I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 107 of 131)
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Green Dragon, Robert Airey, Bridge st
Horse & Groom, Isaac Sadd, Broad st
Jolly Biitchers,RiclidTibbenham, Hay mrkt
King's Arms, David Roe. Bridge st
Plough, Henry Codling, Plough st
Prince ot Wales, William Driver, Upper

Olland street
Queen's Head, Robert Chase, Trinity st
Red Lion,Edw;ird Betts, Upper Olland st
Rose&Crown.GeoBaldry.UpperOMand st
Ship, Robert Wood row , Lower Olland st
TwoBrewi rsJohiiJeriny.Printing-ollice la
VVatchhouse, John Elliss, Beccles road
While Horte, \Mlliam Chalker, Staith
White Lion, Stephen Wright, Earsham st
White Sivan,,iohuSlockdaie, Market place

Retailers of Beer-
Brighton George, Beccles road
Bruce Thomas, Bridge st
Godfrey William, Earsham
Hogg Elizabeth, Earsham st
Moore Thomas, Upper Olland st
Spink Nelson, Earsham

Botwriglii Gt-orge, Lower Olland st
Cane Abel, Bridge st
Minns Charles, Earsham st


Cuddon William, Upper Olland st
Farrow J ostph (and slate & stone),
Lower Ollatid sti eet


Cattermole Richard (dttiinallware),

Bridge street
Colby George, LTpper Olland st
Keev'e Jesse, Market place


Brighton Elijah, Lower Olland st
Cuddon John, Lower Olland st
Dawdry Thomas, Back lane


Archer Manning, Upper Olland st
Crabbe William (J. Trinity st
Crook Augustus, Bridge st


Bullock Ilobt.Henry,Upper011and st
Carley Richard (and pawnbroker),

Bridge street
Cheiiery Fiedet ick, Upper Olland st
Gardiner Henrv, Bridge st
Mills Edward, Bridge st
Poll Phillips, Lower Olland st


Butcher Edward (and lime burner),

Bungay staitli [ford Mills

Mann Richaid & William, Wain-


Borrett William, Bridge st
Goodwin John, Earsham
Goodwin Samuel, Ditchingham
Haward William, New road
King Michael, Ditchinghaiu
Sutton William, Broome


Balls John (and gas-fitter), Upper

Oilaiid street
Booty William, Lower Olland st
Cameron Daniel, Eaishain st
Richmond William, Bridge st

Adkins William, gun maker, Earsham st
Archer Peter, horse dealer, Upper Olland st
Brown John, organist, imd teacher of

music, Lo.wer Olland street
Burgess Charles, paper maker, Staith
Butcher Robert, relievingofTicer,New road
CoiiN KXCH4NGE, Broad st
Dispensary, Broad st
Driver William, wool, hide & bark dealer

Upper Olland street
Earl Richard, sheriffs oflicer, Earsham st
Edwards William Camden, historical

engraver. Grove roan
Gas Works, Castle hill— William Henry,

Chambers, manager [Ditchingham

Grout & Co. silk ciape manufacturers,
Harvey Charles, millwright, New road
Laike William, wine & spirit merchant.

Broad street
Marsden Thomas, bookbinder. Mill lane
MnllingerWilliam, letter carrier, Broad st
Nursev .lames, stone and inatble mason.

Upper Olland street
Palmer David, well sinker and pump

maker, Upper Olland street
Police Station. Castle hill — William

Neagle, superintendent
Reading News' Rooms (Private Sub-

scvipiion), Earsham street
Sewell Blooinfield, registrar ol births and

death';. Ollands
Smith Thomas, library, Bridge st
Spall Henry, coUectorol taxes. New road
Stamp Office, Market place — Samuel

Fisher, sub-distributer
Ward Benjamin, rope n-iaker,Ditchingham
Watts William, fruiterer, Market place
Winter .lohn, animal painter and glass

stainer, Earsham street


and thi'ir ministers.
Trinity Church, Trinity street— Rev.

Thomas Collyer, vicar.
Saint Mary's Chcrch, Upper Olland

street— Rev. Edward Thomas Alder,

perpetual curate.
All .Saints' Church, Earsham — Rev.

William G. Cutley, inctinilient.
Saint Mary's Church, Ditchingham-

Rev. William E. Scudamore, iMdonAfHhip. The
sliire-tiall is a modern eiecioii, comfirisini; two con-
venieni courts for the trial ofciiil and criminal causes.
The guild-hall is for the town court of sessions, and
the transaction of the teneial business of the bnroutli.
The concert-room is an elegant hnildinu; and there is
a handsome corn-exchange. The finuity Kaol, elected
in 180.3, at an expense of £.50, 000, is calculated to
contain one hundred and forty prisoners, vvitli a sepa-
rate bed for each : it stands on the London road, nearly
a mile from the ci ntre of the town, and (nesents a
haiidsnrne stnne front. The borough bridewell is si-
tuated ill the Market-place— the ate of its erection is
obvious from its cin ular windows. The tbeatie, a
neat sirnciure, in the southern part of the town, was
op'-iifd for dramatic performances in October, 1819,
The St" "


subicriptioii rooms were comiilttcd in 1804, in a

superior style of eletancc, at an ex|)eiise of nearly
£5,000: they occupy the south side of .Anuel-hill, and
comprise hall, b;lliard, card, coffee, supper and reading
rooms. TheSutfidk public library, kept in the Guild-
tiall, bus about one hunilied subscribers, and contains
many valuable books. The botanic garden, the en-
tiaiice to which is under that maanificeni luin, Ihe
Abbeygate, is an impoitant acqni.sitioii to this biancli
of scientific study, as well as a most agrt cable and
favoiiiite promenade. 'I"he general Suffolk hospital is
a handsome structure, in an open and healthful situa-
tion. Two Weekly newspapiTs are published in Bury
— the • Bury and Norwich Post,' and the ' Bury and
Suti'olk Herald.' The spinning ot yarn was formerly
the principal means of employment for the indusiritjus
class, and the balls in which the wool was deposited,
are yet standing: no particular branch of manufacture
is now cariied on. Tin- local and retail business of the
place is in general flout ishiiiu ; being well sustained by
a large and respectable population, and the uumerous
wealthy tamilies in the immediate neighbourhood. The
town is also on" ot considerable thoionghfare, and
supports no fewer than seven principal inns.

James I granted to the inhabitants a cliarterof in-
corporation, which was extendeil by several succeeding
tnonarchs. The coipoiate body under the Alunicipal
Reform Act, consists of a mayor, six aldermen, and
eighteen councillors, with the usual assistant officers —
styled 'the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Bury
Saint Edmunds, in the County of .Suffolk :' the same
act divided the borough into three wards, and provided
for it a commission of the peace. Sessions for the
boiougb, and also for the county, are held quarterly;
assizes for the liberty and county twice a year, and a
court leef annually under the lord of the manor. Bury
is included in the thii ty-fcmrth circuit of County Court
towns, under the acts passed in 1846, for the recovery
of debts and damages to any amount not exceeding
£20— this court is held monthly, in the shire hall.
The borough lias uninieri iiptedly returned members
to F.irliament from the 4th of James I; the pieseiit
representatives are the Eat 1 Jermyn ami Sii Edward
Herbert Bniibni y. The return of members to sit for
West Suffolk is madefiom Bury.

The places of worship aie the three churches, and
chapels for Baptists, Independents, Unitarians, Wes-
leyaii and Pi imitive Methodists, the Society of Friends
and Koman Catholics — the chapel of the latter a
nindern election. Saint Mary's chutcli is an elegant
structure, divided into tliiee aisles by two rows of
beautiful slender columns ; the roof particularly excites
adniiraiion by its t isteful liiilitness. Saint James's is a
fine specimen of the Gothic style — the west end is
particularly handsome : the inteiior consists of side-
aisles, a nave and a chancel, and a galleiy over the
west entrance ; the window of ihe cliancel, formerly
beloiigiin; Xo the abbey church, is of beautiful stained
glass; and the organ is a sweet-toned and [lowerful
instrument. Saint John's is a handsome modern brick
edifice, with a fine pioportioned spire : the livinn of
each palish is a donative, in the gilt of tliectuf December; the ()ctober tairis ihe primipal
with every necessary. The advaniaijes aiisini; fioni a ; one, ami continues about three weeks. By the re-
cattle market, purchased by the old corpoiation, and turns made to government in 1831, tiie population
renewed by the new, have ntidrred tlii", as a market of the dorou^h and parishes was ll,4!i6, and by those
town, superior to any in the eastern district, Noruicl) tor 1841, r2,5.'58,

POST OFFICE^ Hatter-Street, Mr. Henry Nevvson, Post Master,
Arrival of the Mails — From London and all purts of the South, the Midland and Northeiin

CouNriF.s, al-o from Scotland, Ireland and Wales, every morning at ten minutes jjasi four, and

;)fternooM at four.
From the Counties of Cambridge, Norfolk, Huntingdon and Lincoln, every morning at ten minutes

past five.
From Harlp.ston, Halsted, Dtss, Scole, Sudbury, Long Melford, Clare, the County of Essex*

and the Ka>tern Division of the County of Suffolk, every morning at nine.
Despatches —To London and all places beyond, thf Midland and Northern Counties, Scotland,

Ikei.and and VVales, every morning at a qnaiter before ei^ht, and night at half-past nine.
To the Counties of Cambridge, Norfolk, Huntingdon and Lincoln, eiery evening at seven, ^w\Asecond

desijateh to the towns of Cambridge, Thetford, Norwich, Urandon,Wymondham, Attleborougii,

Lynn and YARiMOUTH. at nine at night.
To Harleston. Halsted, Diss, Scole, Sudbury, Long Melford, Clare, the County of Essex, and

the Eastern Division of the County of Suffolk, erf-ry afternoon at four; and & second despalcli to

Ipswich, Stowmarket, Colchester and Needham Market, at a quarterbefore eiglitin the luoriiiug.
Money Orders are yranted and paid from nine in the luoiiiing until six in the evening.


Adams Mr. Samuel, (iS Guildhall st
Affleck Sir Robt. Bart. Dalhain Hall
Anderson Rev. Thoma-i, KelsjiHUi
Andrews Mrs. Alice, 24 Well st
Andiews Mr.John, Sou'hgaie gr( en

Crannise Mrs. Elizabeth, 9(i Noitii- i King tlie Misses Sar;ih & Harriet'

gate street | 22 Butter market

Creed Misses Emily & Eliza, 23 j KitchenerMrs. Emma, 20 Crown st

Guildhill sticet
Crisp Mrs. Murv, Crown st
Cullum Rev. Sir Thomas Gery, Bart.

Hardwick House

Airiistrong Mrs. Ann. 81 Whitingst i Daltou William, Esq. 109 Northgatest

Bailey .Mr. James, 118 Northgate st
Barnard Mi.^s Sarah, 73 U biting si
Barnes Mis. Alice, 68 Northgate st
Bennett Capi. Fiiilip,Kougliam Hall
Bennett Philip, Esq. Rougham Old

Hall [Hall

Benyon de Beauvoir R Esq.Cuiford
Bevan Ro'it.Ex]. Rougham Rookery
Bidwell Mis. El'zbth.6 St.Mary's sq
Blniie George, Kst] Chaiiel House
Blake Sii H> nry, Bart. Barton
Blake Rev. W. R. Great Barton
Bodwell Rev. .losepli C. 23 Well st
Horton Miss Mary Ann, fi Hatter st
Bow right Mr. Joiin, Aneel Hill
Bradlirook Mrs. Ann Smith, 15

Westyate road
Biidgeman E. Esq. Weston Hall
Bridges Misses C>'.therii!e& Plioetie,

18 Whiting street [Park

Bri-io! the Alargucss of, Ickvvorth
Brooke Arthur, Esq. Hoiiinser
Brooks Miss Arabella, Westgate st
I5rown Mrs. Marv, 67 Northgate st
Bruiidlev Mr. .loTiii, 91 Nortll^atest
Buck Robert, Eq. Newton Hall
Buck Samuel, Esq. Hawstead

Davers Rev. Roieit, Bradfield
Dingle Mrs.Elizbtb. 12 Northgate st
Donaldson Rev. John William, d.D.

13 Northgate st
Donne Mr.Wm.Botioin, Westgate st
Dui rant Mrs. Mary, 88 Nortiigate st
Eagle l'"ras. King, Esq. 19^Vhitingst
Edwaids Mr. John, 53 Kisbygate st
Elviii Rev. Corll^lius, 3 Whiiingst

Knott Rev. Hetuy, Churchgatest
Laihbuiy Mrs. Mnry Ann,AngelJiill
Leecli Miss Rachael, 23 Crown st
Liddle Mr. Thomas, Mill lane
Lock Mrs. Sarah, Field lane
Lockwood Rev. Chailes Blomfield,

1 Low Baxter st
Lowe Mrs. Elizabeth, 26 Ciown st
Luinley Mrs. Eli/aiieth 9 Crown st
M 'G regor A l r. J oh n, 39 Southgate st
Main Mrs. Eli/.abeth, VVtH st
Mallet .Mrs. Thomasin, 71 South-

uatestieet [Risiiysiate st

Mallows Mr. George William, 2

Eyre Rev.Charles JaiiusPhipps,M.A. Maimers Hon. Ijord John, Fornhaitt

3G (^rown st ^, • . ^

Eyres Colonel Geoige William, 114

'Northgate st
Fennel! Mr. Samuel, 2 St. Marx's S(]
Finch Mr. John, Southgate ureen
Gallant Miss Mary, Westgate st

Saint Genevieve
Martin C. C. Esq. Liverniere Park
Me!l' r Mr. John Dearson, 14 Gar-
land street
Mithell Mis. Elinor, Well st
Middleditch Mis.Elizbh.24Crowngt

Game Mrs. Saiali,iG Westgate roid I Miller Mr. James, 13 Crown st

Gardtner Mrs. Hannah, 2 Church

gate street
Gaiiett Rev. Bernard, Westgate st
Girling M i. Thoma.s, 25 Guildhall st
GoofJciiild Mr-. Susan, 17 Hatter st
G I oom M IS. Eli/'abei h,72Guildhallst
Groom Miss .Mary, 86 Whiiing st
Gudgeon Mis. Pent lope. Paradise jil
Haggttt Mr. Henrv, St. .Mary's sq
Hall Rev. Win. 2 Low Baxter st

Biiilen Mivs Eli/.abeth, St Mary'ssq j Harris Miss Eiizalnth, Angel hill
Bullock Miss Mary Julia, Loom's la Harrison Misses Haiiiet, Hannah,

BiinbuivSir Edward Herbert, Bar

ton Hall
Button .Mr. James, Risbygate st
Calveit .Mrs. Juliana, 9 Northgatest
Caiss R. .M . Esq. Gr> at Welnetham
Cartwiight Rev. John, m. a. Soutli-

g >te green
Cater Miss Ebzahetb, 27 Crown st
Chilton Mr. Wm. John, 26 Well st
Clark Vl rs.Elizab. th,112Noi thuate st
Clarke Mrs.Eli/abeil),22 Guildhall st I H
Clarke Mr. William Pleasants, 9 H

Guildhall street
Cobbing Miss Maiy, 89 Northgatest
Cole Miss Susan, 14 Noithgate st
Coilett Capt. Anthony. Aiigtl hill
CoUett Rev. U illiam," Westgate road
Cook Mr. Benjamin, Field lane
Coolie iMissesMaiy Ann & Martha,

2 Honey hill
Cooksley Rev. Thomas Murray, 4

VVestg.ite street
Cooper Mrs. Susan, 43 College si


& Eliza, 4 St. Mary's square
Harvey Mr. Edmund, Southgate grii
Hat \ey Mr. Edmund, 3 St. Mary'ssq
H;irvey Mi. James, 84 Southgate st
Harvey Mr. Robcit, 24 Westgate st
Hat\ey Mr. Robert, Westgate road
Hasied Rev. Hem y, 107 Nortiigate st
Hervey Rev. Lord Aitliiii, lekworth
Hicknian Rev.Thos. 54 Westgate st
Hill .Mr. Joliii, Churchgate s;

gson .Mrs. Susannah, '29 Well st
gRev. E., Foinhani St. Martin's

Hogg Mrs. Sarah, Mill lane
Houghton M rs. M:iiy,70 Guildhnll st
Hubbard Captain William, r.n. 18
■ Noithgate st

Huhbaid Mrs. Ann, 15 Churchgate st
ion .Mrs. Sarah, 56 Risbygate st
Jack-oil Rev. George Henry, 7

Guildliall street
Janninijs Mr. Robert, St. .Andrew st
Jeffes Mr. Robert, II Whiting st
Johnson Charles, Esq. Gailand st

Miller Miss Lucv, 25 Crown st
.Mooie Georue, Esq. Northgate st
Mottiam M i.Charles,69Southgate st
Munfoid Mrs. Mary, 3 Honey hill
Muskett Mr.John, Church yard
Newell Mr. John, 7 SouthgHte st
Oakes Kev. Harvey Aston AdamsoD,

m.a. Saint ftlary's square
Oakes Henry JaiiKS, Esq. Nowtoa
Oliver .Mrs. Betsy, f'nion terrace
PdiiieMiss Hannali,113.\ortligatest
Palfiev Mrs. Sophia, 1 .Meat market
Parker .Mr. ( haiKs, 69 Risb\L'ate st
Pate M rs. Eliza Lloyd, 8 Guildhall st
Payne M r. John Haivey,22 Hatter st
Pear-oii Mrs. Saiali, St. .Andrew st
Pelleiv the Hon. and Rev. Edward,

B.a. 74 Guildhall st
Petre the Hon. Charles,Northgatest
Plunipton Mr. John, 30 Well Kt
Polev — . Esq.-Boxtead Hall
Poole .Mrs. — , 5 Wliitingst
Poitvvav Mr. Georye, Meat market
Prike ftlrs. Christian, 41 Westgate st
Quavie Thomas. Esq. Harton mere
Rashdall Rev. Robert, 54 St. Jcdin st
Roberts Mr. William, 83 Whitingst
Robinson Mr. Thos. 17 Westgate st
Rogers M rs. Ann Rose, 9 Whiting si
Rushbrook. Major — ,RushbrookHaU
Searlen James, Evq. Horringer
Silverstoiie Mr. Jas. 17 Whitingst
Simpson Miss .Mary .Ann, .Angel hill
Smith Mrs. Frances Elizabeth, 7 St.

Marv's square





GENTRY, Scc.—Conlinued.

Smith Mrs. Hiainiili,23Soiitlig^itest
Smitli Mr. Jolm, 5:5 Gniliiluill st
Smith Mrs. Susan, 6 Spaihawk st
South -Miss Mary, C>7 Guildliall st
SiMrkeG-eunrv, Ksij. VVe-tgite .st
Spink Mrs. Eli/.aheth. .Mill lane
Steel Miss Kllzal'tli,lllN»rthgate.st
Stfel .Mis> Kiixalieth, 14 Ilisbvgate st

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 107 of 131)