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Jewish Tabernacle . . . 1.25 | Giants and Wonders . . . 1.25

6 vols. In a box. §7.50.

THE JEWEL CASE. By the Same. 6 vols. In a box. $7.50.

" Dr. Newton possesses the rare faculty of writing successfully for the young. He
interests, instructs, and benefits them at once. His style is clear and simple, but not
childish; and it is a pleasure for children of all ages — from ten to fourscore — to read
his books, which have attained such a wide popularity in this country and Europe."
— Lutlierau Observer.


GOLDEN APPLES. Fit AVords for the Young. By the Rev.

Edgar "Woods. 16mo. §1.00.

" Many a mother •will be pleased to possess it, that she may, by its aid, be able to
make her little ones acquainted with the teachings of the Master.'-' — Bajitist Union.

FOLLOW THE LAJMB ; or, Counsels to Converts. By Horatius

BONAR, D.D. 18mo. 40 cents.

" There is a great deal of wisdom compressed in this little book, and it -would be
well if a copy were placed in the hands of every beginner in the Chi-istian life." —
Albany Evening Journal.

EARTH'S MORKING; or, Thoughts on Genesis. By Horatius


THE RENT VEIL. By Horatius Bonar, D.D.

CLEFTS IN THE ROCK; or, The Believer's Ground of Confi-
dence in Christ. By the Rev. J. R. Macduff, D.D. 16mo. $1.50.
The author of "Memories of Bethany," and of "IMorning aiid Night "Watches,"

has secured for himself an honorable place among the writers of devotional books.


Sarah Holt. $1.50.

The author of this volume has admirable talent for grouping in charming narra-
tive the facts of history, and this is one of her most interesting books.


1. VERENA. A Tale of To-day. $1.50.

2. ISOULT BARRY, OF WYNSCOTE. A Tale of Tudor Times.
By Emily Sarah Holt. $1.50.

3. ROBIN TREMAYNE. A Tale of the Marian Persecution. A

Sequel to the above. $1.50.

" The advent of Froude, Burke, and others, as lecturers on Irish and English his-
tory, have imparted a new interest to the study of English history, especially of the
period of the Tudurs; and it is fortunate for American readers that there should have
appeared, just at this time, two narratives of Tudor times — * Isoult Barry, of Wyns-
cote,' and 'Robin Tremayne' — which, in their careful record of the events of tuose
times, their fidelity to the manners, customs, and language of the period, and their
skilful limning of the prominent actors, both princes and nobles, throw more light
upon the era of the Tudor dynasty than any merely historical work could possibly
do." — Educational Monthly.

4. ASHCLIFFE HALL. A Tale of the Last Century. $1.25.

" Deserves a high place among the best books of its class. It is both well written
and thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end." — Record.

5. THE WELL IN THE DESERT. An Old Legend of the House

of Aiundel. $125.

"A tale of the Middle Ages, showing that there were beautiful gleams of light
even in those dark days. It is a touching story." — The Christian.

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