I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 128 of 131)
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Market Weighton Vork Ihiion Banking Co. (B.) ..31

Markinch Commercial Bank otScotland(B.)41

Marlborough.. .. William 'I'anner and Co 66

Marlborough Ward, Meriimaiis' and Hillier ..49

Marlhoroui:!). . .. Wilts & Dorset Banking Compy. 46
Marlborough.. .. North Wilts Banking Company. .26

Maryborough .. Bank of Ireland (Branch) 1

Maryport Cumberland Union BankingCom-

pany (B.) — Wm. Ostlc, agent. . 4

Mauchline Commercial Bank of Scotland (B.)41

Maybole Ayrshire Banking Company (B.) 76

Maybole Hunters & Co. (of Ayr) 35

Maybole Union Bank of Scotland (B.)....31

Melksham North Wilts Banking Co 26

Melrose British Linen Company (B.) 64

Melrose Edinburgh & GlasgowBank(B.). . 73

Mellon Mowbray.Leicestershire lianking Compy. —

'Ihomas Hickson, agent 46

Melton Mowbray. Pares' Leicestersiiire iianking Co.64
Melton Mowbray. Stamford, Spaldini,'& Boston Bank

— Benj. Coit Ugden, manager.. 4

Melton Mowbray. Pagets' and Kirby 31

Mere Wilts and Dorset Banking Compy .46

Merthyr Tydvil. . Wilkins and Co 6

Merthyr Tydvil. . West of England and South Wales

District Banking ('ompany (B.)31
Mid Calder .... Edinburgh & Glasgow Bank(B.). . 73
Middlesborougli. .Jonathan Backhouse&Co. — Thos.

R. Taylor, agent 4

Middleton National Banl^of Ireland (Branch) 6

iMiiLsotner-Noiton. . Stutkeys & Co 60

Mildenhail Oakes, Bevan, Moore & Bevan —

Edmund Denton Isaacson and

Thomas Chifnev, agents 4

Millport Western Bank of Scotland (B.)..41

Milton Valance and Son 66

Mitfhelstown .. National Bank of Ireland (Branch) 6

Moate National Bank of li-eland (B.) — 6

Moffat Union Bank of Scotland (B.). . . . 31

Moffat Western Bank of Scotland (B.)..41

Mold North and South Wales Bank (B.)46

Mold National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (Branch) ;747

Monaghan Belfast Banking Compy. (Branch)24

Monaghan Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.).. 66

Monaghan LUster Banking Company (B.)..55

Monmouth Bromage, Snead & Snead 46

Monmouth Monmouthshire and Glamorgan-

shireBkg.Co. — Ths.Parry,mngr.47

Monmouth Baileys', Gratrix & Williams .... 50

Montrose British Linen Company (B.) ....64

Montrose National Bank of Scotland (B.)..31

^Iontrose Eastern Bank of Scotland (B.) .. 4

Montrose Western Bank of Scotland (B.).. 41

Montrose Bank of Scotland (B.). . . . 19 and 64

MoretoninMarshStourbiidge and Kidderminster

Banking Company 64

Morpeth Northiimbei latid and Durham

District Banking Company (B.)
— Stephen Wilkinson, agent ..31

Morpeth WJ. Lambton and Co. — James

Railton, agent 4

Mountmellick .. Bank of Ireland (Branch). . 1 and 19

Muirkiik Ayrshire Banking Company (B.)76

.MuUingar London &. Dnlilin Bank (Bianch).3.'5

Musselburgh Commercial Bank of Scotland (B. 141

Musselburgh Western Bank ofScotland (B.)..'41

Naiin National Bank ofScotland (B.) 31

Nairn British Linen Company (B.) .... 64

Nairn Caledonian BankingConipany(B.) 4

Nantwich Manchester & Liverpool District

Banking Company (B.) — John

Pyton manager 64

Neath Glamorganshire Banking Compy.

— John Rowland, manager. ... 41
Necdham Market Alexanders' & Co. — Samuel Alex*

ander Maw, manager 6

Neilston Union Bank ofScotland (B.) 311

Nenagh National Bank of Ireland(Branch) 6

Nenagh Tipperary Joint-Stock Bank (B.)31

New Deer North of ScotlandBankiiigCo.(B.) 4

New Galloway.. Edinburgh & Glasgow Daiik - [B.)73


'I'uivn. Firm, and ref. to London Hankers.

Newftliliis Ayrshire liaiikiiie; Coiiinaiiy (B.) 7(i

New Koss Bank of Ireland (Biaiicli) , 1 and 1!)

New Ross National Bai)korireland(Brai)cli) (

Newark Godt'i ey & H iition 4

Newark Haiidley, Peacock & Co (J

Newark NottiiiKham and NottiM!fhani.sl]ire

Banking Company (Branch) —

Joliii Bell, manager 46

Newburgh Commercial Bank ot'Scotlandf B.)41

Newbur'gh Central Bank ofScotland(B.). . .. .'^1

Neul)ury Bunny and Slocock (iO

Newbury County of Berks Union Coiiipy. . 18

Ne\vca8tle-on-Tyiie.Bank oflinyld ( B.) - Jos.Grote,aHt ]
Ni-wcastle-on-l'yne. William Henry Laml)ton and Co. 4
Newcastle-on-Tyiie. Newcastle Commercial Banking;

Co. — I'eter David>on, manager 48
Newcastle-on-Tyne.NortlininlHiiand and Durham

District Banking Company —

.loiiat!ianKici]ardson,mngr4 & M
Newcastle-un-Lynic'riiomas Kinnersley and Sons ..50

Newmarket .... luiton, Hammond iS,; Co 15

Newmarket K. & C. K. & G. K. Foster 55

Newnham Gloucestei shire Banking Co. (B.) 41

Newport (iMon.)- William Williams and .Sons 15

Newport (iMou.). Monmouthshire and Glamoigan-

sliire Bankiirij Company — John

Fraser, manager 47

Newport (Mon.).We.stof Kniilanu and South Wales

District Biink — Edmund Elincs

Bi ckiiigham, managi r 31

Newpnrt;l.of\Vf:lit)Hampsliire Blinking Companv . . 41
Newport(lofWglit)NationalFro\intlBank ofEnglaiuUG
Newpoit (SalopJ .Shropshire Banking Company^

William Silvester, manager. ... ;-i3
Newport (Salop). National ProvincialBankotEimhid

(Braiiih)— Alex. Fowler, mngr. 47
Newport Pai^nellBassett, Grant, Basseit & Co. (P..) 4
Newport Pagnell. London &CountyJoiiit. Stock Bank 44

Newry ^ Bank of htlaiid (BranciiJ.. 1 and VJ

Newry Belfast Banking C(impany 24

Newry I'rovincial Bank of Ireland 66

Newtou-Ahbots.. Devon&CornwallBaiikingCo.(B.) 4

New ton -Abbots. .Walts, White way & KdsiMi 76

Newton Mearns. Ciiy of Glasgow Bank (B.) (14

Newton Stewart. Biitish Linen Company (B.) . . . . 6"4
Newton Stewart. Kdinbuigli & Glasgow Bank(B,). . 76
Newtown(N. Wats.) North and Sontli Wales Bank. . 4(;
Newlown(N.VVals.)National Piovincial Bank of

Ensland 46

Newtownards ..Belf.ist Banking Co. (Bianch). . 24
NewtownlitnavdyBelfast Banking Com|)aiiy (B.)..24
NewlownlimavdyNorthern Bankinu Co. (B.) .'il'& 39
North Berwick.. VVt stern Bank of Scotland (B.)..41
NoMh Shields .. Northumlicrland and Durham

District Banking Company —

llobtrt JNlilbuin, agi nt 4

North Walsham. . East of Encland Bunk (Branch) —

Uichai d Barker, agent 46

North Walsham .Gurneys' and Birkbeck Robert

Barker, agent 4

North Walsham .Sir Edward Knowles Lacon, Bart.

Lacons, Youell & Co 31

Northallerton ..Jonaihan Backhouse & Co. — Jo-
nathan Ferguson, agent 4

Northallerton ..Darlington District Joint Stock

Bank (B.)— G. M. Bell,nianager 4
Northallerton .. Yorksliite Banking Company (B.)

— Edwaid Hare, agent 76

Northampton .. NorthamptonshireBanking Co. —

James Robert Spiller, manager .46
Northampton .. Northain[)tonshiie Union Bank —

Thomas Frost, manager 24

Not thleach County of Gloucester Bunk 60

Northwich Thomas Fit th 41

Norwich Bank of England (Branch)

Edward Smyth, agent 1

Norwich Gurneys' and Birkbeck 4

Norwich East of England Baidi — William

Stitt Wilson, manager 46

Norwich Harveys' & Hudsons 34

Norwicli Robert Balls 50

Noltiugham .... Ichabod & Ichabod Charles Wright

and Co GO

Nottingham Hart, Fellows aud Co 33

Town. firm, and ref. to London Hankers.

Nottingham Moore & Robinsons' — Notting-

haiiishire Banking Company. . 31
Noitiiigiiani Nottingham & Nottinghamshire

Banking Co. — Thomas Hollins

Smith, manager 46

Nottingham .... Samuel Smitli and Co 64

Nuneaton Cj addocks' and Bull 62

Oakham Eaton, Cayley & Michell (Branch

of Stanifoi d) 50

Oakham Stamh)rd, Spalding and Boston

Jianking Comjiany (Branch) —

Joseph Turner, agent 4

Oakiiampton.. .. NationalProvinclBankof Eni;land47

Oban National Bank of Scotland (B.). . 31

Oban City of Glasgow Bank (B.) 64

Odiham Cole, Seymour, Simmons & Co. . 50

Old Deer North ofScotland Banking Com-

j)any ( Branch) 4

Old Meldruin ..North ofScotland Banking Coni-

|)any (Branch) 4

Oldham INlanchesler & Liverpool District

Banking Company (B.)— Heniy

Tipping, manager 64

Oldham Saddleworth Banking Co. (B) —

Thomas Mattinson, manager. .31
Oldham Oldhatn Banking Company — Ed-
ward Biaiiiall, manager 46

Omagh Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.) —

'I'homas Mattinson, manager. .66

Omagh Mister Banking Company (B.) ...55

Oswcstiy Cro,\on, [>oiigtieville (."ii Co 50

Oswestiy North and Souili Wales Bank —

Francis Roberts, manager 46

Otley Yorkshire District Bank (B.) —

Cliristopher Jackson, agent. ... 7

Oundle Daniel Yoi ke & Co 76

Oundle Stamford, Spalding and Boston

Banking Company (Branch) —

Richard Todd, manager 4

Oxford James & Robert Morrell 41

O.xford Robinson, Parsons & Thomson. . ID

O.'iloid London and County Joint-Stock

Banking Co. — Captain Henry

Strong, manager 41

Oxford Wm. Wootton & John Underhill.50

Paisley Bank of Scotland (Branch) —

James Findlay, agent . . 1 and
Paisley British Linen Company (Branch)

— Arthur Welsh, manager 64

Paisley Clydesdale BankingCoinpany(B.) 6

Paisley Glasgow Union Banking Co. (B.)

— John Scott, manager 31

Paisley Western Bank of Scotland (B.) —

'I'homas Risk, manager ,41

Parsonstown, , .. London & Dul)lin Bank (Branch)45
Parsonstowii.. .. Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.).. 66

Peebles British Linen Com|)any (B.) 64

Peebles City of Glasgow Bank (B.) 64

Pembiook Biddulph, Brothers & Co 15

Pennycuick Edinbuighand (ilasgowBank (B.)73

Penrith Cumberland Union Banking Co.

(B.)— Chailes Lilt, agent 4

Penrith Whitehaven Joint Slock Co. (B.)

— John Simpson, auent 60

Penzance Bolithos', Sons and Co. (Mouni's

Bay Bank) 5!}

i-enzance Batten,Carne&Co.(Pea/anceBankJ4y

Perth I'eith Banking Company 4

Perth Bank ofScotland (B.) 19

Perth British I./inen Comiiany ( B.) .... 64

Perth Ccntial Bank ofScotland 31

Perth National Bank ofScotland (B.)..31

Perth Commercial Bank of Scotland (B.)41

Peterborough .. Daniel Yorke and Co 76

Peterborough ..Stamford, Spaldinu ami Boston

Banking Company (Branch) —

William Rovvell, manager 46

Peterborough .. National I'lovincial Bank of ICnu-

land — Alexander Somineivail

Thomson , manager 47

Peterhead Aberdeen Banking Conuiany (B.)31

Peterhead Commercial Bank of Scotland (B.)41

Petei heat! North ofScotland BankinuCo.iB.) 4

Peterhead Aberdeen Town & County BU.(Bj47


Tonn. Firni, and re/, to London Bankers.

Pctersfield London and County Joint-Stock

IJiiiikiug Company (15.) 47

Petworth London and County Joint-Stock

Bankinii; Company 44

Pickering York Union Baiikini; Compy. (B.)

—Jos. & Kdwd. Wiiulle, agents ."^l

Pickering Bower, Hntton, Hall ;ind Huiion

(Kast ilidiiit,' Bank, Brand)) —

'riionias Bird, agent 22

Pitloclirie Commercial Bank of Scotland (B.)41

Pitlochrie Central Bank of Scotland (B.)..31

Plvmouth Devon and Cornwall Banking Co. 4

Plymouth Branch Bank of England — Robert

I\J orris, agent 1

Plymouth National Provincl Bankof Englnd47

Plymouth Harris, Madge & Co 49

Pocklington Voik Union Banking Co. (B.) —

John Bnlmer, agent 31

Pollockshaws .. Western Bank of Scotand (B.) .,41

Pontefract Leatham, Tew and Co 24

Pontefract Yorkshire District Bank — Bichard

Chambers, manager 76

Pontypool Monnuiutlisliiie and Glaniorean-

sliire Banking Company (B.) —

Stephen Vernon, manager 47

Poole Ledgard and Sons 61

Poole NatfonalProvinclBankof Englaud47

Port Glasgow .. Union Bank of Scotland (B.) ..31

Port Glasgow .. Koyal Bank of Scotland (B.) 19

Port Glasgow ..Clydesdale Banking Co. (B.) .... 6
Port Madoc .. . . NaiionalProvinclBank of Eni;kind47

Port Madoc North and South Wales Bank (B.) 46

Portadown Belfast Banking Company (B.). . 24

Portadown Ulster Banking Conii)anv (B.J..r).5

Portobello Western Bank of Scotland (B.)..41

Portree National Bank of Scotland (B.).. 31

Portree North of ScotlandBankingCo(B.) 4

Portsea South Hants Banking Company.. 76

Portsea Grants' and Gillman .31

Portsea NalionalProvinclBank of England 47

Portsmouth .... Bank of England (B.) — Henry J.

Dorrien, agent 1

Portsmouth . . . . Gi ants' and Gillman ."^l

Poitsmouth .. .. NationalProvinclBank of Eni!lan(l47

Portsoy Northof ScotlandBankingCo.(B.) 4

Poitsov Aberdeen Banking Company (B,J31

Potton'. Wells, Hogg & Linsdell (B.) .... 6

Presteign Parsons& Co. (Radnorshire Bank) 6

Preston La we, H udson and F^awe 41

Preston Lancaster Banking Company (B.)

— J(jlin Fisher, manager f

Preston (Old Bk.)Pedder, Fleetwood and Pedder . . 24

Preston Roskell, Arrowsmith and Co 41

Preston Preston Banking Compy. — Henry

Graves, manager 73

Pwllheli North and South Wales Bank (B.)46

Pwllheli Naii(mlProvinclBkoflMiglnd(B.)47

Ramsey (Hints) Rust & Veasey (Bianch) 50

Uamsey (Hunts; National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land — 'riiiinias Darlow, agent. .47
Ramsey (1. Man) Isle of Man Cnmniercial Banking

Company (Branch) Joseph

J\lawhy, n)an;;ger .')5

Ramsgatc Peter Bnigess and Son h

Ranisgate National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (B.) .'..33

Rathkeale Nati'mal Bank of IrehndfBranch) 6

Keading Cmintv ol Berks Union Bank ..18

Reading lolin iS: Clia>^. H. Sinionds & Co. 76

Keading Stephen-, Blaiidy & Co 77

Reddilch Stourliridgc and Kidderminster

Banking Company (Branch) —

•Ifdiii Osliorn, agent 64

iledrulh Tweedy, WiirnMo-, Tweedy, Wil-

liiims and Co .')4

Reigate Nash and Neale ;')

Retturd Sir Win. B.Co>>ke, But., Veinon,

Walker, Jackson .V Co 19

Retford Nottint'liam and Nuttinghain.-liire

B'.nkg Co.— Hawks!. -y Hall, mgr.46

Retford Slnllicld Union B.inUing Cniiipy.

(Branch) — ImUv. l"iit)i, managr .'').')
Rlniiie Neriii of Scotland BankingCo.(B.)73

Town. firm, and ref. to London Hankers.

Richmond (York)Gilbert Stapleton and Co 4

Richnion{|( York )S\valedale and VVensleydale Baiik-

inj^ Coin|)any 34

Richmond (York) Yorkshire Di-trici Bank (B.) —

William Hewiy, manager 76

Ringwood Ledgard and Sons 61

Ripon Knareshorough and Claro Bank-
ing Co. (B.) — Jas.()stclifre,agnt 6

Ripon York Citv and Coiinly Banking

Co. (B.)— Wm. Kendall, agent . 6

Ripon Terrys' and Harrisons' 77

Robertsbridge ..Smitli, Hilder & Co 50

Rochdale John and James Fenton 4

Rochdale Royds, Clement and Co 41

Rochdale Manchester & Liverpool Distiict

Banking Company (B.) — David

Coventry, manager 64

Rochester Days' & Nicholson 31

Rofhford James Giles 31

Romford London&CouniyJointStockBank 44

Ronisey William Footner and Son 49

Roinsey Hampshire Banking Cfnnpy. (B.) 41

Roscommon ....National Bank of Ireland (B ).. fi

Roscrea National Bank of Ireland (B.).. 6

Roscrea Tipperai y Joint-Siock Bank (B.)31

Ross Morgan, Hoskins & Co 4

Ross Prichards' and AUaway 5

Ross James Wallace Richard Hall 76

Ross Bromage & Snead 46

Rotherham .... Sheffield and Rotherham Banking

Co. — Edvv.Jno.Heseltine,inaiigr 4
Rotherham .... Shelfield Banking Company (B.)

— Charles Story, agent 64

Rothesay W^estern Bank of Scotland (B.). . 41

Rothesay Clydesdale Banking Company(B.) 6

Rothesay Royal Bank of Scotland ( B.) 19

Royston John George Fordham & Sons . , 4

Rugby National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (B.) — Wm. Sale, manager 46

Rugby Ann Butlin and Sons 64

Rugeiey National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (B.)— T. S. Strawbiidge,

manager 46

Ruthin North & South Wales Bank (B.).. 46

Ryde (l.of Wight) Hamjishire Banking Company(B.)41
Ryde( I. of Wight) Natii.nalProvinclBank of England 46

Rye Curteis, Ponifret and Co 77

Rye London&.CountvJoint-StockBank44

Saddleworlh .... Manchester & Liverpool District
Bank (Branch)— Richard Oc-

klesl'iaw, manager 64

Saddleworth ■) Saddlewor'h Banking Company —

(Dobcross) J F. S. Buckley, manager 31

Saffron Walden. . Gibsons and Co 26

St. Andrews Edinburgh & Glasgow Bank (B.).. 76

St. Andrews Clyde.■^dale Banking Co. (B.) 6

St. Austel Coodc, Sons and Shilson 49

St. Austel Devon&CornwallBankingCo.(B.) 4

St. Austel Ilobins, Fosier and Co 76

St. Columh Ricketts, Enthovtn & Co 31

St. Helens Parr, Lyon and Greenall — Henry ■*

Hardman, maunger 22

St. Ives(Cornw!l)Bolitho, Sons & Co 59

St. Ives (Hunts). Ebenezer and Charles Finch and
George Ebenezer Fostcr(Branch
of Cambridge Bank) — Tiioinas

Ulph, manager 55

St. I»cs (Hunts.) Rust and Veasey 50

St. Ives (Hunts.) Londi)n&CountyJoint-StockBank

( B.) — Augustus Fabian, manaer.44
St. Ncots( Hunts) Rust & Veasey (Branch)— Fernery

and Son, agents 50

I St. Neots (Hunts) London&CountyJoint-StockBank

(Branch) — Isaac Marsh, agent. .44

I Salisbury Hetley, Fherett and Co 4

j Salisliiiry Wilts & Dorset Banking Co 46

Saltcoats Ayrshire Banking Cimipany (B.) 76

jSaiidwich London and Couniy Joint-Stock

Banking Company (B.) 44

Sandwich Nation I ProvinclBk 'of Englnd(B.)46

SaiKinhar British Linen Company (B.) 64

Saxiuuiidham . .. Gurneys' and Co.— Samuel Flick,
agent 4


Town. Firm, and ref. to London Bankers.

Saxmundhani ..Haiveys' and Hudsons' — Joseph

B. Edwards, iiiauaRer [Vm

Scarborough .... Woodall, Hebden & Hanlcasile. . 24
Scarborough .... York City & County Banking Co.

(B.) — Jolin Leckenby, aijent . . 6

Selby York City & County Banking Co.

(B.)— Uohert ftloVrell, agent .. G

Selby Yorksliire District Bank (Brancii)

— Joseph Dobson, manager. ... 7(1

Selkirk British Linen Company (B.)....(i4

Settle Alcoc ks', Birkbecks' aiid Co 5

Settle Yorkshire District Bank (Branch)

— John Gibbins, manager .... 76
Seven Oaks ....London and County Joint Stock

Banking Company (B.) 44

Sheffield Sheffield and Hallam^hire Bank-
ing Company — William Water-
tall, manager 31

Sheffield Sheffield Banking Company — An-
thony Pras. Hammond, manager 64

Sheffield Sheffield and Rot herham Banking

Co— William Brown, inaner 4 & 46

Sheffield Union Banking Company — Edwd.

Liddell, manager ,55

Shepton Mallet. . Stuckeys' Banking Company . . , . 60

Sherborne Wilts & Dorset Banking Co. (B.) 46

Sherborne National Provincial Bank ofEngld46

Shetland Shetland Banking Company .... 4

Shiffnall Shropshire Banking Company —

William Allen, manager 33

Shipston-on-StourTiniothy Uhodes & Edward Cobb

— Thomas Wells, agent 41

Shipston^n-StOurStourbridge and Kidderminster
Banking Company (Branch) —
Frederick Hancock, agent .... 64
Shrewsbury .... Rocke, Eytons', Campbell & Co. . 60

Shrewsbury Burton, Lloyd, Salt and How.. ..31

Shrewsbury .... National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land — Robert Muir, manager. .47

Shrewsbury Beck, Downward, Scarth & Beck 50

Sidmouth Stuckey's Banking Company .... 60

Sittingbourne .. William Vallance and Sons ....66

Skibbereen Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.). . 66

Skibbereen National Bank of Ireland {B.j. . 6

Skipton Yorkshire District Bank (Branch)

— William Gatenby, manager . . 76

Skipton Alcocks', Birkbecks' and Co. —

John Robinson, manager .... 5

Sleaford Peacock, Handleys' & Peacock —

John Warwick, manager 6

Sleaford Lincoln and Lindsey Banking Co.

(B.) — Wm. Clayton, manager.. 55

Sligo Bank of Ireland ( Bi anch) . 1 and 19

Sligo Provincial Bank of Ireland (8.). . 66

Sodbnry National Provincial Bank of

England 33

Soham Harveys' andHudsons' (Branch)

— Chas. Sumpter Morris, agent 34

Somerton West of England & South Wales

District Bank (B.) 31

Somerton Stuckey's Banking Company .... 60

South Molten .. National Provincl Bank of Englnd46
South Pethertou. Stuckeys' Banking Company.. .. 60
South Shields ..Northumberland and Durham
District Banking Company (B.)

— John Clay, agent 4

Southam Leamington Priors and Warwick-
shire Banking Company (B.) —

William Simpson, agent 76

Southam Warwick & Leamington Banking

Co. (B.) — Francis Smith, agent 33
Southampton .. Hampshire Banking Company ..41

Southampton . . Maddison and Pearce 6

Southampton .. Atherley and Fall 4!)

Southampton.. .. NalionalProvincIBank of Eng!and47

Southwell Wylde and Co 49

Southwold Harveys' and Hudsons'' — William

A. Thom|)Son, agent 34

Spalding Garfit, Claypons' & Garfit — Moses

Martell, aaent -.50

Spalding Stamford, Spalding and Boston

Banking Company (Branch) —
George Bugg, manager 4

Town. Firm, and ref. to London Huvker.i.

Spalding National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land Thomas Betham Scar-

boroHgh, manager CS

Spilsby Garfit, Claypons' & Gartit— Wm

Willows, manager 50

Spilsby Liiirolii & Linds.y Banking Co.

(Branch)— Eli Hall, manager— .55

Spilsby Stamford, Spalding and Boston

Banking CoMi|)any Alexander

\Vils()n, tnaiiagei- 4

Stafford Manchester and Liverpool District

Banking Company (Branch) —

Jonas Pilling, manaiier 64

Stafford Stevenson, Salts' and Webb 68

Staines Thomas Henry, Charles Frederick

and Skidmore Ashby 7G

Stalybpidge Manchester and Liverpool District

Hanking Compny(B.)— Richard

t)ck leshaw, manager 64

Stamford Stamford, Spalding and Boston

Banking Company Orlando

Edmonds, manager 4

Stamford Eaton, Cayley «!v: Co 50

Stamford Northatnp'ioiishire Banking Co. —

Robert Sandall, manager 46

Stewarton Union Bank of Scotland (B.) 31

Stewarton Ayrshire Banking Company (B.) 76

Steyning Henty, Upptiton and Oliver (B.) 49

Stirling Bank of Scotland (B.) 19

Stirling Commercial Bank of Scotland (B.j31

Stirling Clydesdale Banking Con)pany(B.) 1

Stirling National Bank of Scotland (B.)..31

Stirling Union Bank of Scotland (B.) 36

Stirling Edinburgh & GlaseowBank(B.).. 76

Stockport Manchester & Liverpool District

Banking Company (B.) — Wil-
liam Rhind, manager 64

Stockport Bank of S'ockport 41

Stockton lonathan Backhouse and Co. (B. ) 4

Stockton Darlington District Joint Stock-
Banking Company (B.) — Wm.

Wilson Child, manager 4

Stockton. NalionalProvincialBankofEnglnd

(B.) — William Skin tier, nianagr 46

Stoke-on-Trent. .William Moore (Branch) 31

Stokesley Darlington District BankingCoin-

pany (Branch) — George Thos.

Hutchinson, agent 4

Stokesley NationalProvincialBankofEnglnd

(B.) — Richd.R. Burgess, managr 46

Stone William Moore 31

Stonehaven .... Aberdeen Tovvn&CountyBnk (B.)47

Stonehaven .... Bank of Scotland (B.)..' 19

Stonehaven North of Scotland Banking Co.. . 4

Stony Stratford.. Bartlett, Parrott, Heme & Parrott

(Branch of Buckingham)

Cattell Hudson, manager 54

Stony Stratford.. London and County Joint-Stock

Banking Company 44

Stornaway National Bank of Scotland (B.)..3l

Stourbridge .... Rulfords' and Wragge 31

Stourbridge Bate and Robins (Old Bank) .50

Stourbridge ....Stourbridge and Kidderminster
Banking Coinpy. — John Amery,

manager 64

Stow on the Wold Gloucestershire BankingC^o. (B.)50
Stowmarket , . . . Oakes, Bevan and Co. — John

George Halt, agent 4

Strabane Belfast Banking Company (B.)..24

Sirabane Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.).66

Stranraer British Linen Company (B.)....64

Stranraer Union Bank of Scotland (M.) 31

Stranraer Edinburgh & Glasgow Bank (B.).. 73

Stratford on AvonStourbiidge and Kiddernrmstor
Banking Company (Blanch) —
Edmund Darby Ford, manager. 64
Stratford on Avon Warwick & lA-amiimton Banking
Co. (B.) — John Hai(ly.inanager33

Strathaven Union Bank of Scotland (B.) ..31

Strathaven Bank of Scotland (li.) 19 and 64

Strichen North of Scotland BankinyCo.(B. ) 4

Slromness National Bank of Scotland (B.)..31

Stroud Gloucestershire Banking Co. (B.)41

Stioud County of Gloucester Bank (B) 41


Tontt. Firm, nnd re/, to London Bankers.

Sturminsier N;i»inn^ll'rinjiiclliank of lin!,'laiid47

Sturminster U. H. & H. Williams 7(i

Sudbury Oakcs, IJevaii, !Mi)ore & Hevan. . 4

Sudbury Alexaiidcis and Co. — William D.

Kin,i,'& Jonailian Grubl), agents
Sunderland W. J. Lanibt^m and Co— J. S. Ro-
binson, airent 4

Sunderland .. .. NorthunibeiUnd & Durham Dis-
trict Banhin^ Company — Hep-
burn 'rimmpson, uianaL'er .... 4

Sunderland Joint Stfick Bank— Thos. Brown &

Hill Parker, niaiiauincdirectors^il

Swaffham Gurneys' & Co. (Branch)— Robert

Ripp- r, agent 4

Swaffham Kast of Kngland Banking Compy.

— Hy. FraniliiighainDay, inangr.4C

Swanage R. R. & H. William^ 7G

Swansea Bank of Kngland (lirancl.) 1

Swansea Glainoraaniliire Banking Co. (B.)4]

Swindon Strange, Strange and Co ."^lO

Swindon North Wilts Banking Company. . 2(j

Swinrlon County of Gloucester Bank (B.)50

Tadcaster Vork Union Banking Coniiiy. (B.)

— Daniel Cameron, ag( nt .. ..'A\

Tain BritiilW^inen Conii)any (B.) (!4

Titin Commercial Bankof Scotland (B.) 41

Tain Noitli of Scot land Ban kingCo.(B.) 4

Tallow National B;ink of Iieland (B.).. G

Taniworth National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (Branch)— Jas.-M'Taiigart,
manager 46

Tanderagee Belfast Bankinti Company (B.). . 24

Tarland Abeideen Banking Company (B.) ;51

Tarland Ninth of Scotland BankingCo (li.) 4

Taunton. Stnckeys' Banking Company . . . . 6'0

Taunton Henry '& Robert Badcock 5!)

Taunion West of England and South Wales

District Bank (B.) 31

Tavistock Gill and Rundle (i

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