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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 34 of 131)
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Walden, and 4 from Honrne Bridge — a station on tiie
Newmarket brancli of the Eastern Connties railway;
situated on the principal road from Cambridge to Col-
chester. At tliis place were formerly two priories ; the
one under tlie abbey of Saint J acutas del 11 snlaBret ague,
the possession of wiiich, en the dissolution of certain
alien priories, became vested in tlie Master and Fellows
of Pembroke college, Cambridije; the other was a
])riory of Crutciied friais, situattd at Barhani : the
hall, chapel and cloisters of the convent are still re-
maining, and form part of the mansion called Baiham
Hall. Linton is conjeciured to have been a Roman
Station, from the circumstance of divers coins of that
people having been dug up in its grounds. The town
itself possesses but few attractions; but the country
around is pleasant, and interspersed with several gen-
teel residences. The currying of leather and malting,
form the priuci|)al branches of trade here. Close to the
town are beautiful and extensive nursery grounds, and
fruit and flower gardens, occupyinn about nine acres.
A court lect is held annually by the lord of the manor.
The parish church of Saint Mary, is a very beautif^ul
structure, with a lofty embattled tower, containing a
ring of sweet-toned bells. In the south aisle is i
liandsome marble monument, erected by Peter Stand
ley, Esq. in memory of Elizabeth, his sister and bene-
factress : it represents Hope, supported by her anchor,
looking upwards; on one side is a fine medallion of
Mr. Standley: tiiere are several other monuments of
some local "interest. The living of Linton is a dis-
charged vicarage, in the diocess of Ely; tlie Master and
Fellows of Pembroke hall, Cambriilge,are the patrons;
the present vicar is the Rev. William Brett. A place
of worship fur Imlependents, and two public schools
conducted respectively upon the national ai\d British
plans, are in the town. Tlie market, which was granted

in 1245 to William de Lay, is held on Thursday. FairS
July31stand Holy Thursday. The town and paiishcon-
tained,^in 1831, 1,678 inhabitants, and in 1841, 1,838.
WiiiTTLESFORD IS a parish, giving name to the hun-
dred in which it lies — the village is about 6 miles w. by
N. from Linton, and one n)iie from the line of the
Eastern Counties railway. A manufactory for agricul-
tural implements, and corn and oil mills are in the
|)arish, but the f.irnring inteiest preponderates. The
church of Saint Barnabas (or as some say Saint Mary)
is very ancient : the liiing is a discharged vieaiage, in
the liift of the Master and Fellows of Jesus cidlege,
Cambridge; the Rev. P. C. M. Hoskin, is the present
incumbent. An endowed school for boys and girls is in
the parish. A market and fair were formerly held here,
but they have long since ceased to be observed. Popu-
lation of the parish in 1841, 579.

DuxFORD, is an extensive parish, in the hundred of
Whitilesford — the village, which is situated about 2
miles from the Whittlesford station, on the line of the
Eastern Counties railway, possesses little to distinguisn
it from other rural and agricultural villages. In the
way of trade, however, we maj except a considerable
brewery, and as an object of curiosity, a very old inn —
the Red Lion; this was formeily a priory, but by whom
founded does not appear. The rafters are fancifully
caived, as is an old oak table of great weight. A barn
now occupies the site of the chapel belonKing to
the priory. Duxford is comprised in the two p irishes
of Saint John and Saint Peter, but the boundaries of
each are not defined. The living of Saint John's is a
discharged vicaraue, in the gift of the Master and
Fellows of Clare Hall, Cambridge ; that of Saint Peter's
is a lectory, in the patronage of the Masterand Fellows
of Corpus Christi college, Canibiidae: tlie churches
exhibit nothing worthy of observation beyond their
antiquity. There is a public school conducted upon
the national plan. The population of the parish in
1841, was 763.

POST OFFICE, Linton, Susannah Adcock, Post Blistress. — Letters from London and various places
South and West ariive (from Saffron Walden) every evening at half-past seven, and from Cambridge
and the North, &c. at seven in the morning, and are despatched to all parts at half-past seven in the

POST, Whittlesford. — Receiving House At Ste\)]\en Loft's. — Letters from all parts arrive (by foot post
from Cambridge) every morning at ten, and are despatched thereto at half-past three in the afternoon.

POST, DvxFORD.—Ileceii'ing Bouse at Thomas Willis's. — Letters from all parts ai rive (fromCAM bridge,
by font post) every mornina; at half-past ten, and are despatched thereto at three in the afternoon.


Bastnn Stanlake, Esq. Horseheaih
Battyll Mr. John, Linton
Blaekburn Rev. Jonathan, Duxford
Brett Rev. William, Linton
Brightwell Mrs. iNIary Ann, Linton
Bullen Rev. — Baitlow
Carr Rev. John, Duxford
Chapman Rev. Benedict, Balsham
Collin Jos.Thos., attorney, Linton
Cotton INI IS. — Bartlow
Deane Mrs. — Babraham
Dorrineton Rev. John, Linton
Fisher Rev. Edmund, Linton
Goodwin Rev. (ieorge, Hildersham
Hails Mrs. Martha, Linton
Hall Rev. George James, Linton
Hardy Mr. John, Linton
Haycock James, Esq. Balsham
HoUick Miss Ann Blunkett, Whit-
Hoskin Rev. P. C. M., Whittlesford
Markby Hev. Wm. Henry, Dusfnrd
Maithick Thomas, Esq. Abington
INloreland Rev. Jolin, Duxford
Nichols Mr. Georae, Linton
Rayment James, Elsq. Hildersham
Reeve Mis. Caiheiine, Linton
Reeve Mrs. Elizabeth, Linton
Robinson Mrs. Maria, Duxford
Smoothy Mrs. Mary, Linton
ThuruHl'l Henry John, Esq. Whit-

Thurnall the Misses IMaria,&Emma,

& Frances, Duxford
Thurnall Thos., Esq. Whittlesford
Townley Rev. Charles, Abington
Turner iMrs. Mary. Linton
Watson Rev. — West Wratton
Warson Sir Charles, West Wratton


British School, Linton Jane

Jaiiney, mistress [Duxford

Burgess Ann (boarding and day),

Charity School, Whittlesford —
William Tamworih, master; Ann
Overhill, niisrress

Dorrington John, jun. m.a. f.l.s.
(collegiate & classical gentlemen's

National School, Linton — Frede-
rick .Mutimer, master; Martha
Muiimer, mistress

National School, Duxford

Jonn Hephir, master; Mary Ann
Littlecliild, mistress


Hill Samuel, Linton
Livermoie John, Duxford
Scrivener Henry Sidney, Linton
Talbot S:imuel, Linton
Twinn Henry, Duxford
Webb Henry, Duxford
Wright Edward, Linton
Woollard James, Linton


Goodwin Thomas, Liuton
Jeffrey John, Linton
Ni'ivlen William, Linton
Scott Clement, Duxford
Wehh John, Linton

Graimer Rich ml, Linton
Haiding ThoniHs, Duxfoid
Jackson James, Whittleslord
Marsli James, Linton
Pyne Jane, Duxford
Runham Maik, Whittlesford
Siggs John, Linton
Wakeling U'illiam, Liuton
Willett William, Linton


Thurnall Chailes (and corn and oil
niills,& matin re merchant),Duxfurd


Austin William, Whittlesford
Ellis Robert, Duxford
Glasscock Benjamin, Linton
Kiilmati James, Linton
Morley Chailes, Linton
Morley Edward, Linton
Morley Rohen, Linton


Casbolt Robert, jun. Linton
Drury John, Duxford
Pammenter James, Linton
Pilgrim Thomas, Whittlesford
Smoothy Joseph, Linton




SiTK.'aiu Joseph (and bookseller,

stationer, anJ emigration agent),


Adcocl; Robert, Lin ion
Arnold .lohn, Whittlesfnrd
Barker Getters from London
and all paiis of the i\(jktii and South of Englam> anive every nioining at two, and alternoon at ]ralf-|)ast
three, an ! a:e dispatched every imrnim; at twenty minutes before nine, and night at eleven.

Letiers (rom Chatteris, Saint Ivf.s, Huntingdon, and Cambridge arrive (by mail cait) every iiioin-
iitg at four, and aie despatched every night at twenty minutes past eight.

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 34 of 131)