I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 110 of 131)
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the wiil of William Cadge, who also Ixqiieathed a sum
towards the maintenance of eight poor widows; Na-
tional and Sunday .■schools; and several beqllt■.^ts for
distrihiition amnugst the poor. The market is held on
Monday ; and two fairs, tor toys, on Tuesday in Kaster
week and the 2t)ih of Jnlv. The parish of Clare con-
tained, in 1831, 1,619 inhabitants, and in 1841, 1,700.

POST OFFICE, Georae Hanimond. Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive every mot iiiug at
eiiiht, and are despatched at half-past five in the esening.


Arinst.ad .Mr. .lohii Barron, Claie
Barnes Rev. William. Clare
Uricc John Kngi;les,p>sq. Siiain Hall
KIwes Rev. FredeiicI;, Wixoe
Elues .Mrs. — Stoke Ci'ttage
Fisher Rev. Charles, Ovingtoii
Garnhain Mr. Richard, Clare
Gent G. W., Esq. Moyues Park
Gritlin \hv. — Stoke
Hanis llev. Samuel Link, Clare
Hill Captain, K.N. Aslieii
Hopkins Kev. Heiiiy, S'ambourne
Jar.iine J. H., Es(|. 'Stoke
Mathew .Miss — IVntf.w Hall
Mathcw Mrs. — Pentlow H.ill
Notiidge .Mrs. — Rose hill
I'emberion Rev. Edward, Belchamp

St. Pauls
Peinbeiton Rev. Jeremiah, Clare
Sevens — Esq. j.p. Poslingford
Soiindy Mr. 'I'homas, Clare
Sipiire Rev. Edward, Ashen
Suitahv U'. v., I'oslingtoid
Teirett .Mis. — Chilton Hall
Territt .Mrs. Captain, Clare
Walford Mr. Di.Non, Clare
W i^h'man Rev. Geoige, D.D. Clare


Bniwn Sarah (dav)

Fuller Henry (boarding and day)

\],ny,- Mrs.— (day)

Naiional and Fkke School

Juhii Cliallice.mas'er ; MissFiost,
teacher of infints' [ider-
miles N.E. by N. from London, 20 N. from Ipswich, 5 able nutnber of Roman urns were dug np, of different
s.s.E. from Diss (Norfolk), anti 3| e. from Mellis — the j size, sliape and ornamental marks, all filled with cal-
last named a station on the Eastern Union railway ; cined bones. Prior to the suppression of religious
situated in a valley at the confluence of two clear rivu- ' houses some importance was attached to Eye : it had a
lets, and surrounded by a fertile and pleasant country. Benedictine monastery, with large possessions, founded
That tills was a station of the Romans is more than by Robert Mallet, a Norman baron, who also built the
probable— for, in 1781, in digging up a field near this | castle : the monastic ruins are to be seen on the east
place, some labourers discovered a leaden box, contain- side of the town, and the dilapidated walls of the castle
i«g some hundreds of Roman coins and medals, all of stand near the east end of the church. Like most other
the purest gold, chiefly of the emperors Houorius and j towns in a district entirely agricultural, this has few
Arcadius, well executed and iu high preseivutioii ; their prelensions to luauufactaring celebrity; its business is

4 25


EYE, &c.


of a retail domestic nature, and some of the humbler the stat of P. R. Welch, Esq., is a large and hai)d,«om®
class of females exercise tlieir industry in lace making. I mansion ill thf Elizabethan style, surrounded by ex"

Auricnltural implements and machines are manufac
tured here to some extent — those made at the foundry
of Mr. Gai rood are upon the most approved principles.
The town hall is a spacious editice, in the centre of
the towu ; the lower part has been fitted up as a corn

tensive plantations and pleasure grounds. The parish
clinrcli of Saint Mary is an ancient structure, with a
remarkably fine porch and a rower: tiie li»ing is a
vicnrage in the gift of Robert Knipe Cobhold, Esq.
The population of Yaxli-y and the following parishes

exchange. The inliabitHUts received a charter from i is given after the notice of Broome.

King John, which was contii med by Queen Elizabeth,
amlremained in force until superseded by the Munici-
pal Reform Act of 1835 — uu'ler which the corporation
con^ists of a mayor (or bailiif). four aldermen and
twelve councillors, with the usual assistant urticers,
•tyled 'the Bailiff, BuiResses, and CummonHlty of the
Town and Buruli of Eye.' The county magistrates
have concurrent jurisdiction within the borough, for
which sessions are held. The corporation have power
to hold a court of record for the recovery of debts of un-

Abont a mile and a quarter west from Yaxley, and
three from Eye, is the pleasant village of Mellis, the
houses formi'ig which, partially surround a cheerful
green or common, and over it runs the road to Botes-
dale. The Eastern Union railway parses through the
centre of the pari»l), on its route hom London to Nor-
wich, and here is the station of the company for Eye.
Mellis Hall, now a small farm-house at the west end
of the green, is all that remains of the otice large
mansion, Ponntney Hall, theancient seat of theClarkes'.

limited amount, but no process has issued of late years; [The parish church of Saint Mary the Virein is a build

ing of eaily date ; itt tower fell down in 1735, and was
never restored : the living is a rectory, in the patron-
age of the Crown.

HoXNE village, pleasant and well bnilt, is 3J miles
N.E. from Eye, 5 e.s.e. from Dis« (Norfolk), and 6 s.
w. from Harleston ; situated near the confluence of the
Dove and VVavctiey streams, and on a line of railway,
now constructing, from the EasternUnion to Yarmouth,

and now the provisions of the new County Conrt Act
passed in 1846, have rendered the ancient court un-
necessary : the new court is held monthly in the town-
hall, and takes cognizance of debts and claims to any
amount not exceeding A"20. The elective franchise was
conferred in the thirteenth of Elizabeth, since when,
until the pa'^sing of the Keforpi Bill, the borough re-
turned two membcis ; but the new charter re.-tricted

it to one: the presetit representative is Lieut. Gen. Sir through Bungay. Oakley Park, formerly called Hoxne
Edward Kerrison, Bart, k.c.b., g.c.h., who is also lord Hall, has been chiefly rebuilt by Sir Edward Kerri>on.
of the honor of Eye. The municipal borough com- the present proprietor. The mansion is elegant and
prises only the pari*hofEye; but the pat liamentr. Fisher Cost»-rton, cashier

Savings' Bank and Government
Annuity Society, Broad street,
(open on Mondays from 11 till 12)
— Henry Bi>hop, secretary


Ablett Charles, Yei)h & Thomas, Church st

Welton Edmund, Yaxley and Mellis

Wright Stephen, Hoxne


Bishop Robert, Broad st
Nurse Richard, Broad st

Arbourn Robert, Lowgate st
Bloomfield i'hom .s, Yaxley
Bowers John, Mellis
Butcher George, Broome
Butcher William, H">xne
Fearman John, Church st
Gooding William (dealer), Broad st
Hammond William, Mellis
Herbert George, Castle st
Hursain Edward, Lambseth st
Jetferies Sheppard, Yaxley
Larter Thomas, Mellis
Oakes Abraham, Cross st
Oakes William, Yaxley [Castle st
Page Edward (and leather seller),
Rayner George, Hoxne
Roper Mary, Church st
Kose David, Bai k lane
WatlingJohn, Bioome


Cotton, French St (Jtton, Back lane
Tacon Richard & Chas , Lambseth st


Barber William, Broad st
Kennell William, Casrle st
Marshall William, Broad st


Boitman James, Hoxne & Broome
Fisk Alfred, Syleham

Kveritt William, Uakley
Higgins James, Hoxne
Lawrence Henry, Lowgate st
Marriott Henry, Matidalene st
Ruffles George, Yaxley
Tye Mark, Back lane


Brwwning Edward, Hoxne
Chase Robert, Broad >t
Je"«sup John (pork). Church st
Self William, Magdalene st
Sturgeon Samuel, Castle st


Bark way James, Hoxne
Barkway Stephen, Hoxne
Day Daniel, Church st
Day George, Oakley
Gooderham John, Broome
Hines James, Lowgate st
Larter Thomas, Mellis
.Mowle Jahez, Mellis
Mowle William, Yaxley
Penning Daniel, fiambsctli st
Rampling Edward, Cross st
Short George Groom, Church st
Stannard Thomas, Castle st


Barber Thomas, Lamb«ethst
Bishop Robert, Broad st
Nurse Richard, Broad st
Chuich John, Lambseth st
Collins John, Cliniich st


Gissing Anthony, Castle st
Raiies William, Broad 5t
Rush Sarah, Castle st
Smith Robert, Broad st


Dykes Robert, Church ^t
Meadows Jabez, Mellis
Sivcl George, Lambseth st

Waterman John, Castle st


Allen Robeit, Yaxley
Bacon John, Mellis
Bandall Georgr, Hoxne
Bate Edward, Eye
Bayles Thomas, Hoxne
Beales Charles, Moor HhH
Hlofield George K., Mellii
Bolton William, Bye
Browning Edward, Hoxne
Burrows G'orge, H-ixne
Calver William, Mellis
Carry Lionel, Hoxue
Case & Brock, Eye
Clumbers Robert, Eye
Chapman John, Mellis
Cheaney Willinm, Yaxley
Citenery Thomas, Mellis
Clubbe George, Hoxne
Colby Thomas, Hoxne
Collins John, Mellis
Cop|)in Zechariah, Mellis
Cracknell George, Hoxne
Cracknell Henry, Hoxne
Cracknell Henry, Mellis
Ciaske Edward, Eve
Craske Walter, Priory farm
Cunningham Robeit, Oakley
Dade William, Mellis
Orane Su^an, Yaxley

Eaton William, Mellis

Edwards 'Jhomas, Rook Hall

Edwards William, Eye

Fennell Heiiiy & Samuel, Hoxne

Fulcher 'I'homas, Yaxley

Freston Samuel, Kiln farm

Garland Richard, Hoxne

Gidney Benjamin, Broome

Goodei ham James, Eve

Gowan Samuel, Oakley

Gowing Edward, Eye

Gowing Ellis Symonds.CranleyHall

Hall John, Hoxne

Hammond John, Mellis

Harper William. Hoxne

Harper William, Eye

Harris George, Cranley grem

Hill William, Hoxne

Hunt Joseph, Hoxne

Hurse William, Hoxne

Jeffries Henry, Yaxley

Jermyn Benjamin, Mellig

Jermyn Joseph, Mellis

Johnson John, Eye

Kirby John Cole, Eye

Knott Ganett Taylor, Eye Paik

Mallows William, Eye

Marsh Edward, Broome

Marshall Robert, Hoxne

Morley David, Mellis

Murtimei John, Hoxne

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 110 of 131)