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Chick of Falmouth, and died in Limington in 1820.

Jonathan Crockett we find, purchased of Solomon Lombard, Esq.,

the hundred acre lot, 28, (the old Daniel Merrill farm,) Dec. 11,

1772. He came to Gorham from Falmouth, where his oldest child

was born. His wife was Anna Dearborn of Boston. Children :

David, b. Dec. 7, 1775, d, in Gorham in 1S42.

Sarah, b. Mar. 21, 1777.

Deborah, b. Mar. 21, 1779, m. prob. Francis York, Oct. 15, 1809.

Mehitable, b. Mar. 20, 1780.

Andrew, b. Jan. ly, 1785.

Nathaniel, b. Mar. 10, 178S, p. to Betty Crockett of Ossipee, Sept. 20, 1817.

Jonathan Crockett married, second, Ruth Foss of Stratham, N. H.,
Apr. 28, 1792. He died before 1835, ^s his estate was settled by
his widow Ruth at that date.

We find on record the names of Joshua Crockit, who died Feb.
18, 1800, and his wife Elizabeth, who died September, 1798. Mr.
Alden in his old records says this Joshua and his wife were very
old. Whether they were the parents of Lieut. Joshua and came here
with their son, we cannot say.

Lieut. Joshua Crockett came to Gorham and settled near the
mouth of Little river. He purchased, Nov. 13, 1770, of Enoch Free-


man, a lot of common land, lying at the mouth of the river, adjoining
the Presumpscot. By his deeds Crockett at this time was of Wind-
ham. This lot contained eighty-three acres, more or less, and it
appears was also conveyed lo Abel Whitney ; the Proprietors disput-
ing Crockett's title, as coming from one who had no right to convey ;
but finally they confirmed his claim. Joshua Crockett served as a
soldier in the war of the Revolution. He was Ensign in Capt.
Whitmore's company, Col. Fogg's regiment ; and commissioned as
2d Lieut., May 10, 1776. He was ist Lieut, in Capt. Roger Libby's
company, which he joined Oct. i, 1779, and with which he served at
the eastward, with a detachment of Cumberland County militia,
under Nathaniel Jordan, Esq. July i, 1 781, he was commissioned as
2d Lieut, of Capt. Whitmore's company in Col. Phinney's 3d Cum-
berland County regiment. Lieut. Crockett married Hannah, daugh-
ter of James Babb of Falmouth, (pub. July 8, 1757 ). Children :

Peter, b. 1758, m. Polly Warren, p. Oct. 12. 17S2.

Hannah, b. about 1760, m. Thomas Bolton, Jan. 24, 17S2 ; 2d, Jos. Lombard,

July II, 1795.

Betty, b. , m. Benjamin Gammon, Oct. 21, 1787.

Joshua, b. June 4, 1765, m. Sarah Hamblen, Nov. 29, 1787.

James, b. Oct. 10, 1768, m. Sarah Sanborn, Dec. 25, 1796; 2d, Ruth Lord.

Enoch, b. July 3, 1771, m. Urusilla Sanborn, Sept. 13, 1801.

Miriam, b. Nov. 30, 1773, ^- Johri Thomas, Jan. 17, 1796.

Sarah, b. Sept. 30, 1775, m. Matthew Tobin of Windham, P"eb. 6, 1800.

Abigail, b. Feb. 25, 1778, m. Abel Brown, Aug. 15, 1799.

William, b. July 19, 1781, m. Sally Thompson, Nov. 21, 1802.

Solomon, b. Sept. 17, 1784, m. Mary, dau. of Christopher and Rebecca Plum-

mer, Sept. 14, 1809; no ch; I'd near Little Falls, on the road leading

from Mosher's to Horse Beef ; was at one time ta.x collector; d. June

25, 1825. His wife d. June 13, 1S75.

Lieut. Joshua Crockett died Jan. 6, 1809, and his wife. May 5,

(2) Peter Crockett, son of Lieut. Joshua, was a private in the

Revolutionary army. He was mustered out of Gen. Thompson's

brigade May 26, 1778, and delivered to Maj. James Johnson. He

enlisted as a private in Col. Fogg's regiment, June 14, 1778, and

was discharged at West Point, Mar. 14, 1779. He also served for a

while in Capt. Richard Mayberry's company, 11th Mass. He lived

at Sapling Hill, near the graveyard, next John Lord's. He married

Polly, daughter of John and Jane (Johnson) Warren of Falmouth.

Children :

Peter, b. Feb. 9, 1783, m. Molly Murch, p. Jan. 6, 1815.

Nancy, b. Oct. 3, 1784, m. Daniel Purinton, Nov. 17, 1814.

Llannah, b. Feb. 4, 17S7, m. Jabez Clapp of Portland, p. Oct. 18, 1812.

John, b. Jan. 25, 1789, m. Abigail Newcomb, June 22, 1815.

Betsey, b. July 29, 1791, m. Solomon Lakeman, Dec. 8, 1814.


Charlotte, b. Feb. i8, 1794, d. probably unm.

Mary, b. Mar. 23, 1796.

Enoch, b. July 7, 1799, m. Harriet Mann; I'd in Yarmouth.

Daniel, b. Sept. 11, 1802, m. Lydia Roberts, p. July 27, 1827 ; moved East.

Peter Crockett died Oct. 14, 1828, and his wife Mary, Sept. 13,
1824, aged 66.

(2) Joshua Crockett, son of Lieut. Joshua, was also a soldier of
the Revolution, and served under Capt. Paul Ellis, in Col. Timothy
Bigelow's regiment. He married Sarah Hamblen, who was born in
Barnstable, and was the daughter of Samuel and Temperance Ham-
blen of Gorham. There are two children on the Gorham records :

James, b. Apr. 24, 1789, m. Martha Pike.
Joshua, b. Jan. 14, 1791, m. Judith Pike.

The family moved to Hebron, where two sons, Samuel, and Lewis,
were born ; thence to Norway, where other children, Solomon, Han-
nah, Betsey, Sewall, and Sally were born. Joshua Crockett died
Oct. II, 1819. Mrs. Crockett died Sept. 8, 1848.

(2) James Crockett, son of Lieut. Joshua, lived on his father's
farm, near the mouth of Little river. He married Sarah, daughter
of Joseph and Esther Sanborn. Children :

Vashti, b. July 3, 1800, m. Ira Cook, p. Mar. 3, 1821.
Twin Girls, b. , d. aged i year.

Mrs. Crockett died soon after the birth of her twins, and Mr.
Crockett married, Oct. 26, 1805, Ruth Lord. He died June 10, 1846,
aged 77.

(2) Enoch Crockett, son of Lieut. Joshua, lived near White Rock,
on the place lately occupied by Freeman Hicks, and now by Reuel
Smith. He married Drusilla, daughter of Joseph and Esther San-
born. Children :

Harriet, b. Aug. 28, 1802, m. Peter Purinton, Jan. 25, 1830; went to Hartland.
Statira, b. Feb. 2X, 1804, m. Geo. Harrington, Sept. i, 1858; d. Apr., 1883.
Sophia, b. Mar. 8, 1806, m. Joseph Pray of Windham, Oct. 15, 1828; 2d, John

Warren, Apr. 19, 1835.
Mary, b. June 28, 1808, m. James Beck of Portland, Nov. 30, 1831 ; d. Mar. 28,

Noah, b. July 7, 1810, m. Eunice True of Freeport, Nov. 14, 1S36; d. Aug. 26,


Lot, b. Sept. 24, 1812, m. Allen of Nantucket, June 14, 1840; lost at sea.

Hezekiah, b. Apr. 20, 1815, m. Eunice Harmon, p. Nov. 28, 1839; 2d, Mary

James, b. Aug. 18, 181 7, m. Mary Hall, dau. of David, Apr. 25, 1844; was a

F. Bapt. minister; d. in S. Gorham, Jan. 16, 1854.
Sarah Ann, b. May 26, 1820, m. Stephen F. Smith of Mass., Dec. 3, 1846; d. in

Attleboro, Mass., Feb., 1882.
Hannah, b. Nov. 12, 1822, m. Edward Files, June 22, 1S45.

Lorenzo D., b. June 24, 1824, m. Sarah B. Thayer, Aug. 18, 1849; d. in Lunen-
burg, Mass.


Enoch Crockett died March 15, i860, aged 88. His wife Drusilla
died March 18, 1842, aged 59.

(2) William Crockett, son of Lieut. Joshua, lived near Mallison's

Falls. He married Sally Thompson. Children :

Sally, b. Sept. 15, 1803, m. Dennis Hamblen, p. Dec. 27, 1823.

Peter, b. Dec. 16, 1805.

Mary, b. Apr. 22, 1808.

John, b. Jan. 31, 181 1.

Major, b. July 22, 181 3.

Jane, b. Jan. 4, 1816.

Ann, b. Aug. 4, 1818.

This family moved to Wilton.

(3) Peter Crockett, son of Peter, lived at White Rock, on the farm

where Elbridge M. Wilson now lives. He married Molly, daughter

of Matthias and Polly Murch, Children :

Lothrop L., b. Dec. 10, 1815, m. Mary J. Libby, Mar. 24, 1842; d. in Naples,
June 28, 1885.

Franklin, b. , d. on the Isthmus, on his way to California, about 1855.

Charlotte, b. , m. David Harding; d. Aug. 17, 1889.

Mary, b. about 1826, m. Austin Cobum ; I'd in West Fairlee, Vt. ; d. in 1892-3,

Peter Crockett died abovit 1827, and his wife Molly, about 1828.

(3) John Crockett, son of Peter, lived at White Rock, near Sap-
ling Hill. He married Mrs. Abigail (Nason) Newcomb, daughter of
Ephraim and Eleanor Nason, and widow of Solomon Newcomb.
Children :

Mary Jane, b. Feb. 10, 1816, m. Ivory Lord, Nov. 26, 1834.
Abner W., b. Feb. 15, 1818, d. in 1822.

John Crockett died Dec. 11, 1827, aged 38. His widow Abigail

died June 2 i, 1848.

(3) Hezekiah R. Crockett, son of Enoch, lived at White Rock.
He married Eunice, daughter of Rufus and Eunice Harmon. Chil-
dren :

Helen M., b. Mar. 18, 1841, m. Charles P. Haskell of New Gloucester, Mar. 5,

Mary F., b. Dec. 22, 1844, m. and I's in Georgetown, Me.
Veranus C, b. Apr. 5, 1846, I's in Canada.
Abby v., b. Jan. 15, 1849, is dead.
James Leroy, b. Apr. 2, 1851, I's in Mass.
Clarence O., b. Feb. 14, 1856, I's in Mass.

Mr. Crockett moved to Naples where his wife Eunice died, and he

married second, Mrs. Mary Grant of that town. He died Jan. 6,



William Crockett came to Gorham about 1836. He was a car-
riage maker by trade. He built and for some years lived in the brick
house on State St., now owned by Miss Sarah Robie, and his brother
Daniel built the next house on the east, now known as the Paine
house. He married in 1828 Mary J. Brackett of Westbrook, who
was a descendant of Anthony Brackett. Their children were :

George W., b. Apr. 23, 1830, m. Eliza J. Newcomb, 1851 ; d. Dec. 22, i8()2.
William, b. May 13, 1831, m. Harriet M. Kemp; killed at Lookout Mountain.
Silas B., b. Mar. 31, 1833, ^- i^^ 1841.
Edwin, b. Feb. 21, 18^5, m. Su.san A. Whitehouse of Gt. Falls, N. H.; d. Sept.

7, 1896.
Sarah A., b. Apr. i, 1837, d. young.

Francis, b. Sept. 18, 1839, m. Ilat'tie French of Gt. Falls, N. H.
Martha A., b. May i, 1841, d. young.
Mary C, b. Apr. i, 1843, m. Eben Meserve.
Martha, b. Apr. 28, 1845, "''• James Moulton.
Charles, b. Mar. 29, 1S47, m. Esther PJummer.

Mr. Crockett with his family left Gorham about 1852, and moved
to Great Falls, N. H. After an absence of about seven years he
returned to Gorham, where he died Sept. 3, 1869, aged 63. His
wife Mary died in Gorham, Aug. 17, 1888, aged 84.


In 1 791 the name of Cross first appears in Gorham. There was
a Thomas Cross and a Joseph Cross, father and son. Joseph's name
disappears after 1793. Thomas Cross married, in Bradford, Mass.,
Lucy Hovey, and brought with him to Ciorham a family of ten
children, all born in Bradford :

Joseph, b. Dec. 31, 1768, m. Betsey Duston of Haverhill, Mass., 'p. Mar. 30,

1793 ; <^- ^^^- -9' 1819.
Thomas, b. Mar. 3, 1770.
Betsey, b. Feb. 11, 1772, m. Capt. Jonathan Stevens, Tan. 20, 1791;; d. Nov. i ::,

183S. . ■ - 3 o

Rebekah, b. Jan. 20, 1774, d. Apr. 11, [794.
Sally, b. Sept. 22, 1777, m. Capt. Enoch Preble, p. Aug. 22, 1800; d. June 20,

William, b. Aug. 21. 1779, "i- Kliza Stevens, of Portland.
Lui y, b. Mar. 7, 1782, 111. James Phinney, June 30, 1817.
Lois, b. Mar. 10, 1784, m. Allison Libby, June 27, 1S12.
Leonard, b. May 8, 1786, d. 'Mar. 21, 1S61.
Amos H., b. Oct. 20, r79o, d. at Harrison, Sept. zj, 1842.

Harriet, b. , d. Mar. 14, 179S.

Hannah, b. , 1798, d. Oct. 16, 1799.

Mr. Cross .settled on the thirty acre lot No. i, being the farm on
which Capt. Phinney made the first settlement made in Gorham.
For many years Mr. Cross kept a store near his house. This store
stood over the spot where the first tree was cut in town for settlement


purposes. Thomas Cross was made a deacon in the First Parish
Church, and continued in ofifice till his death, lie died in Gorham
Feb. 15, 1819, aged 78, and Mrs. Cross, May 21, 1821, aged72. Of
their children, the sons all settled in Portland where also two of their
daughters found husbands. Sally, who married Capt. Preble, son of
Gen. Jedediah Preble of Portland, was the mother of Eben Preble,
late of Gorham, and of the late Rear Admiral Geo. li. Preble of the
U. S. Navy. William, who married Eliza Stevens, was a sea captain.
His daughter Eliza Ann, born in 1804, married Oct. 2, 1826, Tolnian
Gary of Sangerville, and second, John McLellan. Capt. William
Cross died Feb. 14, 18 19, the day preceding the death of Dea.
Thos. Cross, and father and son were borne to the grave on the same
hearse. William's widow, married November, 1828, Capt. Toppan


Capt. John Curtis was among the earliest settlers of Gorham. He
came here from Gloucester, Mass., but had formerly resided in Fal-
mouth, Me., for in 1734 he, then of Gloucester, sold "the land in
Falmouth on which he had once lived " to William Bryant of Fal-
mouth. In August, 1739, Capt. Curtis and William Pote were
appointed by the Proprietors a committee to lay out the two hundred
acres of land granted to Edmund and Stephen Phinney. Capt. Cur-
tis, then of Gorham, received Aug. 10, 1739, from Shubael Gorham
a deed of the right No. 74. This thirty acre lot was sold in 1760 by
James Curtis of Falmouth, son of Capt. John, to Nathaniel Whitney;
and in 1761 the' remaining one hundred and seventy acres of the
right were sold by the heirs of Capt. Curtis to Bryant Morton. Capt.
Curtis died previous to 1741, for Sept. 29th of that year his widow
Jane was published to Dea. John Bailey of Falmouth. The children
of John Curtis and his wife Jane were James and Daniel. In 1761,
James was of Brunswick, and Daniel a shipwright in Newbury, Mass.

Capt. John Curtis, late of. Gorham, was the son of Capt. John
Curtis of Portland who was lost at sea in 18 12 while in command of
the privateer Dart. Capt. Curtis, the son, was himself for many
years a successful master mariner. He married, May 22, 1823,
Statira R., daughter of Ai and Eunice Staples, and made his home
in Gorham on the farm formerly owned by his wife's father in the
south part of the town and now owned by John Sanborn. Children :


John L.,b. May 12, i824,m. Maria C, dan. of George W. and Sarah Waters, Sept.

9, 1845. Ch ; Geo. L., b. Sept. 20, 1846,01. Louise L Pitts, May 12, 1S67;

Marv E., b. May 16, 1848, m. Capt. Geo. Jacob Threstrup, Oct. 15, 18S5 ;

vStatira E., b. Apr. 22, 1850, d. at Denver, Col., June 12, 18S9 ; John, b.

July 26, 1852, m. Sarah E. Lombard, May, 1876, d. Aug. 9, 1879; Chas.

H., b. July, 1853, ni. Ida B. Clark of Sandusky, O., Oct. C\ 1877, d. Jan.

12, 1897, at Denver; Arthur G., b. Feb. 28, 1856, d. Nov. 30, 1856;

Clara F., b. Apr. 27, 1857, m. Richard S. Storrs of Boston, Oct. 15,

18S4; Edwin W., b. Sept. 28, 1858, m. Maria T. Peterson of London,

Eng., July 24, 1877, d. at Brighton, Mass., (Jet. 20, 1897 ; Hattie M., b.

July 19, i860, d. Oct. 21, 1861 ; Calvin A., b. Sept. 14, 1867, m. Lorena

F. Fause of Chillicothe, O., Dec. 7, 1S85. John L. Curtis d. in Casco,

Me., Nov. 20, 1893.
Mary P., b. July 18, 1826, m. Calvin I. Crocker of Portland, Sept. 24, 1S50.

Capt. Curtis died Jan. 7, 1869, aged 69 ; Mrs. Curtis died Jan. 16,
1883, aged So. Mrs. Mercy, widow of Capt. John Curtis, Sr., mar-
ried in 1822, Thomas Burnham of Scarborough. She died in
Gorham at the house of her son Capt. Curtis, in June, 1867, aged 8g.


Theophikis Dame came from Rochester, N. H. He married
Mary Ann, daughter of Moses and Sarah (Thomes) Baker of Somers-
worth, N. H. Mr. Dame was a farmer and lived for thirty years at
West Gorham, on the Capt. John Lincohi place, (now occupied by
Lewis Files). Children :

Caroline, b. July 25. 1S25, m. John Sawyer; I'd in Deering; d. Sept. 26,1861.
Moses B., b. Tuly, 1826, m. Susan W. Varney of Sandwich, N. PL; d. Feb. 20,
186S. '

Mr. Dame died at his home at West Gorham, Jan. 29, 1875, aged
74. Mrs. Mary A. Dame died Dec. 24, 1878, aged 74.


John Darling was the first and only one of the name, who ever
came to Gorham to settle. He was born in Plymouth, Mass., in 1758.
His father was Jonathan I3arling — the maiden name of his mother
was Martha Bramhall. She was the daughter of Joshua Bramhall,
and an aunt of Sylvanus (formerly of Gorham), also an aunt of
Benjamin Bramhall for many years one of the managers of the old
Plymouth Beach lottery. John Darling had four brothers and sisters
— Lydia who married William Churchill, Benjamin who settled in
the eastern part of the State, Sarah who married Lazarus Harlow
and had a son who settled in Portland where for many years he kept
a store at the corner of Fore and Union Sts., and Polly, long a suc-
cessful school-teacher in her native town.


John Darling was a soldier in the army of the Revolution, and in
1777 was a member of Capt. Jabez Lane's company, in the 6th Mass.
regiment ; for w^hich services his widow received a pension in her
latter days. When about twenty-two years of age he came to Gorham.
He had learned the hatter's trade in Plymouth ; and was the second
one of that trade who established himself in Gorham. He first went
into business at his house, then standing on the westerly side of the
Fort Hill road on the top of the hill above the Fabyan (Dyer) place.
He married, Oct. 14, 1785, Annah, daughter of Dea. George Lewis.
About the year 1791 he moved to Gorham village and purchased and
lived on the lot on the east corner of Main and Elm streets, after-
wards owned and now included in the grounds of Ex-Gov. Robie.
Here for many years he worked at his trade, which was then quite a
business, as there was but small importation of hats and every village
had its hatter, as well as blacksmith and shoemaker. Getting some-
what out of fashion and others coming up who could make two hats
of less wool than it took him for one, he gradually went out of the
business. The house and shop in which he lived and worked, some-
what altered and modernized, and now the property of Col. Robie,
has been moved to a lot a few hundred feet farther down on the
eastern side of Elm St. Mr. Darling was also a soldier in the War
of 18 1 2. He volunteered as a substitute for his son George, in the
company of Militia ordered out under the command of Capt. Robie
for the defence of Portland in September, 181 4. Children of John
and Annah Darling were :

John, b. June 6, 1787, d. Dec. 15, 1803.

Robert, b. May 6, 1789, lost at sea in 1805.

George L., b. Oct. 7, 1791. m. MahaU (Virgin) Hanscom, widow of Daniel

Hanscom. July 13. 1834. Ch : Mary Anna, b. Aug. 31, 1837, m. Thos.

J. Frotliingham of Portland, d. Apr. 3, 1902: Geoige L.. b. Apr. 12,

1844, d. in Portland, Jan. 9. 1895. ^'' Darling was a cabinet maker;

and owned and for many years worked in the shop on School St., now

owned bv Miss Mary Kelsey. He d. June 16, 1865. Mrs. Mahala

Darling d. July 29. 1856, ag. 53.
Mary L., b. Oct. 8. 1793, m. James Smith ; d. in New York.
Martha, b. Aug. 4, 1796, d. June 7, 1801.
Sarah A., b. Apr. 17, 1799, d. Jan. 6, 18 17.

Mehitable C , b. Nov. 16, 1801, d. unm, in Brunswick Jan. 23, 1885.
Martha, b. Sept. 4, 1806, d unm. in Portland, July 3. 18S3.
Tabitha L., b. Sept. 3, 1808, m. Joseph Babb of Westbrook, Feb. 18, 1S27 ; d.

Mar. 19, 1865.
Abigail P., b. July 30, 1810. d. unm. in Portland, May 12, 1876.

John Darhng died in (iorham in the house which he had occupied

so many years, Apr. 7, 1832. His wife died, universally beloved and

respected, at the house of her daughters Martha and Abbie, in

Portland, Apr. 10, 1849, aged 81.



Of the families of Joshua and Prince Davis we cannot tell which
came to Gorham first. Joshua came from Scarborough, where he
had two children born before 1762, and we find his name on a Gor-
ham tax bill for 1763. His first child born in Gorham was born in
1762. He lived on the farm near where Fred Sturgis lived at West
Gorham. It is believed there are none of this family now in town.
His wife's name was Sarah . Children :

Hannah, b. Jan. 23, 1758.

Joshua, b. Mar. i, 1760.

Sarah, b. Jan. 3, 1763, m. Charles Wood, Sept. 17, 1786.

Elizabeth, b. July 6, 1764.

Mehitable, b. Sept. 20, 1767.

Joseph, b. Aug. g, 1769.

Timothy, b. Oct. iS, 1772.

Gideon, b. Feb. 8, 1775.

Joshua Davis was a soldier in Capt. McLellan's company, in the
Penobscot expedition in 1779. He moved to Canton.

Prince Davis, son of Stephen, Jr. and Rebecca Davis, came from
Barnstable, Mass., to Gorham about the year 1762. We find him
taxed here in 1763. His wife, whom he married Feb. 15, 1750, was
Sarah, daughter of Edward Colman of Barnstable, and niece of
Martha Phinney, the wife of Capt. John Phinney, the first settler.
The house which Mr. Davis built about 1764, or .soon after he came
to Gorham, stood till recently in a good state of preservation, three-
fourths of a mile above the village near the spot where Almon Han-
scom now lives on ^the Flagg)^ Meadow road, which was the old road
to Buxton, When this house was built, on account of the price and
scarcity of glass, the windows had only ten squares of glass in each ;
two panes wide and five high of 7 x 9 glass. Mr. Davis made the
bricks for the chimney himself on the cross-road, a few rods north
of his house. Prince Davis was a house carpenter. He was a good
citizen and a prominent man. He was several years one of the
selectmen ; and we find his name often on committees of importance
both in town and church affairs. The children of Prince and Sarah
Davis were :

Elijah, bap. in Barnstable, Oct. 9, 1757, m. Phebe Hopkins, p. Apr. 8, 1780.
Edv.ard, bap. in Barnstable, Oct. 9, i-j^j.

Prudence, bap. in Barnstable, Oct. 9, r757, m. Josiah Jenkins, p. Tune 15, 1776.
Alice, bap. in Barnstable, Oct. 9, 1757, m. Enoch Frost, Apr. 24, "1780.
Temperance, b. in Barnstable, Nov. 11, 1759, m. Capt. David Harding, Aug.

19, 1781.
Isaac, b. in Gorham, Mar. 27, 1762, d. unm. June 20, 1839.


David, b. in Goriiani, Oct. 20, 1764, m. Martha, dau. of John and Tabitha Wat-
son, June 12, 1788; one son recorded in Gorham, Elijah, m. prob.
Abigail Mi>ody of Gorham, p. Jan. 6, 1815 ; the family moved to Buxton
where other children were born, and where Mrs. Davis d.

Rebecca, b. in Gorham, July 15, 1766, m. Geo. Knight of Windham, Mar. 14,
17S7; 2d, David Harding, 181 1.

Thomas, b. in (iorham. May 10, 1768, d. unm.

Jonathan, b. in (}orham, July 10, 1770, m. Mary Murch, Sept. 22, 1796; 2d,
Sally Murch.

Josiah Davis, the grandfather of Prince, was a soldier in the com-
pany of Capt. John Gorham in King Phihp's war in 1675.

Prince Davis died Sept. 17, i8ig, at the age of 96. His wife died
in 1804.

(2) Elijah Davis, son of Prince, married Phebe, daughter of Con-
stant and Phebe Hopkins of Truro, Mass. He was a soldier in the
Revolution. One child:

Sarah, b. Sept. 17, 1781, m. ISenjamin Emery of Buxton, Oct. 4, 1801; 2d,
Simeon Bradbury of Buxton.

Mr. Davis died Oct. 5, 1783, and his widow married. July 14, 1785,
Asa Whitney of Gorham.

(2) Jonathan Davis, son of Prince, married Molly, daughter of

Daniel and Mary Murch of Buxton. They lived on his father's old

homestead. Children :

Stephen, b. lune 30, 1797.

Daniel, b. Oct. iS, 1798.

Elijah, b. Aug. 5, 1800, m. Mary A. Webster; moved to Wilton; both d. in

Harriet, b. Nov. 12, 1802, m. Israel Hall of Saco, Nov. 25, 1827.
Sewall L., b. Dec. 4, 1S04.
William, b. 1806.

Mrs. Molly Davis died Aug. 10, 1806, aged 38, and Mr. Davis
married her sister Sally Murch, Dec. 24, 1807. Children :

Mary Ann, b. July 25, 1S08, m. Thomas Magrath, Nov. 30, 1826.
John Colby, b. Nov., 181 2, m. Harriet P. Erskins, p. Dec. 27, 1835.
Sarah, b. June, 1815, m. Stephen Emery, .Sept. 18, 1834.
Joseph, b. Oct. 12, 1817.

Jonathan Davis died Mar. 15, 1852, aged 81, and Mrs. Sarah
Davis died Feb. 28, 1858, aged 81.

Josiah Davis also came from Barnstable. He was the son of John
Davis, Jr. and his second wife, Anna, daughter of James Allen, who
were married Mar. 25, 1736. Josiah came here about the year 1771,
for we find his name in the tax bill for 1772. His first wife was
Thankful Matthews, whom he probably married about 1754. His
children by her were :


Josiah, bap. in Barnstable, June 6, 1756, prob. d. young.

Thankful, bap. in Barnstable, June 6, 1756.

Mary, bap. in Barnstable, Sept. 3, 1759, m. James Watson, June 30, 17S5.

Mr. Davis married, May 3, 1760, Thankful, daughter of Ebenezer

and Temperance Gorham of Barnstable, and sister to Temperance,

wife of Jonathan Sturgis. Their children were :

Josiah, bap. in Barnstable, Oct. 11, 17G1.

John, b. in Barnstable, about 1763, m. Molly Harper of Falmouth, Feb. 14,
1784; 2d, Patience Irish, Apr. 16, 1789; I'd in Buxton.

Sarah, b. in Barnstable about 1764, m. David Watts, Dec. 9, 1779.

Sylvanus, b. in Barnstable, 1767, m. Hannah Gorham, Nov. 19, 1789. Ch. b.
in Gorham, Ebenezer, b. Sept. 4, 1790; Sarah Hoff, b. Mar. 4, 1793;
this family moved to Buxton, where other ch. are on record. Mrs. Davis
d. in Buxton in June, 1807, and Mr. Davis m. Apr. 24, 1808, Phebe

Allen, b. in Barnstable, 1770, m. Martha Morris, July 8, 1792.

James, b. in Gorham, Sept. 27, 1773, m. Thankful, dau. of William and Sarah
Paine, Mar. 21, 1793; moved to Standish. Ch: Josiah, b. Dec. 5, 1793,
m. Eunice Frost ; Phebe, b. Jan. 31, 1795 ' Martha; Samuel, d. at sea.

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