I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 85 of 131)
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Camperdown terrace
Harbord Mr. vvilliam. South Town
Hardly Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Peter's rd
Harley Mr. George, Gorleston
Hawkins Lieut. George J., Bracey's

ropewalk J road

Hewitt Mr. Daniel, South Market
Hills Rev. George, Vicarage
Holliday Rlr. Richard, Duncan place
Hotson'Mrs. Sarah, South Town
Hume Jos.Esq.,M.p.,Biamley House
Hunt Miss IMaitha, Nelson terrace
Hurst Rev. San)nel, South Town
Jay Mrs. Mary, Regent st
Jenner Lieut. George, South Town
J ex Mr. James, St. Peter's toad

Dvson Mr. Joseph, St. Nicholas' rd Jones Mrs. Sarah, Sonth Market rd

Ellis Captain Frederick Adam, r.n., Kendall Mrs. Maria, 10 Crown place

South Town Keyiner Miss Ann, South Town

Emiss Mr. Edward, East st, Kingst Killett Miss Mary, St. Peter's road

Everitt George, Esq., Caistor Castle King Mrs. Mary, White Horse place

Fairman Capt. — ,R.N;St. Nicholas rd Lacon Sir Edmund Henry Knowles,

Farrow Mrs. Catherine, Queen's
place. East hill [Ea.st hill

Farrow Rev. Samuel, Queen's place,
Firides Mr. Joseph, Church square
Field Mrs. Mary, 4 Crown pi
Fill Mr. Jo«eph, Regent road
Fish .Mr. John, Regent road
Fish Mr. Simon, Sonth Town [rd
Fisher Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Georges'
Forster Mrs. Ann, Gaol st
Foy Mr.James, Retent road
Francis Mr. Geoige, North end
f ransham Mrs. Elizabeth, North end
Freie Rev. Edward B., King st
Fuller Mrs. Ann, South Town
Gaidiner Mr. William, '^outh Town
Garnham John, Esq., South Town
Gedney Mrs.Susannah, South Town

Hoptnn Hall, Suffolk
F^acon Lady Eliza. Ormesby Hall
Lacon John Mortlock, Esq., Quay
Lamb Mrs. Mary, South Town
Larke Capt. William, r.n.. King st
Lawes Capt. John Porter, Regent rd
Layton Mrs. Mary Anna, North end
Leeds Mrs. Mary, Norili end
Leicester Rev. James A., Regent rd
Leinmon Mr. John, South Town
Ling Mr. William, Gorleston
Loddy Mr. George, South Town
Long Lieut. James, r.n., Gorleston
Lonsdale Mrs. Elizabeth, Regent st
Lonsdale Miss Susan, North quay
Lopez Rev. Don Claudio.Ri gent terr
Lucas Rev. Charles, Filby House
Manby Capt. George William, r.n..

South Town





GENTRY, etc.— Continued,
Mann Mr. John, South '1 own
Marjoram Mr. Tliom^s, l.S Crown pi
Marsh Mrs. Ann, Sonih quay
Marstou Mr. George, Nortli end
Martin Mr. Hezekiah, South Town
Martin Mr. James, Soutli Town
May Mrs. Mary, South Town
Metfin Rev. John, Market road
Miller Mr. James, 108 Row,Soiith qv
Miller Mr. Sieplien, Gorlestou
Minn Mr. John, St. Peter's road
Morse Mrs. Elizabeth, North end
Moss Mrs.Klizahetb, Great Ormesby
Mortim Rev. Jnhn, Caistor
Nauuton Mr. George, South Town
Neave Mr. William, North end
Nesbitt Mrs. Maria, North Quay
Ne>len Mrs. Harriet, Reaent road
Nevill Henry K. Hegent road
Nuthall Mrs. Mary, Somerset place
O'Reilly .Mr. James, Claremont terr
Oxley Mr. John Prescot, Cauiper-

ilown teriace
Page Mrs. Anna Maria, South Town
Page Mr. Thomas, South Town
Pagett Mr. SamI, St. Georges's terr
Palmer Mrs. Eleanor, South Town
Palmer Mr. William D., Camper-
down terrace
Parke Mr. George, South Town
Parker Lady Isabella, South quay
Payne Mr. Thomas, King st [quay
Pearson Capt. Charles, r.n., South
Pells Mrs. Margaret. Gorleston
Penrice Mrs. Ann, King st
Penrice Mr. John, Ely place
Pettingell Miss Ann, South Town
Piegin Mr. Robert, Noith end
Piggott Mr. Jacob, South Town
Pike Rev. Joseph. Gorleston
Plummer Jolin, 56 Bank row
Preston Mr. -lacob, South Town
Priest Mrs. Lduisa, Regent st
Pulleii Philip, Esq., St. Geroge's rd
Purdy Mr. William C, Gaol st
Ray Mr. Walter, St. George's terr
RedgiaveMrs. Susan, Buckingham pi
Rising M r. George, South Town
Rivett Mr. James, South Town
Roberts Captain Lazarus, r.n..

Regent road
Robert.sM rs. Susannah, SonthTown
Rnhs-rts Mrs. Maigaret, Royal place
Roberts Mr. William, South Town
RusSfU Rev. James, South quay
Sacret Mr. Thomas, South Town
Salt Rev. Francis, South Town
Salter Mrs. Sarah. North Market rd
Saunders Mr. William, North end
Scott Mr. Thomas Charles, King st
Sherrington Mrs. Ann, South quay
Simon Rev. Jo-^cpli, King st
Sin)pson Mrs. Mary, Church square
Simpson Mr. William Jasper,
Market row (race

Skinner Mr. James, St. James' ter-
Skinner Mr. Thomas St. George's rd
Sloraan William Waters Mr.,

Smith Mrs. Ann. King .st
Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, Gorleston
Smith .Mr. James, Apollo place
Smith Mr. William, Queen st
Smith Mr. William, Gorleston
Squire Kev. Henry, South end
Squire Mr William, Regent terrace
Stanford Mrs. .Sarah, South Town
Steele Lieut. Edward, Regent road
Steiry Mr. Nathaniel, Goileston
Steward Mrs. Elizabeth, North quay
Steward RevGeoigeWil I iarii, Caislor
Steward Mr. Ricliard, Sotuh Town
Steward Mrs. .Susannah, Howard st
Stewart Mrs. Ann, South quay


Stone IMrs. Maria, Queen's place,

East hill [terrace

Storey Mr. William, Campcrdown
Stringer Mr. Thomas, Reuent road
Sutton Mis. Elizabeth, 8 Seymour pi
Tani) Mr. James, Norfolk terrace
Tapp Mrs. Ellen, Monument road
Tear Mrs. Marv, Nortli quay
Teasdell .Mrs. Sarah, Ganl st
Thomas Mr. Charles J., King st
Thompson Mr.Samuel,StGeorge'srd
Ihrouer Mr. Aaron, Souiii Town
I'hiirtell Mr. William. South quay
Towns Mr. Samuel, Regent road
Travis Captain Sir Eaton, Kut.,R.N.,

South quay
Tunbridge Air. Thomas, Gorleston
Tumor Mr. Charles, South Town
Up.iohn Rev. Francis, Vicarage,

Vardon Mr. John, Regent road
Vaux Rev. Bovvyer, Regent rnad
Wakeley Mrs. Ann, St. Peter's rd
Walpole Mr. Jonas, Clarence place
Walpole Mr. William, South Town
Ward Mr. Mathew, South Town
Warren Mr. James, Rath hill
Waters Rev. Mark, South Town
Watson Mr. William, South Town
Wtarn Miss Arabella, South Town
Weeds Miss Elizabeth, North end
Wheeler Mrs. Mary, South Town
Wlieeler Mr. Thomas, Gorleston
White Henry, Esq., King st
WhittletonMr. Thomas, North end
Wicks Mrs. Mary, King st
WiggMrs, Maria, King st [terr
^Vithers Mrs. Miliceiit, Claremont
Woodward Mr. Samuel, Clarence pi
Woor Mr. Thomas, King st
Worship .Mr. Franri^, Rtor
Ellis William, George st
•Fulcher Susannah, King st
Garson Harriet 6i Mary, George st
Glasscock Harriet, King st
Greevcs Sarah, George st

Hannaut John, Atkins walk, North

Haws Marearet, Regent st
Haywaid Ann, Theatre st
Holland Jaine.i, Gaol st
Hospital School, Market place-
John W. Hewke, nraster ; Char-
lotte Coffin, misticss
Infants' School, Caistor — Eliza*-

belli Edmonds, mistress
Infants' School, King st — Sarah

Cole, mistress
Infants' School, St. Nicholas',

4.5 Row, George st — Susannah

Parr, mistress
Infants' School, St. Petei's,

Back road — Elizabeth Brinday,

Jackson Joseph, King st [rd

Jarmeiiy iNlary Ann, South Market
Moore William, White Horse plaiu
National ScHooL,Caistor — James

Read, master; Charlotte BIytb,

National School, Gorleston — —

Thomas Biich, master; Eliza

Underwood, mistress
Osbori) Sarah, 40 Row
Palmer John, North Market road
Parkinson Camerona, Norfolk terr
•Plummer Golding, King st
Ragged School, North end^—

(masters various)
Redgrave Helen, Buckineham place
Robertson & Cooper (ladies), Aps-

ley terrace
School of Industry, King st— —

Sarah Brecknell, mistress
•Silvers Ann, Chapel Paved row
*Shakel John, Howard st
Slomaii Isabella, Theatre plain
Sloman Sophia, St. Peter's road
Steriy Betsy (ladies') Gaol st
Swann Matthew H., Howard st
Thomas Mary, Church square
Tydeman Lucy (ladies'. Queen st
*Wall Maria i ladies), Gorleston
Walpole Chariot te(la'lies)Georfje Jt
Wat.son James, 18 Row, George st
Westgaie Mary Ann, 84 Row,

George st
*Woollsey Sarah, North quay
Yallop George S., Gorleston
Yarmouth Proprietary Gram-
mar School — Rev. William C.

Davie,hea(l master ;GeorgeBaker,

second master


Davey Joseph, Regent st

Ernes Richard H. (and law stationer)

Pizey Robert,4 Albert place, King st
general COMMERCIAL, &C.
General Agents when not otherwise

[See also Fire, &rc. Office Agents

and other Agents under their
respective heads.)
Bird William, Quay, South Town
Blake Gaiscm (comuiisson), Quay,

South Town
Bunn Tiiomas (commission). Quay,

South town
Butcher James (to Huthwaite and

Co.) Charlotte st
Butcher Matthew & Sons (and ship

and general commission), St.

Peicr'> road
Clarke Justinian B. (and to Daniel

Harmer), South quay
Cobb Simon & Soir (for Macinto.sh

and Co.) Charlotte st
Cosierton George B., 76 Row

South quay




Crowe Vrederick (news and school,
and to tlie Norwich and East of
England Building Society), How-
ard street
Davie William (Trinity), South st
Fill Samuel John, South quay
Heriot Robert M., (commission),

100 Row, South quay
HvltonJolin (to William H. Bessey),
North quHV [l»wu

Laws Chailes W., Quay, South
Laws James E. 108 Row, Sih. quay
Norman John & Son (for Chalder's

patent pump), Theatre plain
Orfeur John (commission). Quay,

South Town
Palmer James Hurry & Co. (and to
Samuel Culley, limber merchant)
Retjent st
Palmer John, Quay
Parmt-nter William (to John Kit-
ton), Queen st
Preston Isaac & Son (foreign),

Quav, South Town
Read Thomas W. & Co. (commis-
sion). South Town fQuay
Rice Samuel (commission)57 Row,
Seaman Robert (to Trueman,

Hanburv and Co.) Quay
Shelley John & Co. (to Lloyds'),

South Quay
Short Thomas L., King st
Steward Arthur (to Steward, Pat-
tesori, Linch and Co.) North quay
Teasdel Henry (commission), Quay
South Town [Town

Walling Robert S., Quay, South
Woods & Sloman (for Mealtor
Fukher WiUiam, Fullers hill
Gibbs John, VVhiie Horse plain
Gooda Ths.Win. Bridge rd.SouthT.
Humphrey Joseph, Caistor
Lovick Thomas, St. Nicholas' road
Manning William, Si. Nicholas' rd
Read Samuel, Gorleston
Skoyles John, Gorleston
Smith Samuel, Back road




Slate r'0


AWred, Mnil& C., North quay
Ellett James North qtiny
Knowle.s James, North quay
PalsTHve Hemy, South quay
V^eale Robert, South qu.iy
Wooden Francis, Snufh quay


(See iilso Ship Builders.)
Beechiiig James, Si'Utli end
Burwoiid Henry, South Town
Frosdick Thomas, North quay
Hastings Ht-nry, South quay
HHStings Joseph, South end
Houuhton Alfrrd, North quay
Hounhtoii William, Nonh quay
Jermyn & Mack. South Town
Newsnm John, Goileston
Parker Robert, Noith quay
Pigg Priscilla, South Town
Smallpnge William, South Town


{See also Booksellers, S^-r.)
Alexander William, King street
Denew James M., 72 R"W, Quay
Diboll Joseph William, Howard st
Gytod William H., Howard street
Purdy Henry Joseph, Gaol st


(See also Stationers.)
Alesai;der William (and newsaeent

and reading rooms), King street
Barber Chailes, Quay
Duucau Alrxaiider, Alarket row
Foreman JoImi, Theatre plain
Gilham James, Howard st
Gooch, Burrett & Son, Market pi
Keevil George, King st
Sloman Charles (and news agent

anH private subscription reading

rooms), King street
Wriglit William, King st


Ames Thomas, Broad row
Baldwin Chailes, White Horse plain
Balls William, North (juay
Bartram John, St. Peter's road
Beckett George Wm., Townhall sq
Bee James, Gaol st
Bee Robert, Market place
Benstead John, South Town
Hilton Jotiii, Charlotte st
Blyth John T., Market place
Blvth William John, George st
Block John, 33 Row, George st
Broom Chai les J , 17Row,George st
Brown Henjamii BlackSwaii row 51
Bulley Joseph, 12'J Row, South qy
Bunn James, Broad row
But er Robert, South market road
Cobb Mary & Son, George st
Crane Clement, (iaol st
Croswt 11 James, 39 Row, George st
Oawsoii William, Charlotte st
Day George, North mat ket road
Uuffell Robert, Georye st
Duniiell John, Gaol st
Duirell Samuel, Goileston
Kdmunds Isaac Caister
Emms David, 109 Row, King st
Krrineton Wm.,St I'uter's Paved rw
Feltham Geoige, Market place
Fisher listher ^d-aler). Church sn
Fisk George, Gorleston
Fletcher Robert, King st
Fountain William. 7h Row, Gaol st
Freiii h William, Geoige st
Froniow Thomas, Gaol st
Gipliiigs John, Kim; st
Goodrick Geoige Thos., Mai ket pi
Greenacre Uenjamin, Caisior
Hall Wdham, 140 Row, King st
Hannaiit Wm.L., 18 Row,George8t


Healev Jaraes, Gaolst

High William, Gaol st

Hunt George, South Town

Kemp William, Market row

Keriison Jacob, Nortli market road

Lane Benjamin, St. Nicholas' road

Langley Samuel, Gorleston

Larke Kdgar N.,Chailotte st

Lockhart, Adam, King st

Man in Samuel, Gaol st

Miller William, South quay

Newiirk VVilliam, South Town

Nobbs Edward, 85 Row, King st

Nolloth William. Gaol st

Panks Henry, Theatres!

Patter sou James, Charlotte st

Pile Charles, South quay

Pye Martin, Card st

Rainer Francis. King st

Remlance William, South st


Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 85 of 131)