pretender's secretary, taken 34

224. To Conway, July 19. Lady Caroline Fitzroy "The Beauties" Fanny

Murray. N 35

225. To the same, July 24. Mr. Fox's commendation of his Epistle to Eckardt. N. 37

226. To Mann, Aug. 1. Trials of the rebel Lords Description of Lords

Eilmarnock, Cromartie, and Balmerino Intercessions in their behalf
Confessions of Murray 38

227. To Montagu, Aug. 2. Trials of the rebel Lords Anecdotes. . . . 43

228. To the same, Aug. 5. Discoveries of Murray Lady Cromartie's petition

Anecdotes of the rebel Lords The Duke of Cumberland's ball . . 45

229. To the same. Lord Cromartie's pardon Lady Caroline Fitzroy's marriage . 47

280. To Mann, Aug. 12. Opera squabbles The Violette Lord Sandwich's
embassy Marriage of Lady Charlotte Fennor, and of the Princess Louisa
to the King of Denmark Wanderings of the young Pretender Conduct of
the rebel Lords Story of Lord Balmerino 48

231. To Montagu, Aug. 16. Anecdotes of the rebel Lords under sentence . . 50

232. To Mann, Aug. 21. Account of the execution of Lords Balmerino and

Kilmamock 52

233. To the same, Sept. 15. Lady Orford and Mr. Shirley 55

284. To the same, Oct. 2. Arrival of Mr. Chute from Italy Mr. Whithed

described 58

235. To Conway, Oct. 3. Enclosing Gray's "Ode on a distant Prospect of Eton

College" 59

236. To Mann, Oct. 14. Defeat of the allies in Flanders Capitulation of Genoa

Acquittal of Cope General Oglethorpe's sentence .... 60

237. To Conway, Oct. 24. Campaign in Scotland 61

238. To Montagu, Nov. 3. Epilogue to Tamerlane 63

289. To Mann, Nov. 4. Ministerial changes Lord Chesterfield accepts the seals

Expedition to Quiberon Admiral Matthew's court-martial . . . 64

240. To the same, Nov. 12 66

241. To the same, Dec. 5. Marriages Reformations in the army Arrest of

Orator Henley Theatricals 67

242. To the same, Dec. 25. Trial of Lord Lovat Mr. Davis's copy of Domi-

nichino 69

243. To the same, Jan. 27. The Prince of Wales's new Opposition . . . 71

244. To the same, Feb. 23. The Opera Debates on places and pensions Lord

Kildare's marriage Panciatici Anecdotes of Lords Holdernesse and
Kerrey ............ 73

1747-8.] CONTENTS. v


245. To the same, March 20. Lord Lovat's trial Anecdotes . . . . 75

246. To the same, April 10. Account of Lord Lovat's execution The Inde-

pendents Tottering state of the ministry Civil war in the House of Finch 77

247. To Conway, April 16. Mutability of fame and popularity Lord Lovat's

burial Story of George Selwyn Debate on the Heritable Jurisdictions

bill 80

248. To Mann, May 5. The new Stadtholder Scotch Clanships bill Bill for

allowing counsel to prisoners on impeachment for treason Resignations
Holland House 81

249. To the same, May 19. Anson's victory Death of Captain Grenville

Mr. Dayrolles 84

250. To the same, June 5 . Sudden dissolution of Parliament Rumoured

ministerial changes Purchase of Strawberry Hill 85

251. To Conway, June 8. Description of Strawberry Hill Dissolution of Par-

liament Measures for carrying the elections ...... 86

262. To Mann, June 26. Election tumults Sir Jacob Bouverie's peerage The

Duchess of Queensberry at court Instance of English bizarrerie . . 88

253. To Montagu, July 2. 111 success of the army in the Netherlands Battle of

Laffeldt Gallant conduct of Mr. Conway Naval captures . . . 90

254. To Mann, July 3. Battle of LaSeldt Capture of the Domingo fleet Pro-

gress of the elections 92

255. To the same, July 28. Piedmontese victory over the French Death of the

Chevalier Belleisle 92

256. To the same, Sept. 1. Bergen-op-Zoom Sir James Grey Panciatici . . 93

257. To Montagu, Oct. 1. Cardinal Polignac's Anti-LucretiusGeorge Selwyn

Anecdotes 95

258. To Mann, Oct. 2. Capture of Bergen-op-Zoom Character of Mr. Chute-

Chit-chat Anecdote of Lord Bath 95

259. To the same, Nov. 10. Admiral Hawke's victory Meeting of the new Par-

liament The musical clock 97

260. To the same, Nov. 24. Meditates a journey to Florence Congress at Aix-

la-Chapelle Ministerial interference in the Seaford election Mr. Potter

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's Eclogues 98

261. To the same, Jan. 12. General disposition for war Diplomatic changes

Lord and Lady Coke Matrimonial fracas 100

262. To the same, Jan. 26. Mr. Legge's embassy to the King of Prussia

Mr. Villiers Ministers triumphant in Parliament Admiral Vernon's
letters *..'... 101

263. To the same, Feb. 16. Resignation of Lord Chesterfield Ministerial changes

Hitch in Mr. Legge's embassy Discontent in the army Public amuse-
ments Moore's comedy of " The Foundling " ..... 104

264. To Mann, March 11. Prevalence of miliary fever Death of the Marquis of

Powis Private theatricals Attempt to damn " The Foundling " Ani-
mosities in the House of Commons Buckingham assizes Duchess of
Qaeensberry's masquerade ......... 105

Ti CONTENTS. [1748-9


265. To Mann, April 29. Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle Masquerade at the Hay market 107

266. To Montagu, May 18. Lord Anson'a marriage with Lady Elizabeth Yorke

His voyage Anecdotes Marshal Wade's house 109

267. To the same, May 26. Ranelagh Anecdotes Sir Thomas Bootle Story of

Prince Edward ........... Ill

268. To the same, June 7. The Duke of Newcastle's journey to Holland "Straw-

berry Hill," the old name of Walpole's house 112

269. To Conway, June 27. His rural occupations Lord Coke Friendly advice

from White's Fate at Vauxhall 114

270. To Mann, July 14. Duke of Newcastle's travels Anecdote . . . 115

271. To the same. Bad state of Lord Oxford's health Reflections Has finished

his .Sides Walpolianae Improvements at Strawberry Hill . . . . 117

272. To Montagu, July 25. Account of a visit to Nugent Tombs of the Aubrey

de Veres, Earls of Oxford Henningham Castle Gosfield . . . 118

273. To the same, Aug. 11. Anecdotes of the House of Vere Kitty Clive

Garrick and Lee Visit to Esher Claremont House Mrs. Pritchard . 121

274. To Conway, Aug. 29. His progress in planting Anticipations of future

discoveries 124

275. To Montagu, Sept. 3. Bon-mot of the Duke of Cumberland "The new

light" Whitfield and the Methodists Smell of thieves Story of hand-
some Tracy Gray, the worst company in the world . . . . 126

276. To Mann, Sept. 18. Death of Bishop Gibson 129

277. To Montagu, Sept. 25. Disinterested friendship Pretty passage in Chilling-

worth The Duchess of Ireland's Hennim, or piked horns . . . 130

278. To Conway, Oct. 6. Meeting of Parliament Preparations for proclaiming

the peace Lady Cadogan 131

279. To Montagu, Oct. 20 - . . 138

280. To Mann, Oct. 24. Adventure of Milord Richard Onslow Character of

Lord Walpole Unpopularity of the peace Death of old Tom Walker . 138

281. To the same, Dec. 2. The King's return Prospects of a stormy session

League of the Tories with the Prince's party Bon-mots of Mr. Chute
The Opera Pertici Lord Marchmont and Hume Campbell Treason at

Oxford 134

282 To the same, Dec. 15. Imprisonment of the young Pretender at Vincennes
Death of the proud Duke of Somerset ; his will Bon-mot of John
Stanhope Hogarth at Calais 136

283. To the same, Dec. 26. Improvements at Strawberry Hill Diplomatic

movements Old Somerset's will Trial of the Vice-Chancellor at Oxford
Story of Sir William Burdett 139

284. To the same, March 4. Proceedings in Parliament Formidable minority

headed by the Prince Character of Lord Egmont Innovations in the
Mutiny bill New Navy bill 143

285. To the same, March 23. Debates on the Military bills Jar at Leicester

House Theodore King of Corsica The two black Princes of Anamaboe

Spread of Methodism Stories of his brother Ned'a envy . . .. 147

1749-50.] CONTENTS. ril


286. To the same, May 3. Rejoicings for the peace Jubilee masquerade Fire-

works English credulity Subscription, masquerade Projected chastise-
ment of Oxford Union between the Prince's party and the Jacobites
Disgrace of Maurepas Epigram on Lord Egmont's opposition to the
Mutiny bill Bon-mot of Wall ; and of Lady Townshend Increase of
Methodism, drinking, and gaming 150

287. To the same, May 17. Duke of Richmond's fireworks in celebration of the

peace Second jubilee masquerade Miss Chudleigh Lady Rochford
Death of Miss Jenny Conway Publication of Lord Bolingbroke's letters
Anecdotes of Pope and Bolingbroke . . . . . . .155

288. To Montagu, May 18. The Duke of Richmond's fireworks The Violette

and Garrick Story of the Duchess of Queensberry Mary Queen of Scots
Dignity of human nature Anecdote of Fielding West's "Pindar"
Story of Charles Townshend 160

289. To Mann, June 4. Anecdotes of Pope, Bolingbroke, and Atterbury . . 164

290. To the same, June 25. Cambridge installation Installation of six Knights

of the Bath Garrick's marriage to the Violette Lord Mountford's
cricket-matches ........... 167

291. To Montagu, July 5. Improvements at Mistley Visit to the Prince of Wales

Anecdote of Lady Anson Epigram 169

292. To Montagu, July 20. Excursion Layer Marney Messing Witham

parsonage Death of the Duke of Montagu ; his will . . . . 172

293. To Mann, July 24. Death of the Duke of Montagu Principles of tie

Methodists 174

294. To the same, Aug. 17. Fire at Kensington Palace 176

295. To Montagu, Aug. 26. Expedition to Arundel Castle Petworth Co wdry . 178

296. To Mann, Sept. 12. Madame de Mirepoix Madame Sevigne's "Letters' . 180

297. To John Chute, Sept. 22 182

298. To Montagu, Sept. 28. Church at Cheneys Tombs of the Bedfords -

Latimers Stoke church 182

299. To Maun, Oct. 27. Dodington first minister at Carlton House Lady

Yarmouth 183

300. To the same, Nov. 17. Walpole is robbed in Hyde Park Riots at the new

French theatre 185

301. To the same, Jan. 10. Montesquieu's "Esprit des Loix" Hainault's

"Abrege de 1' Histoire de France." Westminster election Death of
Lord Pembroke ; his character Death of Lord Crawford Story of
General Wade Sir John Barnard's scheme for the reduction of interest . 186

302. To the same, Jan. 31. Numerous robberies Secession on the Mutiny bill

Hurricane in the East Indies Bon-mot of the Chevalier Lorenzi . . 190

303. To the same, Feb. 25. Ministerial quarrels Dispute of precedence Bon-

mot of a chair-maker Westminster election Extraordinary wager Death
of the Duke of Somerset Madame Munchausen Horrors of the slave-
trade Montesquieu's " Esprit des Loix " Grecian architecture . 198

304. To the same, March 11. The earthquakes Middlesex election Story of

Marie Miguot .... 198

Tin CONTENTS. [1750-1.


505. To tLe same, April 2. Terror occasioned by the earthquake Death of Lady
Bolingbroke Death of Lord Dalkeith Mr. Mann's pedigree Epigram on
Lady Caroline Petersham, and on Lady Bingley Madame du Boccage . 200

306. To Montagu, May 15. Westminster election 206

307. To Mann, May 19. Absurdities committed after the earthquake West-

minster election Commotions in Dublin Bower's "History of the
Popes" 207

308. To Montagu, June 23. Character of Mr. Bentley Account of a party of

pleasure at Vauxhall .......... 210

309. To Mann, July 25. The Houghton lantern King Theodore of Corsica in

prison for debt Mr. Ashton Dr. Mead . . . . . .214

310. To trx same, Aug. 2. Tuscan villas Improvement in the seats about

London Consequences of the excessive heat of the weather Death of
Dr. Middleton, and of Tacitus Gordon. Account of M 'Lean, the fashion-
able highwayman 216

311. To the same, Sept. 1. Pedigrees Young Craggs's epitaph Story of old

Craggs George Selwyn's passion for coffins and executions Death of the
Duke of Richmond Lord Granby's marriage Hanoverian duel Singular
bet at White's 221

312. To Montagu, Sept. 10. Death of General Handasyde And of Sir Gerard

Vanneck Riches conducive to happiness 225

313. To Mann, Sept. 20. Dr. Mead Sermon against Dr. Middleton Ecclesiastical

absurdity Project for publishing an edition of the Bible without pointings
or stops Sir Charles Williams' s letters Frequency of robberies Visit to
Spence 226

314. To the same, Oct. 18. Treaty of Commerce with Spain M 'Lean's condemna-

tion and execution Rage for visiting a highwayman in Newgate . . 228

315. To the same, Nov. 19. Shattered state of the ministry State of parties . 230

316. To the same, Dec. 19. Interministerium Droll cause in Westminster Hali

Duke of Cumberland and Edward Bright Sir Ralph Gore Bon-mots
ofQuin 233

317. To the same, Dec. 22. Miss Chudleigh Fontenelle Reply of Lord Corn-

bury Colley Gibber's letter soliciting the laureateship for Harry Jones

A very odd new story Ashton' s ingratitude ...... 235

318. To Mann, Feb. 9. Debates in Parliament " Constitutional queries "

Westminster petition Proceedings against Mr. Murray Account of young
Wortley Montagu 238

319. To the same, March 13. Further proceedings against Mr. Murray Lady

Vane's memoirs of her own life Fashionable theatricals The English

" a grave nation " 242

320. To the same, March 21. Death of Frederick, Prince of Wales Conduct of

the King thereon 243

321. To the same, April 1. Death of Mr. Whithed ; his will Death of the Earl

of Orford Harmony between the King and Princess of Wales Prince
George Prince Edward 24

1751-2.] CONTENTS. ix


322. To the same, April 22. Dodington's project of a ministry upset by the death

of the Prince Story of Sir T. Bootle Character of Dr. Lee Prince
George created Prince of Wales ; his household Bishop Hayter and Arch-
bishop Blackburne The young Earl of Orford Regency bill Clash of
politics 248

323. To Mann, May 30. Emptiness and vanity of life Match between Lord

Orford and the rich Miss Nicholl broken off Debates on the Regency bill . 253

324. To Montagu, May 30. Lady Orford and Mr. Shirley married . . . 255

325. To Rev. Joseph Spence, June 3. With a translation of a couplet of Tibullus. 256

326. To Montagu, June 13. Change of ministry Bon-mot on Lord North's

wedding Spenser's "Faerie Queen," with Kent's designs Bentley's
Gray " Warburton's "Pope" Edwards's " Canons of Criticism " . 256

327. To Mann, June 18. Resignations New ministry Epigram on Lord Holder-

nesse The two Miss Gunnings Extravagant dinner at White's Bubb
de Tristibus Dodington's bombastic eulogium on the Prince Sale of the
pictures at Houghton 258

328. To the same, July 16. Mr. Conway's intended visit to Florence . . . 261

329. To Montagu, July 22. Projected edition of Grammont Visit to Wimbledon

Ragley Warwick Castle ' ' Capability" Brown Easton Neston Stowe 262

330. To Mann, Aug. 31. Story of the Gunnings And of Lady Mary Wortley

Montagu in durance in the Brescian Lord Orford and Miss Nicholl . 265

31. To Montagu, Oct. 8. Description of Woburn 267

232. To Mann, Oct. 14. Death of the Prince of Orange Lady Pembroke Lady

Mary Wortley Montagu's Letters Lady Russell's Letters . . . 269

333. To the same, Nov. 22. Unanimity of Parliament Plots in the Duke of

Burgundy's cradle Verses stuck up on the Louvre Young Wortley
Montagu's imprisonment at Paris Bon-mot of Lord Coke Anecdote of
the King 272

334. To the same, Dec. 12. Lord Stormont Death of Lord Bolingbroke The

wonderful tooth-drawer . . . . . . . . .274

335. To Montagu, Jan. 9. The St. James's Evening Post parodied . . . 275

336. To Mann, Feb. 2. Debates on the treaty with Saxony A black-ball at

White's 277

337. To the same, Feb. 27. Death of Sir Horace Mann's father Marriage of the

Miss Gunnings to Lord Coventry and the Duke of Hamilton . . . 278

338. To the same, March 23. Sir Horace Mann's Portrait Duke of Argyll's job

Duchess of Hamilton at court Miss Jefferies and Miss Blandy
Frequency of executions ......... 280

S39. To Conway, May 5. Mr. Conway's infant daughter 282

340. To Montagu, May 12. Irish politics Mother Midnight's Oratory Captain

Hothain's bon-mot 283

341. To Mann, May 13. Irish politics Miss Blandy's execution. . . . 284

342. To Montagu, June 6. Capture of a housebreaker at Strawberry Hill Gray's

Odes Story of Lord Bury 286

g CONTENTS. 1762-3


843. To the same 288

344. To Conway, June 23. Story of Mr. Seymour and Lady Di. Egerton Distress
and poverty of France Profligacy of the French Court Births and
marriages 289

845. To Montagu, July 20. Alarm at the visit of a King's messenger. The

"Memoires" 291

846. To Mann, July 27. Fire at Lincoln's-inn Princess Emily and Richmond

Park Discussions concerning the tutorhood of the Prince of Wales
Portraits of CrSbillon and Marivaux, by Liotard 292

347. To Bentiey, Aug. 5. Excursion to Kent and Sussex Bishop's palace,
Rochester Knowle Tunbridge Summer Hill Bayham Abbey Hurst
Monceaux Battle Abbey Silver Hill Penshurst Mereworth Sissing-
hurst Bocton Malherbe Leeds Castle 296

848. To Montagu, Aug. 28. Adventure at Mrs. Boscawen's Privilege of Parlia-

ment Standing Army Gray's Odes 305

849. To Mann, Oct. 28. Projected trip to Florence Madame de Brionne Lady

Coventry at Paris Duke Hamilton and his Duchess Anecdotes Parisian
indecorums Madame Pompadour's husband Trait of Louis the Fifteenth
Epigram on the quarrel of the Pretender and his second son Astley's
pictures 307

350. To Conway, Nov. 8 311

351 . To Mr. Pelham, Nov. 25. Asking to obtain the enjoyment of the patent for

his own life, now depending upon that of his brother Sir Edward. N. . 312

852. To Montagu, Dec. 3. Lord Harcourt's removal from the Governorship of the

Prince of Wales Bon-mot of George Selwyn 314

353. To Mann, Dec. 11. Education of the Prince of Wales Resignation of Lord

Harcourt and the Bishop of Norwich The Bishop of Gloucester the new
preceptor, and Lord Waldegrave the new governor 316

354. To the same, Feb. 14. Death of Sir Hans Sloane ; his Museum . . . 320

355. To Gray, Feb. 20. New edition of Gray's Odes with Bentley's designs . 321

356. To Mann, March 4. Lord Ravensworth's accusation of Stone, Murray, and

the Bishop of Gloucester, on the information of Fawcett Liotard
CrSbillon's portrait 323

357. To the same, March 27. Debates in the Lords on the charges against Stone,

Murray, and Bishop Johnson 325

358. To the same, April 16 326

359. To the same, April 27. Improvements at Strawberry Hill Account of the

taking of Dr. Cameron Paper in " The World," to promote a subscription

for King Theodore Lord Bath and " Craftsman " .... 327

360. To Conway, May 5. Madame de Mezieres Sir Charles Williams's distich on

the Queen of Hungary Lord Bolingbroke's Works Anecdote of Lady
Harrington 330

361. To Montagu, May 22. Debates on the Marriage bUt ...... . .332

362. To Conway, May 24. Some subject .... ... 884

1753-4.-! CONTENTS. xl


363. ToMonUgu, June 11. Parliamentary altercations Clandestine Marriage bill

Bon-mot of Keith's 336

364. To Mann, June 12. Description of Strawberry Hill Clandestine Marriage

bill Execution of Dr. Cameron 338

865. To Montagu, July 17. Death of Miss Brown Tom Kerrey's letter to Sir
William Bunbury Story of Dr. Suckling George Selwyn's bon-mot
Elopement Marriage-bill 341

386. To Mann, July 21. Electioneering Snuff-taking Death of Lord Pomfret 343

367. To John Chute, Aug. 4. Visit to Greatworth Sir Harry Danvers described
White-knights Middleton Wroxton Steane Chapel Stowe Temple
of Friendship Wark worth 345

863. To Montagu, Aug. 16. Stowe Sir Harry Danvers .... 349

369. To Bentley, Sept. New Camden's "Britannia" Oxford Birmingham

Hagley Worcester Malvern Abbey Visit to George Selwyn at Matson

Gloucester Cathedral Hutchinsonians 351

370. To Mann, Oct. 6. The Modenese treaty Gothic amusements . . . 357

371. To the same, Dec. 6. Prince Heraclius Party feuds in Ireland Bianca

Capello 359

372. To Montagu, Dec. 6. Death of his uncle Erasmus Shorter, and of Lord

Burlington The Opera Glover's "Boadicea" Lords Huntingdon and
Stonnont - 361

873. To Bentley, Dec. 19. Eulogy ou his drawings Deaths of Lords Clarendon,

Thanet, and Burlington ''Sir Charles Grandison" Hogarth's "Analysis

of Beauty" Wood's "Palmyra" Opera The Niccolini . . . 362

874. To Mann, Jan. 28. Story of Biauca Capello SortesWalpolianse Serendipity

Dissuades him from taking the name of Guise Sir James Gray Sir
Robert Walpole's maxim The Opera and Niccolini Miss Elizabeth Pitt 364

375. To Bentley, March 2. The Duke of Cumberland's visit to Strawberry Hill
Proceedings in Parliament New Mutiny bill Death of Dr. Mead Sortes
WalpolianiB 368

876. To the same, March 6. Ironical account of the death of Mr. Pelham

Francis's tragedy of "Constantino" Crisp's "Virginia" Lord Boling-
broke's works ........... 370

877. To Mann, March 7. State of parties The new candidates for office Par-

ticulars of the death of Mr. Pelham 37S

378. To Bentley, March 17. The new ministry George Selwyn's bons-mots

Orator Henley Beckford and Delaval at Shaftesbury . . . . 375

379. To Montagu, March 19. The Newcastle administration . . . 377

380. To Mann, March 28. The new ministry Resignation of Lord Gower . 378

381. To the same, April 24. Duke of Newcastle all-powerful The new Parlia-

ment Irish politics Drummond's "Travels" ..... 380

382. To John Chute, April 30. Whitehead's tragedy of "Creusa" Tragi-comedy

at the Opera 382

383. To the same, May 14. Anecdote of Prince Poniatowski and the Duchess of

Gordon .. 383

rii CONTENTS. [1754-5


384. To Bentley, MaylS. Progress of improvements at Strawberry Hill Trial

of Betty Canning Regency bill ........ 384

385. To Montagu, May 21. Death of Mr. Chute's father . . 386

386. To Mann, May 23. War of the Delmontis Death of Mr. Chute's father-

Regency bill 388

387. To the same, June 5. Mr. Brand of the Hoo Lady Caroline Pierpoint

Affair of Lord Orford and Miss Nicholl Election petitions . . . 388

388. To Montagu, June 8. Invitation to Strawberry Hill .... 390

389. To the same, June 29. Lady Caroline Petersham's christening . . 390

390. To Mann, July 5. Effects of warm weather in England Old courtiers

Separation between Lady Orford and Mr. Shirley Dr. Cocchi's "Greek

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