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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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reduced under tile dominion ot Claudius ('aesar, and then loiined patt of BrUannia Prima; and w.is after-
wards inciiiiled in the piovince oi Flavin C(BSnriensis. The Riimaii station ]\Jagiovintum is pretty well ascer-
tained to have been within the limi'sof this county, near Fenny Stratford ; its site is called ^uld Kields, where
numerous coins atid fnutidaiions of buildings ha>e often been discovered. Several Roman ioids pass tlnougli
the county — namely, the Ikening-street, along the notthern verge of thecbiltern hills ; the L'lwer Aiknellway
runs parallel viith it ; the Portwajjy in the vicinities of Stotie and Hartvvell, and faint traces of other toads in
different distiicts. Oti the complete establishmetit of tlie Saxon Heptaichv the county became i>art of the
powerful Mercian kitigdftm. On the consolidaiioi), under Canute, of the Datiish power iti England, it was
jiicluded it) the Dane-lege, or Danish jurisdiction. During the war between John and the barons, Hatislape
Ca-tle, at Castlethorpe, was fortified by its owner, William Mauduit, against the king, but was taken and
deimdi.shed by Folk de Brent in 1216. Befoie the period of the Reformation, Buckinnhamshire cotitained
twenty-one religions hnnses, iticlttding four Alien priories, one Pieceptory of the Knighis Hospitalleis, and
a College of liotihommes at Ashbridge, being the otily house of that order iti Fnalaiid, except one in Wiltshire.
There were besides ten Imspitals — iiicludiii'4 that at Newport Pagnell, re-founded by Queen Anne, and the
Royal College of Eton founded by Henry. Ar the commencement of hostilities bei«een Charles antl the Par-
liament, this was one (if the first counties whose inbahitants associa'ed on the side of the latter. In June,
161J, a skirmish which took place in Chalgr.ive Fi'ld, in this shire, is rendered mournfully memorable for the
hiss sustained by the |)ailiamentaiians in the death of tlie patriot Hampden, who there received a wound
which proved fatal six davs after. Newport Pagnell, in the same year, was gaiiiso'.ied by tlie king's troops;
am) Hiali Wycombe was the scene of a conflict between the opposed forces, in which Prince Rupert was par-
tially successful. In 1644 the kini;, for some time, made Buckingham bis bead quarters. In 1646, Borstall
House, the only remaining loyal ganison in the county, was surrendered to the foices of the Patlianient.

Surface, soil, proouce, climate, &c. — The face of the county is exceedingly \ar ed . the southern
parts are occupied by the Chiltern hills and their appendages, and are chiefly composed of chalk, intermixed
with flint; liut have been rendered productive by the gieat attention given to the cultivntion and improvement
of the land. The prolific vale of Ayleshury spreads through the middle of the county, fui nishing lich pasturage
to vast numbers oi cattle, and supporting a contitiuitv of dairy and graring f.iinis. The mote northern parts
are diver-itied with gentle saiul-hiUs, inttispersed with pasturage and meadow land, and a small propoitioM
of arable. The cotmtty to the north of the Chilterns abounds with pleasing scenery, diversified with hill and
dale, piolific corn-fielils, meadows, and woodlands. Between Marlovv and Henley the scenery is rendered
still more charming by tlie broad and pellucid current of the Thames, and the picturesque boldness of its banks.
Among tlu' seats of the landed proprietors, those most distinguished are. Stow, the magnificent resilience of
the Duke of Huckingbam ; Wycomtie Aiibey, the seat of Lord Carinaton ; and Aslibridge, that the Thames hetwe. n AnkerwvVe and Siaines. The Oiizel uses on tlie ea-tern coii(ine.'»
of thecootyiv at tlie fi)otof the Chilt.rn hills ; at Linlaiie, near Leiyhton Wiuzuid, it enters liiiekinghaiiishire,
aii.l pa-MW 'F.iinv Siratlord, joins the Oiise ;.t Newpoi t Pamiell. The Thnme originates in the junction of
tMo small >tieani-.' near UuarrciKlon. a few miles lr«in Aylesbury: at the town of Ilianie it heemnes the
fcouiularv between the counties of O.itoril and HucKiiighan), the hitter of which it entirely quits beyond the
Tillage oi Ickfoid. There are nt> inineial ■f-\n'n\i(> oiany note in IJuckinKhainshne. The only canal is the
Grand Junc-iiiin, hefoie-ineiitioned, v\hich enters the eoiinty near Wonhertnii, and, after passing several of
the piincipal towns, le»»cs it neur the village of Maisworth : thrre are iManches from the main line, coin-
niunicatinc with the towns of Avk-sburv, IJutkinghain, VVeiidover, &c. The Giand Jniution caiial al>o ron-
■ect> the Coventry canal, at Biaunstoii.'witli the Thiinits navrgation. Railways.— The Lomlon anc/ North-
Westtrn llaiUay'eutt-rs this county a short di.^tance to the west of Ivinghoe; runs to witliin two miles of
Wing, ^nd los thiiu I hat «Jislaiicc (loiu Leighton HiizzanI (BedN.) ; it pa-s.s between the towns of Bletchley
and Kenny Stiatlord, close to the former, and ali-nUa mile to tlie west of the laUer ; it then runs to about two
mdes to the li^bt (or south-east) of Stony Stiatftud on to Wolverton, and leaves the county about four miles
from that station. There is a hnnich from BJetihley to liedfoid; and the Gieat V/estern ll^ilway crosses the
suutit liuib of thlu-ii(!le.sbuiy, lieaconsfield, Buckingliam,
and Newpoit Pagnell. The gentlemen at |)reseut silting aie Caled&u George l>upre, Esq.; the Honourable
C. Compton Cavendi>h ; and I5eiij;*.inin U'Israeli, K>i\.

PopuLATio-s, etc. — Bv the returns rendered to (ioverntnent at tlie cet>sus of 1841, Ruckingham.sbire con-
tained 76,482 males, and 79,501 teinab-s — total, irK),y83; exhibiting an increase over the retmns of 18;il. of
*,454 inlialiitants. The annual value of Henl Property, in this eoutttv, as assessed to the Pooi Rates, in ISlh,
amounted to £')4;i,4;>2, and in 1841, to £674;.yM.


Distance Table of To^wns in Buckinghamshire..

The Atterisks {') nltuchfd lu Hit :jnmeii/ a Town dennte the number oj Rtjirestnlalives it Telmns to Patliummti tht ttuUf

letters s'lij-nijy the Market Days.

The iianK's of the towns are on the toj) and side, and the s(}uare where both nseet gives the distance-.

From London
.•\mersham, lit 26

l.-).34 1127

9iy,21 II

22 8.HfiI.5

Ayfesbiiry** Il")

Beacon ^fiteld | 5

HncUiimliani** .... '^S2

Cheshani '•'>

Fenny Stratford ..130

Iviniihoe 114

Marlow** \\'.

Newport Pagnell .. 128 2.3 3.3 14|2,^

■ 3t).38 1!tl30

8 1-J2(ijl3

l!).37j 82-1

.')13 22 9

1029; 7 23

17 6,34 9

Aylesbury, s 38

20Beaconsfield, w 2%

17 35|Bucki!ighan), m. and s f)7

13 8!31|Chcshani, w. r»;rfj 28

OIney .33

Prince'> Kisborough 1 1

Stony Stratford 31

Wendover ilO

Winslow 125

Wycombe, High**. . | 7

Fenny Stratford 44

12|Ivini;hoe, s .3,'i

.33j21 :\Iiirlow, 5 31

7|l.T 36;Newport Pagnell, s 51

12,20 41! 5()lnev,M 5f;

23 24 13,23 28
711437 fi 11
191 8 Wi2r2(i
12;l4 29 Ifi 19

27 151 5 29 34

Prince's UistioroHgli, th. .. '.M

25 Stony Stratford,/ 51

4 241 Wenitover, m 35

17 10 l.MVVinslow, (h 48

8 32|n|23 I Wycombe,/.. 29




llev. John Diake, is tbe iiu uinbeni, and bis present
curate tbe llev. Charles Smitli. The Baptists, a most
respectable body here, lia>e two chapels, res[>( ciively
callcij the Mrst iX'itomitiation and tlie Second benonii-
iiation ; and the Sixiety of Friends and Wesleysiis
Methoclists have a pliceof worship eacii. Tbe town
has the advantiiKC of a fiee giainmar school, fonndej
hy Or. Rohei t Chaloner, in 1()21 janothci for teaching
Aiiriiigaii'l aiithinttic, founded in 1728 by Williaiu
l-ord NcwImvimi ; a school condn^-tefl upon the British
plan, and one for iMl.mts'. 'Ihcre are almshouses f..r
ix poor \Tidows, fotjiided hy Sir Wiiliaui Drake — wh

^MFCRSHAM (foini?rly written ^^'wo«*.«^aff/) i-
a pari.sh in tbe hundred of liurnliain — the mai ket towir,
a remarkably mat one, is 26 miles, \t.n.\v. from Lon-
don, 32 s E.' from Buckiirgham, a':d 8 s. by \v. from
BcrkhaiiipsteJid (Herts), a st itimi t'lwn on the Lon-
don and North U'csiern Railway. The sitnation ol
Amersbam is peculiarly agreeable, bfiiie wated in a
let tilt- v.de, neai tlieiiMi iSlishoinne, between wood-
cls'l eminences : it coiivists of one long and spacinus
well-|iavrd street, inteisrcted near tin' centie by a
Sin tiler one. Aniershain ftr^t sent meml>ers to pariia
ment in the \v\^\\ of Kdward I; an iirtcrruptioii t

the exeicisf «^' tliii in-ivilen"- rjccurn'd from the 2nd of also eiected the town-hill. Edmund Waller, celebra-
Kd.vard II until the 21st i.fJamcs I ; ^iiu-e that jieiiod 1 ted as a poet, wlix) fur yr.irs resided at C»i.f.shili., in
it c 'iiiiiined to be repiesentrd until the Reloi in Bill, j this |rarisb, sat in two pailiamiMit, in the reign Of"

€o.xEliza(boar(ling and day) High st

Free School (girls'), High st —
Mary Ann Jarvis, mistress

Free School (boys'), Mai ket hall.
Highest — William John Stocker,

Grammar School, High st — Rev.
Samuel Newman, master

Infants' School (Riimney's)High
st — Kliza Haynes, mistress

West Ebenezer (boarding and day),
High st


Charsley Frederick & Edward,
Hieh st

Daniels Thomas, High st


Butcher Cliarles, Union st
George Henry, Coleshill
Grove Edmiiad, Highst
Janis William, High st
Statham Elizabetli, Hieh st
Statham John, Union st
Statham Jo>epli, High st


Ayres James, Common
Beeson Joseph (aud veterinary sur-
geon). High st
Grinisdnle John, Common
How Elizabeth, High st
Pat;e James, Coleshill
Slade Charles, Coleshill
Thompsiin Elizabeth, High st
Arnett Thomas, Union st
Boddy Henry, Higli st
Dorrell .lan)es, High st
Dover Henry, Bury end
Eyres William Wells, High st
Fundell John, Hiich st
Funded Williau), High st
George Chnrles, Coleshill
George VViUiam, Coleshill
Grace Thomas, Common
Grove Edmund, jun,, High st

Hardin? William. High st
Hollis Sarah (dealer), High st
Keen Willian), Union st
Morten Thomas, High st
Plester John, Union st
Salter James, High st
Sears James, Coleshili
Andrew Jolia, Common
Carter William, Penn st, Penn
Kirhy Joseph, Fros; hall
Peaice Thomas, Brickhill farm


Morten Thomas, Londun road
Welter William, Clinrch st


Adams Catherine, Higlist

Field Daniel, High st

^^lles Elixabeih, High st

Rogers John, High st

Spratley John, High st


Baldwin Charles (cabinetmaker).

Bury end
Cox John. High st
Hatch Joseph, High st
Jordan Richard, High st
Peaice Reuhen, London road
Stops Henry (and furniture broker)
High st

Avis Nathaniel, London road
Baldwiii James, Highst
Bniton James, Mop end
Climpson William, Union st
Cox George, Penn st, Penn
Curtis John, Bury end
Eden Edward, Potter's yard
Field Daniel, His^h s>
Gould Grorge, Bury end
Palmer George, Winch more hall
Phillips Willi;ira, High st
Tnovey Sampson, Cole^^hill
Wellerline John, London road
Broadwater William l^and book-
seller and printer). High st
Morten Thomas Kotior, High st


Aries Edward, High st
Brient Mary, High st
Butcher Cliarles, Union st
Clinipson William, Union st
Morten Thomas, London road
Putman Tlntmas, London road

Carter William, Penn st, Penn

Pratlev Emanuel, Winchmore hill

Slade Sarah, Coleshill


ET0NiAN(life(, Frederick & Edward
Charsley, High st

General, Richard May Morten,
Union st [High st

Lmperial. Thomas Honor IMorten,

Norwich Union, Hariy Scott,
High st

Phcenix, Frederick and Edward
Charsley, High st

Royal Farmers', William Broad-
water, High st

Sun, Thomas Tavlor, Union st

Andrew William. Highst
Ayres George, High st
Wingfield Thomas, Union st


fSes also Shopkeepers, 6;c.)

Birch John, High st

Field Daniel, High st

Jarvis Williau), High st

Potter & Clatke (and tallow chand-
lers). High st

Putman Heiiry, Higli st

Rogers Martha (and c(ioper)High st

Scott Hariy (and tallow chandler),


Eyres William Wells, High st
Redrup Henry, Union st
commercial and POSTING.
(See also Taver/isfy Public Houses.)
Crown, Thonms Bown (and inland

revenueolf.ee). High st
Griffin, Ann Jones, High st


Climpson William, High st
Rogers Frances, High si


Child Charlotte. High st
Morten Richard May, Union st


Gregory Williaui, Upper Mill
Impey John, London road
Rayment Thomas, Lower Mill


Broadhy Charlotte, Union st
Coleman Mary, Hiahst
Jordan Elizahelh, High st

Dolling Joseph, High st
Harley Mary & Son, High st

Halt Joseph, Bury end
Hill Josiah, Union st

Reynolds John, High st
Wilson John (and rope and twine
manufacturer), High st


Bettswoith John Rohinson, High st
Chapman Harriet, Union st
Crockett Sarah, High st
Eggleton David, Common
George William, Highst
Grace Hannah, London road
Ivory Daniel, Coleshill
Phillips Thomas, Union st
Potter Ann, Unioti st
Rackley James, High st
Shiphenlly David, Coleshill
Thomp-ion Elizabeth, High st

Aldridge Sarah, Union st
How Jane, High st
Shrimpton Fanny, High at
Warner Louisa, Highst

Brickwell Beujamin, High st
Brickwell Thomas. Highst
Gray Thomas Nathaniel, Highst
'I'alleni Edward, High st

Andrew Charles, High st
Axten Eleanor (and draper), High st
Dolling James, Bury end
Elbouru Henry (and draper), Highst
VVoodbridge Thomas, Union st





Blact Hiirse, Ji'seph Huinam, Common
ChrqiifM. Thoinas Pnlriain, London road
f lf.,r-HU"H». G-'orer Prie»i, Union 81
Hllor M Si, Jaro-»Tii>!o ,1'enn »t. Penn

K ng-' Arms, \» illiam Briry, HikIi >t
Old (Jri'tin, Willc.-im Joiner. Mop end

Qii*.-n'5 Hrail. John Kinjr, WiMen lane
Red Lion, Sophia Smilh.C'oIfsliill

Rote i. Crow n. Jo&rpli Lines, London rd

Saracen's Head, 1 hus U illiaius,Ciiiun »t

Swan, Alice U'V, High »t

White Lion. S.iniuel Wilson, Common

Retailers of Beer-

Bitsnn Tliom:i». Common

Black»al. William, \> inchniore liill

Cox George, P,-nn st, Peon

Grern John Bury end

Ivory Daniel, Cole^hill

Keen Joseidi, Larkin'i green

Mead John. L'nion st

01ne> William, Common

Palmer Ciriirpe, Winchmore hill

Pratley Kmsnuel, Winclmiore hill

Rogers droline, Winchmore hill

Bailer Frederick, Coinmoo

Smilli Job, Common

Sprjil.x John, Hicli st

Tai'piiu .limes. Common


Klh'iiiiii Heiuv (and gnu maker),

Sims Ilicliard, Hi.i;h st


Liiining .AiitluiTiy, Hiyll st
Line James, Higii st

Liue William, High st !

Rnger.s Thomas, Cole.shill
Tapping Jiiliii, Commou


Cain Charles, brewer. High st
CorlesCharles.steward to Thomas Drake,

Ivsij. High st
Grant Thomas, dyer. Rury en 1
Keen C liarlfs. brickla>er, L'nion st
Kt-eii Friderick, toy dealer. High st
Keen J no. basket & mat maker, Bury end
Putnam Hinry, glover. High st
Sa vises' B.\XK, High strret (open every

Saturday —Charles Siuiham, manager
Stratloid «c Son, auctioneers. High st
Toins John, brazier and tinman, High st
Toovey Henry, furniture broker. High st
Wilson Jolin,'liigh constable. High st


Workhouse, Union-street.

Goprrnor— John Sandars.

Matron — Mary Ann Sanders.

ScAoo/mns/er— Jno.Robinson Betlcs worth

.9fAoo/inis/rfs?— Ann Doclirey.

Surgeon — Edward Talent.
I Chaplain— Rev. Samuel Newman.

Cleik to the Board of Guardians— Ml.
I Frrdeiick Charsley.
! Relieuiip O/^cers— Willinm Brooks, for
I No. 1 District; residence. Union st ;
I WilliamCloughtrey, for No. 2 District;
residence, Chesbain.



Stipirintendent Registrar— Mr. Frederick

Ch.rsley, Highst
Rinistrar nf /l/arno.i7e.?— Messrs. James

()oriill. an'l George Washington Mot.

ris. High st
Rriiistiarof liirlhs and Deaths— R'xcM.

Sims, H\%\\ st


All Sviulnijs excejted.

To LONDON, the Timts (Irom Wendo-
ver). calls at the Ciown Jnn, morning
at eight.

(from Wendover), rails at the King's
Arin>i. morning lit eifjht.

To WENDOVER, the 7imfs(fiom Lon-
don), calls at the Ciown )nn, evening,
at ten minutes before seven; an Omnr-
fcus (from VVdiford), calls at the King's
Arms, evening, at half- past seven.


To LONDON. James Kackley and Sarah

Crockett, Monday and Thiirsday, and

John Franklin, on Wediiesdav.
To AYLESBURY, Jnsiah Hill', from his

house. L'nion si, Wednesday and Sat.
To BERKHA^ISTFAD, Joseph Halt,

from bis house, Burv end, on Wed.

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 13 of 131)