I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 14 of 131)
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To BICESTER, John Frmklin.frora the

King's Arm'-, Friday.

Rf» W,.losiahHiil,from h's house,Thar8
To WINDSOR, Joseph Halt, from his

house, Bury end, Monday and Thurs.
To WYCOMBE. William Cheese, from

the King's .Arms, Wednesday & Sat.


Aylesbury is a tuarket and liiiiidred town, ami ] natiiie. Arlfsbury is .sumeMliat noted for its breed oi
pirliameiit.iiy b..iom;li,.-)8 mill. s N. w. fmin Loiidiin and 1 ducks, of which crent iiuii)l)eis an- sent to London,
22 f.. bv N. from Oxfoid; situated near tbecentie of J and where they command hish prices. A horticnliu-
Buckiiii;'iam«hire, on a gentle emhienre, in the licli ral ^ociety an'l a mtchanics' instiinteare wrlj .sustained
and extrusive ti act dt-nominatcd 'the Vale of Ayl.'>- | here ; and three newspaoeis, published in the town.

bury,' and is the terminus of a bniirli of railway
con. ected with the Londim and Noi th-Westein line.
Thi'* jilacf was (iiigi ally an iiDpiMtant lirili.sh strong-
liol't, and niaintaiiu-d its inde|)endence from the lime;
of the di-pi'lurc (if the Romans, I ill the year 571, when
it w.is reduced by the West S,i.\nns. J3y the Norman
Con'iui'i'or it was made a .^^^nor Royal, nnd ])ai celled
out under a tenure that now appears singular, namelv,
that til'- tenants should ' find litter or straw for the
king's be''cliambi'r thrre times a vear, if he c.ime that
■wrtv so iifteii, Mild provile him \\\i[\ three eek in winter
and Hirer qreen geese in summer.' Avieshuiy was made
a cotp'rnte town by Queen Mary in looO, huttliecoi-
por,iiiilier, New road
1 Sale Ann. Buckingham road
I Simons Maiy Ann, Railway st
i Taylor Sarah. Cambridge st
Turnham Elizabeth, Market square
and their publishers.
Bucks Advertiser & Aylesbury
News (Saturday), Robeit Gibbs,
Bduiboii st
Bucks Chronicle and Bucks
Gazette (Saturday), George De
Fiaine, Silver st
Bucks Herald and Windsor and
Eton Journal (Saturday), Jas.
Pickburn, Temple st
Fereusoii D ivid, Buckingham road
Fraser John Francis, Markt t square
Weatherli y Charles, Market square

Seymour Silvanns, Maiket square
Smiih Thomas, Kingsbury
Ward Thomas, Maiket square


Bradford Joseph, New road
Cooley Edward Elijih, Silver st
Curiis Elizabeth. Kingsbury
(Gibbons James, Bourbon st
Goss Thomas, Kingsbury
Hawkins William, U hitchnrch
Hodi;l>ins Ni heiniah, Cambridge 8t
Hodgkins William, Canibiidge fit
Howes Thomas. Walton st
J likes Thomas, Walton st [road
May John Cnas. (sign), Buckingham
Ward Thomas, Market squaie
Woodman George, Caste st
De Kiaiiie Gemge, Silver st
Gil'bs Robert, Bdurbon st
Marshall James Henry, Temple 8t
I'iekbuin James, Temple st
Bradford Thomas, New road
Kiiinings Jnhn, Whitcbnich
MuKisson Georue, New road
Smith Matthew, Kingsbury
W^ootlon Lawrence, Market square




Barnes John, Market square
Baiiiitt Sarah, Whitchmch
Btickland Julm James, Ca«tle st
CoUlnKs Thomas Geon;e,Kingsbury
Copcutt Heniy, BacU st
Elliott Caleb, Whiichurch
Gates Josepli, epistle st
Godfrey CatluMiiie, Silvei' st
Giirney Hannah, Castle st
Jarvis ThoniHS, Caniliridge st
King Jesse, Gieen end
Lampett William, KinL'sbnry
Nortli Henry, C^nibiidge st
Priest Donas, Wliitchiirch
Reeve Kdward, Wiiitchurcli
Rickard Philis, Whitchnrcli
'J'attam rhomas, W'hitLluirch
Whiiley Tliomas, Green end
J-.aytJohn, Ikitannia st
Thompson William, Kingsbury


Fisher Selina, Kingshury
Holland Eruaheth, Market square

Cock, Josiah Wilson, Whitchurch


Hitchcock Wm. stay maker, Cambridge st

Cross Keys, Rd. Gooding, IMarket square | Jacobs Ellas, clothes cleaner Pastlp^f

Crown and Thistle, George Cheshire

Dark Lantern, George Palmer, Silver st
Green ftlan, Robejt Dell, IMarket square
Greyhound, Thomas Bowler, Silver st
Harrow, Charles Orchard, Back st
Horse & Jockey, William Stevens Paine,

Buckingham road
King's Head, Jesse Ward, Maiket square
Nag's Head, John Jolly, Cambridge st
New Inn, (\hrk Price, Walton
Oxford Arms.HenryTurnham, Market sq
Plough, John Anthony, Buckingham road
Queen's Head.Joseph Higgins, Temple sq
Railway Tavern.James Oliver,Railwaj st
Red Cow, William Ci>x. Buckingham rd
Red Lion, Jonathan I'.eckett, Kingsbury
Rising Sun, George Wicks, Castle st
Saracen's Head, William Locke Greenend
Ship. William Landon, Walton st
Star, Joseph Pollard, Lemon st
Two Brewers, William Birch, Back st
Unicorn, William Saunders, Walton
White Horse. Jos. Edwards, Market sq
White Horse,Rcibt Holloway.Whitclinrch
White Lion, John Wheeler, Castle st
Whit eS wan, GeorgeCheshire, Whitchurch

Lazarn- Samuel, umbrellamkr.Templest
Len)on Henry, supervisor, New road
Lepper Henry ^ George Andrew, vete-

rinary surgeons, V/alton st
Levason George, demist, Bourbon st
Longstatr John, fislimonf,'er. Market st
Margesson John, accountant. New road
Market Hall, Market square-James

I ongue. keeper
Mechanics' Imstitute, Temple st—

Ko-^land Dickins, honorary secretary
Nixon Rnhei(,ailk manufr. Oxford road
Police Station-, Castle slreet-Jaraes

tornohy, superintendent
Poole William, hook agent. Church st
Rose Joseph, stamp distributer for the

county of Bucks, Church st
SanfordWm. furniture brokr,rambrid''est
Scott Robert, travelling teadealer,Nevvr(i
SoriETY FOR Promoting Christian

Knowledge, Temple st— James Pick-

buru, depository
Stamp Offick, Temrle street— James

Henry Marshall, distributer
Taylor Joseph, town crier, Cambridge st
ValderJohujinland revenue officer, New rd

U hite Swan, Kezia Markham,.'V^ alton st ^ Ward John, basket maker, Kingsbury

Retailers of Beer

Allen James, Oxford road

Ballad Richard, Buckingham road

Impey Maty Ann, Kinesbuiy

Lines Susannah, 'IViitple st

Markham Sarah(& dyer),Wallon st i BrV^'^en'shawJames Cambridge st

Medliurst Ann, New road Carruthers Eleanor, Whitclmrch

Stevens Ann, Walton st Chester Charles, Market square

Tiirnham Elizabeth, Market square \ i;!^'"'' -l?,''"; Walton

Warr Ann, Temple square I ^L^'p^ " '"i?"' Whitehall st

' 11^ De rrame George, Cambridge st

SURGEONS. I Duncombe William, Castle st

Ceeley Robert & James Henrv, (jougli Joseph. Cambridge st

Market square ' ' Ingram John, Walton

Haywatd Hetiry, Kin.sbu.y | ^^X^^^i^^^l^^

Owen Philip Albeit, New road J p.^.ter Joseph, Oxford road

PickeSS Hctliy Beresford, Church st \ Quainlon John, Walton

Ward Robert,(emperancehnteI,Teniple st
Wells George, wharfinger, Walton st
Whitelock George, coll'ee & eating-house,

Williamson Christopher, attorney's clerk.

Temple square [>t

Woodman George, bird stutrer,Cambridge

Spencer Charles, Whitchurch


Bull Humphrey (& building), Aston

Clinton [S|)ittle Mill

Gadsden Jeffery (nnd luilding),

Green William & William Henry

(buildings). Temple st
Tieary William, Walton
Ward Robert (of taxes), Castle st
Wing Abraham, Teir.ple square

Baddock John, 'leuiple st
Clark John, Walton
Clewley Joseph, Kingsbury
CoHitigs James, Cambridge st
Collings Juhn, Whitchurch
Collins William, New toad
Con norMirhael(&draper) Maiket sq
Evett William, Cattle st
Gough William, Market square
Hitchcock William, Bourbon st
IVIead James, Maiket square
Parsons John, Cambridge st
Procter Joseph, Whiiehall st
Turniiam Heiuv, Market square
Webb John, Walton st
Webb Jnhn, Raihvay st
White William, Market square
Wiggs Thomas, Cambridge st
Anchor, Richard Mitchell, Walton st
Angel, Willi;im King, Kingsbury
B.irleymow, William Wright Partridge,

Whitehall st
Bear, VVilliam England, Walton st
Bell, Thomas Wootton, Market square
Black Hor.se, Thomas Radwell. Castle st
Black Sw;in.Tlios Jas. Hinds.Kingsbury
Bricklayers' Arms, Willi iin Fisher, Walton
Buckini;ham Arms, William Chilton,

Buckingham road
Bugle. Joseph Carter, Hart well
Bull's Head, Thomas James Berry,

Market square

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 14 of 131)