I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 73 of 131)
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Bond John, Stoke Holy cross
Brinded Robert, Thorpe
Briicher Charles, Pitt st
Britcher Thomas, Pottereate st
Brooks Henry, Lakeiiham Hall road
CoalmanGeo.Rl.sing Castle meadow
Coe Mark, Castle meadow
Curl James, L'nion place
Darkins Canual, St. Stephen's road
FteeniHn John, St. Giles' road
Goose Robert, Julian st
Hardy John, Thorpe
Howard Charles, Bishopgate'st
Howes James, Magdalen st
Lacey James Wilkins, Surrey st
Lacey John, Princes st
Lacey John G., St. Stephen's roail
LaceyWm,StGiegory'sChurch alley
[>ake Samuel, St. Augusiin st
Ling George, All Saints' green
Ling William, Bethel st
l/ivock Samuel, Br:«zen Doors road
Moll Abraham, Thorpe
Norman John, St. Mile's Church St
Orsl)orn Mark, Catton
Parker Clare, Oak st
Pevg George, Ber st [place

Read Chas., John Bull st, Crook's
Read Charles, jun.. Union place
Sexton Horace Watling, Lower

Westvvick st
Se.xton Robert Watling, Calvert st
Smuh Robert, St. Stephen's road
Tann William W., Pottergate .st
rhnn)i)son James, Fi.shg-ite st
Willnnent George, St. .\ugnstin st
Wiseman Robri, Miispole st
Warneit Chailes, King st
Warr Thomas, Berst
Youell Thomas, Cherry st


Marked thus * are also I'atti-n Makers.
Abel Frederick, 2,i Charing cross
Cook Samuel, fi Davey place
Edgar Thomas, Ch.i|)el sr,Crook'spl
Gooch Thos., Grant's thoroughfare,
Timber Hill st

Harper James K. St. Benedicts!
•Hutchin John, Timber Hill st
*Kiiiulii Saini.,St.George'sMiddles»
*Leeds William, 17 London st
Ling & Sons, 2 Piinces st
*Page Samuel Deyns & Son, Old

•Rogers Henry, Wensnin st
♦Scott Peter Thos., 1" Whitelion st
Winter William, Magdalen st

[See also Carpenters.)
Ausust John &Son, Juliin place
Baldwin Anthony Samuel, Upper

Surrev st. All Saint's ureen
Brooks Thos, Bridge st, St. .'Andrew's
Browne & Bailey, West Pottergate
Browne Richard, Bethel st
Cattermoul Eveietl & Son,Tooley st
CoalmanGeo.Rising,Ca>'tle meadow
Curtis & Balls, West Pottergate st
Fisher Thoma.s, St. Andrew st
Havers Chailes, Chapelfield road
Howell James, St. Augustiu's gates
Lacey George P., Suiiey Grove
Mandall Robert, Piinces .^t
Meachin Stephen H., William st
Minns Edward, Trafalgar st
Minns George William (and con-
tractor). Castle meadow
Neale Wilham, St. Giles' hill
Ollett William, Lower close
Priest George, St. Stephen's road
Rump James, Colegate st
Sanl William, Pottergate st
Sinklar John, Magdalen st
Stannard Richard, St. George's plain
Taylor James W., Magdalen st
Teasel Osix)rn Engall, Fishergate st
Underwood John, Lower King st
Vincent & Burrell. All Saint's green

and Horn's lane. King street
Wales William, St. Stephen's st
Walker Thomas, St. Benedict st
W^iite Jereiniih, Thorne lane,Ber st
Wordingham Wm, Brazen Doors rd
Worman James, Castle meadow
Wright &. Cattermoul, Ber st


Marked thus • are Pork Bntchers.
Allen John, Tonihland
Archer Jesse, Tooley st
Baker Ann, St. Maiiin's-al-Palace
Bale George, St. Benedict st
Bilby Mary Ann, Sprowston
Bltke Benjamin, Sprowston
Bracey Francis, Thorpe
*Brown Charles, 57 St. Stephen's st
Burroughs Thomas, Butchery
*BushHeiiry, Bridge st.St. Andrew's
Bushel Wm., Chapel st. Crook's pi
Chapman Abel, St. Martin's Palace

Chapman Samuel, Up|)er St. Giles
Clarke I^aac, St. Augustine st
Clarke l>aac, Wellington terrace.

Union place
Clarke Samuel, Upper Market
Cobb Leggett, St. Augustine st
Cobh Leguett, jiiii., Magdalen st
Colby William, St. Benedict st
Coidran William, Magdalen st
Coitani Thomas, Bntcheiy
Cottfim & Brewster, Market place
Cullington John, Cowgate st
Cullington John, Union place
Daniels Benjamin, St. Auuustine st
Dawson Jonathan, Magdalen st
EllMood Henry, Timbeihill st
Kilt James, Ber st
Goodsoii George, Butchery
Goodson Win., West Pottergate St
Graves Henry, Butchery
"Gray Mary Ann, St. Benedictst




BUTCHERS— Co7ion John, Ber st
Dewing Robert, Rosemary lane
Fromow John, Lower Westwick St
Greenwood Paul, Lwr.VVestwick st
Haldinsiien Philin, 4 Bridewell

alley, St. Aniirew's
Hare Jolin, Lower Wentwick st
Kilburu William, St. Stephen st
LakeJami s, Redlion st, St.Stephen's
Moore Siisnnh., Lower Westwick st
Motts Wiliiani, Bridge st
Shalders Noah, Westlegate st
Steward James, Toml)land
Smith James, Magdalen st
'I'uiiKate Wm., Lower Westwick st
Webster Robert, St. Lawrence steps
Woinack George, While Lion st


Adams & Jolly, St. Stephen's road
Cardran Charles, Magdalen st
Dixon Fuller, Little Orford street

and KiiiK street
Fouluer Edward, Ber st
Harc'iurt Anthony, Chapelfield road
Hart Philip Woodrow, RcHion st.,

St. Stephen's, & Chapelfield road
Howes Joseph & James, Redlion st
K.tt Henry, 7 A St. (iiles' st
Meadiiw.s Jonathan, Bridge st, St.

Andrew's fStipbeii's

Nobh^Edward(plater),Rt'dlioii st,Sl.
Spratt William, Chapel field
Stanhaw George, St. Giles's road



Cockaday Isaac, St. Andrew's hill
Gooch Joshua, 'A Dovest
Prie.st Richard, 79 St. Giles' st [st
Taney Win. (coach lace), Timber hill


[See also Coal 3Jerc/ia/its.)
Arnnp Thomas, Barrack st
Austins Owens, Oak st
Beck John, Tinkler's lane
Bennett Maria, Wellington st
BIyth Isaac, Coslany st
BIytlie John, Ber st
Bunded J fihn, Thorpe
Clarke Roval, William st
Ciowe William, Lower Westwick st
Dawson John, Lower Westwick st
Fidyman Mary, King st [st

Habrougli Henry, Briga'slane, King
Howes Robert Hand, Tabernacle st
Knights Jonathan, St. Martin's lane
Lovick Henry, Colegate st
Minns Edward, Water lane
Moughton Jas.,St. Anne's Staitli la.
Osborn llobert. Lower Wetswick st
PaNton Isaac, King st
Smith Charles, City road
Suffolk Edmund, King st, Crook's pi
Waters Frederick William, Lower

Westwick street
Whittrick Daniel, Julian place
Wickhani William, Steam packet yd.

King street
Yeames Samuel, King st


{See also (he preceding list, and also

Corn and Coal Merchants.)
Baxter William, Lower King st
Bensley Chailes, fifi St. Stephen st
' Bessey James H., Pottergate st
Bright & Neale. Lower VVestwick st
BowiieiiJohiiHartjLwr. Westwick st
Christie Thomas & John, King st
Coaks Richard, Fishgate st
Coalman Geo. Kisiiig,Ca>tle meadow
Culley Samuel, Duke's palace
Curtis & Balls, VVest Pottergate st
Davison James, Fi.>hgatest
Dunn James, Quay side
George Bichard, Quay ^ide
Greenfield Samuel, King st. gates
Hall Robert, Quay side
Kett Heiiiy, Lower King st
Lamb Benjamin, Middle street, St.

MoUett Rizen, Magdalen st
Norfolk Coal Company, Sniiit

K.iith's lane Harrod & Co.,

Pope Robert, Lower Westwick st
Porter Robert, Redwell st
Read Samuel Gurney, Quay side
Read William James, Roache's

court, Chinch st, St. Simon's
Sahberion Thomas, Thorpe
Sexton Simon, Bridge si, St. George's
Vyall Daniel, St. Andrew st
Watson Eilward, King st
Wittiick & Sons, Green Man yard,

King street


Black & Rayues (and wholesBle), 1
HayniHiket [st

Borrett William, Lower Westwick
Bunn George, Westlet-ate st [st

Chettlehurgh, Henry, Ram pi lit Horse
Collier Thomas, Timber hillst
Dade Chailotte, Upper St. Giles'
Gill Elizabeth, St. Stephen st
Haddon Richard Curson, Rose lane
Harrison Win., St. Andrew's hill
Hatcarton Joseph, Swan lane, St.

Hunt James, Golden Ball st
Hunt John, St. Benedict st
Lake Sunuel, Colegate st [st

Lanham JamesTompsou,7 St.Giles'
Little Henry, 3 Dove st
L'.'ck Charles, 7 Exchange st
Lowne John, Lower Goat lane
Marston Richd,13 Gentlemen.s' walk
Nichols Edmond, King st
Page James, Wensiim st
Poulter William, Si. Augustine st
Savory Coalsey, 34 London st
Seeley Job, 1 and 2 Upper walk,

mai ket place [Stephen's

Scottow Mary, Redlion St., Saint
Silvey Letitia Crab, Berst
Thurston Richd. Hy., St.Stephenst
Williams John, Pottergate st
Wilson George (wholesale & retail,

and fruit merchant), 6, 7 and 8

Queen street
Clarke John, King st
Dunn William, Silver road
Lincoln John, Pump st
Rix & Button, Oak st
Staff John, Oak st


Amy Thomas, Magdalen st
Amy William, St. Augustine st
Banhani George, Little King st
Calthorpe John, 31 London st
Carpenter Robert, Oak st
Culyer Charles, Ranip-tnt Horse St
Death .lohii, Bishopgate st
Dunn John, Berst
Graver Abraham, Ber st
Howse James, Lower Westwick st
Merry John (wine), Pottergate st
Mounsev James, I'horii lane
Plunistead Samuel James,Coslany st
Scott Benjamin, Chapelfield road
Shields Daniel, hoop maker, Gdden
Ball st [.Middle st

Short Henry (wine), St. George's,
Stacey Aiithony, Thorpe road
TavlorJohn & James (and manu-
facturers of shovels and measures),
St. Martin's Palace Plain, and
Magdalen road
Tidman James, Oak st


Briggs Wilson, St. Pauls' opening
Cp'Sskill Robert, St. George's, Mid-
dle street
Moore Jas., Bridge st, St. George's
Robinson John, Bridge st, St.

Rose George, 68 St. Stephens st


(See Coal Merchants, is;r., and also

Corn Chandlers, &cc.)
Barber, Sons & Thompson, Hay-
Brown Frederick, Lower King st
BuUard Richard (and oil cake),

Bridge st, St. Lawrence
Cook Edwaid, Tooley st [st

Cozens James & Son, St. Benedict
Cross John (corn). Dukes' palace
Cubitt William Jary (corn and .seed),
Magd lien st [Dukes' palace

Dowson B. U. & Sons, King .st, and
Diane James, Stamp Office yard,

St. Andrews st
Hariner Daniel, Dukes palace
Mealing & Mills. King st
Merry & Everett, Railway station
Miles George, Bishopgate st
Read Robert, Bishopgate st
Read Thomas William, King st, and
Trowse milUate




Redgrave Joseph, (and seed), Upper

Reynolds James (dealer), St. Faith's
Sursham Jolm & Co., Wensuni st


CSee also the preceding List.)
Allen Henry, Magdalen st
Batson Jesse, Magdalen st
Bullard William (flour), Lwr.Goat la
Burcham & P)le, VVinsum st
Freeman Charles, Robert & Henry,

Upper niaiket
Grand John, Golden Ball st
Nokes Edward, St. Benedict st
Pease E'lvvaid, Coslany st
Spiatt William (horse corn), Gun la
VVoolunugh Martha, Lower Kiiigst


Baibei J no. Lee&Co.,St.Martin's la
Sultzer John & Co., St. Auaustiii st
Waller John Camble, Tooley st


See Milliuers and Dress Makers.


See Bombaiin Sic, Manufacturers.


Adarason Robert, Shoulder of Mut-
ton ynrd, St. Stephen's
Angell Mary, Golden Ball st
Archer Samuel, St. Stejilien's plain
Beare Samuel Shalders, Bridge st,

St. George's
Brooks Coitper, Pottergate st
Cooke Ed ward (leather cutter), Mad-
der mat ket
Consiiis Thomas, 3 Upper market
Debney K., Back Rampant Horse st
Duffield John (leather seller). Tim-
ber hill
Elliot Robert, St. Benedict st
Faulke Robert Cooptr, Stocking's

court, St. Stephens st
Fish Thomas, Golden Ball st [st
Goiich Samuel (seller) ,2VVhite Liou
Howell James, Castle ditches
Howell William (leather seller),
Lower Goat lune [st

Kemp V\'illiam & Son (cutters), Pitt
Marston Alfied, Great Orfovd st
Page& Wnodrow, Magdalen st
PiiiDips William, All Saints st,

bottom of Ber st
Rudd & Pnston, St. Giles' hill
Shalders William, jun., Bmk plf-.in
'I'illyard St Howlett, Pottergate st
Tompson William, Dove st
Winter Charles, Upper market st
Woods George John, St. Gregory's,
Church alley


Alison Sophia, Market place
Critchtield Samuel, Royal Hotel st
Hugsins Jolin (working). Brazen

Doors road [Sun lane

Huggins John (working). Rising
Knigiit^ George, Dove st
Lister, Son & Co., lOJ Haymarket
Pearson Jame«, vSt. Andrew's hill
Steel & Rix, Queen st [hill

Stimp^on Jas.,(vvorking),Orfiird i)ill
Sutton Samuel (working), 21 Geiitle-

Ujen's walk
TaylorGeoriie (truss),. St. Giles' st
Whitlam Thomas, West Pottergate st


Bonlger Josepli, Willow lane
Breniian Andrew, Piinces st
Bridgman William Keenely, 69 St.

Giles' st
Cartwright & Davis, 7 Post Office st
Neep William Edward John, 5 Post

Office .^t [Giles' st

White Ricliard, Tucks' court, St.
Woodcock Henry, 70 St. Giles' st


Allen Bryant, Scholes ereen
Barber Sanuiel, 9 Timber hill st
Baxter Benjamin, St. Pauls' st
Beeze Christmas, Bridge st, St.
George's [st

Brown Benjami n, Robson'syard,Oak
Browne Sarah, Tom bland
Bugg Moses, Botolph st
Bush Francis, Princes st
Carter John, All Saints st
Cattermoule Wm., St. Andrew's hill
Collier Thomas, Timber hill si
Cooke Ann, St. George'.s, Middle st
Cooke Thomas Paul, Coslany st
Fish Matthew, Lower We-twickst
Fletcher Anti, Quay st
Furije Mary, St. George's, Middle st
Gedge Edwd. Peter, BrazenDoorsrd
Gedge Georue, Coslany st
Groom George, Brazen Doors road
Harper George, Calvert st
Harris J(din, ()ak st
Houghton David, Upper St. Giles' st
Houghton John, Ten Bell lane
Hubbard Thomas & Co., Peacock st
Jarrett I'liomas, Magdalen st
Jay Josl'.UH, Bethel st
Kidd John Richard, Coslany st
Parker Benjamin, Ber st [Duke st
Stark Williaui&Co. (and dressers),
StewardJosh. , Bridge st,St. George's ; Alliance, Henry Brown, 14 Gen-


fSee also Fire &cc. Office Agents.)

General Hail-storm Insurance
SociETV.Fishei's lane, St. Giles'

st Charles Suckling Gilman,

secret aiy

Norfolk Farmers' Cattle In-
surance Society, Fisher's lane,
St. Giles' st— Ciiarles Suckling,
Gilman, secretary

Norwich EquitableKire Assur-
ance Society, Bank st — John
Skipper, registrar and secretary

Norwich Marine Insurance As-
sociation, Fisher'.- lane.St.Giles'

st Charles Suckling Gilman,


Norwich Union Fire Insurance
Society, Surrey st, and 6 Cres-
cent, New Bridge st, London —
Samuel Bignold secretary ; Robt.
Leman, manager

Norwich Union Life Insurance
Society, Surieyst, and 6 Cres-
cent, New Bridge st, London —
SamuelBignold, secretary ; Uichd.
Morgan, actual y; Charles Brun-
dell, chief clerk


{See also the preceding list.)

Ulph William, Lower Westwick st
Yariugton William, Wensuin st


Beatley Sarah & Elizabeth, St

Benedict st
Brown Charles, St. Stephen st
Cliaiiwood Arthur, Market i)lace

tlemen's walk and Roger Kerri-
son. Bank plain

Akous (life), William Spelman &
Sons, 6 St Giles st

Atlas, Rackham & Turner, Lower
close; and Henry Bidwell, 11 Ex-
change st

Crow Charles, Elm hill [Andrew's ; BRiTiSHCoMMERCiAL.Pigg&Green-

Frost William, Bridewell alley, St.
Hownen Samuel, Pottergate st
Kirby John, Pump st
Ostler Charles, Pudding lane
Paul Richard, 2 Bridewell alley,
St. Andrew's

wood, 14 London st

British Empire, Benjamin Thos.
Sharpe, 14 Castle meadow

British Mutual (lifeand subscrip-
tion loan), George C. Burrows,
Post Office st

Rix Geoiiic (coffee), Golden Ball st ; Church of England, John Gold

Seeley Job, 1 and 2 Upper walk.
Market place


SeelronFounders, H^ ulsoMillwrights.


Bidwell Josepli, Bethel st
Coote George Mark (and lithogra-
phic printer), Oldhay hill
Dallinger Joseph A. (and lithogra-
phic printer), 12 Davev place
Hall William, .30 Back of' the Inns
Kinkley J., Back of the Inns
Marrison Robert, Great Orford st
Niiiham Henry, ('hapelfield
Wilson Thomas (and cnpper-plate
pi inter), Chapel st. Crooks place


Brown George, London st
Bryan Joshua, 8 Haymarket
Bush George, Bridge st,St. Andrew's
Ciapam Lewis, White Lion st
Creake James. St. Andrew's hill
Gidney Robt.Wm.,71 St. Stephens st
Lovett Henry, St. Stephens st
Smith William, 11 Lower Goat lane
Steel & Rix, Queen st


Dye William, Oak .st [sf

Harvey Charlotte, Lower Westwick
Harvey William, LowerWestwick st
Harvey William, Oak st
Wills William, Upper Heighani

smith Atkinson, Post Olflce st
Eagle (life), William Millaid &

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 73 of 131)