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d. young ; Elizabeth was wife of sir Hatton Fermor, knt.
(ancestor to the earls of Pomfret) ; Grisild, of sir John
Sheffield, knt., eldest son of Edmund, earl of Mulgrave,
from whom descended Edmund Sheffield, the last duke of
Buckingham and Normanby ; Catharine became the wife
of sir George Booth, bart., ancestor to the earls of War-
rington ; and Margaret, by sir Thomas Monson, bart., es-
tablished the family of the barons Monson. 1. Edward,



the eldest son, m. Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Inkpen, esq.,
and d. without issue ; his widow became the wife of sir
Robert Bell, knt. ; 2. sir Francis, ancestor of sir Stephen
Anderson, of Eyworth, created abart. in 1664 (which title
became extinct in 1773), and of Charles- Anderson Pelham,
created baron Yarborough (vide Debrett's Peerage of the
United Kingdom), and 3. William ; and 6 das, William,
the 3d son, m. 1st, Joan, da. of Henry Essex, esq., and by
her was father of one son, Edmund, of whom hereafter.
His 2d wife was EHzabeth, da. of sir Thomas Darnel, knt,
by whom he had 2 das., who d. young.

I. Sir EDMUND, the only son of William, by the 1st
marriage, was the 1st bart. He m. 1st, Mary, da of Tho-
mas Wood, esq., by whom he had 7 sons and 3 das., 1.
William, m. Elizabeth, da. of sir John Baker, bart., by whom
he had no issue ; his widow afterwards became the wife of
sir Jonathan Atkyns, knt. ; 2. Edmund, d. an infant ; 3.
sir John, 2d bart. ; 4. sir Edmund, 4th bart. ; .5. Francis, m.
1st, Helen, da. of William Anderson, and 2dly, Frances,

da. of Staresmore, esq., and had issue ; 6. Charles, d.

a bachelor; and 7. Stephen, m. Mary, da. of Mr. Luckyn,
and d. without issue. Of the 3 das. of sir Edmund, Susan
and Frances d, young, and Mary was wife of Thomas
Norton, esq. Sir Edmund m. 2dly, Sybilla, da. of sir
Rowland Egerton, of Farthingoe, co. Northampton, bart.,
and relict of Edward Bellot, esq., but by her he had no
issue. He wa.s succeeded by his third, but eldest sur-
viving son,

II. Sir JOHN, m. Elizabeth, da. of Hugh Snawsell,
esq., and had Edmund, his successor; and 4 das., Elizabeth,
wife of Collins, of St. Martin's in the Fields, West-
minster, esq. ; Catharine, of- Thompson, esq. ; Mary, of

Vesy, esq. ; and Frances, who d. unm. Sir John d.

March 1670, was succeeded by his only son,

III. Sir EDMUND, who d. at the university, unm. 17 Dec.
1676, and was succeeded by his uncle, Edmund, 4th son
of the 1st bart.

IV. Sir EDMUND, m. 1st, da. and co-heiress of

William Cox, of Porters, co, Herts, esq., by whom he had,
William, who d. young ; Edmund, m. Carr, da. and heiress
of John Shaw, esq., and d. 17 Sept. 1685, without issue;
and Mary, who d, young. Sir Edmund's 2d lady was Eliza-
beth, da. of sir Anthony Deane, knt., by whom he had Ed-
mwid, his successor, and 2 das., Elizabeth, wife of Stephen
Croft, and Susan, who d. an infant.

VOL. I. A A V. Sir

266 FAGG.

V. Sir EDMUND, his son and successor, m. MarV, da.
of William Harvey, of Rolls, in the parish of Chigwell, co.
Essex, esq. (by Dorothy, da. of sir Robert Dicer, of
Uphall, bart.), and had 2 sons, Edmund, and William his
successor: and 3 das., Elizabeth, wife of Henry-Brewster
Darley, esq. ; Dorothy, of William Burton, esq. ; and
Mary. Edmund d. unm. Sir Edmund m. 2dly, Frances,
da. of Batty, of Tadcaster, co. York, by whom he had

I son, Francis, and 2 das., Elizabeth and Dorothy. Sir
Edmund d. 3 May 1765, was succeeded by his son,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, m. Anne, da. of John Maddison, of
Stamford, co. Lincoln, esq., who d. 31 Aug. 1782, by
whom he had: 1. Anne, b. 28 May 1753, wife of Samuel
Thorold, esq.; 2. Catharine, b. 16 March 1756, wife of
Arthur-Lemuel Shuldham, esq. ; 3. Theodosia, b. 4 April
1757, wife of the rev. Richard Vevers ; 4. Edmund, b.

II Sept. 1758, Ml. Catharine, da. of Thomas Plumer, esq.,
rf. without issue; 5. George, b. 10 Nov. 1759, m. Lucy,
eldest da. of Thomas Plumer, esq., d. without issue; 6.
Henrietta-Jane, 6. 23 May 1761, wife of the rev. Naunton-
Thomas-Oyill Lemon ; 7. Charlotte, b. 24 June 1763,
wife of Robert Rede, esq., d. 9 Oct. 1822; 8. Frances, b.
15 April 1766, unm,; 9. sir Charles-John, the present bart.
Sir William d. 9 March 1785, and was succeeded by his
only surviving son,

VII. The rev. sir CHARLES-JOHN, present bart.

j4r/ns— (See plate 10.) Argent, a chevron between three
crosses, flory, sable.

Crest — A water-spaniel, passant, or.

Seut — At Kilwick Percy, in the East Riding, co. York.

FAGG, of WisTON, CO. Sussex.
11 Dec. 1660.

Sir JOHN FAGG, bart., succeeded his father, sir Jolm,
Sept. 1822.

The earliest authentic settlement of the Faggs was at
Mystole, co. Kent, prior to a purchase there by sir John
Fogg; for in the Prerogative office in Canterbury is the
will of Simon Fagg, of Clmrtham, proved 1534, bv which


FAGG. 267

lie ordered his body to be buried in the church or church-
yard of Chartham ; it appears by tlie marriage register-
book in the same office that, 1629, Charles Fagg, of Chart-
ham, gent., then aged 22, m. Mary, da. of Edward Os-
borne, of Hartlip, gent., then aged 15; that in 1636, Wil-
liam Fagg, of Chartham, gent., ni. Ellen, da. of John Fagg,
the elder. Queen Elizabeth made a grant of 32 acres of
land in Ewillfield, in the parish of Faversham, co. Kent, to
Edward Fagg, esq., who rf. 1618, having m. Anne, da. of
Richard Theobald, of Seal, esq. John Fagg, of Brenset,
esq., m. the da. and heiress of Clement Cobb, and had John
Fagg, of Rye, co. Sussex, the first settler, we presume, in

that country, who m. Elizabeth, da. of Hudson, of the

same county, by whom he had,

I. Sir JOHN, 1st hart, »». Mary, da. of Robert Morley,
esq., by whom he had 16 children, whereof only 5 lived to
be m. viz., 3 sons and 2 das.: 1. Robert; 2. Charles, m.
1st, Mary, da. of Mr. Hyland, by whom he had 2 sons and
3 das.; John, who d. unm., and Charles; Mary, Elizabeth,
and Sarah, wife of Thomas Wallace, whom she survived,
and d. in 1759 : his 2d wife was Mrs. Mary Hoyle, widow,
by whom he had 2 sons and 5 das. ; James and Joseph :
Margaret, wife of Joseph Locher ; Anne of Mr. Watson ;
Susanna, Rebecca, and Temperance, who d. without issue.
Charles d. 10 March 1714. Charles, 2d son of Charles, m. in
Feb. 1723, Elizabeth, da. of William Turner, esq., d. 29 July
1747, by whom he had 3 sons and 5 das., Anna-Maria,
Charles, sir WilUam, successor to sir Robert, hereafter
mentioned ; Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, wife of sir William
Young, hart, (she d. 1746) ; Jane, and Thomas, d. 8 April
1739. The 3d surviving son of sir John was Thomas, m.
Elizabeth, widow of John Meres, esq., by whom he had a
da., who d. unm., and a son, John-Meres Fagg, ?». Alice, da.

of Woodyere, gent., by whom he had 2 sons, John

and Thomas, and a da., Elizabeth, wife of sir John
Peachey, of Westdean, Sussex, bart. (ancestor of the barons
Selsey. — Vide Debrett's Peerage of the United Kingdom),
Of the das. of sir John, one was wife of sir Philip Gell,
bart. ; and the other of John Spence, esq. Sir John d.
18 Jan. 1700.

II. Sir ROBERT, the eldest son, and successor to his fa-
ther, m. Elizabeth, da. of Culpepper, of Lindfield, co.

Sussex, esq. He d. 26 Aug, 1715, and left only one son,

III. Sir ROBERT, who, by Christian, da. of sir Cecil
Bishopp, of Parham, co. Sussex, bart., left one son, sir

A A. 2 Robert.


Robert, 4tli bart., and 4 das., 2 of whom were, Elizabeth,
i>d wife of sir Charles-Matthew Goring, barr. ; and Mar-
fjaret, wife of Gavven-Harris Nash, esq. Sir Robert 72 LEGARD.

Anns — (See plate 10.) Azme, a dolpliin, naiant, embow-
ed, or, on a chief, of the second, two saltires, gules.

Crest — A dolphin, argent, haurient, and entwined round
an ancluor, erect, proper.

.S'ea^— Great Thirkelby-Hall, near Thlrsk, in the North
Riding co. York.

LEGARD, of Ganton, co. York.
29 Dec. 1660.

Sir THOMAS LEGARD, hart., lieut. R. N,, succeeded
his brother, sir John, 16 July 1808; 7nairied, 1802, Sarah
Bishop, who died Jan. 1814, leaving issue.

The family of Le Garde, which is of Norman extraction,
became possessed of the lordship of Anlaghby, co. York,
anno 1100, by the marriage of the heiress of tiiat name, with
whose descendants it still continues.

I. Sir JOHN, Istbart. m. 1st, Grace, one of the das. of
Conyers, earl of Holderness, by whom he had 1 da., Grace,
wife of John Hill, esq. His 2d wife was Frances, eldest
da. and co-heiress of sirThomas Widdrington,knt., serjeant-
at-law, by Frances, eldest da. of Ferdinando, lord Fairfax,
and ]Mary his wife, da. of Edmunil Sheffield, 1st earl of
Mulgrave, K.G., by whom he had 4 sons, 1, sir Joliriy 2d
bart. ; 2. Thomas ; 3. William; and 4. Widdrington: and
2 daughters, Dorothy, wife of Tiiomas Grimston, esq., and
Frances, of George IJowes, esq. Thomas and Widdrington
iL unm.; William left children, but they alld. without issue.
Sir John d. 1678, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, VI. EUzabeth, da. of Leonard Wastell,
esq., by whom he had 7 sons and 2 das.: 1. John, d. young ;
2. sir John ; 3. sir Thomas, successive harts. ; 4. Savile, d.
young; 5. \\'ilUan) ; 6. Christopher, d. 11 Oct. 1765, unm,;
7. Ricliard, d. unm. ; Elizabeth was wife of captain Moor,
who d. in 1720, but left no issue ; Frances, d. 5 Feb.
1738. Sir John m. 2dly, Dorothy, da. of sir AVilliam Cay-
ley, hart., by whom he had 4 sons : 1. Barnabas, d. Nov.
1766 ; 2. Robert, d. 28 June 1735 ; 3. James; 4. Edward :
and 3 das. ; Dorothy was wife of Mr. Oats, and left 1 son,
and 2 das. ; Mary wan wife of Roger Nowell, esq., she d.

1 April


1 April 1770, and left 2 das. ; Esther d. young. He d. 5
May 1715, and his rehct, 11 July 1735 ; he was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir JOHN, who, dying wktw. 14 April 1719, was suc-
ceeded by his brother,

IV. Sir THOMAS, m. 1726-7, Frances, da. of John Dig-
by, esq., by whom he had 1 son, sir Dis^bij, 5th bart., and 3
das.: 1. trances; 2. Elizabeth, d. young; and 3. Jane,
wife of John Grimston, esq., and d. 1758, leaving 2 sons
and 2 das. Sir Thomas d. ilZb, and was succeeded l)y his

V. Sir DIGBY, m. Aug. 1755, Jane, 3d da. of George
Cartwright, co. Nottingham, esq., and one of the co-
heiresses of her brother, William Cartwright, by whom (who
d. in Sept. 1811) he had 6 sons and 3 das.: 1. sir John; 2.
sir Thomas, successive barts. ; 3. George ; 4. William, in
holy orders, m. 7 Feb. 1803, the eldest da. of James Oider-
shaw, M.D., of Stamford, co. Lincoln, d. 1818 ; 5. Digby ;
6. Ricliard, d. at Jamaica, 6 June 1818 : 1. Jane ; 2. Frances,
m. Feb. 1780, Thomas Grimston, of Kilnwick, esq. ; 3. Har-
riot. Sir Digby was well known for his many improve-
ments in agriculture: he d. 4 Feb, 1773, and was succeeded
by his son,

VI. Sir JOHN, m. 22 June 1802, Jane, da. of Henry
Aston, of Aston, co. C\iester, esq., and dying without male
issue, was succeeded by his brother,

VII. Sir THOMAS, present bart.

Arms — (See plate 10.) Argent, on a bend, between six
mullets, pierced, gules, a cross patee, or.
Crest — A greyhound, or, collared, sable.
Motto — Per crucem ad stellas.
Seat — At Ganton, near Scarborougli, co. York.

BEDINGFIELD, of Oxburgh, co. Norfolk.

2 Jan. 1660.

Sir RICHARD BEDINGFIELD, bart., horn 23 Aug.
1767 ; succeeded his father, sir Richard, 27 March 1795 ;
married, 17 June 1795, Charlotte-Georgiaua, da. of sir Wil-
liam Jeriiinglam, of Cossey, co. Norfolk, bart., by whom

- , he


be has 6 children : 1. Frances-Charlotte, 1. 13 April 1796,
m. 1 June 1813, William-Francis-Henry, lord Petre, d. 30
Jan. 1822 ; 2. Matilda-Mary, b. 6 April 1797, m. 30 Nov.
1820, Stanley, son of Edward Gary, of Fullaton,co. Devon,
esq.; 3. Agnes-Mary, b. 1798; 4. Henry-Richard, b. 1800;
5. Charlotte-Eliza, b. 5 Jan. 1802 ; 6. Charles-Richard, b. 8
Sept. 1803; 7. Edward-Richard, b, Jan. 1805; 8. Felix-
William-George-Richard, b. 12 Aug. 1808.

This is a family of undonbted antiquity, and takes its
name from a town in Suffolk ; tliey have had the honour of
knighthood many hundred years.

Ogerus de Pugeys, a Norman, came into England with
the Conqueror, and was one of the four knights of the lord
Mallett, lord of the honour of Eye, in Suffolk, who gave him
the manor of Bedin^eld, in consequence of which he as-
sumed the name of Bedingjicld of Bedingfield.

Sir Henry Bedingfield, knt., m. 1st, Mary, da. of lord
William Howard, of Naworth Castle, co. Cumberland, 3d
son of Thomas Howard, duke of Norfolk, and ancestor to
the earls of Carlisle (by whom he had a son, Thomas
Howard, of the duchy of Lancaster, who m. Mary, da. of
Robert Brooksby, of SheflBeld,co. Leicester, and J. 26 April
1665, in consequence of some wounds he received in the
head during the civil wars) ; and 2dly, Elizabeth, da. and
co-heiress of Peter Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower, co. Lan-
caster, esq., alderman and sheriff of London, by whom he
had 4 sons and 4 das. ; 1 . sir Henry, created a bart. ; 2. Wil-
liam, captain in the guards ; 3. Edmund, eminent for his
piety, and a canon at Lier, in Brabant, where he d. ; and 4.
John, d. unm.

I. Sir HENRY, eldest surviving son of sir Henry, a dis-
tinguished loyalist in the civil wars, was created a bart., »».
Margaret, da. and heiress of Edward Paston, and survived
all his brothers and sisters (Mrs. Cobbe excepted). After
the restoration of Charles IL, he laid before that prince a
calculation of the sufferings of the family, which appeared
to be 47,194Z. 18s. Brf. His Majesty replied, with concern,
that it was too great for him to recompense. To which Mr.
Bedingfield answered, that all he begged of his majesty was,
that he might hojte, for the future, to enjoy in quiet that
little which was left,



He d. 6 Feb. 1684-5, after living 53 years (wanting six
weeks) witii liis lady, by whom he had 3 sons and 5 das. :
1. Henry ; 2. John, m. Dorothy, da. and co-lieiress of John
Ramsay, and d. Aug, 1693, leaving 2 sons, Henry and John,
and 2 das., Frances and Mary; 3. Edward, a barrister, m.
Mary, youngest sister of sir Clement Fisher, hart., by whom
he had 2 sons and 1 da., Mary, wife of sir John Swinburne,

Of the daughters of sir Henry, 1. Elizabeth, was wife of
Thomas Weetenhall, esq. ; she had the reputation of being

one of the most perfect beauties of the age ; 2. , of

Richard Caryll, esq. ; 3. Mary, wife of Thomas Eyre, by
whom she had 6 sons and 6 das. ; 4. Margaret, and 5. Anne,
both became religieuses, amongst the Carmelites at Lier, in
Brabant, where the former was superior of the house.

II. Sir HENRY, came over with the duke of Gloucester
upon the restoration of Charles II., being the duke's parti-
cular favourite, m. 1st, Anne, only da. and heiress ef
Charles, viscount Andover, afterwards the 2d earl of Berk-
shire, by whom he had no issue ; 2dly, Elizabeth, youngest
da. of sir John Arundell, of Langhern, co. Cornwall, bart.,
by whom he had 3 das.; Elizabeth, d. young; Margaret,
wife of sir John Jerningham, bart.; and Frances, of sir
Francis Anderton, of Lostock, co. Lancaster, bart., who d.
without issue ; and 1 son, sir Henry -Arundell. Sir Henry,
d. 14 Sept. 1704, and was succeeded by his son,

III. Sir HENRY-ARUNDELL, m. Aug. 1719, Eliza-
beth Boyle, eldest da. of Charles, earl of Burlington, by
whom (who d. 25 Nov. 1751) he had 6 sons, the 4 eldest of
whom d. young ; 5. sir Richard,4th bart.; 6. Edward, b. in
1730, and m. in 1754, Mary, da. of sir John Swinburne, knt.,

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