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confided to persons chosen on Easter- iMomlay, by the
different parishes.

Norwich lias been the birth-place of some eminent
characteis— Matthev\' Parker, second proiestant Arcli-
bishop of Canterhury, was born in Saint Stephen's
parish, in this city, August fitli. 1,')04, and intetred at
Lambeth palace, in bis own private chapel, in the 72nd
year of his age; Sir 'J'homas IJiowne, an eminent
lihysieian and antiquary, antion- of the ' Ueligio .Medici'
and other curious works, died in Norwich, and was
buried in Saint Peter's ^.Maticroft) cliiirch; the Rev.
VVi'liam IJeloe, b.d. r u.t*., author of ' Anecdotes of
Liteiature,* and other valuable volumes, was bom
beie in 17.")8. 'l"he counfiy around Norwich is very
fertile, and the views are hithly pleading, particularly
across the river towards Thorpe ; the surf.ice is gene-
rally flit, and the land extensively devoted to agricuU
ture, notwiihstandinn the gravelly quality of the soil,
which industry and skill have, however, effectually
ameliorated. In the vicinity there are a iiumhcr of
tasteful private residences, and several t legant streets.
The markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday
— the latter is the principal. Fairs, on the 'I'hutsday
before Easier-.Monday, Monday and Tuesday in Laster
week, Monday and Tuesday in VVhitsnn week; and
Tombl and fair, for horses and catrje, the day hefnrc
{Jood-Fiitlav. The jiopnlation (d the city of Norwich,
\ in 18;51, was f)l,110 ; in 1841, that of the city and county
of the city of Noiwich, vvas 6"2,344 ; but, iucludiugtUff

iifrcctor^. NORWICH, &c. Norfolk.

suburbs, tlie pnpulation of Norwicli may be reckoned

at about 75,000, and in 1850,to peibaps 8,i,C00 or nmre.

Trowse, is a paiisb in tlie huudred of Henstead —

tbe hamlet of Newton, or as it is called Trowse New-

Thorpe is a charming village, in the parish of
riiorpe S;iint Andrew— the latter p;trtly within the
rity of Norwich, but chiefly in tbe hundred of Blo-
field, about 2 miles east from Norwich ; situated on

ton ;to di-tiuguisli it fioni numerous ether Newtons), the line of railway running from the ciiyto Yarmouth,
is situated about a uiile, or rather more, south-east and on the banks of the river Yare. This pleasant
from Noiwicli. It is a genteel little place, Hud the villaije, which possesses many attractions, is the holi-
neighhourhood around it is embellished with many j day resort of the inhahifants of Norwich. It al>o is
tasteful villas. The river Yare, which passes clo>-e to the licad quarters of tbe Norwich yacht club, and,
the villaije, has been deepened and made navigable upon the river here, many rowing and sailing mntches
forbaiges; it drives a very extensive corn-mill. The are contested. A short distance from tlie village stands
parish church of Saint Andrew is a neat building : the the county lunatic asylum. The parish church of
ii>ing is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Dean and Saint Andrew, is an ancient structure, witli a tower:
Chapter of Norwich. The population of the parish, in | the livmgis a rectory. The parish contained in 1841,
1841, was 562. 1 2,197 inhabitants.


Itfr. SAMUEL BASE, Post Master.
Arrival of the Mails.

From London, Bury Satnt Edmunds, Manchester, Liverpool, Hull, Yarmouth, &c. every morning
ata quarter before tbrei', and evening at 20 minutes before five ; and from Yarmouth (second mall), at six.

From Ipswich (liy imil cart), every morning at half-past six, and from Cromer, Loddon, North
Walsham and Reepham (by mail cart}, every evening at seven.

Despatch of the Mails.

To London, Bury Saint Edmunds, Manchester, Liverpool, Hull, Yarmouth, &c. every morning

at twenty minutes past seven, and night at ten ; and to Yarmouth, Aprevious mail at ten minutes before

seven in the morning.
To Cromer, Loddon, North Walsham, and Reepham (by mail cart), every morning at ten minutes before

seven and to Ipswich, (by mail cait), every evening at seven.

POST OFFICE, Thorpe, William Plough, Post Master.— Letter'i from all parts arrive (from Nor-
wich) every morning at a quarter-past seven, and are despatched at half-past five in the evening.









The Names of the NOBILITY, GENTRY and CLERGY immediately follow this List, forming a
separate one in alphabetical order. The PUBLIC BUILDINGS, Sfc. will he found arranged at the end
of the Trades' Lists.

AARON Maurice &SamoeI,pawnbrokers

3 St. Stephen 5t
Abbiit U'illiam, beer retailer, Oak st
Abel Dan iel.Kiocr. & teadelr.Potlergate st
Abel Daniel, caliinet maker and uphol-
sterer, Jail hill [cross
Abel Frederick, brush maker, 23 Charing
Abel John, livery stables. Chapel field
Able Geo. cabinet nikr. & upholsti , Ber st
Abrahams Samuel & Uenjarain, watch
makers. Back of St. Peters. [road
Adams & Jolly, coach bldrs.St. Stephen's
Adams Frances & Sisters, iiiilliners, 5

Bank street
Adams Jamt-s, stone and marble mason,

Julian place, Chapellield road
Adams Mary Ann, milliner. Oak st
Adani^on Kobert. currier. Shoulder of

Mutton yard, St. Stephen's

AlJen James (Royal Oak ravern),Chapel

st, Crook's place. [st

Alden Jame!, St Step-

Baldr] Elizabeth, prolesior of dancing,

Red Lion street
Baldwin Anthony ^=amuel, builder, Upper

Surrey si, All Saint's green
Baldwin Henry, baker. Oak st
Baldwin Joi n, lishmongrr, Upper market
Baldwin William(Di3tillery Tavern), Dis-

Bale Georce, butcher, St. Benedict st
Bales VVm(Gardener8'Arms)rimberhill»t
Baley Thomas, tea dealer, Lakenham

Hall road
Ball Alexander. beer retailer,Upr King'st
Ball Williain(Vaiixhall Gardens Tavern),
Julian place [green

Ballard Edmnnd,pawnbroker,'All 'saint'*
Balls Robert, tailor, Coslany st [»t

Balls SamuelfCtirrier's Arm'sjSO St. Gilei
Bame John Edward (Greyhound Tavern),
Ber street [Ber st

Bame John Ed ward, painter and plumber
Bancalaii Dominic, shopkeeper. Ber st
Bangy William, baker, Trowse Newton
Banham George, cooper, Little King st
Bank of England (Branch), Queen st
Banks Thomas, grocer, tea dealer, and
oil and Italian warehouse, and dealer
in British wines. Jail hill [King st
Bai ber John (Three Tuns Tavern) Lower
Barber John Lee & Co., cotton winders,

St. .Martin's lane
Barber .Samuel, dyer, 9 Timberhill st
Barber, Sons & Thompson, corn and coal
merchants, Haymarket [plaiii

Barber Wm. brickl,iyr,St Martio's.Palace
Barber William, beer retailer, Oak st
Bardwell Everett, attorney. Lower close
Bardwell George, 8iirveyor,Chapellield id
Bardwell William, baker, 'Trafalg-ar st
Bardwell William, grocer. Charing cross
Bjrkaway F'rancis, beer retailer, Peatield
Barker. Barnes & Nowne. boot makers,

York Tavern passage, Oxford hill
Barker Benjamin, Manciiester & Scotch
warehouse, York Tavern passage,
Orford hill
Barker George, smith, Graham's court.
Upper market [Dereham road

Barker James, stocking maoufucturrr.
Barker James, tailor, Muspole st
Baiker James (King's Arms), Lakenham
Hall rond [lane

Barker John, beer retailer. Lower Goat
Barker John, twine agent, Chapellield
Barker John G.bout & shoe maker,8 White

Baiker Robert, painter and plumber, S

O I ford street
Barker Samuel, baker, St. Mary's plain
Barker ISarauel (Brazen |Door Tavern),
Lame Dog lane [IjDe

Barker Thomas, hot presser, Rogemar*




Barley Christopliei(FleeceTavern).5Bride-

well alley, St. Andrews
Barlow I.etitia. haberdaslier.Timlirrliill st
Barlow Bicli.ud Jeremiah, tax colleclor,

St. Maignret st
Barnard & Bishop,fiirnishinR and general
iroiitnoiigers, and iiiannfactnrers of
hurdles :ind sirained wire feiicin.', and
manufactureis and patentees ol Bar-
nard & Joy's, patent se (-rolling mnngie
Upper walk. Marketplace [r^ad

Barnard Cluis(Champion 'I'avjChapelfield
Barnard John (White Hart Inn), Back of
Saint Pet' rs fW'ensuni st

Barnard John, fislimnnger, rag, &c. delr
Barnard John, boot mkr. St. Angustinest
Barnard Rebecca, baberdasher, Lower
King^tIeel fdon st

Barnards & Bonlton, ironmongers, Lon-
Barne James, brnit maker. St. James sf
Barnes MaryiWnolpack Tav)8t. Genrge's
plain [cross

Barnes Richard, boot maker, 2 Charing
Barnsdale William Bennett, toy dealer,

St. Stephen .«I
Bari!.*cks, Barrack road
Barren George, shopkeeper. Grove place
Barrett Julin(CrossKeysTav)Magdalen st
Barthrop Mary Ann(01dTheatie Tavern)

Bethel st
Barwell John, wine and spirit merchant,

St. Stephen st
Base William, boot maker, Coslany st
Basey James, carver & gilder, Botolph st
Basey Hubert, hoot maker, Mandalen st
Bassett Willi.tm, beer retailn, Quay st
Bassinglliwailh Edward (King's Arms
Tavernl, Belhel st [st

BatcheMor Stephen, boot maker, Calvert
Baleman James George J., shawl manu

laclnrer. St. George's, Middle st
Batem.m John & Sun, commission agents

St. George's. Middle st
Bateman John, chemist and diugi;ist,

Wensum street
Bateman John, surgeon, Wenstim st
Bates Cliarle^ A.(l.ord John Russell Tav)

Dereham load
Bates 'l'honias(Cow Tavern)Co\v hill
Batley William, cabinet maker and np-
bolsterrr. Lower Westwir.k st [st

Batley William, jun. chair makr.Mnspole
Batlerbee James, clothes salesman, St.

Beneilict st
Batson Edward, miller, Aylsham road
Batson Jesse, corn chandl^^, Maedalenst
Batson John, shopkeeper, Barrack st I

Uallram Wtn (Cick TavjOld l.akenbam
Baxter Benjamin, dyer. Si. Paul st
Baxter Elizabeth, b-yker. Brazen Door rd
Baxter James, chemist and druggist. St.
Hencdictst [Sprowslnti rd

Baxter John (Prince of IJenmark Tav).
Baxter Win. coal merchant, Lowei King st
Bayes Elizabeth 8i Sons, clothes sales-
man, Orford hill
Bajes l.oiiisa. milliner. Oak st
Bayes \\ illiam, hair dresser. Oak st
Bav field Ann, baker. Ber st
Bayfield Ann, ironmonger, Magdalen st
B.iyfield Henty, baker, Colegate st
Bavfield John Freeman, arcmintant, Upr,
King.^t fSt. Benedict

Bayfield Mary ,straw bonnet makr Barn rd
Bayfie'd '1 homas (Royal Standard Tav)
U; ion place [st-

Bayliss Andrew, shopkeeper, Trafalgar
Beane .lames, watchmaker. Lady's lane
BeansJasJPriuceof Wales)St. Benedict st
Beany Chasgardener & seedsman, King si
Beare John, boot maker, Calvert st
Beare Samuel Shalders, currier, Bridge

st, St. George's
Beasy John, boot maker, Drayton
Beatley George, hatter, London st
Heatley Sarah & Elizabeth, eating-house

St. Benedict street
Beaton John, blacksmith, Lower Kin? st
Beaty Henry, ornamental painter, Little

London stieet
Beanmont Henry, carpenter Bramerton
Berham John, baker, Cougate st
Beck John, coal dealer. Tinkler's lane
Beckham Benjn (Angel Tav) New Catton
Beckham Mary Ann,milliner,Magdalen st
Beckham Robt. John, glover, Magdalen st
JJeckwith, Dye & Kition, attorneys,

Palace st
Bedford Philip, brazier, Pottergate st
Bedingfield John, servants' register cilice
Green lane

BeddingSeld John, traveller. All Saint's
gieen [Westlegate st

Beddini-'field Nelson, livery stables.
Beeston George, shopkeeper, Fisbgate st
Beeton John (Wild Man Tavern), St.
Andrew's hill [plain

Bella Lorenz, watch maker.St. Steplien's
Belding William, grocer, Magdalen st
Bell Ann,fruiter. Red Lion st,St Stephens
Bell George, shopkeeper, Fishu-ate st
Beli, lNN(eommercial family & posting)

— Samuel Legeatt. Orford hill
Bell James W., «atch maker. Chapel st
Crook place [Water lane

Bell Jane, mistress of Brereton's school,
Bell John (Cat & fiddle Tav). Hotolpli si
Bell John, nurseryman, liExchangest
Bell John Crawl. ud, surgeon, Princes st
Bell John K., clerk, railway parcl oRice,

Royal Hotel vard. Market place
Bell Matthew, shopkeeper, Ber st
Bell l{obert,walch maker, 11 Davey place
Bell Thirza Harriet, mistress of Brere-
ton's school. Water lane
Bell William, watch maker. Bridge st,
St. Andrews [Andrew st

Bellars Hy. John, curator,Museum st Si.
Bel.son Robt.painler & pliiniber,Pump »t
Benley Andrew, bankers' clerk, Heigham

Ben net tAustins,beer retailer, Whitetriav st
Bennett & Bream, grocers, II Upr.Market
Bennett Henry, school, St. George's.
Middle st [New Cailoii

Bennett James, eardener and seedsman,
Bennelt Maiia, baker, Wellington st
Bennett Robert, baker, West Pottergate st
Bennett Samuel, baker. Pump st
Bennett Thomas, cabinet maker, uphol-
sterer, and paper hanger. Jail hill [st
Bennett W'ni . clothes salesman. Wensum
Bensly Charles, coal merchant, 6lj St.
Stephen st [Stephen si

Bensly William Brazill, baker, St.
Bejry James, bellman, Horn's lane.Berst
Berry — , professor of F'rench language,

Surrey ^treet
Berry Other Windsor, cashier. Bank of
England, 2 Windsor place, Lakenbam
Berry William Mills, brieklajer and

plasterer. Peacock st
Be^sey James H., coal merchant, I'otter-
gate street [st

Bethel Lunatic Hospital, Bethel
BettJohn Ste^^art, Carpenter. Peacock SI
Bells Charles, haberdasher, Julian place
Betts James, wheelwright, J ulian place
Bells .lohn, b.iker, Coslany st
Bells J(din, bricklayer, West Pottergate st
BetIS John, linen draper, 2J Exchange st
Betts Joseph, beer retailer, Botolph st
Betts Thos.hair dres>r. Tl.itile London st
Bevnn Rcbert, china dealer, Magdalen st
Bexfi-ld Jarai 5, shopkeeper, Scoles green
Bianclii Giovanni, modeller, Bridges!
St. George's [phen "t

Bidewell Fredericli,tobacconist,23 Sl.Ste-
Bidewell George(Swan 'l'av)Magd ilen st
Bidwell Henry, agent. 1 1 Exrhaiige st
Bidwell John, rope maker, Calven st
llidwell Jos, en;;ravr & printr Bethel st
Bignold Samuel, secretary to the Nor-
wich Union Fiub and Lifr Lnsc-
HANCK SociETV, Surrey st
Bilby James, schoolmaster, St. Benedict st
Bilhy Maria, milliner. Duke st
Bilby Mary .Ann, butcher. Sprowston
Bilhy Mil liam, hair dresser, Pilt st
Bilb 'm John, turner, St. Stephen st
Bilharu John, superintendent of Norwich

Lunatic Asylirin Catton, Back lane
Billen Henry (Masonic Tavern), Elm hill
Billiard Rooms, Old Post olhce Court
Brrclr Bfiijamiir, cabinet maker, Staraiid

Crown I ourl, I imberbill
llirrh Isaac, school, Thorpe
Bird John, miller, Ma;dalen st
Bird Michael, wheelwright, Kirby
Bird Lucy, library, 2 Wesigate st
Bird Michael (Carrow Gardens Tavern),

Bird William (Qoildhall Tavern), Jail hill
Bishop Eliza, school mistress, .St. Au-
gustine's gate
Bishop Ceo., linen draper, 2 Haymarket
Black & Raynes, wholesale confeciioners,

I Haymarket

Blackburn Edward.boot maker,Barrack st

Blackie & Son, booksellers, Upper St.

I Giles street [Middles!

iBIake & Everett, hot pressers, St. Georges

Blake Benjamin, butcher, Sproweston
Blake Edward & Robert W , and yarn
manufacturers, and mohair spinners,
Lakenliam Mill [st

Blake Francis John, altorney, Upr. King
Blake Geo. , hr ick maker. Brazen Doors rd
Blake. Keith & Blake, attorneys, the

Blake James (Pheasant Tavern), St.

("atherine's plain
Blake. lohn, secretary to the Norfolk and
Norwich Magdalen Asylum, Lifes'
Blake Jonathan, surgeon, Mounfpleasant
Blakely Kdw, linen draper, lo London st
Blanch John(Steam PacketTav.),Finket st
Blanchflov^er Williaiu (Cock Tavern),

Upper .St. Giles' st
Blandon William George, grocer, Ber st
Blazeby James t\, Yarmouth Arms), Pud-

ding lane
Blazeby James, jun., artist. Bethel st
Blazeby John, turner. Globe lane
Blazeby Thos. (Vine rav.),Sl. Benedict Bt
Blazebv Walter, beer retarler, Fisbgate st
Bleakley Elijah, surgeon, St. Andiews st
Bleakley Robert & Page, wool sl.-vplers,
Si. Mary's alley [Magdalen st

Blino Hospital and School. Upper
Blogg William, academy. Upper King st
Bloointield John (Wheat Slieal). Belhel st
lilylh Isaac, coal dealer, Coslamy st
BIyl.n John, bt-er retailer, William st
Bhth lohn, shopkeeper. Oak st
Hlyth Mati. ii Robt.. carpenters, Drayton
BIylh Robert, boot maker, St. Faith's
BIylli Robert John, iron forinileis, Ber st
Blyth Thos. collector, Fakerrham Hall rd
BIyth William, timber meicbant, St.

Stephens st
Blylh William B., hoot maker, Belhel st
Blytlie Caleb (Ailiclioke Tavern), Mag-
dalen st
Blythe John, coal dealer, Ber st [rack st
BIythe Jonah Norraaii, beer retaihr, Bar-
Blythe Josiah, baker, Carrow road
BU lire Matthew, paper rnanulaclurer. St.
Martin's Palace plain [linest

Blythe Thomas, wheelwright, St. Augus-
Boast Robert, shopkeeper, Plumstead
Bolderson William, smith, '/ horpe road
Bolingbrnke Charles & Freilerick, bom.
basin and siiawl manufrs., Colegate st
Boiingbroke Horatio, life office agent,
Colegate st (place

Bomfield Miles, miller. Chapel st. Brook
Bond Edgar, altorney. Rampant Horse St
Bund Harriet, milliner, Mai:ilalen st
B^nd Henry, miller, Sprow ston
Bond John, hi icklayer, Sioke Holy cross
Bond Joseph Daines, tailor and draper,

4 Davey place
Bone Francis, baker, St. Benedict st
Bone Nicholas, toy dealer," Timberhill st
Booty Edward.boot maker, Fisher's lane
Borking Thomas, tailor. Willow lane
Borreit Wm., confcctioner,Lr.Westwick st
Boswell Daniel, turner, .Magdalen st
Bosvvell John, smith and bell lianger,St.

Andrew's hill
Boswell John, smith. Bishopgate st
Boswell Thomas, shuttle makei',St. John's,
.Madder market [market

Boswell Thomas, toy dealer, 9 Madder
Boswell William, carver and gilder, Mag-
dalene st [Andrew »t
Botwright John W., collectors clerk, St.
Bougham Jan"", school. All Saints' green
Bnughlon Samuel, hair dresser, Red Lion

st, St. Stephens
Boulger Joseph, dentist, Willow lane
Boult (jenrge, tanner. Lower Heigham st
Bonlton Frs.. baker, St. Catherine's terrace
Bowes William, clothes salesman, St.

Benedict st
Bowgen John Hart (ThreeTurksTavern),
andccal merchant, I, wr Wesiwick st
Bow hill Henry, boot maker. St. An drew st
BowlesA nil Elizb.,ladies' school, Thorpe rd
Bowles John Sharpe, city missionary,
Thorpe road [Davey place

Bowtell Thomas, boot maker. 20 and 21
Boyce James Slanfiuld, painter and plum-
ber, Duke st [Benedict st
Boyd Sarah, matron of Eye Ir.lirmary, St.
Bovdeii Eliza & Charlotte, milliners,

Bovs Ho.ME, St. Andrew's hill
Bracey Francis, butcher, Thorpe
Bracey F'rederick, hoot maker.Thtrpe
Bracev Robert, baker. Thorpe





Btacey Robert, liaker. World's end lane
Bracey Robert, lime bnrntr,'l'liorpe
Bradbury John (Lord Howe Tavern), St-

Benedict St Lwell st

Brady !Mary, painter and plumber. Red-
Branford IJenjn.mallster, StainpOlfice yil
Bray Charl's (While Lion), While I. ion si
Biay Richard, tailor and draper, 83 St.

Giles St
■ Bray Robert, beer retailer, Bei- st
Bray William, linen draper. Bridge st,St.

Andrews fl^liJ''!'^ *t

Bieame Hinry, shopkeeper, St. Georije.^',
Breeze Chrislmas, dyer, Biidge st, St.

Breeze Robert, saddler, Mairdalen st
Brennan Andrew, dentist, Princes st
Brett Isaac, boot maker, I'pper King st
Brewster Lelitia, servants' rej;ister office,

Betl.rl st
Brewslcr Lydia, beer retailer, Tooley st
BtMger .lohn. boot maker, St. Failh's
Briiiges William, clothes' salesman, Lwr.

Weslwick st TGiles st

Bridgman William Kencely, dentist, 69St
Bris? Mary, ladies' school, Potter^ate st
Briegs \^'ilso^, cork cutter, St. Haul's

openin? [WestwicU st

Bright & Neale, coal merchants. Lower
Brii-ht John, beer retailer, Thorpe
Be iglitea Sarali Ann, straw bonnet maker.

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 64 of 131)