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June, for horses. The two pari.shes contained, con-
jointly, in 1831, 6,019 inhabitants, and in 1841, 6,874.

Eastrea, is a small villaee and railway station, about
one mile E. from Whittbsey, The ra«7 has been the
means of biingini* the place into notice— but indepen-
dent of this, it is merely a rural hamlet, the inhabi-
tants of which aie all in agticultural employment:
their number is about 300.

CoATi;s, is a villaue, about 2§ miles e. by N. from
Whittlesey, and about a mile fiom Estrea. A neat
district church was erected herein 1840, and dedicated
to the Holy Trinity: it was endowed by the munifi-
cence of Mr. Childers, before mentioned. The popu-
lation of the village is about 600.

POST OFFICE^IMarket place, Whittlesey, Peregrine Rands, Post Master.— Lettevs from all parts
arrive (from Peterborough, hy mail cat t1 every morning at seven, and are despatched thereto at half-pHSI
six in the evening.

Bridges William, Esq. Low Cross
Burgess Rev. George, Ijondon st
Burnham John, Esq. Matket place
Childers John Walbanke, Esq. Lon-
don street
Cook Mrs. Mary, Little London st


Bedford Kev. Thomas, Coates
Bowker Thomas, E>q. (magistrate),

Manor House
Boyce Mr. John, London «tj
Biadley Mr. John, Coates

Croft Mr. John Southwell, Little
London street [way

Dodnian Mr. William, High cause-
English Mis. Peggy, High causeway
P'awn Mr. Edward, Broad st
Fawn Mrs. Eliza, High causeway


C]:aml)rii)f55t)lVC. WHITTLESEY, &c.


GENTRY, Sic.—Conlinucd.
Franks Rev. Jniiies Clarke, Little

Loi)rff>n street
Gore Mr.''. Eli^ahetll, Broar] st
Griiund .Mr. William, Delph st
Halford Mr. Cliark-s, Church st
H ilfonl Mrs. — , Delph st
H.tyiics Hfiirv, Kscj. Gnive House
Heinin;iiit .Mrs. .Mice, .Min^liouse st
Ht'inmaut .Mrs. Elizatith. Low Cross
Hilton Miss Maria, Old Whittlesey
Howard .Mr. Henry, liroidst
Johuso'i Mi>-s Alice, Gracious st
Jones .Mrs. Alice, London st
Lee Mr. Thos. Peterboro'-town end
Little Mrs. Eliz^hetli, Broad st
Loonies Mis. Ann, Broid ^t
Loonies the Misses Johannah &

Klizabeth, Market place
Moore .Mrs. Jane, hy lane
Morris Mr«. — , Lnndon .st
Parker Mr. Williaiii, Hii;li causeway
Peed Mr^. Eleanor, Hiijli causeway
Reynolds Rev. E'Iniund, Market pi
Searle Mrs. London st
Setchtield Mr. \Vm. Whitniore st
Smith Captiiiti Charles, London st
Sudderick Mr. Andrew, Scahlgatest
Wadilelow Mr. John, Market place
Weston Mr. William, Church st
Whyle Mr. James, Little London st
Wrai^lit Miss .Susaiinah, Gracious st
Young Mr. Richard, .Mitishouse st


>'ot otiierwise described are Day Schools.

Bellars Mary Ann &. Eliza (board-
ing), ScahlRate st

Dial Mary, Gracious st

Lee Thomas, Wliitmore st

National School (boys), Inham's
end — Jolin Blown, master

end — Helen Wood, mistress

Searle Mary (preparatory), Peter-
boro' Town end

Sudbury's Charity School,
Cliurch st — Will. Ground, master

Youles Thomas, Market place


lieUars Henry John, Almshouse st
lirnughton Jiphn, Park lune
Peed A: Smith, Hiyh causeway
Sniitli Simon, Delph st
Winders John Waiiii, Firoad st


Gregory Stephen, Hiuh causeway
Gronn'l Robert, Church st
Riissel Jahez (^nd land and estate
auent), Windinill st


Aveliiie John, Bro;id st

Bacon J(din, Deiph

Blunt John, Coatci

Boyce I'liomas, Coates

Bradford Hosea, Almshouse st

BiiUen William, Inliain's end

Bundy Henry, Lfnidon .«t

Deavin George, Bioud st

Gibl's Thomas, Hit;li causeway

H irdy .lame-, Inliam''< »-nil

Hardy Win. Hiulson.Old Whittlesey

Ingle John, Wliiimoie st

Lamb George, Delph st

Payne Jacob, Brigiiate

Scai Ic Thomas, Little l,ondon st

'I inner William, Garcinus st

Whyle J-imes, jiin. Wliitmore st

Wliyle Thomas, Cliurch st

Wilson John, Whitmore st


Gurney's, Bnkhick & Peckovers',
(Braiiclij, Little l.,omlon st, (draw
on Barclay, Bevaii & Co. I^oudon)
— James Ainger, agent


National Provincial Bank of
England (Branch), Almshouse
st (draw on the London Joint
Stock Bank) — Ricliaid Young,


Bulanioie Robert, Broad st
Dtiinis Robert, Old Whittlesey
Dixie William, Delpii st


Binuham Uobirt. Maiket place
Campion Maiy, Windmill st
Fawn Thomas', Coates
Goude Robert, Syer's lane
.Mote Thomas, Bullaid's-town end
Rhinies Adam, Church st
Rhimcs John, Coates [way

Rudd Thomas & Son, High cause-
Setcbfield John, Coates
Setchtield William, Wliitmore st
Speedily Matthew, North hiink
Thory John (and farrier), High

Woodwaid John, Inham's end
Crofts Mrs. T. J. Wliitmore st
Green Joseph, Almshouse st

Ashley David, Whitmore st
Avcline James (and leather cutter),

Little London st
Aveling VVilliam, Church st
Beehy William, Broad st
Boon WiiUiam, Gracious st
Boyce John, Barr's lane
Brown John, Alm.'^house st
Bucknell James, Whitmore st
Bullamore William, Delph st
Croft John, London st [end

Duddington Joseph, Bullard'.s-town
Fovargue Daniel, Whitniore st
Gill Anthony, Coates
Gill VVilliam, Coates
Hawkins William, Horsegate
Howitt Thomas, London st
Lindsey Thomas, High causeway
Meggltt William, London st
Pearson Thomas, Coates
Plowiight Thomas, Coates [end
Procter Richard, Peterboro'-town
Smith William, Inham's end
Speechly John, Cliuich st
Todd James, Syci's lane
Todd William, Old Whittlesey
Toild William, jnn. Church st
Weston John, Barr'.s lane
Whitehead John, Little London st
Wilkinson W^illiam, High c.iuseway
Wood Hetity (dealer). Broad st


Green Thomas, Whitmoic st
Hohbs George, Old Whittlesey
Pridmore Tlios. Barrett, Giacious st
Smitli GeorKC, High cau.seway

Asliling John, Delph
Barton John, Delph
Bennett Henry & Son, Falcon street

and Rock Coiiaae
Ground David, Delpli [end

Robinson Fredi rick Easom.Inham'.s
Setchfield Jas. Peterboro'-town end
Stalk-brass John, Delph
Ashley David, Whitmore st
Burgess Thos. Peferlioro'-towii end
Deavin George Samuel, Windmill st
Drcwery Robert, Cliiircli st
Iresdii Edward, London st
Powley Samuel, Old Whittlesey
Sharnian William, Church st


Bennett Henry & Sou (and con-
tractors), Falcon street and Rock
Deavin George Samnel, Windmill st
Mills Matthew & Son, Whitmore st


Asliley VVilliam, Almshouse st
Bellamy John, Gracious st
Benstead Giegory, Delph
Beiiidge Stanford, Wool pack lane
Berridge William, Cliurch si
Blunt Benjimin, Delph
Falkner John, Peterbmo'-town end
Fawn William, Coates
Fit/john James, Whitmore st
Gregory Stephen, High causeway
(iriggs Stephen, Gracious st
Hall John. Coates
Harrison Thomas, Stonebridge
Hill Peter, t) Id Wbiitle.sey
Howe Robert, Inham's end
Lindsey John, Coat( s
Neale William, Whitmore st
Peach John. Stonebridge
Whittome Thomas, Market place


Cousins Robert, High causeway
Hanson Edward, Bioad st
Hollis Robert, Old Whittlesey
Smith Jonathan, High causeway


Andrews William, Little London st

Cox James, Church st

EUwooii Uaniel, Windmill st

Fitzjolin I'dward, Church sr

Holmes Henry, Stonaldfield

Howitt Charles, Cliurch st

Le Tall Benjamin, Coate.s

Mills Matthew & Son, Whitmore st

Redhead John, Coates

Vine John, Briegate


Atkinson William, High causeway
Hemmant Robert, Old Wliittlesey
Marriott Jidin, Gracious st
.Mills John, Almshouse st
Pickrell William, Church st


Boon William, juti. Delph
Goodwill William, Inham's end
Ground David, Delph
Harris Mary, Delph
Hemmant VVilliam, Delph st
Jarvis Robert, Church st
Jinks Robert, Delph
Stallebrass John, Delpli


Gibhs Mary, Wliitmore st
Gibbs Thomas, High causeway
.Martin Henrv, Old Whittlesey
Stallebrass Tliomas, .Almshouse st


King Joseph, Old VV liitilesey

King Joseph I )elalioy, Old Whittlesey

Southwell William, Old Whittlesey


Abbott Charles, Almshouse st
Buirus Robert Wm. High causeway
Cole John, Broad -t
Cory Robert Bonell, Almshouse st


Ashlinc Jeremiah, Claygate

A-hling VVilliam, Low cross

Atkinson HeniyClipson, Gracious st

Barrett James, Eastrea

Baxter Thomas, North brink

Blunt James, Coates

Blunt James, London st

Blunt John, Coates

Blunt John, Inham's end

Blunt William, Eastrea

Blunt William, High causeway


WHITTLESEY, &c. ©amfjiit^gegijire.

Boyce Charles, VVhitmore st
Boyce Jiiiues, Eastifa
Boyce Jcthii, Eldtriiell
Burdock Tliomas, North bank
BuriihamHv.Laxioii, High causeway
Buniliain John, VVhitiHore st
Drake William, AIn)shouse st
English Davd. Underwood's grounds
Ground IJenjaraiii, Chnrch st
Gronnd Daiiifl, Almshouse st
Ground John, Glassnioor
Ground VViiliani, Gracious st
Halford James, Coates
Heniraant VViJiiain, Delph st
Hughes John. Eastrea
Hughes Thomas, Coates
Hunt Natiian, Coates
Johnson Tlioma'-, High causeway
Kisby VV'illiHm, Coates
Little Harry, Kldernell
Little John, Eldernell
Livett Zacliarias, Horsegate
Loomes Edward, Whitniore st
Read James, Church st
Read Jiinies, jun. Old Whittlesey
Read Wiliiam, Church st
Ruff Mary, Horsegate
Searle Isaac, Claygate
Shepperson John, Glassmoor
Sheiipt-rNOii Lewis, Glassmoor
Smith Henry, Willow Hall
Smith Richard, Delph st
Thornhill Cleasby, Northey
Waddelove Joseph, Whitmore st
Warwick George, Coates
Watson Thomas, Eastrea

John Peed, High causeway
CouNTv (hail storm), Jabez Uussel,

Windmill street
Globe, Charles Bennett, Falcon st,

and Rock Cottage
Guardian (fire&lit'e),Jdhez Russel,

Windmill stnet [place

Imperial, Joseph Bishop, Market
Medical Invalid and General

(life), John I'eed, High cau-eway
PncENix (rtre), James Aiiiger, Little

LondiMi street
Royal Exchange, William Setch-

rield, VVhitmore street
Royal Farmers' (fire, life and hail

storm), John Baker, Park lane
Sun, John Peed, Hijjh causeway


Gibbs Marv, Whitniore st
Hookhani Fiaiuis, High causeway
Mariln Henry, Old Whittlesey
Perkins James, Church st


Rowland Williini, Falcon st
Uowland William, jun. Broad st
Coiby James, Ciiurch st


Graves !'>dwanl. Almshouse st
Graves Edward, Brorid st
Poole William, Market place


(See also Shopkeepers,
crossed dya liandNome stone bridge, and on the line
of the Ki-t Atit;lian lailway. As to the deiivation of
itsname, the opinions of etymologists aie at vaiiaiice.
If is said to have bei-ii anciently called Ouze-bearh —
bcioi; the Iu-hcIi, oiuiitfall, of the litfi- Oiise; but the
late .Mr. Willi, im Watsnn, author of a Jiisioiy of the
town, airiiiiis that its Saxoii name was Vixvhcc, and
th-it in Domesday-book it is writ'eii ll'isebece ; he
likewise states, that at the foundation of tlie'riinii\
Ciiiild, in l/.'V.i, tlie name is s\)r]t //'i/sfiec/i, and it is
so impressed on the coipoiate seal. — Its appillaiion,
a- now generally received, is Wisbeacm. Theoiiuin
of the town, and its local trans;iciions prior to the
Cmiquest, are iiearh lost in obscurity ; but some time
previous to tli.it cient, hiid in the early paitofthe
fame ceniniy, it is said to liavr lieeii uivcii to the con-
vent of Ely, by Oswy and Leoflede, the paients of
AUvyn (afierwaids bishop if LImliain}, upon his
bcini,' admitti'd into the (onvent. The Coinjueior, in
till- la^t year of his reign, erected a castle here, to keep
tlie refractory barons in submissioti, and to check the
lavages of the outlaws, who made fr((juent incuisions
from the neighlioutini; mor;'S>es into the tiidiiid iiarts
of the county ;— this fort less, with the t;itatei p:iit of
ihe town, \va« destroyed by an inuiidaiioii of the sea
ill I2.3fj. Ill the reign of Eliz.ibeth, the c.istle, which
had pie>i(ju«ly bi en reconstructed, wa.s coiiveited into
a place of si'cuiity for the cotitineinent of state pris-


oners ; and, during the protectorate of Cromwell,
it H-as purchaseil liy bis secretary 'l"liurlow : the re-
mains of this edifice have giaduaily disappeared in ilie
imjiioveiuents of the town. Uichaid I, in 1190,
granted the itihabitants an e.\'empiion fioiii toll in all
fails and markets throughout the kingdom — whicli
grant, with oiher piivileges, was confirmed by King
John, who, ill 1216, visited Wisbeach, and took np
Ins residence in the castle; and on his deptituie, in
attempting to cross the VVash at an im])roper time
■iU(\ without competent guides, lost all his carriages,
treasure and regalia, by a sudden irruption of the sea.
The author above referred to says — ' Wisbeacb is a
town whicli, thfiugh not aide to boast of tnineral pro-
ductions, inagnificent remains of aiiticiuity or works
of mod rn at t, may yet justly lay claim to many chari-
table foundati'ins, of e.\tensive and permanent utility
— to liixtiiiant pastures and lich corn-fields, spread-
ing around in all directions — and to a jioit, yearly
iinpr'niiig in activity and importance." As respects
its present commercial impoitance, and the appear-
ance of the town, Wi>heHcli has for many years been
an improving jilace — indeed it may be considered tjie
most flourishing trading town in the Isle of Ely.
The iiih .bitaiiis, duly appreciating the advantagt sofan
excellent navigation, are eiiieiiirising, and carry on
an extensive trade in coal, com, timber, wool, &c.,
with London and othei plates : the aggregate tonnage
of the port in 1849 was 140,120. The town is not
conspicuous in niatiufactures : it contains somehrewe-
lies of magnituile, and large mailings; and whiting is
madeiii consideiable quantities. Besides thesediffer-
ent articles of comiiierce, another branch of imiiort-
ance arises froni the gardens, many of which are of
great extent, and all extremely fertile — their produce




ftjrnishinji: vegetables of the finest description, fruit,
&c., 10 tiie neighbouring and distant markets. In
1794 a canal was constructed, rxtendiiig from the
river at VVisbeaih to the Old Nene at Outwtll, and
thence to the Ouse at Salter's Lode sluice — thus
effecting a communication with Norfolk, Suffolk, and
the other eastern counties. The uuvigation of ihe
Nene has been materially improved by a straight cut
from Pett-rboroueh, by which vessels of one hundred
tons bni-den can with facility approach thequay, which
is most conveniently and fommodiou>ly consirucied;

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 39 of 131)