I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Siin. Rou'er Gro(mi, Thoroiiilifare
S»an, Willi.im Fisk. Market place
Tankard. William Mailhews. Newst
Wagon anil Horses, George Quadling,

Bredlield sireet
Wellinulon, Samuel Bond.Ciimhe'land st
White Hoise, Wm. ScoMini;, Market pi

Retailers of Beer

Allen John, Theatie st

Bricht" ell James, Brewery st

Brook Richard. .Sekford st

Chittlehurgh R.dierl, Church st

Cole James, Cnniherland st

Day William Henry. Sekford st

Easloe Abraham, Castle st

Furnish John. Bredlield road

Osborne Ambiose, Maiket ptace

Pleasance'J.-orKe. Market place

Sawyer Christian, Ch ipel lane

Sawyer Eilward. Melton

Tye W ilhani. Seklord st

Wood Timothy. Castle st

Woods RoI.ert, Bredlield st


Keiiii .Mary A ^nmbeiland st

Tliitalgill Georae Sekloid st


(See also SilnenmUksy Sfc )
Ellis Benjamin, Thoronghfire
Ki.sher John F.. Marketplace
Garrod John K., Saint J«din st
Hildvard John, Thoiouyhlare
Naiinioii Georiie, (Jhapel laue
Stjiiirreil Samuel, New st
Slow Edward, Church st
Tayioi John, New st


Ca'ver Hieit, Tlieitre st
Lesti r Isa^c, Melton


Baxter William, lirook st
B'lrrows John, Bndti.ld st
Smyth HezeUiab, Sekford st
Stanaiiouulit John, New st
Brown Alirali.im & Son, Church st
Edwatds Henry, seii.,Thoroughf.ire
Gross James dall Thomas George, 15 West Smithfield

72 Twining Richard, Gt-orge, John Aldred, Richard,

jun., Samuel H. & William B., 215 Strand
72i (hiicn Bank of Australia, ;^8 Old Broad st

73 Union Bank of London. 2 Princes street. Bank,

12 Argyll place, ReKcnt st, and 4 Pall Mall East

76 Williams, Deacon & Co. 20 Birchin lane

77 Willis, Percival & Co. 76 Lombard st


Explanation.— The numbers appentled to the title or fiiin of the following Banks have reference to the houses they draw

upon in London: for Example-" Aberdeen Town and County Bank"— the number attached to this Bank is 41i

upon referring to the corresponding number (41), in the preceding List of Loudon Bankers, it will be seen that the
Bank draws upon Messrs. Jones Loyd & Co. 43 Lothbury.

C3> When the lelter B occurs thus (B.), it signifies a Branch Bank.

Finn, and ref. to London Bankirs.
..Noith of Scotland liankiiig Com- 4

paiiy (Blanch)

..Town and County Hank 41

. . Bank of .Scotland ( B.) 64

Aberdeen Conunercial Bank of Scotland 41

Aberdeen National Bank of Scotland (B.). . :?1




Aberdeen Biiti>ii l>inen Company (B.)..-.4

Aberdeen Abenleen Banking Company 31

Aberdeen North of Scotland Banking Co. .. 4

Aberdeen City of Glasgow Bank (Branch). . 64

Aberfeldie Ceniral Bank of Scotland (B.) ..31

Abergavenny Baileys', Grairix & WillUams 60

Abergavenny .... Monmouth and Glamorganshire

Banking Company Richard

James, manager 47

Abergele North & South Wales Bank 46

Aberystwith Noitb & South Wales Bank 46

Aberystwith Natnl.Provincl.Bk.of England(B.)

— Joseph Do\vnie,mauager33&46

Abingdon Heniy Kn^pp and Co 76

Abingdon County of Berks Union Bank (B.)l-8

Airdrie Bank ot Scotland (B.) 19 & 64

Airdrie National Bank of Scotland (B.)..3I

Airdrie ...Western Bank of Scotland (B.)..41

Alcester Gloucestershire Banking Con)py.

(B.) — Kdward Ovcrbury, mngr.76

Ale.xandria Clydesdale Banking Company (B.) (i

Alford ...Titus Bourne 50

Alford Lincoln and Lindsay Bank 55

Alford(Aberdeen) North of Scotland BankingCo (B.) 4

Alfrcton Nottingham and Nottinghamshiie

Banking Company (Branch) —

James Carter, agent 46

Alloa Union Bank of Scotland (B.) ..41

Alloa Western Bank of Scotland (B.) ..41

Alloa Commercial Bank of Scotland(B.)41

Alnwick Northumberland&DurhamDistrict

Bank — Edward Stamp, a=;enf. .31

Alnwick W. H. Lambton & Co. (Branch) —

Mark Smith, agent 4

Alresford Bulpett, .Mulcock & Dunn 4

Alston Joseph Dickinson, jun 31

Alton Bulpett, Mulcock & Dunn 4

Alva Edinburgh and Glasgow Bank(B.)76

Aivih Western Bank of Scotland (B.)..73

Amlwch National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (BrancliJ— Samuel Great-
head, agent 47

Ampthill Sl)ar|)les & Co. — May & Strange,

agents 4

Andover Heath and Co 50

Annan British Linen Company (B.) .... 64

Annan Commercial Bank of Scotland . . 41

Annan Edinbuigh

Ballymeiia Belfast Bankiii]^ Company (H )..21

. Noitliern BanliingConipy. (B.)...'('>

.H. & K. J. Badcock ......59

National Bank oflrelandf Brand

Ballymena.. .
Baliymena.. .
Ballynioney .
Ballymoney .
Bampioa ...
Banagher ...

Banbndge UlsterBankin? Company Braiiclij.V^)

Banbridge Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.)..6fi

Banbury Gillett, Tawney & Co . ;{1

j^a"''"ry Timothy llhodes & Edvvaid CobMl

Banbury London&CountyJcjint-StockBank

— William Caless, manager 44

Banchory Aberdeen Bankini; Con)pany ;51

ni»"*^l»o>y Noitli of Scotland Banking Co.. 4

^:*'"lo" Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.)..w;

Banff Ccnnniercial Bank of Scot land ( B. ) 41

5*''"^ Aberdeen Banking Company (B.);51

IJ^nJ National Bank of Scotland (B.)..3I

Banff North of ScotlandBankingCo. B ) 4

"'^"g'"- North and South Wales Bank. . 4«