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Betters of Rotate















[The Letters now first published or collected are marked N.]


2360. To Pinkerton, July 27. Declining to print Greek authors at the Strawberry

Hill press 1

2361. To Lady Ossory, Aug. 10. The new bridge at Henley Lady Euston and

Lady Ravensworth The Portland vase The Emperor of Austria's sale
of pictures and articles of virtu He doubts whether even the Reformation
was not too dearly purchased Of the two he prefers the Church to the
Crown ............ 2

2362. To Pinkerton, Aug. 18. Declines to print an edition of the Life of

St. Ninian 4

2363. To Lady Ossory, Aug 19. Mr. Murray's elopement The Duchess of Port-

land and the Portland vase Hannah More Pamela, the pupil of Madame

de Genlis The Irish propositions Mr. Orde withdraws his Irish bill . 5

2364. To Mann, Aug. 26. Colds and Coughs The Montroses most unfortunate

persons Defence of Sir Robert Walpole, ' the Grand Corrupter '
Political Prime Ministers Sir Robert died foretelling a rebellion 'Every
man has his price ' Death of Lord George Sackville .... 7

2365. To Lady Ossory, Aug 29. The 'Letters of Literature' Reasons why he

is not the author Dr. Johnson's published Prayers- Johnson's bigotry

The Cardinal de Rohan 10

2366. To the same, Sept. 17. Joseph II. Lady Euston French translation of

Walpole's ' Essay on Modern Gardening' How executed the Cardinal de
Rohan A Court story Dr. Burney and his daughter Fanny Description
of the Prince of Wales' new palace (Carlton House) New parody of the
Christcross row -Increased number of wits and poets since his youth . 12

2367. To Pinkerton, Sept. 17. Advising him not to reply to the critiques of

anonymous adversaries 15

2368. To George Colman, Sept. 19. On sending him a copy of the Due de

Nivernois' translation of his ' Essay on Modern Gardening.' . . . 16




2309. To the Earl of Buchan, Sept. 23. Literary stores in the Vatican, and in

the Scottish College at Paris Mr. Herschel's discoveries . . . 17

2370. To Pinkerton, Sept. 30. Advice on his intended publication of Lives of

the Scottish Saints His opinion of Bishop Hoadley Reflections on his

own life ............ 19

2371. To Mann, Oct 4. Is there any news ? Old and modern directions on letters

Henry Con way to Mr. Tighe Odd sayings made by Sarah Duchess of
Marlborongh and Sir Robert Brown Hoiighton hospitalities in Sir
Robert's time . .... 21

2372. To Conway, Oct. 6. JarvVs window at New College Blenheim Bean

Desert Stowe 'The Charming Man ' Boswell's 'Tour to the
Hebrides' ........... 28

2873. To Lady Ossory, Oct. 27. Sir Ralph Payne and the Poles Inconveniences
of showing Strawberry Hill Lndy Lansdowneand the Marchioness Grey
Sufferings of his servant David Eye portraits ..... 25

2374. To Mann, Oct. 30. Lady Craven at Florence -Mrs. Piozzi A little knot of
poets The Rolliad Dearth of news Severity of the weather Mrs.
Darner's statuary Lady Spencer's drawings The arts in England-
Herschel the New Columlms ........ 20

237. f >. To Lady Ossory, Nov. 16. He cannot compose letters Answers Lady
Ossory's question relating to the Mowbrays, Dukes of Norfolk His
servant David dying Saying of Lord Hervey .... .29

2376. To the same, Friday 18. Marriage between Mr. Pratt and Miss Moles-

worth Death of his servant David ....... 80

2877. To the Earl of Charlemont, Nov. 28. Order of St. Patrick ... 30

2878. To Mann, Dec. 4. Orestes and Py laden, or Walpole and Mann The

Signora ............ 31

2379. To the same, Dec. 13. Absurd behaviour of the Signora. ... 82

2880. To Lady Browne, Dec. 14. Last illness and death of Kitty Clive Lord

John Russell's marriage ......... 83

2381. To Mann, Jan. 8,1786. An ' interlude of gout 'Inclement weather 'In-
undation ' at Florence of English peerages Royal Dukes and Duchesses in
Italy Mrs. Darner and Miss Campbell Numbers of English transported
to the Continent by gaming Depopulation of London The mail robbed
in Pall Mall Worse outrages in Dublin Marriage of Mr. Pratt to Miss
Molesworth Walpole's patience under the gout .... 84

2882. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 27. Madame la ChevaliSre d' Eon- He sees her at
Mrs. Cosway's Description of her Jack Wilkes and Count Oginski
Description of the latter Reminiscence of Pope's 'Patty Blonnt'
Drawing of a Venus by a young lady at Bath Hannah More's ' Bas-
blena ' Mrs. Piozzi'n ' Johnsoniana '....... 36

2383. To Hannah More, Feb. ft. On her poem of ' Florio* dedicated to him . 38

2384. Ti Lady Ossory, Feb. 10. His gout Mrs. Jordan His opinion of 'The

Heiress' The story of Madame de Choiseul and Monsieur de Coigny . 39

1786.1 CONTENTS. vii

2385. To Mann, Feb. 13. Mann's reception of Mrs. Darner and Miss Campbell

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester Angry speeches in Parliament
Mr. Eden Royalty an empty pageant Mr. Dutens Accounts of the
Pretender's family ; and rumours about the Prince of Wales and Mrs.
Fitzherbert 40

2386. To the same, March 16. A second winter Accusations against Mr.

Hastings Mr. Fitzgerald's murderous exploits Cagliostro La Cheva-
liere D'Eon Marriage of Captain Hugh Conway to Lady Horatia Walde-
grave Arrival in England of Lord and Lady Spencer Adventures of
Lady Craven Mrs. Piozzi and Boswell Volume of English poetry
printed at Florence . . . 42

2387. To the same, March 28. Arrival of vases and books Superiority of the

French in ornaments of taste Mrs. Piozzi's anecdotes of Dr. Johnson
Walpole's disappointment in them Remarks on the book and on Dr.
Johnson The Prince of Wales and Mrs. Fitzherbert Walpole's legacy
from his father A dishonest return for honesty Boswell and Mrs.
Piozzi ridiculed in the burlesque verses of Dr. Wolcot (Peter Pindar)
Dr. Johnson's defects 43

2388. To the same, April 30. Dearth of news Severity of the spring Trial of

Mr. Hastings Voluminous charges against him A trio of culprits
Boswell and Mrs. Piozzi Caricature prints ridiculing them Lord Cowper
Female costume Reflections on fashion Mr. Hastings's defence
Speculations on our aggressions in India ...... 48

2389. To the same, May 29. Concert at Mrs. Cosway's Rubinelli Introduction

to Earl Cowper Walpole, in his latter days, thrown among royalties
Rehearsal of Handel's Jubilee in Westminster Abbey Rubinelli and
Mara Marriage of Mann's nephew and niece Order and decency at the
abbey Satire on governments 51

2390. To the Earl of Buchan, June 17. Old Scottish Portraits. N. . . . 53

2391. To Conway, June 18. Account of his visit to the Princess Amelia at Gun-

nersbury Stanzas addressed to the Princess Her answer Purchase of

the Jupiter Serapis and Julio Clovio 54

2392. To Gough, June 21. Thanks for the present of his 'Sepulchral Monu-

ments' The Due de Nivernois' translation of his 'Essay on Gardening' 5C

2393. To Mann, June 22. (Walpole's last letter to Mann) Mrs. Darner

Walpole remonstrates with Mann for sending him so many presents The
Episcopal Count and his nephew Fitzgerald Execution of the latter for
murder Fate of Hastings not decided Cardinal de Rohan and Cagliostro
Lady Craven The cameo sent by Mann Walpole's self-accusations . 57

2394. To Lady Ossory, July 5. In spite of flatteries, his infirmities are warnings

to him Dines with the Princess Amelie at Gunnersbury The Princess
of Wales and Mecklenberg His verses to the Princess Amelie Her bon-
mot on his yawning His hay harvest 59

2395. To the same, July 22. He imagines that Lady Ossory and he agree in their

political sentiments His ready acquiescence in her opinions Death of
Lord Grantham the Whiteboys ........ 61

iii CONTENTS. [1786


2396. To Lady Owory, Aug. 2. He iay that the sentiments in his former letter

wen advanced in jest The Duke of Bedford's order to Mr. Palmer An
accident to the writer's vase Visitors to Strawberry Hill ... 62

2397. To the Karl of Straffonl, Aug. 29. The new bridge at Henley Mrs.

Darner's colossal masks Visit from Count Oginski Out-Pensioners
of Bedlam Lord George Gordon Archbishop Chicheley and
Henry V 04

2398. To Lady Ossory, Aug. 30. Difficulty of writing letters when there is

nothing to tell The New bridge at Henley Lady Charleville and her
second husband, Captain Mayne The writer proposes that he should be
her third Mr. Hatton's intention to restore Kirby Charles Fox at
Cheltenham His occupation .... .... 66

2399. To the same, Sept 28. Death of Lady Graham and of Lady Harriet Elliot

And of Mr. Charles Hamilton His squabble with Anstey A party at
Lady Clifford's The company (Oct. 1.) His reception of the Archduke
and Duchess of Modena at Strawberry Hill Reminiscence of the Arch-
duchess's grandfather and grandmother 68

2400. To the same, Oct. 13. Asks Lady Ossory whether she received the

preceding letter 70

2401. To Pinkerton, Oct. 18. King Charles the First's Collection of Pictures. N. 71

2402. To Conway, Oct. 29. Two Charades, by Colonel Fitzpatrick Precocity

of Robert Stewart, afterwards Viscount Castlereagh and Marquis of
Londonderry 71

2403. To Lady Ossory, Nov. 4. Returns thanks for charades sent Mr. West's

verses Hannah More Miss Seward and Miss Williams Illness of
George Selwyn And of Sir Horace Mann The Duchess of Devonshire
The Princess Amelie's legacies Calumnies against her in the
newspapers 73

2404. To Lady Craven, Nov. 27. Apologies for not having written, and thanks

for a drawing of the Castle of Otranto 75

2405. To Lady Ossory, Dec. 1 . The letter of Beaumarchais Slighting opinion of

his talents Character of the modern gent de lettres Mrs. Yearsley's
ingratitude to Hannah More The human delinquencies of Sir Joshua
Reynolds The Countess Strathmore Sir Robert Goodcre's mistake
The Duke of Queensberry's palace at Richmond Pictures there Lady
Cathcart 77

2406. To the same, Dec. 12. Modified brimstones Beaumarchais' farce The

writer's contempt for modern French authors, and of all authors not
really great The Duchess of Bedford's party Mrs. Cowley's new
comedy Miss Farren . . . 8C

2407. To the same, Dec. 15. Praise of nonsense Beaumarchais' epistle

Mrs. Yearsley's new edition 'The Greybeards' 'Coeur de Lion'
Mrs. Jordan His letters to Sir Horace Mann Comments on Boydell's
projected illustrated edition of Shakespeare Lord Macartney Made-
moiselle d'Bon's answer to Lady Louvain ...... 81

1787.] CONTENTS. fa


2408. To Lady Ossory, Dec. 2'2. Confesses he has not read the commercial treaty

Lord Clarendon's papers Mrs. Yearsley and the people of Bristol
Truths not told early enough to children Death of Lady Beaulieu . . 83

2409. To Hannah More, Jan. 1, 1787. With a present of ' Christine de Pise.'

Her 'Cite des Dames.' Mi-s. Yearsley 86

2410. To Lady Craven, Jan. 2. On her ladyship's travels Sir John Mandeville

Lady Mary Wortley Peter the Hermit . . . . . . 86

2411. To Lady Ossory, Jan. 9. His recovery from the gout Lady Ossory's

theatre Compliments Mr. Fitzpatrick Sends Lady Ossory a French
ditty 88

2412. To the same, Jan. 21. The prologues and epilogues of Dryden, Addison,

and Garrick Fish Crawford Lord Carmarthen's dinner Charles Fox
and Lord Macartney General Conway The King of Prussia's reported
bigamy 89

2413. To the same, Feb. 1. History of a ballad A pamphlet recently published

The wit of women exemplified The letters of Henry VI.'s reign. . 91

2414. To the same, Feb. 9. Murphy's comedy of 'The Way to Keep Him' The

writer is willing to be made a convert to Lady Ossory Sheridan's great
speech on the trial of Wan-en Hastings, who is found guilty . . . 93

2415. To Hannah More, Feb. 23. Christina's 'Life of Charles the Fifth' . . 94

2416. To the Rev. Henry Zouch, March 13. Proposing to return the letters he

had received from him ......... 95

2417. To Lady Ossory, June 14. The weather The Duke and Duchess of

Buccleuch Mr. Cunningham's anecdotes The theatrical performance at
Richmond House Ladies and gentlemen the best actors and authors of
genteel comedy Farquhar, Wycherley, Dryden, and Mrs. Centlivre
Mrs. Darner's eagle Lady Waldegrave's little girl (Friday night, 15th.)
Deprecation of Lady Ossory's compliments 95

2418. To Hannah More, June 15. The Irish character Miss Burney . . . 98

2419. To Conway, June 17. Expected visit from the Princess Lubomirski 'The

Way to Keep Him ' 100

2420. To Lady Ossory, June 28. Asks whether the preceding letter did not

miscarry His Gardener 100

2421. To the Earl of Strafford, July 28. St. Swithen The Duke of Queensberry's

dinner to the Princesse de Lamballe Mrs. French's marble pavement

Lord Dudley's obelisk Miss Boyle's carvings ..... 101

2422. To Pinkerton, Aug. 29. Requesting a list of Lord Elibank's writings for a

new edition of his ' Royal and Noble Authors.' N 103

2423. To the Earl of Harcourt, Sept. 1. 'Apology' of Lady George Anne Belle

Amie He has been called ' an ingenious and learned author.' N. . . 104

2424. To the same, Saturday night. Begging a ticket for Westminster Hall, not

for himself, he goes into no crowds. N 106

CONTENTS. [1787-8,

2425. To Lady Oaaory, Sept. 6. He pleads the want of news us 011 excuse for
not writing Mrs. Barnard, the quakeress, and her cows Mrs. Herbert
and the chairman A sarcasm upon Warren Hastings Mr. Herschel'ti
telescope The Emperor's mandate to General Murray The destruction
of Qorhambury Sir Joshua Reynolds' s 'Infant Hercules' Criticism
upon it Gibbon's new volumes The Duchess of Kingston Miss Boyle's
medallion, and Lady Diana Beauclerc's pictures 106

242G. To the same, Sept. 15. High prices given for works printed at Strawberry
Hill The 'Anecdotes of Painting' No longer an author His contempt
for middling authors Sneers at Johnson Mr. Ireland The reason
he withholds his description of Strawberry Hill Suspects his loss of
memory 106

2427. To the same, Oct. 4. He requests Lady Ossory not to show his letters to

Mr. Fitzpatrick Says that he never did enjoin Mr. Beauclerk not to show
his tragedy ('The Mysterious Mother') to Garrick or Johnson (Oct. 5.)
His indifference about the war in Europe Monsieur le Chauvelin's verses
Dines with Lord North at Bushy A domestic picture . . . 112

2428. To Hannah More, Oct. 14. Ingratitude of Anne Yearsley to her Mrs. Vesey

Dr. Johnson's Letters Brace's Travels Gibbon's History Figaro . 114

2429. To the Dowager Lady Lyttelton, Oct. 28. Knows and does nothing that is

worth repeating, and therefore scarce ever writes a letter Old news-
papers and old jokes. N. 116

2430. To Conway, Nov. 11. On the small Druidical temple presented by the

States of Jersey to General Conway Stonehenge . . . . . 118

2481. To Lady Ossory, Dec. 3. A reason for not writing The return of the Duke

and Duchess of Gloucester The Dukes of Orleans and Bourbon banished

from France 119

2482. To the same, Dec. 15. He congratulates Lady Ossory on her escape from a

fire in her house Story of a similar circumstance at General Conway's
The General's valet The writer's misgivings of his powers Story of
Lord North and Colonel Barr6 (Postscript, Dec. 16.) His suspicion as
to the origin of the fire The Play at Richmond House The Opera
Story of Lord Westcote Anecdote of Lady Ossory's aunt (Dec. 17.)
Lord Henry Fitzgerald as Don Felix in 'The Wonder' Mr. Merry in
Lissardo ' 120

2438. To the same, Jan. 15, 1788. The theatre at Richmond House His
acquaintance with Mrs. Siddons His opinion of her powers Foreign
news Prince Alexis of Brunswick The trial of Hastings coming on . . 124

2434. To the same, Feb. 14. He tells Lady Ossory that he has heard of a second

fire in her house Mrs. Darner and Lord Henry Fitzgerald . . .125

2435. To Thomas Barrett, June 5. Gibbon's 'Decline and Fall' Sheridan's

speech against Mr. Hastings 126

2436. To the Earl of Strafford, June 17. General Conway's comedy of ' False

Appearances ' Sheridan's speech against Mr. Hastings . . . 127

2437. To Hannah Mere, July 4. Newspaper reading General Conway'n play . 129


2438. To Lady Ossory, July 9. George Selwyu, the Prince of Wales, and the
Duke of York Purchase of Oatlands by the Duke of York The seasons
He encloses a drawing (Thursday night.) Notice of Oatlands . . 181

2489. To Hannah More, July 12. On his own writings Authorship after seventy
Voltaire at eighty-four Fate of his last tragedy Mrs. Piozzi Pipings
of Miss Seward and Mr. Hayley . . . . . . . . 133

2440. To Lady Ossory, July 22. He thanks Lady Ossory for drawings by Lady

Anne An intriguing lady He has got a new admirer Story of two new
stalls added in the chapel of St. George at Windsor . . . 135

2441. To the Earl of Stratford, Aug. 2. On a reported discovery of new letters of

Madame de Sevigne Letters of the Duchess of Orleans Druidical temple

from Jersey ........... 136

2442. To John Pinkerton, Esq., Aug. 14. Criticism on his Ode for the Scottish

Revolution Club 138

2443. To Lady Ossory, Aug. 16. He votes at an election George Selwyii Peter

Pindar ' Extracts of the letters of the Regent's Mother to Queen Caro-
line' Mr. Samuel Martin Lady Juliana Penn . . . . . 139

2444. To Hannah More, Aug. 17. Rumoured discovery of new letters of Madame

de Sevigne' Library of Greek and Latin authors at Naples . . . 14!

2445. To Lady Ossory, Sept. 6. The Druid's temple Description of Park Place

Ragley The mad gentlewoman of the Cathedral The Duchess of Orleans
and Madame Maintenon Anecdote of a late Bishop of Amiens A con-
versation between Ladies Greenwich and Tweeddale ; and between the
latter and the Duchess of Argyll Story told by Lady Onslow Necker
reinstated. 142

2446. To the Earl of Stafford, Sept. 12. Account of the Druidical temple at Park

Place The Duchess of Kingston's will . 145

2447. To Hannah More, Sept. 22. Ingratitude of Mrs. Yearsley Education of

the great ' Walpoliana ' Virtuous intentions Enthusiasts and quack-
doctors 147

2448. To Lady Ossory, Sept. 24. He commends a description of Dr. Johnson

The country gentlemen and the land-tax The Duchess of Kingston A
visit from the Duke of York The inscription sent to General Conway by
the Council of Jersey ... 149

2449. To the same, Oct. 11. Local renown The landlady at Messling, and the

wit of the village The writer's answer to the Prince of Wales The ser-
vility of the Duchess of Northumberland Anecdote told by Lady Charle-
ville He makes the acquaintance of the Misses Berry Their history
Their character, persons, and accomplishments Mr. Berry . . . 151

2450. To Pinkerton, Oct. 15. Vertue's MSS. a heap of immethodic confusion,

written in a very diminutive hand Natter's medal of Sir Robert
Walpole. N 154

2451. To Lady Ossory, Oct. 19. He sends verses he has composed in praise of the

Misses Berry Miss Berry's reply to them Lady Tweeddale Lord
Leicester An anecdote of him Striking remark of a negro servant
' M&noires de St. Simon ' 15

i CONTENTS. [1788-9


2452. To Thomas Holcroft, Nov. 28. Thanks for a present of his works- Hoi-

croft's MS. comedy. N. . . ....... 156

2458. To Lady Ossory, Dec. 8. He hints at the imputed madness of the King-

Its consequences not to be predicted French politics . . . .158

2454. To Lady Craven, Dec. 11. Wisdom of retiring from the world in time-

Voltaire Lord Chatham Mr. Anstey King of Prussia's Memoirs
Poverty of the French language, as far as regards verse and pieces of
eloquence. . . . ........ 160

2455. To Lady Ossory, Dec. 26. He endeavours to explain an obscure passage in

relation to Mahomet Prussia's letters to Voltaire Character of them
Reported death of the King of Spain ....... 162

2456. To the Miss Berrys, Feb. 2, 1789. Acceptance of an invitation Expressions

of delight on being in their society ........ 163

2457. To Lady Ossory, Feb. 6. His illness Miss Campbell's death His poem in

'Bell's Edition' Lady Craven's 'Travels' The writer mentioned in

it Hayley's fourth play Mr. Fox better ...... 164

2458. To the same, Feb. 10. Remonstrance against showing his letters Reminis-

cence of the bate Lord Leicester Lord Holland Remarks on Gibbon's
great Work The 'Anacharsis' of the Abbe Barthelemy . . . 166

2459. To Sir Horace Mann, Feb. 12. The King is coming to Atmself His

what, what" The King has seen the Prince of Wales Iron Pluto. N. 168

2460. To Lady Ossory, Feb. 24. Criticism npon the Abb6 Barthelemy's book

Dr. Gillies and Mr. Pauw Lycnrgus and the Spartans (Wednesday
evening.) The King's recovery Reflections upon it Nixon's Cheshire
predictions Lady Craven's travels Mirabeau's book Dr. Parr's
'Tracts by a Warburtonian ' Death of the writer's dog Tonton
General Con way and Lady Aylesbury ....... 171

2461. To the same, Feb. 28. The Cheltenham water Mr. Pitt The relapse of

the King not probable The Marquis of Buckingham Thanks for the
portrait of Prince Allemand ........ 174

2462. To the same, (Monday evening). Alludes to a bust he had received The

Miss Berrys ........... 176

2463. To the Miss Berrys, March 20. Madame de la Motte's 'Memoire Justifi-

catif General illumination for the King's recovery Hairs of Edward

the Fourth's head ..." ...... 176

2464. To Hannah More, April 22. Darwin's Botanic Garden -Loves of the

Plants Success of General Con way's Comedy ..... 177

2465. To the Miss Berrys, April 28. Darwin's Botanic Garden His poetrj

characterised ........... 178

2466. To Mrs. Carter at Deal, June 13. Thanks for kind inquiries Mrs. Piozii's

travels Character of. N. . ...... 17t

2467. To the Miss Berrys, June 23. Destruction of the Opera-house by fire

The nation tired of Operas " The room after" Mr. Batt and the Abb
NicholU . 180

1789.] CONTENTS. xiii


2468. To Hannah More, June 23. On her poem of 'Bishop Bouner's Ghost' Offers

to print it at Strawberry Hill Bruce's Travels . . . 182

2469. To Miss Berry, June 30. 'Arabian Nights' Bishop Atterbury

Sinbad the Sailor, versus JEneas Mrs. Piozzi's Travels King's College
Chapel Effects of criticism and comparison Pageantry of Popery . 184

2470. To Lady Ossory, July 1. His recovery from the fall The state of France

Loutherbourg the painter turned physician Increase of Swedenborg's
disciples Mrs. Jordan 185

2471. To Hannah More, July 2. Thanks for permission to print 'Bishop

Bonner's Ghost' Account of his fall Gratitude to Providence for

his lot 187

2472. To Miss Berry, July 9. Recovery from his fall Present state of France

Tumults at Versailles on the reported resignation of Necker Marshal
Broglio appointed commander-in-chief Camp round Paris Mutinous
disposition of the army Voltaire's correspondence His letters to La
Chalotais 189

2473. To Hannah More, July 10. 'Bishop Bonner's Ghost' .... 191

2474. To Conway, July 15. Dismissal of Necker Paris in an uproar Storming

and destruction of the Bastile Speculation on the probable results The
Duke of Orleans and Mirabeau 192

2475. To Lady Ossory, July 16. Encloses Hannah More's ' Bonner's Ghost.'

(18.) The civil war in France 194

2476. To Hannah More, July 20. Result of her "double treachery" A visit

from Bishop Porteus The visit returned 195

2477. To Lady Ossory, July 22. How the 'Memoires de St. Simon' were made

public The fall of the Bourbons All France gone mad Mr. Layton

The barbarities in Paris . 197

2478. To Mrs. Carter at Deal, July 25. Sending a copy of Hannah More's

' Bonuer's Ghost ' The French Revolution should be a lesson to poli-
ticians. N 198

2479. To Miss Berry, July 29. Anarchy in Paris Account of La Chalotais

Treachery of Calonne Character of the Due de Vrilliere St. Swithin's

day Predicts the fall of Necker 200

2480. To Pinkerton, July 31. Remarks on his 'Inquiry into the Early History

of Scotland' 202

2481. To Lady Ossory, Aug. 4. La Fayette The writer hopes his government may

be lasting Observations on the conduct of the Etats Generaux, and of the
French people The verses on the three Vernons Death of General
Fitzwilliam Bequests in his Will ....... 204

2482. To Hannah More, Aug. 9. On sending her copies of ' Bonner's Ghost'

Complains of the cold complimentality of her letters . . . . 206

2483. To Lady Ossory, Aug. 14. Condoles with Lady Ossory on the Death of

Lady Lansdowne .......... 207

2484. To Pinkerton, Aug. 14. Confesses his want of taste for the ancient

histories of nations Remarks on the different modes of treating
antiquities 208



2485. To Picket-ton, Aug. 19 Compliments Liu on hi* strong and manly under-

standing Account of bis own studies 209

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