I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 91 of 131)
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Wlllium W. Heciiin?.
Rrlieviiiy Officers — William Galsworthy,

John Uouner, Edward Cbarlloo.


Suptriiittndcnt—WWWdim W. Heminij.
Rrgistrar nj Marriuyts — Jonn George

VVaif rd.
RtgUliarnf Births, Deuthsand Marriiges

Jut tht Societi/ !>/ Frieu'ls—ieih. Cross
For B'inbury District ~\\m. Galsworth.

*• Snaldijf nis:r.ct-Edy.\ar>\ Charlton.

** Bluxhain UiSlr.ct — John Bnnner.

" CropTtdy Disiiiit — 'I'bumas Pearce.


Office. Himi ^t^tet.

yudi/e — Fred. IVotter Dinnd'ile, Esq.LL.D.
High Bni/i/f- William Hutihings.
l-Vejfc-Jiihn Fortpsciie.
Bai/i^— William Gardner.


Sd, sec.

Barford, secretary.

Gas Works, Bridge st -William Quor.
lei ni-iiiiH, secretar;/.

Inland Revenue Office, at Ihe Buck
and Bfll — James Fnegard, supervisor.

Mkchanics' Institutk, Church passage
— Henry Stone, serrrtary.

NeiTHRop Association fob Prose-
cuting Felons, held at the Flying
Horse — ( harles Paue, (reasurer.

Police STATioN.Chiirch lane — William
Thompson, siiperiutrndent.

Reform Association- Francis Fran-
cillon, stcrttaiy.

SociKTY for Promoting Christian
Knowlkdor. M .rket place— John G.
Riislifr, depositary.

Society for Propagating the Gos-
pel in FORUGN Parts, Market place
— Kev. Cliail>'s B.iiter, sfoefaii/.

Stamp Office. Market place— John G.
Rusher, distributer.

Visiting Charitable Society— John
G. Rusher, triasurer.


th» Bed Lion — Ciil. North, president;
Mr. William Riither, treasurer i Mr.
Benjamin W. A(»liii.src;ffar(/.

Auxiliary Bible Society — Messrs
Cobh & Co. Ireaiurers; M'. John G
Rusher and Mr. I'liomas Hunt, stcrr-
taries t Mr. James CudbiiTy, depositary.


From the Red and While Lion Hotels.

To LONDON, the Rny„l Mail, lo the
WoLVEF.iON Station, thence by rail;
Ihe Regulator -.inA the Rival, from the
White Lion, to the Oxford i'tation ;
and Xhe Sdvtreign and the Union, tothe
Aylesbury Statio.n, all daily

the Rrni'lfilnt, from the White Lion,
Hai'y .Su' day excepted)

To LEICt.sTtlR. Ihe ft ulior, fiom
the Wi.ite Lion, daiU (Sniiuay ex )

To OXFORU. the Renulator. from the
White Lion, and the Rival and the So-
vereign, from the White Horse and
White Lion, daily (Sunday excepted)


parts of Ihe Norih & Wesi of England,
Picklord & Co. from their offices, Hiph
street, by road and rail ; and Thomas
Golby, from his office. Bridge st, daily,
and John Richardson, from Bridse st.
Monday, Wednesd.iy, Thursday and

To ABINGDON, John Middlelon, from
the Plough, Thnrsday

To BARTON. Willi im Hadland, from
the FMng Hor-e, Thnrsday

To BICES I KR. Willinm Edmunds, f om
the White H irt, Monday & Timrsday.
and John Middleton, from the Plough.

To BIRMINGHAM, William Askew,
from Golby's office. Bridge st. Monday.
Tuesday. Thnrsday and Friday

r.. BLAKESLEY. J..hn B|i>s. from the
Old Genigp. and Williani Jones, from
the I'hlbo', Thursday

To BRACKI.EV, John Vickeis. from Ihe
Old George, daily, and U'isilom &
Hunt, from t' e Catherine U heel, Mon-
day, Thursday and Satnrday

To BRAILES, Bealley Burrows, from tha
Unicorn, William Godson. from the O'd
George, and John Warmiiiglon. from
the White Hart, Monday and 'i'hursday
lo BCCKINGHAM, George Holland,
from Ihe Cork, and Richard Lanca>ter,
from thr W indmill. Monday and 'I huri-
day.and John Vickeis. from Ihe Old
George, \\ edne>du\ and Satnrday
lo CHF.LTENHAM. John Baker, trom

the Burk :,nd Bell. Thursday
To CHII'PING-NOH roN, Williaia
Hadland. Iruni the Flying Hor-e, and
John Middlelon, from ihe Plough,
Wednesday; Thomas Haynes, from tb»
Qiuei.'a Head, Monday, 'Tue-day,
Thnrsday and Saturday, and John
Mace, from the Fox, Monday, Thursday
and Satnrday

To < ROPREDY.George Smith, fromth*
Flying Horse. Thursday

To OEDDINGTON, William Gibbard,
from the Burk and Bell, and Joseph
Hemiiiings. from the Qu-'en's Head,
Monday and 'Ihnrsd ly, -. nd Richard
French, from the Buck and Bell, Mon>
day. Thnrsdny and Saturday

To KIN ETON, tieorge Capp, from tb»
Windmill. Thursday

William Askew, from the Wagon and
Horses, and Samuel Beesley. trom Ihe
Catherine U heel. Monday & ThiirndaT

To NORTHAMPTON. William Harris,
from the (Jiieen's Head. Thursday;
John Jones, from the 1 alhot. Saturday,
and Wisdom & Hunt, from the Catbe»
rine Wliei I, Tuesday

To NEWPORr-PAi'l, the
same distance not th wtst fimn Henley, and 4J niilis
V. by E. fn'in the VV.illingford roal station on the
Great Western Railway ; situated closf to t'e eastern
bank nf the Thames, a little below th"- junction of that
river with tlie l»is, and contigu'ius lo tiie birdfis of
Beikshire. Cntil the ■•peningof the enat line of lail-
-Wav, before mentioiifd, this vi. Inge derived advantage
au(] some deifrec of iinporiMiice from being seated mi
the great road between London and Oxford, and the

inns and inhabitants piospend by the passage of
nutneioiis tnivtllets. 'I'iie chii f Cinistqnciiee of the
place I iiw consists in its beine iiultuh'd within the
parliameiitaiy boiotieh of U'allineford (Herks.)

The paiisli cliiiich of Saint Helen, is a neat bui'd-
itig; \\\f living i« a prrpetiiHl niraiy in the patronage
of the Dean and Canons of Cluit Chiinh, Oxford.
A hospital hiie, railed ' Gml's House,' Ha» fniinded
liy WiiliHiii de la Pole, the niastersliiii of which lielong*
to the regius piofessorof divinity mi Oxford UirMersity,
The parish contained, in 1831, ],2(i6iuhabitauls, aud
in 1841, 1,2M.





POST* Rpceiri/ig Houxe at William liaitlittloiU' w CMcdey's, shoe maker. — Letters from ail parls mriivC
from Wallingki'KD) >tatioii > verv morniiie, (lining the summer moiillis, at lialf-past seven, and in winter
at eiglit, aiul are lU N|>atcl)ed tlnretuat seven at niMlit.


Allnatt Mr. vvilliam, Bi-ii>ifiKton
Coirellis Nicliulas, li-q.,IVn9ington
H"ar Mr. Janie-, lien-iiigton
Ne*vioii Mr. Robert, IJensington
PRoressioNAi. persons,


Corcellis Heiiiy, atiortiiy

Evre Uc'-rge, attorney

Green Henry Sylve^te^, boarding

and (lay ncIiohI
Jlonk Mary Kliza, school mistress
N v. .lohn William VVait>, m.a.
The Indepenilentsand Wesleyan Metliodists have each
a plice of worship; and ilieie are four nubiic .schools,
one of which is parth sunpirted ly pr'>|)rrty funded by

tress «n- castle. A prioiy fiMcanons of ihe Benedictine I .Mr. Walker, for in-tnnting and tlutliiii'.; thirty boys;

order, the remains of which are still to be seen, was
foiiiided here in 1182, and dedicated to Saint Eadburu.
The town c-n-isis cidefiy of tw > long and. irregular
streets, called Sheep-street and Market end ; and the
palish i^ divided into two townshipsor manors, namely,
Kimr's-end and Market-end. Courts are heldaninnliy
for the le.-pectiie in mors; pi-tty sessions on the second
and last Fridav monthly, and a court under the County
Court Act, fm- the recoveiy of debis to any amount
not e.\ceeding £20 — the Uit'er is held inontMy at the
BJack Boy Inn. Bii ester is surrounded by a fiat
country, of rich aralde and pasture land ; tlie-air is ex-
ceedingly salubrious, and the water pure. No maini-
fictiire of any imponance is rarried on lide m-w ; the
females id the jioorer i las* are |)iiiKi|ially employed in
makiie pillow lai e, and the men In hiisliandry. The

the oibers are conducted resuecively upon the British,
n dioiial, and diocesan plans. For the purpo>e of the
Bicester L'nion, which coiii|)iise8 tbirty-eiijht parishes
and liamlets, a handsome and commodious poor-house
has been eiected, ahout half a niilefiom tlie town.
The market, well attended, is held on Friday. Fail?,
the fir-t Fiidayin June, and Aimiist fitli ; ihere are
-dso three statute fairs, two in October, and one iu
l)i cember. The parish eveu, and aie despatched at six iu the evening.

AMiM Rev. Tnoinas, I^aunton
Asiiby John, K-(j. Lau ton
Cole Wil iaiii, E q. Market end
Dsltoii Rev. John, London road
Dasbwood Sir (Jeorge, Baronet,

Kiribingt'ii Pa^k
Drake Thomas T. Esq. Rucknell
Drydeii Rev. G. L. Ambrosden
Feigu-on Rev. William, Bethel

Cottage, Sheep it


HariisonJn.S,ater,Esf|.Sbelswell pk
Hariison Lady Louisa, Shelswell

Park [ro.d

Howleff Mrs. Elizabeth, London
Hyde D'Arcy, Es(|. Fritwt II
J( rsev the Riiilit Hon. the Earl of

Midill. tmi Park [House

Jones Tlioinas, Esq. Weindi bury
.Marsham Dr. Robt.Bullock,Cavers-

field House
Mar-ham Lady Carmichael Anstru*

tbcr, Caverslield House

Marsbam Rev. Charles, Kitig's end •
Masteis Rev. William, Biicknell
.\lai thews Rev. Andrew Hughes, '

Weston-on-the-Gi cell
Paikir Mr. James, Market end
Pevton Henry, Esij., Middlefoii

Stoin-y [House

Peyton Sir Henry, Baronet. Swift's
Pretyinan Re>-. Ilichard, Middletou
Price Mrs. Hint's end - tailer, She-p st
Kriendly iNsriuTiON, Market end —

Ge.pige Hewitt, manager [st

Grantham Jeremiah, pawnbroker, Sheep
Hirris W illiam, dyer. Sheep st |

Hogg Thomas, superintendent of pol'ce.

Sheep street [ Market end

Howse Jotin, register olTice for servants,

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 91 of 131)