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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 24 of 131)
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structure are, an elegant maible altar tomb, nmltr a
I'anopy supported by four stone pilhi's, eretted to ihe
memory of Sarah Baiones* Le Desnenser, who died
19th Jannaiy, 1769 ; another, in beautiful maible, re-
cords ihedeatliot the husband of the Baroness; and
there ate others belonging to the membeis of the
Dashwood f.niily. 'i'he livingisadischargrd vic.iarage,
in the patronage I'f this family. Wi st Wycombe
House, in this pari>h, is tiie s at of Sii Georae Henry
Hashwood, Baronet, one of the menibers for High
Wvcombe. Tie population of thepaiifth, in 1831, was

building, erected in the year 1273, with a tower at its 1,901, and in 1841, 2,202

POST OFFICE, Kaston-stieet, High Wycombh, George Harman, Post 3faster.—Lettern from
London and various pi ices beynd, and from the South, vVest,&c. arrive every iiiorniin; at luilf-pa«t four, and
attei noon at half- past two; and are despatched at ten in the moining, and night at twenty-five minutes befoie

Letters fiouj various plaos North, West, &c. arrive (from Aylesbury) every night at twenty minutes
after eiiji't, and are despitched thereto at t n minutes before live in the morning.

POST, West Wycombe. Reci-ivhig Houxe mUanc Fryer's. — Letieis from all parts anive ffrom High
Wycombk) every mornini! iit a quarter past seven, and are despatched thereto at six in ths evening.


Allen Mr. Joseph. Bye Cottage
Amohl Uev. Kdward, Loudivatcr
Beaumont Mr*. Caroline, Frogaiore

Belli* Bev. Richard, Higli st

Edmonds Mrs. Joan' a. Easton st

E**ex Mr. Thomas, Crendon lane

Kiuch Mr. Richard B., Oxiord road

Kox Mr. Thomas, Crendon laue

Foieman Miss Jinc, Hiyh st

Fryer M's. Klizabeth, Oxford road

Fu'rness Mr. Jas., Newland C'.ttage ; Pinter Mrs. Elijah, tli, Ti mjile cud
Bridge^at'-r Mr.Janie-,Church lane ! Grove Captain Charles. High st | Ponlter Rev. John, Crendon lane
Bio.ulheadRev.'t' ().,WestWycoiiihe , GutteridgeMr Kdninnd, Oxford road • Pii' e Mr. William, Bedford row
Brown Mrs. Matilda, Woodbine I Ha>ergal Mr. William, Bedford row i Rock Mi-s Mary, Crendon hn.e

Collage ] Havdeii Rev. John, Easton st | RolesMrs.i^oui-aWare, Bedfori) row

Biy lilt Mrs. Sarah. Londwater i Hedg' s Mr*. Eli/th., Medley's folly Shackel Mr. Thomas, Marsh Farm

Paddon Rev. Jidiii Henrv, Vcarace
Pai 1 1 e .M r. W 1 II iam ,j 11 II , Bed fo I il row
Paine Mr. \\ illiam. Brook Lodge
Paiker Mr. William, High st
Parsons Mrs. Easton st
Pignt Bev. John, Hnghendon

Caiinuton the llinht Honble. Lord

Jtobeit, W\ combe Abbey
Carier Mi.ss lAlaiy. Easton st
Coltman Mr. vvil iain. High st
Cn we the Honiile. Mrs. Harriet,

LoaKe's House
Crewe Randolph Henry, Esq.,

Loake's House
Crofts Mrs. Sarah, Temple end
Dashwood Sir George Heniy, Bart,

M.P., VVe*t Wvcombe House
Dean Mr*. Martha, Temple end
D'lsraeli Beija-.iiin, Esi)., m.p.,

HuKliendon House
Di»racli James, Esq., Biadenhani
Edges Miss. Rye Cottage
Edmonds Mrs-Giizzell, High st

Helm Miss Sophia, Mon Plaiser
Hobson Rev. Jesse, Priory
Jaqiies Mr*. Ann, Enston .st
Judsoii Rev.William, Ciendon lane
I^ockev Mr. Oliver, Easion st [row
M'Lerotli .Miss Jane, Crendon lane
Matthews Miss Charlotte, Bedford
Mead Mrs. Ellen, Temple end
Me\nell Mr*. Ann, Rye terrnce
Mill er Miss Emily, Easton st
Moieton Mr. Henry, Oxford road
Miisgiave Heniy Musgrave, Esq.,

Brook House
Nash Miss Ann, Ea'ton st
Neale John, Esq., Castle hill
Newman John, Esq., Four ashes
Newnian Miss Mary, Bedford row

'I'leacher .Mr. Thomas, Ea*toii st
Ven^bles Mr. Ctnirie-,Plumniei hill
White Mr. Joseph, Bedford mw
Wilkinson Mrs. Elizabeth, Easffm st
Williams Mr. Wm. Hy.,Chuich laue
Wiight Mr. Henry, liedfoid row
Younii Mr. John, White Hart st


Not otherwise dt-scribed are Day Schools.

Avres Jo-enh, Oxford st

British School, Paul's row —

Benjamin Diewett, niasier; Mary

Greaves, mistress
Buckiiikhaiii .lohn. West Wycombe
ClarkeAiiiiA Eliznbeth, Church lune
Clarke Jolin(boarding & day), Canal





ACADEMIES, 6ic.~Cotili'iued.

Deanehv School, Kasion stiet-t —

Kdiimnl Lncf, iii;i>ter
Dr (ii;eAiiL'ii-ta"^(i|il)iii, Oxford loa'l
Grammau School, Kasioii stivei —

KiliiMiiiil Kox, liead master;

U cli.iid Hi^liin', st-foiitl master
Hani"" Kli/ali>tli, C'liiidon lane
Hettli I^liittli. & Cainliiif, Kasioii .•t

Siinmond- Heil)frt, High st
VeriH'H Geiiige, M'rket place
Wesificliljames, Paul's row


Rlinko Motes, Ka'tmi st
Collifi J.hM, iM.rsh
Fry Cliaiies, {'aul's low
Goo^'chil'l Uiliiaiii, VVestWycombe
GriflRn Kobert, dual
Haiiiian .loiiii. N't-wiand
H.'I'bs Kli/ab> 111, Iv.sK.n st
Hf'blis J.tiiifs, St. iMai.\'s ,st
Hiiilsoii Hi'iiry, Ustoitl road
Ives fieorae, Hi.fli st
LmeGe 'rge, Oxf-rd st
Laie Saimul, Paul's row
Long Williaiti, Lower mar»li
M.iy W'lliam Hei'ry, Ka-toii st
Mead Wiliam, West Wycombe
Mills J.iliii, Und-in-li.ind
Page Gi orge, t).\ford road
Qiiarternian James, Oxford road
(Juaiteinmn Suali. White Hart st
Kiiflety (iei'rge, Loiidwaier
'I'iibiny .lohn, Loinhvatcr
While Henry, Qjeen'.s square
Wiioster Cli.irle-, Canal


Simons Jolin & Chailes (bianrh of
Rrndinc), Maiket |ila Harman, High st
Randall William, Easton st


Cliild William. Newland
HnntfJeoige Ha'inan, Oxford road
Paine Henry, White Hart st
Timberlake Hemy, Newland
Wedgington Samuel, St. Mary's st


Beaslev NaMianiel Lucas, High st
Jones Willi ini, Paul's mw

Fryer William, Bowdcii Mill
Hodsoii Henry, Oxfoid road
Mai shall .lo>eph. West Wycombe
Mead 'fhoiiias, Wesi Wycombe
Paine Henry, White Hart st
Putn im James, Bull Line
Bi)t< her Chailes, QueeiiVs square
Butcher Thomas, Oxf'rJ road

{See also Linen Draprrx.^
Affleck .'Xlex mdcr, Kasion st
Affleck Willi on, Easton st
Bennock .lohn, Easton st
FromI William, H'gli st
Little John, Canal


Evans Ge Packer, Eastuii st
Grour.. .lohn Na-h. Hi.ih st
GuAiiDiAN.Saumli rsNa-h. Ea-ton st
iNliL.sTKiAL and (Jenf.RAL (life),

Frederick Manniug, Oxford foad




Medical Invalid »ud General

(lite), TliDiiias B. Tuck, Wni e

Han fit ; and William Blandy,

Cieii'loii lane
National Mercantile, James

West tie d. Pi id's vo^v
Norwich Union, George Vernoii,

Ma-k**! jilace
PH(ENIX, Georse Willis, Churdi

siiniie; and Heibeit Siinmi'iid»,

Hiah St [Oxtoid rd

Royal Exchange. Jane Wiight,
Suffolk an I General Countv,

Willi iin Stevens, I'liil's row
Sun David Jeffrev«,Queeirs square

Oxford r-ad

Phillips Thomas N.n\liiid
Steeveiis William, Paul's row

Davis John, Paul'-' row
Mitch-ll John, White Hart st
Simni'inds Heihert, High st
Ward Josepli, Queen's s(niare
Waul Josiih, WliiteH.it st
Watmore William, Wliite Hartst
Westfield Jame-, Paul's row
Alien VVilli-im, London ro^d
A>litoM Charles land nurseryman).

Market |da< e
Lang^tmu' Tliomas, Paul's row


(See also Sliopkei^pers, ifc.)
Collins Richar i, Quer-n's square
Co«pe Edward, White Hart st
Harmaii John, Niwl.ind
HearnA Co. High st
Heath Henry, P lUl's row
Kid«ell Tlioma-, Market place
Lacey James, Ea>toii >t
M'.rtoiiG orge, Oxiord rop.d
Steev-iis William, Piul's row
Tiionipson Ueorgi', P.iul's row
Willis Geoiae, Clnncli square
Wright Jane, Oxford load

Cliuich (Jeorne, White Hiit st
DaviN George Heiir», Newlaud
Guyatt James, Oxford road
Priest Thomas (and tobacconist),

Paul's row
RoseJoliu (and perfumer), High st


(See also Taverns Hf Public Houses)
Falcon, RuhardTaidin, Maiket pi
Lion Hotel, Richaid We-tluook,

High st [H^rtst

White Halt, Ann Casbrook, Wliite

Grimsdell Wilham, P.iul's row
Huiihi 8 John, Queen's square

Bovvlei Joseph. Oxford road
Crook Henry Ea^ton st
Ciook M^ry, E.iston st
Jones William, Paul's row
Na>-h 'I'honiiis, Loudwater
Pawley Francis, Paui's row
Pierce Jos>'pi>, jun.. Canal
Steers William, Canal
Steers William, jun.. Canal
Sfeevens Joseph, O.xford road
Ward Joseph, Q'le'-ii suu^ire
Ward Josiah, White Hart st
(See also Drapers, l!^■c — Travelling)
A*ery Christopher (and tea dealer),

Oxford road
Ball Seymour Pile, Paul's row

Heart! & Co. (and dealers in lace)

Hijjh sneet
.Manning Frederick, Oxfoid road
North Beiijamin, VVest Wjcombe
Paiker Geortre Lloyd, High st
Itedimitoii Wi liain(& pawnbroker),

Queen's square
.'Soiindy Eliza M uia, Paul's row
VVetlierhed Edwin, Queen's square

Davill .lohii & Son, Pan mill
Edmonds James, Bowdcii mill
Fryer Michael L^wis, Mill end
Caviller Augu-tine, Loiidwater
Lane Aln-d, jun.. Basset Bury and

Pearce J"b, Temple mill [green
Qu ir'irmanJamfS&Tliomas, Marsh
Kavvliiisdii John, Lord's mill
Rose George, Ash mill
Thnrlow James, jnn.. Bridge mill
Aldridge Marv, St. Mary's st
Bayne* Fannv P., E>iston st
B'-iiy Catherine, Ea»loii st
Coop- r E-tlier, Oxford road
Fasinedge Sai-ih. Ea>ton st
Griflin Mary Ann, Canal
l>aiey Jane, Ea*ion st
Pither Frances, White Hart st
RiiiKsell Harriet, Oxford road
Sautuh rs Sarah, Eastoii st
Sianl< y Aim, Queen's square
Tomlyn Jane, St. Maty's st
Ward Mary. White H.ntst
Whi(hillo Sarah, Oxfoid road


.Allen Rirhard, Crown lane
(Collier Solomon, Oxfoid road
Cooper Henry, E^st .11 st
Edmonds James, Newland
Lacfy Henrv, Oxford mad
Tomlyn William, St. Mary's st

Edmonds I'lionias, Rye mill
Gaviller Audii'^tine, Loudv\ater
Lane Alfred, Bowden mill
Plaistowe Richard, Londwatcr
Saunders Thomas Harrv, Beech mill
Spic'-r James Freeman Gagf, Glorv

Mill and Hedge Mill
Wheeler Hemy, Wycombe Marsh
parchment makers.
Evans (>e(Mge, Canal
H'-ninglieii ICdmund, Canal
Line Samuel, Boderys lane

Ytmng Gfoigf iNJealiiia, Easton si


Co( k John, West Wy.ombe
Gouge Gi orge, Paul's row
Grittits John, Paul's row
Mitchell John, White Hart st
Woottfii Henry, Paul's row

Ahram William, St. Mary's street
Barton Ann, Marsh
Barum Samuel, Marsh
Bedford .Mary, Canal
Grove Sarah. High st
Harding Willi nn. Easton st
Harris Thomas, VVest Wycombe
Hodsihn Charles, West Wycombe
HollandCharlesWilliam Crown lane
Howland Fieilerick, Newlaiid
Lepjiiiigion William, Loudwater
Long Geoige, Loud water
Mead Richard, West Wycombe

Miller John Plank (and druggist),

Lower mar>h
.Mills John, Bird-in-hind
Moiris James, Lowrr Marsh
Uaffety Ginn;i-, L'Uidwatf r
Spring Wil iaii, Paul's row
V\'at-on William, Newland
Wright ThoiiMs, Ea^ti n st

Gilbi'it Margaivt, Oxford road
Horn Hariiet. Evasion st
Ives Rosttt 1, White Hart st
Keens Susannah, dual
Langsioiie EmuM, Paul's row
Loni! Gfor^e (rrui-tered pillow lace

b(Uineis), {.lOndwaier
Mav Jane, Easton st
Rf)->'e Marv, H'gli st
Warrell Eliza, Paul's row
Williams Ellen, Church square

HaydenVVilliam Henry. Easton st
Holt Joseph R ise, M d. Si. Mary's »t
Jackson William. Hiyli st
Ko-e Willii.m. Hiuh st
Turner John, High st

Husst y Thomas, Green firm
Mead 'Thomas, We«t Wyiombe
Itbinson Thoinas(ro id j, Dairy farm
Spencer Williani, Cliui(?li lane


Marked thus • are also Drapers.
.■\lniond Daniel, VVest VVycombe
*Ball Seymoiii Pile, Paul's row
Eiidall Henry William, Crown lane
Endall Richaid, Bull lane
Lacey Tnomis, Easton st
Luttman Giles, Queen's square
O ikley Allied, White H.irt st
•Packer Jame-, Ka»ton st
Smith Joseph. St. .Mary's st
Stevens Thomas, White Hartst
Tucker Eflwnrd, Temidr end
'Turner Samuel, NevUnd
V rleyJolin, Crown lane [row
Varley John. jun.. (aiiddver),Piur3
U ingrove John, West Wycombe


Anchor, Williiim Fenner, St. .Mary st
Ansel. Joann I Cox. Haul's row
Antelope, I hofiias Scoti,C urch square
Bailevinow. Josepti Carr, Newland
Bell.Georite Evans, Canal
Hird.in-HanH, Wm. Iiriilin' Bird-in-Hand
Black Boy, William Beir\, Piiil's row
Black Boy, Stephen Taii'lin.W. Wycombe
Biicklavers Arnis,Sanili Pawley.Downley
Bull, John A^hald, Bull lane
Catherine Wheel, Solomon Howland

Clieqners, Charles Rogers, Bas«ett Bury
Clayton Arms, Daviil Bii.'«, Lane end
Coach & Hor-es, Kichd. Higns, Easton st
Compasses. William Cheese, Gaston St
Cow \ Hare, John Jones, Easton st
Cross Keys, Henry Jones. Hiahst
Crown, Joseph Collins. Londw.,ter
Ciown, H:e Hi-». I.^me md
Swan. William AMmll. I'.imIN row
S*"n. Willi. m \\esrumlie
Tlirec Hiirs-slioes, Henry Castl''i Hnati
eiirlon roid [hiKh si

Tlirt-e Tuns, Nathaniel I.ncns Beaaley
Whrals'icaf, Thomas Reevrs, High si
While III I' kbinl. John Cole. Loudwaler
Wlii'r Horse, 'Mios. Pepin. Bird-in-Hani'
W'lii'e Horse J"S.V>-nabli-s.t'rendiin Ian.
Woolpack. Thomas Diidiit-j, Oxford roai

Retailers of Beer-
Atkins F.dmn'id, Lon'lon road
Biee' WiMinm, Bird. in-Hand
Uuut Sarah. E islon ^t
Brackley Jonathan, St. Mary st
Chnrcli John. NrttlanJ
Collier John. Marsh
Collins William Downley
Cooper William, Canal
Eaiis Josrph Handy cross
Ea'I Jam- 8, I.ond.m road
Edmonds J.imes, Newland
froit E.Ki in. Cnnd.m 1 me
Harris Th..maery morning (Sunday excepted)
Bt half-past eight, and afternoon at
three ; goes through BeacousfieM aod

To LONDON. a Fan.fo' pas«eneers,&c.
from ihe Swan, every Monday, Wednes-
day and Friday afternoon at two

To HENLEY, an Omiiiins, from He Fal-
con Inn, every Tuesday and Friday at
Ihiee o'clock; goesthionih Marlow

from the Lion Hotel, every morning
(Sunday excepted) at ten minutes be-
fore eight

T.. SLOUGH .STATION, nn Omnibus,
from the Falcon Inn, every Monday,
Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and
Sat. morning at a quarter before eight, JC
from the Three Tnns. every Monday,
Wednesday and Saturday at the same

The nearest Sintions are MaIDknrkaD,
ten miles distant, and Si ouch, about
thirteen miles, both on the GrraT
Westehn Railwa v,and TliING.about
fifteen, on the Lo.xDO.v and NoHTtf
Wesi ern line.
There are regular Conveyances 1o the
Station, on the Gieat Western Line, a*

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 24 of 131)