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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Market square
Inland Revenue Office, at the Swan

Inn — John Williams, supervisor
Plowman WilIIani,dealerin British wines,

Oastler street [ket square

Powell Henry, veterinary surgeon, IVlar-
Robarts James, coal denier, Sun st
Smilh George, maltster. Home lane
Tear William, bricklayer. Blackbird st



All Saints' Chubcii, Eyworth — Rev.

William Christopher Twiss — vicar
All Saints' Church, Sutton— Rev.

Charles BIyth. rector
Saint John'sChuuch, Cockayne, Hat-

ley - Hon. & Rev. Henry C. Casi, i-ector.
Saint Mahy's Chukch, Potton -Rev.

Woodward Bidwell, r-icac
Saint Mary's Church, Everton — Rev.

Joseph Horner, Cifai-

Saint Swithin's Church, Sandy— Rev

Henry Cook, rector
Baptlst Chapel, Oastler street— Re

William Tile
Inuepkndrnt Chapel; Sun st— Rev.

f rtderick Baseden
iNUEpENDEfiT CuAPEL, SandyrrrRev.

Alfred Balfour



The nearest Slatum is Bedford, on a
Branch of the London ami Norlh-Wes-
tern Line, 12 miles w. from Potto.n.

There is an Omnibus from the Rose and

Crown, Potion, to the Station daily.


To LONDON, William Peters, from his
house, Market square, Thursday

To BEDFORD, William Peters, from
his house. Market square, Tuesday and
Friday, & John Arnold, from the ihree
Horseshoes, l-'riday

To BIGGLESWADE, John Arnold, from
the Three Horseshoes, Mon. & I'hurs.

To CAMBRIDGE, JohnArnold, from the
Three Horseshoes, Tuesday & Friday



^HEFFORD is a small market town and cliapelry, i immediate vicinity of Shefford have been discovered
ill the parish of Canipton and hundred of Clifton, iiunieious Roman relics, many of whinli, to the aiiti-
41 miles n.n.w. fiom London, 9? s.e. by s. from Bed- I quary, are highly interestina;— including various urns,
ford, and 7 n. by w. from Hitchin (Hert.'*); situated i a quantity of Samian ware, some biautiful glass ves-
on the road between the two last named towns, and j sels, two musical instruments, a eold fihulBe, lamps, &c.
about three miles to the East of the Great North of. together with a number of coins, both bronze and
England Railway. Shefford is a clean litile place, its j silver; the whole are in the collection of the Fiizwil-
streets wide and well paved, and its neneral aspect j liain museum, at Cambrirlge. 'I'he market, held on Fii-
indicative of comfort. The tliree principal streets are j day, is principally for agricnlinrai produce and straw
entered by two bridges that cross separate brandies ot j plat. Fairs, January 23rd, old Lady-day, May 19tli and
the Ivel ; these bianches form a junction at i he eastern | October 11th, all for rattle The parish of Camptoii
end of tlie town, from whence the ii>er is navigable to ; contained, in 1831, 1213 inhabitants, and in 1841,
Biggleswade, and thence {after falling into the Ouse j 1,390; of which last number about 900 belonged to
at Tempiford) to Lynn. The trade is chiefly in corn, j the town of Shefford.

timber, coal and iron, tiansmitted by nnans of the j Clifton, one mile and a half east from Sheffoid,
navigation to and from Lynn ; straw plat, also, in the gives name to tiie hundred: the river Ivel runs
making of vvliich many women and children are em- 1 through the parish. The church of All Saints, con-
ployed, is brougiit in large quantities to the mat liet. , tains some ancient monnmiiital brasses, and a beantiul
The manorial rights aie vested in the Crown, and a altar-tomh to the memory of Sir Michael Fisher, once

court Itet is he'd once in two years

The places of worship are Saint Michael's chapel of
ease, and a chapel each for Baptists, JNIethodi-sts and
Roman Catliolics. The parish church is at Campton,
about two miles hence: in the churchyard lie interred
the remains of Robert Bloomlield, author of 'The
Farmer's Boy,' and many trther beautiful poems, cele-
brated for their pathos and siin()licity ; the poet resided
many years at Shefford, whei e lie died in August, 1823

lord of the manor: the liring is a lectory, in the eift of
the Rev. G. J. Olivier. Population of the paiisti, 865.

Henlow is a parish and village, in the same him-
dred as Clifton, one mile soutli-east therefrom, and
about 4 s. by w. from Miagh swade. The church is
dedicated to Saint Mary: .. ■ livint; is a vicarage, in
the gift of the Crown. Population of tlie parish, 770.

SouTfiii.L, two miles north of Shefford, contains
Southill Park, the beautiful seat of the Whitbrea I fa-

The livine of Campton is a rectory, in the gilt of S^ir, mily. The church, whicli is dedicated to All Saints,
George O. borne, Bart. The vicinage of Shefford is contains several monuments lo the family of Uyng,
studded with numerous seats of the noble and the among which is one to the admiial of tliat name, who
opulent: the most conspicuous are, Cliiik-^and Priory, j was executed for an alleged iirofessional crime: the
the .seat of Sir Georf;e Osborne, Bart.; Southill Park, | living is a discharged vicarage, with tliat of Old War-
W. H. Whitbread, Esq.; Wrest Park, I he noble fiinily j den annexed, in the patronage of W. H. Whithread,
of De Grey ; Heiilow Grange, Thomas A. Raynsford, ! Esq. Southill parish, including tlie hamlets of Brooai
Esq.; Hawnes Park, Lord Jolin Thynne, &c. In the ' and Stanford, contained, in 1841, 1,379 inhahitauts.
POST OFFICE, Bridge street North, Shefford, Francis Lewington, Pos( Muiter.—Lcncvs tioin
•A\ parts arrive (from Biggleswade) every morning at half-past seven, and are despatched thereto at eight in
the evening.


Austin Mr. (Jeoige (attorney),

Bridge street North
Baker Rev. John Gerrard, Warden
Baldock Rev, Charles, Stanfordbury
Byiig Rev. John, Hcnlow
DeGrey Right Hon. Earl, WnstPark
Edwards Samuel Bedford, Esq.

Green Mrs. Sarah, Clifton Cottage
Gulliver Miss — , Broom
Hall Rev. Benjamin Bridge st North
Lind.sell Rev. Edwd. M.A.BroomHall
Olivier Rev. D.J. Clifton Rectory
Ongley Hun.Geoige,MouutPleasnt,

Warden [Prioiy

OsborneSirGeorge.Bart. Chicksand
Osborne Dowager Lady, Campton
Palmer Heury, E.sq. Clifton Ludge
Ranyatd Robert, Esq. Clifton

Raynsford Thomas Alexander, Esq.

Heiiiow Grange
Smart Miss — , Henlow
Taylor Rev. John, Higti st
Warhurton Rev. John, Southill
Whitbread William Henry Esq.

Southill Park
Williamson Rev. Edmoiid Rilaud,

Canipton Rectory [Vicarage

Yates Rev. Hugh Seymour, Henlow


Freeman James (boarding), High st
Infants' School, High st — Jane

Pessell, mistress
National School, Henlow — Riclid

Desforges, master; AnnSainpsou,



Bacon George, High st
Duntoii Thomas, High st

Ell William, Henlow

HareTliomas, Henlow

Mastiu William (and mealman),

Bridge sticet Soutli
Squire Jnlm. High st
Stevens William, His;li st

Hart John, Warden
Turner Geort'C, Henlow
Whitbread John, Bridge st North
Whitbread Stephen, High st


Lewington Francis, liridgest North
LiiiCord James, Bridge street Norili


Foulbigi; Simon, Henlow
Hare John, Henlow
Lovell John, High st
Wilson John, Campton






Browning William, Soutinll
]bbs Jolm, Hii-'li >t
Millard >]an>ell, Hii;li st
Whittakt-r Jclin Hcni y, Hcnlow
Wilson Sainiui, Clifnui


BywaUr Joseph, Henlow
Dicl;iiis Thomas. Bro'uii
Jolinsnn Jam.s Lacv, Hitchin road
Smith VVilliain. Iliiih'w


Cooper John, Heulow
Koaipston GeorHe, Hitciiin road
Farroit James, Bridge street South
Tineey Jolin, Henlow
Tmiriv William. Hitli st
Wcbh'Tlu.nias StanlDrd
Wilson Samuel, Clifton


Bowcn John, liridire street North

Ditkins 'lliomas, Bronni

Issue Benjamin, Sduthill

Johnson .lames Lacy, llitchin road

King John, Campton

Kiiip Jonali, Sonthill

Kirkby Joseph, Henlow

Wallt-r James, IJiidije street North

Waller William, Hipli st


Smith TlK.mas. Hridj-'e bt North

Tlioiiuis John, W'lih st


liodntr Kichard, Suf.ffokd Mill
)5rowniiis; U'illium, Sonthill
Tarplev Thomas, Bridge st South


Bodger Kidiaid (& ci.ru and flnur
dealer), Shf.ffokd Mill

Gurney John, Hiiih.w

Power* i:dmund, Stanfoud Mill
and Diggleswd'te

Squire Ami. Cnmptiui


Bodger Henrv, Sonthill
Boduer Richard, Siii- fiord Mill
Davies Thomas, Heidow
Kurkhy John, I'nllhanger
Knrlvbv Samuel, Campton
I.indsdl Frederick, King's Mill
Neal (lec.rge, C'lilti n
Peacock Jnhii, Staidord Bury
Sheplierd J (dm, Stanford Bury
'I'avlor Samuel, Bmom

TiTigey Charles, Biidge st North
Tingey (;eorge, Henlow
VVtst KdwMril, Bloomfields House,
Biidge st North


Atlas, (ieo. Austin, Bridnes' South
CoMMFiiciAi., VVm. Caton, High st
Lf.gai., William Caton, Hi-list
Noituicii I'sioN, (uorge Austin,
Bridgf st South

Oelee Alfred, Bridge st South

Itoeers Geome, Hii;h st

Tai pli y Thoiuas. Bridge st Sou'li


Ashhy William, Hitciiin road
Dilley Si'.niuel, rnonm
I.ntdicv J4itv(rA'— Geo.Webstcr.agent


Cain Ann, High st

Chiik Marv, Bridge st

i'arrott Ann, Bridge street North

Roberts Elizi (and straw bonnet

maker), High street
Belts James l,oiii:. High st
Jnhiis(Mi Robert, High st
BrownJoliiM'piMiio A: oigHn),High st
Freeman James(!angnages), Higli st
.lolinson Mary Ann (ori'an). High st
Linford Charlotte (piano), Bridge

siieet North


Bland Charle.s, Campton

Childs George (& turner\ Henlow


Barber William, High st
Stanton Widiam, Bridge st North
Wand John, Henlow


I5iyant James, S'orth—

Kdward \\ est, su!j-dtsl>ilinler


Am. Saints Cucrcii, Clilton— Rev.

Banitl Olivier, rector
Ai.L Saint's Chuhch, Sonthill— Rev.

John G. Baker, licni-
Saint Mat-y's, fnur.cu Henlow— Rev.

Hnuli S. Yates, ticuc
Saint Michael's Church, ShefTord, &

Saint Mativ's Chubch. Campton—

Rev. Kdriniiid R. Williamson, rcr/or
Baptist Cuaim: i.. Bridge street North-
Rev. Benjamin Hall
Baptist Chapel, Southill-Rev. John

H'EsLnVAN METiionisiCiiArEL, Highst
Roman Catholic CnAPEi., Highst—

Kev. Jolin Taylor, jirifsl
To LONDON, Gilherrs coaih from llie

W liite Hart, every Monday, Wednesday

and I'] iday, goes tlirongh Hitchin
To liLDI'oUD.the 7i»ifs,from the Wliite

Horse, Sonthill, daily
lo BIGGLCSWAUK, Gilbert's coach.

from the While Hart, Tuesday, Tluirs.

day and Saturday





The nearest 5/nent incumbent. The living of
Barton is a rectory, in the giftof the Crown. Popula-
of the parish, in 1841, 855.

VVestoning, or Jfeston-Ing, is o parish in the hun-

Heniy, fatlurof the Eail; and .'ome oiheis to the drcd of iManshead — the village is situated 4 miles s.w.
memory of different noble families ; also a bi ass fiaure | from Silsoe, on the road to Dunstable. The adjunct
of Thomas Hill, who died in 1601 at tlie gieat aue of I ' Ing ' was obtnined from a family of that name, who
one hundred and tweiiiy-eiebt years. The living of|fnim('rly were owners of the manor. Tiie piiulepe
Flitton is a vicarage, in the patix)nage of the Dean and j of holding a market and fair was granted to this place
Canons of Christ Church, Oxfoid ; tbepiesent incum-|by Kdv\ard I; both, however, have for niaiiy years
bent is tlie Rev. Allied Browne. The population of^cea ed to be observed. The church is dedicated to
Flitton parish, exclusive of Silsoe chapeliy, in 1841, Saint IVJary Magdalene: the living is a Wcarage, of
was 575. which the Ri v. Thomas Peirse is the iiresent incuin-

PuLLOXHiLL is a patish in llie same iiundred asibeut. Population of the parish, in 1841, 7J2.
POST OFFICE, Silsoe, Benjamin Caiter, Post il/ai/er.— Letters from all parts arrive at eight
in file inorniiiL', mid -ire despatched at six in the evening.


Baldwin Mrs. .lane, Silsne
Boweis Rev. Tmioihy, Barton
Browne Rev. Alfi ed, Flitton
Campion Rev Jolin VVm. Westoniiig
Cole Mis. Mary Elizabeth, Flition
De Grey the Hight Hon.Elail, Wrest

Park, Silsoe
Eve Richard, Esq. Silsoe [Silsoe
Fi-rgusini Rev. Thotnis Patterson,
Hamilton Rev. Alfred, Silsoe
Lord John, Esq. SiNoe
Pearsc Rev. Thomas, VVestoning
Pearst Geo. E-q. Harlingioii House
Piatt Mrs. Kaiiiiy. Sil>oe
Sayer Rev. Edward Lane, Pnlloxhill
Trethewy Mr. Henry (land agent tu

Eail De Gri-y), Silsoe


Free School, Silsoe — Franci*

Walker, master; Anne Walker,

Infants' School, Silsoe — William

Ross, master
National School, Westiming —

WiJliatn Hopkins, master; Rlaiy

Hopkins, mistress
National School, Pulloxhill —

Autie Chapman, mistress


Blacl< Bull,Tlu)s. Etlwards, Barton
Chequers. MatyCoiach& Horses, VVm. Chandler, Bat til
Cross Keys, William Day, Pullo.'jhill
Ge^riielnii Jcommerciai & posting',

Benjamin Curter, Silsoe
Nngs' Head, John Hiodes.Westoning

Rose & Crown, Reb-cca Goodman, ; Hyde Hy. tailor & draper, Pulloxhill

Baiton [Silsoe i Mackaness Jos. painter, &c. Barton

Star and Garter, Mary Havhead, j Mann VVm. dr-iper & grocer, Silsoe

While Horse, Joseph Abbis, Flition , Mason John, farm bailiff to Earl De


Aldridge William, VVesioniug
BrightiHoie Charles, Silsoe
Burbidge Thomas, Barton
Carter lienjamin, Silsoe
Church William, Pulloxhill
Giddings Chailes, Sil-oe
H.irris Samuel, Banon
Lee John, Barton
Smith William, Wistontng
Squire William, Silsoe
Allen Anne, shopl-eeiier. Barton
.Allen John, carpenter, Baiton
Aiclier William, painter. Barton

Grey, Silsoe
I Mead John, cooper, Bariou
Morris Jno.wheelwiight, VVestoning
Muliins J()hn,carpeiiteraiid grocer,
I Bai ton

I Neal Joseph, carpenter, Pulloxhill
j Palmer Stephen, gardener, F.iitoii
; Rich James, parish clerk, Silsoe
i Roberts Danl. beer rrtailer. Barton
j Sharp Abel, sliopkeeper, Barton
1 Simpson Richard, gardener, Silsoe
\ SpringSatnl. sln'plieeper, Westoiiing
I SjiringSai all, dress makr.Wesloning
' Spiiiig William, lailor, Westoniiig

Tiiiinis James, beer retailer, Baiton
\rnokl Jas. heer retailer, Pulloxhill Tummins Jos. beer retniler, Flitton
BeechenorRobt. blacksmith, Baitou UnderwoodJno.booimakr,Piilloxhil
Blott VVilliani, draper and grocer, ! Warren Geoige, boot maker, Barion
Barton I Willsoii Luke, beer retailer, Banou

Bone Charlotte, baker, Silsoe | Wright Chas. cm n dealer, Barton

Brightinan Charles, butcher, Silsoe '

Cain John, blacksmith. Pulloxhill | COACHES.

Chandlerlhos.taiior Shatter, Barton : To LONDON, the Wonder (from Ampt-
ChapmanJno. hootinaker,Pulloxhill ^ill), calls at th_e George lnn,^Sil»oe

Chase Charles, beer retailer, Baiton
Childs Barnett, butcher, VVesoning
Chippertield Cliarl s, draper and
grocer, Pulloxhill [soe

C'lolieVVm. tailor & shopkeeper, Sli-
Fiiiit James, grocer & dr.iper, Silsoe
Gee John, hoot maker, Baitnn
Girldings Chas. wheelwright, Silsoe
Hallswnrth CIihs. baker, Pulloxhill
Hillyard .My shopkeeper, Westoniiig

every Monday, Wednesday & Friday ;
goes through Luton.
To AMPTHILL, the Wonderiirora Lon-
don), calls at the Gtoige Inn, Silsoe,
every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


The nearest Station is seven mile»
from Silsoe, on the Beuford and
Bletchlkt Bra.nch of the North;
Western Line.

To BEDFORD and LUTON, Thomas
Inskip, from Ihe George, Monday and


lis a parish in the hundred of Manshead— the market
town, a veiy inconsiderable one, is 38 miles N.w. hy n.
from London, 5 from Wobum and Dunstable, and
4 from the station of the Dunstable branch, on the

London and Norlh-Western Railway. The town is
seated on an eminence, and openly built ; its bouses are
irregularly disposed, and of ancient appearance. The
straw plat manufacture forms the employment of a





fieat portion of the inhabitants, and is an article of
iiiipoitaiice in the markt-t here. The parish church of
Saint George is commodious and venerable; its exte-
rior abooiids with those wliimsicalities of ancient
sculptors, groicsque figures of nionsirousandim:iginary
animals ; the interior incloses some very ancient mon-
uments, on one of which is an epitaph on Lady Maria
Wenrworih, vvlio died in 1632; the following lines
from it exhibit a specimenof the extravagance of the
poetical conceits of that age : —

' Her soul grew so fast wilMn,
)t broke thp outward shell of sin.
And so was hatched a cherubim.'

The living of Toddington is a rectory. Tlie Baptists
and the WesleyHii Methodists have each a iilace of
worsh phere. A hospital was foundtd in this town,
in 1443, bv Sir Jii)iii Brouuhton, fur three poor men
and a chaplain; and there are besides three alms-
houses for icn poor widows. Oh Cinger Mount, in
this neiehbouihooodjare the remainsuf ibe old manor
honse of Tinldingiot). 'llie mai ket is held on S.tur-
day; and the faiis Ai>ril 25tli, the first Monday In
June,Scpteniber4th, Nweinber2i)dand December 6th,
for cattle and Fedlery. The parisli contained, in 183^1,
l,y26 inhabitants, and in 1841, 2,225.

POST OFFICE, William Horley, Post i»/n*/e/.— Letters from IjONDon and all parts arrive (from
Dunstablk) every morning at nine, and are despatched thereto at five in the afiernoon.


Atkins Kicha il, Ksq., Toddington
Cooper Uev. James, Lindsey, Tod-
Cooper William, Esq., Pitrk House
Cooper William Dodge, Es'i, Tod-

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 11 of 131)