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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 118 of 131)
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Whiting Henry, sadler


The nearest Slati*ii i» at StJDBDRY, on
the Eastern Union link, 7 milM •
from Lavenham



Good, Wednesday nnd Saturdny
To CLARE, John Dakin. Monday and
Thursday, and to IPSWICH on Wed-


S a pRrish, in the hundred of Babergh— the villaue
large and populous, is 59 miles n.e. by n. from London,
22 w, from Ipswich, 13§ s. from Bury Saint Edmunds,
and 3 N. by w. from Sudbury — the last-named a
station on a branch communicating with the Eastern
Counties railway at the Mark's Tey Junction, The
village, whii h consists princip-illy of one lone street,
nearly a mile in length, is seated in a district, perhap-*,
the most fertile in theconniy; and the scenery around is
pleasingly diversified and picturesque : it is washed by
a branch of the Stour, which is crossed by a bridge of
three anhes, and the stream propels the machinery of
several flimr mills. The manufacture of horxe-hair
seating, employs several of the inhat>itaiit8 j but, the
majority are occupied in agricultural pursuits. Sir
Hyde Parker, Bart., of Melford Hall (a fine old seat
in this parish), is lord of the manor, and holds a court
baron annually ; and the magistrates assemble in petty
sessions here once a fortnight.

POST OFFICE, Catherine Catchpole, Post Mistress,
ftt seven, and aie despatched at half-past six in the evening.


The parish church of the Holy Trinity, stands upon

an eminence, at the north end of the village: it
beautiful specimen of the architecture of the fifteenth
century, but the small square tower is of later date. In
the chnrr h are several monuments to distinuuished
individuals, who formerly resided here — oneof these,
to Sir William Cordell, is an elegant piece of tomb
statuary: he was the speaker of the House of Com-
mons, in the reign of Mary, and a member of her
privy council. He founded the liospiial here, and
endowed it for the support of a warden, and twelve
poor men and two woineii — old and decayed house-
keepers. There is a place of worship for Independents,
and two public schools — one of the latter endowed,
the other conducted upon the National plan, and both
for children of either sex. A consideraole cattle lair
is hrld on Thursday in Whitsun-week. The parish
contained, by the returns made in 1831, ^514 inhabi-
tiiiits, and in 1841,2,597

Letters from all parts arrive every morning


Anderson Mrs Lydia, Long Melford
Bence Lieut. Edward Starkey, Kent-
well hall
Brewster MissElzbth., Long Melford
Burgess Rev. John, Long Melford
Clarke Miss Mary Ann, Long

Creswell Mrs. Jane, Long Melford
Drew Mrs. Judith, Long Melford
Dunn Capt. James, Long Melford
Faulkner Rev. Henrv B-, Long

Frewer Miss Mary, Long Melford
Hayward Rev, Winston C, Long

Henwell Mrs. — , Long Melford
Ostler Mr. Thomas, Lona Melford
Parker Sir Hyde, Bart„Melford hall
Preston Rev. Thos., Long Mellord
Ranson Miss Martha, Long Melford
Robertson Hev, Hanks, LongMelford
Scott Mrs. — , Long Melford
Turner Mrs. — , Long Melford
Wellan Mrs.—, Hill house
Westhorpe Mrs. — , LongMelford
Westhoipe Rev. John, Long Melford
Westrop Chas., Esq. Long Melford
Bird Fanny (day) [day)

Brooks Thomas O. J- (hoarding and


Black Lion, William Ham

Bull (commercial), Thos. Bishop

Cock & Bell, Amos King

George, William Medcalf

Hare, Robert Harris

Ram, Frederick Bullock

Rose & Crown, James Albon

Swan, Daniel Gooch

White Hart, Joseph King


Algor James, baker

Allen John, butcher

Allen William, butcher

Ambrose Hiram, shoe maker

Ambrose Thomas, beer retailer and

Ardley Thomas, miller, nialster,

and corn merchant
Ardley Thomas, jun., maltster ai»d

corn merchant
Atkins Joseph, glover
Atkins Peter, gardener
Baker Edward, miller
Bear Charles, rope and net maker
Bickmore Peier, grocer, draper, and

dealer in china, glass, &c,
Bige Joseph, culler
Bixby Charlotte, beer retailer
Bladen Robert, farrier and colt


Free School, George Green, ! Blundon Thomas, timber dealer


National School, George El-
borough, master ; Sarah El-
horough, mistress

Reid Joseph (day)

Robertson John Charles (boarding
and day)

Almack Richard (attorney & clerk
to the magistrates)

Cream Robert (surgeon)

Jonee Robert (surgeon)

Blyth Mary, straw bonnet maker
Bobv George, shopkeeper
Bolingbroke Geo., corn chandler
Boiingbroke John, paper maker
Borley William, baker and con-
Bulmer James, hair dresser
Butcher Charles, shoe maker and

leather cutter
Butcher John, wheelwright
Carr Benjamin, hair cloth manufac-
turer— Henry Lengemen, agent

Cater Arthur, wheelwright

Cater George, tailor

Chisnell John, hair dresser and

umbrella maker
Churchvard John, horse-hair seat-
ing manufacturer
Coates Geoige, plumber & glazier
Codling Edward, blacksmith
Constable Timothy, nurseryman
Cooper Henry, plumber & glazier
Cooper Thomas, tailor and beer

Corder Thomas, maltster
Cowey William, tailor & draper
Downs William, whitesmith
Farrow William, wheelwright and

Fenner James, shoe maker
Fordham Charles, bricklayer
Frewer Frances, milliner
Gillman Robert, shoe maker
Greaves Edmd., chemist &drDgg5*t
Green Daniel, bricklayer
Green George, registrar of births

and deaths [facturer

Groom William, hair clotn manu-
Hardy Georee, shoe maker
Howe Samuel, maltster
Hume John, shopkeeper
Hunt Samuel, grocer, draper, and

fire office agent
Jacob Garrard, watch maker
Jarvis Robert, bricklayer
Jolly William, tailor
Jones Robert, surgeon
Leeks John, carpenter
Linglev Daniel, baker
Long Charles, boot & shoe maker
Lorking Thomas, bookseller and

Lyng William, carpenter
Mills William, carpenter
Morley Ephraim, miller& maltster
Neave Thomd^ saddler





SHOPKEEPERS, Btc— Continued.
Norman John, shopkieper
O-Mer Aamn, blacksmith
0-tlrr HHiinatr, shopkrepcr
0>ti. r Thcinas, agent tor the Snf-

f Ik fire office [mnker

P.iyiie ^Viilmni, hair dreNser & shoe
P'-rry Pe'er, shoe maker
Pri-g Robert, cooper
Richold Peter, coach maker
Roper' U'llthtm, ^erKeallt of police
RufFell Oeoric. miller
Salter Hezekiah, rope & net maker
Sezers Charles, butcher
Sharniati James, baker
Sheuard John, maltster
Spice William, grocer & draper
Spilli'gChHries, saddler St harness

Stanton Harriet, shopkeeper
Sti-ed Amos, i>lumber, &c.
Steed John, shoe maker

Steward Charles, shopkeeper and

beer retailer
•Stewart John, baker
''frihIinK Kdward. basket maker
Tlieobaifl Clement, shopkeeper and

bri( klayer
Ward & Silver, iron founders and

agricultural implement makers
Warner Samuel, baker
Wellum Jam>s, >lioi-niaker
WelMui) Jjiine^, CHrpentcr
Wood' Georne, -hopkeeper
Woollard William C, road con-

Woriers Siimtiel, butcher
Wiight James, tailor


Calling at the Cock and Bell, daily. Sun-
day excepted.
at twelve noon

To CLARE, at seven in the evenine
To SUDBURY, at aqnarter past ninein

the morning,, and a quarter before six

in tbe evening


The nearest Statinv is at StdbttSt,
3 miles from Lon? Metrord.on n branch
commiinicalinK with the Eastkrh


There are Omnibuses daily, to Si;DBDnY,
as stated above



Elliott, from the Swan, M'ednesday and
Saturday morning
To SUDBURY, George Bobv, from bi»
house, d ily, and - Elliott, from tli«
Swan, Wednesday and Saturday



JLoWESTOFTisa pari.sh, in the hundred of Loth-
ingland, containing the market town and .st'a-port of
its name, 114 miles n.e by n. from London (136 by
raiV), 22* e.s.e. from Norvvich (by rail), 10 s. frotn
Yatmoutk [18J hy rt///), and 45 n.k. l>y n. from Ips-
wich. It i» the terminn< of a line from the Norwich

end, antl a bttteiy near the Ne«s. The shore eradti*
ally *le>-ceiil!i to the sea ; the wnter i< clear, and covers
a fiitn pebbly bottom — circnmstanci-s that render
h.ttbitie on tlii- pait of the coa^*! pcruliarivilelightlul.
The air is de< i xcellent hotels, cai-not web fail of gi'ing satis-
a clilf, commatidiiiK nn extensive prospect of the (ier- | fa^ tioti to the most fastidious. The racfs me held on
nun Oieaii; and as beheld fioin the st-a, presents the the Downs, northward of the town, which f •tin an
noblest and mo.st beautiftil appearance of atiy town excellent course: the cliffs, tisinu in a g< ntle acclivity.

npon the coast. It i» ch'efly composed of an exten-
sive arrancenient of house>. whose line of diieition
is in-arlv north and south, and conseqtiently faces the
ocean : the soil upon which it stands ii dry, and by
ikiltul industry has been conversed into deiiK'itttii
jtardens. The matine E-plan^de (for which the Messrs.
Lucas and Soti, weretiie contractors), erected at the
■onih end of the town, cotitains many haiidsonie re-
gidenres, ptincipally in the Italian style of architec-
ture, and have l>ceii expressly built tor tiie acconimo-
datittn of visiters, doting the sutiimer months. The
royal hotel, situated at the north end of the esplan-
ade, close to one of the piers, is an elegant luiMing,
fitted upintDe most mo lent style, and contains read-
ing hikI biliiaid looms, with hot and cold sea-water
ba'lis, &c.

The commerce of Lowestoft depends mainly upon
the herrimr fishery ; and the quatitity of this fish cured
here, foi hotne consnmption and exportat'on, is very
great. The Lotidon fi-hmongero are said to prefer
the Low stoft hertinss to tlio-e cured at Yarm"iiti',
th'iutfh they are generallv retailed under the niitne of
* Yarntonth herriiiRs.' Froitt the tnackerel fisiieiy, in
which the Lowestoft boats participate, th - principal
ad'untage deiived is the employtiieni of the fisherinen
onlil the hen iiiR season. The Norwich and Lowes-
»iy reswrt durini;ad-
veise wiinls and stress of «eatlier, itisti-ad (pf beitik!
exposed, as formerly, to thedilficiil ies and dangeis of
theopeii roadstead has lately been dccftnip'ishefl. 'ihe
outer harbonr is formed hi two stone iiicis, an' 'encloses
a space of about twenty aeres — this isconnetted with
the inner one, tiy a loek fifty feet wide, aiid ctoss- d
by a handsome swinv; bridu'e. F:oin the railway sta-
tion here, tieie are branches to the quays, so that
vesM'ls can loatiand iliscliaiee their cargoes with per-
fect convenience. The harbour is defended i)y a fott,
at the south end of the beach, another at the north


lav; and the fai-s, Mav I2ih, and ()< tolnr Kith. The
parish nf Lowestoft, containeil in 1831, 4,238 inhabi-
tants, and in 1841, 4.f)47.

Ahiiut two miles south from Lowestoft, in the same
hntidred as that town, are the fwn small fishing villa-
ges and parishes of Pakekiixo and Kirkley, the
latter not so ilistaiit as the former. AlthoiiKh men-

ioned as aier Mr. John, H>gh st
BrO'vn Rev. William, Gile.-han
Calow Mr. John, LoikIoii road
Carver Mr. Jnuies, Manner's lane
Clark Itev. John. m.a. Lonrion toad
Cleveland Mr. James, Cliapel road
Cleveland Mr. William, High st
Coates Mrs. Ann. High st
C"ok Mr. Wil iam, Taradise place
Ciowe .Miss Kliza, London road
Cunningliam Rev. Francis, High st
Dovey Rev. John Kdivar. Eliza, B. II lane
Fairett Mis. Phoebe, London mad
Fowler Riv. Freiicrick, Gunton
George Miss Ann, Higii st
Goiicn Uev. 'fhomas, Benacre
Gooch Sir Thomas, Benacre Hall
Gnrnev Mrs. Catherine, High st
HibhsHev. Richard, Hit;h st
H cks Mis. M^iy, Mariner's lane
Hoi'ges Mr. Hei ry. Chapel road
Jerinyn Mrs. Sarah, Hiuh st [id

Free School (Annott's), High »t

— John Sallmon, master
Free School (Wylde's), High st

— Heniy Hill, master
Garwoo'i Margaret & Jane (buard-

ing), Hiili st
Greaihead James Thomas, High st
Hibbs Rev. Richd(l'oardin«)High st
Hnhert & Smith (ladies' boarding),

Hmli street
Infants' School, Beach— Elizth.

Giirney, uii-tress
National School, Pakefield —

— JaiiKs Arnold, master,; S.*iah

Mulleiider, mistress
Rogers Mary Ann, Old Market plain
Rog is Walter, Old Market plain
Salter L"uisa(ladies' bidng)High st
Scaff Ann, High st
Simpson Klizabeth, Bell lane
Sparham Sii»annah, High st
Woodgate Hev. Philip B., High st


Browne Benjamin W. (estate),

Mariner's lane
Chandl. r riionias C. (to Richard

Bnllard), Mariner's lane
Dov\lin!! George (land agent and

sur%eyor), High st

Joachim Lieut. Richard, R.N. London Gowing Georte Scad & Son (to

Jolinsi'ii Mr. Charles, Kiikley
Leathe Rev. Frederick, Heningfleet
Le^Kett Captain Thomas, Kirkley
Lincoln Mr». Catheiine, High st
Li've Rev. E. M., Sumerleyton
Martin Mr. John, Hiuii st
IMa.stertiin Mr-. Susannah, High st
May Mrs. Phoebe, Mariner's lane
Milhr Mi.ss Mary. High st
Moore Rev, Henrv, High sf
Neeve Mrs. Mary. Higli st
Norris Uev. D. G., Kessingjand
Parker Mr John, Hiuh »t
Feto Samuel Mmtou, Esq. ivi. p.

S.imerleytoii Hall
Pratt Mr. William, London road
Piestoii Mr. Thonns, Highst
Piiestley Miss Elizabeth, High st
Pnnrliard Mr James, Chnrrh road
Randall Rev. John M , Hi«h st
RawiiiiMiii Mr. William, Pakefield
Reeve Mrs. [>anriiia Hiuh st
Rendle Mr. William Bound, Highst
Rump Rev. John, P.ikf field
Sciiles Abraham, Esq. Pakefield
Scarll Mr. ^Villiam, London road
Seaman Mrs. Khzahith, High st
Smith Lady P., Hi^h st
Smith Mr. Jac.b, Pakefield
Spaul Mrs Susan, Hiyh st
Steward Charles, Esq. Blundeston
Thirtle Mr. James, High st
Thurlow Rev. Kdwird, Lound
Titlow Mrs. R'l^e, London ro^d
Ward Mr. Nathni. Duke's Head st
Wayth Mr. Daniel, .Mariner's lane
Weihorne Rev. William, Bell lane
White the Mi-ses. Cnutrh load
Woodgate Rev Philip B., Hii'h st
Woods Mrs. .Mareaiet, Btll lane
Youngnian Mr. William, Hiuhst


Not otherwi-edescribeil are Day Schools.

Adams Mary Ann, Old Market plain
Chapman Joseph, Hiish st
Delf Sophia Ann, High st

Llo>ds'), High st
Johnson Robert (to the London

trader*). Harbour
Livock William (ale and porter).

Duke's Head st [road

Salter 'J'hoinas (custom), London

Catchpole Wni. (machine), Kirkley
Skoyles & Co (and iion founders),

Lowestoft Foundry
Norton & Reeve (and clerks to the

magistrates). High st
SeaKo Wm. Rix(and notary) High st


Kails Thomas, Hiah st

Browne Benjamin, Mariner's lane

Hawaid Samuel, Hii-h st


Marked thus * are also Confectionera.
*Adams Geoige, High st
*A Inm Elizabeth, Hith st
iiennett William, High st
Bennett William, Old Market plain
C>>ok Rli/abeih Hiuh st
Co^k Samuel, Hiuhst
•Cook SaniUi-l L., High st
•Cooper Lewis B., Mariner's lane
*Kersey Aldis, Duke's Head st
N veil Townsend, Bell lane
Newsoii Susannah, Mariner's laue
•Powell William, High st
•Seaile Billiard, Higli st
•Sntith .james. Bell lane
Wicks Samuel, Mariner's lane


Gurneys', Turn-r & Brinhtwen
High st — (draw on Barclay & Co
London; — John Chaston, agent

Lacon Sir Edward Knowlcs, Bart.
Lacou's, Y'luell & Co.. Hiijh st —
(draw on Glynn, Hallifax & Co.,
London)— WmV. Barnard.agent

National Provincial Hank of
England (Biancli of) Hich st— •
(draw on the Lomion Joint-Stock
Bank) — Thomas Wood-, auent

Savings' Bank, Town-hill— (open
on We dne-days from 12 till 1)—
Thomas B. Biid, actuary


Major William, High st
Shuckford Sarah, High st


Aldis Robert, Bell l«ne

Allen William, Pakefield

Baines Benjamin (mid iron nier*

chant), (lid Maiket plain
Cannall James, Duke's Head st
Cooper Jaine-, Bell lane
Cox EdwHid, Mai iners' lane
Dunant Joseph, Beach
Hatding Jame.s, Duke's Head 8l
Hirvev John, Chapel load
Miller William, Chapel road
Mills John, Oultou

Allerfon Thomas, Be^ch
Siiarham Samuel, Beach


Abbott Samuel F., High st
Cri-p Geoi«e S.. High st
Crowe Ti onias. High fit
Oliver William Henry, High ut

Adams William, Hith st
I Barratt John, While Horse st
Biyth William John, Highst
Burtess John, Hiah st
Chiheis Alfred, Kirkley
Colby Samuel, High st
Cole Jo-eph, Gun lane
Cord- Mary, High st
Coi naby Thomas. While Horse 8t
Downiny William, High st
Edmonds John, Hixh st
Fisk Jame-, Mariner's lane
Fnlclier Aaron, Mariners' lane
Garner James, Be^ch
Houton Williani, Bell lane
Jarman Jolin, Beadi
Lini! Job Duke's Head st
.Micklehuriih Edward, High st
Micklebiiigh Jame.s, Kiikley
MickieliiiiKh .lohn, Pakefield
Pent, liny Philin, Higii st
Porter Thomas, High st
R iinpling Richard, White Horse it
SHiinders Geori;h st
Crukinav LincoUi, HikIi st
Farniau James, Paketield [lane
Fortiiiai> Jo-epli (nork). Mariners'
Gamble Thomas, Hi^h st
Martiu John. High st
Rackhani William S., High st
Smiili John (pork) Manners' lane
Able John. High st
Brew9t.r Robert, High st
Neslen Samnel, Bell \M\e
Porter Thomas, H igh st


Bemmeni Jose-pti, Old Market plain
Brewsier Kobert(& builder) Highst
Brown Ki'bert C, London road
Callow Jame'', Mariners' lane
Cuniiingham Hett-r P., Mariners' la
Heilen James, Kirkley
Luras & Son (and contractors),

Neslen Samuel, Bell lane
Cunis Charles, Pakefield
Edmonds Benjamin M., High St
Farrett Wilham, High st
Morris Robert, High st
Snell Francis Joseph Hunt, High st
Brown Kohert C, London road
Hill Judith B., Highst
Smith John, Hiith st
Sparhani William, Duke's Head st

Freeman Edward, daptl road
Johnson Robt (& timber), Harbour
Seppings George, High st

Barber John, Bcrfch
Cupps Samuel, jun. Beach
Foninaii Joseph, Mariners' lane
Peek Wiliam, Factory st
Stannard Elisha, Beach
Tiipp Rolert, Beach
Kii«thaugh Georue, Chapel st
Rederave Robert, High st
Smith George, Cha|)el st
Smith Robert, High st
Younginan Henry, Highst


Atlas. Thomas B. Bird, Factory st
Clerical. Mkdicaland General
(life), B.njamin W. Browne,
Mariner's l^ne [Highst

County (fire). William R. Barnard,
Family KNDowMENT(life), Thomas

Crowe, High st
Guardian, John Chaston, High st
Hail-Storm, Benjamin W.Browne,

Mariner^' I me
London. Samuel F. Abbott, High st
Norwich Union, Wm. H. Seago,
Hiuhst [.Mariners' lane

Phoenix (fire), Bei jn. \V. Bn-wne,
Pkovidf.nt (life), William R. Bar-
nard. High st [st
SuPFOLK (fire),Thos. Crowe, High
Sun [tire], Edmund Noi ton.Hiyh st
Wf.stern (life), Michael Colder,
High st




Allerton Jo.seph

& Thomas
Barber John
Buigess William
Butcher John
Butcher Samuel
Capps James
Capps Robert
Cnpps Samuel
Gall John
Cowing George

Sead & Son

Porter Thomas
Roberts John
Saunders Richard
Sharman Shad.
Sterry James
Srcrry James G.
Sterry Jolin
sterry Robert

& Son
Woods Wm. J ones


Baines Benjamin, Old Market plain
Balls Thomas, High st
Cowing George, jun. Highst


Cliuich William, High st
( owles Benjamin. Chapel road
Rnmsby R ibert. Bell lane

{See also Shopkeepers.)
Abbott Samuel Fieeman, High st
Browne Robert, High st
Curtis Charles, Pakefield
Curtis Jiimes, High st
Devereux J(hn, High st
Devei eux John, jun. High st
Everett Edward & Co., High st
Hill Judith B., Highst
Smith John, High st
Sparham vvilliam, Duke's Head st
Tultle Henry, High st

Breeze Frederick, Duke's Head st
Chambers Samuel, High st
Fisher Edward, High st
Harris Wilhain, Chapel road
Salter Roger, High st
(See also Taverns li( Public Houses J
Crown, Job Copeman. High st
Crown & Anchor, Thomas Balls,

High st
Queen's Head (and posting house),

Morse & Woods, High fti
Royal Hotel (family and posting),

George William Howse, Marine

Esplanade [load

Suffolk Inn, Robert Clarke, London


See under the Head Agricultural
Implement Makers.


Precious Robert, Hiiih st
Thirtle James F., Hiiih st


CliMston John, (Exicutors ot the
late, and silk tnercersi, Highst
Fuller .Mary Maria, Highst
Hopson Henrv, Hi^h st
Ling Robert &. Co., Hieh st
Pratt & Thiirtle, High st
Salter William, High st

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 118 of 131)