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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 58 of 131)
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I Lutkin Heniy, Banhani
*Saytr George, Kenningliall
Taylor Henry, Banham
Painter William, East Harling
Turner Edward, East Harling
Turner Josepii G., Kenninghall

Boyyen Gt^or«e (basket maker),

Ketiniiigha 1
Davy John, Kenningliall
Daynes Rohiri. Kenniiighall
Daviies ThoniHs, East Harling
Kerridge Nathan (basket maker).

West Hailing [■Kenninehall

Ribbons William (basket maker),


Bryant Richard, Kenningliall
Elliott William, E< des
Keirison Charles, East Hailing
Long Zedekiah (and maltster),

Kenningliall [hall

Newson Charles (dealer), Kenning-
Newsiin William (dealer), Banham
West Robert (and lime burner),

East Harling

Bale William, East Harling
Burrows Barnabas, Eccles
Challes Joseph, East Harling
Cook Robert, East Hailing
Cook Thomas, Gaibnldishaiii
Cracknell William, Kenningliall
Davey Thomas, Garboldisham
Davey Thomas, jun., Garboldisham
Godfrey 'i'homa-*. East Harling
Gun Robeit, Ea>«t Harling
Hewitt Tlioma-s Banham
Jolly George, Banham
Kerrison Charles, East Hailing
Kerrison George, Bast Harling
Lemon Dennis, East Harling
Limmer Edward. Eccles
Morlfy John, East Harling
Murrell George, Banham

Newson George, Banliatu
Page Thomas, Banham
Pyiner Thomas, West Harling
Read Frederic k, Kenninghall
Rinccr Jolm, We.'-t Hailing
\Vells Maiy. Baiham
West Ro>ert, East Hailing
Westgate Edward, Banham
Willingham John, Eicles


Norwich Union, Jonathan Hut-
chinson, East Harling ; and Jiiiuet
C. Calver, Kei.ninghall


Banham Jonathan, Kenninghall
Ciillum Robeit, East Harling


Baldrey Elizab. th, Garboldisham
Bauham Cnbitt S., Kenninghall
Chincry Robert, Garboldisham
Coe Rob'-it, Kenningliall
Cracknell William, East Hailing
Drake EliEaheih, East Haili.ng
Elliott Will, Giiholdisham [ham
Esling William (executors of), Ban-
Everett John, jnn. (and tallow

chandler), East Hailing
Gallant James (and stationer), East

Home Susan, Kenninghall
Kemn Robeit, Banham
Le Grice Samui 1, Banham
Lock .Sarah, Banham
Pigg Albert, Kenniniiliall
Norton William (tea dealer), Eait

Rivett Elizabeth, Kenninghall
Robinson Geo. & John, Kenninghall
Saunders James, Gaiboldisham
Youells William, East Harling


Bull, George Solly, Ea*t Harling
Crown, J a niesCol lings, Kenninghall
Crown, William Gaymer, Baiil.ara
Fo.x. Sarah Stede, Garboldisham
George, John Boweii, Ketininiihall
Marlborough Arins,RugerSturgeon,

Nag's Head Inn (commercial, and
licensed to h t horses and gigs),
Edward Wright, East Harling
Queen's Head, William Trudgill,

East Harling
Railway Inn, William Elliott, Eccles
Red Lion, GeorgeAldersoii, Banham
Red Lion, Henry Worman, Kcn-

?wan Inn (and posting house, in-
land revenue offire, and petty ses-
sions court), George David Bailey,
Ea.st Hailing [ham

Swan, Jatms Whitton, Garholiiis-
Whitehart.lsaarMiller, East Harling
White Horse Inn (commercial),
Thomas Bailey, Kenninghall

Retailers of Beer.

Barrett Joseph, East Harling
Davy William, Banham
Jackson Robert, Kenninghall
Kemp Stephen, Banham
Kerrison Elizabeth, East Harling
Mallett Filbert, Ktnninghall
Smith Charles, East Harling
Smith Robert, East Harling
Whewell William, Hast Harling


Ackland Robert, Kenninghall
Jolly John, Garbohiisliam
Pigg Albert, Kenninghall
Whitrod John, Ea»t Harling






Armes Isaac, Banhaiu
Crook l{obeii, Keimingliall
Jary Thomas, East Harlinc;
Lawrence William, East Harliiig
Loii? Zeflekiali, Keniiin(;l)HU
Wells William, Keniiinghall
Woinack Michael, Keiiiiinghall
Womack William, Keniiini>li»ll


Bariihatn P>li/abcth, Kcnnin,t;hall
Harvey Julia (and straw bonnet),

Newell Rebecca & Ann (and straw

bonnet 1, East Hailing
Pilgrim Violttte, Keiininghall


Alleu Amos, Ka>'t HarliiiK
Boyre Fredeiick, Garbiddisliam
Ciacknell William, tianhiim
Forster .Inhn, Keiininghall
Watson William, East Harling


Lin^tead George, Kennineliall
Linsteail Henry, Garboldisham
Miller John, East Harling
Sujith Thomas, East Harling


Dent Peter, Kenningliall
Postle Tulver, East Harling


Bales Joliti, Banham
Harnurd Thomas, Hanbam
Buxton James, Kenninehall
Coe Robert, Kenningball
Cracknell William, East Harling
Esliiic Wm. (execntorsof), Banham
Lant Robert, Kenniiighall
Lusher Henry, East Harlintr
MinnettChailes, Eost Harling
Turner Joseph, Banham


Clarke Samuel, Kenninuhall
Haiboiir Robert, East Harling


Bent John, Garboldisham
Carver George, East Harling
Whitrod John, East Harling

Cawthorne John, Garboldisham
Edwards Saunirl, Gaiboldishani
Garrett Benjamin, Kenninuhall
Le-Grys Thoinas, East Harling
LovedayJohn {Sl machine maker),

East Hai ling
Martin Robert, Keiiningliall
Napthen Robert, Kenninghall
Page Thomas, liiinham
Spurling William, Banham
Brewster Wm. gun maker, Eost Harling
Biirlon QeorKe,station master, F.rclrs road
Caiidwell Elizth. maltster, Garboldisham
Clarke James, snwyrr, Kennineliall
Everelt John, jun., china, &c. dealer,

East Harling'
FUher Samuel, postman, Ea't Hnrlinj;
Hammond Robert, tliatclier, I'.asI Harling
Harrold Philip, ihatclier.EasI Harlin);
Inland Rf.vKNUg Office, at the Swan

Inn — Charles Quintin, supervisor
Jolly Klias, cattle dealer, Banham
Kent Gforgp, registrar of births & deaths,

Nnnn Richard, anctioneer, Kenninghall
Rowe Robcrt,stalion master, Harling road
RiishHenry,veterinary !>urgeon,E. Harling
Smith Charles, hair dresser. East Harling
Whewell William, china, Sic. dealer, East

Hurling [East Harling

Youels Benjamin, travelling tea dealer

SiiNT Peter's, Riddlesworth— Rer.

William Darby, r«c^jr.
Virgin Wary, Banham — Rer. John

Siirlees, reciinate(l about .1 miles n.n.e. from
from Norwich and Wattnn, and Attleboiougli and East Hit.gham, near the line of the Norfcdk lUilway. The
Dtnham — this •.ouire of profit, however, has been di- i chinch is dedicated to .Saint George: the livitie i.s a
mini-bed h\the opening of railways throueh thecounty. ' rectory, in the present.vion of the MaMcr and Fellows
The parish cltnrch of Saint Andrew, is a very fine ; of Chile Hall, Camhridge. Population of the parish
strULlure, with alirg.- and lofty lower; it was erected I n 1841, fi02.

POST OFFICE* HiNGHAM,Saiah Ann Large, Post M.?//-cm.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Attle-
BORour;H) every morning at eight, and are despatched therelo at six in the evening.


CadywuM Mi. Thomas, Hardingham
Colehy Rev. .Samuel, Eliingh;ini
Dunn Rev. James, Hingham
Darhy Rev. Martin B , Hingham
Edwards .Mr>^. — , Hardingham
Fislicr Mrs. Eli/ahi th, Hinghani

Gilman Edward Case, Esq., Hing-
Gilman Mrs. Fanny, Hingham
Gilman Lieut. -Ccdoiul I'hiiip Case,

Hardy the Mioses -, Hingham
Hurnard William, Esq., Hingham
Matthews Rev. tiiihard, Hinghaui

Moseley Rev. Henry, Hingham
l'rie>i Miss — , Hingham
Weylind John, Esq., Woodri.siiig
Wodchousi' theHonble.MissSophia,

Wodehouse the Honble. and Rev.

William, Hingham
Woiscoit — Esq., Hingham




AcadbmieS and schools.

Ewan Ttiomas, Hiitghani

Free Grammar School — Rev.

Robert II. Slifiper, master
Free Schohl — John Woodrow,

iiiasier ; Sophia Woodrow, nistrs
Independent School — AiinMaria

Pollard, mistress
National School — Juhn Hub-

baid, master
Newson Mary (boarding and day)


Alexander Daniel, attorney, and
agent to the Atlis Fire Office

Cooper Mattiiew, surgeon

Gilman Samuel H. attormy

Girling J. B. attorney

Monement Edward, surgeon

Press Edward, attorney

Tallent John Thomas, sureeon

Angel, Ricliard Precious

Cock, John Grlciis

Dog, Robert Money

Ringers, James Talbot

Unicorn, William Rivett

White Hart Inn, Elizabeth Coe


Adcock Sarah, milliner

Baxti r Philip, gardener

Bedford Mary, milliner [maker

Bedford William, watch ana clock

Bilham Mark, bricklayer

Bowles William, corn and coal

Brown Jolin, beer retailer

Cahle Charles, brazier

Cannell Ahrahani, beer retailer and
veterinary surgeon

Caslon William, glover

Caston Wd.-h(>use, tailor

Chamberlin Charles, grocer and drpr

Clarke Appalona, baker

Clai ke Thomas, corn miller,Morley

Clemence James, confectioner

Coles John, butcher
CurtisWiUiam,boot and shoe maker
Drewall William, painter and

Dutchess John, gardener
Elmer Robert, gardener
Elsy George, draper, stationer and

Elsy Jolin, carpenter
Elsy William, bricklayer
Emmersoii William, ironmonger
Fellowes Robeit, grocer and draper
Feltham Daniel, hlarksmitli
Feltham Philip,painter and plumber
Feltham Robert, saddler
Fisher William, bakerand miller
Gapp Charles, blacksmith
Gaze Thomas, corn merchant
Gi icks John, stonemason
Griston James, tailor
Gustdt) John, carpenter
Harvey Mary, grocer
Harwood George H. blacksmith

and wheelwright
Hastings Thomas, beer retailer
Hindes Roliert, veterinary surgeon
Houchan Edmund, butcher
Howaid & Turner, wine, spirit and

poiter merchants
Huhbard John, whcelwricht
Hubbard Margaret, milliner
King Philip, boot and shoe maker
Lane Andrew, miller
Lane Franklin, tailor
Langford Samuel C. demist
Langion Charles, inland revenue

officer [and drapers

Lartje Sarah Ann & Eliza, grocers
Lilley Richard, baker
Lucas Samuel James, grocer, tea

dealer, draper, tobacconisi, and

corn,flour,seed and coal merchant
Milk George, grocer and draper
Moffatt Thomas, painter and

Money Robert, shoe maker

Newson Benjamin, butcher
New.von Mary Ann, brewer, and

wine and spirit merchant
Nicholson John, butcher
Pearce Charles, blackssmith
Pitts George, bakerand miller
Pitts Phineasjhatter, tailor and drpr
Precious Susan, siiaw bonnet makr
Riddiesworth Francis, grocer and

draper, and saddler
Rose Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Rudderham James, hoot, &c. maker
Senience Francis, tailor
Skipper John, carpenter
Thurston Jeremrih, cooper
Thurston Thomas, carpenter
Thurston Thomas, iroimionger and

Thurston William, confectioner
Tingay & Robinson, millers, and

corn and seed merchants, Har-

Vince James, grocer and draper
Vince John, painter and plumber
Vince John, clock and watch maker
WakefordEd ward, grocer and draper
Waller George, tailor
Waller William, grocer, draper and

Wyatt David, tailor


To NORWICH, a Coach (from Walton),
calls at the White Hart Inn, every Wed-
nesday and Saturday morning at nine

To WATTON a Coach (from Norwich),
calls at the White Hart Inn, every Wed-
nesday and Saturday erening at seven


To NORWICH, — Layatt, on Tuesday,
Thursday & Saturday, and — Adcock,
— Payne, and — Harvey, on Monday,
Wednesday and Saturday.

To WATTON,— Payne, and — Harvey,
on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday




lOLT is a parish, giving name to a hundied — the
market town is 119 miles n.n.e. from London, 21
N.'N.w. from Norwich, and 12 n.e. from Faken-
ham — the last named the nearest railway station ; plea-
santly situated about four miles from the sea, on rising
ground, surrounded by a fertile district, justly styled
the ' Garden of Norfolk.' Holt is a place of consider-
able antiquity, and is conjeetured to have heen a sta-
tion or encampment of the Romans : this opinion
being strengthened from the circumstance of aquern,
or hand corn mill, having been ploughed up some few
years since, from an eminence, called ' Cromwell's
hill,' a short distance hence. The town is ii regularly
built ; the streets pas-lighted, contain several excel-
lent houses, and some of the shops are handsome and
well furnished. The paiish comprises four manors,
viz. HoltiManor, Holt Market, Holt Hales, and Holt
Pereers ; the lords of which aie Hudson Gurney and
Richard Hanbury Gurney, Esqrs. Alice Pereers, the
celebrated mistress of Edward HI, was the family to
which the latter manor belonged ; the Greshams
afterwards possessed it, and in the manor house. Sir
Thomas, and his brother Sir Richard (who were lord
mayors of London), were born. Sir Thomas conver-
ted it into a school-house, endowing it with this manor,
for the education of fifty boy-, to be chosen from the
town and neighbourhood, leaving the patronage and
government of it to the Fishtnongers' Company of
London : a scholarship in Sidney College, Cam bridge,
l»elongs to this school, and a fellowship there to the
same company: ovei tlie principal door of the building
are the arms of the Fishmongers' Company, and those
of the Greshatn family. A court leet is held annually
on Saint Thomas' day, at which ccustables, pindart,

and some other parochial officers, are appointed; and
Holt is included in the thirty -third circuit of County
Court towns, under the act passed in 1846, for the
recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £20. :
this court is held monthly, in the Shire- hall.

The places of worship are the parish church of Saint
Andrew,and chapels for Baptists,iheSociety of Friends
and Wesleyan Methodists. The living of Holt is a
rectory, in the presentation of the Master and Fel-
lows of Saint John's college, Cambridge. A free-
grammar school and one conducted upon the national
plan, are the public educationul establishments. The
market, chiefly for corn, is held on Friday. Fairs,
April 25th and November 28th. The parish of Holt,
contained, in 1831,1,622 inhabitants, and in 1841, 1,604.

Rather more than a mile from Holt, in the same
hundred, is the village of Letheringsett, situated
on theGlaven, the stream of which turns a corn mill;
and there is a brewery on its brinks. The church is
dedicated to Saint Andrew : the living is a rectory, in
the gift of the Rev. Charles Codd. The population of
the parish is under 300.

HuNWORTH, is a small parish and village, in the
same hundred as, and about 24 miles s.s.w. rrom Holt.
The parish church of Saint Aildrew (or as some autho-
rities state. Saint Lawrence), is a small building: the
living is a discharged rectory, united to that of Stody, hi
the patronage of Lord Suffield. Popuiaiionin 1841,234.

Briston, is a parish in the same hundred as Holt —
the village being situated 4 miles s. from that town.
There is no husiness connected with the parish, but
what may be traced to agiicultural operations. The
parish church of All Saints is a small structure: the
living is a discharged vicarage. Population in 1841, 963.



HOLT, &c.


POST OFFICE, High-street,
Thetford) every morniiiu at eight,

Be«t Alr«. H lytieid Hall
Blade Mr. Jeieini.ih, High si
Boldiiig Will. Juhiisoii Jemiis, Wa-

Boyd AlexanderEsq.theLoHge,Holt9
Boyd Thonias Esq. Heath House
Buddeii Rev. John M. Withers st
CaiT Miss Charlotte, Chiircli st
Clieatle Mr^. Martha, Cliapel st
Codd Rev. Cliarhs, Letheringsett
Dasliwood Rev. Autustus, Thoruage
Davy .Mi^s Strah, Chiiidi st
EatK)ui' Rev. Jujin G iy, Kelling
Girliim Mrs. Mary, the Grove
Greshain Mr. J

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 58 of 131)