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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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the latter on Leaven heath. Sir Joshua R. Rowley,

tinguished by any other — agriculture being the general Bart, (before named), of Tendiing Hall (a beautiful

pursuit of the iidiabitants. One Abel, a cloth-worker,
IS .«aid to have built the handsome porch of the church,
in the wall ot which lie has a nionument— and to signify
his name, as also to make up his coat of aims, the
letter ' A' and the figure of a ' bell' are cast upon
the monument. The church, whidi is dedicated to
Saint James, stands in the middle of the town, and
with its spire steeple is ihe principal ornament of it.
Naylaud formerly a chapelry under Stoke-juxta-Nay-
land, is now a distinct parish. The market has been
long discontinued, hut there is still a fair on the first
Wednesday after the 2nd of October. The parish con-
tained in 1'831, 1,047 inhabitants, and in 1841, 1 114.

Stoke-by-Nayland, is a pleasant village, 2 miles
n.E. by N. from Naylaud, and 6 s.s.w. from Hadleigh.
The church of Stoke, is a spacious structure, with a
lofty tower, which may been seen as far off as Haivvich,

seat, near Stoke), is lord of the manor, and liolds a
court leet annually at Kaster. Population of Stoke
parish, in 1831, 1,447, and in 1841, 1,362.

BuRE.s is a village, situated on the borders of Suffolk
and Essex, in the parish of Saint Mary, which is partly
in Hinckford hundred, Essex ; about 4§ miles w.
from Naylaud, near the banks of the navigable
Stour, and on the Stour V^alley railway, which com-
municates with the Eastern Couniies line at Cogge-
shall. The making of malt, atone time, was carried on
here extensively, and it is now the leading branch.
The parish church of Saint Mary boasts high antiquity:
the living is a vicarage, of which Osgood Hanbury, Esq.
is patron, and the Rev. Arthur Hanbury the vicar.
The Baptists have a small chapel lure. A fair is held
on Holy Tiiursday. The parish of Saint Mary coii-
tainedjin 1831, 1,559 inhabitants, and in 1841, 1,596.

POST OFFICE, Nayland, William Littlebury, Po*/ i1/«j/er,— Letters fiom all parts ai rive every
morning at twenty minutes before seven, and are des|)atched at seven in the evening.

POST OFFICE, Stoke, Mary Boggis, Post liJistress.— Lctteis from all parts arrive every nioining at
B quarter before se\en, and are despatched at seven in the evening.


Alston Mr. Sam I. (attorney), Nay land
Anderson Rev. — , Bures
Boggis Miss Betsy, Bures
Biett Rev. John, Mount Bures
Creak Mrs. Mary, Nayland
Crisp Miss Susan, Nayland
Currie Rev. Henry Thomas, Leaven

heath, S'oke
Forbes General — , Stoke
Garied Mrs. — , Bures
Haas Rev. Henry Jnsepb, Nayland
Hanbury Rev. Arthur, Bures
Kemp Mrs. — , Bmes
Leving Mrs.. Mary Catherine, Stoke
Mortimer iMrs. Martha, Nayland
North Rev. Josepii, Stoke
Parker Mr. Thomas, Nayland
Rowley Admiral SirJoshua Uicketts,

liart , Tendiing Hall
Howlinsoii Rev. — , Bnres St. Mary
Salninn Mrs. Sarah, Nayland
Sinuott William, Em]., Nayland
Stammers Mr. William, Nayland
Stannaril, Mrs. — , Bures
Torlesse Rev. Charles Martin, m.a..

Stoke Vicarage


Glim wood Samuel (dayj, Bnres

Groom the Misses (boarding and
dav), Bures

Hill Barbara (day), Nayland

Hudson Mary Ann & Alalia (board-
ing). Stoke

Independent School, Nayland —
Ellen Hyde, mi.^tress [Stoke

^lorfey William (boarding & day;,

^iudd Emma (hoarding and day),

Nat ional School, Nayland— John
Jones, master; Emily Jones,
mi^tress [Mcrton, master

National School, Stoke — Chas.

National School, Bures — Wm.
Howard, master; Miss Dausie,

National School, Leaven heath,
Stoke — Jert miah Sparrow,master

Smith Alexander (day), Naylaud
Stow Mary (day), Naylaud



Barber William, Naylaud
Cant Samuel, Bures
Crooks John, Stoke
Good Daniel, Bures
Goody Robert, Bures
Green Henry, Stoke
Hughes John, Stoke
Layzell John, Bures
Roberts William, Nayland
Mole Nathaniel, Bnres
Snell William, Stoke


F.iieis Hfiiiy, Nayland
I'aisonson George, Bures


Dansie William, Buies
Death Isaac, Bnres
Death James, Bures
Death Samuel, Buies
King James, Stoke
Pittock William, Stoke
Rouse Edivard.^Sioke
Scott James, Nayland


Borictt Henry, Nayland
Biirch Chailts, Bures
Burch George, Bures
Cant John, Bures
Chisnell Thomas, Stoke
Garred James, Buies
Goody George, Bure-s
(ioody Robert, Bures
Gordon Robert, Nayland
Hills Thomas, Nayland
Layzell Walter, Bures
Littlebury William, Nayland
Mole William, Bures
Mortimer W illiani. Stoke
I'ooley Henry, Stoke
Thorpe Henry. Nayland


Allen Robert A. Nayland
Brown John William U., Bures
Garred John, Buici


Eagle Cliailes, Nayland
Mussett William, Bures
Pilgrim James, Bures


Bacon James, Naylaud
Barnard James (pork), Nayland
Holton Edward, Nayland
Josslyn John, Bures
Miles William, Bures
Stow Joshua, Stoke
Stow William, Stoke
Tracy John, Buies


Blunden Thomas, Stidie
Dupont Joseph, Bnres
Hammond Samuel, Nayland
Martin William, Stoke
Mortimer Henry (iladvvell, Naylnnd
Sargent Joseph, Nayland
Scowen James, Bures
Smith John, Nayland
Sieed Thomas, Bures


Allen Robert Alfied ( ascribed lo the loss of its harbour I bent. There is a place of woisliij) eat h for Indepen-
fromthf retiriigoftbesea.aiidariangeiou-i bar tlirown dents and Primitive Meihodists. At Sudbourn, to
up at its mouth by the action of the waves. The in- the north of Orford, is Sudhourn H.ill, a seat of the
habitants received a charter of incorporation pi ior to iMarrpies^ of Hertford's, snrnmnded by a tine park,
the leiKti of Richard HI, and llieir privili-iies were I The mai ket is no hmger attended, but a fair for toys
confirm. dbythat monarch and by Elizabeihand James, land pleasuie is hehl on the 24th of June. The paiish
The corporate l'0(lyconsi>ts of a mayor, eiuhtporimcn, I containrd by the returns made in 1831, 1,362 inhabi-
and twelve capital hul^esses, assisted by a recorder | nitas, and in 1841, 1,028.

POST OFFICE, Mary Ann Latigmaid, Post Mistress. — Letters from all parts ariive (by mail cart from
WicKiiAM -Market], every morning at twenty minutes befoie eight, and are despatched thereto at twenty
niiimtcs before seven in the evening.






Hertford, tlie ino->t iiohle tlie Mar-

qiussof. Sudliourn Hall
Mayiiird Mrs. Ann, OrfonI
Mayuard Rev. .)t)liii, Orfird
Minuay Miss Mary, Oiford
O'Grady Capt. VVilliain, Oiford
WndeMrs. Elizah., Raydoii Cottage



Howard Hannah, .school mistress
Randall Samuel, surgeon
Sampson Denny, school master
Spalding Benjamin, .school n)a.ster


Crown & Castle (commercial), John

Ma. nail
Jolly Sailor, Benj miin Nickels
Kina's Hend, George Ling
White Halt, James Worn


Barher John, butcher

Barliam Is.iac, boot and shoe maker

Billint; llohert. saddler and boot

and shoe uial;er
Boriet Jo.li, beer retailer
Biinkley WiMiani, Imtcher
Burrows William, shopkeeper
Burv\ood Kobert, boot cSi shoe maker
Cockrell Natiianiei, butchir
Dowsins Samuel, blacksmith
Fairht-ad TIioums, painter & glazier
Field VVilliam, miller, and corn and

coal dealer
Goodswin Daniel, tailor
Hammond John, wheelwright
Ma: kin Sariider A., grocer and

draper, and coal dealer
Martin Hubert, miller
Peek William, boot and shoemaker
Rope Brothers, spirit merchants

and jjorter ayents

Rope George, maltster, and coal

and C'lrn merchant
Rope Samuel, grociT and drajier,

news agei.t, and agent to the

Sutr.dk (ire nfflce
Threaclnill J, din, baker
Till Joseph, grucei and draper
'rnrner John, druggist and liair

Turner Kohert, tailor
Wide Barnabis, lioot & shoe maker
Wade Henry, carpenter


To SAXMUNDHAM. - Pped, from the
Crown and Castle. Thursday

To WOODBRIDGL,— .Mniin, from the
Crown and Castle, Monday, Wednes-
day and Saturday



^AXIMUNDHAM is a parish in the hundred of
Plomesuate — the mat ket town, small and neat, is 89
miles N.E. from London. 21 N.E.by N.from Ipswich, and
7 N.vv. from Aldboroush ; seated in avalley, neaiarivulet
that runs into the Aide. It consists chiefly of one
street, running from north to south, the houses of
which are, for the most part, modern erections — the
town having been much improved throughout within
the la>t fifty years, and nearly all the liabitiitions re-
built or new fronted. Saxmundham is a polling station
at the eledioii of members to represent East Suffolk.
The town is not benefitei) by any manufacture, unless
that of malt may be mentioned, several persons being
engaged in that bianch.

The parisli chuich of S.iint Julni, is a neat edifice,
situated a little to the south of the town, in a rural
spot, embosomed in trees. Some few years since, it
underwent a thorough repair, when nearly two hun-
dred new sitiiims were added, partly at the expense of
the churcii commissioneis: the living is a dischaiged
rectory, in the presentation of Willium Long, Esq., who
is lord of the manor; the Rev. Laiincelot lirowne is
the incumbent, and his present curate the Rev. Robert
Mann. An endowment, by a rent charge, was made
by William Corhold, for the instruction of a limited
number of poor children of the parisii. The sun oiind-
ing grounds, belonging to the manor hoase, are justly
admired, and contribute highly to the beauty of the

southern entrance to the town ; ilie not them approach
is also very fine, and the paik, rivir and plant.itions
present themselves to great advantage. The D'nrket,
which was granted in the 4th of Kdwaid 11, is lieM on
Thursday, and is a tolerable one for grain and cattle.
Fairs, Tiiesday in Whitsun week, and the first Thurs-
day in October. The pari-h contained, in 1831, 1,048
inhabitants, and in 1841, 1,097.

About one mile north from Saxmundham, in the
hundred of Hoxne, is the village and parish of Kelsale,
strictly of an agricultural character. The chuich is
deilicated to Saint Mary : the living is a rectory, con-
solidated with Carlton, in the paiionage of the family
of Bence. A free school, su|)poried by vaiious grants,
is conducted upon the National (ilaii. Population of
the patish in 1831. 1^103 ; in 1841, 1,156.

Leiston parish is in the hundred of Blything— the
village is situated about 4 miles e. from Saxmund-
ham, and about two fiom the sea-shore. A consider-
able iron foundry and manufactory of agiicultuial
implements hHS been prosperously cat ried on here for
several years, furnishing employment to many hands,
and to the village an interest of which it would
otherwise be destitute. The church is dedicated to
Saint Margiiet; the living is a perpetual cutary in the
presentation of the Haberdasher's Company, London.
The parish, (inchiding Sizewell hamlet,) lontained,
in 1831, 1,070 inhabitants, and in 1841,1,171

POST OFFICE, Saxmundham, James Smy, Post Ma.iter.— Letters from London and the North,
&c., arrive eveiy morning at half-past three, and from London, [second mail) , ^t five in the evening, and
arf despatclied to all parts at ten at night.

POST OFFICE, Leiston, Joseph Gibbs, Post Master.— Letters from all parts artive from Saxmund-
ham every morning at seven, and are despntehed thereto at a quarter before seven in the evening.


Bagnold Mr^- — , Fri^^ton
Baker Re. William, Friston
BlathwayRev.Jolin Charles, Leiston
Bloomfield Captain — , Glemham

Browne Rev. Launcelot, Kelsale
Clouting Mr. Samuel, Kelsale
Cobbold R. Knipe, Esq. Carlton
Crewe Mrs. — , Saxmundham
Flatt Mrs. Sarah, Saxtnumiham

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 120 of 131)