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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 89 of 131)
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F of about £40 yearlv value. The only cniin.-iiiea
in this neighoourhnod are the lemains of eu old ra-tle,
Imilt by AMuer de N'alenee in 1321 ; and a liousp at
Oul Sliifford (a hamlet to Bamntoii), wherein, it is
-aid, Alfred the Great held his tir>t parliament.
Phiili|)-i the author id' the ' S|/lendi d Shillins!,' was
horn in this parish, 1676. Fairs, March 26ili, and
Augu-t26tli, and following day— ihe last a hn ire one
for liorses. The |)ari«b contained, in 1831, 2,514 iu-
hahitants, and in 1841, 2,734.

POST OFFICE, George Frederick Hollovvay, Past Master. — Letti rs from London" and all parts
anive : fi om WiTSf.v) every morning at twenty minutes before eight, and arc despatched thereto at a quarter
past eight in the evening.

Jackson Rev. .U)lm, A«ton House

Jackson Miss Mary, \'a'etta Lodge

Penson Rev. .Iidin, Brize Noiton

Pen-on Be". Jidiii Pavitt, Clanli-ld

Southhv Mrs Kl/'l)th.Maiv,l5am|)ton

Waili'. William, E-q...Sli'fr,„, I [^^Wv

Whiiaker Krederick, Esq. (magi-
strate), Bampton

Wright Mr. John, Curbidge


Adams KetnVicarHge
Bidilnlpii Rev.JidinKrancis, Pjamptn
BracNiaw Mr. Eilv\ard.Lew
Bnlleii Mr. Boberi, Bampton
Cowley Capt. William Kearse, n.N.,
Hampton [Lew

Denton Thomas, Esq. (magistrate},
Giles Uev.JohnAlU'n,D.D.,liamptou


Hieehey John(iioard.), Mnnorh"nse
Free Gijaimimar Sciiooi.,Bev.Johu

Francis Bi(Mn!(di, master
National .School, .Samuel Harris,

master; Maiy Rnbms, mistress
Steed Eli/aheth (hoarding)
Traflford & Chovvnelboaiding& dajf)




City kv London (life), Cliarles

William Hollowjty '
Farmkrs' and Hail-Sturm, Chas.

VVilliuM Fiainptoii
Globe Gedip'- FrederirUHollowav
National AJekcantile, Juhii

Miiiclien Bateman
Sun (fire and life), James Rose


Leak Benjamiii, surgeon
Ruse & Bnl'en, atioineys
Rose Janieq. The cniained,in 18:51, 2,47;i,iiiiiabitants,HMi). in 1841,2 525.
market, a considerable on - , is held on the Thmsday : i Nearly 4 miles s.s.w. from Hanbnry, in the hundred
the fairs, which arc numerous, are ht-ld on the first of its ea:>ie, is the |);irisli(>f Bl xliam : in the vihaiie
TlMirsday after Twelfth-rlay, the third Thnrsday^ i" isthe part.-h church of Saii tMaiy aiida Baptistchapel :
January, Minh and Apiil; Holy Thursday, and the the living of liloxhani is a di-chari;td >i(araBe, in the
third Thursdays in Jnncand Jnly^ for cattleand woi 1 ; proeniation of thePiovi.standFt Hows of Kton collige.
the third Tlmr-days in August and Septeml>er, the The paiivli, with the chauelry of Mf.lcombe. con-

Thursd.fv next after 01>l IMichaelmas-day (for cheest
and liiriiig servants) ; the third Thursday in November
and the «econd Tlmrshiy before L'hrist?uas-day. The
borou!(h and parisli fif Banhurv contained, (including
Neithrop ham let) 5.906 inhabitatits; and in 1841.6.753.
East .■\DDERBi;RY,an aericuliural parish in the hun-
dred of Bloxham, is about. 3 miles s. by e. fmm Bauhuiy
on the road to Deddington. The parish clmrcli of
Saint .Mary i-i spacious, and contains some interesting
specimens of ancient sculpture: the living is a vicar-
age, in the presentation «t the Warden and Kellows of
New college, Oxford. In the parish are placis of

tained, by the Government returns in 18J1, 1,573 iu-
liahitants, and, in 1841, 1,54;>.

Wkoxton is a pui-h in the hutidred of Bloxhara— '
the village, a small one, is3milesN \v from Binhury:
it is deserving notice as rnntainint! an ancient aht'ey,
founded iu the reiyn of Henry III. now tjie re>idence
as before-mentioned, of Colonel North. The places
of worship are the paiivji rliurch of All Saints, nud
chanels for MeiliodiNts and Independents. 'I'ne liviuj;
of Wroxton is a virarnge. in the patronage of the
Baioness North. The population of the parish in
1841 was, 819.

POST OFFICE, Hiuh street, Banbury, William Brain, Post H/axfer.
Arrival of the Mails. — From London, Woodstock, CHiPr-iNc-NoRTON, Bristol, Oxford, andall

pirts of the West of England and South ^\'ales e^eiy morning at six, ami afternoon at half-past three-
From Birmingham, Manchester, Liverrool, andall parts of the North of England, also Scotland

and Ireland, e^ery morning at seven.
Despatches — To London, Woodstock, CHiprivc-NoRTON, Bristol, Oxford, and all parts of tlie West

OF England, and South Wales, every morning at twenty minutes before eight, and evening at a quaiter

before seven.
To Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, andall parts of the North of England, also Scotland atid

Ireland, every afteriioon at half-pa>t five.
Country Posts fron) South Newington, Sherrington, Sieford, Middleton, Clavdon. Avon, Dassett

&c , anive e»ery afternoon at half-paM four, juidare despatched at a (piaiter pa^t ciaht in the morning.


Aplin Mr. Benjimin, Bndicott
Ball Mr. .loseph. Crouch at
Ball Mr. Vincent, Oxford terrace
Billard llev. .lohii, Ciopiedy
Barbtr John, E^q., Aildrrhury
Bee>!ey Mis. Jane. Bloxhaui
Bell Kev. George, Bloxhaiu
Bigiiell Mrs. Susannah, Crouch st

St- Lawrence
Bligh Rfv. John, Wroxton
Biayne Mr. Henry, Horse fair
Bra»ne Mr. Ribert, Hor^efair
Brickwell Charles, Esq.,Overihorpe

l.ud,'e [st

Brickwell Mr. John CharIes,Bridge
Bristow Mrs.—, Bodicott
Brown M'S. — , Overthorpe
Burgess Rev. Kiancis, Westbar st
Cadnury Mr. James, Calthorpe teir
Caitwright Robert A. Est)., Aynho
Cartwright Rev. Stephen R.j.'Xvn ho
Chambeilin Williuin H. Esq.,

Chapman Mi.ss — , Brouahton

Harington Rev. Duke Henry, South

Harrison Rev. Michael, Wroxton
Haiii^oii Rev. William,Warmitigt"n
Harris Mr. Robert, Ciltlioip terrace
Hiiicm Rev. A. L) South Bar st
Hitchcock Mr. John, Horley
HiichcocU William Henry, Esq.,

Hfdii'way Miss — , Bloxbam
Holloway Mrs. Ann, Horse fair
Hughes Bev. J(d]ti, Prospect row
James Captain J(d)n, South Bar st
Lewis Bev. John, West Bar st
Lloyd Rev. William, Dravton
Lodge Kev. David, South Bar st
Loiedav John, E->q., William scote
Lovell Mi's Ann. Hit'h st
Marldock Rev. P. B. Bloxham
M-il.-bury Mr. Josepli, Bloxham
Milward Miss Jane,NeithiopHonse
Milward Jolin, Esq. St. JohnS road
M Hilton Mr. John, We-t Barst
Na«ehy Mr. Thomas, South Bar st
Nelson Rev. G. Mawson, Bodicott

Noel Rev. Augustus, Adderbury

Cobb Edward, Esq. ,CalthortieHouse North Lieutenant-Colonel John,

Cobh Timothy Rhodes, Esq., Horse

Colingthe Misses — , Neithrop
Cother Mr. John, Bloxham
Cowi)er the Mis^e", Waidington
Crickett Rev. Jaine>^, A'Idtrbury
Davis Mrs. Eli/.abelh, Hiuh st
Davis Mr. Heiirv, Bloxham
Divis Mrs. J., Bloxham
Deer Mr. John, Bodicott
Deer Mr. Webb, Bodicott

D'Oyley Christopher, E^q , Bodicott ] Sandersmi Mrs
Forbes Rev. Charles, m.a Crouch st '■ Saunders Riv. G

Wrox'on Abbey [Abbey

North the Baroness, Wroxton
Niinnirk Rtv. David, Bloxham
Padhury Mr. John, South Bar st
Page Mr. James, BU)xliani
PaMie llev. Edwird, Swab liffe
Pe.irse Rev. William, Hanviell
Piper Kev. Heniv H. Oxford road
'{iishton Rtv. J.'R., Hook Norton
Sauiuelsoa Bernhard, Esq., Oxford


Horse fair
ge, Bloxham

Gdi-dner Ml. Benjamin, Westbar st j Sav & Sele the Kighi Hon. and Rev
Gardner Mr. Jolin, Wroxton Lord, Brounhton Castle

Giheti Jonathan, E^q., Horse fair Shirley Miss — , Highsl
Gilleti.ldSt-phAshby, Esq. Westbar st Spiiriett Samuel, Esq. Horse fair
Golby Miss Ann, Hiuh st Stahy Mr. Thomas, South Bar st

Guest Mrs. — , Bodicott Steven" Rev. John, Neithrop

Gunn Miss — , Neithrop i Stutferd Mr. Jaht^, West Bar Rt

H^iand Mis. — , St. John's place 'Tanhy Rev. William, South Bar 8t

Tawmy Archer, E-q., Wroxton
'J'aylor Mr. Charles, Oxford terrace
Tims Thomas, Esq. Bridge .'t
Tuffn. 11 Kev. Fiederirk. High st
Walford .Mrs. — , Sontli Bar st
Warner William Mead, Esq., Ade-
laide Hon-e [Giove
Warriner Rev. George, Bloxham
Waniner Mrs. — , Bloxham Grove
Welb John. Esq., Wyklmm Park
White Mr. Thomas, Bloxham
WhittonMrs.Eliz'beth.St J(diirster
Willes WiHiani. Es()., A>hop Hou«e
Wilstm Mrs. Elizabeth, South BiU' st
Wilson Mr. John, Addeib'irv
Wilson Mr. Rol eit. Add rbiiry
Wil-oii Kev. William, Vicarage
Wyait the Misses — , South B .r st
Not otlier« ise described are Day ScliouU.
British School. Crouch si — Fianci*

William Wilson, master; Edith

Read, mi>tre-s
Cooke Jolin 'Ihonias (boarding),

Oxfoid terrace [Croiicli st

Eason Mrs. & Miss — , (boarding),
Endowed Fuke School, Adder-

biirv — Alfred Waring, master
Hill Samuel (boaiding and day),

Hoise fair [Horse lair

Hill Sai-HJi (boarding and day).
Infants' School, Church p is^age —

Frances Ann Joiinsoii, mistre^'S
National and Blue Coat School,

North Bar >t— Churles Loader,

in >stei ; Amelia Mu>^eti, mi-tress
National School, .'\dde.bury —

Maiiida Waiinc, mistress
National School, Wroxton

(ii o (je Gojdhy, master; Su-annah

Gfddby, mistri ss
PaulEniilv, South Bar st
Piatt Eliza, Hoise fair
Riiltoii the Misses—, (boarding and

and diyj. High st [Bloxham

'I'remthicK Hannah (boarding).
Watts Elizabeth, Horse fair
WiNon Rosa {l>oardiiig), Adderborf



Barf. Id Joiiii (agent (or Kuisoine's

|)liigli>), .Maikft plice
Gardiit'i- Janus & lieiij iiiiiii (and

iron rnficliaiiisi, hiyli >t
Samnel.soii Ber iiliard (a^d engineer)


Aplin Bf'iij iriilii VViMam, Hiah st
Firming William VVaitrs, High st
Fran. i. inn Kran< i^ Neitlnnp
Hiint& Kurtescue, Hii-ii st
HuntJi(hn(town clt'ik and coroner)

High >t
Looker Jojiii B. Hnrse fair
M"ore & Judge, High st
Munion John (and tlcrk to flit-

romniis-ioiiers . f faxt^s), Higli .-t
Munion, Diaper & Muiiton.Higlj ^t
Ro.ls\ P.iin. Bridge st
RnlU Richard Heniy Bridge st


Daiii.y & Cal. ss, Highst

Hall .tames. High st

ajallam Charles Uichaid, Bridge st


Biisby Henry, Butrher row
Lay William, C'hnrch lane
"i hom|)son James, Parsons st


Marked thus * are al>o Wealmen
Agle^ William, Bloxham
Bf-ale Jane, South Bar st
Belts Wil.iam, High st
BIncowe William, Bridge st
*Bolton William. Bridge st
Claiid;'c Daniel. Parsons st
Dale John, A'tdeihnry
•Dawe> Tlioma«'. Calthorpe lane
Fit et Thomas, North Bar st
•Ghge Wil iam. Broad >t
Greeti Mary, Ma>ket place
HiiU John, Clinrch lane
Hartley iVilliam, Bridge st
•Hawtin Frederick, Bridge st
Hemminus Arthnr, Bridge st
Hohley George, Water l.ne
Hoiley William, Bloxham
Lanii' Mary(!fe Anne, Parsons st
Mackliii Geome, Castle st
M-isciird Mary, North Bar >t
•Mohlev Geoigc, Adderl)nry
Riley Thumas, Bri Ige st
Saii>hnry J mies, South Bar st
Sansbiiiy Th imas, South Bar st
Smart Uichir-i, Ma'ket place
Smiiji John, Bodiclt
Turner John, Cherwell st
Varney Hicharri, Neirhiop
Wa ford John, Cotistitufion row
Walker William, North Bar st
•Wallin Tliom s. Market place
Weaver M ry, Neithrop
Wise William, Parsons st

Cobb Timothy Khodes & Edward,

High si — (draw on Jones, Lloyd

and Co.. London)
Gillett. Tawiu-y & Co., Cornliill—

(draw on Giyn, Hallifax and Co.,

London & County Joint Stock

Bank, Paison st (draws on the

head office, London) — William

Caless, manager
Savings' Bavk, Parsons st— (open

on Thursdays from 12 till 2j —

William Rusher, actuary


Biiley rii(Miia

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 89 of 131)