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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 12 of 131)
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dington House
Hicks Mrs. Mai ia, Toddington
Wood Wer. Wiliam, Toddington
Hicks Robfrt, .suigeon
Horley William, .•schoolmaster
Hogg Henry Lee, surgeon
Argus (life), Thomas ilaiter
Ge.nebal (fire es the library, bicak-
nient and handsome structure, while its ivy-cloihed ' fast and Dnke's rooms ; the east, the vestil)ule,seivants'
wallspie.sentaveneiabie appearance: the tower, wliich I olfices, &c. ; the north includes the Qneen's, Prince

formerly 5to(>d detached from the main building, is now
united to it, ami the Duke of Bedford has snrmonnied
it with a l)>-autiful spiie, and furnished the altar with a

fMhert's rooms, and various other chambers. The
gallery exhibits a large nnd most interesting collection
r)f portraits, whilst numerous oiher valuable paintings

fine p inting of the nativity : the livin.' is a |)ei|)efual j are dispersed in other rooms. In the sculpture tallery
curacv, the Duke being patron and impropriator. The ii the l)eautiful anticpie vase brought to this countiv by
church coi'.tiins a curious monument to the .Stanton | Lord Cawdrly under Francis Duke of Bedford; the addi-





tional buildings were designed and execnted liy Mr. i discontinued. The parish church of Saint Botolph
Holland. The park is ab ut twelve miles in circum- ■ C(.ntains sevt-ral monuments of antiquitv and interest'
ference, surrounded by a wall ; it comprises a pleasing the living is a rectory, in the gift of the' Duke of Bed-
variety of hill and dale, and is enriched with peculiarly ford. Tlie parish contains l,l;^9 iiihaliitaiits.
fine woods of m;ijesiic oaics. Winding through the i Husborn-Lrawley, an adjoining parish to Aspley-
woods, the visiter arrives at 'the Duicliess' Shrub- Guise, contains avillage about twoand a halt miles n.e.
bery,' beautifully laid out in the modern ta-te ; leaving from W.iburn. The church of Saint Mary Magdalene
which, and riding over the hill, which commands an occupies an elevated site, and has a lofty tower. A
enchanliHg and comprehensive prospect, he comes to handsome canopied monument, with t)ie figures of an
the evermeen plantation, of abnut two hundred acres— armed knight and his jadv, is in ihe church: the living
a charming ride on a fine dry soil, through avenues of is a discharged vicarage, iii the presenia'ion o( the Duke
all varieties of evergr< ens, of luxuriant growth, so that of liedford. Population of the p uisli (,'>ti.

Milton-Brvant i- a small village, ahout two miles
S.E. from VVohurn, situated a little to the north o( the
road to London. The church is dedicated to Saiut
Peter : the living is a rectory, in the gift of the Crown.
Population, 382.

RiDGMONT village and parish i.s in the hundred of
Redbomestnke — thevillagelieingaboMt three miles n.k.
from VVoburn. In old records it is written Rugemont~
i.e. the 'Red Hill,' apphcable to its situation and the
colour of the soil. The church of All Saints has, within
these few years, received adilition of sittings, at the
expense of the society for building and enlarging
churches and chapels : the living is a discharged vicar-
age, united with Segenhoe. 'I'here is a place of wor-


the equestrian is sheltered, in the depth of winter, by
a Continuous canopy of veidiire. Queen Klizaheth
made a Joui ney to this seat in 1572 ; :ind when Charles I
visited VVobuin in 16J.T, he reposed attlie Abbey. 'I'he
puhlic day for viewing the Abbey is Friday, from eleven
till four, between Lady-day and Michaelmas, and from
eleven till three between Michaelmas and Lady-day.
The market day at Uot'urn is Frid.iy. Fairs, January
1st, March 23rd, July I3th and September 25th. The
parish of Wohurn contained, in 1831, 1,827 inhabitants,
and in 1841, 1,914.

AsPLEY-GuisE is a parish, in the same bundled as
VVoburn— the village is pbasaiitly situated two miles

noith of that town. Anselm de Guise, in 1267, obtained _^_, - -„ .-._ .^

a charter for a market to be held hereon Friday, and a [ship here for Baptists and a National 'school
fair at the tide of St. Botolph— both of which have been I parish contained, in 1841, 964 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, Bedford Street, VVoburn, John Charles Peeline, Post Master.— LHier^hom Lon-
don, and various places South, also from Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and the North of
England, and from Scotland and Ireland, arrive every morning at six, and afternoon at two, and are
despatched at a quarter before tin in the moiniiig, and eight in the evening.

Letters from Bedford, Ampthill, Huntingdon, Saint Neots, &c., arrive every morning at eight, and
are despatched at six in the morning.


Andrews Rev. James, Leiah'on st
Ash well Edward, Esq.. Evershnlr
Bedford His Grace the Duke of,

Woburn .Ahhey [mont

BentinckRev.George William, Ridg-
Bird Mrs. Mary Ann, Aspley Guise
Bond Rev. Edward, Fligh st
Brooks I'.ev. Joseph, Ridgmont
Bncl.le Henry, Esq., DrakeloeLodge
Castledeii Mr. Geoi-ge, Geoige st
Cautley Mrs. Ociavia, Geoige st
Davy Mr. George, Georsje st
Deiii.-on William Henry, Esq., Fen-
ton House, Woburn lane
Erskine Rev. Henry Macdouald,

Bedlord st
Gardner Mrs. Mary, MaiUet place
Godwin Rev. Thomas, Leighton st
Hedges Rev. Charles, Aspley Guise
Howe William Fitzwilliam, Esq.,

Aspley Guise [Bryant

Iiiglls Miss Mary Louis i, Milton
Inglis Sir Robert Harry, Bart, m.p.,

Milton House, Mibon Biyant
Keer William Francis, Esq., Asplev

Cottage [Bryant

Mansfield Rev. William, Milton
Matthew Rev. Henry, Eversliolt
Moore Rpv. JnhnVaux.AspleyGuise
Orlebar Roht. E-ci.Hu^lioniCrawley
Pain Rev. Richard, A.spley Guise
Palmer Mr. John, Hushoiu (Crawley
Porter Miss Jhuc, Georae st
Robinson John, E^q. .Asp!ey Guise
Hussell Lord Charles, George st
Skinner .Mr.s. Elizabeth, Bedford st
Smart Willi mi Lyn, Esq., Lyndon

House, Eversholt [House

SmithColonelChas. Heivey, .Aspley
Smith Rev. Buteler Cheinocke,

Aspley Guise
Stannard Mr. John, Froxficld
TankersleyMis Elizabeth, Eversholt
Welflale Miss Susannah, George st
White Mr. John, Husborn Crawley
Wifrei!Mr.BeniaininB.,Aspl' y Guise
Wilfen Mrs. Alary, Aspley Guise


British School, LeiKhton street —

Charles Millard, ma.ster
British School, Bedford street —

Mary Anne Smith, mistress

British School, Aspley Guise-
John Wood, master

Daniel Juliet (boarding), Leighton si

Free School, Milton Bryant—
Merlin Best, master; Susannah
Pi ice, mistress

Henrie Edward (boaiding), Leigh-
ton strt et

Infants' School, Bedford street—
Martlia Stevens, mistress

Infants' School, Woburn Sands
— Klizabeth Sharp, mistress

National School, Aspley Guise —
Henry Bitkerstatfe,iiiasier; Mary
Ann Bickerstaffe, mistress

National School, Ridgmont—
fJeorge Siinson, master

Palmer Anne (boirding), George st


BakerGeorgeWilliams{farm bailifTj,

Park farm
Bennett Thomas (lnnd). Park farm
Forbe> James (gardener), Froxfield
HnckerCharles (huilding),Park tarm
Paifieeman Jidin (house steward),

Woburn Abbey [larm j

StephensRichar(l( wood agent), Park !


Hensmaii William & Son (and.'en- !

gineers&ironfounders) Bedford st j


Day Charle-, Rii iiard, Hii;h st . !

Green John (coroner), George st 1


Devey Charles Thomas, High st
Whitlock Frederick, Bedford st


Beard John, Bedford st I

Berwick James, Husborn Crawley


Biid John. Leighton st
Kills William, Aspley Guise
Haynes Ann, Bedfoid st
Alaidlin Fainell, Hnshoi n Ciawley
Mavett Joseph, Ridamont
Nottingham William, Chapel st
Read Edward, Aspley Guise
Clai ke George Bowdlcr (& printt r».

Park st
Ciofts William, High st
Dodd & Peeling (and publishers,

printers & binder-), Bedfr.rd ,st
Harland William, Marketplace


Francis William, Kidgnioiit
Heighii;gt()ii Thomas, High st
Jackson Frederick, Asjiley Guise
Lewis Jes>.e, Bedford st
Mallery Thomas, Rid^'mont
Robert's William, High st
Rush Josepli, Geoiae st [Gui.se

VVoodin Richard Waterman, Aspley


Bennett John, Asphy Gui'-e
Fowler Jame«, Leiahton st


Brown Geoige, Bedfoiil st
Doughty Thomas. Aspley Guise
FdmuiidsGcoi tie Thomas, Chapel bt
Kent .lohii, Riilgriioiit
N' gus George, Husborn Crnwley
Randall Williain, Hushorn Crawley
Steeis John, Bedford st


Devey Cb.irles Tbom;is, High .st
Robertson John, Leinluon st
Vates Joseph, Brdlord st


Bunker Thomas, High st
Handscombe William Aspley Guise

Claike Tlios. Jas., Husborn Crawley Jackson Fieilerick, Aspley Gui-e

Gosling Thomas, Ridgmont
Hall Geoige, Market piace
LillevRohertJames (& confectioner),

Bedford st
Roebuck .lames. Back lane
Smith Kitty, Aspley Guise
Britiain Maria, Bedford st
Pearson Jcoyne Gemge, Bircbmore

Gnodnian John, liver>llujt

Liiinell Thomas, (iranjie larm
Peters William, Hiivborn Crawley
Plait Ambrose, Bickerings park
TiiriK y Kitty, l-lusboni Draivley
Readman Heiiiy, Leiebtmi road J
Readiiiuii John, Ridginuiit


CtEKiCALii iMkdlock (lifej,Thos.

Hiigliingtoii, Hi:;h st
County (tire) & Provident (life),

Do.id & Perling, Bedfoid st
CiinUN (lite), V\ 111. Crofts, Hiiibst
Etonian (life), Josiali Clark, Bid-
ford st [Crawiey
Farmehs,' William C"le, Hiisbnni
I IMPERIAL, Charles Thomas Devev,

Higii st
Law, Jofin Gieen, George st
Metropolitan Counties (life),

John Pearson, Georce st
Sun, John Green, (ieoigest; and
David Clarke, Park st


(Sfe also Shopkeepers, ifc.)
Claik JosihIi, B dtord st
Clarke Divid, Park st
Down Henry, Market place [st

Freeman \Vm. Kdwd. itigers, High
Hiighinytiin Thoni is (and liop mtr-
chant & tallow cliindler) , High st
Marshall .lolm, As|)ley (jiiise
Trtiiiey .All xdr. Pagi-, A>p.ey Guise

INNS — commercial.

(^ee aho Taverns Hf Public Houses.)
Bcdfirl Arms [&. posting), George

Attvvood, (jeorue st
Magpie. John Hill, Bedford st
Wheatsheaf, Geo. Kouers, .Market pi

Best Bartholomew, Hi^h st
Fri visor
Nei;ii9 George, gra/.ier, Husboin Crawley
Pearson John, hair dresser, George »t
I'oi.icK ^TATlo^J, LeiKhton st— William

K. Young, supiiiiitoitlent
Pursell Henry, lishmonger, Bedford st
■SAV|^os' Bank, Town hall— Tliomas

Siratton, ailiiari/
Sniiih Peter, cooler, Bedford st
Stamp Offick, Hirriitliiul curate
Saint Butolph's Cm eucii, AspleyGuise

— Rev. John V. Moore, reilor

Saint Mary Macualen's Church,
Husborn Ciawley— Rev. James Smith

Saint PKTnn'.s Church, Milton Bryant

— RfV. Willi.im Mauslield, rcttor

Ail Saints' Churcu, Ridgmont — Rev.

Genrije W. Bentinek, riiar
Baptist Chai'ki., Leiijditon 8lreet - ReT.

1 hnnias Goodv\ in
Bapiist CiiAPbL, Ridgmont Ro».

Joseph Brooks
Inukpkndknt Ciiafei,, Cbapel street —

Rev. James Andrews
Wtsi.EYAN Methoulst Chapel*,

Chapel street and Ridgmont


WoRKHousK — Chapel street.
master — Joseph Smith Cooke
MalriiH — \i\n Cooke
Sclioolmistriss — Sar^h Punchard

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 12 of 131)