I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 102 of 131)
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Herd of S«iiie, William Lord, Cnrbridge
Hollyl.nsli, James Car er. Corn «t
JoUv Tncker.|loseph Gardner, West end
Kinj o( PrnssiB, Wni. Davis, West end
Kin-j's Head, John SiTnmonds, High .^t
Lamb & Fla:;, Samuel Humphries. Hailey
ftlaltsterand Shovel, Richard Bncking

ham. Ensham [kel pi ,ce

MarlhiirouKh Arms, Mary Gillelt, Mar-
Marlborongh's Head, Williim Bond,

Church gieen
Old Red I, ion, Charles Ronse, Ensham
Plongh. Thorn s Nevil. Hieh st
Red Lion. Hariict Spittle. Ci'rn st
Roval Oak, J,.mes Ball, High st
Slrirkiand Anns, Robert Hamlett,

Swan, John Shepherd, Ensh.nm
Talbot, Philip Scholey, Ensham
Three Horseshoes, John Andrews.Corn st
Tliree I'ijeon-i, Ann Garilrirr,Woiid green
Wagon & Horse-^.Thos. Pumphrey.Corn st
■White Hart, William Davis, Ensham

netailers of Beer

Bridges Hich.ird, Ensham
Brooks Ricl arl. Corn st
Buckingham Chailes, Ensham
Caniell Charles. Ensham
Claridge Elizabeth, Hailey
Cordswfll James, Corn st
Cox John, Ensbam
Cox William, West end
Dailey !M my. Corn st
Fanion Henry, West end
Either Hoberr. Corn st
Ford Riiherl, Ensham
Haines Job, H..iley
Harwood John, Ensham
Jackson Joseph. West end
1-egg James. High st
Redgate Richard, Corn st
Swaillini I liomas, Ensham
Williams Jidin, Bridge st


Lntiij; .lames, Bi i(ii;e st
Wilkinson William, Hieh .st


Anthiif Jolin Dee, ICn-li.im
li.irioii Koberi, Kiisluiin
Haiiis.laiees, iNlHiket place
Raiid..ll Heiirv Peaice (and eii-
• Riaver), Coi ii st
Wiil'er Ivlmniul faiul sihersmith
and tngiaver^, .Maiket place


Green Hi il'crt, Dnckliiigton
May Cliailes, Diicklinutdn


Clincli .lames, iMarkct pi .ce
Siilmoi) Hernv, Bri'lge st
Sliillingford William, Ensham


Beale David, parchment manufacturer.

Bridge street
Belcher Wi.liain, toy dealer. High st
Rushnell George, brick maker. Ensbam
C"llier Micliael,conlectinner. High st
Day Joseph, nurseryman, Ensham
Day William, bark dealer, Ensham
FreiichThonias,parish clerk.Chnrch green
Gas Works, back of High st— Francis

Hunt, clerk
Green Will am, parish clerk, Ensham
Harris D iiiiel, siockine mannfctr.High st
Hudson Eslher, slay maker. [Market place
In LAND Revknub OKPici-.at iheSt lule

Hall H"tel— George Digby, supervisor '
Kent John Caswell, dealer in musical

instruments, Hiijh street
M.islers .loseph,acc"initant. High st
Stamp Officg, Hifh street — Isaac Law-
re ce, S'lb-dist i! u tr
Smith Hannah, baiierilasber. Bridge st
Smith .lames, stone mason. Market place
Sylvester 'I'bpnias, fellmnnuer. High st
'J'owN Hall. Market place— Benjamin

H. Lowell, keeper
\Miitlonk Thoma - , hi,i;h constable,

Church creen
Winlield Charles, cattle dealer, High st

Jiiilge—Johr. Billirg:sley Parry, Esq.
C/er'fc-James Westell.
Hiqh B ?/ijf-William Biddle.
Bji/i^- Thomas Whitlock.


To EONOON and OXFORD, Ihe Rot/al

njii'il. and the liirul Couch, from the

Staple Hall Inn.daiy (Snnday excepted)
ToCHELTENHA;\l,theR!Ln/, from the

Crown, and Staple Hall Inns, daily

(Sunday excepted)
To Slow, the Roval HIail. from tbc

Crown, and Staple Hall Inns, daily

(Sunday excepted)

WoRKHOusi'., iiurfoi-d royj
Go Ldnor — Benjamin Ward_
l/o(n€tvveen the kingdoms of Mercia and East Anglia. Under the Saxons it formed a part
of the kingdom of East Anglia, and was designated Suffolk from Sud-folk — literally * southern folk' or ' people.*
'i'he whole of this and some of the adjacent counties experienced little respite from foreign and domestic
depredators till some time after the death of Edward the Confessor: this county, in particular, suffered much
fiom Sweyne, King of Denmark, who >pared neither churches nor towns, unless redeemed by the people
with large sums of money; though, to compensate in some measure for this cruelty, Canute, his son and
successor, shewed it particular kindness. When VVilliain the Conqueror was settled on the throne of the
kingdom, he divided the manors of Suffolk among his officers. Some of the towns of this county are of great
antiquity, and the renrains of its once massy castles possess high interest with the aniiquaiy. But y Saint
Edmunds is supiiosed to ha*e been the Pllla Faustinii, or ' the seat of F"austinius ;' by the Saxons it was
called Beoderk Ifeord, or 'the Court of lieoilericns:' this town is famous for itsahbey, which, when in its
splendour, is said to have exceeded all othec establishments of the kind in England, Glastonbury excepted.
Ipswich (or, as it is written in Domesday-book, Gyppeswiz), was originally fortified, and enclosed by a ram-
part and ditch, which was broken down by the Danes when they pillaged the town in the years 991 and 1,000.
Duhwich, now an inconsideiable village, was once a most important Roman station : in 630 it was an episco-
pal see ; and it is recoided by tradition that atone time it hdAjifty-two churches and monasteries— M of which,
but one, have beeti swallowed up by the sea! During the intestine broils between King Stephen and the
barons, Buneay castle, erected by the Higods, Earls of Norfolk, was so strongly fortified by Hugh Bigod ("a
turbulent u' blenian) against his sovereien, as to be tendered almost impregnable. In the reign of Richard
11, when Wat Tyler lebelled, many of the men of Suffolk joined the Norfolk insurgents, in their foimidable
revolt, which was at length suppressed by the exertions of Spenser, the warlike Bishop of Norwich. In
1665 the memorable engagement between the English atid Dutch fleets, in which the latter was defeated,
occurred off Lowestoft; and in 1667 the Dutch landed three thousatid men under Felixtow cliff, but were put
to fliaht, after an ineffictual attempt upon an ailjacent fort. Soutbwold bay was the scene of an obstinate
conflict between the united fleets of Knuland atid France, on the one side, and the Dutch fleet on the other;
the French soon left the English to bear the brunt of the action, which tertninaled without any decided
advantage being olitained by either the English or Dutch. Suffolk was one'of the eastern counties that were
associated in tlie cause of the Parliament against Charles 1, and placed under the command of the Earl of
Rlancliester: there were a few influential gentlemen of the county who endeavoured to raise a force to secure
it for the king, butvvere surprised and reduced to obedience by Cromwell. The number of religions houses
of all denominations was filty-nine, including four Alien priories. Some of the most lemarkahle churches
are those of Aldeiton, Ashtield and Bariiham, all in ruins; of Bercles, reinaikable for its nohle steeple;
Blythlioiongh ; Saint Mary, and Saint James, at Bury; Buxlow, in ruins; Creeling; All Saints, and Cotton ;
also Dnnvvich, Flixton, Fordley and Haslewood, all in ruins: there are two or three at Ipswich of great anti-
quity ; and Lavenham church is remarkable for its beauty. Several others, interesting to the antiquary, of
which only the ruins lemaiii, are pointed out to the tourist, in different localities.

Soil, Surface and Climate. — There is in this county a very creat variety of soil; the whole, however,

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 102 of 131)