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Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 93 of 131)
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since It was repaired and renowi'ed, at a very consi-
tlerahle expense: the interior contains ininn roiis se-
puli-hral biasses, some of them braiingdate so early as
ilir fonrteeiitli centuiy. The windows of ihi< chnrcli
excite the admiration of the cuii.'Us in ecchsiasiical
einbeilisliments. The living is » vicarane, in the patron-

/HIPPING NORTON is a parish, havin? separate
jnri>dic'ion. locally in the hundred of Chadlington —
llie iii>irk. ttown, is 74 miles n w. by w. from London,
ami 18 N w. from Oxfotd ; situated on the biow of an
eniii ence, between tlu'e and four miles from the
verne of the ci>untiesof Glouiesier and vVarwick, and
between six and seven inilei north of tin- line of the
Worcester and Wolvirhamnton Railway now being
laid diwn. This isaiegulir well built little place,
principally compiised in one long and tolerably hand-
some stieet. Its name is del iveil fiom the Saxon Word

Ceapatun Ceplng, signifying 'apl.ceof market.' or asje of the D. an and Chapter of Gliucesier Cathedi-al ;
•cheapening,' ami Norton, iuiplyim,' the 'North the present incumhent is the Rev. R..hey K.diidKe.

Town;' ft om which It appe ifs to have been a place ol '"' -■ . . • ^ .. .■

some conseipitnce In the time of the Saxons. Its
tratle, at the present tlay, is iiiereL that of other in-
land towns Miiioiindtd by an amiciiltural district — ii
we niav expect ihe con.sidcr.ible mannfactory of Mr.

Bliss tor hori»e cloth, ker>ey, eia.«tic tweed, press bag
ging, &c. Chiiipini! Norton sent membeis to parba
mem in the iei){nsof Edwaid land III, hut it doe.-
not appear to have enjoyed that prixiles/e at anysuhse-
quent peiiod. The govt inment of the toWM is rei>ula-
ted by the ptovision> of ilie Mnnicip.l Keforiii Act ol
183.T •,. the corpi'raie body consi>ts of a mayor, fhtd, or at least not exeicised ; and
the new County Court Art for the recovery of debts
to atiy amount not exceeding £20, has rendered appli-
cation to tho ancient court uni)eces>aiy. In 1842, a
handsome and convenient town hall was erected ; ii
afforiN aecominodatioii ftjr the meetlnu of magi>trates,
for occa>ioiial public as-emhlies, and the general l)u>i-

There are places ot worship for Uaptisis. the Soci- ty of
Kriends. Wesleyan Methodists, and Roman Catimlics.
The free uraminar school here is an :tn< lent esidhli>h'-
ment — it was rtfounded bv Hdwaid VI. National and
infants' schools, and some almslKui^es, aie the other
i-haiities. 'ihe maiketis held on Wednesday; ami
the f.iirs on the last Wednesday in eveiy monin for
cattle hikI horse*, and a sta' ntr met tiiiu at M ichaelmas.
The paii-h of ChippiiiK Noiton (includinti the hainiet
of Over-Norton), contained, in 1831, 2, G37 inhabit-
ants, ai d in 1841.3,031.

HooK-NoRTON is a paiis'>,in the same liiiiidred as
Chipping Norton— the village a consideialiie one, is
5 miles N. (rom that town ; situated neai to the edge
of the county abutting upon U'at wickshiie. The
parish chuicii of Saini Peter, is a sp.cions building,
wiih a finely proportioned tower : the Ininu 1% a per-
petual curacy, in the gift of the Bisln.p of Oxfotd.
The IJiptists. Society of Friend.', and Wesleyan .Metho-
dists have each a place of worship. A pruate lunatic
■sylnni has been for someu-ars established in this
»ill;ige, with considerable credit to itscondin tins. The
parish of Hook-Noitoii (ineludinL' the ttiwH-hip of
SounioRPRi cuntained,in 1831, 1,500 inhabitant-, itnd
in 1841, l,52.i.

POST OFEICEi Hinh-stieet, CHIPPING NORTON, James Prest'dge, Post blaster. — Letters frnni Lon-
don and various places jorive every nKMiiing at four, and afternoon at a quaiter beloie four, and are des-
patched at five minutes bef le nine in ihe evening.
ij Letieis from Bjrmingha.m and all parts of the North and West of England arrive every moining at
I half-past nine, and ate desp ached at twenty-five minutes bet. re four in tlie afternoon.


iBarter Rev. CliHrles. Saisden
iBenieullev. Wilbam.M a.. High si
JVnc-h John, E-q. Pudillicott Hou-e
Blakeman Uev. Jobn.Hook-Nortoi
Bliss Rev. Thoiii s, m a., Chuichst
BiO'.ksUev. J. H..R..llMglit
Cooke Uev. Samuel, New st
Davi< Samuel E«q , Swerfrd Park
Da\ykiiis Col. Henry, Over-Norton

Kldiidjie Rev. Hobey, Church st
Evans Browne Thomas, Esq. (ma-
gistrate). Dean Hou-e
H -it I is Rev Thomas, Swerford
Heffernian Rev. Patrick, Hevthrnp
Hi rhert Miss Catherine, Hith st
HuckvaleMr. William Ovei-N' rtoii
IinhoHSir Charles, Knight, Dails-

ford House
Jones John Henry Whitmore, Esq.
(magi.-tiate), Ciastleton House

Dupre Rev. William', Hook-Norton LeighHou.H, W.Addksthiop House Tilslcy Mr. Heuiy, UockhilJ

LanK>toiie James Houghton, Esq.

W p., Sarsden Htnise
LocKvvood Rev. .1. W., Kinghatn
Matiliews Mr. Thomas, Hij,'h st
.Mitdiell Rev. John, R. cUiill
Morley Rev. Jaiiie-, New st
Peninston the Mis>es — , Cornwell
Riade Sir John Chciudos, Hart.,

Shipion (Norton

Rushton Rev. John Ftichnrd.HouU-
Samuel Rev. Joh ■, H.iythifip






Blakfi'-u Souliia (b.iariliiig),Hook

BHiriMi «JcnonL. H. .ok -Norton—

Riiili Blacks t-il, iiiistifss
British School, New street—

llicliard Hnideisoii, ma-tt-r
Grammar School, lliuich st—

R.ilint Hittlfy, iinster
Hi-llovvay Klean.T & Saiah (board-

Vti aiiddiv), Hijjii >t
National School, Cliurch st—

)lo'.)Mi Galpin, master; Sarah

Fiani'W, iiiotifss
National ScHooL.Honk-Norton-

Anne \V.ilt"ii, nii-tre-s
Potteis the .Mi«-es — (ladies' boaid-

iiiv;), lliickiill
Siuitli Stei)h-ii (boarding). West st


Anlin \Ve>tonM&t..vvii ciei k),\Vest st
Do'ld EdwaiM Sunnier (and pawn-

biokei). v\ est st
Lyneetc Cother, Kingliain


Dnnford WilliaM., Peinbrol;e st
Ed^ar Wiliiun, West st
Hall Riiiaid, Hook-Norton
Hall Thomas, llook-Nonon
Hartley Hiihani, Middle low
Haiwond TlioiDas, Ovci-Nuttou
Hailiavv.y Joim, We-t st
Hitynes Charles, Hook-Noiton
MaMin Dan'el, ()i ton
Phillips Hi. hard. New st
Timm-.Gi o (\ c.'iilectioner),Higli st
VVbiifield Philip, H^ok-Norton


Banking Compaw (liraiic h) —
(dra^von Sinitn, Pa,'iie& Smith's,
London) — 'rhoina-UullSjiuanager,
Chippiiiii Norton

Tiaffoid H. nrv, Pembroke st
Watts Will am, Mindlt- row

Banghan Will am, ()»er Norton
Cox'Johti, Hoiik-N^rton
Dr.ip. r (teor«e, LoAermw
Dring Natham.l {& tarrier),VVest st
Fi.-I>l Wm. (& wliitr), Pemtiioke st
Franklin Solomon, Hook-Noiton
Smith Jo-epii, Dver Norton
Tappin John, Ho..k-Norton
Liddia'ilJohn, f^igll ^t [st

Smilli Geo. iMaid>y(& printer), High
Stanbri'iise Catherine (and suh-dis-
tnbriter of stainp-i), Aliihlle row
liirrt-tt Wilii.im, Hook -Norton
Gre. nwood Hv.iwliolesaleJ.New st
Kiitl.ind.tame>,VVi>i st
Lnik-tt William. Mddic row
Pairre George, iMiddle row
Scarhrook Williani. New st
Teall John, We^t >t
Tirrson Michael, Town's eirl
Town-^end Ror.. r-, Midill- row
Williams Uichaid, West st
VVi'lianisSiiiiii' 1, New st
Williams Tiiomas, Ci niUrokesi


Hitchinan Willi .m siiul;in & Co
(and inalt-ier-), UOROUQH
HrewerY, West »t



Byron Wil iam, .Middle row
H .ndsTnoniMs, High -t
Hitchinan Thoma-i, Hook-Norton
Jerrning.s Kdwanl, West st
varuett- Rieiiai(l(poik), Lower row
Phillips Thomas. West st
Porter Charles, Lower row
Wells Kdward, Hook -Norton
Wells Francis, High st
^\ ilks John, Hook-Norton
Wilks William, Loivei row



Hitclimai- John, West >t [st

H'dgkinsriiiioihy(uger, Di&lon's lane
Pliipps Thos. parish clerk, Hook-Nonon
Police Station, Town Hall— Charles

Yate?, superintendent
Robin.son Thomas, dealer in Biriningbam

goods, Penibrdke street
Sellers Enos, tea dealer, Pembroke st
Smiih Stephen, land surveyor. West st
Town Hai.l, High street— William

Bowler, keeper



Saint Mart's Church, Chipping-Nor-

ton— Rev. Robev Eldridge, eicar.
Saint Peter's Church, Hook-Norton

— Rev. John R. Rushton, cHra ■""■ '"^ ■ ~■■^-

well and the Oxford canal ; upon the hanks of tiie latter
there is a good wharf. The iiihabit>nho
Kisley Rev. William Cotton, Ded-

dington [dineton

AA'ilson Rev. Francis Garrett, Ded-
Wilson Rev. William, OverWootton


Clarke James, luiister of National

Field Samuel, attorney
Hiichcock & Kincli, attorneys
Lamb .lohn Francis, attorney
Petty Frances, mistress of National

Smith Wiriiam, schoolmaster
Turner Thonia* William, surgeon
Cattle Insur4nce, John Scrag^js
Church of England, JohnSamuel

Cot;sTV (fire") and PaoviDENTdife)

Margetts and Son
Globe (fire and lite), Samuel Field
Law (fire), Samuel Field
Phcenix (fire), Thomas (Jalcutt
Property Protection, 'Ihoma^

Calcntt [Kinch

Solicitors' (life), Hitchcock and


Ciown & Three Tuns, John Poulton
King's Arms (commercial), Edward

Plough, 'I'liomas Mattliews
Red Lion, John Rose
Three Horse Shoes, John Whetton
Uniiorn (commercial), Wm.Sturch


Arlidg.- Harriet, milliner
Baker John, slater and plasterer
Bear^ley VVilli.iin, hoot maker

Mullis Kdw.saddlerand rope maker
Payne Ridiard, hairdresser [nikr
Petty Frances, milliner and dre.ss
Petty George Eustace, brewer, malt<

sier and china dealer
Petty Thomas, grocer and druggist
Pullin John, tailor fgiocer

Rnbinson John, draper, hatter and
Rose John, builder and ironmonger
SammauA. & H. diapers and tailors
ScioggsJohn, auctioneer and inait.^tr
Smith James Henry, chemist and

Smith Mary .Ann, straw Jiat maker
Spiers William, pari>-h clerk
Strong Eli/aheth, straw hat maker
Sturcli William, rnalfsier
WellsHenry, butcher & shopkeeper
West & Dean, grocers and spirit

Wlietton John, shopkeeper
Williams Richard, cooper
\ViUiains William, cooper
Willifer William, butclier
Wilsdon John, currier, and boot

and shoe maker
Wookrove John, rake, hurdle and

ploui^li maker
Woolgrove Joseph, baker

Bennett Richnrd, baker

Ruber John, blacksmith

Bii>byThi)ma>i,caipenterand wheel-
wiii^lit [wheelwright

Busby William, carpenter and

Bygrave Joseph, boot and slioe mkr

BygraveWilliam.piinterand glazier

Calcntt John, leather seller

Calcuit Thomas, bookseller, sta-
tioner and printer

Chatei George, baker

Chater William, baker

Churchill Cbailes, shopkeeper

Churcliill Henry, carpenter

Clrirke Sarali. milliner [revenue

Cooper John, snpervi.sor of inland

Dawes William, tailor

Diaii Henry, butcher

East Robert, draper

East William, tailor

Franklin Robert, builder

Fiench John, butcher

French Tliomas, tailor

French William, mealman

(jardner Richard, china dealer

Gibbard William, farmer

Gibbs Jane, servants' register office

Gibbs Jose))b, watch maker [mkr

Heiitage Richard, patten and dog

Hiron John Samuel, bookseller,
stationer and printer

Hobley Henry, painter and glazier

Hopcraft James, brick maker and
stone mason [stone mason

Hopcraft .l(jh:i, brick maker and

Hopcraft Richard, bricklayer

Hopcraft William, ironmoneer and To LOXDOV and OXFORD, the ffiio/
SlOtie mason [maker j (from Banbury) cr»llsattlie Kinfr'sArms,

Knibbs William, saddler and harness i every morning, and the RrgulaU.r calls

Lambert John.boot and shoe maker ! t^' 'I't V.^;?,T,\ 'V ","""';"" ,,
I „...;. lq,„p, hntrhrr ^° BANBURY, ihe Regulator (Uoxa Ox-

L,cv%is james, nutcn< l ^^,,3, ^.^n^ ^, ,1,^ unico,.„^ every morn-

MalhnsKlizabeih, milliner inland the ffiia/ calls ot the King's

Mallins John, boot and shoe maker I Arm», every afternoon

Mallins Robeit, boot and shoe mkr ! CARRIERS-

iMargetts&Son, grocers, and dealers' To BANBUKY, WiiHam Gibbard, irom

in iiritish wines i the Unicom, Joseph Hemniings, from

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 93 of 131)