I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 46 of 131)
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Toller William, Bridije street
Upsher Joseph & Thomas Faux,

Sheep Market
Whitwell Joseph, Needingvvorth
VVillson William, Crown st


Coote John, Fen-Stanton
Codte Thomas, VVisbeach road
Coote VVm. ICaden, Bullock Market
Earl Thomas, Unicorn ynid
Lambert Joseph, Fen-Stan;on
Osborne, Martin & Allpress, Bul-
lock Market
Tiiorpe William, NeedinE;vvorth
Wasdale, Gifford & Knight, Hem-
ingford Giey

Conte Thomas & William Eadcn,

Bullock Market
Lindseil Thoinns, Cambridge road
Ulph Samuel Dure, Back st


Ashton Aipress, Bridge st
Brown Potto, Hongliton Mills
Clark George, Bullock Market
Hanly Rubert, Fen-Stanton
Harris I'homas, Meeiing lane
Lambert Cornelius, Fen-Stanton
Seekings Samuel, Waits
Wasdale, Gilford & Knight, Heni-

ingford Grey
Watts Joseph, Hetningford Grey


Caiinam Rebtcca Knight, Back st
Cox Ann, Ktidge st
Cox Mary, Houghton
Eden Mary, Back st [Market

Green Elizabeth Osborne, Sheep
Hines Fanny, Mcrryland
Hodson Harriet, Fen-Stanton
Johnstone Ann Eliza, MarUethill
Payne Mary Ann, Crown st
South & Jackson, Crown yard
Toller Mary, Bridge st


Clarke John & George, Houghton
Laiigran James, Hemingford Giey


Peek VVilliam Osborne, Bridge st
Salmon Richaid, Back st
Sliarpe Jamc s. Crown yard
Siorey James Back st


Tur A V V^ R S

Gifford Wiliiiim, Bridge st
Goggs Richard, Crown st
Harvey Arcliib.dd, Bridge st
Marsh Henry, Fen-Stanton
Marsh John, Sheep Market


Aldous George, Fen-Stanton
Blench Philip, Fen-Stanton
Carter Thomas, Fen-Stanton
Chambers Charles, Needingworth
Clark George, Hougliton
Dring Oliver, Clinrch end
Elwiu Sarah, Waterside
Haradine Snsun, Fen-Stanton
Hives Richard, Merryland
HoHidge John, Green st
Itigle Horatio, Hemingford Grey
Ingle John, Houghton
Ingle William, Over
King Elizabeth, Heminaford-Abbots
Kitchen Joseph, Hemingford Grey
Noble Robert, Sheep Market
Payne Mary Ann, Crown st
Pignott John, Back st
Piggdtt William, Neerlingworth
Prin Henry, Needingwortii
Rider Jtdin, Green st
Rolls Samuel, Fen-Stanton
Tall VVilliam, Back st
Whaley VVilliam, Waits
Wright Isaac, Over


Dumvile James, Bridge st [st

Gnanerio Angelo (wholesale), Back
Hurdy Samuel, Crown st

[See also irine S( SfArit Merchants.)
Lindseil 'J'horaas, Cambridge road
C>sboriie Martin & Allpress, Bul-
lock Market

Chambers Eliza, Meeting lane
Cut was subsequently lendtred inde-
p ndeiit aod existed till ilie time of Henry VI H, when
it shared the fate of other religious estatilisliments.
Aft.r the death of Chailes I., the E irl of Holland
niiistei'ed afotee liere in favour of the royal cause ; but,
being defeated in a battle byCrom well's soldiers in 1()48,
and after\va;(ls taken prisoner, wiihont resistance, at
St. Ives, he suffered on the scalTold. The town con-
sists of thiee piincipal stieets, anil an exiensive mar-
ket pi ee ; the hi'.;h roads from Biggleswade lo Hun-
lingilon, and to Ciinhridge, |)assing ilnough the main
thoroiiglifiies. The greater part of the town being
only a few feet above the ordinal y level of the river,
inntidations were formei ly consequent upon sudden
thaws, or very heavy rains, to such an extent, as to
render a nav gallon of the siretts not merely juac-
licable but necessaiy ; but great iinproveinents having
been effected, in the consti uttion of the bridges, lo
giiher with drains, tliis evil is, in a great ineaMire,
reimdied. '1 le' only iiianufactuie here, except that of
malt, is paper, for which lain r there is an extensive
mill upon the river, with Foiirdrinier's patent ma-
chines for making that aiticle. The river Ouse is
nivigalde from the jiort of Lynn to this place, ami
thence lo Bedford ; and a trade of some coiisei|iience
is carried on upon it, in coin, wine, coal, iron, timber,
groceries, &c., fir tlie consunii>tioii of the town and





village and jiaiish of Eaton Socon, situated on the
western b ink of the river Uiise, on the main road
from London totlienoith ; and before the opening of
railways, was a place of great thorougbfaie, and flou-
rishing. There was formerly a castle belonging to the
Beanchamps, and a priory founded by one of that
family; of the latter, the only portion remaining is
the refectory, nnw converted into stables. Tlie church
is dedicated" to Saint Mary : the living is a discharued
vicarage, in liie patronage of John Hill Day, Ksq. The
parish (includingWvBOSTON) contained, in 18;U, 2,490
inhabitants, and in 1841, 2,600.

'I'his is a place of considerable antiquity, and at one
period of some consequence, Tiiere are fragments of
a monastic building, and an epi^copal palace — the
latter a venerable structure, formerly the residence of
the bishops of Lincoln, to one of whom, the abbot of
Kly, in tlie reign of Henry L granted tlie manor of
Buckden. The church of Saint Mary (which contains
the remains of some of the bislmps), is a neat edifice,
with a tower, surmounted by a light and elegant spire.
The living is a discliaiged vicarage, in the gift of The
See of i/nicoln. Theie is a place of worship for VV'es-
leyan Methodists, and a charity school — the latter

Buckden is a village and parish, in llie same hun- founded and endowed by Dr. Greenlate, bishop of
dred as S.iint Neots, situated about midway between Lincoln, in 1778. Population of the parish, in 1831,
that town and Huntingdon, on the great north road. I 1,095, and in 1841,1,209.

POST OFFICE, South-street, Saint Neots, John Barker, Post Master. — Letters from London
and the South, &c., arrive every morning at half-past three, and afternoon at four, and aie despatched at eigiit
in the morning, and nine at night.

Letters from Huntin-gdon, Cambridge, and all parts of the North, arrive every morning at half-past
three, and are despatched at nine at night.

POST OFFICE, Buckden, Thomas Darlow, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive every morning
at two, and are despatched at a quarter befoie ten at night.

National School, Buckden — Ma-
ria Cope, mistress
National School, Eaton Socon —
Gabriel Scott, master; Mary
Emery, mistress
Oliver Anne (boarding). New lane
Topham Thomas Slater (boarding
and day), Eatonford house



Beauford Henry Walton, Esq. Cam-
bridge road

Duberley Miss Sarah, Buckden

Fawcett Rev. Stephen Glass (Vica-
rage), Eaton Socon

Fowler ftliss Anne, Huntingdon st

Grey Rev. Hugh W. Bushniead

Priory [street __ __ _

Green Rev. John (Vicarage) Church I ^ George Church s7

Green Capt. John George, Buckden ^^^ William, Church st

Halliley 1 he Misses, Kyuesbury ' - ■ -

Haikness Miss Ann, E\uesbuiy

Humbley Capt. William, Waterloo
Cottage, Evnesbuiy

Lewis Riv.Wm Ueulien, Eynesbury

IJnton Mrs. Sarah, Cambridge st

Linton Col. John, Stii tloe

Limon Rev. Heniy, DiddinKton

Livett John, Esq. Baton Socon

Medl nd Mrs. Mary, New lane

Medlock John, Esq. i'^ynesbuTy

Murrell Rev. George, New lane

Musgrave Mis« Mary, High st

Palmer Rev- William, Eynesbury

P.puercorn Mr. George Alexaiider, j '^';;;^"'^'',7;;,_"j^i:;;.',.;Ypj'3^g"

Church st U^" , Harris George, Eaton Socon

Reynolds Capt. Richard, Little Pax

Wilkinson Ociavius Robert, Cam-
bridge st


Abbott William, Evnesbuiy
Joyce Medbury, Higli st
Maddison Faucis, Church st
Medland William, Market place


Abialiams Joseph, Huntingdon st
Adams Tlinmas, Burkden
liarringer Joseph, Church st
Darlow Thomas, Buckden
Farrington John, Buckden

Rowley George, Esq. Priory Hill
Sewall Mr. Charles, Buekden
S'debottom Rev. Henry, Vicarage,

Smith Mr. John, Eynesbury
Stanley Rev. John, Southoe
Sievens Mis Mary, Priory
Thornvvell tjcorge, Esq. m.p. Did-

Tnfncll Rev. Charles, Evnesbuiy
Weldon Mr. John, Buckden
Wiles Mr. William, Eynesbury
Wriglit Mrs. Elizabeth, J^ew lane


Beaumont Fras.(boaiding),Buckden
BritishSchool, High st — William

Stuck ey, master
Charity School, Buckden — Hy.

James, master
Elliott John Henry (boarding),

Eaton Socon
Free School, Eynesbury — Anne

Clarke, mistress
Free School, High st — Thomas

Abron. master
Infants' School, Buckden — Lydia

Bailey, mistress
Infants' School, Eynesbury —

Eliza Lewin, mistress
Infants' School, Huntingdon st —

Maria Monk, mistress
National School, Huntingdon st

—Anna Maria Harding, mistress

HewittThonias, Katon Socon
Hill Joseph Sanders, High st
Marshall Joseph, Rlarket place
MehewJosepI), Eynesbuiy
Moss Jercmia'i, Russell st
Pnge Joseph. Eynesbury
Plum John, High st
Rosamond Willi im, Eaton Socon
Rutter John, Hunti'gdon st
Shepherd Mary, South st
Thurston Henry, Eynesbury


London AND County Joint Stock
Banking Company. Market place
— (draws on the head office, Lon-
don)— Isaac Marsh, aeent

Rust and Veasey (Branch), Mar-
ket place— (draws on Masterman
Peters & Co. London) — Emery
& Son, agents

Sayings' Bank, Market place —
Frederick Emery, agent


Carthev Charles, Huntingdon st
Kimni Thomas, Kynesbury
Richardson William, Eatonford


Beard John, Eaton Socon
Bingham Matthew (& whitesniilli),

Windmill row
Bradsbaw Mark, Eaton Socon
Dixie Mary Goreham, South st
Di.\ie Samuel, Eynesbury

Flavvn William, Eaton Socon
Goss William, Russell st
Howard William, Eaton Socon
Lewis Thomas (ami farrier) ,High st
Milner John, Buckden
Peach George, Cambridge st
Taylor Win. (and farrier) Enesbury
Ta\lor Samuel, Buckden


Emery & Son (and stamj) distribu-
ters). Market place

Toinsou David Richard (& piintei),
Market place

Topham James (& printer). High st


Ashton William, Buckden
Bull James, Higii st
Cooper James, High st
Cox Joseph, Huntingdon st
Jeaves John, Russell st
Johnson John, Eatonford
King Frederick, ("amluidge st
Kinu William, Market place
Munsey Chailes, New lane
Robinson Joseph, P^aton Soioii
Sibley Charles, Huniingdonst
Slade William, High st
Staines Abraham, Eynesbury
Stouuhton Samuel, Eynesbuiy
Usher George, Buckden
Warien George, Eynesbury
Wiles William, Hhb st
Wimpress Richard, Buckden


Bowyer Thomas, Eaton Socon
Chapman Thomas, High st
Day & Son, Priory
Hill Joseph Sanders, High st
Maiden Ebenezrr, Eaton Socon
Paine & Sou, Mai ket place
Piatt William, Eyne.sbury
Waller Henry, Buckden
Wiles Stephen, Market place


Hobson & Son, Enton Socon
Paine & Son, Market place


Rurford &Son, Hunlinudon st
Chapman Thomas, Cambridge st
Clarke Stephen, Euiesbury
Clarke William, Buckden
Rich Robeit, Brookside


fSee also under the head Carpeii'

ters, &C.J
Burford & Son, Huntingdon st
Kdy Thomas, High st
Edy, Son &. Case, High st






Bank>r..or«;tH.-lH-rt, Htiiitingdoii St
Barnes Sainiifl, Higli >t
Bartltft VVil.i.mi, KiooKMiIe
Battlett Genttff, Huiitini;ilon st
HriKlituiaii l^ailc. Kati.ii St>coii
Biu>»ii James, Markft place
tkitis ■.Villiain, Katoii Soion
Kldtiton John Lant, Biickdeii
EvaiisJohii, Kyiu>liury
Georijf Jo n, HIkIi si
Cum John, Katon Sdo.n
HaJl Francis Katou Sncoii
Lura> Marv, Huiitii>Kilo(i st
Ni.iiiiaii William, Kviiesbury
Oliver Jo-f|ili Niwman, Hiuh st


Duiiklcy John, Markci place
Fiaiil>liii A !>on, Market place
Oliver Jo«ho«nin
I>>u William, Ablnil'ley
i>i«l.v John. Colmwoith
Park Kdxard, Eyneiibnry
PrmiUy AugU'tlne, Buckdeu
Sabr John, Bliinhani
Sf^olrrn (koihc, Biooktide
Strinjter Jaini-^, ( olnworlb

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 46 of 131)