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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 88 of 131)
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Syinonds Benjamin (clock). Gaol St
Woolston VVilliani, ILnvard St


Clifton Hez kiad, North end
Dale William, 48 Row, George it
Drake James, U u\t lion road
Duriant Henry, Cai.stor
Gooda Wiiliaiu, Simth.Town
Lingard Charle-, Goileston
Martin Geoige, Theatre plane
Skciyles John, Goili ston
West John, .Market gates


CSee also liluchsmii/is)
Atkins Williaiip, Noiih quay
lirooks Jidm, 143 Row, South quay
Bnllen William, 24 Wuw
Cubitt Robeit, 90 Row, Gaol st
Flaxman Robeit, Norih quay
Harbord Griffin, fieorge st
Harvey Rubeit, 118 Row, South quay
Minister&Harvey,136 Row, South qy
Moore John(:hiii5tnias,72Row,Quay
Moore Samuel V., .'^outh end
Newaik William, Bioad row
Newman Charle.s, Norih end [end
Newman Samuel, 20 Row, Charlotte
Nutmaii Samuel, Fullers hill
Plane John, Soiitli quay
Piiidy James, Fullers hill
Sinitli Samuel, Bad; road
Veaie Henry, 123 How, South quay


Bamhy U'il|iainH.&Soii Chnrloitest
Knrroiiglis VAiliiam N. Market place
Diver W'lliiaiii H., Kng -t
Ferrier Richard & Smi, Gaol st
Goo'iwin Rkhard, Giiol st
Lubbock Charles, Church square
LacimSir E(linniidAS(!ns,Church sq
iMainpiice John, North end
Marsh & Rarnts, King st [town
Morse & Wood-., Bridge road, South
Pratt Jame'*, Howard st
Steward, Patteson, Finch & Co.,

Noith end
Tomlinson Josepti, Howard st
Williams & Christmas, King st

Allen William, poulterer. Broad row
Angel, William Sawyer, South quay
Bowles Bainard, bathing machine keeper,

Monuement road
Annison James, gravel and marl dealer.

North quay [Charlotte st

Barcham Thomas, trunk maker, 20 Row,
Boulter Thos. clerk of the market, Ely pi
Clajton John, paper hanger. King st
Combes Marinas, ham smoker. Gaol st
Cooke John, clerk of the market. Mar-
ket place
Crowe f rederick.share broker,Hovvard st
Curtis John S. last and hoot tree maker,

o9 Row, Quay
Frost Edw.cngineer,128 Row, South quay
Grant & Co. silk manufacturers. North

Hening Charles C. bacon curer. King st
Hilcham Thos. tow n niissioiaiy, Norih end
.lolitison Jiihii, bellman, ;i8 Row, George st
Keahle Henry, window-blind maker,

Howard st [Pftei'ii road

Kenney Emily, merino boa maker. Saint
Ling James, relieving ollicer, (iorleston
Mallelt Benjamin, sawyer, North quay
Miller James, bell man. Chapel pa veil row
Mitchell Michael & Son, oil cloth & lile

buoy manufacture! s, .0.5 Row, Quay






Morley Maiv, servants' resistrv oRine.

Reg'-nt St ■ Howard »l

IMuiseVVm. Clrislophcr.animal preset ver,
Palmer Hernv. toAii cierk, Kepent st
rainier Jani'-'s Hiiriy, stamp distributer,

Regent St „ .

Sh-rring'on .1 'ines (executors of), iron

meicliaiits, Gaol st
Sims Wiiliam.rate col lector.St Peter's rd
Stolwonlij Robert, milKvriglit, North

entrance [hall square

Sumner George, paper hinsier, I own.
Tennant R ibeit, sawyer. North quay
TurnerMary. umbrella niaker,Market row
AVatson Geurge, dealer in game, Fuller's

hill rqi'->y

M'atson John, timber measurer, Mortli


Gnvtrimr — William Shnckl'ord.
/(/a"h W CilNNKXlUN IMkvhiiDist, Kiugst.
Lady Huntingdon's, Fisli iiiurkct—

Rev. J 1 M'tiiu.

Roman Catholic (Sain' Mary's)— Rev.

DuuClaiiilio I. ope/., ;.ri'Siup,riiUendciit fiepis/'ar-Cliarles Uell-

Kir.g stri et.
Iic(ii-.tri,r Jiir the ^ollhern Di.titct-

H.ury V\ iMsbip. Market i.lace
Itegslrar for the S.nillurn Dislrtct-

J„s^-|ih liaylev. Kiui; sueet.
Jiv.iislrarM G'.'/esewson,from

the Black Swan, Tuesday & Saturday
To HALVEIiGA I E, Isaac Shorten, from

Ihe Saia. en's Head. Saturday
To HAPPI''^l!UUGH,Ei!waid Pre«t,from

Ihe ( oach & Horses. Saturiiay
To HU'KI.I^G, — Mver. and —Turner,

(nan the Hallmo.in. Wednesday & Sat.
To LODDI'N.I lines Fairland, fioni llie

Duke's Head. Wednesday & Sati:rday
To LOW ES 1 OFF, Mary Balls, Ironi the

Dnke'.- H.ad, daily
To l.CDHAM. John Hall, from the Jolty

Fanners. & ^^^r> Pigg, fiom the Kind's

H.ad. S.ilnidav
To MAR I HAM, .lolin Gedge, from Ihe

Wagon N Hoises Wedn. sday and Sat.
To NORTH *\ ALSHA.M, Jose, h Snun-

deis, Ito.n the East and West Flei;g

hnnse.S .tuiday
To PALI. INii. Samuel Festell, from the

Jol'y [•armers. S.ituiday
ToSOMKRlON, Tl as HaLs. from

the East and West Flegg house, and —

Nathan Plain, liom the George and

Dra.j'.n, Satimlav
To SOU 111 W OLD, .1. Ne" son, from the

Black S«an. VVednesilay & Sau rday
To tJI'lON. J. B.its, f.o.M Ihe George &

Drag.>n. WdnesHnv aun Satuiduy
To WJNTERI'ON, William Flaxman,

from the H. rse & Gro.mi, and Robert

Brown, from ihe East and V\ est Flegg

house. Weilnesdav and Salurdav
T" WOODBltlDGK, Jehn Newson.frora

the Black Swan, Tuesday & Saturday



To LONDON, ilie G.neral Steam Navi-
gation Comp-'n\'s Ves els.the Riimova
an.l LailoJ L verp-ol, fr..in Yaimoolh
bri'lge, every Weiluesday & Saturday—
James CHieriy, agint

To HULL and (iOOLE.lhe Void B.ic.
cliviih, eveiyTue-day aite.no..n ; Jovti-
nian B. Clai ke. n\)\ti.[ Brittaiiia Prima. A Roman military way leads into this county,
polntiiri( towards (Ijch.stei ; and the present tillaseof Dorcliester stands on liie site of the stitiim Duro'
cornov'mm. The Iknield-slreet crosseil the southern part of the county from north-east to south-west. Of
the vicinal ways, the ^keman-streft was the principal; it entered from Buckinghamsliire, at Atnbrosden,
and procieded through Blenheim Park into tjloucestersliire. At the period of the general dissr)liititMi, the
nuini'er of leligious douses in the county, exclusive of tire crlleses at Oxfoul, was about frrty, includmi; hos-
pifaN, &c. The piiticiiral relic erf inona^iic buil(lir>gs is Saint Krideswide abbey church, now the cithedial of
Osfirrd. Amongst the parocliial churches are >ome inteiestitig specimens of Saxon or enrly Nrrrinnn, and
many firre exaninles of Knglish architecture. During the Heptarchy thisdistrict bebmired to .Mercia, and
juffer. d Kieitly from the Danes ; the most ineinorable battles recorrled in the amraU of this county are thrrse
that were foiiLht hitwten tluit pi'opleatid the English, in 914, at Hr)riknortnn (or Hoastnrr ton), in which the
latter were totnlly defeateil — and Iretvveen the Yorkis's and Lancastri.ins,in 14f)9, at Oaneshury, near Banbury,
when the former, Under the Earl of Pembroke, wt re comitletely routed by Sir .lohn Conyers, and the Earl
was made pii»oner. One of the earliest transactioirs coiniected with the ureat CivilWar occurrelat Clialgroye
Field, iti this county, wlien that celt brated patiiot, John Hampden, on the l.itb of August, 1642. appeared la
arnr» to tnfoice the inditia ordirrance, and wirose firm resistance to the arbitrary mea-uresof the court was
the (rrincipai cnuse of the war: and it was on the same sprrt, on the morning of the I8th of Jurre, 1(!43, thut,
at the head of a btrdy of parliamentarians, he attacked Prince Rupert, wlien the former were repulsed, and
the illusti ions Hampden was inortally wounded. Charles e>tablir-iied his court atOxfoid for neatly the einire
dnratioti of the ci»il strife, whence the city became, as it were, a kind of centre of xarlous militrry exploits
that occur red in this and the surronndiirg counties. Oti the 26th of Anril, Woodstock manor- Inm-e. after a
riaornns defence, surrtndererl to the |)arliamentirian forces; and the next day the king left Oxford to
surrender hiin-eif to the Scotrish army hesiegirrg Newark. On the 24ih June, Oxford, which had held out
against Kairfax (or several weeks, suiierrdeied at the king's command. At the time of the rebelliju iu 1715,
several partisans of the Stuail family were seized at Oxf.rd.

Soil, surface, and CLiMATE.-^Tlie soil of Oxfordshire may be considered, for the most part, extremel/
fertile, yii hiing ahun"ant crops of corn and grain : it is naturally (Iry, and entirely exempt from fens, bogs and
staunairt warer obtaitied in
seveial part-. At Nh. to^er, an ochre is f.urrd of a tnost excellent quality. The general aspect of the county
niny I'econ-idered as very pleasing. There are not atiy hrsh hill- excent the Cbiltern lanire; the rest are
only gtnile eminences, which teiid to rliversify the landscape without obsiructini; tillage. Oxfoidshire may
be reckoned a w. ll-wrroded county, exceptmuin the northernmost part ; there is, however, but comparitively
little oak, ami coppices are not numerous; but there are extensive artifici.il plantation*, ornamental to many
localiries. In number, ta-te atid magtrificience, the public and private bnildimts of Oxfoid-hire, may be said
to ri>al airy other countv in England, Middlesex alone excei>ted. Blenheim, the princely seat of the Duke of
Marlborousih, i- well known for its sup« ib mansion and deliahtful grounds. There are many otb( r resl-lences
of the nobiliiy and gentry, of areat beauty and grandeur, both of exierior appearanceand interior dr coration :
amO"g the i)iinci|ral are Ditch ley park, the seat of Viscoutit Dillon ; Nunel atn Courtney, the Earl of Har-
conrt; Wroxtoti Priorv. the Earl of Guildford, &c. The climate of this county is considered as healthful
as that of anv other iir'Ensland, ami the qnicU and limpid streims render the air dear and wholesome. It is
crrlder upon And irearthe Cbiltern hills than in other parts, but not so severe as to effect health; there is
al-OKreaier hunridity at the southern extremity of the county ; and the fiosts are perceived to take effect
sooner in this part, and continue lonuer.

Produce and manufactures.— The svstem of agriculture is in general good; th tt of N"tf"lk is well
under>iiK)d and is in pie^aletrt paciice. On the pr.iss f.rrms much chee-eis made, of a cood quality, though
chieflv of the thin knrd cal'ed 'toastina' cheese. The cows are principally of the old Gloucester kind, and
the South Down slnep, lia»e be^un to exclude the iong-wooHed breerl ; many boars are fed for the purposeof
makiirii brawn arrd sausages, which fmin a consideiahle article of trade at Oxford an-l otln r par:si-f the
county. Much butter is sent to the Lonilon dealers, particularly from the vicinity of Bicester; and around
Thame, many cahes are fatterreii for the same ma ket. The ier^liire; entt-is Oxfordshire near L5iirfiiril, and, pa-sing Witney, falls into the
Thariie.s live ii>ile.s west of Oxford. Tlie Tliaine rises tienr Tiiog, in the ronniy of Heitfi^d, and, cro^sinff
BiKkiii,i;h;'.insbire, tiiurlies the hnrdeis of Oxfttrdsliire atTlianie. Tliere are nunieioiis s»)all sireani«:, ail of
wliifh tall into the rivers bffore-nientioned. Tiie Mt'.DiciNAL springs are nun. emiis, thi n!., with Biiiniiighan, IVlanchentii, Liitrpool, and the Wediieslmry
er of ieemher»
remains the same. The gei^tlenieii at ineseiit sitting for ihe county are Lord Norreys ; George Granville
Vernon Haicouri, Esquire, and Jos.-pli Warner Henley, Esquire. Thereiurn of members to represent the shire
at large, is made fioiu Oxford; and the other polling places, beside that ciiy, are Deddington, Witiiey,
and Ni'tthbed.

Population, &c. — Bv the returns made to Government at the census of 1811, Oxfordshire contained
80, 43f) males, and 81,207 fein lies— total 161,043: exhihiiing an increase over the returns of 18.31, of 9,917
jnhahiiants. The hi iiual value of III ai Proiierty. in this county, as assessed to the Poor Rates, iu 1815,
amounted to £713,147, and in 1841, to £695,752.

Distance Table of To^i^ns in Oxfordshire.

Tlie Asterisks {*) attached lo the name of a Town den ole tite number of Ifepreseniativts it returns to Parliament; the italic

letters signify the Market Days.

The names of the towns are on tlie top and side, and the sijuaie where both meet cives the distance.

from London.

Bampton 71

,.., •28|IJaid)nry, //*.




Chipping Norton







Woodstock* . . . .


1(1 13
23' 6
36 46
13 22

26 28

27 37

13 16

Bicester, f 55

rford * 72

Chi()ping Norton, w 74

1 Deddington, .1 63

11 40jHenley, th 35

1 8 16 23|Oxford, w. ttnds 54

U 25 16 12i'rhKme, tn 44

32 31 10il8i SiWatlington, s 45

16 17 33 11 24 2:.|Witnev, //; 65

1 1 10 30! 8 20 22 8 : Woodstock, tu 62




















JOAMPTON fformerly called Bumpton-in-lhe-Bush)
is a small mai ket tnwn in the parish id' Banmton-with-
AVeald, and hnndied of Bampton; 71 miles w.s.w.
from Loiidi.n, 13 w. by s from Oxford, and i) N. from

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 88 of 131)