I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 129 of 131)
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Tavistock Devoii&CornwallBankingCo.(B.) 4

Teii;nniouth Watts, Wbiteway & Mortimer ..76

Teignmouth National ProvinclBank ofEni;lan(l47

Tenbury Ludlow & Tenbury Bank — Henry

Wbittall, manager 6'

Tenterden Curieis, Crouglitoii and Co. (B.) 77

Tenterden London and County Joint-Stock

Banking Con)pany 44

Tetbury County ofGloucestcr Banking Co.31

Tewkesbury Leclimere and Co GO

Tewkesbury Gloucestershire Banking Co. (B.) 76

Tewkesbury .... Ciieltenham and Gloucestershire

Banking Company 46

Thame London & Comity Bank — Alfred

.Self, manager 44

Thame Ayle.sbury Old Bank Thomas

Stone, agent 54

Thetfoid Bury&SulTolk Bank (Branch) —

John Jnler, agent 4

Thetford Harveys' and Hnd.sons' (Branch)

— Thomas Ricliaidson, agent... 'M
Thirsk Jonathan Backhouse and Co. —

William Starbnck, manager .. 4
Thirsk York Union Banking Co. (B.)— 76

William Hawkswell, manager. . 56
Thirsk Yorkshiie Banking Company (B.)

— William Johnson, manager. . ;>[

Tiiomastown Tippeiary Joint-Stock Bank (B.)

Thoinbury Rolph, Yates and Parslow M

Thome Sir William Bryan Cooke & Co.

(B.)— Joseph Ricliaidson, agent 19
Thome Yoikshire Banking Compy. (B.)

— Josejih Fester, manager .... 76

Thornhill Union liauk ..f Scotland (B.). . ...U

Thra|ist(ine .... \"orke and Klaiid ,')()

Thrapstoiie .... Daniel Ycjrke &; Co 76

Thuries Tipperary Joint-Stock Bank (B.;;il

Tliurles Naiional Bank of Ireland (B.).. 6

'I'liurso Commercial Bank ol Scot bind (B )41

Thurso (Caledonian Ban king Com paiiy( B.j.'il

Tillicoultry Kdinbnru'h ^iGlisgow Bank (B.) 76

Tipperary 'I'ipperary Joint-Stock B^nk (B.).'')l

'I'ipperary National liankof Iiilaiid(Biancli) 6

Tiverton Dunsford and Barne 4'.)

Tiverton National ProvinclBank of Englnd 46

Town. Finn, and ref. to Londim Bankers.

Tobermory West'-rn iiank of Scotland (B.)41

Todmorden .... Manchester and Liverpool District

Banking Company (B.) 64

Tollbridge Thomas Beeching and Soils 50

Tollbridge London and County Joint Stock

Banking Company (B.) 44

Tollbridge Wells Thomas Beeching and Sons .... 50
Tollbridge Wells .Molineu-X, Whitlield & Co. (B.) 76
Tonbridge Wells London and County Joint Stock

Banking Company (B.) 44

Torquay Vivian, Kitson and Co 5

Torrington Braginton, Harding fk C'o 76

Torrington Natioiiall'rovinclBank of Kiiglaiid 46

Totnes Devon &. Cornwall Banking Co —

William Browne, miiiager. ... 4

Totnes Nationall'iovincialBankolKnglniMf)

Towcester John and Samuel Percival (B.)..24

Tralee Bank of Ireland (Branch).. 1 and 11)

Tralee I'rovincial Bank of Ireland (B.)..66

'I'ralee National Bank of Irt-lnnd (B.).. (i

Tredegar Monmouthsliire and Glamoryan-

sliire Banking Company (B.)..47

Tring Thomas Butcher and Sou 26

Troon Hunters & Co. (ot Ayr) .'Ha

Troon Ayrshire Banking Ciiiniiany (B.) 76

Troon Union Bank of Scoilmd (ij.) .'il

'I'lowbiidge Wilts & Dorset Banking Company 46

Trowbridge .... North Wilts Banking Company . . 26

Truro Tweedy, Williams & Co '. . . 54

Truro Ricketis, Enlhoven tk Co. (Truro

Bank) M

Truro Willyams & Co. (Minei.^' Bank). 49

Tuam National Bank of Iieland (B.).. 6

Tiiilamoie Bank of Ireland (Branch). . 1 anil I!)

Turriff'. Commercial Bank orScotland(B.)41

Turriff North of Scotland Banking Co.

(Branch) 4

Turriff Aberdeen Banking Company (B.)3I

Tuxford Nottingham and Nottingliainshire

Banking Co. (Biancli) 46

Ulverstoiie Petty and Postlethwaite 50

Ulverstone Lancaster Banking Company (B.)

— Satterthwaite & Ja(kso"n,agis 4
L'ppingham ....Stamford, Spalding and Boston
Banking Company (Branch) —
William Armstrong, mannger. . 4

Uppingham .... Eaton, Cayley and Miclull 50

Upton-on-Severn.Tewkesbury Old Bank — Gcoige

Henry Piercy, managei' 60

Usk Rlonmoutlishire and Glamorgan-
shire Banking Company (B.)..47

Uttoxeter Burton, Uilo.xeter and Ashbourn

Banking Compy. — John Cooke,

manager 60

Uxbridge Hull, Smith and Co 31

Ventnor National Provincial Bank 46

Wainfleet Stamford, Spalding and Boston

Banking Company (B.) 4

Wakefield l^eatham, Tew and Co 24

Wakefield Wakefield & Barnsley Union Bank

William Hay Dikes, manager.. 31

Wallingford Wells, Allnatt and Clarke 41

Wallingford ....Beik's Lhiion Banking Company.18

Walsall Birmingham Banking Company —

Charles Smith Forster,manager34

Wantage Henry Knapp and Co 76

Wantage Barnes, iMedley and Co 73

Ware Samuel Adams and Co 50

Waie London and County Joint-Stock

Banking Company 46

Warcham National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (Braneh) 47

Wareliam R. R. & H. Williams 76

Warminster .... John Bannister 49

Warminster .... Everett, Ravenhill and Co 4

Warminster Wills & Dorset Banking Co. (B.)46

Warrington Parr, Lyon &Gieenall 22

Waiiinglon .... Rlanchesterand Liverpool District
Banking Company (B.) — James

Clark Pfitison, manager 64

U'arwick Greenway and Greaves 31

Warwick Leamington Priors and Warwick-
shire Banking Company (B.) —
William Child, manager 7fi


7'oM'n. Firm, and re/, to London Ba7ikers.

Warwick Warwick & Leamington Banking

Co. — Ht-nry 8nnimerficld,niiigr.3.'?

VVaterford Bank of Ireland ( Branch). . 1 and IK

Wateiford National Bank of Ireland (B.).. (i

Waterford Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.). . (,(i

Watlington Berks Union Banking Co. (Branch

of Wallingford)-^ — Alexander

Gait, manager 46

Watton Hal veys' & Hudson.s' (Branch) —

Benjamin Cliastou 34

Wedneshiiry Samuel Addison and Son 4!)

Welchpool Beck, Downward, Scarth & Beck .50

Weichpool North & Soulh Wales Bank (B.)4(;

Wellingborough.. Northamptonshire Union Bank

(Brancli) — Wm.Rubbra,managr24
Wellinglwrougli.. Northamptonshire Banking Co. —

Alficd Hollisj^er, manager ....4(5
WeHington(Salop)Shropshirc Banking Com i)any(B.)

— Geo. Alexander Martin, mngr.li.'?
Wellington (Soin)Stuckeys' Banking Company .... (iO

Wellington (Som.) Fox Brothers 2(1

Wells Stuckcys' Banking Company . . . . tiO

Wells West of England & South Wales

District Banking Company .... 31
Wem National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (Blanch) John Daniel

Lloyd, manager 47

Wenlock Coopers' and Purton 76

WesiBromwich.. Dudley & West Bromwich Bank-
inu Compy. (Branch) — Charles
Edward ^lolineu.K, manager ..76
Weston suprMareStuckevs' Banking Company .... 6

Wcstport Bank of Ireland (B.)-A. & G.

Glendining, agents 1 and 10

Wcstport National Bank of Iieland (B.).. G

Wetherby Knaresborough & ClaroBaiikg Co. 4

Wetherby Yorkshire District Bank — John

Ridsdale, manager 76

Wexford Bank of Ireland (B.)— Richard

Hore, agent 1

Wexford National i3ank of Ireland (B.) —

William Henry Coppinger,

manager 6

Wexford Provincial Bauk of Ireland (B.) —

Samuel Johnson, manager .... 66

Weymouth Eliot & Pearce 76

Weymouth R. R. & H . Williams 76

Whitby Simpson, Chapman and Co 4

Whitby York City & County Bank (B.) —

W. H. Cramp, manager 6

Whitchurcli(Salop)National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (B.)George Corser, mangr.

VVhiteburn City of Glasgow Bank (B.) 64

Whitehaven .... Joint-Stock Company— JolinWal-

las, manager 60

Whitehaven Bank of Whitehaven— Stanley

Dodgson, manager 56

Whithorn Edinburgh & GlasgowBank(B.). . 73

Whithorn National Bank of Scotland (B.) . 19

Whittlesey Gurneys', Birkbeck & Peckovers*

(B.) James Ainger, agent 4

Whittle.sev National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (B.) 47

Wick Commercial Bank of Scotland (B. 141

VTick Aberdeen Town and County Bank

(Branch) 47

Wicklow London & Dublin Bank (Branch)

— Alex. Stewart, manager 33

Wigan Thomas Woodcock & Sons 4

Wigan Manchesterand Liverpool District

Banking Co. (B.) — Lawrence

Adamson, manager 64

Wigton Cumberland Union Bank (B.) —

John Todd, agent 4

Wigton Carlisle and Cumberland Joint-
Stock Banking Company —

Samuel Rigg, agent 34

Wigton Bank of Whitehaven (B.)— Wm.

Lazonby, agent 56

Wigtown British Linen Company (B.) .... 64

Wigtown Edinburgh &Glasgow Bank (B.).. 73

Wimborne National and Provincial Bank of

England (B.) 47

Wimborne Wilts & Dorset Banking Compy. .46

Wimborne R, R. & H. Williams 76



Winslow. . ..

Wisbeach .,

Wood bridge


,,,. Town. I'irm,andref. to London Bankers.

.Vincanton Stuckcys' Banking Company 60

„,....„ Wicliham,Mant, Bailey JkJesMtt 31

Bulpttt, .Mnlcock & Duuu 4

Deane, Littkhales & Dcanc . . . .'76

Neiile Rcid & Co 75

BucUiiighain Bank (Bianchj— —

John King, manager

Richard Arkwright * Co ".'.64

Gurneys', Biikheck & Peckovers' 4
Wisbeach National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land (Branch)— Robt, Johnston,

tiKinager gf,

Wishaw British Linen Company (B.) 64

Witham Mills, Bawtree & Co. (B ) " M

Witney John William Clinch & Co f.O

Witney London and County Joint-Stock

liankingCo.— Hy.Stroni;,mngr.44

Wivehscombe ..William Hancock lV Son.. 41

Wolverhampton.. William Fleeming Fryer.. .... ! . 66

Wolverhampton.. Holyoake, Goodricke & Hoiyoake31
Wolverhampton. .Wolverhampton and Staffordshire

Banking Company Josiah

Wiley, manager 7(J

Wolveihampton. .Bilston District Banking Company
— I'liomas Grillin, manager. ... 31

.Mexaiideis' & Co g

National PiovinclBank of England

Meadows & Brooke, nianagers.47
Bacon, Cobbold & Co.— Gross &

Thoiijpson, manngers 31

Woodstock Gillett & Tavvney (B.)- Morris &

Wing, managers 31

Woolwich London and County Joint Stock

Banking Company (B.; 44

Wootton Bassett. Wilts & Doiset Banking Compy. 46
Wootton Bassett. North Wilts Banking Company. .26
Wootton-und-EdgeNational Provincial Bankof Eng-

. lHnd(B.) .^.33

Worcester ratley. Lavender, Owen and

Gutch (Worcester Bauk) 60

Worcester Berwick, Lechmere & Isaac (Old

Bank) 60

Worcester NationalProvincial Bank of Eng-
land — Henry Aldrick, jun. mgr.66
Worcester Worcester City & County Bank-
ing Company ' 44

Woikington CuinherlandUnionBaiikingCo.dV.)

— Charles Brown, manager.. .. 4

Worksop Sir W. B. Cooke, Bart., Veinon,

Walker and Jackson- Thomas

Webster, agent 19

Worksop Nottingham & Nottinghamshire

Banking Company (Branch) —

Robert Carr, agent 46

Worksop .... Yoi kshire Banking Companv. ...76

Wortliing Henty, Upperton tk Co. ...'. 49

Wrexham North and South VVales Bank .. 46

Wrexham National Provincial Bank of

England (Branch) QQ

Wycombe John & Charles Simonds (Branch

of Reading— open on Friday) . . 76

Wycombe Robei t Wheeler & Son 77

Yarmouth Gurneys', Turner & Bi ightwen . . 4

Yarmouth Sir Edward Knowles La'con, Bart.

Lacons, Youell & Co 31

Yarmouth East of England Bank (Branch) —

George William Holmes, agent.46

Yarmouth NationalProvinelBank of England

Robert Stewart, manager .... 47

Yeovil Edmund & John Batten 4

Yeovil Stuckey's Banking Company .... 60

Yeovil Wilts and Dorset Banking Com-
pany (Branch) 46

York Swann, Clough, Swanns' and

Clough 31

York City & County Banking Company

— Robert Barnes, manager. ... 6
York ., Union Banking Company — Bar-
tholomew Thomas Wilkinson,

manager 31

York Yorkshire Banking Company —

Matthew Murray, manager. ... 76

Youghal Bank of Ireland (Branch)— Thos.

John, manager 1 andl

Youghal Provincial Bank of Ireland (B.) —

James Gray, manager CO



UTo. 19, Oreat Oeor^e fitreet, urestminster.





Respectfully solicit Manufacturers^ Merchants, and Con-
sumers generally, to inspect the various operations at their
Works as above, and the extensive Assortment of Patterns
at their London and New York Houses.

1 ( 1 )

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 129 of 131)