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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 40 of 131)
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while the rail has opened up additional and more
rapid nieaii«of transHiiitiiig port njereliHndise and the
produce of the district to the metropolis and diffeient
places, by the various connected lines.

Wisbiach hns l»een a curporate town ever since the
reign of Edward VI. Tiie 'Trinity Guild' possesses
estates for pious and charitable purposes: in the i-eign
of Henry VIH it shared the general fate of ecclesias-
tical foundations, but was again restored by an act
passed by Edward VI, and renewed in Jan. 1610-11
at a consiiierabie expense; they were then constituted
a body corporate, by the style of ' ihe Buruesses of
the town of Wisbfach.* The Municipal Act passed
in 1835 ve-ted the government of the town in a mayor,
six aldermen Hnd eighteen councillors, and styled the
corporate body * the Burgesses of the Borough of
Wisbeach ;' the same act divided the town into two
waids, and conferred upon it a commission of the
peace. A general assize of oyer and terminer, and a
court of pleas for the trial of civil actions to any
amount, used to be held at Wisbeach, alternately with
Ely; but, upon the passing of the act abolishing the
secular jurisdiction of the Bishop of Ely, all aggra-
vated ca^es of felony, arising within the Isle of Ely,
are tried before the judges of assize at Cambridge.
The quarter sessions of the peace aie held at Wis-
beach and Ely alternately; and tlie town is included
in the thirty-second circuit of County Court towns,
under Ihe act (passed in 1846,) for the recovery of
tiebts to any amount not exceeding £20. The bo-
rough police com t is held over the police station, and
here the magistrates sit eveiy day. The lord bishop of
Ijly is lord of the franchise and of the manor. The
town is the ciiitre of the Wisbeach Union under the
new Poor Law ; and there has been erected a spa-
cious and handsome building, on the Lynn road, for
the purposes of the act. Tlie new gaol situated in
New Wisbeach, is a commodious and substantial
building, on the plan of the model prison at Pentoii-
ville. Among the other public buildings and institu-
tions, are the exchange-hall and council-chamber
(originally the corn-exchange) ; a literary institution
and museum; public haths and reading-rooms; the
theatre ami assemliiy-roonis ; the custom-house, &c.
A newspa()er, published here monthly, is conducted
with considerable talent, atid enjoys a respectable
circulatiiin through the surrounding district.

W'isbeHth compiises the parishes of Saint Mary
and Saint Peter: the church of ihe former stands
about two miles noilh-west of the town; that of
Saint Peter is a spacious handsome fabric, tliou;;h of
a rather singular construction, being furnished with
two naves and two aisles — the naves are lofty, atid
separated from each other by a row of light slender
pillars with pointtd arches; the tower, a tine one of
«tone, highly ornamented — is almost separated from

living is a vicarage, with that of Saint Mary's an-
nexed, in the patronage of the Bishop of Ely. The
chapel of ease, in the Old Market, is a modern erec-
tion of white brick, octagonal in form : it is endowed
with a lanced estate, for the benefit of the incumbent,
of the value of £200 per annum, by the private muni-
ficence of Dr. Jobson, a late vicar, 'i here are places
of worship for various religious denominations; of
which a list is appended, with their ministers. The
public charities of this town are of importance, espe-
cially those for the education of youth: amongst
these the grammar school ranks first in antiquity,
having been founded in the twelfth century. This
establishment, which is under the patronage and
superintendence of the coipoiation, lias the appoint-
ment of two scholarships at Magdalene college Cam-
bridge ; a classical education is afforded to all boys of
the tow n ; the Bisliop of Ely is visiter : — Dr. Herring,
afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, received his
educational tiiis school; and Clarkson, the philan-
thropic advocate for the abolition of slavery was born
here, his father being the then master of the school.
An endowed school for girls, a national school for
hoys, and an excellent British school are well sup-
ported and attended. Seveial charitable societies,
wll-endowed almshouses, and charities of a minor,
exteent, contribute to the assistance of the indigent
The market days are Thursday and Saturday; the
former for fat stock, the latter tor the usual articles of
consumption— both abundantly supplied. Fairs, the
Wednesday next before Whitsunday and July 25th for
horses, and on the 1st, 2iid and 12th August for
cattle and sheep. In 1831 the paiish of Saint Peter
contained 7,253 inhabitants, and that of Saint Mary
1,524; in 1841 their respective populations were
8,530 and 1,931, total 10,461 ; in 1850 the estimated
number was about 12,500.

Elm parish is in the hundred of Wisbeach — the
village, a pretty and rural one, is 2 miles s. s. e. from
that town, on the border of Norfolk. The parish
Church of All Saints is a neat edifice ; the living is a
vicarage in the gift of the Bishop of Ely. Population
in 1841,1,742.

Leverington village is in the same hundred a3,.
and 2 miles N. w. from Wisbeach : it contains a very
handsome church with an equally beautiful spire, ex-
cepting which the village has no claim to particular
notice : the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the
Bishop of Ely. The parish (including thechapeliy of
Parson Drove) contained in 1841, 1,954 inhabitants.
Emneth is a village and parish in the hundred of
Freebridge-Marsh-land, in the county of Norfolk,
2^ miles e. s. e. from VVisbeach. The church, a small
edifice is dedicated to Saint Edmund : the living is a
perpetual curacy, annexed to Elm. Population in

Walsoken is a paiish and village in thesame county
and hundred as Emneth, contiguous to the town of
Wisbeach. The gardens in this parish are many, ex-
tensive and productive, and the pleasant walks in and
around the village form the favourite Sunday prome-
nade of the inhabitants of Wisbeach. The church of
All Saints is a handsome structure, with a lofty spire,
and forms a prominent and plea>ing object in the
distant view : the living is a rectory, in the presenta-
tion of the AUington family. Population of the parish

the church, which gives it a curious appearance : the i n 1841, 2, .'563

POST OFFICE, Cornhill, Wisbeach, John Goward, Post Muster.— Letters from London, Cam-
bridge, Ely, HuNTivGDON, Saint Ives, Chatteris, March, Attleborough, Brandon, Thetford,
Wymondham, Norwich, Yarmouth, Lynn, Stamford, Peterborough, Spalding, Boston, Spilsby,
Alford, Louth and Hull, arrive every morning at half-past five; and .?econ^i mat/ from London, Cam-
bridge, Ely, Huntingdon, Saint Ives, Chatteris, March, &c. at a quarter before four m the
afternoon ; and are despatched every morning at seven, and at night at the same hour.

Letteis from Holbeach, &c. arrive every evening at half-past .six, and are despatched at ten minutes
before four in tbe afternoon,

POST, Elm, Receiving House at Thomas Francis's.— Letters from all parts arrive (by foot-post from Wis-
beach) every morning at eight, and are despatched thereto at five in the afternoon.

POST, Emneth, Receiving House at Stephen Hunsley's.— Letters from all parts arrive (by foot-post from
Wisbeach), every morning at half-past eight, and are despatched thereto at half-past four in the afternoon,

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Ahboit Mrs. Mdiy Ann. Cif-^cent
An Ire w Mr. John, VValsoki-n
BrfXtirr .Mr«. .Maiy .Aiui, North brink
Btll.lut .MrsCatliVn.Gt.Cljurchlane
Bfll.ini> .NJr. John, Lynn load
Bailley .Mr>. Ktanre«. Kly plnce
BuiiD Rev. John, .Mur.ihlanil road
Bycroft .Mr. Kichard, Walsokeii
Cdiliphn)nas llev.Dcmctrius P.,l'[)-

per Hill 8t
CaUT .Mr*. Miiry, North brink
ChiMiberlin Mr. Win. North ttrracc
Cle .Mfs.M.iriha .M^IW, South hi ink
Coir .Mr.x Krhi-ciH, Khn load
Cole .Mr. 'I'hoiiiaH, South l, Cliiinh st
Hamerioii Mi.i. Haiinati, Crcsrent
Harri-on .Mr. Janus, Ajiion place
HiikMin .Mr. John, Kim road
Hiii^'ins .Mrs. .\nn, Ncne paraf'e
HoliiH's Kcv.Tlionias I'att. sun, South

Holmes Mr. Uilliani, North brink
Huton lUv. Kdward, Walsoki ii
Isley .Mr. U'ijii.iiii. Church leriare
Jackson llev. Fiedk. l*ar.son's grove
Jrtckoii Kcv. Henry, Ufctory, Li ver-

ii'Kton ' [South brink

Jackson Hnpli,KM|fcli-ik of peace),
Jaiksoii Hev.Jeienih. V'ic^ia;;e,liliii
Johnson .^Ji^.s — . Lower Hill st
Johnson ihe .Ml>.ses — ,LeV( riiigton
Johnson .M I. s. Caroline. South hriiik
John-t es, V^.uuv\,\.r^,rmtiUu,

Southwell Mrs. — , North brink
Stijiiger Mrs. Mnry, Kly place
Stanton .Mrs. Sarah, Leveriiigton
Stevens William, Esq. (magistrate),

Old market
Sutterby Mis* Esther, Lower Hill st
Swaine .Mrs. Sophia Ann, Crescent
Tuylor .Mrs. IJai bara. Old market
I'avlor .Mr. John, North terrace
Taylor .Mr. Josepli, OM luarkei
Thompsi'ii Uev. George Harrison

Wartoii, Upper Hill st
Trevor .Mr. John, Walsokeii
I'sill .Mis. Helen, Hridge st
W'ainman .Mrs. .Ann, North brink
Wall Mr. Hardy, iMaikei st
W:ii(l Henry William, Esq. (mayor),

Noith blink
Ward Kiibeit, Esq. Noith teriaoe
Wanlale .Mr. George, S.'Uth biiiik
Weatherlu'ahall, Market pi
British School (boys'), NewWi>-
beach — Edwd. Neighbour, master
British School (girls'), Cresctm

passage — Frances Hill, mistress
Bull John, WisbeachSt. Maiy
Dow Emma Jane (bdgcS; day),Elvpl
Dun Agnis .Si Helen, Upper Hil'l st
Dun GeorteMehille Wilson (board-
ing and day), Upper Hill st
Frf.k School, Elm— William Hill,

Friend Mary Ann, Upper Hill st
Fyscli Miss—, iMaishland load
Grammar School, Upper Hill st—
Uev. Geoige Harii>on Wanoii
Thompson, head mast.r; Chris-
tian Hail, second master
Holmes Hev. William (hoarding),

Noitii blink
Infants' School, Great CliUKh

lane— Harriet Uuscall, mistress
Levekington Chakity School,
Leieringtoii— JacobLeiiair.masti
Lewis .Sarah, Great Chnich lane
Moon Rev. Michael Alfrid, North

.street, Walsoken
National School (boy.s'), Churdi

tell ace — George Oliver, master
National School (girla'j. Lower
Hill SI — Susan Marian Johnson,
Pi ttet Harriet Agnes, South blink
llaiihhy .Maiy Sarah 6i lkt>y Ann,
Maiketst [tlay),N,,itlist

Rohinxjo Ann(ladies' bdaiding and
Smith \< a i boarding j.nd dayj.Elm
Spenee Elizabeth iV Fanny ('ladies'
boaidiiig and dayj, Ca>tle Lodge
Stanton William llediii, Wibbe„ch

St. Mary
Stavel.y Eastland (boarding & day),

Maish'and road and lluby st
West Jane & Harriet (boarding and

day). Elm road
Wofle Hannah Maria (board-
ing and dav), Ely place
WoottonMaiy, WaNoken

Marked ihn, • ,...• Co.nmis.ion A(teiit».
Ilouttell Thomas Henry (custom
house agent and ship and insu-
rance broker, and consnl f,.i
."s^eib II I Nene

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 40 of 131)