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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Superintendent Registrar- Samuel W'ing,

Potter St, Bedford [Turvey

Registrar of M arTiages—'Sa\h]. Godfrey,

registrars of births and deaths.

For Risley District — Jos. Gregory, Risley

„ Sharnbro'ik Distrii t~-^ohB^VU\^am-

son, Sharnbrook [Turvey

„ Turvey District— ya{han\. Godfrey,

„ Harrold District— ^yi\\iam Woot-

ton, Harrold


Harrold is distant ten miles from the
Wellingborough Station, on the North-
ampton and Peterborough line, and
nine miles from the Bedford and Bletcli-
ley Station, on the London and North-
western Railway.
An Omnibus, from the George Inn, Har-
rold, to (he Bedford Station, daily;
through Sharnbrook and Bletsoe.
To BEDFORD, Charles Ibbs.from Blet-
soe, Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
and Thomas Parsons, from the George
Inn, Harrold, Saturday.
To TURVEY, Thomas Bailey, from the
Wheutsheaf, and Gillaway Harley,
from the Georfje inu, Harrold, Wed-
nesday and Saturday.


X^EIGHTON BUZZ.-XRD, anciently wnttei) Lelg/iton ;
Beuti desert, is a parish, in the hundred of Manshead
and deanery of Dunstable — the market town, respectable
and thriving, is 41 inilfSN. w. from London, 20 s. s. w.
from Bedford, 17 s. e from Buckingham, IOn.e. from
Aylesliuiy, and 33 e. n. e. from Oxford; .situated on
the river Oui-el, on the borilers of Buckinghamshire,
on the London and North-Western Railway, for which
line Leighton is a first-class station. Some writers
accord to this place a dei;ree of conseqnence in remote
ages — they assert it to be the Lygean burgh of the
Saxou chronicle, which Cuthwulph took from the
liritons in 571 ; indeed it still possesses a relic of con-
sideiable antiquity, in the form of a Gothic cross of
stone, beautiful even in decay ; it stands in tlie open
area of the Market place, and is supposed to hai e with-
stood theoper.itioiis of time, climate and civil turmoil
for more than five hundred years — but by whom, or on
what ticcasion it was erected, even tiadition does not
attempt to reveal : its form is pentagonal, in height
thirty-eight feet; the upper story is divided into five
niches, each containing a statue; the first is in an
episcopal habit; thes econd represents the Virgin and
Jesus; the third appears to be des'gned for St. John
the t-vangi'list.the others are too mutilated to he defined.
Lord Leigh i* lord of the manor ; courts leet and baron
are held twice annually. Leighion is a polling statiim
at the election of county members, and it is included
in the thiity-si.\th circuit of County Court towns,
under the act passed 1846, for the recovery of debt.s to
any amount, not exceeding £20. — the coui t sits monthly
in the room of the Free school, Church square, Leighton


Buzzard enjoys a considerable trade in corn, timber,
seed, iron, &c. : there are also some very extensive
maltings, with other establislini en ts in the lime and brick
trade; and the making of straw plat and laoe furnishes
employment to many females. By its proximity, the
Grand Junction Canal affords means of conveyance to
all parts; and the railway before mentioned supplit-s an
additional convenience of transit — and of consequence
has materially conduced to the prospeiiiy and increase
of the town.

The parish church of All Saints, is a haud.some cru-
ciform structure, principally in the early style of Eng-
lish aichitecture; it consists of a nave, chancel, two
side aisles, two transepts and vestry, with a plain
massive tower rising from the iiitei section, containing
a ring of hells, and is sui mounted by a much admired
octagonal stone spire, one hundred and ninety-three
feet in height : the living is in the presentation of the
Prtbcndaiy of Leighton Buzzard, in Lincoln cathedral.
The Society of Friends (a numerous and respectable
class in this place) have a meeting house ; the
Baptists two chapels and the Wesleyan Methodists one,
Matthew Wilkes, in 1630, founded almshouses for
eiyht indigent women, and the Honble. Mrs. Leigh, in
1790, endowed a free school here. A spacious and
convenient workhouse, capable of accommodating
three hundred recipients, has been erected here for
the poor of this Union. The market, which is held on
Tuesdav, is well attended, and abundantly supplied with
cattle, corn, lace, straw plat, &c. Fails, February 5th,
the second Tuesday in April, Whit-Tuesday, July 26th,
October 24th, and the first Tuesdav after the 10th of




December. The parish of Leighton Buzzard compre-
hends the chapeliies of Bili.ington, Eggington.
Heath-and-Reach, and Standridge, which, wifli
the lownsliip of Leieliton Buzzard, contained, by thf
returns rendered in 1831, 5,149 inhabitants, and in
1841, 5,5;i2 ; of which last number 3,965 were returned
for the township.

LiNSLADE is a pari.sh, coutiguous to that of Leighton

structure, erected in 1849: the liring is a perpetual
curacy, in the gilt of tht- Crown. The Baptists have a
neat place of worship, and there is an excellent national
schciol — both lately erected. The grant of a fiir and
market, to be held here — the former at Lady-day, the
latter on Thursd.ny, was made to VViUiam de Beaucliamp,
ill 1251, but they have both for ages ceased to be
ubsirved. The population of the parish, in 1841, was

Buzzard, but in tlie liundred of Cottesloe, county of 88:?, but it has since gieatly increased.

Bucks. In the thirteenth century this place obtained
some note horn being the resort of pilgrims to a lioly
well here, and proce.ssions were often formed to visit
it, until iu 1299, they were prohibited by the then
Bishop of Lincoln, as furnishing the means of profit
and extravaganie to the vicar. The village has latterly
much increased in population, size and consequence
from its proximity lo the treat railway line, and
warehouses have been eretted for the deposit of goods,

HocKLiFFE is a parish in the same linndred as
Leighton — the village, a small rural one, is 3 miles
E. s.B. from that lown, and 4 n. vv. from Dunstable;
situated at the junction of the Northampton road with
that of the London and Birmingham, and to be noticed
mtrely as a posting village. Tlie church, dedicated to
Saint Nicholas, is in the gothic style; the living is a
rectory, united to the vicarage of Chalgrave. There
are chapels for Independents and VVesleyan Methodists.

&c. The parish church of Saint Barnabas is a handsome I Population, in 1841, 420.

POST OFFICE, High street, Leighton Buzzard, William Doggetr, Post Master. — Letters from
London and various places East, South and West arrive every morning at six and twelve at noon, and are
des|iutclu'd at a quaiter liefore eleven in the forenoon and nine at night.

Letters from Bedford, Birmingham, ISIanchester, Liverpool and all partsof the North of England,
also from Scotland and Ireland arrive at twelve at night and twelve at noon, and are despatched at a quarter
before eleven in the forenoon and night at nine.

GENTRY AND CLERGY. odell Elizabeth, High st
Adey Kev. Eihvaid, Leek st j Qdell Gregory Flem-ms, High st

Ashfield Miss Ehza Maria, Leek st Wright John A. (boarding & day),



Ashfield,W()odmati& Allen, High st
Kipling John Philip, Church square
Willis Frederick, Church square

Bassett Mr. Francis, Hi?h st
Bassett Mr. John Dolliin, High st
Bryan Robert, Esq., Grove House,

Heath and Reach
Carter Rev. Charles, Jeffs lane
Cumberh'ge Rtv. John, m. a., Eg-

ginton House
Doegeit Thomas, Esq., High st
Edwin Mr. Thomas, Jeffs lane
Flanders Rev. William, North st
Gilpin Colonel Richard, the Grange,

Grant Mrs. Anna, Church square
Hanmer Col. Henry, Stock Grove
Lovett Miss Elizh, Liscombe House
Mauley Mr. William, North st
Morrice Rev. Andrew D., Heath

House, Heath and Reach


See under Land Surveyors.


Bransen James, North st
Fletcher Ezra, Standridge
Jones Robert, North st
Maltby Richard, Back lane
Marshall John, Market place
Odell Thomas, Leek st
Parsons William, Canal st

Piocter Jolin, High st
,^ , , „ . , ^. , ,. , I Richardson Georce, Linslade
Orlebar Rev. John Ch^.les, Heath Roberts David, H^ockliffe

and Reach ,, ^ I Shepherd William, High st
NewmanRev.JohnStubbs,Hockliffe |Souiham William, Ewginton
Ouvry Rev. Peter Thomas, Linslade TompkinsWilliam, Heath anc
Pcttit Mr. Charles, High st - - ■

Paine Rev. William, Jeffs lane
Price Mrs. Sophia, High st
Proctor Mr. Joseph, l^'ek st
Proctor Mr. Richard, Leek st
Rolfe Mrs. Elizabeth, High st
Sleigh Rev. James, Hockliffe
Stevenson Rev. Joseph, Vicarage
Stone William, Esq., Hiuh st
Theobald Mr. Samuel, Chelsea
Wevill Rev. John, Jeffs lane
Whishaw Rev. Alex^nd' r, Linslade
Willis Rev. Joseph, Hockliffe
Willis the Miss-es — , High st
Wishaw Mrs. — , High st


Not otherwise iliscribed ;ire Day .Schools.

British School, America — Thos.

Bradbury, master
Free School, Church square

William Thomas Woodly, master
Infant.s' School, Back lane

Fanny Pearce, mistress
Johnson i.,ouisa (boarding & day),

Oak Cottiige, Chelsea
Marshall Sarah, .Market place
NATiosALSrHOOL.Heath and Reach

— StephcnStanbridge, master
National School, Hockliffe

Willi.im Browne, master; Ann

.Mill ward, misire.'*s
National School, Chelsea— Isaac

Patkei, maitcr; Caroline Parker,



d Reach
Furiiey James, Hockliffe
Walker Richard, Hidi st
Waters Thomas, Jeffs lane
Woodman William, Linslade


Bassett,Grant& Co., Highst — (draw
(onBarclay,Bevan & Co, London)

London & County Joint Stock

Banking Company, High st

(draw on head office, London) —
Mr. WhithreadTomson, manager

Savings' Bank, High st — Thomas
Stratford, actuary


Brown Thomas, Jeffs lane
Kent Thomas, Market place


Bird John. Hockliffe
Brown George, Leek st
Cooper George, Leek st
Cooi)er Sarah, Leek st
Foster John, Linslade
Grace George, Linslade
Timms I);uiiel, Back lane


Flint Frank (& printer), High st

Partridge Jesse, Leek st

Young James (& printer), High st


Chubb John, .Maikct place
Devereil Job, Linslade
Grace VVilliam, Jeffs lane
Harris F^lizabcth & Son, Market pi
Horn Henry, North et

Makepeace George, North st
Middleton Samuel, North st
Morgan John, Back lane
Morgan Joseph, North st
Owen Thomas, Linslade
Potts Edmund, North st
Read John, Leek st
Sanders James, Jeffs lane
Tingey John, Hockliffe
Woodstock William, North st
Wright William, Jeffs lane

Cavit Ebenezer, Higli st
Keys Thomas, Leek st
Sharp Joseph, Canal st
Wyton William, Market place


Elliott James, Woburn road
Mead William, Linslade
Saunders Jas. (& builder), North st

Belgrove Robert, Heath and Heach
Claiidge William, Noith st
Garside John, Jeffs lane
Hopkins James, High st
Hopkins James, North st
Hopkins Joseph, Canal st
Hopkins Samuel & Son, North st
Inwards Charles, Hockliffe
Read Frederick, Hockliffe
Reeves Edward, Hitjii st
Roberts Joseph, North st
Ru-ssell William, Linslade
Turnham Joseph, North st
Williamson Charles Adams, Highst
Yerrall William, Hockliffe road
Young Geoi (le, Leek st


Agutter William, North st
Aveline George Gamaliel, Hieh 8t
Hannell Thos. (& builder), High st
Merry Robert, High st


Headman William (and soda water
maker). High st [Hik'h st

Richmond Rbt.(&soda water mkr.)
Theobald Peter Bassett, Leek st


Deacon Thomas, Linslade
King John. North st
Sellick Antony, Leek st


Bransen James, North st
Parsons Debor.ih, Market place
Parsons William, Canal st
Partridne Michael, High st
Shei)herd William, High st
Siiuiuonds Alice, Higli st


LEIGHTON BUZZARD, Ac. i^ctrfortrsfttre*


Clarke Merry, Ncirth st
Hide John, Jeffs lane
Hide William, Jeffs lane
Jones Robert, North st
Marshall John, Market place
Middleton Saml. (factor). North st
Procter John, High st
lloberts David, Horkliffe
Simmons William Richard, Leek st
Taverner Sarah, Linslade
Turney Jnmes, Hockliffe
Waters Tht)nias, Jeffs lane

Hide William, Jeffs lane
Flenions Elizabeth, North st


Harris Richard, North st
Harris Walter, Market place
Smith Joel(& leather cutter) High st


Adams John, Egginton

Adams Aiiller, Hockliffe

Adams John VVarnei, Hockliffe

Busliell John, High st

Claiidge Sarah, Egs^inton

Claridge William, Leek st

Hart Tliomas, Ascott

Heckfiird John, HockUffe

Inwards John, Hockliffe

Loke William, North st

Sanders James, Jeffs lane

S wineshead Thomas, Heath&Reach

Woodman John, Linslade

British Empire, William R. Sim-
mons, Leek st [ridge, Leek st
Church of England, Jesse Part-
Clerical and Medical (life),

Thomas Stratford, Linslade
County (fire) and PROviDENT(life)

John T. Bassett, High st
Farmers' AND Hail-storm, Frank

Flint, High st [st

General, Charles B. Sell, Leek
Kent Mutual (fire), James Young,

Hiah street
Liverpool and London, Richard

Daggett, Leek st [High st

Norwich Union, Arthur Ashtield,
Phcenix (fire), William Maniey,

Market place [Church sq

Royal Exchange, Fredk. Willis,
Sun, John Procter, High st
United Kingdom Temperance

(life), Wm. Syminiiton, Leek st
Western (life), Jas.Youug, Highst
Handscomb George, Hockliffe road
Marriott Thomas, Leek st
Woods Richard, Woburn road


(See also Shopkeepers, 8fc.)
Bird Henry, HockUffe
Emery William, North st
Green William (& tallow chandler),

Market place
Hawkins George,High st
Mauley William (& hop merchant),

Market place
Poulter & Son, North st
Price John, High st
Ridgwav William, High st
Roberts' William, Hockliffe
Sell Charles B., Leek st
Taverner Samuel, Linslade
Turner Alfred, Leek st

Dicks F'lederick, Canal st
Partridge Jesse, Leek st
Warner Thomits, Market place


Baker William, High st
Deverell John, High st
Deverell Ann, Market place
Ellis John, High st
Ridgway Charles, Leek st
Sharman John, High st

INNS — commercial, &c.
{See also Taverns Sf Public Houses.)
Elephant & Castle (and posting),
Henry Richardson, Linslade [st
Swan(& posting),JohnBushell,High
Unicorn, Charles Claridge, Leek st

Bird Henry, Hockliffe
Cavit Ebenezei', High st
Kent Thomas, Market place
Ladd Wm, Charity wharf & Chelsea
Page Charles, High st


Abbott George, North st
Agutter William, North st
Arnold 'i'homas. Heath and Reach
Aveline George Gamaliel, High st
Bowler Josepli, Leek st
Dawson William & Edward, Nortli st
Hack James, Hockliffe
Horwood Austin, Linslade
Mead William, Linslade
Mead William, North st
Merry Robert (& builder). High st
Miles Richard, Heath and Reach
Scott Newlatid, Heath and Reach
Stephens William, Heath and Reach


Flint & Son, High st
Hart Thomas, Ascott


Baker William, Hieh st
Ellis John, High st
MitchellThomas, Hockliffe
Ridgway Chailes, Leek st
Sharman John, High st


Clarke Jeremy, North st
Franklin Henry, Leek st
Loke Charles, North st
Reeve Cliarles, High st
Sell & Claridae, Leek st
Warner John, Canal st


LawfordEdward, & Co, Canal wharf
Osboiti & Son, Canal wharf


Abbott Elizabeth, North st
Brown Jane, Jf ffs lune
Dumpletoii Saiah, Market place
Garside Elixabcth, Jeffs lane
Knight Marioti, High st
Odell Mary Anne, High st
Poole Mary, North st
Potts Hannah, North st
Price Marian, Jeffs lane
Trovell Elizabeth, High st
Turnham Ann, Linslade
Webster Sai'ah, North st


Purser Ann, High st
Purser Jabez, Leek st
WatkinsJoim [&. plasterer). Canal st


Bales James, Leek st

Bishop Sarah, Leek st

Chase Joseph, Hockliffe

Clare Thos. (& rope maker), Leek st


Ash pool David, Noith st
Ayre John, Hockliffe
Blundell Joseph, Linslade
Cook David, Back lane
Deeley James, North st
Gill man Michael, HockUfle
Hart Rebecca, North st
Inns John, Jeffs lane
Inns Sarah, Egginton
Parsons James, North st
Pebody Joseph, Linslade
Pratt Edvva'd, Back lane
Reeve George, Back lane
Richardson Geotge, Linslade
Smith William, North st
Stevens Daniel, Egginton
Taverner Sarah, Linslade
Turney Edward, Canal st
Tutt Thomas, Leek st


Mabbutt Thomas, Linslade
Purser Jaber, Leek st


Abbott Elizabeth, Oorth st
Carpenter Elizabeth, Woburn road
Knight Marion, High st
Mearl Ann Sarah, Nortli st
Robinson John, Heath and Reach
Trovell Elizabeth, High st
Turney Martha, High st
Webb Ann, Cliurch square


Cruse Benjamin, Heath and Reacli
Roberts W'illiam, Hockliffe
Taverner Samuel, Linslade


Bodger VVilliam James, Leek st
Lawfoi d Edward, Leek st
OUey Edgar, North st
Wagstaff Phillip Winter, Canal st

Bowler Richard, Hocklffe
Claridge George, Leek st
Doggett William (& draper), Highst
Dumpltton William, Maiket place
Fames William, North st
Ellis John, High st
Johnson William, Jeffs lane
Mitchell Thomas, Hockliffe
Sharman John, Hinh st
Smith John, Linslade
Webb James, Church squai'e
Webb James (& draper], North st


Bedford Aims.Thns. Gurney,Canal wharf
Bell, 'I'lioinas Ginger, IMaiket place
Bell, Cliarles Inwards, Hoiklifle [st

Bill & VVoolpack, 'llios. Tompkins, Leek
Black Horse, Sarah Birdsey, IVorlh st
Black Lion, Tliomas Kin?, High st
Boot, Charlotte Gandy,Maiket pi [slade
Buckingham Arms, Austin Horwood, Lin-
Bull, John Deverell, Hijjh st
Bull, John Inwards, Hockliffe [st

Coach & Horses, Thomas ('arsons, Leek
Cross Keys, Richard Samuel, Market pi
Curritrs' Arms, Ann Alarlton, Market pi
Duke's Head, William Tompkins, Heath
and Reach [Canal st

Ewe Lamb & Shepherd, William Loke,
Falcon. George Kin?, Leek st
Five Balls, Joseph Fames, Stamlridge
Fleur-de-Lis, Richd. Tompkins, Hockliffe
George & Dragon, Henryl'ranklin, Leek st
Golden Bell, Ann Cotching, Church sq
Greyhound, Thomas Barker, North st
Hoise Shoes, Wm. Lancaster, Kgeinton
Kind's Aims, Win. Inw.irds, Hockliffe
King's Arras, lid. Irving Buyers, North st
Nag's Head, James .Snoxell, Leek st
Peacock, Thomas Gilbert, Leek st
Peacock, Jos. Powill. Heath and Ileach


a^cDfoiiJi^ftilf. LEIGHTON BUZZARD, &c.


TAVERNSj Sic.—CoHtinued.
rioiijth, William I'anllins. Esginton
I'himc of Pothers, Geo Younit, I.e«k 8t
Kailwav lni>. SVi!liam Eliborii, Linslad«
Kavfi-.Elizibetli Diokins. Hifih st
Kfd I ion, Kobt.Bflsrovf.Hrath & Reach
RfJ Lion, Joseph Si-ott, Srandridge
Koelmck. John Garsidi-, Jeffs lane
R.iyal Oak. James Payne, Back lane
S^araoen's Head, Charles Loke, Hii;h st
Shoulder ol"Mnllon,J:is.Tiirney, Canal st
Slat, Thoraas Hickson, tiealh and Reach
Son, John Yoiin?, Leek st
S«an, Edward Secret, Clielsea
Whealsheal", Thomas S.inders, North st
While Hart, John *;re.-n, Hockliire
White Swan, lUchard Woods, Hockliffe

Retailers of Beer.

Barker « illiara, Hockliire mad
blinker Joel, Hocklitfe
Cook David, Back lane
Fall Thomas, Chelsea
Faulkner William, Linilade
liiichman Joseph, Linslade
Holt Benjamin, Slaudridi;e
Honour William, North st
Hopkins Joseph, Back lane
Mend Willia'it, linslade
Milles John, Linslade
Norman Joseph, Hockliffe road
Reeve Ihonias, Heath and Reach
Samuel I iiumas, North st
Smith William, North st


Diaije .'ohii (i^ guiiMiiiili),Maikct[)l
Jiiliiisou Willi. nil, Hii^list
.Mattlunvs Alfitvl, Hi«li st
MatthewsJoliiUA tov dealer), Higli st
Pai:e Cliarl. s, H'mh'st
Spliaiii ci Fla?, Canal st


Lawfciid E'lwaril & Co. Canal vvliarf
C)-horii & Son, Canal vvliail
Prior Cliailes (biick maker,! Hock-'
litre loail


Gee Edward, Leek st
LnoU James, Can.il st
Mead Tho:iias. Letk .^t
Rol)eit> Georue, HocUliflTe
Stairs Jul. II, Ninth st


Warren U'ihiani, Linslade
Wliiclietlo Stephen Henry, Linslade


Birdsey lohn, china & class deair Jeffs la
Birdsey Charles & rhomas,callle dealers.

.North »l [Hack lane

Bishop & Reynolds, tobacco-pipe makers,
Dawson Edw. rurniture broker. North st
Di-age John, parish clerk. Market place
Diimpletoti V\ in. pawnbroker, Maiketpl
Forth Fhomas, timber merchant, Jeffs la
G.\s WoHkS, Leek st— William Wellor,

Gilbert 1 honias, niillwriitht. Leek st
Ini.*nu RkVknik Dpkick, at the Swan

Inn, \\'llliam Callaman, s«;>fMisor
Labram Ezra, travellinif tea dh". Hockliffe
LiTEiiAitY Institute, Church square-
Rev. Joseph Stevenson, srcretary
N'orman Robt. cooper. Jells lane [st

Phillips Wm. inland revenue ollicer,Caual
Poole Fhomas, glover, North st
Reeve Charles, brewer, Hliih St
ST.tsir Office, High si-Frank Flint,

suhdiiliihiiter [Linslade

Stephenson Robt. & Co. coal nierchnnts,
SyminRtou William, travelling draperaud

tea dealer. Leek st
Taltam Thomas, stay maker, Chelsea
Tb.mpkrancb H.\ll, Leek street— Jesse

Partriilge, keepir [st

Wai;staffThoi. veterinary surgeon, Loek
White Fhos. & Co. wine merchts. North st



Ai.i.-Saints- Cni'RCH, Leij;litoii Buz-
zard—Rev. Joseph Stevenson, vicar

Saint Nicholas' Cue rch, Hockliffe—
R -v. John S. Newman, rector

Saint Barnabas' Church, Linslade —
Rev. Peter T. Onvry. perpetual curate

ErisroPAi. Chapkl, Heath and Reach
— Rev. Jno.C. Orlebar, /)e;-/)(7iia/ curate

Baptist Chapei., Hockliffe road— Rev.
William Paine, minister

Baptist Chapkl, Leek st — Rev.Edwaid
Adey, nniristtr ^various

Baptist Chapkl, Lin.slade ministers

Friends' IMketing Holsf, North st

Lnrkpendent Chapel, Hockliffe

Rev. James Sleigh

Wesletan .Mktiiodist Chapki.s, Jeffs
lane; Hockliffe, and Heath and Reach

WoRKHOusL, Leightuii lituzaid.
Governor — Jolin Ponlton
/t/o/;-o;i— iMarllia Poultou
Stiigeon — John Holt
Cha'plain — Kev. John Hart

Clerk to the Hoard of Guardians

Joseph Woodman
Relieving Officer — Wm. Henry Meacher


Superintendent Keyislrnr— Jos. Wood luon

For Lewht'tnPistrict (and of marriaces) —

" Richard Oatjitett fWiolli

„ Eddltsboro' District Rev. Edward

„ lrin

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 8 of 131)