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Sheriff, and Conitnonaliy of the City of Oxford, in the
County of Oxford :' as a municipaliiy, it ranks next to
the city of London. The mayor, for the time being,
officiates in the buttery, at the coronation of the
nionaichs of England, and has a superb gilt cup or
bowl and cover for his fee. Tlie corporate body (as
regulated by the Municipal Reform Act, passed ia
1835), consists of a mayor, ten aldermen and thirty
Councillors, with a recorder and the cus'omarv assist-
ant officers: the new act divided the city into five
wards, and provided for it a commission of the peace,
nnder which regular courts are held. The University
is governed by a chancellor (who is always a peer of
the lealm), chosen by the students in convocation, and
continues iu his office for life: a vice-chancellor (who
is always in orders, the principal or warden of some
college) appointed by the chancellor ;tnd approved by
the university ; and two proctors, who are masters of
arts, and are chosen annually in rotation, out of the
several colleges or halls. Sessions are held quarterly,
before the mayor, recorder and magi-tiates, at which
tliey have nnlimited power to try every description of
indictable ofTence; there also is a court, termed the
mayor and bailitTs' court, held once a week, and
another, called the mayor's court, every Friday —
the latter possesses very extensive privileges. There
is, likewise, a vice-chancellor's court, for pleas of
debt, to any amount; and Oxford is included in the
thirty-eighth circuit of towns under the County Court
Act, passed in 1816, for the recovery of debts to any
amount not exceeding £20. 'I'lie city has regularly
sent two members to parliiiment from the reign of
Edward 1 ; the light of eh ction is defined by the Re-
form Bill; the mayor is the reiurning officer : the pre-
sent lepiesentatives are James Hanghton Langston,
Esq. and William I'iige Wood, Esq. The university
received the elective franchise by charter of James I,
since which time it lias uniiiteriu|)ttv«Vn/ 1824

1219. . University Fredk. Charles Plump-

tre. D.D. master 1836

1611. . Wadham Benjamin Parsons Sy-
mons, D.D. warden. . 1831
1714. . Worcester Richaid L. Cotiou,D.D.

provost 1839






lVlAGDALENE...Ino. D.Mai bi ide, D.c.L. /wwc/yOa/ 1813

New Inn Hemy \Velle>k'y, d.d 1847

Saint Alban. . Edward Cardwell, d.o. principal 1831
SAiNTED.MLiND..Wiii.Tliomps()ii, D.D. principal. . 1843
Saint Marv.. . Philip Bliss, v.c.i.. principal 1848


With the names and addirss of the I'mlessors, or theColl»'Ke

to which the lalter bclone. |

yinatomy, ^Uhichiun Professor of. Lees Lecturer in,

and Prceleclor, o/— Jolin Kidd, m.a. C!iii-t Chiircli.
^nglo-Sason, Professor o/— John Kail, m.a. Oriel.
^■Irabic. Lord Almoner's Reader in — Jidiii David Mac- j

biide, D.c.L. pnrici[)nlofMae;da!tMK' H.ill. |

j^slronnmy, Satrilii/n Profeifsor of— \\ dWum Ki^hbiirn j

Dan kin. New College lane. |

Botany, Regius and Sherardian Professor o/— diaries I

Giles Biidle Dmbeney, m.u. High st. I

Cliymtslry, A tdriclnan Professor o/"— Charles Giles j

Bridle bifubeney, si.D. High st. " 1

Clinical Professorship [Earl of Litchfield's) — James

Adey Ogle, m.d. i rinity College.
Dii'inity, Margaret Professor o/'— Godfrey Faussett,

D.D. canon of Christ Church. "
Divinity, Regius Professor of— W'WYvAm Jacobson, D.D.

canon of Christ Church.
Geology, Reader in — William Buckland, d d., f.r.s.

Christ Clinrch. [f.r.s. Oriel

Geometry, Sari/iun Professor q/— Baden Powell, m.a.
Greek, Regius Professor of— Thomas Gaislord, D.D.

the V'eiy lltv. the Dean of Christ Churcli.
Hebrew, Regius Professor of-EAvi. Bouveiie Pustv,

D.D. canon of Christ Church.

History (Ancient) Camden Professor o/— EdnarJ

Cardwell, B.D. principal of Saint Alban's', Hall.
History (Modern) S( Modern Languages, Regius PiO'

fessor o/"— Henry Halford Vaiighan, ma. Oriel.
Laudian Professorship — Stephen Ileay, b.d., Saint

Alban's Hall.
Law [Civil) Regius Professor of — Joseph Philliniore,

d cl- Christ Clinrch.
Lau! (Common) finerian Professor o/"— John Robert

Keiiyon, d.c.l. All Snui's. [Hall

Logic, Reader in — llichard Michell, b.d. Mai;dak'»K!
Medicine ( Practice of) A Idrichian Profesi>orof—i.\m&i

Adey OkIc, m.d. Trinity College.
Medicine Regius Professor of — John Kidd, D. M.

Chri.st Chnich. [Church

Mineralogy Reader in — William Buckland. D.D.Christ
Music Professor of—S'iv Henry Rowley Bishop, b.m.

New College.
Pastoral Theology — Rev, Charles Atniore Ogilvie,

D D. Christ Church.
Philosophy { E.rperimehta/J Readers in — Robt. Walker,

M.A. Wadhani Cnliege.
Philosophy [Moral) Doctor IVhite's Professorship of —

John Matthia Wil.son, m.a. Corpus Chiisti College.
Philosophy [Natural] Professor of— Geo. Leigh Cooke,

B.D. late Fellow of Corpus Chi isti. [College

Poetry, Professor of — Jas. G.irbutt, M a. Braxennose
Political Economy, Drnmmond's Professor i|. y Heaumont st
Belts .Mr. — . 13 Si. Giles' st !

Bliss .M 1 .Philip, D.C.L.38 St.Giles' st i
Bourne .Mrs. Mary, St. Michael's j

Hou^e, Corn .Maiket st \

Bowell Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 Broad st ,
BiiuMiaw Thos. Jos.,Ks().86Hii;h si ;
liiazier.Mr. James, l.i Pembioke st |
Brazier .Mrs. Martha. 25 Hidywell st ^
Brooks .Mrs.Harriet,l(J Be.iuinnnt st 1
Brown Mrs. Eilcii, 1 Park place |
Brown Mrs. .Maria, 31) .St. (iiles' st
Biyaii Rev. Edwaid, 18 Mertou it |
BuckleMis.— , Iffley
Bull Mrs. .Maiy, New Inn Hall st |
Bushy Mr. 'riiomas, 54 St. (illes's st
Canuron Rev. George 'riioinas, 35

Penihroke street j

Can- Mrs. Elizabeth, 27 High st., |

St. Clement's [well s,

Chapman Miss Saiah Ann, 27 Holy-
( ha>-e Capt. VViiliam,31 Si. Giles' 'st
Chaiindy Mr. John, 2 Paradi-e sq.
Clinch Mr. James, 8 Paik place
Cooke Miss Giace & Susan, 1 New

College lane [House, Iffley

Cooper Rev. Edwaid Philip, Alanoi
Oirnish Rev. Henry Hubert, 11 St.

Giles' street
Cox .Mr. George Valentine, m.a.,

Cowley House, St, Clement's


Co.x Mr. William, 4 North parade
Cox Rev. VVilliam Hayward, 15

Beaumont street
Coxe Rev. Henry Octaiius, 14

Beaumont street
Cni'iining Capt. — , Beaumont st
Daman Rev. Churles, 8(5 High st
Dore Mr. Edmund, 55 High street,

St. C lenieni's
Daiiheny Charles Giles Bridle, M.D.,

Bdtan'c wardens, High st
Davenport the Misses — , Heading-
ton hill
Dayman Mrs.Flavia R. North parade
D()l;e William, Em]., (j Noitli parade
Dry Mrs. — , Merton st
Dry Miss Elizabeth, 47 Hiyh st
Dry Mr. William, 24 Beaumont st
Durell Daviil, Esq., New Inn Hallst
Earn^havv Rev. Joseph, New Inn
Hall street [well st

Elvey Mr. Stephen, d.m., 2y Holy-
Embliiig Mr. Jaines,St John's leir.
Enswoith.Mr.Thoina«,185l. Giles' id
Evetis Mrs. — , Iflley
I'iiich Mr. Richard, Headington
FistierMis. — , Hidvweli st
Fletclier.Mr. Griffin, iO Walton place
Floyd Mr. Wiiliaiii, Iffley
Forster Mrs. Elizabeth, 23 Broad st
Forster Rev. Thos., St. John's terr,
Foucart Mrs. Mary, 61 St. Giles st
Gardener Mr. John, 5 Long Wall st
Giles Ricliard, m.d.. Lower Cowley

House, St. Clement's
Golding Mrs. Sarah, 40 Pemhroke st
Golightly Rev. Georiie.fi Holywell st
Good the Mis«es Cornelia, Maria
& Elizabeth. 2 Park place [st
GoodenoiigliMiss Julia, 34 St. Giles'
Goring Henry, Esq. 25 Holywell st
(iraiit Mr. Heiirv, 19 Pembroke st
Grayson Mrs.Cihrne, 35 St. Giles' st
Green Miss — , Holywell st
Greene Miss Lydia, 3G Higij st
Greenhill William Alexander, m.d.,

yi High street
Gregory — , Esq., Cutslow House
Giesswell Rev. Richard, 21 Beau-
mont House
Grimbley Mr.Owen, Summer town

Glitch the Mis.ses — ,8 Long Wall st
Hacker .Mrs. Mary Ann, Marsiiall,

Rectory House, Iftlev
Haddon Sirs. .Mary, 7 North parade
Hales Rev.Richard Cox,l St. Giles'

Villas [High st

Harrington Rev. Richard, D.D., .30
Hazel Mrs. Marv, 5 Norih parade
Hickman the Misses Elizabeth &

Martha, 6 Beaumont st
Hill Rev. John, G5 Highst
Holand Mis. Marv, New Inn Hall st
Holliday Mrs. Elizabeth, Victoria ct
Ho()ewell Rev. Win. New IiiiiHall st
Horsman Miss — , Oriel st
Huckvale Mr. Win. 2 North parade
Hudson Mrs. Catheiine Julia, 16

Long Wall st [well st

Hughes Mrs. Lucy Maria, .33 Holy-
Hughes Mrs. Martha, Worcester st
Hussey Miss — , Iffley
Hussey Rev Robt., 25 Beaumont .st
Johnson Manuel John, Esq, Rai-

Johnson Mr. J. sepli.lS St.Giles' st
J iidge Rev.LawrenceEboral,8 North

Kiiapp Mr- Tyrrill, Headington hill
Kidd John, l">q.M.D.,37 St.Gsles' st
Latimer Mr. Digby, Htadington
Latimer iMr Sturman, Headinuion
Law Mrs. Grace Cthrn 3 Park place
Lee Mrs. — , 3 St.Giles' st
Lloyd Mrs. — ,53 Broad st
Lumley Mrs. Elizabeth Louisa, 33

St. G'les' road
Maitlaiid Charles, Esq. 57 High st
Mann Miss Maiy Ann, Iffley
Marshall Rev. Edward, 34 Beau-
mont st [st
Michell Rev. Richard, 38 St. Giles'
Millard Rev. Ja^. Elwin, 58 High st
.Morrell Baker, Esq., 1 St. Giles' st
Morrell Fredk., Esq. 15 St Giles' st
.Morrell James, Esq. Headington hill
Moriell James, jun. Esq. Ki.sh row
Muiicester Mr. William Warter,

2y Beaumont st
Nealc Rev. Frederick, Iffley
Ogilvie Rev. Charles Atmore, D.D.,

C6 St. Giles' st [Giles' st

Ogle James Adey, Esq. m.d. 63 St.




Pniiie Mrs. Joseph, St. John's road
Palmer Wm , Ks(]., 20 St. Giles' st
Parker Joseph, K^q., 21 St. Giles' st
Parsons John, Kscj., 93 High st
Parsons Jdlui, Esq., Iffley
Pater Mr. John (Divinity Clerk to

the Untvei-sity), 55 Broad st
Pearce Mrs. iMaiy Ant), 12 Beau-
mont street
Penson Mrs. — , 61 Hiphst
Phiniptree lU'v. Frederick Charles,
n.D., UniversitvCoUei^e [High st
Prichard Mrs. Hannah Maria, 34
Priiig Rev. Joseph Cliarles,14 Lon-
don place. Si. Clement's
Prior Mr. John, 28 Holywell st
Radcliffe Mrs. — , 48 St. John .st
Radcliffe Rev. John, 96 Holywell st
Rawlins Mrs. Ann, 36 Beaumont st
Rawliiison Rev. GeorKe,9Merti)n st
Reay Rev. Steplien, 46 St. Giles' st
Sadler Charles James, Esq. (mayor)
26 Broad st [Commercial load
Sadler the Misses Mary & Ann,
Scott Mrs. Jane, 1 High street, St.

Slatter Mr.s. — , Rose hill, Iffley
Smallbone Mrs. Eliz,ibeth, 22 Saint
Giles' street [st

Sueyd Rev. Lewis, d.d., 32 High
Speaknian Miss — , 16 St. Gilts' st
Stevens Mrs.—, 19 Holywell st
Stevens Mrs. Ann, 42, St. Giles' st
Strong Capt. Henry. 16 High st
'I'almage Mrs. — , I'ffley
Tawney Charles, Esq. Headington
Thomas Rev. Vanjih;m, 60 High st
ThompsonRev.Wm. D D., Queen's la
Thorp John, Esq. 51 St. John st
Thorp Rev. John, Summer Town
Thorp William, Esq. 10 Holywell st
Tiddeman Rev. Richard PhilipGolds-

worthy, 27 Beaumont st
Turner Miss Mary, 38 St. Giles' st
Undershail John,' Esq., Iffley
Venables Geo.,Esq.,23 Beaumont st
Vernon George, Escj., Newnham

Walker Mr. Thomas, 14 Merton st
Ward IMr. Henry, 13 Beaumont st
Wellesley Rev. Henry, d.d., New

inn Hall st
West Rev. Joseph, 17 St. John st
WeylandMiijor — ,Woodeaton House
White Mrs. Ann, 31 Holywell st
Whoi wood Rev.Thomas Henry,D.D.

64 High street
Wiiberfoice the Right Rev. Samuel,
Lord Bishop of O.xford, Chan-
cellor of the Order ofihe Garter
and Lord Almoner to the Queen,
Cudd^sdon Palace, ne&vlFheatley
Williams Rev. David, d.c.l.. New
College lane [54 Broad st

Wingfield Mrs. Hannah, Kettel Hall,
Wintle Frederick Thomas, m.d.,

Headington hill
Wood Mr. Henry, St. Ebbe st
Wootion Mrs. — , Iffley
Wornell Mr.George,3 North parade
Wyatt Mrs. Ann, 11 St. John st


Marked thus * nre Boarding and Day


Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

•Andiews Fiances Maria, 28 New

[iinHillst [st

•Andrews John, 29 New Inn Hall
Badcock William, St. Giles' road
Bampton MarvA)in,6 NewCollegela
Baptists' (girls' day school), Peii-

son'sgardtiis — Elizabeth Hewlett,

mistress [Iffley

Barileifc Mis.MaryAnne (boarding),

Bradley SHmnel, 4 Park place
Bennett Mary Ann, Jew's mount
Blue Coat Charity School —

Church st—Philip.Margetts,master
Blue Gown School, Beef lane —

— Stone, mistress
Charjty School (boys'), Heading-
ton — James Waring, master
Charity School (girls), Iffley —

Mary Waite, mistress
City Free School, Town Hall

yaid-^Henry Smith, master
Collingwood Fanny (boarding),

Summer Town
Cook Caroline, Beef lane
Coombe's Charity School, St.

Thomas st— Jwines Maltby, master
•Clapper Josiuh, 47 St. John st
Diocesan School, Cowley — John

M. Bentutt, master
Douch Fanny (gents' preparatory),

26 St. John st — Prudence Edge.*,

mistress [John st

Farbrother John (boarding), St.
Gardner Martha, Redlion square
Howe & Beaufoy (ladies' boarding),

60 St. Giles st
Infants' School, Headington —

Ann Jacob, mistress
James Sarah, Observatory st
King Alfred (hoarding &day), 26

Holywell street
Leonard Benjamin (boarding), Iffley
Luck Ruth (boarding & day), 15

Walton place [place

Matthews Elizabeth, 31 Walton
Nixon's School, Town Hall yard —

Henry Smith, master [Friar st
Nutt Josiah (boarding & day),
Orlehar Arthur Bedford (boarding
and day), 3 Holywell st


Holywell (and lNFANTs'),Holy-
well st — Martha Gray, mistre.ss

Magdalene School, Gloucester
greeiir— Charles Brothers, mas-
ter; Mary Penn, mistress

St. Aldates' (boys' and girls')
School Yard st, Aldates— Wil-
liam Green, master; Catherine
Green, mistress

St. Clement's (boys' & girls'),
High st — George Haigh, master;
Maty Fell, mistress

St. Ebbes' (boys'), Fiiarst — Wil-
liam Vanliagen, master

St. Ebbes' (gills'), Blackfriars
road — Mary Ann Janes, mistress

St. Giles', Park place— William
Woodward, master; Sarah
Woodward, mistress

St. Peter le Bailly, New road
— CharlesGassey, master; Caro-
line CastK', mistress

St. Peter's-in-the-East, Rose
lane — James Jenkins, master;
HarrietJenkins, mistress; Mary
Holland, mistress of Infant's

*Ray William, Iffley
Sandell Joseph, 4 Brewer st
Sandells Isabella (boarding & day),

St. Giles road
Slatter Rev. John fboarding), Iffley
Toms Sarah (boarding), Cowley
Tyrrell George, 9 Ship st
University Grey Coat School,
Clarendon st — James Price, master
Wesleyan School (boys), Bui.
wark alley— John Walker Six-
smith, master


Bartlett Edward, 12 Holywell st
Betteiis John George (and law sta-»
lioner), 5 Grove st [Walton pi
Brooks John (& sheriff's officer), 5
Harper John, 35 Holywell st
Hawkins Thoiiia^^, 2 St. John st
Hobbs William Riiliard(& secretary
to the Royal Oxfordshire Horti-
cultural Society), 23 St, Giles' st
Holloway Charles, Paradise square
Luff Thoma-s, New Inn Hall st
Smith Timothy, 2 8t.(;iles' st
Woodford William, 121,i Highst


{See also Land Agents, If c, and also

Bruton Edward George, 28 St.
John street [lane

Cranston James, 2 New College
Plowman & Luck, 12 Merton st


[Sfiealsd Professors and Teachers.)

Bracher Edward ( photographic por-
tiait), 26 High st

Richardson Joseph Vickers (land-
scape (lainter), 20 Magdalen st

Taylor Thomas, jun., (land.scape),
119 High street

Turner William, 16 St. John st


Marked thus * aie Commissioners for
takine; acknowledgmeuts of Deeds by
Married Women,

BeiiwellThos.2 High st,St.Clement's
Brnnner William (and coroner), 20

Pembroke street [Newrd

*Da»enpoitJohn Marriott (& notary),
Dayman Golden (Walsh & Dayman,

county iieasurer), 9 St. Giles st
Druce George Frederick, 6 St,

Aldate street
♦Dudley John Crews, 7 Broad st
♦Hester & Hazell, Town Hall, Si.

i^aw Charles James, 45 St. Giles st

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 96 of 131)