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and I meant to have provided for her during life. Took

29. Felt very much debilitated — and have been for 2

1 Edwarrl Dillingham Bangs, the son of Edward and Hannah Lynde Bangs,
studied law with his father, and was admitted to' the bar in 1813. For the four
succeeding years he was in partnership with his father's old associate, William
E. Green, and was also, during a part of this time, the editor of the National .figis.
In 1816, 1817, 1820 and 1824 he was a representative in the General Court, and
in 1820 was a member of the convention for the revision of the Constitution. In
1824 he succeeded Rejoice Newton, as county attorney, but in the same year was
elected secretary of the Commonwealth, and removed to Boston. His love of
historical study and his familiarity with the early records of the Commonwealth
made him peculiarly fitted for this position, and the years in which he held the
office were the happiest of his life; for, although he was a good lawyer, he had never
liked his profession. Compelled to resign in 1836, on account of ill health he re-
turned to Worcester, and lived again in his father's old house, which stood opposite
the Court House, on the present site of Bangs Block.

Mr. Bangs married, 12 April, 1824, Mary, daughter of Moses Grosvenor, of

[Born, Worcester, 24 August, 1790. Died, Worcester, 1 April, 1838.]


American Antiquarian Society.

or 3 months disturbed in the family, chiefly on account
of the conduct of our imprudent housekeeper.

30. Went to church once — unwell — rode out.

31. Rode out. Mr. Allen, a young Candidate preached
yesterday for Dr. Bancroft.

My absconding Domesticks, viz. Mrs. Frazer, our
housekeeper, and Joel Lawrence, my late Coachman,
returned this morning after being married in Providence
by a justice of the Peace — They asked forgiveness for
absconding and begged to be restored to their former
places. I think she already repents her folly. — Have not
yet determined respecting — I have some delicate feelings
on this occasion — and think receiving them again would
be attended with many inconveniences. — Neither have
property and she has forfeited nearly 2000 dols. which I
had provided for her in my will. He brought a Certificate
of his marriage, by which it appeared that instead of being
married to Frazer, he was married to Hannah L. Fiske —
how that name was inserted he could not tell. He returned
to Providence to get another Certificate with her proper
name. Frazer remained in the family. I had in my will
provided for her during her life if she remained in my
family till my decease & remained single.


Cash received.


Of Mr. F. Rice for half


Sikes pew rent, 10.00

a year,



Received Rent from


Of Lazell & Grafton,


Boston, 180.00


Holden Turnpike,

Cash pa

id away.


Lemons & peas,



Gave Charles, .50


Post Office quarterly

Contribution to sufferers



by fire, 60.00


Weighing Hay,


Paid N. Patch, 25.00

Ringing 9 "Clock bell,



Paid for meat, &c, .50


Caroline's schooling,



Cash for a Straw Hat, 3.00

Mrs. Thomas,


For quarter Cask Ma-


Mrs. Fuller 1.00 Caro-

deira Wine, 95.00

line .75,



* Gallon Port Wine, 1.25


Chad wick, old debt,



Paid Mann for labour, 10.00





Mrs. Thomas, 20.00



Sundries, 2.00


Howe 1 days work,
Silver Pen,



Lawrence Wages 60.00

Diary of Isaiah Thomas. 281

August, 1815.

1. Am better in health today. Began yesterday to
take an account of Stock in the Store, which for 18 months
past I let to Lazell & Grafton. Attended at the Bank.

3. Sent Lawrence to Boston to sell a horse, and to
try to get into some business for the support of himself
& wife, late our housekeeper. Judge Bangs & family
visited us.

4. Went to Holden to carr} r home Mary Stratton,
who had left a sick friend to come and assist us. Miss
Betsey Maccarty, an aged Maiden Lady broke her arm
by a fall. Bought and this day received a quarter cask
of old Madeira Wine, Quantity 27 gallons. Cost with
charges about 100 dollars.

About the 5 th of this month nearly 15,000 squares of
glass were broken in the houses of Salem and Marblehead
by a hail Storm.

6. Went to Church twice.

8. Went to Boston in the Coach with my new Coach-
man, Drury — dined at WiswelPs in Newton. Miss R.
Ewer accompanied me to Boston. Arrived there at 3

9. Walked over to Charlestown to see Miss A. L.
Sheldon. Soper went on to Newyork.

10. Went to Salem with my Son. Dined with the Rev.
Mr. Bentley. Returned to Boston.

11. Settled our Annual Account with my partner
Andrews in Boston. Our partnership has continued 26

12. Returned to Worcester — accompanied by Miss
Rebecca Armstrong and Miss Sheldon.

13. Went to Church once.

2S2 American Antiquarian Society.

14. Joel Lawrence, my late Coachman, who ran off
with our Housekeeper Frazer to Providence & married,
returned from Boston on Tuesday last, and sat off for
Boston again this morning to get some employment. I
dismissed him my house. My mind is and has been greatly
disturbed for some months past.

17. My brother came on a visit from Lancaster.

18. My brother returned home.

20. Dr. Bancroft returned yesterday from Vermont and
preached today. Went to Church twice.

22. Attended at the bank.

23. Settled and closed my concern with Lazell & Grafton
& took back my book stock. Directors of the Worcester
Social Library met in my house.

24. Mrs. Thomas went to visit my brother in Lancaster,
accompanied by Miss R. Armstrong.

25. Mrs. Thomas returned from Lancaster. Frazer our
late housekeeper had all her things packed — notwithstand-
ing her bad conduct I gave her articles to the amount of
60 Dollars.

27. Unwell for 3 days past — did not go to Church.

28. Went to Boston. Frazer our late housekeeper I took
with me as far as Framingham — where she was met by her
husband who carried her to Boston. She was greatly agita-
ted on parting, and expressed her folly with real anguish.

29. Much fatigued with walking in Boston. A number
of women waited on me who wished for the berth of a
housekeeper. Went to Roxbury Plains.

30. Greatly fatigued again with walking. Engaged Mrs.
Frances Thurston as a housekeeper — a genteel widow of
about 32 years. — Engaged also a woman as a Cook —
Parted with Frazer, who came to see me. She appeared
greatly grieved.

Diary of Isaiah Thomas.


31. Returned to Worcester with the women I engaged
to live as housekeeper & Cook.

September, 1815.

1. Mrs. Frances Thurston came to live with us as a
housekeeper in the room of Frazer. Bowditch, a maiden
woman, came to live with us as a cook. Dismissed Anne

2. Attended at the Tanyard.

3. Went to Church half of the day.

4. Nathan Patch who has been with me 3 years &
4 months — left my employment — he goes to Newyork
State to purchase Land for himself — a steady clever fellow.
Wm. Andrews left Worcester, Lazell & Grafton quitted
my Book Store— Sent Letters to Boston by M r . Maccarty.

5. Sent two trunks full of family goods and a bed,
all belonging to my son to Boston. He sent them here
during the War. Received medicine for myself to take
from Dr. Green.

7. Worcester Bible Society first met and organized.


Cash received.


Rent of Store in Boston,


3 doz n . Primers,


1 quarter, 27.50


Rent in Boston, New-


Of the Treasurer of the

bury St. House,


Worcester Turnpike, 100.27

In the Store,


Cash pa

id away.


Mary Stratton, 8.00

Mrs. Frazer (alias Law-


Family, 1.00




Expenses to Boston, 1.75

Paid Frazer, — do. for


Miss Burns, 20.00

D r . Green,



Expenses to Salem, 3.00

Mrs. Thomas,



Barker, .50

Frazer, sent to Mrs.

Teapot mending, .75

Thomas & Cash,



Online LibraryI ThomasThe diary of Isaiah Thomas. 1805-1828 (Volume 1) → online text (page 27 of 38)