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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 106 of 131)
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Risbrook Charles, High st
Bell, Henry Moore, High st
Bottle, Sarah Quibelt, Cranwich
Chequers Inn, John Hunt, High st
Crown, Julia Wood, Brandon
Crown, Frank Gostrick, Mundford
Five Bells, Wm. Sharpe, Market pi
George Commercial Inn, William
Buckenham, High st [ford

King's Head, Daniel Death, Mund«
Railway Tavern, Charles B. Hatch,

Station road
Ram, Henry Plumb, High st
White Hart Inn, George Bucken-
ham, High st [Town st
White Horse, Thomas Newdick,
White Lion, Chas. Loyd,Thetford rd

Retailers of Beer.

Fendick Robert, Thetford road
Groom Robert, Thetford road
Howe James, High st
Hyam Cornelius, Marketplace
Mulley Robert, Maiket place
Tabiaham Robert, Thetford road
Tilney Harvey, London road
Walker Benjamin, Thetford road


See under the Head Grocers, l(C.


Bidwell Shelford Clarke, High Sf,

and Thetford
Drane James (and brewer, and

spirit dealer). High st
Fison Carnell, High st


Drane James, High st
Green Robert, High st
Pep worth William, High st
Alger Elizabeth, London road
Moitlock Martha, High st
Olhy Mary, London road
Risbrook Ann, High si

Harvey Frederick, Mundford
Rought Frances (and skinner), Bury \ Osborne Robert D., Higfe 8t







Garner Geotyiaiia Ann, High st
Gariu-r Tyirt-ll, L^ad place
Jloiley Henry, High ^t


Armstrong Edwinl, Higli si
Diggon Ann, Hinli >t
Upton William, .Mundford


Ashman George, Hiuli st
Chandler Rohert, High st
Mortl.ick WilliaiTi, High st
Towell Sainutl, Hiuh M


Houchiii lldliert, Mundtind
Piuinb Kdward, Mnndford
Talhot Kdward, Bury road
West George, London road


Dickson Watson, Tliri (bid road
Porter John, 1 hetlord road

Tfbraliam Robert, Theiford road
Walker lieiijaniin, Thetfoid load


Ashman Geor^;^, currier. Tin tford road
Chapman Henry, veterinary surgeon,
Mnndford [ro;id

Everard Sarah Ann, stay maker, London
Floyd Paul.inlaml revenue olIicer.Bnry rd
Hammond Henry, nursery and seedsman,
IMnndford [Hiijh st

Harvey Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker,
Holmes Thomas Fit! I, gardener, Hiijli st
Hunt .Ins. post horse proprietor, High st
Jewell Maria, lodging-hou-e, Hith st
Kenyon Thomas Cookson, attorney,

Nonhcote Lodge
Morrell John, waterman. High st
Rue John C. superintendent of naviga-
tion. High street
Russell William, watch maker, High st
SleH" VVilliiMi, land surveyor. High st
Thompson Frederick, chemist & druggist,

High stnel
Thompson Robert, suigeon. High st
Towell Emily, Berlin repository, High st

Vail Joseph, flour dealer, London road
Ward George, boat builder, High st
Webb Thomas, tea dealer, London toad
Willett Alice, china ik glass dealer.High sf
Wno I Gei'ige, timber merchant, 'I'uwn st
Wortley Newton, station clerk, Brandon



S(a^iori,contiguousfo Brandon — Newton
Wortlev, station c/etk



AshmHn, from his house,Tlietfr)rd road,

Wednesday and Saturday, and William

iMalt, on Saiurday
To N E W ,M A RK E I\ the Mail Cart, from

the B'''l, every night
ToSTOKE FERRY, the -Wffi/ rar(,frnm

the Bell, every night, & William Allen,

from the White Hart, daily
To WATTON, William Allen, from the

Wliite Hart, daily



JoilNGAY is a market town, comprised in tlie pa-
rishes of Saint Marv and the HolyTrinitv, in the hun-
dred of Waiigford; 108 miles n.e. by n. from London,
40 N.E. by N. from Ipswich, 20 s.w. from Yarmontli,
14 s.s.e. from Norwich, and 17 n.e. from Diss — the
last named a station on tiie Eastern Union railway.
Tlie town, Winch is pleasantly situated on the river
Wavtiiey (navigable thus tar for barges, &c.), was de-
gtroved by fire in 1(J88, wlien the loss was computed at
jE.SO.OOO ; after this period it was neatly lebuilt. The
principal .stiet-ts, uhith aie bioad, well paved, and
gas-lighted, branch out from the markei ])lace towards
the gieat roads leading to Norwich, Yainiouili, Huiy,
Ipswich, Beccles, and Lowestoft ; and each of these
being terminated by a handsome edifice, produces,
at first sight, a very favomable im|)ression. The
Tiuatre has lately been converted into a handsome
Corn E.xcliange — a great convenience to the coin
dealfrs attending the market. Upon the Wavenev,
■which tiearly surrounds the town, a considerable trade
exists in corn, malt, flour, coal, lime, &c. Among the
other prominent trades are an extensive letter-press
piinting establi-hment atid stereotype foundry, a pajjci
mill, atidasilk crape manufactoiy — the latter at Ditch-
ingham. In ancient times the river Wavetiey was a
much hroader stream than it is at present, and liunga.
was then called Le-/ion-Eye, or the ' Good Island,'
being nearlv surrounded by water — as it still is on three
sides. It was granted, with numerous other matiors,
by Williatn the Coii(|ueror, to Roiitr Higod, who wa-
afterwards created Earl of Norfolk : he is supposed lo
have built Bungay Castlf, which, from its comniandint:
situation, on a bold eminence oveihioking theiivei
Waveney, and the great strength of its fortifications,
was boasted of by Hugh, the next Earl, as being im-
pregnable; but iti 1140 it was srormed and taken h)
King Stephen, though the refraciory Earl had said —

'• Were I in my Castle of Bungay,
Upon the waierof Waveney,
I would ne care lor the King of Cockney "

The form of the castle appears to have been octangular ■•
the ruins of two round portal towers, and portions ol
the west and south west angles are still standing, as
also are three sides of the great towi-r or ki cp, the
walls of which are fiom sen n to ten teet thick, and
from fifteen to seventeen feet high. Within ilie walls
aie gardens belonging to the King's Head Inn, anri
pirt of these walls h ive been cotiverted into a tenacc
from whence there is a fine and commanding piosixci
of the town and fenile country sunoundii g it : this is
a spot much lesorted to by the inhabitants of 15uiga\
:n the summer time. Jietweeii the two chuiclies ap-

pear the ruins of a Benedictine nunnery, fontuled by
lloger de Glanvile, and the Countess Gundreda, bis
lady, in 1160, to the honour of God, the lilessed Virgin
Mary, and the Holy Cross. His giacf the Duke of
N( itolk is lord of the manor; and the municipal
officers of the town are those anpninted at his coiiif
leet atid baioii, held annually. The county maui>tratt>s
sit in petty sessions here every Thursday ; and Rungay
is included in the Reccles circuit of County Court
towns for the recoveiy of debts to any amount not ex-
ceeding £20.

'I'lie places of worship are, the two churches of the
parishes already named, and cliapels for Ind'-pendents,
Wesleyan Methodists, and Human Catholics. Saint
Mary's Church is a very hand-ome structure, atid, with
its fine tower, is a great ornament lo the town. It is
( onstructed of flitit and freestone, and was chiefly i e-
tuiilt after the fire of 1688, by wbich it was reduced to
ruins, some of which stdl remain at the east end of the
present building. The church of the Holy Trinitv is a
small aticient edifice, with a round tower, embattled,
and bearing severnl shields with the aitns of Thomasde
Brotherton, Eai 1 of Not folk, and the Montacute, Bigod,
BeHncham|), and other families. The living is an uii-
propiiated vicaiage, leased by the Bishop of Ely to the
Rev. Thomas Collyer, the present incutnhent. The
charities comprise a free grammar school ; ptiblic
schools, conducted upon the British and National platis,
and foi infants ; a dispensary, and some almsbonses.
There are a great number of heauiiful seats, within a
few miles of Bungay, placed in deligbthd situations.
The market place is ornameined by a hntier cross,
imilt in 1690, and covered with a leaded dome, sur-
mounted by a fine figure of Justice. The maiket is
h'-ld on Thursday; a considerable cattle fair on the
lull of Mav, and a statute meeting on the 2.ith of Sep-
teinher. By the retuins for 18;U the paiisli of the Holy
Triuiiy contained l.(>(i'6 iidiahitanis, and that of Saint
Maiv 2,071 ; in 1841 they contained respectively 1,861
and 2,248

Sepaiated fiom Bungay by tlie Waveney is the vil-
lage and parish of Ditciiingiiam, in the huudied of
Loddon and county of Norfolk, containing a paiish
c lurcli, dedieatitl lo Saint Mary, a silk mill as before
stati'd, and a population of 1,124 inhabitants.

Kathi r more than half a mile from Butigay, in the
hundred of its name and county id Norfolk, is the
villige and parish of Earsham. The neat chmch of
All Saints contains some handsome mural (ahlets of
the Windliam family, a font cuiioiisly carved, and tlie
windows are enriched with some beautiful stained
glass. Population of the paiish 7^J1.

POST OFFICE^ i'^aishain street, Matthias Ahel, Po.i/ Master. — Letters from all parts arrive every
morning at ten mnmtes before seven, and are despatched in the evening at half-past six.
Post Office Orders are granted and paid from nine in the morning till five in the evening.






Adair Sir Robert Shafto, BHrt.Flix-
tou Hall L^t

AlcUr Uev. Edward Thomas, Trinity
All-op Mrs. Mary Ann, Eiirsliani st
Aiigei .Mrs. Harriet, Kaish.tiii st
Barkvvav Rev. Frederick, Earsiiam st
Barlee Mrs. — Beccles road
Barnes Mrs. Lucy, Eaisham st
Bediiiufieid John, Esq. (magistrate),

Diich iigliam
Beiice Rev. C. 1$., St. Cross
Beniers tlie Hon. and Rev. Lord,

Kirby Hall
Bewicke Miss Jane, Trinity st
Burisall Mrs. Liicv, Grove road
Cautley Rev. William G., E^rsham
Cliaiiibcrs Mr. Davnl, Lwr. Oll-iiid st
Chambers Rev. J. P., Hedeiiiiam
Cobb Kev. Rohert.Tlivvaite
Collyer Rev. Thos., Upper Olland st
Criikmore Mrs. Arabella, Ollands
Ciiddon Mr. James, 'Iriiiity st
DairmgCapt.John,R.N EarshamHall
DalliiigSii VVin.liart.Earsh iin Lodge
Denny Mrs. Ellen, Prospect place
Dowsoii Rlrs. Elizb , Ditchingliani
Drane Mis. Sarah, 'I'rinity st
Dreyer Mrs. Eliza, Tiiiiity st
Dyhall Mr. William, Market place
Ebbage Mr. Robert, Rose Cottage
Farmer Mis. Sarah, Broome
Forster Mrs. Clara Susatiiiali.Ditch-
inaliani [South Elmhrim

HuUoL) Rev. Henry, St. John's
JoUey Rev. Huntoii, Broome
Kerredge JMrs. Kerenhappach,

Trinity st
King Mr. John, Upper Ollaud .st
Mann Mrs. Aim, Tiiiiity si
Mann .Major Joliii, Trinity st
Jlaruet-ouMr". Sophia, Ditchingham
IMiiins .Mr. John, Ollands
Morrell Mrs. — Broad st
Piikard Rev. John, Woodton
Plowman Mrs. Mary, Bridge st
Plowman Mrs. Sophia, Raisham st
Pratt .Mrs. Ann, Upper Ollaiid st
Pratt Mr. Henry, Upper Olland st
Prentice Mrs. — Bioad st
Redarave Mr. Simuel, Hull lane
Reyiidlds Mrs. Louisa, Lower Ol-
laud st
Richies Mr. John, Earsham st
Rolling Rev. Thos. Ucpei Olland st
Roberts Mr. Geoigp, Aim-house st
Roaersnn Mr>. Elizabeth, Trinity st
Safford Rev. Jas.,NottinebamCasile
Sanby Rev. George, Denton
Sanby Rev. George, jnn. Flixton
Sciitt Julin B., Esq. Earsham st
Scott the Misses — Common road
Scudaniore Rev. William E., Ditch-
Smitli Mrs. Ann, Earsham st
Smith Mr. James, Earsliaiii st
Smith l{ev. John, Broome place
' Spall Mr. Edward, Grove mad
Umplielby Chaile-, Esq. Denton
Uttina Mr. Tlioniiis, Ditdiingham
Waddiniiton Rev. Joseph, L^pper

Olland .st
Walesby Mrs. Lydia, Printing Office

Walker Mr. Pearce, Flixton road
Web.'i John Raplael.Ksq. Grove road
West Ml. William, Plough st
Young Mrs. Elizabetli, Prospect pi


Not otherwise de«cribfrt are Day Schools.
Abel Matthias, Broad st
Barker Margaret & Mary (boarding
and day), Broome

British School, Plough st — Win.

Eyeritt, master; Susannah Smith,

Catclipole Elizabeth, Broad st
Free Grammar School, Eat sham

st — Rev. Fiedk. Barkway, ma-ter
Infants' School, Common road —

Sarah Marsden, mistrrss
Jones Charles Paul (boat ding and

day), Bridge st
National >chool, Common road

— John Fraihers, master ; Louisa

Cock, mist less [Earsham st

Owles Harriet (boarding and day),
Keeve Charlotte, Broad st
Wooliioiigh Mary (boarding and

day), L^ppei Olland st


{See also Fire, Sfc, Office Agents.)
Abel Matthias (estate and general),

Earsham st
Ashley John Samuel & Richard
D'Urban'for the Chii-tian Know-
ledge Socitty), IJpper Olland st
Baker George (house and estate).
Trinity st [st

Ebbage Francis (estate), Earsliani
Mami Richard & William (for Bar-
clay's porter, and Lacan's ale),
Wainfoid Mills [st

Smitli Samuel (house), Lwr. Olland
Spall Henry (general commission),
Nei* roati [ham

Stanford William (cattle), Ditcning-


Bellman Hemy, Broad st
Drake Charles. Tiinity st
KI>vv()od Azariab, Earsliam st
Gwyn William Hina io. Broad st
H.irtcup William, Broad st
Sniiili Samuel, Broad st


Bake.' George, Tiinity st

Ebbage Frs. (appraiser), Earsham st

Spall Henry, New road


A'ger VVilliam, Bioad st

Bid well Mark, Lower Olland st

Clarke John, Bridye st

Cork William, Ear-liam st

Dinper f'raiicis, Bridge st

Ecclestiine Robert, LTpper Olland st

Fisk George, Eaisham

Fryer Jonathan, Market place

Mayhew Jeremiah, Earsham st

Saver Manning, Upper Olland st


East of England Bank (Branch),
Broad st, (draw on the London
and Westminster Bank) — J^amuel
Smitli, agent

Gurneys', Turner & Brightwen,
Broad st (diawon Barclay, Bevan,
& Co., London), VVilliam Hart-
cup, agent

Harvey-'& i'iul.son's, Market place,
(draw on Han keys', & Co., Lon-
don) — Graystone Bucke Baker,

Savings' Bank, Mai ket place, (open
on the first and third 'I'htiisday
ill each month) — GraystoneBucke
Baker, actuary


Glover Charles, Bridge st
Turner William, Upper Olland st
Waller Sarah, Printing Office lane


Archer Peter. Upper Olland st
Crook .Aiiunstus, Brideest
Gardiner .Simeon, Bridge st
Jay George, Bioad st
Leggett Robert, Eaishain

Smith William, Ditchineham
Watson John, Upper Olland st

Ashby John .Samuel & Richard

D'L'rbaii, Upper Olland st
Morris Josepli Money, Broad st
Reeve Jesse (stationer). Market pi
Williams Mary Elizabeth (and mu-ic

seller, and fancy i epositoiy),i\lar-

ket place


Baiiliam Boliert, Earsham st
Beare Robert, U|i|ier O land st
Beare William, Uppir Olland st
Cattermole Josepli, Uppei Olland st
Catteimole William, Broad st
Chaston Eveiitt, Earsham st
Chaston Robert, Earsham st
Cliittleborongli & Son, Earsham st
Claxton Robert, Bridge st
Codling William, Lower Olland st
Cornaby Matilitw, Biidue st
Cro-s VVilliam, Edisham st
Gil)h.s John, LJpper Olland st
Martin Georee, iMarket place
Reeve John R., Biidge st
Scarlett Samuel, Bridge st
Tilinam Samuel, Ditthingham
Tillt-y Charles, Bridge st
Woor James, Upper Olland st

Booty William, Lower Olland st
Hudson James Elliott L., Upper

Olland st
Norraau John, Market place


Hogg William, Eirsliam
Wright Robert, Grove road


Adams John, Broome

Belts Robert Coat^s, Hay market

Bull Isaac & Sons (and plasterers).

Printing Office lane
Eldeii James, Broome [hill

Gaffar Thomas & William, Castle
Halswnrth Robert, Earsham
Nuun Robert, Plough st


Aldons Richard, Upper Olland st
Beddenfield John (pork), Lower

Ollanil st
Calver William, Upper Olland st
Chase Robert, Biidge st
Giiiiiig John VVilliam, Earsham st
Hunting Sarah, Upjier Olland st
Ree\e William (porU), Earsh im st
Smith Ann (pork). Lower Olland st


.Mayhew Edv\ai(i (and printers'

joiner). Upper Olland st
Rowe Robert, Ufiper Olland st
Taylor Nathaniel, Earsham st
Waller John, Eaisham st


Botwrighf John, L^pper Olland st
Dai by Robert, Pi intiiig Office lane
Kbbage Francis, Ear.-bani st
Foulger Josepli, Upper Olland st
Morris Isaac, Ditchingliani
Richnioiid James, Earsham
Smith William, Printing Office lane
Stockdale Joliii, Market plice


Baytit'ld Arthur, Earsham st
Cliiiicliyard William, Market place
Owles James, Upper Olland st
Draper VVilliam, Ditchingham
Gosling George, Biidiie st
Knights Daniel, Ditchingham
Stuiih Henry, Upper Olland st






Botwiig't TiKiiiirts, UppfiUllandst
Claxtoii HolHTl, Bridne st
Scarlett Sanitiel, Bri.lne st [st

Suitoii John (Jroom, Upper Ollaad


Dutt Williain, Ditcliiiighaiii
Spall William, Grove road

Bridiie Eilward, Broome
Burroiighes Jolin, Kaisham
Butcher K'lvvar(i,Staitli
Godt'iey William, Eai>liani
Kuiuliis Thomas, Providence place
Lodge Siiinuel, liridye st
Lodye Samuel, juii. Upper Olland st
Uttmg Geornf, Grove road


Alcxaiidir William, Bridge st
Cock William, Earshani st
Ecciestoiie Hubert, Upper Olland st
Rlavlit-w Jeremiah, Earsliaiii st
Say'er Manning, l^ppir Olland st


Foreman Robert, Ditchingham
Godfrey George, Ear-liaiu
H udiiig Simeon, Bridge st
Hinsby William, Lower Olland ^t


Bruce Ihomas, Bridge st
Butcher Edward, Staith
Clarke .Lremiali, Earsham St
Cock William, Broad st
Cuddon Wilham, Ditchingham
Gosling George, Bridge st
Mann Bichd.&. Wm.Wainford Mills
Pulfoid George, Earsham
Saver Mannine, Upper Olland st
Smith Samuel, Earsham st
Smith Thomas, Bridge st
Smith 'I'homas, Marker place
Stockdalc North(fl.iur),Up.011and st


Cross William, Earsham st
Parker Samuel, Upper Olland st
'Jibnam Samuel (leather cutter),


Dann William, Ditchingham
Kerridge William, Ditchingham


Aldborougli Heniy, Earsham
Bowler Benjamin, Denton
Buck Jereiiiiah, Ditchingham
Burgess John, Ear>harii
Carver William, Earsham
Clutton George, Earsham
Crow Henry, Earsham
Diake Frederick, Earsham
Drake Kiveis, Park Farm, Earsham
Draper P'rancis, Ditchingham
Ebbage Robert, Hill Farm, Earsham
Howard Charles, Earsham
Jaideii John, Earsham
Laikman William, Tindall Hall
Legood Robert, Earsham
LoMii James, Broome
Mead John, Broome
Miller John, Bionnie
Minns John, Ditdiingham
Moore Jaim-s, Broome
Parrincton Thomas, Earsliam
Rackham John, Earsham
Smitd Robert, Ivy Cnttage,Earsham
Stanford William, Ditchingham
Wooltoion William, Denton
Wright Jiiliii, Earsham


Aguicultuiust (cattle), Augustus

Croiik, Bridte st
ExPF.uiENCK (life), John S. Ashby,

Upper Olland st



Manning Archer, UpperOliand st ^'^'■'•"^y /?,'»r ^''^f,'\^'''Z\ =»nrt
Globe, Henry Bellman, Broa.i st Bur sail Robert « ove oad and
Life Association of Scotland, I *^'1.'"^,\^'" ^'"1,^^%".^'^'* ^l'"^'

Henry Spall, New road Copp.n liomas, Earsham

National Lo^N Fund (life), Mat- 1 ^^

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 106 of 131)