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Gabriel Berdts

Harman van Goch

Jeremyas Ackerman

Bartholomeus Huysman

Willem Busdonck

Michiel Matheus

Adriaen vand[er] Mere

Jan Selen

Geraerdt van Bedber

Peeter Trioen

Melsen van As

Jan Draeck

Jan Pruet

Jan Selot

Anthony Smet

Willem Wetten
Huybrecht Eelinck
Adriaen Ghyselinck
Bartholomeus Piters
Jan Beelen
Willem Piterson
Christaen de Ryke
Jacob Corte

Cornelis vand[er] Plaetze
Gielis van Hiele
Joris Cutler
Pauwels Maes
Peeter de Mol
Gerardt Janssen
Crispyn van Oudenaken
Hans de Lether dresser
Heyndrick Moreels

1568.1 ALIENS IN LONDON. 387

We whose names be hire vnder wretten do testyffye these persons above wretten to have
bynne some tyme of the Doche Congregacion, and syns theyr departing from the same Churche
the same persons to have frequented, some the Englyshe Churche, and some the French, Doch,
and Italyan Churches.

By mj Derjck Henrjckson
Jan vander Leure

Jaspar van Vosberghen Examened bj^

Arnould Bernardt WyUiam Cockes

Nicolas Sellin William Sharington.

These towe persons were of the Doche Churche, and be excomvnicat :

Gerardus Gossemius, for marying in our Inglishe Churche, as it is reported.
Matheus Buenininck, for christning a chillde in the Inglishe Churche.

Examened by vs : Wylliam Cockes

William Sharington.
Eitdorsed : 1568. Names [etc.]. Deliuered at y' tyme of y' arrest. — There are also on the
dorse some shorthand notes, and a reference to Camd., p. 121.

LANSDOWNE MS. 10, f. 175, N°. 60.

CftflS Jl3arn0.S that are here vnder wryten are of the Frenche and Dutche Churche, and
yet are thought for their relej^fe to be factors for other men that dwell beyonde the

Of the Dutche Churche :

Martyn Vanpiene, factour for the Dj'eghbrotes.

Guillam de Santtvne, beinge a denyson, is thought to be factour for dyvers men.
Of the Frenche Churche :

Harmon Pottey, beinge long past of the Frenche Churche, is for his releyfe factor to John
Delayfajdlio [sic], whose goodes and debtes ys all vuder arrest, as the goodes and debtes of John

Hans Hofstaet and Peter Bowell are factours for dyvers men.

Of the Italyan Churche :

John Rothermaker is factor for Gilles Hostman.
Peter Vandewaell j^s factor for the Lowbelles.

Note [by Bishop Grindal ?] : Memorandum, to make sute for Cornelius de Vos.
Endorsed [by Bishop Grindal .?] : The names of certeyn straungers, factours for others.
Also eadorsed in peiicil : 1568.

LANSDOWNE MS. 10, f. 177, N°. 61.

^f)C Jf^aitlCS of those which ar of the Italian Churche, beinge borne in Flaunders and
other places vnder the domynj^on of the King of Spaine.

Doctor Cornelio Spirinck, one of the Elders Levino Hendricx, another of the Deacons

Jacomo de Migrode, another of the Elders Marca de la Palma

Leonardo Casenbrodio, another also of the Elders * John Radermaker, borne in Aeon, Gjdes
Matheo de Quester, notaiy, one of the Deacons Hostmans factor.

* Note in margin : Habet testimonium D. Hieronymi. He is borne vnder thempyre, <fc desireth libartie for
his owne persone and goodes, and wille declare ye goodes perteynynge to Gyles Hofitman.




John Hendricx, phisition
Jacomo Cabillau
Anthonio vanden Ryne
Levino de Brune
Peter de Hemele
Henry van Zenerdonck
, , Henry Bekemans
ififi Vfl/O P'^^l^'^ ornelio van Dinghen de Breda
Martino van den Zande
John de Hane
Gerardo Bekemans
Nicolas Sarazm
Pasquino Fleurkin

Peter Amia, borne in Aeon in Allmayne
Jodoco de Schepper
1 John Colms
" Francys de Farias
Hernando de Almara
Philipp de Bai'leul, of Aras
Mathias Selens

Guilhelmo de Ammanno, of the land of Luke
Guilhelmo Migon
Nicolas Goossens
Giovanne de Canteres
Cornelio de Vischer, painter

Denys van Landen of Maestricht
Peter van den Walle, factour for the Lowbells*
Anthony Van Hanswyke
Doctor Andrea, medico Romano
John de Petaine
John Bawhuysen
Dominico Buissiere
Battista Oyens, of Andwerpe
Gasparo Vosbergen of Berga apon Zoma
Paul Typoetes, of Dist
Godfrey Dionisio, of Lubeek ner Lovaine
Beneditto de Napolj

vGommaro van Ooesterwicke, of Andwerpe
Cornells Vrancx, of Andwerpe
Nicolas Eueraertes, of Andwarpe
Andreas Gosman, of Andwerpe
II S" Baron
II S" de Longwater
Salvador JDelapalma
Henry de Cameiogys, of Gaunt
Jehan Fariseo de Bruxelles
Adrian de Portere
Jacob Wittewrongel
Guilhelme Vermeyden
Giles le Jour
Nos subscript! etiam ad hoc requisiti attestamur omnes supra vel ante scriptos esse

suseeptos in societatem et numerum fidelium ecclesie italice in Londino ante factam arestationem

in hoc regno Anglie.

Cornelius Spiringus Baptista Oyens

Gaspar Vosberghius Pieter vand[er] Walle

M. de Quester Marcos de la Palma

•m J 1, Wylliam Cockes

Examened by ^f^j^^ Sharington.

Endorsed : 1568. Also : Catalogus Ecclesise Italicse.

STEYPE'S ANNALS OF THE BEFOBMATION, Vol. 4. p. 569. From " MSS. Burg."
Strangers in London, anno 1568.

Appointed by the Lords of the Council to Sir Tho. Bow, Lord Mayor, to be searched out in
each Ward ; and a certificate thereof sent in to them : tvhich accordingly was taken by
him at large, and entered in a great book : with his letter as follows : —

To the right honourable the Lords and others of the Queen's Majesty's most honourable Privy

The Answer and Certificate of Sir Thomas Bow, Knt., Mayor of the City of London.

As to the number of strangers, as well within the city of London, as in certain other
liberties and exempt jurisdictions adjoining nigh unto the same, both of men, women, and
children of every nation, as well denisons as not denisons, with their names, surnames, and
occupations ; and what houses be pestered with greater numbers of strangers than hath of

* This description is added by another hand.

1568.] ALIENS IN LONDON. 389

lat# been accustomed ; and to whom they pay their rentes for the same ; and how many of
them do resort to any of the strangers' churches ; according to certain instructions and letters
from your honours to me for that purpose addressed, as nigh as I can collect the same, by reason
of certain incertain certificates ; as well by the officers of the said liberties and exempt places,
as of others to me returned and certified.

It began with the Ward of Gripplegate : wherein first is mentioned John Clayse, girdler ;
Collyer and Remys ; one of them of Artois, the other of Henauld ; both silkworkers. In this
ward is A^nthnni e Coran. [Coranus.] preacher in the Itali an church, bo i'n in Spain, ten ant to
the duchess of Suffolk ; Mary his wife, John and James their~cliilctreii. . . . They go to the
Italian church. In this ward there were many silkworkers, besides those before mentioned,
to the number of fifteen. Likewise an embroiderer, silk-weaver, two parchment lacemakers,
and a fringemaker.

S. Thomas of Aeon.

In the aforesaid book several Venetians and some Dutch are said to go to church to S.
Thomas of Aeon, [which is the same with Mercers' chapel]. Gabriel Petroche, Venetian, a
chirurgeon, Barbara his wife, and their children. Jerome Venalia, merchant, and a Venetian ;
Lombard Venalia, and others, go to Thomas of Aeons ; Matt, de Guester, notarj^-public, a
Dutchman and a denison, and Cornells his wife, and his childi-en, Paul Typoets, and ^Cornel,
de Hare, his servant, go to S. Thomas of Aeon to service. So that here was a religious
assembly for preaching and prayers ; and some Dutch also resorted hither.

S Ministers strangers.

]'■ In the parish of S. Edmund's, Anthonie Rodulphs. professor of the gospel in the house of

I Mr. Sherington. And these did adjoin themselves with him, when he came first to the said
house ; viz. Vincent Bassens, Frenchman, minster of the gospel ; and by that name put in exile
by the commandment of the French king. Laur. Bourghinomu s. minister the gospel, of the
household of cardinal Castilion ; James Machevillens. m inister of the gospel, and put in exile ;

^ Antonius Lixens, of the same profession ; and John Aubrie s of the church of Bolloyne, exiled
with others of the gospel.

Fernando Almarez, Spaniard, a buttonmaker, goeth to the Italian church ; John Pharasie
and his wife, born in Bruxells, Cornelius Fisher, born in Holland ; Tho. Sufleit, Florentine
captain, go to the Italian church.

Strangers that go to the English church.

A great many of these went to the English, or their parish churches.

Nicolas Taftyn, Guy Bernard, and Pietro de Metre, Frenchmen, students ; and be of the
French church.

Francis de Farias, Spaniard, and Jocamina his wife, his children, and Nicolas Duprey, his
servants, silk-weavers, go to the Italian church. Anthony Brusket, merchant, of Jeane [Genoa ;]
he hath three merchants dwelling with him. Baptist Fortune, and Tho. Fortune, Florentines;
and thejr go to the English church. ,

Benedict Spinola, denison, merchant of Jeane ; he goeth to the English church. Three
clerks of Jeane, Jasper Voltabis, Ascanius Spinola, and Aug. Grassigne : they go sometimes to
the English church and sometime to the Italian.

Mx-. Anthonie. preacher of the city of Jeane ; S tep hen de Grasse. an old French preacher.
and his wife, go to the French church.

Claude Tyton, merchant, and his wife ; Mary Petsokin, his daughter, and Mary his servant,
all Dutch, in Bar kin parish.

S. Olyffe and Alhallotos Staining.

Anno 1607 [sic]. In this parish were a great many Italians, Dr. Ector and his wife, and

Frier, her daughter ; Nic. de Goles, merchant ; Bastion Rice, merchant ; Aserbo Delutelo, Alex.

Mentaly, merchants ; Epolito Beaumont, Shepion Vilatel, Arasio Vilatel, Aschamo Bramount,

servants ; all Italians. Anthon. Basam, [Bas sani,] Italian, and his wife and five childi-en ; all




born here : [he was musician to the queen]. James Deroche, preacher, Trenehman, and Mary
his wife.

Anthony Coran, [Coran us.] i n Cri pple gate ward ; preacher in_tke.Italian churp.h ; born in
Spain; tenant to the duchess of Suffolk; Mary his wife; John and James, their children;
David de Dieu, and Joan Leveresse, their servants ; and they go to the Italian church. [He
preached also in Spanish.]

Dr. Cffisar, physician, set down under the strangers inhabiting in the parish of S. Helen's ;
Mr Cavecant, Italian, one of the queen's servants, and lived in Katharine Coleman parish; in
which parish lived divers Dutch and French merchants ; and Mr. Gasperin, a Spaniard, one of
the queen's servants.


Several of the strangers that wei-e placed here were basketmakers, but denisons, and of
the Dutch church.

Ward of Bridge Without.

Divers joiners Dutch ; some borne in Cleveland : a great number of strangers in this ward.

Ill S. George's, SoutJnoark.

Garret Strip, [Stryp,] leather-dresser, denison, born in Brabant ; his wife, a child, a maid,
and three men-servants ; all go to the Dutch church.

Vintrie Ward.
Jane Esquier, widow, Katharine, her daughter, Mary and Anne, her cousins ; all born in Va-
lentia, shepsters ; Lisken Nullent, widow ; she is a shepster.

S. Tho. Apostles.
Margaret Houseman, widow, and Martha her daughter, born in Flanders, shepster.

Portsohen Ward.
Peter Loup, musician in Italy, and Katharine, his wife, born in Flanders ; they go to the
Italian chni-p)-) ■ Peter Haves , born in Rone, [Roan] : goes to the French church ; and dwelleth

with his son the minister of S. Buttolph, [Aldgate].

The French cardinal, living in Hans Hunter's house, hath to the number of forty servants.

Bridge ivard.
Ambrose Hewbrick, phy,sician, born in Lowin, [Lovain,] Katharine his wife, born in Ant-
werp, several children ; Robert Randulphus, merchant, born in Florence ; Robert Meron, merchant,
born in Florence ; Polito Swant, born in Brisse, [Brissels ; ] divers more, born in Florence, went
to the Spanish ambassador's to hear mass.

S. Magnus.
Some houses mightilj' pestered with numbers of foreigners ; as in one house in S. Magnus
parish were twenty-four Dutch people : and herein one was a merchant, with his wife and children ;
another, a shereman ; another, a tapestry-maker; another, a dyer ; another, a linen- weaver ; the
house belonged to Michael Griffen, merchant, a denison, born at Rostar in Flanders ; and he lived
himself in the same house.

S. Stoithins parish in Walbroke ward.

Giles Vanhil, selleth cloth made in Sandwich, called bayes ; Peter Apple, denison, and James

his brother, born in Flanders, sell cloth, made in Sandwich and Norwich, called bayes : another

here was a botcher, and mended apparel ; and many more said to be botchers by trade ;

another was a musician, servant to the lord marquis Northampton : another, named John Quarrey,


born in Arras in Flanders, had a licence to make glass in Sussex, went to the French church ;
another was a worker of here, [hair,] for great hosen ; another a tapestry-worker, another, named
John Baloar, born in Bilbow in Spain.

Woolchurch parish.
Balthazar Sanchie, denison, born in Spain, hath an English woman to his wife ; John Lewis
his servant, born in Valentian de Aragon, and is a comfit-maker ; they both go to the French
church, as they say ; hath two tenements ; the one he bought, and the other he payethrent for :
here some were menders of old apparel ; another, a maker of tennis-balls ; another woman was
a maker of loops for buttons.

Walbrook 'parish.
Several joiners by trade ; a painter ; a tailor.

Abchurch parish.
One dwelling there that sold cloth made in Sandwic\i and Norwich, called bayes ; named
John Godskalk, denison.

S. Peter s parish, in Queenhithe toard.
Joh n Gillambiskn, Italian, a perfume r, and for most part at the court. %

Toiver ward, in S. Dunstan's parish in the east.
Nineteen Dutch in one house ; one was Antosin Poumel, merchant, with his wife and children,
and servants ; John Vonche , John Marn i. John Bowthand, and Robert Philip , all ministers, being
Frenchmen ; Stephen Marvey, minister, and his wife ; and divers others that lived by their
money, [viz. without trade: ] in the same parish, Andrew de Loo, denison, a merchant; Hans
Vanderel, his servant ; two maid-servants ; all DutcirTand go to their own parish church ;
Emanuel D emetriu s, a Dutch merchant, and Hester his wife ; Agnes and Sarah, their children ;
Bastian Speidek, merchant, and Zuzanne his wife, Dutch merchant, and go to their parish church ;
John de Pesserowe, Venetian merchant ; , Sacary Mound y, Jasper Laiet, and another, his servants,
and Joseph Lowntney, all Venetians, 'go to S. Thomas of Acres church ; Innocent Conney, Italian ,
one of the queen's musicians.

S. Alhalloius Barkin parish.
John Howgabert, denison, hatband-maker ; Balthazar Pierse, merchant, his wife and divers
children, Portugals, go to no church: some here hatmakers ; some buttonmakers ; Augustin
Lovelone, Venetian, denison, shipwright, wife, children, all born here, go to the parish church ;
several women, styled needle-women ; Peter Miller, a brewer ; several beer-brewers here ; Claude
Tyson, and Mary his wife, merchant ; Peterkin his daughter, and Maiy his servant, all Dutch
folks in Barkin Parish ; as also Anthon. Basam. [Bassani.] It alian, and Heleyn his wife, and /

five children, born all here ; he is a musician to the queen. n

S. Olyff and Alhalloius Staining.
Divers Italian merchants in these parishes ; among the rest Acerbo Velatelo ; Cxj^AS^ de
Vache ^ Frenchman , musician ; another Frenchman, named Laryel. m usician ; James- ' cle Ra che

preache r, and Mary his "wife; embroiderer; — bookbinder ; Jg ltn'"^eric, broker,

Dutchman ; several lay at his house ; among the rest, Blichael Fever, minister, Mr. Dr. Roman,
and John Lowen his servant, in the house of Edw. Touche ; James Cornel, a cutter of pearls,
a Frenchman ; Adrian Re dlegg, Dutchman, minister, and his wife, a denison.

Coleman-street ivard.
Godfrey Wincour, [seems to be W ynge,] a Dutch preacher ; Christian, his wife : Jeronomo
the Italian preacher and Loweraie, his wife, with her maiden, and a boy, all go to the Italian





3 ho haij

Liberties of Chrisfs Church loithin Algate.
There lived in one house forty- four persons, being all Dutch : and John Van Leur, merchant,
payeth the rent for the same, to sir Lewis Mordaunt, knt. : in this liberty lived the widow of
TJtenho ve. [Dutch minister,] w ith three children, boarders with her, and divers others, to the
number of fourteen ; they are tenants to the duke's grace, [duke of Norfolk]. [This was
Dukes-place, I suppose.]

Black Friers.
Mr. Cossyn. Frenchman, minister, and Breugen his wife, com e for religion , with thre e boy s ,
with two wenches, which go to school, and are of the French church ; Tho. Vantrolly, French-
man, denison and stationer, with his wife and one child, born in England ; they are of the
French church : and there live in the same house two Frenchmen, that came for religion, and
be of the French church ; Angel Victorys, Sardinian, denison, school master, and his wife came
for religion, and are of the French church ; John Victorys, Sardinian, came for religion ; he is
said to be Dutch, and of no church : many here in Black Friers are said to come for religion.

S. Botulph without Bishopsgate.
Many houses pestered with numbers of strangers : here were skinners, silk-weavers, sack-

Miliar ies.
Philip Garse. minister, Dutchman ; Bartholomew Winiamsnn ^ preacher of the Dutch church,
and Elizabeth his wife, born in England ; Cornel. Jacob, a minister of the Dutch church, born
in Holland.

The number of strangers in Cripplegate Ward 277. Whereof —
Dutchmen ... ... ... ... 213 [ Spaniards ... ... ... ... 6

French ... ... ... ... 411 Denisons ... ... ... ... 12

The number of strangers in Lime-street Ward 31.
In Cornhill Ward 28.
In Dowgate Ward 166.

In Farringdon Ward without 176. Within 81.
In S. Martins le Grand 269.

Among these, Peter Banks and Ursin . ministers of the French church ; and Oly ver Rowland
and Bustein, m inisters of the I'Vench church ; and Nove Banet, Frenchman, minister.
In the liberty of S. Katharine's 425. Whereof —





The whole number of










strangers, as well denisons as not denisons, dwelling and remaining
within the exempt jurisdiction and liberties adjoining to the city, together with the city of
Westminster, 2598. Whereof —













of the English church . . .
Of the Dutch church
Of which number the denisons were
Of the French church
Of the Italian church
Of no church














The whole number of strangers, as well within the city of London, as within the exempt
liberties, and places aforesaid, near adjoining to the same, was 6704. Whereof —



Portugueze .


Florentines .




Neapolitans .


Dutch persons


Venetians and Italians

Spaniards ... ....



Whereof of the English church ... ... ... ... ... ... 1815

Ofthe Dutch church 1910

Of the French church 1810

Of the Italian church 161

Of no church 1008

Of which number of strangers, there are denisons ... ... ... 880

The number of houses pestered within the said city and liberties is 37. The number afore-
said is beside the Spaniards in Bridewell, and all others that are in any other prisons.


C^bC JRCtUtn in 1568 states the houses " pestered with the greatest nu^
[Strangers], and comprises —

Master John Thomas, Doctor of Lawe, Doucheman.

Hubert Dovylley, a Caster of Pryntinge L'res.

James de la Forest, a Setter of L'res.

John, from the Hedge, Tailor, a Doucher

Lawrence Bourguinonus, Ministerpf-^^he Household of Cardinal Castilion.

J ames Marchvilion s, Minister,

The French Cardinal

CciAd -dj OnaXiWon

Inch I3T I . ■H*: haS

Ha6 (jAiV ttuti rocun c-n
iijLO^ 6'C\|(njil-o _^j5U-O3-t0
oludl fo7 EooKilfs,

cc7-rrxji l-o t-&^ay\^ ortj^
^^o CMS Ttla Tir^ uJ

aft ■

in Hans Hunter's House, hath to the number of forty servants, w,


Qu. whether this is the same as the list referred to by Strjrpe, Annals of tlie Reformation,^ o\. 4, p. 569.


^tnong" the papers at the Dutch Church, is a list of the Strangers in London, who were so
interfered with about 1568.

The names of suche poore strangers of the Dutch and French congregations in London, as are
dayhe arrested and served by sondry informers, upon penall statutes for usinge and exercisinge
their severall vocations, and not being born within her ma*'" domynions.

Goosen vander Becke, Candell-maker, borne at Gaunte ; Peter Jacobs, Seller of Cloth by
greate, borne at Andwerpe ; Widowe Vrolicke, Seamster, borne at Sandwich ; Daniel Garnout,
Candell-maker, borne at Maidston ; John Rogiers, a lodger of Duchmen, borne at Vallencine ;
(and thirty-seven others)-.

"All theis poore men most humblie beseech y"- accordinge to her ma'^' moste princelye
pleasure and gratious inclynatiou heitherto towardes them, that some such good order male be
taken and sett downe under y" greate scale of England, or otherwise, as to your good Lps.
grave wisedome shall seem most meete. That they and y" rest of y'^ saide congregations, maye
no more be thus daily vexed and put to charges ; but quietly use and exercise their severall
vocations, to mainteyne their wives, children, and families."


Kit uootja (xV 5rua>in





(ZTCttifiCStC, 11 Januai-y, 11 Eliz. (1569), by the Commissioners for levying the first pay-
ment of the Subsidy granted 30 September, 8 EKz. (1566), that the following persons
within the Warde of the Toioer had no goods, chattels, lands, or tenements within
the Ward.

John Wyllyams, in goodes, 1 li. Robert Smythe, 1 li. Gabryell Petre and Innocent Cony,
xl li. Velowtye Servoye, xl li. John de Combers, xxx li. John Mason, iij li. Thomas Banckes,
V li. Thomas Fulsted, x li. Willyam Hemynge, x li. Vyncent Pensaye, x li. Ramgekyn, a
Cowper, per poll, iiij d. Peter Lenam, per poll, iiij d. Godfrey Tylman, per poll, iiij d. John
Hanze, per poll, iiij d. Peter Roitcheolbadyno, iij li. Peter Furkerder and Hughe de Hancheff,
servantes to Jesper Cranwell, per poll, viij d. Allowyn de Basurto, per poll, iiij d. Harman
vanne Hemyngton, in John Ellyottes house, per poll, iiij d. Augustyne, servaunt to theJBasanyes
per poll, iiij d. Elizabeth Huggen, wj^dowe, per poll, iitj^cT John, Elizabeth, Mary, aiKl
Syngkyn, her fowre children, per poll, xvj d. Jacobe Hoixe, hatbondmaker, iij li. Fraupfcis
Tayshe, the postemakeres seruaunte, per poll, iiij d. Fardinando and Roberte Poynez, C li. ;/and
John Warde, iij li.*

LANSDOWNE MS. 10, ff. 179-185, N°. 62.

Janvar.") ^0n0U]PU0rit les noms de ceux qui sont rangez de leglize frangoize, natifz es pais
ISeS.f / du Roy Philippe.

Anthoine Chappel
Adrian Botteler
Anthoine Carpreau
Adrian Meulan
Augustin Roger
Amand Mouton
Anthoine Bien
Angelus Victorius
Arnould de Boulongne
Arnould de la Rue
Adain Hayette
Arnould Bernart
Arnould de Cordes
Anthoine le Gry
Amand Bruneau
Anth° de Ligne
Anth° Emeric
Anth° de la Court
Anth° Godart
Anthoine Agace
Adrian Coyart
Adrian Toupet
Anth° Jore
Anth° des Pretz
Anthoine Lempereur
Adrian Oblas

Aymery le Bouc
Anth° du Jardin
Adrian Hautain
Anth° Bomalle
Anth° de Lattre
Artus Daniel
Anth° Caron
Adrian Stilman
Anth° Cocquiel
Alexandre Fontaine



Bartolome Limberger
Benoit de la Court
Baltazart Sanchez
Bonauenture de Werchin
Bon de Falloize
Baltazart le Clercq

Claude de le Hecque
Cyprian Valere
Calix de le Hone
Christophle Lardenois
Charles Deruillers
Christian Arnould
Christophle des Maistres


* These names are evidently those of strangers, but are not specified as such,
t This date appears to be in Cecil's hand.




Christian Mondo
Corneille Roulier
Christofle Godeifroy



Denis des Maistres
Denis de Boninghe
Denis de le Croix
Dominicque de la Floette
Daniel de le Dalle
Daniel Chastellain
David Beuieres


Eustace Vallin
Eleuthere Houinne
Eloy Quentin
Elojr du Rieu
Estienne Rocquet

Franijois Flory -^
Francois Cruel
Franqois Biscop
Francois Rogeret
Frangois Voisin fils
Francois des Maistres

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