I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 86 of 131)
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lotte street
Swiiles David, Market road
•Taylor Janies,118 Kow,South quay
•Taylor VVn). H. & Son, the Conge
Woolston John & Rump Robert,

North Market mad
Wrleht William, North end road


ErriuKtoii Thoni;is, King st
Tanu Thomas, 51 Row, King st


{See also Cabinet Makers.)
Ding John, North end
Forder Charles, the Conge
Forder Fiederick, the Conge
Osborn Heury, 34 Globe row


Jackson James & William (and pro-
vision merchants). North quay
Lucid VVilliam, King st
Pulfoni George, Market row
Tuttle William, King st


RariianJ Francis, Broad row
Bond John, Kingst
Chambeiiin & Peters, Gaol st
Davey Frederick, King st
Davie Cafaude, Quav
Goddard Henry K., White Horse plain
Hedges Edward M., Charlotte st
Jay Eilward W. King st
King Frederick, R. iM., Gorleston
Lee John, Market i)lace
Mabson William, Maiket place
Markland Edwin, Marketplace
Owles John, George st
Shingles George S., Gaol st
Silver Robert, North quay
StewarriCharlesS. D. Market place
Snguate Henry Ezra, St. Peter's road
Walpole W:lliamW.,St.Petei's road
Baldwin Ann, Charlotte st
Diboil Ann, Alarket row
Field Michael, Market row
Greer John, Church square
Hickling Robert, King st
Howse William & Son, Gorleston
Jacobs Isiael, Gcorue st
Mordecai & Mayers, Market row


Burgess Thomas (and woollen

draper). South Paved row
Everett VVilliam, White Horse plain

Flowerd^y James, George st
Isaacs Philip, George st
Newark John, Charlotte st
Pells John, Gorleston
Pratt Alfred, Gaol st
Prait Sarah, Gaol st
Ramazoito Elizaheth, George st
RobertsonJames W., Church square


Borritt Henry, North end
Gilbert Henry, South Town
Parmenter VVilliam, Fuller's hill
Ratclilfe John, White Horse plain
Tooley John, St. Nicholas' road
West John Davy, Market road


See Merchants.


Archer Thomas, St. Peter's road
Bales RohertGrefn,2Victoria place
Bales William, Ma- ket place
Barren Robert, Fuller's hill
Beevor William, Gaol st
Boulter Henry, North end
Carter Georee, Charlotte st
Ellard Robert, Broad row
Emms James, King street and St.

Peter's road
Emms James R., Gorleston
Foreman Tlioraas C, King st
Gooda Charles, King st
Houchen George, Howard st
Ives Samuel, Howard st
King Alfred, South Town
Layton Hezekiah, Bridge road.

South Town
Layton Robert Veale, Howard st
Leeder Arch, Market place
Nannton Libbis, Gaol st
Nauntou William B., Market row
Parker Geo., 63 Old Post Office row
Reynolds George, Gorleston
Rivett John R., King st
Rivett Richard, King st
Sharman John C,, King st
Woodrow Edmund, King st


Preston Isaac & Son (for America
U. S., Denmark, Sweden, Hol-
land, Prussia, Portugal, Turkey,
Hanover, Belgium, and Alecklen-
burgh ; also Consular agents for
France), Quay, South Town

Shelley John & Co. (for Russia),
South quay


Barker William, Theatre plain
Barreit Samuel, South et^d
Benn( tt John B. 102 Row, King .st
Biunnirrg James, Gorleston
Earl Rol)ert, South st
Farman William, George st
Gardener Richard, South st
Ceilings William, South st
Godbolt Joseph, juii., South Town
Gyton Susanah & Son, 45 Row,

Georee street
Laik William, 129 Row, South quay
Silver William, F'uller's hill
Smith William, 25 Row, George st
Valient Charles, South quay [low
Woolverton Mary, St. Peter'sPaved


Curtis Willlan^, White Horse plain
Ellis Cliristoplier T. Market place
Offley John, 76 Row, Gaol st

[See also Corn Merchutits.)
Allcock Robert, Howard road
Bartram John P. Victoria road
Branf(jrd & Palmer, South Town
BuUen Robert, Theatre plain

Chapman William, Howard st
Colliirs Robert, Howard st
Ciane Susannah, Howard st
Elleid John, GeorL'C st
Feriier Richard, Church square
Forenraii Berrjanriir, Quay
HallVVilliam M. South Market road
Hammoird Wilhairr, Gorleston
Harl)ordWiHiam,Noi til Market road
Hicks Mary B. White Horse plain
Perry William, Gaol st
Powley Daniel, North end
Smith Edward, Quay
Stiinnaid Richard, Back road
Suffling Mary, Church square
Tooley Robert, Chinch square
Woods Jemima, North end

[See also tlie preceding List.)
Bird William, Quay, South Town
Blown Charles, South town
Bunn Thomas Quay, South Town
Dowson Benjamin, Quay
Dowson B. U. & Sons, Bi idge road.

South town [Town

Jenner James, Bridge road, South
Orfeur Jrdiii, Quay, South Town
Read Thos. VV. & Co., Bridge road.

South Town
Rice Samuel, 57 Row, Quay
Wailing RobrrtS. Quav.South Town
Wigg Samuel, White H.>r>e plain


{See also Glovers S{ Leather Sellers.)
Blyth Henry, Market place

I Cobb Mary & Son, Georae st

j CobbSimon & Son (and merchants,
and grindery warehouse), Char-
lotte street

I Doughty Charles, WhiteHorse plain
GodfreySaml.OldPostOffice row, 63

j Nash David, Broad row
Na.'hn Brown, Market place
Bath House Hotel (and boarding

house), Samuel W. Bly, opposite

the Jetty
Bear, Robert Puncher, South town
Ciown&Anchor.Ma'tha Reeve, Quay
Duke's Heail, Sti phen Kemp, Quay
King's Head,.ludith Wigg.Maiket p'l
Norfolk Hotel (family, boarding


Nonh beach
Royal Hotel, South Denes


Star, Mary Pestell, Quay
Victoria Hotel (family, boarding

and posting-house), John Price,

South Denes
Doughty & Dye, 63 Row, King st
Moore Samuel V.(and engineer and

boiler maker). South end
Piller & Andrews, 127 Row, Kingst
Rogers James, North quay
Bradnack I-aac H. Church square
Breeze Robert, Market place
Clowes George W. Howard st
Cri>p Samuel B. George st
Gray Thomas Edward, King st
Nutman John, Fuller's hill
Pleasants William, South quay
Stagg John, Broad row
Weavers John, Gorle.ston
YoutU John F. Bioad row


fSee also /leading Rooms, Sfc.)
Alexander William, Kingst
Bales James, Maiket place
Gooch Baireti & Son, iMarket place
Simpson Amv, North quay
Slonian Chailes, King st
Thompson Mary, G. oige st
Wright William, Kitm st
Yarmouth Public LiBRARy,South

quay — G. W. Holmes, treasurer ;

Jolin Smith, secty. and libiarian


Marked thus • are Travelline Drapers.
•Ainstock John, St. Nicholas' terrace
Baker Robert, Maiket place
Blake John, Mark* t place
Bieese Chailes & Henry, Market pi
Burton William A. King st
•Chalmers & Smith, 63 Row,

Maiket place
Clinpiiian James G. King st
•Crawford Ken« dy, Johnson's row
•Dawson Francis, Apollo place
Dei'dy Fredeiii k. King st
Ecclestone Richard, Bioad row
Fowler Daniel Read, Market place
Fyson William, Mai ket place & row
GeoiKe Thomas, King st
Gooda Matthew, Market row
Greeves John, Gorleston
Hunter Henry, Fullei's hill
Johnson William & Sons, Market

row and Charlotte st
•Johnston Samuel, Theatre plain
Livingston William, King st
Miller & Hunt, Maiket place
Page James, Gorleston
Parker Samuel, Market place
Palmer Garwood B. & Nathaniel B.

Maiket place
Rackham John, White Horse plain
ftobinsoii William D., Broad row
Savers & Doman, .Market row
•s, North Market toad
Etluridee John, St. Peter's road
Farrow Sophia, King st
Folder Martha, St. Pet ei's terrace
Freeman Mary, South Market road
Frost 'I'homas, Brandon terrace
Gaze Benjamin. 6 Crown pace
Gaze Hannah, Proiidence place
Gaze .Mary, St. Peter's road
Giles Joseph, St. Peter's road
Goose Elizabeth, Trafalgar road
Greenacre Thomas, Victoiia place
Giiinson Mary Ann, St. Peter's rd
Hales Lydia, St. Peter's terrace
Hall Marv, Buckingham (ilace
Hall'tt Mary Ann, ^6 Row, Kingst
Hardingham Thomas, St Peter's rd
Harris Mary Ann, Piovidence place
Harrison Wiiliani, St. George's road
Hawkins Anna. Somerset place
Hawkins Elizabeth. Nelson terrace
Holmes Elizabeth, 8 Cmwi) place
Horn Robert, Devonshire ()lace
Hiiby Elizabeth, Monument road
Hurst Thomas, Buckin^iham place
Jary Mary, Camperdown terrace
Jason James, St. Peter's road
Jay Charlotte, South st
Jeremy Estiier, Bath p'are
Johnson Eiizaheth, Every terrace
Jones Sarah, Claremoni terrace
Jubey Mary, Blake's buildings
Keny Mary Ann, Bath place
' Larke Mary, Trafalgar road





Lrtiter Jolin F. North Market road
List K.rizabt-th, R"yal road
Loa's Sarah & Balls Ann, Bath hill

Maiden Su'annah, Devonshire place
Marshall .lane, Proviltnre place
Marstoii Harriet. Apsley terrace
Ma-on Sarah, Viitnria roaf!
Musterton Henry B. Trafalgar road
Mohb Thomas Roval place
Money Muria, St. George's road
Morley ^^ary, Devonshire place
Morris Mary, Wilshere place
Moss William, Trafiilear road
Monntjov William, Henent road
Nash Marv Ann, Devon-hire place
Na«h Matilda. Duncan place
Newson Elizabeth, Alfred t.rrace
Newson Maiy Ann, Trafakar road
Nichols Hannah, 50 Uow, Kine; st
Notris Jane. Y'ork ti-rrace
Noughton Ht-nry, Seymour place
Olh-y William, Seymour place
OrfuVr Lor^tiiie, South -t
Palmer M^ry Ann, Duncan place
Paiiks Henry, Bath place
P.irke Deborah, Regent road
Paul William, Campeidown terrace
Pennell Sarah, Duncan place
Peter.son Mary Ann, King st
Pickurd Henry, Trafalgar road
Pickers Ainv, Kxnionth place
Plyih Maria', St. Prtei's road
Porter William. 7 Crown place
Quintiu Maiv Ann, Tiaf^lgar road
Rainer WiUiam, St. George's road
Read Jane, Monument road
Ri-in« Charlotte. King st
Roberts Ann, Ely pl'Ce
Boherts Mary, St. Peter's road
Bunniff John, Biih place
Bushniei William, Devonshire place
Sayer George, Market road
Seamen Maria, St. Peter's road
Sexton Marv, Alfred terrace
Shields Samuel. Litchfield place
Smith Jane, St. George's road
Smith Lucy, Victoria Cottage
Smith Mary, St. Peter's road
Smith M-iry Ann, St. George's road
Soanes John, Ely place. East hill
Stevens James, Ely place, East hill
Stort John, Kent place
T'gg Hebf era. Market road
Taylor .Martha, Royal place
Taylor Sarah. 4 Alfred t. rrace
Theobald Benjamin,2 Alfred terrace
Thomp-oti Lf onard, South Mai ket nl
ThoinpsonWilliain, Monument road
Thorniliik Rachael. Gaol st
Tiilow Patience, St. Pt-ter's road
Turreil Samuel, St. Peter's road
Walker Elizabeth, Bath place
Wall Charles, Blake's building.s
"Wilkins James, St. George'.^ road
Wolverdon Maiy, King .st
Woo'lhoiise Jatnes, Theatre plain
Woods John, Bath place
Wright Charlotte, Wdsherc place
Wright Joseph, Queen's pl.Kasthill
Wright Robeit, 3 Wil>heie place


Barclay Arthur Kelt, 112 Row,

S"Uth »|uay fSonth Town

Brown Charles (for Baiclay & Co.),
Chipnertitld Chas. L., North quay
Combe Harvey, b6 Row
Crisp John jun.. North quay
Dowsnii Benjamin (for Combe, De-

lafield & Co.), Qnay
Dowsoii B. U. & Sons,Bridge road.

South Town
Dow>dn SeptitnusfforRichard Mar-

tineau), Sooth Town


Ferrier Richard & Son, Gaol st
LacotiSirKdmund& Soiis,Chnrch sq
Martineau Richard, South Tuwn
Niniitimsale Samuel (for Lacon &

Co.), North quay
Read Thomas William, North quay
Tomlinson Joseph, Howaid st
Watlinu Roliert S., S.'Uih Town

Alexander & Gollin, Fuller's hill
AllenJohn &Co., l04Row,South qy
Ames Abraham, St. Nicholas road
Archer Clement, North qu^y
Bradi'eer Samuel, 100 Kow, South qy
Budd Wm, 136 How, South quay
Burton & Flowerdew, South Town
Crane Phoebe, Fuller's hill
Ciillinglord Samuel, South quay
Dve James, George st
Garrod Da>id, Ciiarlotte st
Harbord Griffin, 36 Row, G'orge st
Harboid Win., i^^orth Market ro.d
Hairison John, 1.36 Row, South quay
Houston WiUiam, Goileston
Mallett Samuel, Gaol st
Read Irevitt, North quay
Weaver John, Goileston
Welch Alfred, Howa>d st
[See also Corn Merchants, Timber
merchants, IFine Merchants, SfC,

under their respective heads.)
Barber Robert, York road
Bessev William Henrv, North quay
Blake Gaisoti, Quay, Si»uth Town
Bracey John, St. Peter's road
Butcher Matthew & Sons, Saint

Peter's road
Clarke Thomas, South end
Dow>on Benjamin, Qu«y
Foreman Thomas, Regent 8t
Jay Benjamin, Qnay [road

Leitis Thomas & Son, St. George's
Orfeur John, Quay, South Town
Palmer George Dauby, 138 Row,

South quay
Palmer John, Quay
Palmer U illiam Hurry & Co., 104

Row, South qnay
Scales William, St. George's road
Shelley John & Co., (Russian),

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 86 of 131)