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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 43 of 131)
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and ai>h's, with a small pinnacled lower at the north-
west angle. Tlie church was repewed and embel-
lished, and the vestry enlarged, in 1837: the living is
a rectory, united with that of Saint John the Baptist,
in the gift of the Crown. There are likewise places of
worship foi Baptists, Independents, Wesleyan iMetlio-
dists, and the Society of Fiien.is. A small and iiand-
some chapel, called Christ Church, stands on tlie site
of tlie thfaire : it was erected in 1846, at the sole ex-
pense of Lady Olivia S])arrow. The interior is fitted
lip with great neatness, having gMlleries, ci>miniiiiion
table, &c. It was orii;inally intended to becontiected
with tlic Estahlished Church, hut was mver conse-
crated, and it is now open to all deu()minations, with-
out respect to creed. 'I'he public educational establisli-
nients comprise a free granitnar school, founded in
tlie leigii of Henry II, by David, Earl of Huntingdon,
for the sons of all natives of the town — it has two
exhibitions ; a free school, called Walden's charity,
(or the Green Coat school,) founded in 1736, for thirty
boys and twelve giils who are clothed and educated ;
and National, British and Infants' schools. The free
grammar school has acquired some celebiity from its
having bren the seminary in whicli Oliver Cromwell,
who was boin in this town, received his education.
There are several charities by which the poor are
benefitted, induding bequests by benevolent indivi-
duals, almshouses and apprenticeship funds. Tlie mar-
ket is held on Saturday, and the fairs on the Tuesday
before Easter, the second Tuesday in May, the Satur-
day before iMichaelmas-day, and the third Saturday iu
November. The borough of Huntingdon contained,
in 1831, 3 267 inhabitants, and according to the census
of 1841, 3,507.

GoDMANCHESTER is an ancient corporate borough
and parish, in the hundred of Toseland, situated on
the southern bank of the Ouse, which is ciossed by a
bridge and short causeway, forming a communication
with Huntingdon, to which town it may be considered
a suburb, and, as before stated, is included in that
parliaaieutaiy borough. This place was formerly the


Mr. JOHN HATFIELD, Post Master.

From London and the North, every morning at half-past one, and afternoon at three.

From Cambridge, Peterborough and Bury St. Edmunds, at ten minutes before eleven at night.

From Bedford, at ten at night; and from Wisbeach, at twelve at night.

To London, at ten at night.

To Cambridge, Peterborough and Bury St. Edmunds, at five minutes before eleven at night.
To Bedford, at two in the mornint:; and to Wisbeach. at a quarter past twelve at night.
POST OFFICE. GoDMANCHESTER, Auu Allen, Pvst Mistress. — Letters from all parts are received
and despatched through the Huntingdon Post Office.

NOBILITY, GENTRY, AND Gilbert Mrs. Sarah, St. Mary's st

residence of numbers of yeomen and farmers, who
are stated to have been possessed of extraordinary
teams of horses ; they were wont to receive the sove-
reigns who visited this district with a display of their
agricultuial implements— exhibiting to James 1, when
he at one time passed through it, no less than nine
score of ploughs, adorned with trappings, &c.: in this
respect, however, a great alteration has taken place.
Godmanchester was inc"r|)i)rated in 160.5, and its
government vested in two baiiiffs and twelve assis-
tants, with a recorder, &c. The Municipal Act recog-
nises it as a borough, and adds four aldermen to the
corporate body, which it styles ' liie Bailiffs, Assis-
tants and Commonalty of the Borough of Godman-
chester.' A couit of pleas, for the recovery of debts
under forty shillings, was formerly held every three
weeks , but this is rendered nugatory by the operation
of the new County Couit, held monthly, (distinct from
that at Huntingdon,) for adjudicating claims not ex-
ceeding £20. The parish church of Saint Mary is a
commodious light edifice, comprising a nave, chancel
and aisles, with an embattled lower, surmounted by a
suire, at the western end : the living is a vicarage, in
the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Weatminster.
There are places of worship for Independents and
Baptists; a free school, founded iu the reign of
Elizabeth, and a school of iudustiy. A fair, chiefly
for horses, is held on Tuesday and Wednesday in
Easter Week. The parish contained, iu 1831, 2,146
inhabitants, and in 1841, 2,152.

Brampton is a parish, in the hundred of Leighton-
stone — the village, scattered over a considerable ex-
tent of ground, is about two miles w. from Hunting-
don. The parish church of Saint Mary is deserving
notice for its beautiful south porch, decorated with
elegant tracery : the benefice is a discharged vicarage,
ill the presentation of the Prehendaiy of Brampton in
Lincoln cathedral. Ttie parish contained, in 1831,
1,064 inhabitants — being precisely the same number as
was returned at the census ten years previously, and,
in 1841, 1164.

Rather more than one mile E. by N. from Hunting-
don, and in the same hundred as that town, is the neat
little \illage of Hartford, containing a very pretty
cliurch, the architecture of which is an admixture of
the Norman and Saxon styles ; it is dedicated to All
Saints, and the living is a discharged vicaraee, in ihe
patronage of the Crown. In 1831 the population of
the parish was 452, but in 1841 only 380.


Achurch Mr. J(din, Brampton
Alexander Mrs. Mary, Brampton
Andrews Mrs. Jane, Brampton
Bates Samuel, Esq. Godmanchester
Baylilfe Miss Ann, Godmanchester
Beart Robert, E-^q. Go(lmanche>ter
Blunson Miss Elizb. St. Andrew's pi
Bourdilloii Rev. Francis, High st
Brown Rev. Wm., Godmanchester
Burch Rev. George, High st [hill
Cooch Samuel Edwd. Esq. Market
Danns John, Esq. High st
Dent Mr. William, Brampton
Dobson Mrs. Elizabeth, High st
Duherley Captain, Gains hall
Fell Rev. John, High st [ter

Fenner Miss Harriet, Godmanches-
Foreman William, Esq. The walk
Freshfield Mr. Jas. Godmanchester

Golborne James, Esq. Market liill
Goode Edwd. Mason, Esq. Grove|pl
Gray Rev. Charit s, Godmanchester
Green Captain Smithson Wuteiland,

Princess street
Hawoitli Rev. Richard, Market hill
Herbert Dennis, Esq. High st
Hicks Mrs. Mary, Godmanchester
Hodg'onCapt.Fredk Godmanchester
Hopkins Rev. Daniel John, Hartford
Housden VVilliam, Esq. The walk
Lee Rev. Bartlemy, Highst
Lindsay Mrs. Margaret, Farm hall
Lowry Rev. James, St. Andrew's pi
Mackee Rev. Thomas James, Vic-
arage, Brampton
Mann Miss Mary, St.Andrew's place
Margetts Mrs, Elizabeth, High st
Margetts Rev. Henry, High st
Margetts Mrs. Mary, North end

Margetts Mr. William, The walk
Martin Edwd. Esq. Godmanchester
Maule Rev. Henry Augustus, God-
manchester [manchester
Maule William Henry, Esq. God-
May Chailes, Esq. North end
Millard Rev. Charles James, God«

Motion James, Esq. High st
Newton Rev. John, High st
Parker Richard John, Esq. God-
Phillpot Richard, Esq. High st
Phillpot Miss Sarah, High st
Pocock Mrs. Mary, Highst [Ripton
Rooper John Bonnell, Esq. Abbotts
Rooper Rev. Wm. Abbotts Riptoa
Rust George, Esq. Cromwell House
Rust James, Esq. Alconbury House
Sandwich the Right Honourable the
Earl of, Hinchinbrook House

^miintfloxmixt. HUNTINGDON, &c.


GENTRY, ecc.—Cnutintieil.

Scott Iter. Francis BHgsi", God-
nianchi'Ster [ton Park

Sp arrow Lady (Jlivia.lJainard lira lup
Steel Mrs. Ann, George laiit!
Stroniiuard Mrs. Godmanchester
Sweeting Lieutf:iantGcoige,Higl)st
Sweeting IJev. Henry, IJai tford
Sweeting Mrs. .luiia, High .st
Thorley Miss Ann, Godinaiicliester
Tillard Phillips, Esq. G( 1(1 iiiancliester
Veasey Cliarle.", jiin., K'iii Higii st
Veasey Charles, Esq. High st
Veasey David, Escj. High st
Veasey Miss Alary, Hiijh st
Ward Richard, Esq. Grove House,

"Westwood Rev. Jolm, l{ram|)ton
AVhitwell Jidit), Es(|. High st
Woods .Mrs. Eli/.ahelh, Brenton
Cottage, Brampton [ter

Wriglit Rev. William, Godmanches-


^ot otherwise (lcscrll)eii are Day ."'cliools.
Brewster .las. (hoarding,) Brampton
British .'school, Germain si —

Elizabetli Upchurrh, mistress
British Scmooi., High st — Maria

Bnck, mistress
Bryant iMnnia, Ann, and Eliza,

(hoarding). North End
County Schoid, North End— William

Sinison, master [chester

(Jiistance Daniel .lohn, Godman-
Fox Anne, (day & boarding), Gtd-

Fox Charlotte, (boarding). High st
Free Grammar Scmooi., High st

— Rev. Joint Kell, master
Fref. Gramimar .School, God-

manrhi'ster - Riclid Gail lit, master
Free School, (boys and girls),

Brampion — Robt. Gamble, riia>tcr
Green Coat School, High st

Charles .lolin Driiiy, master:

Kachfiel Dnst, mistress [st

Honey Robt. (hoaiding& day). High
Infants' Scliofd, Huntingdon— Laura

Louisa BuUen, mistress
Infants' School, Godmanchester —

Emma To liday, mistress
National School, Huntingdon —

Cliariottc Hoskiiis, mistress
Negiis Jidiii, (M)dinaiicliester
Bam.sev Sarah, Godmanchester
Bandall Henry, High st [High st
llandHll Sarah, (hoHrding & day).
School or Indcstrv, Godman-
chester — .Maty Bates, mistress
Smiths Eli/.abcfh & Emma, (ladies'

boarding), the Walk


Fowler Willi nn, I'l iiici's st
Himnybnn .Alaniii, St. John st
JMamctis Charles, (& notary public),

MarK. t Hill
JVlaiile Gi orL'c Frcffcrick, Highst
]Vlellor William Joms, Hit;li st
Wright William Rose, Hii.'li st
Fox & S(.n.(^ e^tatr ;it,'ciit>i,High M
Haicbard Thomas, Godmanchester
i\laddison John, High st

AriM.M Wi liani, U\u\> ^t
Baiigey Jnlni, Noith Knd
Burin idge 'I'honnis, .Market hill
Claridge Mary. Hi'_'li si [tei

Clark (;hai hs Jo^i;di, Godmanches-
Cole Willi.im.High >t
Coop< I TiHimns, Hiuh st
Crawley l'",(lwai(l, (ioiliiianchcster
Dallon Samuel, Hii;h st
Fairy Henry, Godmancheittr

Fuller Edward, His-h st
HigL;iii9 John, Godmanchester
Kisby Frederick, Gudmancliestcr
Parkins William, God m-iii chester
Reeve James, Godmaiicliester
Robinson John, Piiiices st
Sale John Henry, Hiyh st
Sirangward Riir)ert, Brampton
Wilson Elizabeth, Brampton


London and County Joint Stock
Banking Company, Market hill
— (draw on the head office Lon-
don) — James Golhorne, manager

Rust 6i Veasey, Market bill — (draw
on Masteriuaii, Peters, & Co.,

Savings Bank, High st — (open on
Fridays and Saturdays, from 10
till 6) — Thomas Lo\ell, actuary


Bullard Chailes, North end
.S lint Charles, (iodmaiichester
Titman James, Cowpers place


CSce also IF kites iniths.)
Biffgs Josepii, Brami)ton
Brighly 'I'liomas, Godmanchester
Brigstock George, Godmanchester
Cattell Wallis, Princes st
Gnmley William, lirampton
Hudson Jolm, Germain st
James John, Godmanchester
F^axtou Robert, Royal Oik lane


Edis Robert, (& circulating library,

and newsagent), Highst
Hatfield James, High st
Wood Andrew Page, High st


Abbott Josef)li, Highst
Abbott Joseph, Brampion
Allen Anne, Godmanchester
Allen William, Biamptou
Barnes John, High st
Barnes Robert, High st
Bennington John, Germain .st
Bcresford Samuel, High st
Bestcr Thomas, Godmanchester
Bettle John, High st
Butler Le\>is, Biampton
Ry water Owen, Noith end
Cave William, Godnuinchcsfer
Cox 'riujinas, Royal Oak lane
Kay John, High .st
Saint John, (Jodmaiuhestcr
Smith Hdiry, High st
V'inter Robt'rt, St. Mary's st
Wimpress John, High st
Woods Joseph, High st


Cater Robert Weils, High st
Fletcher William, Godmanchesfer
Harratt William, Mai ket hill
Morton James, High st


(jarka William, Godmanchester
Herb' rt Dennis, High st


Rates ^L Heart, (and tile), God-

Harratt^ IMand, St. Andrew's place
riiesl.ind hiaiik, (ioilmanchesti r


.Mien John, BiMUipton
Brown Riidiaid, North end
Dawes Hcniy, \\\\l}\ st
HaiiaitiSi Bland, St. Andrew's place
Mann ,lter
Gadsby William, Godniancliester
Gale William, H.irtfoid Hill
Hooper Eniatiucl, Godmaiiclie^ter
James and SioUes, Bramjiton Mills
Jenkins John, Hifli st
Kisty Oiiiali, (Jodmanchester
Kisiy John, Dihdin's Farm
Knighton Isaac, Hartford
Knighton Is lae, Godmaiuhesler
Maile Sarah, Godniancliester
Matsou Ricliaid, Godmanchester
Middleton Ann, Biampton
OrbL'll John, Hartford
Thackrey Ilichard, Godniancliester
Turner Janus, liraniptim
Veasey James, Godniancliester
Wady George, Hiuh st
Winslade Henry, Brampton


Alliance, Robert Edis, High st
Atlas, Thomas Lonell, Hisih st
British Empirf,, Daniel John

Gustancc, (Todnianchester
County (hail storm) James Gol-

borne, Market Hill
County (fire) Andrew Page Wood

High st ; and Thomas Hatchard,

General, Henry Randall, High st
General (hail storm), Thomas

Fox, High st
LAW,\ViUi:im Jones Mellor.Hieh st
London, John Bale Cawley, High

st; and William Cawley, High st
Minerva (life), James Golborne,

Market hill
North of England, William

Wright, High stieet
Norwich Union^ George Morris

Fox, High st
PELiCAN,Clias.Margetls,Market hill
Phcenix (fiie),Ri( lid. Wise, High st

Godniancliester; and Andrew

Page Wood, H:gh st
Royal Exchange, William Fore-
man, the Walk [hill
Star, William Whitney, Maiket
Suffolk (lire), William Whitney,

Market hill
Sun, James Balfonr, Princes st


Allett Henry, Godmanchester
East Jesse, Godmaneiic ter
Franks John, the Common
Newbury William, Brampton
Slight Thomas, Godinai. Chester
Wood Snsaii(Huntingdon nurseries)
Germain st


Chamberlain Thoma-, Brampton
Crawley Sarah, Hitih st

{Sec also S/iop/teepers, ter
ThonK Joiiii, iS'iinh end
Kiirley John, High st
Gatward -Suniiel, Hisli .st
f Jiiariierio I'eter, Hiuh st
Peacock John, Hi^h st


James William, Godmanchester
Murphy Frederick, Godmanchester
Perriii Ale.\'aiider, Brampton
Stiang\vaidJohn,St.Atidrew's place
Tebbtitt Thomas, St. Andrew's place


Cooch Samuel Edwanl, .Market liill
Herbert Dennis (spirit), High st
Vea.sey Charles, jun. & Co High st


BakerJos parish clerk, Godmanchester
Balfour James, house agent. Princes st
Campbell Joseph, fishmonger, High st
Duggan John, billiard rooms, Germain st
Flanders William, dyer. High st
Franks John, beehive maker, the Common
Gustance Daniel John, house agent, &c.

Hatchard Thomas, sub-distributer of
stamps, Godmanchester [chester

Herring Thomas, furniture broker, God-
Housden Ann. poulterer, High st

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 43 of 131)