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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 79 of 131)
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a spacious structure of flint and stone, with a s()uare
tower embattled and surinoiinted by a lofty spiie. The
east window contains ricblv stained glass, delin^ating
t portion of our Savioor's history, 6iC.; and the roof
of the church is of oak, curiously cuved. A chantry,
ti the South aisle, is p.irtlv enclosed hy a stone set eeu
'of Giecian architectuie. The church is dedicated to
S lint John the Evangelist; the living is a discharged
rectory, with the vicarage of Foulden annexed, in the
patron ige of the Master and Fellows of (iotivillc and
Cains College, Cambridge. Edvvaid I. granted a mar-
ket, several fiiis, and various other privileges, to the
manor of Oxborough, lotiu since fallen into disuse.
The mansion house, which is said tcrieseini'le Queen's
C(dlege, Cambiidge, is a line specimen of the style of
architecture that prevailel in the time of Edward IV.

Populdti III lice. — The following are in the hundred
ofClaclvclose — their population, in 1841, was, Stokk
Ferry, (163; Wereham, 625 ; Bought on, 209; Wret-
ton, 651 ; West Dekeham, 544; Shouldham, 6S3;
Marham, 817. Northwold, in Giimshaw hundred,
contains 1,140 inhabitants ; Kincham, in Cbaiitnn
hundred, 807; Oxborough, iiiGi cenlioe hundied, 316.

POST OFFICS^ Stoke Ferrv, Sarah Cawlhovhe, Post 3Jistress. — Letters from all parts ai rive (by
mail gig from Brandon) every morning at seven, and are despatehed thereto every evening at half-past six.


Allen Mrs. Fanny, Shouldham Hall
Barsham Mr. John, Fincliam
Barton Mr. William, Stoke Ferry
Bea'es Mr. Fianci-^, Northwold
Bednafield Sir Henrv P., Bart.

Oxburgh Hall
BWthRev.Wiiliain, Fincliam Rectory
Bradfield James Br adfield Saunders

Esq., S'oke Ferry [toiy

Browne Rev. Arthur, Marhamllec-
Carter Miss Amelia, Northwold

Curry IMiss Mary, Stoke Ferry
Drosier Rev. Charles, Bouahton
Diiplay Miss Hannah, Stoke Ferry
Dupre Rev. MichaelThos.Weic-ham

Norman Rev.Clias ManneisRichdrd,

Royle Rev. .tames, Wereham
Royle Rev. Patrick, Wereham

Dyssen Captain Charles, Northwold i Saunders Mr>i. Sarah, Stoke Ferry
Eyre Rev.Vincent.Cran wicliRectory j Sewell Mr. Philip, Wereham

Gascoigne Rev. John, Oxburth
Hastii!i!s Mr. William, Stoke Ferry
Lucas Rev. Ricliatd, Oxi)urgh
2'Giil Rev. George Henry, Stoke

Mason Mr. Henry Bence,Wereiiam

Spencer Rev. Houghton, Wereiiam
SpryRevAr tliurBrowiie.Shouldhain
Steiliiie Rev. Charles, Methwold
Villebois Henry,Esq.Mar ham House
Winfield Mr. Henry, Stoke Feriy
Wiseman Rev. Samuel,Stoke Ferry






UarhainJaims, Noithwuld
Co.isiiisJolii), ShouUlliam
Free Scho.il, Slioaldliam— Mana

Ma«oii. mistros
GoodiMin .Ma.v, buicliam
HillJohii liirJi, boarding and day),

Sioke Kerry
I.angtoii Charles, Wenliaiii
Lo. K Klua, Wereham
Nath'Nal School, Fiiuliaiii— J'lS
llicli.ir(ls,inatir; KmmaUicliard:
National School, NoitlnvoUl—
'n,uma% SiieUiiig, master; Eiiztli.
Siielliiip, mistr»ss
National School, Wcreliaoi —

Klizabeth Hudson, mistrtss
National School, West Uereliam

Anil Cliiwner, ini«trf>3
UicliardsonSaial.. St-ke Kerry
Wiseman Ellen Sarah & A iin.bioke

Ma-i.n Heiiiv b.ister Branwliitc,
UVieham ' [StoUe Keiry

Mickletield Anthony Hoirex K"ger
U'alpole Jona-, Northwold


Hiicknian J' Dereham
N.ir-e James, Stoke Ferry
I'l- l-alll^'e'^■nlll.>lloul* * aie also drapirs.

Andrews ^hll•y Ann, Northwold
*A\ liner Geo. Fincham & Wereham
Barnhani George, ^;orthwold
iiennett Henry & Geo. Whittington
Blake Saiab, We>t Dereham
Clarke .Matthew, Northwold
Denny James, Northwold
•Kayci> Thomas, Slionldhum
GrilVui John C uiey, Nortlnvold
Hopkins Tliomas, Noithwold
*HiKlson Wil.i.im, Stoke Kerry
*Laiul Robert, Stoke Kerry
Morlev Jame-, Wbiitiiigton
; Nott Luke, Shouldliam
*l'aii-h J.iii e-, Marham
P,A\ell John, Stoke Kerry
Ru-sell 'I'iionias, West Dereham
ISly Samuel, Stoke Kerry
SpinksJohn, We-i Dereham
•Tingev James, Wereham


Bell, R.'Ipb Heath, Maibam
Bell James IVukard, Whittington
Bell'Tho^. Rortei , We.st Derebani
Bell,' Saninel Smith, Bongbton
Bell, William Wilson, Stoke K-riy
Bull, William Brown, Stoke ten y
Bnll, Chailes Hoisley. Northvv.dd
Checjuers, Leonard Brooks, West

Clie(iuers,John Easter, Sbou-lham
Cock, Will. (Jatbercole, Metliwold
Crown, John Klood, Kineham
Crown, William .Mills, W eieham
Crown, Geo. Tbompsoii, Northwold
Crown. Wm. Tinitall, Sioke i-erry
Dog & Dnek, David Kilev, Marham
DukeN Head,RowrnigTurneri:oate,
i Sioke Fen y ^„ [Thorpe

Fall Gate.Saniuel Dane.Shonldham
I Fall Gate Saii.n. 1 "r'oiid, Slradsett
1 King's Arms, Eleanor Fke,Shonl.l-

I bam „ , r^''''y

I King's Arms, Henry Roberts, Sioke
Nag' .-Head, Edwaid, S|.ink>, V\ ere-

■ h"" o , «,^"'^'


Red Lion, Cvril King, Wieiton

Swan, John i'>. nueit, .Meiliw.dd

Swan, William Flood, Kmcliam

Thiee Horseshoe.s, Jabez Coxell,

Sbonldbam [bam Thorpe

Two Brewos, Joseiih Flatt Snould-

Retailers of Beer

Bywatei Tliom.is, Fincbam
I Kretweil T'l (iiiias, We-t Dereham
Matthews Josenli, Kiiiebaiu
I Nnnii James. Stoke Ferry
Rands John, iMarhain
Smitb'^ate Thomas, Finchani
Watson John, Siiouldham Thorpe


See under the head Grocers, tscmbly-ioom
was erected in 1817, on the west side of the iVjarket-
liill, in which assemblies are held during the winter
months : and a respectable book club, and reading
room are well supported by suhscribeis. 'i'heie are
no manufactures heionging to the town: malting and
The trade in corn is of some consideiation, atid iheie
are several flotir mills, one of which is woiked by
steam power. General sessions are held here rjuar-
terly by adjournment from Norwich ; the county magis-
trates assemble in jietty sessions every alternate Satur-
day ; and manoiial courts leet and baton are held
annually, in April or ftlay. Swaffhain is a pidling

iinislicd till tiiat of Henry VII. or, accordiu-; to Biiitoii
and Gough, it was built in the year 1474. Like cathe-
drals, it is cruciform, iiiul consists of a nave and north
and south aisles. It has a square embattled tower,
surmotinted by a h;indsome spire, wdiirh, fidin its eleva-
tion, is easily seen for many miles lonnd : ii. the tower
are eight miisiciil bells. The roof of the church is of
oak, luatly carvtd, and supiiorted by ainfcls with ex-
panded wings. Throughout the building arenuinemus
moiiuinenis, gravestones and insciiptions woithy the
ni.tice of the curious. The north ai^le is said to have
been built by John Chapman, a tr:idcsman of the
town, and who was churchwaiden in 14(J2: according
to the custom of those days of expressine names by
rebusses (whiih custom decended to us Irom the Greeks
and Ronlan^), his name, as ii benefactor to the church,
was exhibited in diffeient parts of the building, by a
tiguri; witli a pack on his back— thus repicsenting a
peuhn- or cJidprnaii; some of tbese figuics are >till to
be seen. The Tuing of Swaffham is a vicaiape with
the rectory of Thrix.son annexed, in the patronage of
the Bishop of Norwich. There are idaces of worship
for Baptists and Weslevati Methodists; the chapel ot
the former is a neat edilice, and the congrcgalion most
respect.ible. There are some public school-s they are
respectlAcly conducted upon the national and Biiti.-Ii
plans, for infants, and a giammar sclmol ; Ihc latter
founded bv the late Nicholas Hammond, Esq., for tlie
education 'of twenty bovs. The market granted by

station at tl-e e'iectioti of ineinbeis to icjiieseiit west 1 King Johu, is Jicld on Saturday, and celebrated for its

13 i^7




hutter. Fairs, May 12tli, July 21st. and November 3rd.
The paiisliof Swaffiiam coiit.iined, in 1831, 3,28a ii.-
habitants, and in 1841,3,358. , , . c, «•

Spohle is a parish in the same hundred as SwafT-
ham— tiie village is 2^ miles n.e. hyE. from that town ;
situated on the road to East Dereham, and the hne of
tli3 Ea>t Anyliaii ilailway. A priory of black monks,
subject to to I hi- Abbey of Sanmen in Anjou, was
founded here in ilie reign of Henry 11., and was granted
by Henry VI., lownnls the endowmentof Eton cnlleyf.
The parish church of Saint INlaiy is an ancinit and
somewhat spacious building of flint, with a western
tower, embattled. In the chancel are many old grave-
stones, fr.mi which their brasses liave been stiipped,
and on the north side is a small chapel s.p uated from
aisle bv screen-work. 'I'he living of Sporle is a vic-
araee in the gift of the Provost and K'Uows of Eton
CoUege. The population of the parish, in 1831, was
746; in 1841, 773. . a er

CASTLE-AcKEis a parish in the hundred ofl-ree-
bridge Lynn— tlie village, populous and rather exten-
sive is 4 miles N. from Swaffliam ; pleasantly situated
on a rising ground, at the foot of which runs the iiver
Nar, formerly navigiible to within two miles of this
place Imt now only from Narborough to Lynn. In
this villa^'e arc the ruins of a priory ol Cluniac monks,
founded by William De Warren : the west front is by

far the mo>t consiiicuous, interesting, and picturesque
part ; it is a very noble Norman figide — and, thiiUL;h
not entire, there i.s enough to convey an idea ot what
it was wiien perfect; there are many other parts of
the huildina, though much dilapiaied, still .standing,
and bv their extent a tolei ably just tonceptiou may he
formed of the wealth and magnificence of their former
possesiirs : the structure was coinnT-nced about the
vear 1078, and dissolved in l!i53. A little towards the
ea.>t of the priorv, on a rising ground, stood the castle,
the seat of the Eails of Warren. The pan>li churcii
of Saint Jame-s is a large regular building, with a
nave, north and south aisles, and chancel; at the west
and is a lofty square tower, with five bells: the livinjj
is in the gift of the Earl of Leicester; the R-v. John
Hague Hlooni, b.a., i.s the present vicar— this gentle-
man has published a faithful and interesting history of
the parish of Castle Acre. Fairs, for toys and pedU'ry,
are held on Saint James day and Aui>ust .5th. 'l"he
parish contained, in 1831, 1,.333, inhabiiaiits, and in
1841, 1,495.

Newton by Castle Acre is a small parish, lung
about 4 miles N. by E. from Swaffliam. The church is
an ancient huilding with a low s(|uare toiler ; ii is dedi-
cated to All Saints', and the livinu is a discharged vic-
arage in the gift of the liisliop of Ely. TI.e popalaiiun
of the parish does not exceed one liundred.

Ueil UY n UJinm i-'i- ......v.... 'J .

POST OFFICE, iMarket-sfreet.SwAFFHAM, William Parson, Post J\Jaster.— Letup from London,
Lynn, Yarmouth and the North arrive (by mail cait from Brandon) every morning at four, and are des-
natched thereto at twenty minutes past eight in the evening. j i .i i

Letttrs from LiTctiAM and neighbourhood arrive (by foot post) every evening at seven, and are despatched

''^ "^ post'offIce'^'Castle Acre, John Harvey, Post Master.-U-ttevH from all parts arrive (from Swaff-
HAMreverv evening at a quarter before eight, and are despatched theieto at a quaiter before six in the evening


Abbott Stephen, Esq., Castle-Acre
Balders Mi-s Susannah, Market pi
Bloom Rev. JohnHague,B. a. Castle-
Bone Mr. Barnard, Lynn st
Buck worth TheophilusRusselljEsq.

Clev Hall
Clarke Mrs. Sirah, Lynn st
Olaxtou Mr. John, London st
Cooper Mrs. Matilda, Market ])lace
Dalton Rev. Win. b.a. Castle-Acre st
Delf Mr. Samuel, BricUle House
Diiinis Rev. William Benjamin,
London st [Villa

Dowell -Mrs. Charlotte Theresa, the
Ougmore J(din, E.sq , London st

Oakes Liiut. Colonel Richard M.,

Dunham Lodae
Palmer Mr. Charles, Coral House
Palmer Mr. Waiter, Sonth-Acre
Pearson William, Esq , Sporle
Peck Mr. James, Ash close
Philo Mrs. Alice, Liuii'on st
Sand Mr. Wi liam, Lynn st
Savage M'S. M., London st
Say Rev. Heiirv, Noiwicli road
Sherringham Mr. Etlw., We-t-Acre

Sewell & House (& clerks to the
magistrates), Mangate st

Taylor Biooke (:ind clgrk to the
County court), Chuicb yard


Clark Joseph, Maikei place
Kiddle Giorge, Castle-Acre st
Trundle James, M.irket place


iiayfield George, London st
liittoii Williaii), Castle-Acre

Stratton Miss Elizabeth, London st i |^,.owii Charles, London st

Strctton Mr. Jcdin, London st
Trundle Mrs.Mariha,Casile-Acrest
Ward .Mr. John, Castle-Acre
Wells Mrs. Susan, London st
Williams Mr. James, Castle Acre st

Dn.r,noreRev.Henry'BeachemWells Yarrington Mrs. & Miss Market pi
Durchmau Mr.Durranf, Dereham rd Yonge the Misses, the Villa

Evans Rev. J. P., Mangate st
EverardRcv. Salisbury, M AVicarage
Falkner Capt.Josepb, WhiteHart la
Farrar Mr. William, Market place
Farrer Edmund, Esq , Spoi le
Foiby Mrs. Raven, Castle Acie
Fortin Mr. William, Ca-tle-Acre st
Fountain Rev. John, im.a., Soutli-

Gage Rev. George, Market pl^ce
Hamond Antbony,Esq.,HighHouse,

West- Acre
Hamond Miss Sarah, Norwich road
Hanbury Rev. George, M. A., Castle-
Acre st
Harvey Mrs. Mary, Cnstle-Acre
Hudson John, E

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 79 of 131)