I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 76 of 131)
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Smith Frances, Ber st [Stephen's
Steward Emily, Redlion st, Saint
Swaiin Sarah, London st
Tann Charlotte, Pottergate st
True Elizabeth, Caiton back lane
Ward Cecilia, St. Andrew's hill
Withers Martha, Union place
Wright Mary, Muspole st


Bafeman John, Weiisnm st
Bell John Crawford, Piiiices st
Blake Jonathan, Mount Pleasant lane
Bleak ley Elijah, St. Aiidiew st
Cai le James William, Surrey st
Cooper Emanuel, Tombland
Cooper William, Duke st
Ciickmay Edward, Maadalen st
Crook John, Chapelfield house
Crosse John Green, Ortord hill
Cuhitt GeorgeRohert.UpperKinR st
Daliymple Archibald, All Saints'

Dalryniple Donald, Surrey st
Dash wood Launcelot, St. Andrew st
Day William H. Upper Surrey st
Di.Ksoii Frederick, 22 Si. Giles' st
Dove Harry, Tombland
Diake Charles, All Saint's green
Edgar Robert, St. Giles' terrace.

Bethel st
Firth George Warren Watson, Palace

plain, St. Martin's
Francis Bransby, Colegate st
Gaithoii James Lapp, Bethel st
Gibson Charles Mends, Bethel st
Hale Robert Douglas, r*3St.Giles' st
Master Alfred, Bethel st
Mills Frederick, All Saints' green
Nichols William Peter, Surrey st
Norgate Benjamin Henry, Bank st
Peiinice David, Thorpe
Pitt John Ballard, St. Stephenjst
Priestly William S. St. Faith's
Rand William Fell, Tombland
Spencer Christopher, Little King st
Taylor William, Princes st
Thompson Robert, Theatre st
Thurgar Walter C, Brazen Doors

Baidwell George, Chapelfield road
Butcher William, Theatre st
Chittock Timothy, Grove place
Clark 'Thomas, Peafield
Diane William, Bethel st
Edwards John, Stoke Holy cro.ss
Loades & Freeman, .'J5 Pottergate st
Millard William & Son, Princes st
Ne w I on, Son& Wood row, Tombland
Pratt Robt. & Sow, Bank of England

place, Qm'eii st
Roheits James, Bank of England

court, Queen st
Spelman vvilliani & Sons (estate
agents and valuers) , 6 St.Giles' st
Warren (Jeorge, New Catton
Watts Thomas, Piitst
Wells StephenEdwanI, Post-office St
Wright James, Magdalen st
Wright Robert John, Thorpe





Marked thns * are also Diapers.
CSee also IVoollen Drapers.)
Allen & Banks, 20 & 24 Loiidoiist
Balls Robfit, Coslany st
Barker J anus, Aluspolest
Bayes Elizabeth & Sons, Orford hill
•Bond Joseph Dai!ie-,4Davey place
Borkiiig Thomas, Willow lane
Bray Uichard, 83 St. Giles st
Browne Francis, Palace st
•Biirrage & Jeffries, 2 Davey place
CampliiiK Hy., St.Genige'sMiddest
Castleton William, 15 Bank st
Chapman William, St. Benedict st
Cheston VViiliam, Little Orford st
Clarke James, TaiiernHcle st
Claxton Robert, 9 Davey place
ClimpsonEdward.Lakeiiham hall rd
Cocks Dt-nnis, Coslany st
*CoginanFrederic(and habit maker)

Princes ,-t
*Cole John Reek, 3 Pust-nffice st
Coleman Thomas, 12 Exciiaiige st
Collins James, City road
Cory Chi i>tmas, Cross lane
Crisp John Wiseman (and clerical

robe maker) Castle meadow
Crocks Thomas, LowerWestwick st
Cunningham John, St.Audrew's hill
Day James, St. Lawrence steps
*Drak€ John, St. Giles st
Dye William, Colegate st
Kade Thomas, West Pottereate st
•Edwards Thomas, Orford hill
Ellioit Chailes, Ber st
English Joseph, 45 London st [hill
KrarvRichd. (stay rr.akerJSi Andrew's
Gooch James, Post-office com t
Goose George, Potteigate st
Grand George, 32 Pottergate st
Gray Ricliard, Paragon st
Greenwood Paul, LowerWestwick st
Hall Benjmiii, Mai^dalen st [sireet
Hodge-> Richard, Si. George'sMiddle
Hook Samuel B., Cross lane
HowlettRichard, Bridge st.StGeorge
Jackson Samuel, Catton
Lanca^ier John, Kini; st ['Street
Lark man VVilliam,StGeorge'sMiddle
Ling William Samuel {and robe) 2

Upper Kinu st
•LivockWillianiThomas, Redwell st
Loni! Robert Samuel Walter, Mag-
dalen st [street
Mackley John Edward, SWestlegate
Mackley ^^'iliiani, hack of St Peter's
Mallett Francis & Co., 2 Londim si
Marshall Joseph. 19 Si. Giles st
Marsh ill Peter, Ber st [yard
MarsioiiWashingtoii,Oid Post-1. ffice
Meeiis William, New road [iilea
MinnsSaml. William, St. Michael's at
Moore James, Ber st
Murray .lames, Globe lane
Nalder Charles, St. Faith's
Ne.ithercoatEdwd.,18 Castle ditches
*Ne«byJohii, Bank plain
♦Norton FiaucisJames,20 White Lion

Page Joseph, St..Andiew's hall plain
Parslev Samuel, Bethel st
Peart William, Sprowston
PerowneRobt, St. Catherine's terrace
•Phillips John, Orfi.rd hill
Plummer Edward, Bridge st
Reeve James, Calvert st
Riches Thomas, St Giles* hill
Roe Richard, St. Martins lane
Rogers Charles, Bethel st
Rogers Elizabeth, Orford hill
Royall Daniel, Upper King st
Rudd Robert, Sunev st
Ruvt James B., Lady's lane

Salmon Chii-topher John, West

Potiergate .street
♦Skelton John Smith, Pottergate st
Slater Joseph, Tombland
•Smiih John, Great Orford st
Stevens Thomas, 23 Castle meadow
•Steward James, Tombland [sireet
•Sutton Daniel Marrison,St.Andrews
•Talbot Geo., Bridge st.St.Andrew's
Taylor William, Princes st
•Tipple John, 26 London st [street
•T'ldd John(and mbemakei) Queen
•TnckerJas.Stannard.LowcrGoat In
Waterton Edward, Silver r(]ad
Wells Peter Michael, Maudell'sct.,

Princes st
Wicks Robert, Ber st
Wilkit. Josiah, Chaiiel field road
•Woinack George, White Lion st
Woofts John, Paragon st
Wright James, Ber st
Youles Joteph, St. Stephen's rocd
(See also Soup AJakers.J
Andrews & Fn nch, Fiihgate st
Browne H.dl, Ber st
Bunting, Son, &Durrant,ST.MiLF,s'

Works, Coslany st
EastoJohn, 64 &. 65St.Stephen st
Freeman Charles, Robert & Henry,

Ut)per market
Frost Thomas Fishgate st
Hardy James, St. Siephen's corner
Howes Ann, Welliniiton st
HowesJohn, Potiergate st
Howes William, St. Benedict st
Kiiton George, Haymarket corner
Pe.trse Frederick, Coslany st
Pratt William, Wensum st
Pnlhani William, Oak st
Saunders & Large, Whitefriars


Boult George, Lower Heighain st
Rump Jas. Smith, LoweiHei-jham st
Wills William, Upper Heigham

Adam and Eve, Steward Patteson, Saint

Benedict st
Albert, Samnel Coleman, Ber st
Albert, Thomas Oaniels, Dove st
Albion, VV illiam Ciisliin^, Market place
Anchor, Robert Di^bv, Bracondale
Anchor, Charles Osborne, Ten Bell lane
Anchor, John Thompson. Silver road
Aiichr, Joseph Turner, Snrrey st
Angel, Benjamin Beckham. New Catton
Aneel, William Harris. Trmvse millgate
Artichoke, Cabel Blythe, Magdalen st
Bakers' Arms, Hubert Guyton, Lower

Westwick st
Bakers' Arms, Thomas Lovetf, Ber st
Ballonn, Edwd. (^rowe, l.wr.H'estwick st
Bank, V\ illiam Siirflin, Bank st
Barge, Ephruim Litllewood, Kin? st
BHTleymow, Jonathan Green, Hay hill
Bear and Staff, Samuel Colby, Fisher's la
Beehive, Mary Ann Havers,St. Stephen st
Bt-eliive, Siraon Payne. Cawgate st
Beehive, John Rack ham, St. Benedict st
Bess of Bedlam, James Baker, Oak st
Black Horse, John Aylnier, Tombland
Black Horse, Saml.Hinchlev, St.Giles'rd
Black Horse, Robert iMoll. 10 St Giles' st
lilack Horse, Samuel Yeames, King st
Black Prince, TliomasGoddard, Butchery
Black Swan, James Rice, St. Faiih's
Black Swan.Nallml. Seaman, Upr.market
Blue Boar, Thom.is Olyotr, Sprowston
Boarded House, Uiiliam Knights, Castle

Boar's Head. James Porter. Surrey st
Boy & Cup, V>'m. Townsend, Pottergate st
Brazendoor Tavern, Samuel Barker,

Lame Dog road
Brewers' Arms, Wm. Storey, Bull close
Bricklayers' Arms, Bye Robert, Lower

Westwick st Pplace

Briclilayers' Arms, Edward Powell, I'nion
Buck, Thomas Rudd, Oak st
Buck, Joseph Smith, Thorpe

Buff Coat, John Hair.mond,Bufl Coat lane
Buildrrs' Arms, George Fitt. Pottergate st
Bull, Thomas Barnabas Engall, Ber «t
Bull, Henry Oakes, Magdi,len st
Bnll, Daniel 'l"h')rsloii, SI. Stephen st
Bull, Samuel Woolsey, Upper Walk

Market place '

Bull's Head, Thomas Brown, Ber at
Cabinet Makers' Arms, Ainger Lack.

Redwell st
Canteen, George Thompson, Barrack st
Cardinal's Cap, Benjamin Warnion, St.

Benedict st [Newton

Carpenters' Arms, Ri.bert Goose, Trowse
Carrow Gardens, Michael Bird, Carrow
Cat and Fiddle, John Bell, Bololph st
Cat&Fiddlc.Jas. Flowerdale.Magdalf n st
Cattle Market, Caroline Uidney.Castlehill
Cellar House, James Pigg, Barrack st
Cellar House, Taylor Lanham, King st
Cellar House, George Uame, Bridge st,

St. George's [road'

Champion, Charles Barnard, Chapelfield
Cherry Tree, James Harper, Lakenham

Hall road [nedict st

Church and Stale, Tlios. Francis, St. Be-
Chnrch Stile, George Eastoe.Upr. ma ket
Cinder Ovens, Harman Dunham, jnn

Kingst |-si

City of Norwich, John Press, Westlegate
Clarence Harbour, J oh nBrowne.Carrowrd
Coach and Horses, David Catetmjie,

Foundry Bridge road [jj

Coach and Hi-rses. Robert Daines. Bethel
Coach & Horses, Edwd Smith, Union pi
Coach and Horses. Robert John Woods,

Redlion si, St. Stephen's
Coachmakers' Arms, William Clements,

Betliel st [Siephen'sroad

Coachmakers' Arms. Wm. Sheldrick, St.
Cock William Baltram, Old Ltikeiiham
Cock, William Blanchflower, Upper St.

Giles' street
Cock, John Miller, Upper King st
Cock, Robert Thomas, Drayton
Coldham Hall Tavern, Richard Gosling,

Corkcutlers'Arms, John Robinson, Bridge

street, St. George's [don st

Corn Exchange, Thos. Cooper, LittleLon-
Cow, William Armes, Heigham st
Cow, Thomas Bates, Cow bill
Croc'idile, Levi Harden, Heigham at
Crooked Billet, Jolin Moore, Heigliam st
Cross Keys,John Barrett, Magdal-n st
Cross K'ys, Thomas Snelling, St. Faith's
Crown, Isaac Hart,fi7 St. Stephen st
Crown, Jeremiah Middleton, Bridge st

.Si. Georje's
Crown, William Newton, S(. Faiih's
Crown, William Pelchell, St. Benedict st
Crown, Edmund Pointer, St. Faith's
Crown, George Tocvnsend, Elm hill
Crown& Angel, John Spratt. St. Stephen st
Curriers' Anns, Saml.Balls,,SO St Giles' st
Curriers' Arms. Charlts Read, John Bull

street, Crook'- place
Dial Tavern, Thomas Nelson, Barr.ick st
Distillery, Wm. Baldwin, Distillery st
Dog, Matthew Fo.x, Horsford
Dolphin, John Stamford, Heigham
Duke of Sussex, John Stangroom. Saint

Augustine st [Union place

Duke ot" VVellington, Edward Powell,
Duke of Wellington, John Snelling, Pot-
tergate street
Duke of York. William Cox, Pnltergate st
Duke of York, Noah Dack, Lower West-
wick street
Duke's Head, Rnberl Paul,Castle meadow-
Duncan's Arms,« in Reeves, Magdalen st
Dyers' Arms, William Crowe, Lower

Westwick st
Eagle, James Lord, Heigham st
Eagle, Jonathan .Stockings. Newmnitet rd
Eagle, Jolin Williams, West Pottergate st
Eastern Union, Leiitia Reynoldson, St.

Stephen's road [lany st

Eight Ringers, Thomas Cunningliam,Cos.
Elephant, W illiam Easton, .Vlagrlalen st
Klephani and Castle, Thomas Parkerson,

King sireet
Elm, Willi.im Leggatt, Princes st
Exmoulh Tavein, John Winter Watts

St. Stephen st / jj

Fair Flora, John Moore, Lower Westwick
Ferry House, .Mary Ann iMann, King st
Ferry House. Samuel Parker, Surlingham
Fleece, Christopher Barley, 5 Bridewell

alley, St Andrew's
Fleece, Henrv .Mann, Tombland





TAVERNS, 8tc.— Williams, Duke st
Nelson, William Painter, Timberhill st
New Brewery, James Ulph, Biiriack st
New Goal, Elizabeth Mountain, Upper

Goat lane
New Inn, Thomas Winter, Green hills
New Mills, John Lake, Lwr.Weslwick st
Norfolk Railway House, George Hutson,

Foundry road
Norwich and Norfolk Arms, Peter Bur-
rows, Sprowston
Norwich Anns, George Pegg, Ber st
Old Dove, Charles Dye, Market place
Old (Joat, Isa:ir Driver, Upper Goat lane
Old Lobster,Rhl.Flddlemftn,Pottergale st
Old MileCro99,JoMab Holman,IIrlleBdon

Old Music House, Hairoan Dunham,

King st [»'

Old Theatre, Mary Ann Barthrop, Bethel
Paul Pry, William Paston. St. Giles' hill
Peacock, Clias.Taylor, St.Stephen's plain
Pheasint, Jas. Blake, St.Catherine's plain
Pigeon, William Heap, Charing cross
Pine Apple. Rd. Jarvis, Trowse millgale
Plough, John Daynes, Castle hill [st

Plough, James Girdlestone, St. Benedict
Plumbers' Arms, Rebecca Hook, Cow-
gate street [market
Pope's Head, William Coldham, Upper
Post Office, Wm. Elvish. Post-oflice st
Prince of nenmark,JohnBaxter,Sprowstn
Prince of Wales, James Beans, Saint

Benedict st [gustiue si

Prince of Wales, Samuel Gedney, St.Au-
Piince of Wale.*, Gilbert Law se, Pump st
Punch and Chop House, Richard Plane,

Market place
Queen's Arms, John Minni, Magdalen st
Queen Caroline, Charles Austin, Oak st
Queen of Hungary, Robert Howse, St.

Benedict st [gale st

Queen Victoria, Charlotte Roe, Potter-
Queen's Head, Isaac Fox. Up. St. Giles' st
Railway, VV'ni. Terrington, UpperKingst
Raven, Daniel Rowland. Lower Kingst
Recruiting Serjeant, Thomas B. Hayden,

Southgate st
Red House, Henry Y'allop, Timberhill st
Redlion, Henry Buttle, Drayton
Redlion, Thomas Hardy, Redlion st, St.

Redlion, Stephen Steward, Magdalen st
Redlion, Thomas Thompson, Bridge st,

St. Andrew's [Inns

Red Rose, Henry Sweatman, Back of the
Ribs of Beef, Benjn. Wright, Wensum st
RiHeman, John Tibb, Cross lane
Rising Sun, John Abel, Chapelfield road
Roebuck, John Sadler. Trafalgar st
Rose, Leggett Cobb, St Augustine at
Rose, James Harmer, St. Stephen st
Rose, John Page, Palace st
Rose, Matthew Zipfel. Oak st
Rnyal, Robert Warnes, Foundry Bridge

road [place

Royal Oak, Jas. Alden, Chapel sl,Crook's
RoyalOak, Mentor Brown, St. Augustine st
Royal (Jak. Henrv Jolly, Cation
Royal Standard, Thos. Bayfield, Union pi
Rummer ir.n, John Huggins, Stoke

Holy cross
St. Catherine's Tavern, Thos. W.Gent,

Brazen Doors road
St. Giles. Henry King, Chapelfield road
St. Paul's Tav Samuel Severn,Cowgate st
Saracen's Head, William Briltain, West

Potteigale st [st

Saracen's Head, John Wiggins, St. Giles'
Shakspere, Robert Hollis, Theatre st
Shakspere, Wm. Seppings, Colegate st
Ship, Henry Buttle, Kingsl gates
Ship, James Lanham, King st
Shire Hall, Abraham Lint;, Castle meadow
Shoulder of Mutton, James Mann, Saint

Andrew's Mill [Stephen »t

Shoulder of Mutton, John S.iwyer, Saint
Spread Eagle, RiclianlSexlon, Hay market
Stag, George Mills. St. Benedict st
Slag's Head, JohnWm.Jolinson, Princes si
Star & Crown, Wm. Emms. Timberhill st
Steam Packet, John Blanch, Finkel st
Steam PacKet, Robert B. Foyson, L'pper

King street
Surrey. James Smith. Surrey road
Swan, (Jeorge liiilwell, Magdalen st
Swan, Andrew Haystead, Swan lane, St.

Andri w's
'fen Hells, Edmund Browne.St. Benedict si
The Compasses, Wm.Rix, Upper King st
Thorn Tavern, Williatu Holland, lier st
Three Jolly Farmers, Robert Gniuey.

Charing cross (diet st

Three Kingt, William Stretloid,St.U.^np-
Three Maltsters. John Ilugman, King si
Three 'Tuns. John Barber. Lower King st
Three 'Tuns, Robert Cotlerrnole, Thorpe
'Three Turks, John H. Bowgen, Lower

Westwick st
Ti^er, James .May, Fishgale ^t
'Town House, Francis Slallord, St. An-
drew's hill
Trowel & Hammer, Matthew Wilde, St.

.Stephen st
Trumpet, W m. De C^aux, St. Stephen »t
i'nns, Charlotte Cowan, All Saints' green
Tuns, James Mills, Coslany i>t
Tuns, William Kemp, St. Giles' gate

Turkey Cock, Robert Swash, Church st,

St. Simon's
Two Quarts, William Amos. Poltergnte st
Two-necked Swan, Samuel J. Hunt, St.
Stephen st [place

Two-necked Swan, William Pye, Market
Unicorn, Joseph Fletclier, Cosl.my st
Union, Robert Fuller, St. Stephen st
Vaults, James Laws, Upper St. Giles
Vaults, John W. Watts, Julim place
VauxhallGardens.Wm Balls, Julian placo
Victoria, Joseph C.islor, St. Ste|)heii'8 rd
Victory, Ann Cndden, Rampant Horse St
Vine, 'Thomas Blazeby, St, Benedict st
Vinyard, Clabburn&Sparks.. Magdalen st
Wagon & Horses, Edw.Howell,Tombland
Walnut 'Tree Shades, Sarah Ann Roe,

Gentlemen's walk
Waterloo, Ann Snow, Upper walk
Wnlerman, Wiii.Carver,Lwr.WrsUvick st
Waterman, Abraham Mason, King st
Waterman's Arms, James Moughton, St.
Ann's lane [st

Wellington,George Harvey, 7 White Lion
West end Retreat, Alfred Page, Heigham
Wheatsheaf, John Itloomfirld, Bethel st
Wheatsheaf. Geo. Riches, Castle meadow
Wheatsheaf, Elizbh.Wynier.St.Stephcn st
While Hart, ClemenI Ar.derson, Ber st
White Hart, George Stubbs,St Andrew st
While Horse, Elizbih. Brittain, Hay hill
White Horse, Geo. Hall, 'Tiowse Newton
White Horse, Jas. Howard, Castle ditches
While Horse, Wm. Mason, Magdalen st
White Horse, William Rix. Bridge st
White Horse, John W. Sclth, Chape? st.

Crook's place
White Lion, William Barber, St. Martin's
Palace plain I't

White Lion, Charles Bray, White Lion
White Lion, James Howes. Magdalen st
White Lion, George King, Princes st
White Lion,LubbockLawn, St. Benedict st
White Rose, Horace Littleproud, Back

of the Inns
Whilefri.irs, Ann Laccohee,Whilefriars st
Wild Man, John Beeton, St. Andrew's hill
William IV. Mary Arnold, St. George's

Middle st
William IV G«orge Matthew, Mouiehold
William Tell, Samuel Larwood, Casllo
ditches [Augustine st

Wine Cooper's Arms, William Amy, St.
Wine Cooper's Arms, Charles Emms,

West Poltergiitest
Woodman. Dennis Cocks, Catton
Woolpack. Mary Barnes, St.George's plain
Woolpack, Noah Thrower,(Jolden Ball st
Woolpackers, Wm. Thorpe, Botnlph st
Woodsend Ferry, Saml.Turner,Biamerlon
Wounded Hart, Wm.Ward,Uppermarket
Yarmntith Aims, James T. Blaseby, Pud-
ding lane
Yarmouth Bridge, William Lofty, Red-
lion st, St. Stephens
Yarn Factory, Robt. Lanham, Cowgate st
York, Mary Eastaugh, Orford hill

Retailers of Beer*

Abbot William, Oak st

Adcock Thomas, King St

Aggnss Noah, King st

Alexander Robert, Colegate st

Allen William, Sprowston

Annison James, Tinkler's lane

A unison John, Barrack st

Atkins 'Thomas, Heigham st

Ball Alexander, Upper King st

Barber William, Oak st

Barkaway Francis, Peafield

Barker John, Lower Goat lane

Bassett William. Quay st

Bell Mallhew, Kerst

Bennett Aostin% Whitefriar st

Hetls Josepl., B tolph st

Blayey Waller, Fishgale st

Bl!,lh John, William st

Hlvlhe John, Berst

Blythe Jonah Norman, Barrack st

Bray Robert, Ber st

Brewster Lydia, 'Tooley st

Bright John, 'Thorpe

Brinkley James, Lakenham Hall road

Brittle John, St. Martin's Palace phiia

Browis Robert, Brazen Doors road

Brown Christopher, Heigham tt

Brown Robert, Cowgate st

Bruir Robert, Charing cross

Bryant Samuel, 'Thorn lane

Bunn George, Weatlegate st

Burrows Mary, Colegate ■!





Burrows Thomas Y. Spiowstoii

Hush James, Upper King st

Butcher (Miarles. Pitt st

Bygrave Roherl, Quay st

Cumplini? Jacoh, Magdalen st

Cann John, New Cation

Cannell Isaac, C'oshinyst

Cassey Kolieit, Oak st

Calchpole Johri, Lower Westwich st

Chalker Allred, St. Miles' Church st

Coe Mark, Castle hill

Coffin Hubert, Palace st

Colhy William, Si. Giles' hill

Coleman Benjamin, llanipant Horse st

Coleman Timothy, Trafalgar st

Cillett Kiihert, \\'hitefriars st

Collins William, Queen st. Crook's place

Colman William, St. Margaret st

Cook John, Ber st

Cooper Jaool), All Saints' green

Cornish John, Mairilalen st

Crotch. William, lishgatest

Ciibitt John, Julian st

Cnlyer Thomas, C'niegite st

Dack Jonaihan, Heigham st ^

Danii Maiy Ann, Fottergate st

Dawson James, Thorpe road

Dawson George, Rosemary lane

Hearing William, New road

Denmark William, Barrack st

Digby Peter, St. Augu.''tine st

Dra^e \\ illiam, World's-end lane

DnlReld James, Coslany st

Dunn Ann, l^ilver st

Dunn James, Quay st

Dunning Thomas S. Dereham road

Dunthnin .lolin, Cowgale st

Durish Denmaik, St. James st

Dye William, Oak st
Earl John, Magdalen st
lidvvards Rotiert, Oak st

F.llis Benjamin, Coslany st

I'.ngland Mark, St. Paul's plain

Fake John, Cowgate st

F;urow George, Ber st

Faux Robert, St. Augustine st

Florence William, Kirby

Francis Georije, Castle ditches

Gardiner William, 19 London st

GuMham John, Thorpe road

Goldsworth James, St. Stephen st

Goreham Henry, St. Swithiu's alley

Graver Ahiaham, Ber st

Green John. Keillion st, St. Stephen's

fireenacre William, i!er st

Greenfield Mark, King st gates

Hardy William. St Geoige's Middle st

Harman Ad.im, Trafalgar st

Haywood William 'I'homas, Oak st

Hewing Jiiseph, Piinces st

Hewit! George, Berst

Hewitt George, Kishgale st

Hewitt James, St. Mary's alley

Hilling Mary. King st

Hipper Robert, Catton

Hogg James, Chapel st, Crook's place

HoL'g Henry, Pilt st

Holmes Edmund, Lower Westwickst

How.ard Thomas, Bisbopgate st

Howard William. Fisbgate st

Howes Henry, King si

Howes Robert Hand, Tabernacle st

Howlett Baldwin, King st

Ho*Iett Mary, Coslany st

Hudson Charles, Cowgate st

Hyslop Ann, Thorn lane

Keighley Elizabeth, St. Giles' st

Kemp .lames. Oak st

Kett Pliocbe, Kingst

Kidiih^ William, Madder market

Knigli's Jonathan, Si. Martin's laue

Lanc;ister John, Kinf; st

Land John, St. Giles' hill

Laws John, St. Paul's plain

LilTbrd Thomas, Kine st

Lines Marv Aui,. Lower Goat lane

l.onergan Francis, St. James st

Long I!obert,New Catton

Looe William. Cowgate st

Mann Alfred, Barrack st

Mann George, Ber st

Mann John Matthew, St. Paul's Back la

Mann Matthew, St.Mattin's Palace plain

Markley Richard. Barrack st

Mason John Leeds, Orfoid hill

Ma) hew John. Little Orford st

Mavhew Judiih, Finketst

Middleditch lioherl, William st

Middleton William, Woild's-cnd lane

Mills .leremiah, Coslany ^t

.Mills John, Lower Goat lan«


Mills Simon, St. George's Middle st
Minns Robert, Cowgate at
Moore John, Globe lane

Moore Norris, Kinc st. Crook's pUce

Moore Robert, Wensnm st

Morris (ieorge, Magdalen st

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 76 of 131)