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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 55 of 131)
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Watts Rebecca, Denver load
Wilkin Ann, High st


Calver Benjamin A. High st
Heffer Robert, Denvei road

Giscard James, High st
Howes Benjamin, High st
Roberts John, Bridge st


Barton John, Hiluey
Bush George, Wimbotsham
Dungay William, Denver
Herring Thcuuas (& coach maVer),
Denver road [Hiigay

HowltttJno.Forrnan,Teii mile bank,
Jennyti Williatn, Denver
Lockwood John, Stow bridge
PorterPeckett,Teii mile bank, Hiigay
Redhead William, Hiigay
Siiasdell Joseph, Biidge st
Swinger John, Back lane
Westwood Tippin, Stow bridge


Addison \Vm. marine store dealer,Bridgest
Brecki)n George, inland revenue oflicer,
Biidge road [High st

Catchpole Mary Ann, colTee-house,
Cole James, dyer. Bridge st
Dorra/in John, cutler, Lynn road
Edwards Robert, cooper, Paradise st
Gas Works, Bridge road— George Hitch.

cock, manager
HospiTAL,Back lane— Christopher Thos.

A. Hunter, surgeon
Inland Revenue OFFicE,at the Crown

Inn — (ieorge Breckon, oiTicer
Jackson Mary, greengrocer. Bridge st
Long John,iuspector of weights, biidgerd
Mechanics' I.nstitute, Bridge st
Newman Francis, fishmonger, Bridge st
Petty Sessions Coukt, at the Crown

Inn, Mai ket place
Scott William, .-surveyor, Hiigay
Temperance Hall, Bridge street-
James Wright secretary
Tooley James, leather cutter, High st


and their 5I1JSISTERS.

All Saints', Hiigay— Rev. William J.

Parkes, rector; Rev. Roth well U.J. M

Johnson, curate.
Saint Edmund's Church, Downham—

Rev. Charles Boutell, tector. Rev.

Clements Cream, curate.
Saint Mary'sChurch, Wimbotsham—

— Rev.WmMaxeyAllen.pfiyje/Ha/tiirafe
Saint Maf.y's Church, Fordham— Rev.

William .^lasey AUen.perpetnal curate.

Saint Mary's Church, Denver— Rev-
Samuel C Smith, rec(or
Saint Mary's Church, Bexwell— Rev.

Edward John Howman, rectvr.
Holy Trinity CHURCH,Stow-BardoIph

— Rev. Jiihn Clavering, rector; Rev.

George H. Dashwood, curate.
Saint Miciiacl's Church, Ryston —

Rev. Michael Thos.Duprc,i7icu/H6ej(t.
Baptist Chapel, Slow bridge— Rev.

James Hurrell.
Baptist Chapel, Ryiton end- Rev,

John Bane.
Friends' Mekting-House, Bridge st.
Wesleyan Methodist CHAi'ELs,High

street; Hilgey ; :ind Wimbotsham.
Primitive Methodist Chapel,

Stow bridge.


Workhouse, Denver road.

Governor — Thomas N. Rose.

il/a^roji — Rebecca Swan.

Scltoolmaster — Alfred Buck.

Sclwolmistress—EMzSibeih Buck.

Surgeon— Ti\os. Garuey Wales, High st.

Chaplain — Tlis.MaxeyAllen,Wimsbots!im

Clerk to the Board of Guardians —
Edward Hett, Bridge street.

Relieviny Ojficera for Downham diitrict —
Thomas Smilh, Bridge street ;/o)- Wig.
genhall district — JoliD Hoyes Chamber-
lain, Stoke bridge.



Superinte}ident—E(\\va.\\\ Hett, Bridge st

Charles Mnmtord. registrar of inar7iaiies.

Bridge street; Thomas G. Wales, rejij-

trar of births 4" deaths, High street.


Office, High st
Judge — John Dick Burnaby, Esq.
Clerk — Cliarles Whaley Spurgeon, Lvnn.
District C/erA:— Thomas Lancelot Reed,

High street.
Bai/i^— Benjamin Parrott, Bridge st.


Station for Downham, Bridge end - lsaiah

Pepper Cook, s/a(ioH master
Booking Ofice, at the Swan Inn, High

street, Downham
Omnibuses from ihe Swan Inn, await the

arrival, and attend the departure of

the trnins
Station, at Stow bridge, Stow-Bar-

DOLPH— John Griffiths, c/fj/.-.
Ooze Bridge Station, two miles feom

Hiigay— James C. Smith, clerk.



Neighbourhood, Jas. Cann, (carrier
by appointment lo the East Anglian
Railway Company) Paradise lane

To FINCH AM & LYNN, James South-
gate, from the Chequers Inn, Monday

To STOKE FERRY, Benjamin Salmon,
from the Chequers, (Monday

Wiles, from the Crown, Monday



JlJjAST DEREHAM is a parish, in the hundred of
IMitford— the market town is 101 miles n.e. by n. from
from London, 16 w. by N. from Norwich, 10 v. fioni

Ingbain, and the like distance n. by e. from Wattun;
.situated at the junction of the East Anglian and the
Eastern Countiis Railways, and at a point whi'iice
branches a line to Fakeidiam. It is a flourishinc; little

improved as to render it one of the handsomest towns
in Norfolk ; and ic is seated in a fertile and deliiihtfnl
part of the county, nearly in its centre. The place
strictly exhibits no pretensions to excel in manufac-
tures : iron and brass founding may, howevei', be
noticed as employiiii; a few hands— in malting and
brewing some or others are engaged, and there are

place, and within thclast crntury has beei; so much several corn mills j but the general business is of a





retail character, well sustained by the liihabitHnts, and | from Ea«it Denham, in the same hundred ; situated on
the farmers and count ly people who attend its markets j tiie road to Fiikenhani. The parish church of Saint
and fairs, and the gentry of this respectable neigh- Alary, isa small old bnildiiif; : the llvim; is a discliarijed
bouriiood. Hdimind Co iper,EM|. is lessee of the manor rectory, in tiie p.ttronige (oi was lately) of the Rev,
under the Crown, and holds a cmiit leet annually, C. Mannings. Population of the pat ish under 400.
when constables (the only municip-il (tffiiers) are ap- 1 Gressenhall, is a parish in ihe same hundred as
jiointtd. Deieham is a p. Uinsj; station at the ehttion j the above-described places— the villiii,'e, nearly 3 miles
of nienibcrs to represent West Not folk ; and it is in- ^w. fiom Dereham, iMural in appeuance, and strictly
cliidtd in the thirtN-thiid circuit of County Court asricultmal in its ciiaracur. The jjaiish chuich of
towns under the act passed in 184(), for the recovery : Siint .Mary, is a hirge crucitorm buildint;, haxini; a
of del'ts to any atnount not exceedin-;; £20. | tower lisint; from the intersection : the livins; is a rec-

The parish clinicb of Saint Nicholas, is a veiVjtory, in the pationage of tlie family of Hill. A col-
aticient ciuciform structure, with a toixer rising fioui ' leyiate chapel was founded lieiein the reign of Henry
the intersection, and (.pen to the hodv of the diurch, i m, tlie leinains of wliieh now f..rm a portion of the
after the manuer >if the old cathedral: it has four i ii„use of industry erected lieie in 1776. The workhouse
thapels, two on the imrth and two on the south, and j of the Llnion, under the new poor law, is situated in
a remarkablv swcet-toneil organ ; this -ine instrument i this parish. The population of the paiish, in 1831,
is noticed t>y Dr. Buiney, in his histoiy of music, as | was 924 ; in 1841, 9o7.

a great cuiiosii\ ; it was built liy Schmidt in Ib'tifi and
enlarged in 182". In the noitli tiansuptisa tnonument
of white maibie, liy Fla.xinan, to the memory ut' the
elegant ainl pious poet, William Cowper, who died
and Wits interred lieie in 1800. There are two tablet^,
also, to themetnoiy of Mrs. Uiiwiii atnl Mis^Peiowne,
whom the poet teiined his ' best and dearest frends;'
some beautiful lities on these affection ite memorials
are from the peti of Hayl 'v. The living of Dereham
is divided into a sinecure rectoiyand a vicarage, in
the gift of the Ciown. There are pla( es of worship
for ba|itists, Jndepiiidents and vV'esleyan and Piimi-
tive Metiiorlists ; and sclioo s for children of either sex,
conducted upon the tiaional plan. The tnai ket, held
on Friday, lias lately attained great iinpoitance, aiu"

SwANTON, or SwANTON MoRLEY, IS a parish and
village — the l.itter neat four miles n.e. from Kast Derc-
hatn, ill the same hundred. The paiish chuich of Ail
Stints, a hatrlsome struiture, stands on an eminence
ill the centre of the village: the living is a ri ctory,
with that of V\'iirihiiig annexed, in the incumbency of
the Rev. Henry Tiacey. Population of the parish, 779,

SntFDHAM,is a parish in thes;ime bundled as Deie-
ham — the village, a pretty ruial one, is situated 5
miles s. from that town, on the road to Watton. The
paiisl) ciiuicli of All Saints is a neat building, with an
embattlid tower, sm mounted by a haiulsome turret :
the living is a rectory, in the gift of the Rev. Benja-
min Barker. A fair for cattle and sheep is hehl on the

is numerouslv attended by the"opnle.,t farmers and ! 29tli of .lune. In 1831, the populath.n of the parish
dealers i.i the countrv around : v, ,-y considerable husi- i «'^' ^'^^^' ^"'' '" l^''^' ^'^^'^■

iiessistransaded in corn and cattle, and this market! Klmham, or North Llmham, is a village and pari>h
is esieeined as one of the best in the county for pigs. I m the bundled of Launditeli, .5 miles n. frou) Dere-
Fairs, the Thursday next i efoie Old Midsummer-dav, | I'^m- The parish church of Saint Mary, has a tower
and the Thuisdav hi fore the 9th lville, Mai ket place
Bullock' the Misses, Shipdiiam
Claike Sir Chatles .Mansfitid, Dun-

liatn Lodge
Claike .Mr. James, Shipdhatn
Colli-ou Rev. Henry, Biliiey
Coliison John, Ksq. Bilney Hall
Cool: Mr. Isaac, W hinburi;li
Cooper Mrs. Han let. Church st
Coojier Rev. — , Shipdli on road
Curtis Rev. John, a. it. .Marker place
Day Rev. John, North TiildeidMin
DeGiube .Mi-. Maiy, Church st
Dingle Mr. George Paitison, Nor-
wich road
Dunn Mrs. Susannah Theatre «t
Dunaiit William, Ksq. G^rgate Hall
Kniiis .Mis. Ann, Norwich toad
Fislier .Mcuiey, ivsq. KImbam
Kit/roy Cap'.Hiigg, Scrmie Hall
Kitzf'iy Lieut. Col. Sennowe {..odae
Freeman Mr. Wm.Syvunton .Morley


Gilbert Mrs. Elizabeth, High st
Giilini; Barry, Esq. Stanton Heath

Girling Rev. William, Seaming
Gonch .Mrs. — , Market place
Go'iiig Mr. Cimrles, Shipdhnm
Giigson Rev. William, \Vhinburgh
Giounds Mr. William, Hoe Hal

P.iddon Rev. Thomas, MattishjiU
P.tyne Mr. George H. Shipdhani
Peck Mr. Fuller, Shipdham
Pillans Mrs. Maigaret, High st
liaven Mr. .lames. Church st
Read ISlr. Robeit, Ya.xhain
Reynolds Ik' V. Charles, Gt.FiansIiani
Richaids Mrs. — , Chinch st

Gurdcui Brampton T.Ks(].Sbi[)(llian) i Rump Mr. Tims. .Swanton Morley
Guidiui Re>. Philip, Cranworth Sadd Rev. Wilhain, Klmhaiii

Harvey .Mr. Stephen. DleCottate ! Sailer .Mr. William I'. Whinhurgh
Harvev Mr.Thoinas, Shipdhatn road | Smith .Mr. John, Church yard

Hart Mr. Georue, High
Heyho Mr. Giigson, ^'axlnm
hill Rev. Denni-, fiiesseiiball
Hill John David Hav, Esti. Gressen-
hall Hall
Hooper Rev. Jas. Clifrord.Theatrcst
Humphreys .Mr. Edw.trd, Shipdiiam
Johnson Sirs. Ann, High st
Johnson Rev. John B. Welborne
.lohnsim Rev. Wm.Ctioiiei ,Vaxliam
Kipple Fredeiiek, 1'.m|. LexhainHall
Knaichbull Rev. Hv. IvIwd.Elmham
Loni! Mr Divid, Dillington
Long Mr. William, ^'(Mv^icll road
.Mick .Mr. Thomas. S'.yanton Moiley
.Mann .Mr. .lohn, Vaxham
.M>s. VVm. Mattishall
Wolla^ton Rev. Charles Hyde, m.a.

WoUastoii Rev. William Charles,

M A. Mnoruaie House
Wright the Mi.sses — , Tiiealre st


Not otliprwise described are OayScliools.
Aldis Will, (hoarding), Norwich rd
Anderson Einilv, Swaiiton Morley
Baibi-r Harriet, Swantou Rlorley
B ttoniley Henry, Hall lane
British School, Swan lane — Wm.

Pratt, master ; Sarah Ann Meats,

Hastoe Mary Ann, High st
Fox Judith (hoarding and day).

Church street
Free School, Siiipdham — Thomas

Bloom, master
Golding Klizabeth, Swaiiton Morley
Infants' School, Swan lane-
Emma Tnnikins, mistiess
Kirhelis Eliviab.th, Sarah & Isabella

(ladies), Norwich road
Large Mary, Swanton Morley
Lee Krancis(& surveyor), Shipdham
Mcndham Sarah, Shipdham
National School, Theatre st — Ed-

vvaid Greenwood, master: Mary

Grei-nwood, misiress; Catherine

Wrlls.tnistrss of the Inf mtSchool
NATtoNAL School, Elmham — Rd.

Rogers, master; Sophia Rogeis,

National School, Gressenliall —

Roliert Aytoii, master; Caioliiie

Aytoii, mistiess
Peachnu ni Mary, Swanton Morley
Pe' Is Harriet, Qiielvc st
Thompson Rev. Joseph (boarding),

Church road


Brook James Bird, Theatre st
Carthen (leorye Alfred, Qnt^bec st
Cooper & Sons, Market place
Drake William & Son, Qiubtc st
Girling J. B. & N. Market place
Meniiham W. L. Market place
Rackhani William B. Market place


Greenacie James, Norwich road
Hamsdale Robert, Quebec st
Ward Daniel, Quebec st


Arms John, Raster row
Bamhri'ige Jo-e|ih, Market place
Baiiynrd Matthew, High st
Barker J- Tlnjinai (tml tallow chandler),

Maiket placi"
PalniiT John, Swiin!on .Motley
Pratt Jon-iihan, KHiihani
Kichci UoI.ert, Mi^h ft
S,tndii v\ iliiam, Elinliain
Sharinan Juints, .Swanton .Morley
'I'te lii njamiii, (iresnenhall
Wrbner Hv. & Philip. Maiket place
Winkfield George Httirv,Sliipaliam



Bell Robert Thomas, Redlion hill
Goshawk John, Ba.xter row


Bailey Edwanl, Market place
Bird Michael i&. tlover), Shipdham
BUvIe Mary (& toy dealer), Hi«hsf
Miles Thos. (& glover), Norwich id

(See also Taverns Sf Public Houses.)
Duk. 's Hta'l, Jas. Maris, Qnebecst
Eigle, Wm. Sizeland, Market place
George & Dragon, William Cuttinu,

Maiket place [kei jtlace

King's Arms, Dorcas Howard, Mar-
KiiiK's Head, Thamas Parke, Nor-

wicli road
Lord Nel.son, John Wells, Hieh st


Gidiiev Jeremiah William (&whiie-
smith and wire-fence manufac-
turer), Market place

Gill J. & J. Theatre st

Hanibling Thomas & Robert (and
whitesmith), Norwich road


Balls & Son !& hardware dealers).
Hall lane

Elsv W'illiam, Church st

Gidiiey Jeieiiiiah William (furnish-
ing and general). Market place

Smith Susan, Hith et


(See also Grocers t^c.J
Studd Georiic, .Market place
Wright C. &T. High st


Davnes Kranci-, Swanton Morley
Hennent Koliert, Gressinliall
Hov\leit Robert Currie, .Mill lane
Littleprond James, Shipilhain
.Norton Roliert. Klmhain
Smith .Mary, Shipdham load
Spriiigall Aidis, Yaxham
Stammers Robert, Gressenhall
Stiiiiger William. Shipdham
Tilney Reuben, Yaxham
Wilden John, Norwich load
Woods John, Shipdham
BalN Alice, Uuehec st
Cooper Mary, Baxter row
.Nuihall Elizabeth, High st
Riches Hantiali. High st
SciagKS Ann, Maiket place
Stokcley Sonhia, Swan lane
Tuiigate Eluabeih & Sarah Ann,

Maiket place
Tiollop Siis, 111, Norwich road
Willliy l-;iizalietli. Elmhain

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 55 of 131)